WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Review

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review for W. W. we clash of champions 2019 here from Charlotte North Carolina a show that had if I had a really boil down to the most important things we had a cameo not surprisingly at the end of the show by the fiend Bray Wyatt’s who did not make a single appearance at Madison Square Garden this past week he was not on raw he was not on SmackDown they saved him for the paper view here tonight so we got to see him we also got to see somebody else that we were expecting I wasn’t expecting and that is Luke Harper. Who I just got done talking about on the podcast earlier you know they were these reports the Vince McMahon he really doesn’t really have any ideas for the guy or doesn’t know what to do with him is not the biggest fan of Lou Carper which I believe by the way just because he showed up tonight is not me that Vince McMahon is his biggest fan. But there it was during the Roman reigns era growing match and helping era growing get the win and we’ll talk about that a little bit later and the third thing that really stood out to me tonight on the show was the raw women’s championship match between Becky Lynch and Sasha banks I thought that was a great match you know the finish was obviously not the most satisfying because you’re going to continue this they have to continue this heading into hell itself but in terms of like up to that point in the show got the most emotion in the most reaction from the crowd of anything on the show people were into it and I just thought it was really great match. So those are the 3 things that stand out to me on what I would say overall was a good show. I wouldn’t say it was anything more than that if I had to give and I think given the number rating thing but if I had to go one to 10. You know this show I’d probably go 6.12 somewhere I wouldn’t go higher than that. That’s probably where I would be I would be in that 6.5 to 7 wheel house. I think it’s fair it’s just you know it was a paper view that’s it it’s not the kind of show I’m gonna go back and watch again. We we open the night we had to kick off matches first we had drew Gulak defending the cruiserweight championship against Lynsay Dorado of the loose a house party and who better del Correo and I I missed the first couple of minutes of this match but I did see most of it I thought it was a nice match highlight was career hitting a doomsday device of sorts out to the floor under Rado derided had been on like shoulder so that was cool Aztec press from Correo to Toronto had the match won both lackey posted Correo and he steals the pen to retain the championship you know what if these guys are always going to be relegated to the kickoff show anyway I like the idea even more of merging 205 live with NXT in just making the cruiserweight championship and NXT belt. That’s that’s the rumor triple H. you didn’t say it but he gave that interview to Newsweek a few days ago any kind of alluded to the fact that well you know you’re gonna start to see 205 live you know being integrated more with that X. T. he did not write say to all 5 live was going to end I think I’d be a great idea I really do we take a lot of those talents you put them on NXT NXT is expanding to 2:00 hours you get cruiserweight title matches on the takeover specials now instead of the freaking kick offs that nobody cares about half the time I think that be the way to go. The other kickoff match and this was very strange oddly enough. Have a kick off match with AJ styles which may have been his first appearance on the kickoff defending the United States championship against Cedric Alexander. Not used to seeing AJ on the pre shows very weird I hope this this does not become a regular occurrence for the time they were given which was not nearly enough I mean they barely gave them 5 minutes not even 5 minutes they gave to AJ styles and Cedric Alexander but for the foreign change that they did get I thought this was really good I thought this was a really good for a half minutes all right away as soon as the match starts Michinoku driver by Cedric for near fall AJ had with a styles clash on the floor there was a calf crusher in here said Rick made the ropes he fought back AJ mail the phenomenal for arm a second styles clash picked up the win I had a J. winning because there’s no need to rush the title on to Cedric I just didn’t think it would go 5 minutes. That was disappointing. You know it we don’t have felt like to me and I’ll be very interesting to see when the reports come out later tonight or tomorrow it felt to me watching this like big up their time cut. And they were just working on work speak to put on a quick match get all their **** in that’s kind of what it felt like to me Anderson and gallows they come down all 3 from gang up on Cedric they give me a beat down this was ages revenge for me look what happened for AJ Madison Square Garden last week he got stung by Steve Austin and then he got pinned by Cedric in the main event. So this was his revenge I’m sure this will continue on. Paper view itself opened with the raw tag team titles being defended Seth Rollins and brunch Roman defending against Dolph Ziggler and Bobby rude I refused to call him Robert rude it’s just lame I’ll call him Bobby. This played out exactly you you will also be coming out here is talking about Robert Heenan right that call Bobby I call him Bobby. This played out exactly the way you would have expected heels worked over Rollins made the hot tag eventually to Stroman Rollins tag himself back in he ran wild Stroman gave her to running shoulder block in the rain. And accidentally I put that in air quotes. Accidentally knocked route into Rollins Rollins then hit the buckles hard in the corner. On one after Dolph Dolph drop down Broncos soaring out over the top rope to the floor. Route hits the glorious DDT to Seth Rollins and he pins the universal champion to win the raw tag team titles for his team who did not who didn’t see that one coming. And I am being sarcastic when I say that. The miscommunication leading to the loss of the feuding Chappie who did not see that coming. Rollins look like he just found out that his dog died. Or that will last for a had a better match than him or something Stroman storm to the back. And yet another glorious DDT when for Bobby route we’ve seen a lot of that on TV it’s not though Ziggler getting the win in these matches it’s Bobby route. Yeah