2019 WWE Super ShowDown Results: Undertaker-Goldberg Botched

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WWE made its third foray into Saudi Arabia — they might not am getting at it, but we’ll — with Super ShowDown on Friday, even though the big event had a few notable moments, it had been mostly another inside a string of uneventful pay-per-views included in the company’s 10-year agreement. There have been no title changes on the program, basically one expected champion was victorious, and also the 50-man fight royal only agreed to be as pandering because it was endearing towards the locals in representing the nation.

WWE have been promoting Super ShowDown — for much better or worse (mostly worse) — like a “WrestleMania equivalent” show. There is nothing equal to ‘Mania on Friday except the set, that was reused in the New You are able to show in April. That’s not saying much was expected Friday, but WWE should certainly ‘t be wearing shows and promoting them this heavily when they aren’t likely to treat the match finishes as vital.

We already have two rematches — essentially 3 — out of this event looking for Stomping Grounds in 2 days, and individuals rematches were really announced prior to the show was overr. In addition, there have been reports that WWE and Saudi Arabia were negotiating to obtain Alexa Bliss and Natalya on the program for any match (both women travelled there wishing to obtain that chance) within the finish, KSA denied WWE’s request so we had another show without women in the middle of the business’s “women’s evolution.”

There have been couple of positives to remove out of this show as the match quality was weak when compared with recent WWE PPVs. The organization was greatly studying the motions here, that is fine with this particular viewer, but WWE shouldn’t be promoting this as “equal to WrestleMania” or anything similar if they are going to use something that poor. While you might not such as the TV product nowadays (I certainly don’t), WWE PPVs are usually solid enough. That one wasn’t, but my rating takes into account that isn’t certainly one of their 12 primary shows but instead an worldwide special. Super ShowDown grade: C-

CBS Sports was along with you the whole way Friday updating this story with results, grades and highlights. Sign up for the Condition of Combat with John Campbell podcast for the WWE show, which airs every Wednesday.

2019 WWE Super ShowDown results, grades

The Usos def. The Revival via pinfall (kickoff show): After landing stereo superkicks that knocked Scott Dawson towards the outdoors from the ring, Jimmy & Jey Uso did exactly the same to Dash Wilder before obtaining the pinfall victory. It was an enjoyable opener that offered its purpose, that was to become a hot match inside a short time to obtain the crowd going. Still, you cannot help but wish these two teams are eventually given an effective program eventually, preferably with titles available plus much more time for you to work. Otherwise, enjoyable method of getting things began. Grade: B-

Universal Championship — Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin via pinfall to support the title: Rollins heavily offered the hurt ribs throughout inside a match which was much better than expected. Close to the finish from the bout, Corbin tried to introduce a seat, but was thwarted through the referee. Because he was quarrelling using the official, Rollins surprised him having a roll-up for that 1-2-3 to retain. Corbin launched a publish-match attack on Rollins later on, not to mention, the familiar theme music of cash staying with you champion Brock Lesnar rang with the stadium once we believed i was obtaining the guaranteed the money-in. That cash-in never was able arrive at fruition, however, as Paul Heyman fumbled the briefcase because he was entering the ring. Rollins could capitalize and produce some retribution along the way by brutalizing Lesnar with chair shots to avoid the attempt for his title. Becoming the exclamation point would be a Stomp to Lesnar onto their own Money staying with you briefcase. Solid booking here, and today one must question when the guaranteed “Friday!” cash-in will come to haunt WWE champion Kofi Kingston later today rather. Grade: B (match aftermath)

Intercontinental Championship — “Demon” Finn Balor (c) def. Andrade via pinfall to support the title: Good action throughout that one with Balor hitting his signature offense. Everyone else would be a bit dead after being totally amp’d for that opening match, however it sprang for that big moments. Balor kicked from Andrade’s Hammerlock DDT finisher towards the challenger’s surprise and capitalized having a top-rope facebuster and Coup de Gras for that 1-2-3. Grade: B

Geebet McMahon def. Roman Reigns via pinfall: It was a sluggish match, as ended up being to be anticipated. McMahon got lots of offense at the begining of as well as prevented a Superman punch by Reigns, locking him right into a triangular choke because he attempted to provide on his promise to submit Reigns the very first time. Reigns countered by lifting McMahon right into a powerbomb to interrupt the hold. Came McIntyre tried to interfere outdoors the ring, but Reigns put him right into a publish striking him having a Superman punch. McMahon hit the distracted Reigns having a spear when the former champion reentered the ring, but Reigns kicked out. As McMahon rose the very best rope hitting Coast to Coast, Reigns knocked him served by another Superman punch. Using the referee accidentally obtained by Reigns, McIntyre encountered the ring and drilled Reigns having a Claymore McMahon elevated the ref and laid atop Reigns for that 1-2-3 and also the surprise victory. Reigns losing may be the result which should occured at ‘Mania — to McIntyre — not here to McMahon. Grade: C

Lars Sullivan def. Lucha House Party via disqualification: Sullivan got his mouth busted open at the beginning of the match. Apart from that, there is nothing notable using the spots you realized as well as an absolutely dead crowd, which commentary attempted but unsuccessful to pay for. The conclusion came as LHP attacked Sullivan 3-on-one in the ring and also the referee inexplicably known as the match. Afterward, Sullivan destroyed the trio around the entrance ramp. Sullivan remains an abject failure around the primary roster, which didn’t do anything to assist him. Grade: F

