WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Full Show Review

Posted 2019/05/252100

The may switch over any second I forgot I forgot that the go live button which is kind of an issue so I just literally just had it. So let’s see people can I’m repressing I’m thinking I’m still in the countdown all right was it yeah well keep refresh on Eric out there. So this is a this is a sound check they might check my check 123 and just doing a quick sound check here before we get going so you guys in the chat can let me know if you hear me this switching over from me it is set to may switch over any second I forgot I had to go live button which is kind of an inch mute myself all right perfect our guys in the chat no can hear me I want to make sure you can hear me that we’re gonna start our money in the bank review it is 11:00 PM here on the east coast. So again if you can hear me let me know in the chat and we will begin momentarily. It’s gonna Marcus Robinson I see you in the chat Brian powers and Josh Cabral and Carlos and all you guys all you crazy **** thank you for joining me live. Here tonight’s. Appreciate the hell out of each and everyone of you we’re gonna have some fun take your calls little bit later on this is your money in the bank review we’re gonna start here momentarily and just setting things up. Give me one second. For we got a lot of game of thrones people in this chat to please no spoilers. I don’t watch the show although I I probably will get around to watching one of these days. But in case we do have people don’t be a Dick the aunt don’t spoil anything. I will begin momentarily stand by people. Here we go. This was all monsters sounds all. Mom. There’s no. You know after 6 out of 600 on Friday night. I was flying high we had a great show on Friday night we had a whole lot of people tune in live we had some great guests I was in a great mood. It’s a great show. On Friday night and then I watch my New York Mets. Get swept by the lonely Florida Marlins this weekend and I know I should be one to talk because I’m a Mets fan the Florida Marlins they suck they are the worst team in all of baseball. Going into this weekend saying all well is the Mets they can get back on track they can sweep the Marla I mean surely they can sweep the Marlins and try to regain some of that momentum that they’ve been missing. Nope. Not only do they not sweep the Marlins they were the ones who got swept. And my happiness from Friday night immediately turned to anger. So I was waiting to see what happened with money in the bank tonight I was already on edge it would not have taken much to send me over that edge with a bad show here tonight. I can tell you that I didn’t think on the whole that this was all that bad of a show it was a show. There was some bad there was also some good so I cannot sit here and crap all over the show it was the definition of a middle of the road effort and that honestly is the best thing that I can say about it highlighted by an ending that really I can’t even say it made me angry it did more to make me laugh. Then anything else. So welcome welcomes all you game of thrones fans who did not watch the pay per view tonight or watching this review to find out what the hell happened on the show I got you covered don’t worry about it this is your sound up extra review for W. W. we money in the bank 2019 from Hartford Connecticut as I said before. The show that was very much. In middle of the road effort. Pretty much right down the middle I had a graded on a scale of one to 10 it is the definition of a show that would get a 5 or 6 for me. And I want to know what you guys think not just in the chat because I can’t follow along too much with everything that’s being sent in the chat because there’s so much being said right now. But you can also vote our Twitter poll it is up on Twitter at solemn monster you can vote all throughout the show you can vote really throughout the next 3 days I will switch over to the poll results at the end of this review and give you all a sense of what you think of the paper view so as I am reviewing this go ahead and vote at sella monster on Twitter I want to give a quick shout out to sell racks and to Steve Mello for all of their graphics help for the sound off just in general not just tonight but in general to the funeral really 2 of the most talented it on the internet when it comes to this stuff our cell racks and Steve mellow and I want to give them a shout out I also want to mention that super chats are open they should be anyway if you would like to make a donation if you would like to contribute you can do so you are not required to do so but you can we had a lot of people donate during sound of 600 the live stream the other night who I did not get a chance with knowledge of because I was so wrapped up in the show this is a one man operation here pretty much. Although shot out to know a mark screening calls for later on in the show. But I do appreciate the hell out of everybody who did contribute even though I can get the shot you out so if you would like to donate I’m just mentioning it now the super chats are open I will try to shout you out if I can throughout the night and when you guys fill those phone lines up a little bit later it auto charges to my account. Why every little bit helps with visa super chats and also why before we move on I just have to say that this video is sponsored by the rage now many of you all remember the rage because I’ve mentioned them before here on this