which goes to the whole story about rude being a favorite of Paul Heymann’s that bodes well for him because guess what he’s being featured on TV he’s got a title he’s in a semi prominent role now it’s more than I could say for Bobby route 3 months ago. These in a good spot right now they had to get the belts of Rollins instrument this was as good a time as any builds tension going into the made about the match itself it was okay. Then we got Bailey again Charlotte flair to the SmackDown women’s championship Charlotte connected with the big blue right in the first 3 seconds. Right for the early when I feel like we saw that a few times tonight we saw it in the aging Cedric match right big move right out of the gate going for the quick when this was the second match of the night the second match out of the first 4 where we had it open or like that. And Bailey kicked out Charlotte was the woman possessed B. B. just beating the hell out of Bailey for a good 3 minutes straight referee back Charlotte away from her because Bailey’s down in the corner. Now in in doing that as the referees backing Charlotte away what he does not see is Bailey removing the bottom turnbuckle pad so when Charlotte comes back over Bailey pulls her down face first into the Expos steel and pins her to retain the championship quick match. My review of the match may have been longer than the match itself. This did not even go for minutes. But I love this I loved it because this is exactly what I had talked about this exactly what I’d call for earlier today on sound of episode 670. We need to start seeing Bailey incorporating more he’ll wish tactics in he’ll mannerisms into what she’s doing and she just turned 2 weeks ago. But she can’t just keep doing the same thing. This was the first time in in a match where I think we’ve really seen her in a cheat to win. And really go he’ll wish in winning the match and what was even better about this was. And I just love the whole idea that yeah I think what I said earlier when I was kind of joking I say well you know on Tuesday Bailey with or you know we can go she was talking about the kids I was just showing the kids loyalty be loyal to your friends that’s why I help my friend Sasha well here’s the next lesson kids. Do whatever it takes to win that’s what she did a great lesson for the children. Do what needs to be done. They even better when this was over Bailey grabbed the belt and she high tailed it to the back like she had to go to the bathroom she ran back there like the road runner she was not waiting around for a reply she was not waiting around for the referee to reverse its decision or changes mind. I thought that was funny so up to this point we’ve had nothing but a lot of short matches on the show but the finish I thought to this one even though it was only 3 minutes I thought the finishing this was great. We have the new day defending the SmackDown tag team titles against the revival Scott Dawson a – Wilder exit your would have a giant brace on his knee still selling the injury at the hands of Orton the revival from a month ago there was a very scary spot where I want to say it was death while there was on the a pretty gave big he. The old Samoa Joe yeah that move some Joe doesn’t the corner the sit down basically the you’re not gay. Well he gave him that mo. But he did it off the apron to the floor and it looked like the back of Biggie’s head may have hit the ring steps on the way down. He looks he looked like he was okay after that but that was scary. So Xavier had a go at it alone for awhile later on they have to shatter machine on the floor to Biggie shatter machine to woods in the ring that had the match won they didn’t go for the pen so I’m thinking all right typical dip **** done he’ll finish they have the match one another want to gloat we’re gonna do it again and then they’re gonna get beats but now. No they get the shatter machine they didn’t go for the pen they wanted to torture him some more so they ripped off his knee brace and Dawson locked him in an inverted figure for woods is screaming in agony he’s reaching for the ropes but he can’t make it the pain is just too much any taps out. This is the best thing on the show up to this point. And the revival now a rock team are now the SmackDown tag team champions. That’s the one thing that bothered me about this. This wild card rule cannot die soon enough hopefully it’s in its final weeks. But the revival now the SmackDown tag team champions. Take a pause here for a second I want to just check out what’s going on in the chat room we’ve got over 1100 listening live thank you so much for a tuning into this clash of champions review here tonight to just want to take a quick look at some of the super chat so I am able to give a shout out to your boy will thank you for the 499 super chat Jake Winans thank you very much Zachary show Walter young baby and Ryan W. thank you very much for the super chat donations as we move along here I just want to show off their shirts I I love the shirt can I just showed up you guys don’t care right look at the shirt. With this Michael Myers I’m I’m huge Halloween fan your last week I thought we had a new Halloween movie coming out next month and then I realized that it’s not coming out until next year that made me very sad so. Anyway I’m I wear this to sleep tonight. I do a lot of things in the shirt. Oh boy at least now you can put a face with the creepiness right. That’s something. Alexa bliss the hell is wrong with me Alexa blessing Nikki cross against fire and desire many Rosen so you to fill for the women’s tag team titles. What I want to actually do is flash this sign start at the beginning this was from the women’s tag team title match a sign that somebody held up that I just thought was too good to not clip in and show everybody in case you missed it. Stop killing alligators to make Gatorade. Get it. I thought that was brilliant whoever held up that sign you get a thumbs up for me that was great that actually you know what I will say this that was the most entertaining part of this match. No joke that was the best part of this women’s tag team title match. We had our truth in Carmel and the whole brigade of 247 drones they ran down in the middle of the match they were all chasing after our troops Alexa rolled up true that 1.got a near fall for the 247 no green monster belt. Watching Mandy rose and Alexa bliss in the ring together beautiful women. It just very very pretty women right no doubt about