WWE Fastlane 2019 Review

Posted 2019/05/121710

WWE Fastlane 2019 review here on wrestling.to fast lane from Cleveland Ohio a thumbs up show overall fun main event what turned into a really good WWE title match there by the end a really good raw tag team title match an excellent fatal 4 way for the United States championship and even the opener with ms and Shane McMahon against the usos I thought was a at fun matches specially with the crowd hot as they were for them is it being his home town at all that makes a thumbs up show way more good than bad but the band was there it’s weird because of all things the match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch which I thought should’ve headline the show of course seeing what they did here I could see why it didn’t thank god it didn’t headline the show but this is been the dominant story line now for months in this company that is the match that likely is headlining WrestleMania this year. And the match between Charlotte Mbeki tonight was a giant waste of time. It was terrible. The women’s tag team title match. That wasn’t very good either. And the SmackDown women’s title match wasn’t very good either Oscar did the best she could Mandy Roche tried she’s getting better the match just wasn’t that great all of the women stuff pretty much disappointed here on the show tonight. Everything else though for the most part not all of it but most of that I thought was pretty good. Some of the kick off show easy 3 spoke his first words like a new born baby. He tried to hit on Mandy backstage I can’t say I blame him so when you develop though she didn’t like this very much she probably buried him. Just when you thought he can be buried anymore than he already has been she called them lame told to get lost. This is the story of his main roster run so far police now he’s talking that’s progress you can actually speak. Elsewhere we had some Joe he agreed to defend his United States title in a fatal 4 way match against R. truth Rey Mysterio and Andrade C. N. almost which meant that ran on Friday made it on to the main card after all which is thumbs up.
With new day in the back when Kofi Kingston was informed that the McMahon’s wanted to see him. Tonight’s WWE championship match you got all excited thinking that it meant that he was going to be added to the match. Beginning Xavier they came out for their kick off match against route 7 shins came out to more this I believe is this is the second. View or at what did not cover have a match at the elimination chamber I don’t remember I know not to more of it had a kick off show match at the royal rumble. And then came back out for the rumble match he’s had quite a bit of kick off duty of late it seems not to more here’s a guy who won the royal rumble last year challenge for the WWE championship and it’s kind of amazing to see how far he has slid down the card since then but we had reset here in this match and Nile lading Biggie with a musket kick had the match won exit your breaks up the fall woods goes for a cannonball dive out on to the heels but they caught him dump them down on the floor and reset heavy accolade locked on what’s he got out of it reset Mitch this charge in the corner and gave new day the chance to hit the up up down down for the win so big he an exit your pick up the W. here good match I thought this was a good match and that led right into the paper view which opened with the steps defending the SmackDown tag team titles against the Miz and Shane McMahon the maze of course being the hometown boy got a total superstar reaction here you would have thought that this guy was the biggest babyface in the entire company he probably got a bigger ovation than anybody else all night long. And the crowd love this match miss it the skull crushing Finelli engine you so Shane though who had been in the rain he was down to referee was tending to him by the time the rest came over to cal Jimmy was able to kick out no I thought that was foreshadowing a mis he’ll turn but. I was wrong they did a for a fun spot here were Shane went for the coast to coast he’s balancing himself on the top rope he looks across the ring into the other corner where I think was that was a J. I think Jimmy Russo was down in the corner Jay you sell all of a sudden crawls up the ropes onto the top rope in the opposite corner so we have a standoff we’ve got Shayna one corner on top we’ve got Jay you so in the other corner who’s going to make the first move they make their their move together at the same time they both threatened to jump they finally did and Shane clipped J. in midair to save his partner from the USOC splash that’s a hell of a spot ms looked over at his father now he’s looking to his father for wrestling advice that was his mistake his father told him to go up top which ms rarely does the ms one up top anyway went for a frog splash so got