on this YouTube channel you guys heard you talk about them I own a couple of their wallets myself it it is a slimmer for front pocket wallet RFID blocking technology that protects you from data theft they come in titanium aluminum carbon fiber over a dozen different styles and colors you can get a money clip with it you can get cash strapped I have one in a money clip form one of the cash strapped form completely your choice this is probably half the size or or even more of your current wallet it is not a flimsy product at all to quality product right now you can get 10 percent off your first ridge wallet with free worldwide shipping all you gotta do you could see it on screen right now go to rage.com slash solemn monster and make sure you use the promo code Sala monster at checkout again that is rage.com slash solemn monster to get 10 percent off courtesy of the sound off who sell monster sounds up kick off matches get right into this year the kickoff match was Roine and Daniel Bryan the SmackDown tag team champions in a non title match against the usos very good match very good match thrown into double superplex from the middle rope on both sells at 1.which is pretty impressive Jay you sell off the top for a Samoan splashed with Daniel Bryan turned it into the lebel lock Jimmy broke it up so take care of road on the outside Brian goes for a co pay it’s a super kick double Samoans flashes to the former WWE champion who gets in here on the pre show. From defending the WWE title at WrestleMania losing on the pre show in a tag team match wasn’t even Roine. Who ate the pain it was Daniel Bryan Bryan is a man who’d and if you read his book you know this already this man has no ego actually in the book he tells a story about the ambition test yes No ambition yes No ego I Braley things nothing of himself. He’s willing to do whatever they tell him to do and if that means you lose in a situation like this and put other people over well. Then so be it lots of men who held the WWE championship would have kicked up a fuss. If they were asked to do it he did here but not Daniel Bryan at least I don’t think he did I mean I guess I can’t say for sure but it would shock me to find out that he did put up a fuss so get a good match I still think it’s incredibly stupid dumb dumb dumb to have superstar shake up and move the USOC to another brand only to have them come back. So they’re all branded beat the champions and and put themselves in a position now to challenge for the SmackDown tag team titles a brand that they’re no longer officially on I just think it is such a just a dumb stupid short sighted move it’s it’s literally a case for their booking by the scene with their pets they’re booking on the fly. Or Vince McMahon is I should say. So yeah we got a great match out of it we’re very good match but. Just confuse the hell out of me I have no idea what they’re doing I don’t think they do either show over with the women’s money in the bank ladder match if you cross replacing the injured Alexa bliss Bailey ember moon Naomi who is dressed like a bumble bee for some reason Carmel in that hell yeah many rows and Dana Brooke. We had Carmella reaching down for the latter at 1.Mandy rose either kicked the ladder or or stepped on the latter which somehow I guess a bump into Carmel a lead to Carmel look like she twisted her knee. And instantly it look like she was hurt many try to keep working in Carmel if shopping away in telling her to leave me alone which of course is what you want to say in the middle of money in the bank match somebody’s coming after you leave me alone leave me alone so she exits the ring and she is a supposedly injured in his help to the back to match continues we have Mandy. In Natty sandwiching Bailey. In the latter smashing her multiple times. Actually what I just said sounds incredibly sexual sandwiching Bailey and smashing her but that’s not what I mean you guys know what I mean Naomi gave Bailey a split like a moonsault on another ladder so this is a bad time for Bailey here in the middle of this match at Dana Brooke had her chance to shine she climbed the ladder she was fighting with Mandy on top Dana was hanging from the cable swaying back and forth which as somebody who is afraid of heights anytime I see somebody doing that it just makes me feel very uncomfortable. She’s braver than I am she can pull it down she could not pull down the briefcase a bunch of other women joined them on the latter before Natty tipped them all over amber moon she was waiting on top of another ladder this one was set up outside the ring and she dove in she flew it hit the eclipse on Daddy. Mandy then gave amber her finish on one of the latter’s was setting up the ladder to win this was Mandy’s don’t to lose hair when Carmella hobble back down to the ring laid her out and Carmelo then started climbing the ladder when Sonya the ville ran down and stopped her spear her out of her shoes not literally although we would see somebody you lose their shoes later on in the pay per view I’ll get to that. And she was helping mad mad she was helping Mandy up the ladder she put her on her shoulders and she was carrying her up the ladder and just before Mandy could reach up and unhooked the briefcase Bailey scurried up the ladder shove both of them off the ladder pi face them off unhook the briefcase and Bailey is miss money in the bank and you know what they were there were definitely some rough spots here in this match with this was that I thought this was enjoyable