it. Watching them in the ring together wrestling if you can call it that performing whatever word you want to use I don’t need to see that ever again. Not good. Not good. Many in so you hit the high low total elimination 2 Alexa and nearly won the titles Binoche cross made the save Nikki pen Mandy in the end with a twisting neckbreaker to get revenge for Mandy calling her ugly on TV last week. Ugly is not a word that I would use to describe Nikki cross but it is a word I would use to describe this match. And I think the less said about that the better. We have the intercontinental championship on the line next to ms challenging shouldn’t skate not tomorrow not tomorrow is now wearing a Cape to the ring. Some other notable stars who wore capes early in their career King Kong Bundy. Believe it or not when he first came to W. W. 8 King Kong Bundy. And maybe it was only one taping the King Kong Bundy wore a Cape a black Cape to the right. And then this came. A more Cape at least once if you were to Madison Square Garden. Before they finally decided you know what this cake thing this this probably a good work will get rid of the Cape. Case just make everything cooler I might do my next review in where Kate if you know what that’s not a bad idea. That is not a bad idea I mean where I you know what to do that. But I will absolutely forget so I just need you people to remind. Sami saying he provided commentary on the live Mike in the opening minutes he got so annoying they cut is Mike off which is a shame because I was entertained but I guess the people in the back were and so they kind of Mike off. Ms later on grab the Mike Adams hand even though it was turned off and it didn’t work and he chucked it all the way onto the stage. Not a bad pitching arm there on the minutes we could we could use him here on the Mets. Where the wild card chase we’re not doing too well. We could use an extra arm. So ms avoided the Kinshasa he locked on the figure for. Not the more made the ropes Kinshasa connects but ms kicks out not kommer tries again ms counters it into a skull crushing finality but Sam is a jumps up on the apron he distracts the referee so ms chase’s Sammy around for a bit walks right into a Kinshasa he throws them in the rain hits one final Kinshasa for the win and tions cannot come more retains the intercom that’ll championship it’s not been a good year for the miss I’m not talking like on a personal note like in a personal note the guys living the life right he’s got a hot wife you just had a second kid or is about to he’s got this by all accounts a successful reality TV show on USA. Now he he lives a very charmed life but on television. On W. W. E. television this year. He has just had a complete failure of a year and it all goes back to that Shane McMahon few it is all been downhill for him ever since that. So this mattress just okay was really nothing special they did officially announced it was only a rumor up to this point but now it is official that there will be a draft next month it starts on the October 11 episode of SmackDown and it will carry on into Monday night raw on Columbus day October 14 if you wanna hear my picks and moves that I would make roster moves I went over all of that on last week’s show episode 616 it’s up in the archives on the iTunes and Spotify and Pandora and all the little logo’s you see on your screen right now you can find the full podcast. And then we got to the raw women’s championship Becky Lynch defending against Sasha banks. The very first match I can remember and it might have been the very first singles match that they had televised. Between Becky and Sasha was how many years ago the 5 years already might not even 5 years ago for 5 years ago. From NXT takeover unstoppable. And it’s a match that gets overlooked I think because people tend to think of the match in Brooklyn between Sasha and Bailey which truly is and I was in the building for that and I’m happy I was. Really one of the best WWE matches I think that the company has ever done. Not just in NXT I think in company history. I’m not saying it’s in the top 5 all time but it’s on you know you you put together a giant list of the greatest matches in company history this one ‘s going to have a place other. So people think a lot about that but they don’t talk as much about that first match between Becky and and Sasha and that match was really good. Really good severity new they have good chemistry together but it’s been many years since we’ve had the chance to see them one on one. We got to see it tonight and this was the match I was most looking forward to coming into the show and I thought that it delivered I thought that this match was awesome. Even with the non finish with the bullshit finish which they had to do to get to the next one. You know if they have given this matter actual finish ships Sasha was going to win the championship ring of Becky you know was going to retain they could have easily closed out the show with this. Crowd was really into it more than anything else on the show up to this point maybe even looking back now maybe everything except the fiend they were really into this match Becky got to disarm her Sasha made the ropes not one but 2 backstabber is by Sasha into the bank statement but Becky roll through Sasha grabbed the chair brought it into the ring to distract the referee. Share shot to the guts with the second chair while the referees distracted. And a shining wizard by Sasha only gets a 2 count. Sasha brings in another chair now at this point I’m looking at this and I’m saying okay. They even mention on commentary at 1.the Eddie Guerrero thing you have any used to take the chair and you know fake a chair shot like the guy hit him when he really didn’t and she’s the biggest you know Eddie Guerrero fan alive but by this point now she’s bringing another chair into the ring her what her third chair now. What sense does it make for her to do this if she wants to win the championship. Right gonna cost yourself the title that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So Becky got a hold of the chair she took a swing Sasha duck then she hit the referee with it by accident. And she knocked out the referee. They brought through the crowd up onto the concourse Becky through mustard on Sasha. Such as husband was probably in the back having a heart attack watching that since he makes all of her gear I’m sure that’s a **** to get out. So they brought all the way back down to the ring referee is still