his knees up and it rolled up maze to retain the tag team titles ms was checking on Shane when the match was over he’s apologizing to him again is the second time that going back to the elimination chamber last month that ms has taken the losing fall. Here against the USS he’s apologizing for getting pain that ms goes over and hugs his dad very disappointed and as he’s walking away from his father Shane snaps and attacks ms from behind he rips off Shane’s Cleveland is awesome T. shirts and wipes the sweat knees choking him with that and punching and kicking and stomping him and he got a great heel heat for this Shane got up in George’s face George presented in the front row and he’s all up in his face he shoves Mrs father backwards into his seat. And he puts ms in a triangle choke on the ground that a very good one. A triangle none the less and I get I’m looking I kept waiting for the security guy let Mrs father come around the barricade which it looked like he was trying to do and security guy would let him do it hopefully there just holding that offer a big spot a WrestleMania with that George hopefully George is at WrestleMania and that he can give Shane a low blow maybe and help the son win the match this was a good this was a great heel turn as far as just the way it was executed they were smart enough to know I guess in shame is gonna be the one to go heal this was the place to do it you know Mrs backyard people just boo the **** out of him for it and I wouldn’t have done it this way ms was he was over big in Cleveland but I still don’t see him as as a baby face I’ve said this for how long now I I just I just don’t buy it and I didn’t think they would do it but they did I thought it came out great and since they went in turn shame maze will go all the way bring back the mean street posse. I don’t know what Rodney is up to I don’t know what what what’s the other guy’s name it was Rodney Peete gas in there was a third guy Jay said I think his name was but P. gas he does cameos all the time for them doing stuff on the network is on the edge and Christian show we know he’s still around thank you actually came out with a book last year so part of the policy is around I’ve no idea what Rodney is up to but I say get the posse back together but I really hope they have one of their doctors give Shane a stress test or or some kind of exam he was sweating profusely out there he looked like he was moments away from death he looked awful at the end of this it is not the first time I mean you know you gotta understand Shane is is probably closing in on 50 he’s not as young as he used to be even though we he seems to think he is the way he flies around out there he is older he’s not a full time wrestler but he just looks unhealthy by the end of these matches so hopefully he hopefully he’s OK. We must be defended this fact that women’s championship against Mandy rose this was not very good I said earlier Mandy tried. I think many in Sonya are a lot better now than they were when they first started that you could see the improvement in both of them Sonya I’m more impressed by her really lately than I am even Mandy and the many is definitely better and more competent than she used to be I think she’ll get to a point eventually where she’s even very good but she’s not there yet. And maybe it was just her being in the ring with somebody like Oscar who is one of the best in the company and seeing them in there together side by side like that probably didn’t do Mandy any favors it just felt far beneath what Oscar is capable of this was all just a set up for Sony to find a kendo stick underneath the ring which makes no sense because it wasn’t a no disqualification match so I’m not quite sure in in the story here what she was planning on doing with that kendo stick one maybe hit the ropes she tripped over the ring skirt that Sonya had lifted up when she went to go retrieve the kendo stick from under the ring and ask you had a roundhouse kick that look great on the replay they show it in slow mo and you can see Mandy’s draw Jekyll as the Oscars boot cricket shade off the side of her face and with that Oscar picked up the win Sonya was very apologetic when the match was over Mandy was just not in the mood to hear it again not good but Oscar retained and thankfully we can move on from this I know that there’s been rumors of laci Evans getting the shot at Oscar at WrestleMania getting a championship match because Vince McMahon is apparently very high on of course is high on her she’s a tall pretty blonde why wouldn’t he be that’s his MO. So apparently Vince is very high on her I hope that doesn’t happen. She doesn’t even have a match yet. In this already rumors that she’s gonna get a championship match WrestleMania. I I pitch this earlier on the podcast have the winner of the women’s battle royal at WrestleMania because you know they’re gonna