enough you know there were some fun spots worked in there specially the double pie face off the top I barely there at the end I would not call this a great match by no means like I said there were some rough spots but. I thought it was still enjoyable and the effort was certainly there these women were were practically killing each other trying to get this match over. Bailey can probably after the match in the ring with Charlie Caruso got a fair amount of boos even though she had a big pot for the wind fickle. Fickle fans. Daniel Bryan knew exactly what he was talking about very fickle. Shadows everybody in the chat yeah we are live here on you tube so I just want to shout everybody out who is listing we have over 1300 and counting. Listening right now to the official money in the bank review we go now to Ramos Syria and Samoa Joe for the United States championship ray had a seeded sent on off the ropes by. Well I would say this is maybe I don’t know couple minutes and if that into the match it is seated sent out of the ropes and busted Joe’s nose up pretty good I don’t know if you’ve broken or not but Joe’s nose started bleeding not long after Joe sat rate for a power bomb raver first into a hurricane Rana into a pen. For the way in and the first United States championship. Of his career. Even though on the replace your shoulder is no Joe shoulder wasn’t just up off the mat it was clearly up off the mat and they pointed out the announcers did basically they pointed out the fact of the ref was a moron. They didn’t say that but that’s what the implied. And you know it’s hard to believe that in his entire career in rooms during his career dates back to WCW I mean that the dates back even before that but you go back to his days in WCW ready cruiserweight champion I think he was a tag team champion his career in WCW. His career in W. W. E. he was W. W. E. champion. World heavyweight champion. Intercontinental champion cruiserweight champion Mysterio never once held the U. S. title. Until now. Joe was furious blood smudge across his face to look like you could murder somebody and he did. He beat up right when the match is over only though after race and Dominic came down to celebrate with his father as they were walking up the ramp Joe came back at attack ray threw him into the ring given the pair here and I gaze a a running sent on all while flaunting Dominick Dominick was just the was helpless looking on from the outside he would get in the ring. And Joe never touched him. Joe never did touch Dominic they’re building to it they’re building to Dominic fighting back it will be glorious when Samoa Joe lays waste to to Dominic and I said this on the sound of I said this is leading at some point to an eventual match not just the confrontation a match between Samoa Joe and dominate Dominic for those who don’t know started training last year under lance storm. And I can’t think of a better person to train under the lance storm and rumor has it is not confirm the rumor has it that dominate because already officially been signed to a Debbie Debbie we contract. And so this was really more of an angle than a match even though we got a title change out of it and I liked it. But you know I don’t know you guys fell but I I liked it you know Joe be rain what 60 seconds. If that ever WrestleMania so ray returns the favor and the few continues so I I actually enjoy this. We have found Sammy’s name. Hanging upside down backs they maybe he’s a baths maybe he’s Batman maybe he was just getting his beauty sleep they all rushed in like something was wrong and we see him hanging upside down and he had told triple H. earlier in the night that he was afraid that brunch Roman was out to get a triple H. tell them don’t worry brown is been banned from the building course later on we see brunch Roman backstage on a rampage throw **** around. And so they wanted you to think of obvious in that it was Braun who did this to Sammy and and and maybe it’ll end up being that it was later on the triple H. to confront brought any said look I’m banning you from the building. So at this point we knew they had a spot open. In the men’s money in the bank match my first thought as I know it was for many of you was Bray Wyatt’s. That was my first thought although Bray Wyatt Jo Jo just celebrated the birth of their child within the last I don’t know 24 to 40 8:00 hours so that would be a little tough I think we can bring on the show that was my first thought anyway which Shane McMahon against the Miz in a steel cage match this match was so exciting people were so into this match they were chanting CM punk. And a E. W. at the beginning of this match they were faint but they were there. Shane tried to exit through the door. He couldn’t but he does manage to grab a steel chair so he brings that into the ring ms gets possession of the chair he lays waste to Shane McMahon with a chair skull crushing valley on shame. On the chair. He goes for the pin but Shane gets his foot on the bottom row for a lead break in a steel cage match. Which the announcers pointed out of course is completely asinine. So that makes 2 straight matches at this point on the show were the referees are singled out for being idiots. Crowds start to bullshit chance ms then tries for a super skull crushing finality off the top rope chain counters tries to climb out of the cage but ms catches him up top he’s changed his dangling over the cage. And he’s hanging upside down ms just dumped him all the way down into the rate ms