out. He is still out. The the the chairs in W. W. E. apparently are made of concrete. Instead of ringing a bell we have Michael Cole on commentary inform us that the match is over and Becky Lynch is still the champion. That was lame. Much as I like this match that was lame I was a lame way of letting us in and not even letting the people people in the building of letting us know that the match was over Becky late into Sasha with some chair shot to the back a bunch of referees run down to break it up I think I spotted Pat Buck in there WWE producer Pat Buck I hear he’s got a mean right hand. Fans boo the finish because they never heard any official announcement about the match being over at least they cheered though when they announced Becky was still the champion so that was good. The official result as a DQ win for Sasha banks. Referee was still unconscious but somehow found a way to call for the disqualification that takes talent. That takes talent. So this is clearly going to go to hell in a cell pay per view next month and I don’t see how you don’t put this match inside the cell this is the kind of feud. That the cell was tailor made for. You know and I know Rollins in the theme you’re going to be in the cell. And that’s fine but when I look at the other matches any coffee in Norton I’ll talk about that in a second but that is far as I’m concerned that’s over that’s done I mean they could do it on that first fox show one more time if they want to but the feud is over now. So I I look at these other matches and I look at these other feuds. And I say to myself is there really any other match that’s deserving of being inside the cell I mean I guess you could say Roman maybe. Roman role in it really want to see that again though. It’s Becky and Sasha it’s a personal issue and that is what hell in a cell was made for and if they do it it would only be I think the second women’s hell in a cell match the first one Sasha was in that one too she lost to Charlotte so I think that’s where we’re headed next month. Funny yeah funny part of this as soon as the match was over and this was after Becky hit the referee with the chair Kevin Owens tweeted probably from his couch at home I guess Becky’s fired. But he’s not wrong if you get to be consistent be consistent. Becky should be fired with Kevin Ellen’s fire them back he should be fired. 3 coffee kings the defending the WWE championship against Randy Orton. This was a very doll match. For a match with this much history behind it as personal as it was supposed to be and they made it out to be it was sort of it just sort of plodded along until the last few minutes in the people yeah I have to say this when Kofi first came out he can get a great reaction when they did the ring introductions at the beginning and they announced him. It sounded like the people of Charlotte were pretty sick of all the pancakes stuff. They I mean he got it definitely got a mixed reaction here of the show I don’t know if that’s a side of you know Kofi fatigue and pancake fatigue or if it was just one city on one night we’ll see I guess it TV this week but it was very noticeable here he did he did win some of those fans over by the end yeah he didn’t do anything wrong. But when he came out it was very clear he was not as as over as you would hope that the W. W. E. champion would be and there were a lot of Randy Orton fans in the crowd Orton just punished Kofi for most of the match Kofi made her road baby face come back or in his snap powerslam RKO attempt misses gets rolled up a kicks out finally hits the RKO. Alfie gets his foot on the ropes. Orton tries for the punt Kofi moves it’s the trouble in paradise for the 123 the Kofi Kingston pens Randy Orton he exercises the demon. And I don’t mean finality exercises the demon of Randy Orton from 10 years ago when Orton call them stupid and kill this push dad. Here in front of a crowd that was pretty much dead for for the match he beats ready Ortner retains the championship so his rain continues. At least until Brock gets drafted to SmackDown. So this mess went 20 minutes they could have easily shaved 5 or more off of it I just thought it was boring. I just thought this match was very boring yeah I want to go just check the chat real quick I mean am I wrong do you I I am curious of people agree with me on this. Maybe I maybe I’m just wrong maybe I’m in the minority on this. But I thought that match was just super boring. Looks like I got a lot of people agree with me so I don’t feel so bad now I’m not trying to pick on Kofi I’m just I’m calling it like I see it. You know they just were not into him from the moment he came out and until they woke up in those last few minutes they just you know they just were not into this match at all. And and the match itself you know look. Mechanically it was fine I do expect more out of the WWE championship no wonder it’s slotted third or fourth from the top put out a match like that. Imagine if they ended the show with that match. You can do that. So. He needs a new opponent or they’re gonna have to get that belt off and one of the other Roman reigns against Eric rolling no disqualification this turned into a a fun brawl better than I expected it to be it would have died without that no DQ step so that was very smart of them to add that so we got you know very little time spent in the ring early on a lot of weapons lot of plunder at 1.rowing ripped off part of the the top part like were of the apron with the LED board is in the smash Roman face first onto it Roman went for a Superman punch outside the ring rowing caught him and power bombs him through the announce table very quickly threw him back into the ring only got a near fall that was a close near fall that was a good one they had me fooled there for about a split second. They kicked out. So then they and the brawling all throughout the arena. And they’re hitting each other in a row and they got that Jim camera again that rowing killed Roman with on television last week Roman this time use the gym camera on the crane he slammed a couple of times in the into rowing and rowing sort of rolled down the ramp and back to the ranks in a Roman Isteri he’s staring down the aisle he sees Erick Rowan he does the the off like he’s out but you know he’s getting ready to hit the running spear. And as he comes in for the spear he gets attacked the gets cut off by who. Luke Harper. We have not seen Luke Harper in months Lou Carper very publicly try to get out of his W. W. we contract