have one. Have the winner of the battle royal let’s say on the kick off. The number one contender and wrestle Oscar on the main card later on that night. And and look maybe laci wins the battle royal. I’m still not enamored with that idea but at least then there would be a legitimate reason for her to get a championship match but that’s what I would do. Wait a second in the back with the new day and Vince McMahon they barged into Vince McMahon’s office. And they pleaded their case why Kobe deserves to be added to the title match that is the same Vince McMahon. Who’s very particularly personally himself removed Kofi from the championship match of put Kevin no one ‘s in his place all the sudden Vince’s you know what your right leg in a triple threat it’s coming up next Biggie exam here you guys are barred from ringside Kofi get on out there. Course this all turned out to be a swerve Cokie goes out there but he’s not out there for a championship match he’s out there for a handicap match against the bar. And there I saw on my timeline a lot of hate for this some divided opinion but more hate than anything else I get what they were trying to do with this to try to stack the deck the trying to build sympathy for Kofi Kingston as the underdog he’s the underdog in this story. He’s clearly getting a championship match at WrestleMania mean to me that’s been apparent for the last 2 weeks. You know whatever their plan was has been abandoned they bumped it up Kevin no one ‘s got the shot on this show and it’s going to be healthy. Either getting a singles match is going to be part of a multi men match at WrestleMania and after tonight I’d be in favor of a multi band match I’ll get to that later but it’s going to get the shot a WrestleMania. And so what do you do in the meantime in their in their mind this was their way I don’t know that it was overly effective. But I get why they did it because they wanted to stack the deck against them and get people behind him even more unfortunately they had the entire crowd not 5 minutes in chanting this is boring. And they weren’t wrong. New day ran out of eventually they ran out to try to help they were attacked they would jump from behind by re 7 not the more or less lying and the bar pin coffee with the double white noise this did not come off well but it served a purpose they’re using Vince McMahon to position. Kofi as the ultimate underdog going into WrestleMania this is building to something. I think the hate that I saw and there was a lot of it I think the hate was was over done this was not meant to be a fun segment this was not meant to be a good match this was not meant to be enjoyable. Sure as hell wasn’t enjoyable. But that’s not what this was designed to be it serve a different purpose. Where Alistair black in ricochet Chad gable and Bobby rude and the revival triple threat for the raw tag team titles the tag team champions finally got an entrance for the first time since they won the belts good for them this was excellent all action a black in ricochet I think I’ve been the best pair of NXT call ups in a very long time they didn’t win this match but they also weren’t the ones to eat the pen which I figured they would be because they’re still protecting them and they come across as stars when they’re out there they really push these guys hard they have yet to be I mean I guess it’s technically tonight they were beaten but they have not been straight up hinder or made to submit there was a chaos theory rolling German by gable to Alistair black at 1.and as soon as he headed – Wilder came off the top rope with a splash on the gable I will never get tired of seeing Chad gable hit that chaos theory he is such he really is he’s such an underrated talent. The tag team thing right now is fine but before long if he’s not on to bigger and better things that these people are out of their minds and I don’t wanna heroes too small he’s too small it’s a lot of small guys on that roster. Who are pretty high up on the card he better be one of. Sadly ricochet is going to be having and neck surgery soon enough if he has more matches like this you had her karana on Scott Dawson from the top rope to wipe out everybody on the floor so very awkward landing for for everybody for Dawson and for ricochet ricochet look like he hit his head on the apron on the way down that’s number 1 number 2 later on after the match was over he hit the 630 and he looked like he landed right on the back of his neck. He didn’t sell it you look fine hopefully he is. But not good. He also had a running dive out of the ring over the ring post on to Bobby route at least very did land on his neck. But yeah that was pretty scary but anyway in the end the revival retain with the shattered machine on Chad gable and then all of the sore loser baby faces attacked them after the match and laid them out there was no reason for this