then covers actually before it covers he delivers the world’s worst frog splash this is awful we have a few different people on the roster who sometimes will hit frog splash is actually no when I take that back I’m sorry I’m completely wrong actually you know I don’t know if it’s a frog what what is it that that to mean it does would that be considered at just the Superfly splash I guess we’ll be Superfly splash right that’s different. Then a frog splash because to me that you know by far my opinion to me to has V. worst splash. Okay anybody in this entire company which is absolutely shocking to me given that her father for all of his faults. Was known for what what was the known for besides you know probably murdering somebody decides that what was Superfly Jimmy Snuka known for ready was no for that he was no for the coconut and he was known for delivering the Superfly splash you would think his daughter would somehow carry on the legacy and she has but in the worst possible way because she **** sucks whenever she tries to deliver a splash. I don’t get it. So ms delivered one here was pretty bad and got in your fall out of a chain gets tossed basically from the top of the cage here in this spot that I just mentioned any kicks out. He is Superman. Superman shade who then after all this puts ms in a triangle. Shane could have been a star in the UFC. Still could be. I’m all for it to get some of WWE television. Ms gets out of the triangle Shane tries to escape again ms catches and tries to suplex him from the top of the cage but Shane resistant eventually he slips out of his own shirt. Any falls to the floor for the win. Yes Shane McMahon. Has now beaten them is to straight. On paper view. What a loser. What a loser this guy is. Yeah and they’ll say well you know the stories Mizan yet Shane beats in both matches that’s the story they’re telling here you know ms looks strong but it was Shane who who it out. Have the advantage and and that may well be true. You know that may well be the story that they’re trying to tell him but the reality is still that ms loss to change to straight he’s a loser. That it keeps saying strong I guess for the big dog. On top of that the match was not really that good. As as cage matches go I thought this was boring. So I didn’t like this. Look it over in the chat right now we got yeah a lot of people listening right now so shout out to everybody who is listening here live on it you too bye mentioned this earlier for those who are interested super chats are open if you would like to make a donation or or show you know get shot or something here on the show she just be aware of that that those are open. We had a an advertisement for Mick Foley Mick Foley will be a run of our night to announce W. W. E.’s newest championship. That’s all they said they they said Mick Foley is going to be in route to announce WWE’s newest title my first thought is like many of yours I’m sure I immediately thought of the hardcore title I immediately thought of the 247 role and to me that’s what it needs to be that is the only acceptable answer to this it has to be the hardcore title 247. Why else have Mick Foley be the one to come on the show into the announcement. I have no interest in anything else 247 hard core rules more matches in ball pits and arcades that’s all I ask for. Now Timothy tweeted me during the show he suggested well this is probably a wild card title. And you know what that probably is a lot more likely than what I just suggest. Probably exactly what they’re gonna do come up with the bullshit title for a bullshit concept. Makes sense to me. But I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night. They’re in NXT advertisement with the velveteen dream front and center but we didn’t know. Initially that it was an NXT add until the very end and for a good 30 seconds there I thought he was being called down to the main roster. And my heart sank. Then I saw that he wasn’t and it was just an NXT advertisement and I was relieved. Such as the state. Of W. W. E. today. We tell the niece I guess are you the vari shockingly this cruiserweight championship match was not relegated to the pre show that was on the main card unfortunately people just didn’t give a ****. And that is the the state of 205 live these days people just did not care. And and Tony Nese retain here in what I thought was a pretty good match but it was hard to get people into this tomorrow at 1.kicked out of a 450 splash he had his own splash off the top hilarious for a near fall followed by the running niece by Tony Nese for the win this look there was no way the niece was losing here he just won the championship WrestleMania they were building to that for a while there was absolutely no reason for him to lose so the outcome to me anyway was never in doubt the match was fine but just people in care. We Becky Lynch in the first of 2 championship defenses on the show defending her raw women’s championship against a Lacy Evans. The sassy southern border Lacy have the moments she she. She had the moment that she first punch Becky on TV illustrated on her boots. Now it’s not quite recruit airbrushing the wife of his opponents on his ****. But it was though I I would give her points for creativity. As far as the match nothing special about this me Lacey Lacey was fine yeah she she played her part find in there weren’t any big you know boxes or anything like that but this was this was the definition of a wrong batch of this was a raw TV batch chop block by