he put a a very public letter out there on social media he had submitted it I guess the Vince McMahon and Vince McMahon said no I’m not going to give you your release and in fact I’m gonna attack more time on 2 year contract. So I don’t I don’t remember offhand exactly how much time you’ve got left it’s at least a few months if not more than that but he’s been sitting on the sidelines ever since and has been reports and rumors that Vince McMahon just doesn’t see anything in this guy. And I still believe that to be true. I don’t think that’s just some dirt cheap river. So how do I know this why do I believe this we saw him tonight yeah we did. We don’t. We could see him tonight I’d be curious to know who picks that idea because there’s no way that that idea came from Vince McMahon. I bet you that he had to be sold on that idea and I’m glad he was it was really cool to see Luke Harper back on the show instead of just tweeting out you know what day it is on social media that’s always been doing that for months. It’s kind of like I I think of the killer cross situation I just talked about that earlier today an impact and help bad impact comes off in that situation because it’s not just that he wants out of his contract all right well he signed a contract you can’t just let the guy go yeah you got just gonna let everybody go who feels like Hey I want to go make money somewhere else but to not book him and to go to triple a you know Tripoli have a show tonight at the theater at Madison Square Garden the killer cross was supposed to be on it impacts said no we want I’m off. So now they’re actively working against him getting certain bookings that it right and my whole thing is this all right you’ve got him under contract use him. Or release him. And the same applies to Luke Harper. Use him for release have you send more let him go somewhere else. And they’ve chosen to use it. That’s funny because to see him out there with their a growing and he did help grow and win the match by the way said the he beat up Roman they got Roman back in the ring. And role in beat Roman Roman Roman he beat him with the Klaas lamb so Eric row and now has a pinfall win on paper view against Roman reigns he also has a WrestleMania match against the rock this is really **** with my head here Eric road is going to have like the weirdest resume the day that he goes into the hall of fame because everybody’s going to go into the hall of fame at some point everybody goes it maybe he’ll go in as part of a white family induction in you know 20 years but you look at his rat resume when he comes to the hall eventually it’s going to be very weird. Does he doesn’t exactly project the or of somebody who you would look at and say as a top guy in the company yeah he’s got a WrestleMania match with the rock been granted that met for 6 seconds long. And he needed assistance to beat Roman reigns. But even still. I was very happy to see Luke Harper back and it begs the question now you know are they going to come on TV and say well it was Harper all along who tried to murder Roman reigns or was it a combination maybe it was row in who tried to kill them with the forklift and it was Harper who tried to run him down with a car where does Daniel Bryan fit into all this is Daniel Bryan really split from these guys are going to go be a baby face again or are we gonna find out as I still think we will that he was the mastermind behind this entire thing. And we end up with a faction led by Brian with row in and Harper which is what I was hoping they were going to do earlier this year around the elimination chamber time. I thought in the chamber. We would see Harper make a comeback because he was just coming back from wrist surgery. I think this was that this was before he had the match with the Donovan that Jack WrestleMania week. That supposedly Vince McMahon hate it. He had just come back or was coming back from the wrist injury and I said may. Brian can lead his own his own little wife family. You know have Luke Harper show up in the selling comes out from under the ring or something it helps prior retained the championship and they didn’t do it. So how many how many months later is in I was February this is September so what is that. 98 months 8 months later we’re finally getting getting to see it. We’ll see where it goes this is obviously not over yet we’ll see where it goes. Before we get to the main events one of those pop back in the chat real quick the welcome to the 1500 plus the we have listening live and I wanted to show I don’t even know if we have anymore super chats but if we do I just want to acknowledge those individuals. If anybody did to I don’t think. I think I already hit these guys so that’s great. So we get to the main events of the show and the main event of the show and they see the phone number on the screen in case you do want to try calling it will take a few calls when I’m done here. The main event was Seth Rollins defending the universal championship against Braun Stroman. Now they lost the tag team titles earlier in the night they come back out here later in the show. Braun right away like a bat out of hell comes you’re charging after Rollins and he’s beating the hell out of Rollins. To skip ahead a little bit this match really didn’t go that long I think this mess went 1:00 at. He’s my trust the iPhone sometimes the clock these things I think this match one about 10 or 11 minutes. So it wasn’t it wasn’t really a long match but it was actually one of the better matches I’ve seen brunch Roman in. It was pretty much all action there really weren’t many you know if any real rest told that I can recall it was all motion and at 1.we had Braun Stroman got a bloody nose somehow he was on the top rope so you’re brought is running over Seth outside the ring he does that run around the ring any just mow them down nobody sells that bomb better than Kevin Owens. I mean Kevin Owens must’ve taken that **** 5000 times last year when he was feuding with brunch Roman but he just mows the guy down right so we skip ahead a little bit. And they did a spot where Braun ended up going over hurling over the German announced endings that German ran the German and unstable. And he super kicks Braun onto the Spanish announce table so now is look it up and he’s going to do his big dive off the top rope through the table strumming gets up he scurries up to the top to cut him off he knocks down what you gonna do well he he decides he’s going to go Ariel and there was a