revival didn’t do anything wrong didn’t hook the tights didn’t cheat. They won the match fair and square. These guys are sore losers. Beating them up like that. We had some Joe are true 3 Mysterio and Andrade see an almost fatal 4 way for the United States championship far too much action here to recap but this was an excellent match if this wasn’t the best match of the show was number 2. It was it was way up there truth busted out some of the trade mark John Cena spots the senior shoulder blocks V. you can’t see me the 5 knuckle shuffle to Samoa Joe John Cena is his hero. Maybe we’ll maybe John CD can grant to may make a wish 1 day Mysterio his 619 on Joe drop of the dime miss and Joe put it in the clutch rate passed out and Joe retains the United States championship excellent match you know next month marks 30 years since Rey Mysterio made his professional wrestling debut April of 1989. Is the first time that rammus stereo set foot inside a ring he was 14 years old and I look at him now and I in my opinion he’s in the midst of one of the best years of his career physically his body his held up I don’t know what he’s doing differently he looks maybe a little bit smaller so maybe he’s not doing whatever he was doing before to really ball got maybe that helps I remember hearing him talk about having stem cell injection whatever it is whatever magic potion that he has been using because there was a period of time where it seemed like he couldn’t go 2 weeks without suffering some kind of a knee injury. And it’s not surprising given the the style that he’s wrestle for so long that he would have any problems. But I’ve not heard of there being any issues from his run in lucha underground to being on the independence to being back here in W. W. we he’s been able to stay healthy he’s moving around like he’s 20 years younger than he is. Incredible incredible to watch 38 years and it looks like you can go another 10 or 15 if he wants to and I talked on the podcast earlier today about Jushin thunder Liger retiring next year he’s already announced he’s retiring at the Tokyo Dome next January and I talked about how we really were cheated out of a match between him and ray Mysterio last year they were gonna have the big rematch they only had 1 match in their entire career against each other and it was a W. C. W. Starrcade show back in 1996 and new Japan was going to put together the rematch last year in Long Beach and then ray got hurt he hurt his arm. And he had to back out. And now that we no longer is is on basically his retirement tore I really hope they can find a way to make that match happened in WWE before Liger hangs it up because like has a very unique deal where you need yeah he’s he’s with new Japan but he freelances and he makes his own deals and W. W. we brought him in once for NXT takeover show for a one shot anyone. He came in for one match you to put anybody over he came in he beat Tyler breeze and they never use them again so never say never stranger things have happened it’s been a lot of weird **** that’s gone on in the wrestling world and partnerships in you know what then sending guys to evolve and all these weird things I hope they can find a way to make it happen at some point between now and next year before Liger hangs it up I think we need to see that match I also think and I hope that we get John Cena and Samoa Joe for the U. S. Tyler WrestleMania another match like like you’re in the stereo that was supposed to happen way back in the last a couple of years anyway but because of an injury to Joe the match never happened. Sasha banks and Bailey against night jacks and to meet up for the WWE women’s tag team titles Beth Phoenix join the announced team before the match and it would become apparent by the end of this why she did. There was a botched double team move by Jack’s and to me in a surprise surprise where to meet a backdrop Sasha on tonight you’re supposed to back drop her on tonight and I was gonna catcher and give her a Samoan drop. And it didn’t look to me like Sasha did anything wrong I mean her body was flying through the air I don’t know how you can blame her for this so I don’t know if it was more to me now I don’t know if it was more not yeah but somebody **** up somewhere in here and I I kind of tried to save it but it didn’t look good Sasha went for a dive later on through the ropes out onto Jackson to me that they caught her Bailey had to dive out on to all of them knocked everybody over back in the ring that I went for a power bomb to Beli Beli reversed it into a her can run it for the win not a very good match Jackson to me though immediately beat them down when the match was over now I it throw through Sasha just hurled her through the air over the announced desk. And Beth Phoenix stepped out of the way when all of this chaos was going on and so she’s standing there and to me the starts to