Lacey Evans late in the match she rolled a Bacchae after this chop block for the pain. She had her down for what felt like forever the referee was out of position so 0 years ago by Becky shoulders are down before finally she reverses it into a dis armor for the quick tap out no that makes 3 matches on the show so far highlighted by referee incompetence I don’t know this is leading to some kind of an angle with the referees are admonished on television or they just really want to think that the referees are a bunch of **** idiots but if that’s the point Hey mission accomplished. Mission accomplished. So back he wins her first match Charlotte immediately comes down smiling she’s all smiles she’s ready she’s ready for her match and so they go right into it no rest for Becky SmackDown championship online Becky Lynch again Charlotte flair probably not even probably the worst of all of the matches that I’ve seen these 2 in and they’ve had some really good matches. In fact maybe the favorite one that they have that I can recall was from the evolution pay per view last year. That was a really good match those 2 had this was the opposite and not because you know it had nothing to do with the work. It was just. Short and just a nothing match it was quick just a quick way to get to where they were going post match it was a set up for the post match Lacy Evans runs down hits the woman’s right to Becky through the ropes referee didn’t see because remember the referees are idiots. Charlotte goes free it looked like she was going for a better exploder. But that instead Becky reversed into a cradle for a very near fall Charlotte gets a big boot to the face by will miss the vote by about 6 inches but we’ll call it a big boot. And she gets the pen so the finished look called botched if you want to did look great but she gets the pen and Charlotte is now a 9 time women’s champion you figure what 3 maybe 3 more years the pastor father in total title reigns I figure about 3 years. So Becky 2 belts is no more Becky goes after laci Charlotte attacks they double team her until Bailey runs down Charlotte goes after Bailey in attacks layer. Goes after Bailey some more Bailey throws her into the the turnbuckles and Bailey decide you know what I’m gonna cash in my money in the bank. So the referee calls for the bell and bailee officially cashes in she hits the Randy savage elbow off the ropes this was very quick very brief. And she scores the pen. To win her first SmackDown women’s title. And let me amend what I just said a moment ago I said 3 years before Charlotte passes her father after this let’s say 2 years. One take a very long to get to number 17. This did not have the story this did not have the emotion behind it that Bailey’s women’s title win had 4 years ago in NXT. But the crowd loves this this was as loud a crowd has been for Bailey maybe since she’s come up to the main roster people were cheering and they were so happy for her and for her it was a great moments. Maybe the best moment that she’s had so far on the main roster in the story of her run on the main roster has not been a good one. You know Bailey had something special about her. In NXT. And a lot of people thought when when she comes up to the main roster she’s perfect for the P. G. product. It will be very hard to get this woman over is your next big. Female star. And. Whatever how will we know what happened the booking happened. Didn’t quite go her way. And Bailey has just been buried. 6 feet under. By the booking since she has been on the main roster that might sound weird because she was 0.5 of the very first ever women’s tag team champion some people might say that it’s almost Iraqi say that. You know this woman was 0.5 of the of the first ever which is not true. Women’s tag team champions. And that’s true no one else is Bailey dial out. What else is Bailey done hello. Hello we have hello we have an intruder here on the line. CJ is that you. Is this I don’t know who that is that CJ I don’t know who that is well we’ll have to will come back to him a little bit later anyway we have people hijacking the show there were a lot so anything could happen here today we may have people budding and you never know who may call in again thank you to everybody in the chat we got so much activity going on again feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the paper view. Here tonight. And I. Threw me off here we’re taking calls later I promise you we’re gonna get the phone number up on screen a little bit later but anyway somebody got through so in any event I was talking about Bailey so the story of Bailey’s run on the main roster has not been a good one it is the polar opposite of how things work for her in NXT. I feel happy for her tonight I felt like this was a good moment for her it was a good moment for her that was long overdue. I have nothing against Bailey she seems like a perfectly fine person she has been somewhat caught in the crossfire by all the Sasha banks nonsense because there been times on TV where she’s been booed and I do wonder if that has to do with the situation with Sascha whose name sometimes when she’s mentioned on TV will be booed and maybe some of that’s rubbing off on Bailey that’s not Billy’s fault at all. So for her to get this moment tonight I thought was very cool but I I’m watching this and I cannot help but think. That this also just the reason this was done. It felt like a way to just send a message. To Sasha banks who you know was watching. We’re going to hear