very brief very frightening moment where brown was trying to steady himself on that top rope and he almost slipped. He’s a big dude I mean this guy is 385 pounds and the of the big guys are exactly the most graceful that could have ended really badly. But he somehow managed to not slip and not fall could you gotta imagine he’s bleeding you got **** sweat and spit all over these ropes. Now it’s it’s it’s not easy to stand on the top row but he does this giant splash off the top rope I almost feel like he should as one with it. Huge giants splash off the top rope. But he he couldn’t go for the pet. In the end it took 4 stops I know they don’t call the curb stomp anymore but **** it I’m gonna call the curb stuff for curb stops and one pedigree and Seth Rollins pinned Braun Stroman and if you’re gonna pen brunch Roman who has once again. Falling short. In his bid to become the universal champion this this title is like kryptonite to this guy. But if you’re gonna beat him. That was the way to do it. You know you got to just throw everything at him for curbs Thompson a pedigree. Yeah they did everything that they felt they could. To kind of keep him strong even though they were beating him but that’s the cool that’s the corner they painted themselves into somebody had a win and somebody had to lose they could have had the feeling come out had a screwy finish and did a triple threat at hell in a cell we already got a screwy finish the earlier. In the Becky Lynch Sasha banks match so to do a second one on the show would have been overkill. So they did the best they could but that night like I said I thought it was one of the the better if not best matches I’ve seen brunch Roman in I think he and Rollins both deserve a lot of credit for that Rollins he goes up to the stage they put the copy right box on the screen you think okay they’re going to go off the air and then we hear the sound of the lights being shut off and everybody knows what that means in the lights go out and we hear the sounds of the fee. And we see the theme that he’s got Rollins in position to give them the sister Abigail on the stage. Then he sets him up. And it takes is love takes his hand and he sticks it down his gullet. Any given the mandible claw. And he’s screaming and laughing behind the mask. And they go off the air people seem very happy to see the fiend I think they expected it he still an attraction so when he does make an appearance it’s still special I don’t know if it still will be a special 3 months 6 months a year from now but for now because we don’t see him that often and yeah the the novelty of it all it’s still a special thing. When he shows up it’s gonna be interesting you know I talked about them paying themselves into a corner here which Stroman and having no choice but to to beat him. They potentially have painted themselves into a corner with the fiend as well because he’s not going to challenge for the championship at hell in a cell. And. He’s got a win that title. Right you know it’s just I don’t really see any other outcome here. He’s got to win that championship. It’s it’s way too early to beat him. I almost thought well if he’s going to attack the undertaker at MSG the other night. And you put them in the Khlong puts the undertaker down what a big moment it would be for him and then maybe a hell in a cell they do some shenanigans with the undertaker with the lights go out in the undertaker shows up any costs you know Brady the the title without him being pinned and do some screwy finish yeah at least it would make sense but they didn’t do it there there they did nothing with him in the undertaker so it’s just gonna be him and it’s going to be set on on my birthday on October 6 so lucky me. So it’s gonna be interesting to see what they do in that situation but big they just cannot be the feet. They just can’t do that. Let’s check the Twitter poll and that’s what our Paul is a lot higher by now but I had to cut this before I went live so we’ve got a lot of votes since then but as of the moment before I went live we already had over 1000 votes in there you see the results so far 53 percent of you say thumbs up. 47 percent of you say thumbs down. So not exactly 5050 but pretty damn close so it seems like there’s a lot of divided opinion about this paper view. Which you know it is not surprising to me I said at the top I go 6.5 maybe 7 number I I’m being a little more generous maybe that a lot of other people are being but it wasn’t it wasn’t a great show wasn’t like some overly fantastic show. Let’s take some calls we’ll take a few here before we wrap up I want to hear from you guys what you thought of the show will start here with area code 317. You are on the air 317. Hey hello monster like Richie Ramone week our good military you. I’m doing great thank you I just wanted to say that about over I thought it was a pretty even keel over there with the fed showplace I just feel like once you cut out the fluff in the middle with you get down to what is actually a really good show but there’s just so much is one that I think the disorder leads to the negative responses cause people to think about the benefits of you look at the good stuff I thought the book room title matches with that I’d like to get over the title match I knew the thing with coming out at the end I know with the phone in it is the third in a right after the cut right Stuf but overall I thought it was a good show when I was at the end. I was thinking you know who could be the next person the telescope. After you know Pete and rank you wouldn’t at the show tonight and I thought maybe drew McIntyre will you graduate I don’t know with when they have former address but I feel like you know this somebody they could build around the somebody that can you and I think it makes for a great mention a great moment wouldn’t that. Yeah I think McIntyre can work in the McIntyre was hurt he had a little minor surgery recently and right now he’s on raw that could easily change in a few weeks I in fact I’m not so sure that isn’t the best move for him because what else is there for him to do on robin I guess you could feud with Rollins but of Rollins is going to be occupied with the fiend maybe McIntyre being a big draft pick on SmackDown and challenging Kofi you know that could be the way to go and I think looking for the championship on McIntyre. Give me a run with it. Why not the guy looks the part look at the guy. You know he he’s he looks like your quintessential bureau world