stare her down and they start jaw jacking they exchanged words I don’t know what was said but Beth punched to media which led to night and then attacking Beth Phoenix through into the ring at night I gave her a leg drop. Natty ran out to try to make the save she got kicked in the face. And so because the Natty of course has a history with bath it used to be tag team partners but she got laid out as well and from you know judging from the looks of this. Sure looks like we’re in for either a 3 way or maybe even a 4 way if they find another team at WrestleMania for the women’s tag team titles and we may see the the divas of doom reunion a WrestleMania between Beth Phoenix in Natty. Kevin Owens in dental Brian for the WWE championship Greg Hamilton announce this as a triple threat match. At which was very confusing given that we had already seen Kofi earlier in the show and then instead of coffee he introduced the third man as Mustafa Ali. Who was booed. Not loudly booed not booted out of the building but definitely got boot and that made me very sad because before he got hurt this whole underdog story this whole underdog role it belong to Mustafa Ali he earned one of the spots in the elimination chamber challenging for the WWE title. But then he got hurt and Kofi took a spot all the sudden Kobe mania took off. And here he is now all healed up and back getting the championship match she was deprived of last month and through no fault of his own other than the he’s not Kofi Kingston he gets booed so that sucked I am a big Mustafa Ali fan I’ve made that very clear before I’m a big advocate for this guy ever since he was up to all 5 live I I feel and still feel he should be involved yeah it’s not the champion but he should be involved in the top mix he is among the best of the talents they have on that SmackDown roster. And so to see him here on paper view. Wrestling for the WWE title I was I was happy even though they put him in what was really a no win situation I it was it was not entirely fair to him but still they put him in a in a major spot I thought he delivered I thought he was even the star hit him Brian they were both excellent in this match ins to me just kind of felt like he was there but I’ll leave the and in it and Brian to an extent with the real stars of this match adding Ali made a better match for sure he was up on the ropes at 1.. On the outside climbing the ropes Brian hit a drop kick from the inside and Ali went flying through the air collided shoulder first with the barricade took this great bump it looked brutal it looks stupid but it looked great I’ve seen him take that spot before a 205 live he’s a crazy man for doing it but again it looks great later on he had a 450 splash on Brian on the apron inside an apron power bomb to Ollie on the floor rolled him inside rowing though before and can get in to make the pen rowing grabbed always threw him over into the time keepers area inside I’ll leave from the second row on the middle rope on the inside he goes for what would have been his second tornado DDT on Daniel Bryan in this match only this time Brian caught him in midair with the blue cycle ni. And picked up the win it looks fantastic especially on the replay and so what started out as not a great situation here because all the people wanted was Kofi Kingston. You know in in one respect it’s great because you could tell whatever they’re doing with Kofi it’s working the whole stuff with Vince McMahon screen them over and you’re not worthy of being a champion and now the people are really behind Kofi but these poor **** are out there trying to have a a championship match and the people don’t really care about their chanting we want Kofi you know Kofi Kingston and they’re not really paying attention hi you know mid way through all of a sudden they started to win people over by the end of felt like people were pretty much into this so it turned into a very good match much better that it probably would have been without Ali in their after this I said earlier you know as far as a multi man match WrestleMania and I’m not big on multi men matches as far as WrestleMania main events but it’s obvious the WWE championship inane headlining WrestleMania it in half what was the last of the WWE title headline WrestleMania. What’s the 32 I guess it would be 32. I keep thinking that the universal title has been around longer than it has certainly in terms of actual paper views I think the elimination chamber last month was the first time in in a year point 5 or 2 years maybe that that championship headline to show something crazy like that it ain’t headlining WrestleMania I would be in favor of having a multi person that I’d like to see a fatal 4 way WrestleMania you keep Kevin Owens in there because what else is he going to do you keep Mustafa Ali in there because I think he deserves to stay in that picture but you