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Watch WWE Over the Limit 2011

Watch WWE Over the Limit 2011

Over the Limit (2011) was a PPV, which took place on May 22, 2011 at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. It was the second Over the Limit event. The main event was an I Quit match for the WWE Championship between defending champion John Cena and The Miz. In the second main event Randy Orton defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Christian. In a heavily promoted match Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole faced off in a “Kiss My Foot” match. Big Show and Kane defended the Tag Team Championship against The New Nexus (CM Punk and Mason Ryan). Other matches include Sin Cara vs Chavo, Mysterio vs R-Truth, and Ezekiel Jackson vs Wade Barrett.

Coming off things i considered an extremely lackluster Extreme Rules pay-per-view, exactly what does WWE have available for more than the Limit contrary? For just one, I am not keen on getting 2 pay-per-views in a single month, particularly when one of these (that one) serves no real purpose and does not actually have a gimmick mounted on it that means something like Money staying with you does.

WWE Championship [I Quit Match]: John Cena (c) versus. The Miz

Seriously. You may not think they are likely to have John Cena say “I Quit”? To gain access to in the Miz…really? Really? REALLY? No chance, regrettably, may be the Miz winning the title back here.

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus. Christian

No chance is Christian winning the title here. It may seem that they’d contemplate it, in the end the backlash they were given for getting him drop it to begin with, but WWE is simply too persistent to behave like this. They will not be redacting their decision to possess Orton as the focus of the trademark. That will admit these were wrong. (Though for me, Orton’s more appropriate to hold the company, therefore it technically is not “wrong” i believe, exactly that they worked out it inside a poor way). The entire segment with Christian putting over “Teddy Long’s decision” and stating that Orton beat him fair and square only agreed to be the WWE attempting to convince you to definitely go together with their plan. It’s much like when all politicians hate one another throughout the primaries, yet when one of these finally wins their place around the party’s ballot, all of the others do not have anything but good stuff to say of the selection. “Yes, I hated that guy two days ago, however that he’s the Republican/Democrat around the ticket, he’s now my mate and you ought to all election for him.” This can be a stall match in a throwaway ppv that will finish with Orton still the champion and Christian departing the title picture, becoming fodder along with a walking stone for whatever heel challenges Orton next.

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (c) versus. Ezekiel Jackson

This seems like a concept they’d quite recent, which convinces me that Wade will drop the title. I simply hope this match is not a typical “the 2 guys fight also it starts receiving targeted before the Corre interrupts and everything will get too confusing for that idiot ref to know, then someone capitalizes with that and will get the win” kind of match. That being stated…it’ll.

Michael Cole versus. Jerry “the King” Lawler

Cole’s won the very first two, so Lawler Needs to win this, especially since they are speaking in regards to a whole Hall of Fame factor happening using the position. This “hug my feet” stipulation is lame and that i hope they do not waste a few minutes onto it…but they’ll.

Rey Mysterio versus. R-Truth

R-Truth needs to win this. He can’t emerge, attack people, then lose. It’ll kill his push’s credibility. That being stated, never count out them getting Mysterio win anyway.

Tag Team Championship: Kane & Big Show (c) versus. CM Punk & Mason Ryan

Since I have been advised concerning the approaching Jinder Mahal & Khali tag team, I believe Kane and large Show need to win this and retain. This really is most likely only a stall until they are able to team individuals two up. WWE cares so very little relating to this match they haven’t even use it the web site yet at this moment.


Divas Championship: Brie Bella (c) versus. Kelly Kelly

I believe it’s weird that Kelly continues to be here such a long time and has not won the title, thinking about how others which have less experience have won it right now. That, combined with Kharma stuff happening, appears to suggest to Kelly winning the title here.

Sin Cara versus. Chavo Guerrero

This ought to be a great match. I expect Sin Cara to be released on the top, but I’d really want to see Chavo win simply to have them right into a legitimate feud. I do not think everybody needs to begin with a 20 match winning streak.

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