champion pro wrestler. So why not give them the shot so yeah I’d I’d be fine with that that’s that’s not a bad idea I kind of joke before I said listener I was only half joking. Because I do think there’s actually a chance that they would do something like that. And that maybe they would even do it on one of those really fox shows. I mean I guess the I don’t know that they can do it on the first one because if Lesnar gets drafted the draft isn’t until the following week. But you want to make a big splash on fox Brock Lesnar wrestling is first match on free TV and let’s see last match on TV he would have probably was. Gosh 2004 that’s a long **** time. That’s a long time. So either either one of those I think would work. Let’s go to Chris in Pensacola Florida home of Roman reigns. It’s all month or are you doing tonight good Chris how are you. I’m doing good my question for you is this do you think with the tea is when they’re Tom by the king or internet how old but it was supposed to be on class champions and now it’s going to be on a roll do you think it was a good idea that was on on clash of champions tonight or do you think it should have been on class champion because if they’re pushing it coroner gable would it be of more of treatment in a crowning moment to do it class champions instead of on world more night not a you know I talked about this earlier I actually think in hindsight it was actually good idea because so many matches on the show tonight went short there were a lot of really short matches on the show I know Becky and Sasha got like 20 minutes but even the main event with Rollins in Sherman they got 10 you know AJ was relegated to the pre show he got for a lot of short matches so it least on television I mean you might have a commercial break or 2 but you know they could if they wanted to they could even headline the show with that I’m not saying they will but it’s probably almost I’m almost positive it’s going to get more time than it would have had to pay per view tonight. So I think in the end it probably will end up working out better for those 2 so I don’t really have a problem with it because otherwise it just would have been another match in the middle of of the show and the show was crowded enough as it was I was happy the show went off the air early I was not prepared which is why we got a late start tonight it caught me off guard but I I love the paper views when they go off early so you know had gable in Corbin been on the show tonight we probably would be going until 11:00 so I’m I’m fine with it. It’s good to. Code at 407 you are live on the air. Hey Jay isn’t going what’s up Hey Glen how you doing. Doing good how did you enjoy the show tonight I I thought the show was good I wouldn’t say it was any more than that but I thought it was a pretty decent show overall. For me it was neutral I like that yeah I I didn’t like it so real quick you say Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton should be done that should have won one match let me try to give you an idea how about you have. I own a cell match between Randy Orton cupcakes and which is where the row research and looked up the ante let’s make it a 6 man tag revival Randy Orton versus the new date where take all hello so much your thoughts. Winner take all hell in a cell. I feel like we’ve had a couple of winner take all matches on TV this year already yeah you know I guess you could do that I mean that’s that’s it’s an idea you know and actually the last time we saw the new day in a tag team hell in a cell I think it was against the use of those and it was actually a hell of a man actually yeah actually it be the second time in the world that we had 6 people entitled self first being 2000 we’ve never had 6 men in a home with some much since then. Because it’s always one mission chamber that’s excellent that’s right now that’s a great point no I don’t think that’s a terrible idea I I if that’s what they wanted to do then I would be okay with that I’m just saying as far as the whole Orton and Kofi thing he be he beat Orton that was the whole point he couldn’t beat Orton all those years ago and Orton was throwing it in his face again you can’t beat me you’re not good enough and tonight it wasn’t a great match but he won. And he beat him so if they wanted to move on they can certainly move on we we kind of saw what we wanted to see a B. F. they wanted to drag it out for one more show winner take all it’s not it’s not a bad idea I’d be down for that. I know I know you’re on the air. Hello I do. Hi hi. I have a couple quick questions about the white said so I I would I would hope you do that’s right calling him. Okay of course do you think that them putting AJ styles so I took on the police so was possibly due to some people saying that the police so doesn’t feel important and they wanted to add more level of importance to the police show and my second question is. Do you how exactly did the quelled come all to you one watching on TV because I was still in attendance and my section was very well but I pulled from numerous people that it what quiet on TV which I found very peculiar because we will go up and down all the nice folks we win salsa and Becky bald in the cloud we will standing up trying to watch the axe been white why do you how did it come across on TV the way the cloud sounded. I will thank you for the question I came across it was very hit or miss I mean there were times during the night with the crowd sounded dead they sounded like they were on sleeping pills and the co for your match was the prime example of that but then you know that during that the Bacchae in Sasha match they were really up for it I think they got into the SmackDown tag team title match pretty well so it’s very hit or miss he was very hit or miss row in and Roman I think they were pretty into that you know especially as they were going through the crowd. But on the whole you know it’s it’s not like they were overly energetic for the majority of the night and when they had a really good match that was exciting they were into it when they had a match that was a bore like the WWE title match for for most of it at least until the final 2 minutes then they didn’t really selling they were reacting very well. Let’s take 901 you’re on the air. Hey and this is Kevin. Hey Kevin how are you okay. Great well I want to show up tonight and I thought was pretty decent okay sometimes I believe that. Certain changes. Don’t enjoy the show please read. Gonna be