add Kofi Kingston I’m sure Vince is going to have to you know make him work for it and eventually Cofield make it just like Becky made it tonight and you end up with the fatal for why I think that would be a killer match you get those 4 guys in the ring together WrestleMania. But if Kofi Kingston does not win the championship at WrestleMania they’re making a very big mistake it’s pretty especially after tonight pretty obvious to me they’ve got something special here I don’t know the Kobe is going to go on some kind of long run but to give him the fairy tale ending and give him the big payoff for WrestleMania that’s a WrestleMania should be for. You know I mean that that’s really this kind of story should be building to a big climax in a big payoff at WrestleMania. And they’ve been jerking or change now for weeks with all these swerves and Vince McMahon coming out in Becky’s on suspended away no she’s not in Kofi’s in the championship match wife and says he isn’t they’ve been jerking are changed so much. They got to give us something in return a WrestleMania I think that the Kofi Kingston went. Thank you lynching Charlotte flair stipulation that have Becky when she is added to the women’s championship match at WrestleMania. Becky sold her leg the entire match. This really wasn’t even a match it was more of an angle to set up the eventual Ronda Rousey run in. I am so beyond that done with the injured leg bullshit. People were already behind Becky Lynch because she had a bad **** vibe to her she’d walk out there she had this swagger she’s got this is the T. shirt the man. Yeah I mean you’re either a Becky family or not but she had this sort of yeah this chip on her shoulder bad **** vibe when she would walk out sure he had that and yet every single week she hobbles out there like a one like it may. 2 months of this already. It’s over kill it sucks. I was waiting for her to throw the crutch away and swerve Charlotte by showing her that her leg is is all healed up. Like Bret Hart did during his story line with Vince McMahon going into WrestleMania 26. Member he was heart broken ankle whatever was turned out to be a swerve once been signed a contract with the bright took the cast off invents knew he was **** and I thought they were gonna do something similar here and you’d see Charlotte dies kind of bug out of her skull and Becky would start kicking her **** they never happened Charlotte got back in the figure for Ronda Rousey ran down she intentionally hit Becky for the disqualification meeting the Becky Lynch has back toward her way into the raw women’s championship match WrestleMania making it a triple threat match. Here is Becky Lynch the woman who won the women’s royal rumble match to earn the right to go to WrestleMania to challenge for the title of her choosing and she back doors her way into the championship match at WrestleMania. I detest what they have done to get us to this point they have taken a simple story and they have turned it into a watered down convoluted mess. Becky wins the royal rumble then they suspend Becky Becky apologizes. So they on suspend Becky then 5 minutes later they suspend Becky again and they put charlatan the WrestleMania match. Then Ronda Rousey says please reinstate Becky I want a fighter Stephanie says now. So what is wrong to do she surrenders the title she drops it and walks away. A week later what is WWE do why they reinstate Becky. And they make it a championship match at Fastlane between her in Charlotte. Even though. And here’s the other aspect of it I don’t even think of until just now so they make this championship match right it’s gonna be Becky against Ronda or Becky controller for the vacant title at Fastlane. The entire premise of this story line all started with Stephanie and triple H. refusing to clear Becky because her leg was injured. And they said Becky I just we cannot let you wrestle unless you let our doctors look at you and you get clearance and they say that your knee is okay and yet every single week this woman comes out and she’s on a crutch. But now apparently it’s okay we’re going to put a one legged woman in the championship match at Fastlane. A week later what happens Ronda Rousey shows up and says psych I want my bill back. So they give it back to work and now the fast lane match goes from being a championship match to a non title match. And then here Ronda Rousey runs out and attacks Becky for the DQ putting her back in the match WrestleMania. A match that Becky Lynch. How to begin with because she won the **** royal rumble which apparently didn’t mean anything because it took her having to win by disqualification tonight to get her title match at WrestleMania I have a headache just thinking about all of that. I don’t know how the average fan. Process is all this I think they just look at it and they say these are like Becky where they like Rhonda and they