Triple H versus. Randy Orton: The previous Evolution teammates exchanged offense early with Orton taking it to Triple H outdoors the ring, tossing him in to the announce table and so the steel steps. The experience was slow and far less exciting compared to HHH-Batista match at ‘Mania. As Triple H known as for that Pedigree, Orton countered it having a powerslam. Triple H responded by countering an RKO right into a spinebuster and locking inside a crossface. Hunter then tried to counter a RKO right into a Pedigree but unsuccessful, supplying a dent for Orton hitting the RKO only obtain a 2.7 count. An angered Orton attempted a punt kick but was caught by Triple H, who put his leg lower striking a Pedigree for an additional 2.7 count. Everyone else chanted “this really is awesome” for whatever reason. Triple H then slammed Orton around the announce table four occasions and posed for that crowd as Orton stirred. When Triple reentered, Orton hit the RKO out of nowhere for that 1-2-3. This sprang the Jeddah crowd greater than it in all probability did American fans, however the final couple of minutes saved a normally dull match, and also the right guy went over. Grade: C

Braun Strowman def. Bobby Lashley via pinfall: Both of these traded both effective and sports maneuvers in early choosing Lashley really hitting Strowman together with his own running powerslam for any 2.5 count. An angry Strowman ran lower Lashley both inside and round the outdoors from the ring, but Lashley retook the benefit shortly after that. When Lashley selected a higher-risk maneuver, Strowman pulled him lower, hit a bodyslam after which adopted together with his running powerslam for that victory. Grade: C

WWE Championship — Kofi Kingston (c) def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to support the title: Kingston donned his old eco-friendly and yellow colors having a topped picture of themself on his tights, while Ziggler were built with a big American flag on his butt. The interest rate was selected up significantly once the duo traded pinning combinations before Kingston hit Ziggler by having an S.O.S. for any 2.5 count. Kingston hurt his back on the dive outdoors the ring, and Ziggler required advantage by tossing him in to the steps after which hitting Xavier Forest having a superkick. Ziggler then dodged Trouble in Paradise, however with the referee searching another way, was hit having a high kick outdoors the ropes with a retaliating Forest. Kingston then nailed Ziggler with Trouble in Paradise to hold on for that win. It was was not even close to the very best match both of these have come up with during the last decade, however it made an appearance to entertain this crowd all right. Following the match, Ziggler cut a promo backstage with Byron Saxton about Kingston cheating to win. “Everybody can easily see Kofi is simply a coward,” he stated, mentioning he outwrestled Kingston and desires a rematch in the steel cage. Grade: B-

Mansoor wins the 50-man fight royal: There have been some surprises when it comes to who competed, including both people of AOP (making their return) and Buddy Murphy (making his TV debut). Miz, Elias, Cesaro and Titus O’Neil were the only real ones with separate entrances, though Ricochet, Ali, Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Usos, The Revival and Bobby Roode, amongst others, were within the match. The only real nootable early elimination was Crime Cara really eliminating Nakamura despite being hit with Kinshasa. The ultimate six were Ricochet, Ali, Mansoor, Elias, Cesaro and Samoa Joe. Ricochet and Ali partnered to get rid of Joe, Cesaro required out each of them, Mansoor tipped Cesaro outrageous departing only Elias left.

It appeared as if Elias was poised to get rid of Mansoor, but he saved themself by hanging to the top rope, eventually flipping Elias over and out. Everyone else went wild for that finish, particularly the more youthful children. Mansoor was requested by Saxton the way it felt to win “probably the most esteemed fight royal in WWE history” and that he cut a promo about how exactly he would be a prospect twelve months ago and today a genuine WWE superstar. The conclusion towards the match and also the promo were both legitimately solid, and also the crowd sprang huge. It’s difficult to demand and praise representation for Kingston although not understand the value of Mansoor winning here, especially thinking about the audience’s response. Still, it had been clearly pandering. Grade: C

The Undertaker def. Goldberg via pinfall: Goldberg mocked Taker together with his throat slash gesture to begin the match, but Taker was getting none from it and attacked him first. Still, Goldberg drilled him with consecutive spears only had a 2.5 count about thirty seconds in to the match. Goldberg, who cut his mind backstage within the locker room before even entering the ring — a throwback to his old entrances — saw that gash sprang open moments later after hitting his mind on the turnbuckle. Taker hit Old-fashioned along with a chokeslam on Goldberg adopted with a Tombstone Piledriver, but Goldberg kicked out at two flat after legitimately hitting his mind around the canvas. Goldberg rebounded from Snake Eyes having a third spear and adopted by hitting a terrible Jackhammer for any 2.8 count that just about saw Taker find his mind. In a number of botches, Goldberg tried to hit the Tombstone on Taker, but Taker fell down when attempting to reverse it into another Tombstone. Rather, Taker just known as the match and selected up Goldberg, hitting a chokeslam for that 1-2-3.

The fact is that this match was really decent before the final 2 minutes. But no power moves labored for 2 guys which are a combined 106 years of age, plus they were certainly way too ambitious with guys tired in the finish from the match. Still, everyone else sprang for that old guys, also it was unique to determine Undertaker and Goldberg squaring off in the end these years. However that finish needs to modify the final rating


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