see if it’s good or not. Like I think is a pretty good I mean you still nothing will get at all that bad nothing great either but it like that all 4. Okay. That’s fair no I I agree I mean you have fans who were who are negative is there is there a question in there. What being also me they are which isn’t going to work on a tiger in seeing what all because I think it’s something they said Bob beforehand that it was still a reason for the taking in there you think ultimately at the scene when the title him undertaken would have something on all programs. I mean maybe for WrestleMania I could see if they want to build something for for that they had their chance this week they could have done something they could have planted the seed this week they didn’t do it so that tells me that probably not unless they want to do some kind of big match at WrestleMania I don’t I think they missed their chance this was the time undertaker was coming to SmackDown. Why was he coming this back down. Just to make an appearance it was the perfect time for them to do something and actually have him put down is if he’s put down some other legends me Jerry Lawler Mick Foley but to put down the undertaker a guy that he has history with a guy that he would you know in theory have a reason to want to put down and they didn’t do anything that tells me there’s no interest right now in doing anything with him in the undertaker so I I wouldn’t hold my breath on that I don’t think that’s something that we’re gonna be getting any time soon. To one OO you are on the air. Evening Mr monster. Leaving. Yeah but I’ll leave it said about the scene having the wind having the wind. You wanna see see them booking him to win or do you think it’s your. Well he’s already won right he’s already beaten fin valor I know I mean I know Valerie’s leaving the Ballard is kind of a semi big name. So he’s already want to know. And do I think they will have him when I do. I they look they can make a lot of bone headed decisions I. There’s some smart people who work there they have to see what they have with this guy. And I would hope that they are smart enough to not be him straight away. There’s no reason to do that. So I think they realize what they have in him they can they can see the fans get excited right when he shows up on TV I don’t know how his you 2 videos do I you know I haven’t checked all that stuff out I don’t know what that’s a barometer of anyway yeah I know I I think the I think they will I think they’ll do right by him because they have to recognize that they have something special with this guy. And if they eventually squander than they eventually squander it but it’s still early I don’t really see them scoring that up so quickly. And we will go to the 305. Hi I’m a first time caller but I have a question it’s not about. Procter amp input W. W. can general I read of a rescue plan blog talking about the possibility of. Standing Pat Hahnel his brother dragon Lee and Pentagon junior this clip it out quickly article orders do you think it’s true. Pentagon junior. Yeah and the contracts are ready up with and I sold. Yeah printed on and his brother drag only about that do you think this is corporate or is it this is true that were going to be able to find pics ano. His brother Pentagon and drunkenly to contracts and did the B. W. we. I don’t I don’t know where you read that from that’s not click bait that’s just the horse ****. I don’t know what website you saw that on unless I misunderstood you also I did you say that Pentagon and dragon Lee or brothers I mean maybe if they’re brothers that’s news to me it probably would be news to them to. I don’t have to go out of Phoenix their brothers submitted to the tech the name to Lucia rose. But that now they’re not brothers and they’re not coming to WWE their sign double Pentagon is anyway and of a dragon lady but Pentagon assigned to 80 W. yeah he’s still working in these and stuff. But he’s gonna be going to a W. sooner full time on TV you won’t be able to do those any shows anymore so. I I don’t think a W. would like that very much if he just went to W. W. E. so now Tejano I haven’t heard anything about I I have not heard about Tejanos far as domestically since lucha underground just sort of faded away. I mean I guess the Hondas doing whatever he’s doing in Mexico but I have not heard anything at all as far as him coming to WWE no that’s that’s news to me so I don’t know what website you got that from but you might want to cross that website off your list I certainly wouldn’t get my news from there. So we’ll wrap it up there we gotta get a map of calls tonight I want to thank everybody who tend to tune in live for the review this will be archived hopefully it won’t take very long to process so if you want to listen back for anybody who is not listening for whatever reason it’ll be available on the channel to stream later tonight and they’ll be other videos and clips going up on the channel tomorrow and Tuesday as well so please hit the sub button also please hit the thumbs up button on this video if you’d be so kind that would be tremendous if you would do that and I’m just gonna flash this real quick to. I know some of you know what this is this is a children’s book a children’s story that was authored by my mother she wrote the story many years ago did not live long enough unfortunately to see the book publishing passed away last year I was able to work with the publisher and get this book published finally this summer it is now available in hard cover form or ebook form so you can get the ebook on your kindle your your phone or you can buy the hard cover right now you just go to Amazon.com it’s the adventure of hearty the horse by Michelle Solomon if you do have little kids or know somebody you as little kids might be a great gift for them but I just wanted to mention that’s anybody who may not know if you don’t listen to the full shows maybe you you didn’t know that my mother had done this book in that I have been working my **** off from most of the year to make this happen who knew how difficult it would be to get a book out there but anyway so I’m really proud of this and I’m in the middle of promoting it so I wanted to just mention here to anybody who may not have been aware. So that’s going to wrap things up here for the clash. The slide here we go there we go one thing Steve Mello for the artwork by the way he does tremendous work pro wrestling X


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