just ignore all of this bullshit I don’t even think they pay attention to half the stuff I don’t know what I pay attention to half the stuff the fact that even remember all that is unbelievable. What a mess a mess of their own doing it is a miracle that Becky Lynch is still is over she is I am I’m shocked. I’m shocked that she still gets the reaction that she gets when she comes out after all of this nonsense. Now throughout this paper view we had a bunch of allies segments he be in the rain he was singing he was bashing Cleveland and then they would cut away I figured it was building to some kind of pay off some kind of a you know big appearance. The big appearance was a Lacy Evans cameo doing her usual step where she walks down the aisle and she turns and she goes right backstage only this time as the alliance was distracted. Randy Orton came out of nowhere and hit the RKO people love this people love the RKO outta nowhere. All the sudden AJ styles on the apron ready doesn’t see him and AJ hits a phenomenal for our out of no where so they’re playing the whole cat and mouse thing obviously it’s going to be styles and Orton at WrestleMania and I’m okay with that I said this on the podcast earlier today if if they at Wharton again styles and they have Joe again Cena for the U. S. title as far as the SmackDown side goes those are 2 solid additions I think to the WrestleMania card so that sounds cool to me. And then we have the main event the shield reunited one last time they made that very clear the final time Roman reigns in his first match back since October Seth Rollins and dean Ambrose against drew McIntyre Bobby Lashley and Sascha Baron Corbin they build this as the final time that we will ever see the shield together because they said dean Ambrose has chosen to not re sign with WWE and he will be leaving the company quote in the near future. We offer a guy who’s leaving they sure did harp about this being the last time you ever going to see the 3 these guys together. They were harping on this a little too much. So I don’t know what’s going on with them rose it may well be a case where Roman gotten is here and convince them to stay he’s going to sign a new contract after all I don’t feel for what it’s worth I don’t believe this was all just to work from the beginning I think he really was and maybe still is going to leave but it was always possible that they would be able to talk him out of doing that and maybe that’s what’s happened I find it hard to believe that he still leaving but they would be openly telling you now that he’s going to be leaving and they would have Renee young on TV last Monday saying he’s leaving for greener pastures he’s leaving for greener pastures there’s absolutely no way there is a 0 percent chance. That they know that dean Ambrose is leaving and they would allow Renee young to make a comment that implies that he’s going to go somewhere else and make more money than he would be making in WWE there is no chance of that at all which means he’s either staying or Renee made that comment on her own. But there’s no other explanation for it there’s absolutely no way they would allow a comment like that. To be made or they would scrap the comment like that unless they knew this guy was staying put. So this turned into what I’m what I call the typical shield 6 man tag match I don’t mean that as an insult I was always a very big fan of the shield 6 man’s they have their formula it is it is formulaic but I think for them the formula works and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the 3 of them together you know of they claim it’s going to be the last time in a long time maybe it is maybe it is the last time we’re gonna see these 3 together like this I thought that overall it was a very good match the crowd was into it there were some fun spots it was you know all action pretty much I was never bored during the match Corbin hit a chokeslam on Roman and Roman for his part look fine. Look rusty did look winded physically your physique wise me he’s got the vast but pretty much looks the same steps that you look good. We need a chokeslam for near fall at 1.Rollins and Ambrose in Lashley in McIntyre they disappeared into the crowd they brawled over by where the the kick off panel is sitting on the pre show they were brawling there Rollins the dive from you know not the balcony but basically a dive out of the crowd at 1.wiped out everybody all things that we’ve seen in in the shield matches before. So once lastly was taken out because McIntyre got the stump. He got his head stomped in by Rollins on one of the an ounce tables it took out McIntyre is well so McIntyre and lastly I met Lashley got stomped those guys are down barren Corbin’s all by himself he’s all by himself in the ring and now the shield has him surrounded poor guy. And Rollins got a little excited at 1.he was I believe his exact