about this yeah Bailey’s one of her best friends I’m sure she’s very happy. For Bailey. But to me this felt like a message. Sent to Sasha this could have been you if you were willing to play ball. And come back to work. This could have been you on that letter as ms money in the bank maybe I’m reading too much into it I don’t think I am I think there was a message in here for sure. But again I was I was happy for Bailey it was a moment that she was in in desperate need of. And she is now the women’s champion of course as with everything the key is in the follow up the keys in the booking. We’ve had people win championships and get booked into oblivion before. This could be a fresh start for her. It’s all going to depend on the booking going forward. Roman reigns against alliance Roman reigns was on his way down to the ring he was in the back and we see a lot of sneak up on him and he smashes a guitar cross Romans back lies comes out he performs he goes to leave. Roman comes out hits a Superman punch throws him into the ring hits one spear for the win. You know what. It was about as long as it needed to be nobody and I mean nobody was clamoring for a Roman reigns alliance match and if you say you are you’re lying I don’t believe you. So this was quick this was painless the outcome was never in doubt. It was in offensive. And it was what it was. Seth Rollins in AJ styles forget Roman reigns analyze you want to talk about matches that I was looking forward to going into the show this was the match I was looking forward to going into the show the first ever singles match in WWE between Seth Rollins and AJ is that which is hard to believe given you know age is already been in the company that for what 3 years. And maybe they’ve been in tag team matches and stuff like that for the first time that we’ve seen these 2 in a singles match at WWE ring this was for the universal championship. The only singles match that these 2 had ever had before was back I want to say 2006. I I know was well over a decade ago. They had an NWA match on the independency. AJ styles in Tyler black. And that’s it. So this was the first 8 surprise surprise these 2 worked really well together. I expected nothing less Rollins Seth Rollins has wanted this match for so long for so many years there was no way he was gonna let this effort be a dud. And they had an excellent match Rollins hated inverted superplex off the top rope. He rolled through into a modified falcon arrow for near fall Rollins went for the curb stomp AJ countered into the calf pressure. And then one of the biggest spots of the match was a curb stomp attempt by Seth Rollins that was just beautifully countered into a styles clash for near fall very close near fall AJ goes for a phenomenal forearm Rollins dodges it hits the record maybe AJ’s down on his knees gets hit with the super kick any curb stomp and Seth Rollins retains the universal championship in what I thought was an excellent match I was very happy to not see Brock Lesnar interfere to set up the likely match in Saudi Arabia although that would come later on in the night little did I know but at the time when this was over I was like few. Yeah I was doing my predictions on the show with JD the other night he was convinced the prop was interfering and I was relieved to see that he did not know I suspect that we will also see the undertaker and bill Goldberg pop up on TV in the weeks to come to promote their match as well on that Saudi show ingen I shouldn’t say Saudi Arabia this match is taking place in Jeddah you within jedit is the name of a country. The way the WWE is promoting this you know that’s how they are terrified. To say the words Saudi Arabia it’s always Jeddah Riyadh. Never Saudi Arabia. They have no problem taking their money but saying the name of the country that is apparently off limits it’s actually it’s comical to me. AJ extends his hand to Rollins who wants a handshake and Rollins accepts. At like a good sport and that was it and I know some of you were probably surprised that we can get an appearance by the not the bar by the by Anderson and gallows because I know I know that there were people who were thinking well Anderson gallows are going to come out and it’s going to be like a club reunion and they’re gonna either come out when the match is over or they’re going to interfere in the match or or you know something to that effect and to me at no point did I expect them to come out and I said this when I did my predictions because. Anderson and gallows supposedly they have refused every effort by WWE to sign them to a new contract their deal supposedly are up in September and W. W. we much like with the revival has tried to sign them to probably to one of these 5 year contracts and they have said no and I applaud them for that. Far be it for me to sit here and tell them what they should do with their careers sign this contract don’t sign that contract. I can only go by the things that I hear it’s the same things that you people here it’s the same things that you read. And if it goes beyond the dirt sheets on the website we see it in real time. We see people asking for their releases some get it some don’t there’s a lot of discontent. Right now behind the scenes in W. W. E. and I don’t need to have backstage sources and I don’t need to be working for the company and I don’t need to be in the backstage area to know this you know why because I have common sense I can hear things I can see things just like everybody else and I don’t