WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Thoughts and Post-Show Review

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With WWE Extreme Rules 2019 concluded, it’s time for you to appreciate everyday what went down and measure the damage, praise the positives and discuss what went lower.

Per usual, in the finish of the publish, you will see my regular Smack Talk Pay-Per-Point of view publish-show podcast, which looks at the event in greater detail, however for individuals who would like a far more condensed form of my ideas, I give you my “quicker than the usual hiccup” response to aspects of the night:

Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (c) versus. Shinsuke Nakamura:

Good opening match. I’m surprised it had been around the card whatsoever, given the way they just put it there without any real care initially after which didn’t remember about this for any bit, too. The feud is lackluster, and I am not confident that Balor shedding the belt to Nakamura of people is absolutely the best option, but I’m prepared to provide them with the advantage of the doubt that this can be a part of the best direction.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Came Gulak (c) versus. Tony Nese:

The match itself wasn’t just like I had been wishing it might be, but I’m glad that Gulak retained the title, and that’s the most crucial factor i believe. Now, it’s time for you to proceed to a brand new opponent, like Oney Lorcan or Gentleman Jack Gallagher, before eventually shedding it to Chad Gable at WrestleMania. A minimum of, that’s how I’d book things. Don’t produce Humberto Carrillo because the next challenger, please.

No Holds Barred Tag Team Match: Roman Reigns and also the Undertaker versus. Came McIntyre and Geebet McMahon:

It was much better than I’d anticipated. I really enjoyed it a great deal.

Sure, there have been some problems in some places, like Undertaker not obtaining Geebet McMahon properly for that Tombstone in the finish, however i have no idea which person responsible with that one, and when that’s my greatest nitpick (a minimum of until I start doing the podcast below, which might open another ideas), then that’s a thumbs up from me.

This washed the flavour from my mouth from the Goldberg match, got everyone else to pop, had Geebet have a loss and guarded McIntyre. Nutrients.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) versus. The Usos:

Both of these teams are some of the very best in the organization across all brands. Obviously they would have a very good match.

However, I’ll admit when I use the same critique when i did for AEW’s Fight for that Fallen yesterday, I do not remember something that happened here, save for Scott Dawson falling weird around the ropes. It was not memorable, however it was still being good.

Aleister Black versus. Cesaro:

Another match which was reliable all the way through, however i don’t think people will be going totally nuts over, or thinking about for Match of the season or anything.

That’s perfectly fine. There’s no problem with getting an excellent performance that is not groundbreaking. A minimum of, it was an excellent start in showcasing Aleister Black and becoming him during the swing of products, and never getting Cesaro get completely proven up, either.

SmackDown Women’s Championship 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Bayley (c) versus. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Mix:

No Sasha Banks? No heel turns? No split for Bliss and Mix? No title change? Pointless to possess this match, then.

This wasn’t bad, but nothing happened, which makes me dislike they invested all of this additional time into telling exactly the same story they’d told for Stomping Grounds and merely stretching it. I’m never keen on lazy writing which is clearly just “I have no idea, do this again” copy work.

Last Man Standing Match: Braun Strowman versus. Bobby Lashley:

It was certainly one of my more favorite matches from the night. It had been not even close to the kind of hardcore action you’ve seen previously when we return to the Attitude Era or anything like this, however it was one of the most gimmicky matches from the night that felt enjoy it belonged on Extreme Rules.

The conclusion was equal parts dumb and great. I’m not going to mark out an excessive amount of after i see padding, because that can take me from it, however i loved the thought of Strowman crashing with the wall. That’s my kind of Monster Among Men, who’s booked just like a goddamn childrens favourite.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) versus. The Brand New Day versus. Heavy Machinery:

Awesome match. Everyone looked good, whether or not they were the brand new tag team champions, the previous champions or Heavy Machinery, who might have easily been there to consider a pin and stretch things out by getting The Brand New Day challenge Bryan and Rowan for SummerSlam underneath the grounds of not getting been pinned.

I understand many people may not be 100% into another tag title reign for that New Day, but I’ve been keen on that team since the initial vignette, and I’ll happily view another run together as champs.

U . s . States Championship Match: Ricochet (c) versus. AJ Styles:

Good match, but forgettable within the grand plan of products. I can tell a disagreement why Styles “had” to win the title, in order to solidify his heel turn making him a practical threat moving forward, however i don’t like this Ricochet needed to lose the belt along the way.

Now, Personally i think underwhelmed through the U . s . States Championship this season much more. There keeps being all of this potential that fizzles out very quickly, whether it’s Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, etc holding the belt.

Hopefully, Ricochet doesn’t just explore the shuffle now, which doesn’t finish up being Styles holding the belt for any lengthy time due to the fact The Club interfere in each and every match and WWE can’t tell every other story apart from “the champion maintains because he’s a heel. Stay tuned in a few days for the similar factor again.”

Kevin Owens versus. Dolph Ziggler:

What’s there to say of squash matches?

WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) versus. Samoa Joe:

Good contest, not surprisingly. I truly dig Kofi Kingston as champion when he’s booked such as this, where he merely has a great match with a decent opponent and overcomes the chances. It will help legitimize him, and that i sense such as the more this occurs, the less you will see people in the finish of the season going “Well, he only agreed to be a transitional champion who only won the belt since there wasn’t others at that time.”

It will stink that Joe constantly will get ignored for anything big, however wasn’t the best here we are at him to consider someone lower and be the brand new champion, and Kingston isn’t the main one he should dethrone. I enjoyed the match and also the outcome, so no complaints here.

Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Extreme Rules Match: Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch (c) versus. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans:

A lot better than I figured it might be. Funny enough, from the entire match, the part that helped me get free from my seat probably the most was Corbin hitting Lynch using the Finish of Days, as I didn’t think WWE might have the balls to achieve that, and I believed it was a terrific way to cap things off and send Rollins in to the finish.

I shouldn’t use whatever more Lynch versus. Evans matches, please. Which was way ample. Evans provides extensive potential, but she’s not there yet, which feud continues to be encounter the floor and there’s little else to achieve from it.

And That I still maintain that Corbin is underrated. Even when he wouldn’t be my pick for the following champion, I believe he will get crapped on waaaaaay an excessive amount of for which he’s able to perform, overall. However, apparently we don’t need to bother about that any longer, because…

Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) versus. Brock Lesnar:

Guess what happens I figured relating to this if you’ve adopted my opinions on Brock Lesnar title reigns within the last couple of years, cause it’s exactly the same story each time. I personally don’t like it and that i see no redeeming value to getting a champion who doesn’t appear, since it doesn’t assist with the ratings whatsoever, and that i don’t think Lesnar has good matches, and that i don’t think we’re lined up for just about any interesting feuds, and that i consider Raw has lost its top title until a minimum of WrestleMania. There aren’t any positives to that particular.

For additional opinions on the program in general, browse the latest edition from the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK because the panel reviews Extreme Rules with this immediate reactions following a event prior to the dust has fully settled.


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