quote I remember was you know let’s let’s **** do this or it was something so you drop an F. bomb got believes it’s not a big deal but he was really into this boy was he into this. They did the shaky cam stuff at 1.shield was you know beaten up one of the hills outside the ring and they did that thing where they intentionally shake the camera up and down left and right and the shaky cam needs to die in a fire I hate it I hate it with every fiber of my being. So the shield now is in the ring record in the hit the triple power bomb they get the pain. No swerve know he’ll turn no shenanigans no brunch Stroman either on the show just the straight up she’ll win and they all posed in to the fist bump to end the show they really wanted you to believe. That this was the final time that you would see these 3 together as the shield I still think we’ll see we’ll see if I’m right or wrong on raw tomorrow night’s if they do some kind of a swerve then because I I still feel we’re getting Rollins and or rather rains and Ambrose WrestleMania. But it sure didn’t look that way tonight they seem to all be on the same page they were all hugging they’re all buddy buddy. I guess we’ll see on TV tomorrow night if there’s some kind of a big swerve and that’ll put WrestleMania in perspective because I sure as hell don’t need to see Roman reigns a WrestleMania against Baron Corbin. Organs Bobby Lashley. And short of adding him to the universal title match which I think they should not do I don’t see any other obvious opponent for Roman reigns unless Ambrose does turn. So real good made event overall really good show I’m gonna check the polls so far there is a pull up if you want to vote it will be up the next a couple of days on Twitter at Sala monster is my handle as I look at it now you’ve already got over 2000 votes in the Twitter Paul 64 percent thumbs up 36 percent thumbs down so not overwhelming but pretty positive score overall most people seem to enjoy the show yeah again I’m in the same camp I would call the best show of the year or even necessarily better than the elimination chamber but there was more to like on the show the not there was some head scratching stuff on the show and the biggest thing that really burns my **** is the stuff that they have done to get to where they are now with Charlotte and Becky and Rhonda and all of that stuff because again they took something that Rhonda is doing her damndest on social media for all the stuff with her calling a fake aside she’s doing her dad this to make this feel real she’s doing her damndest to make this feel authentic like she really does resent the fans and she really does hate Becky that it’s real it’s not scripted and it’s not manufactured I don’t think any of that comes across on television because they’ve chosen to go the Hokie sports entertainment route with all of these nonsensical swerves and suspensions in the stupid knee injury which need to just be over at this point. They need to forget all of the nonsense that is happened up until this point the make man’s that make Mandy to stay as far the **** away from this now until WrestleMania as humanly possible I don’t want to see Vince involved I don’t want to see triple H. involved I don’t want to see Stephanie involved I don’t want to see a McMahon in every corner. Keep them out of this let their promos carry them into WrestleMania that is going to sell the match that is going to sell the show the last week or 2 weeks before WrestleMania you wanna put some promo packages together that’s fine but it’s going to be their mouths it’s going to be their promos that carry them into the show and sell people on this match they don’t need to over complicated they don’t need to come up with some other weird story line twist they’ve done enough. The promos are what is going to sell this match that is all they need to do between now and WrestleMania do not **** this up. Anymore than you already half. That’s a fast lane review so if you have any feedback leave those comments down below in the comments section I want to hear from you what you thought of the show give the video a thumbs up if you like what you hear I would appreciate that you can follow me on Twitter and vote in the poll at Solomon stir and their check out the latest episode of the sound off episode 589 it was a 3 hour show you can listen to it over the course of of the week little bit a fast lane talk but mostly just a lot of news to cover this week a lot of deaths unfortunately talk about King Kong Bundy talk about Jushin Liger retiring talk about the Ronda Rousey social media uproar from this week and a lot of other stuff including NXT the injury Tomaso Champa I put forth my own tournament bracket what I would do to crown a new NXT champion at the take over show in New York and of course the WrestleMania countdown


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