need anybody to tell me that there is a lot of discontent in that locker room right now for every person who’s happy with their job and happy with their position there’s also a lot of people who are not in Anderson gallows are 2 of those people. And why wouldn’t they be. Look at the way that they have been used look at the way that they have been booked. Since they came to W. W. E. there was some hope it first right they were with AJ. They had the club. They had something going when they initially came in. And then it all seemed to go straight to hell. And I’m not quite sure why other than maybe they just got bored with them. But these guys believe me they want to be doing more than just sitting in catering every week. They want to do more than just having a match on a main events. Every single week. Why would they agree to sign a new contract with AT W. sprouting up. And not even a you W.. They can go back to new Japan you don’t think that Japan will welcome them back with open arms. It would be ridiculous for them to sign a long term contract with this company given the way that they’ve been years so I never expected them to be on TV tonight. Because they’re not gonna do anything with them so long as they don’t sign a new contract and why the hell would day. We had a loser house party came out talk about something what they talked about I couldn’t I couldn’t tell you I was barely paying attention to what they were saying Lars solving came out he destroyed each one of them one by one he had buddy Callisto so hearty busted himself open. It blood running down his head tunneling Goldberg when Goldberg wanted Goldberg due to bust them so you didn’t hit himself. Dover I think bill Burr head butted a locker in the back or something he was on TV that one time is head was bleeding Solarz busted himself open. He had a running powerbomb on kalista wiped him out I thought the blood actually make them look even more bad ****. Little bit color goes a long way. And this was just designed to give him more bodies to beat up at some point this guy has to start a program with somebody. I might I suggest the who Niko. Well actually I guess is only go anymore you sing Carson Carr is made his thoughts very clear on Twitter what he thinks of large Sullivan I think it would be very interesting to put large Selvin it a program with that scene car things might get very bad very quickly for a large Sullivan. But I think the smaller the guy on the better for Lars I I think he is at his most impressive when he’s bouncing guys around but at some point one of these guys has to fight back and get some offense in. It Kevin Owens challenging Kofi Kingston for the W. W. E. championship cameraman got wiped out early on in this match from coffee was on the apron Owings grabbed him by the head he ran him into the post into the turnbuckle and when Kofi fell off the apron he took out the camera guy who took a bump. Later on ins hit a frog splash actually right after this into a frog splash off the apron to the floor fast forward a little bit Kofi gives owns a jumping double stomp on the April which is the hardest part of the ring as the announcers pointed out for those of you who did not already know this. The a prison fact the hardest part of the ring. We had a twisting died from the top rope out to the floor by Kofi who gets caught with the super kick on his way down enrollment suffered to count pop up powerbomb by answering your fall trouble in paradise connects but and falls out of the ring unfortunately for coffee. Back inside once it’s a stunner coffee is close enough already grab the bottom rope and then very peculiar thing happened here. Kevin Owens decided he’s going to pull off Kofi’s sneakers. Are you I guess he figured maybe if you try to go for the trouble in paradise again it wouldn’t hurt as much I don’t know. But he pulled out he pulled his shoes off maybe he has a foot fetish. Foot fetish Kevin Owens. Is going to be his new gimmick he and rex Ryan have something in common. A cannon ball off the top of cannibal attempt anyway by and because he got his knees up Kobe hits the trouble in paradise and this time he picks up the 3 counts. The Kofi Kingston run continues as I thought it would and I think it should you know it’s I think it’s still has legs. So I think you run with a little bit longer and. Hey look they differ all the faults we can finally WWE and this whole lot of them you hear from me every single with this wildcard bullshit my god I can go on forever with that. But for all of the bad stuff I have to give them credit and they’ve done a good job I think of keeping healthy strong with winds now over Daniel Bryan twice won at WrestleMania one on raw Sammy’s name AJ styles in the triple threat match on SmackDown a few weeks ago and now. Kevin it’s. So I I don’t know how much longer Kofi is going to have the championship for I can’t tell you how this how long this miracle run is if it’s going to go another month if it’s going to go to summer slam. I I can’t imagine it goes longer than that. I don’t know the answer. But I will give them credit. I will give them credit for it being a pretty successful run for him so far so. Again shadows everybody who’s listening well over 2100 of you listening live right now and so you know. We are gonna be taking your phone calls when I’m done here reviewing the main events and in just a moment here you will see the phone number on your screen is the same number from the other night 989. 2827656 that’s 9898282 solo. For solemn monster that is the number to call if you would like to call in we’re taking your money in the bank calls tonight to try to keep it limited some money in the bank if at all possible your thoughts about the show with the positives than negatives what what you thought about the paper view tonight’s. And that when the main event is done here. We will I take your calls and shout out to the people who have sentence super chats I very much appreciate the hell out of each and everyone of you again as we take more phone calls tonight I am this is this is not a free effort here I am it was funny when the show was over the other night into the live stream on Friday we went 5:00 hours which I did not expect to do and I was trying to get as many calls in as I could in the way the service is set up I just said look auto bill me whenever my balance runs down I don’t want any interruptions during the live show in the sky **** me over 1.. But I said just like yeah I’m just set it up and just build me bill me whatever it is however many calls it is and then of course when the show was over and I going to see how much they build me. I wanted I wanted to cry and you cry a little bit on the inside but it was worth it. And that will take more of your calls in a little bit. Men’s money in the bank ladder match Randy Orton fin Ballard drew McIntyre Baron Corbin ricochet Andrade C. N. all miss Mustafa Ali and well we didn’t have a mystery man because Sammy’s name was taken out earlier in the night and so they just started the match with Adam with 7 instead of 8. And we have 4 stars from SmackDown and 3 stars from Monday night raw and if I can just say this. I thought it was really cool to see Ali in a paper view main events he was and I know he was in a W. W. E. championship match a few months ago it what it whatever the show was that was it. A fast lane or whatever was in March but that wasn’t the main event I don’t think it was cool to see him in a in a true paper view made of that because he was supposed to be in the elimination chamber back in February Daniel Bryan supposedly went to bat for this guy behind the scenes the reason for all these big push and him leaving 205 live in coming to SmackDown Daniel Bryan had a lot to do with that. Because Ali is very talented he’s very likable. Those promo when he was out hurt and you saw some of those promos on TV the very well produced promos he was responsible for that he got together with a friend of his who I think was an independent wrestler and put them together and they were just quality stuff. Some a big fan of his work. But he got hurt and he didn’t have a chance to be in the elimination chamber and that’s when the Kofi revolution began Kofi took a spot and Kofi Kingston just took off but Ali is really good and he deserves to be in the spot that he’s and he may not win a world title anytime soon you may know when whenever. But he deserves to be hanging with the big boys he he is that good so I was very happy to see him in this match. That’s gets going right away all action Randy Orton he boy he sure does love dumping people on the announce table first it was it was Ali that it was valor that ricochet all the little guys he made sure to pick them up and dump them on the announce table and that got him loud chants of Randy Orton not quite as loud as when Meat Loaf was on raw and he was shouting Randy Orton wasn’t anything like that but the people were into Randy here there was a crazy spot did this to me was just the absolute most insane spot not just of the match but of the entire paper view. So there’s a letter in the ring in the latter bridge this 2 letters in the right. And on Friday is on one side. And Finn Valerie’s on the other. And I’m trying to does a sunset flip powerbomb. And he delivers a sunset flip powerbomb to Finn valor on to the latter bridge. And Ballard bounced. He bounds I don’t know what a a foot 6 inches whatever it was he bounced. Off of that latter they got a yeah we wow you chance from the crowd yeah we wow it more like yeah we alley. Oh my god Ali had a spike Rana to ricochet few minutes later he had a Spanish fly. 2 on Friday off the ladder this guy’s crazy guys and say. Baron Corbin. About to come down with talk about leave talking about ricochet and then we come to th Baron Corbin he choke slams Ali through the Spanish announce table to chance of you still suck. Corbin then turns on McIntyre he slams valor on the latter but the latter was sitting upright this was in the ring he adds a chokeslam or what it was but he slammed fin valor on to the lack of the latter the was not flat. The latter was laying on the map but it was up right. That look like a **** sucked. And you know the thing about these money in the bank matches some some of them are better than others. But these guys just absolutely wrecked their bodies each and every single time and you guys sure respect for that even even for Baron Corbin VS Baron Corbin Applebee’s extraordinaire the abuse that these guys take that this company benefits from and the band they totally benefit from the market a whole paper view around. Bodies are gonna be broken people are going to be destroyed they’re gonna take risks people gonna believe that. And it means more money for this company. They’re sitting in the back meanwhile in the gorilla position they got their head set on there watching on a little monitor they’re not the ones out there put their bodies through hell. It’s these guys. And this company makes a lot of money. Off the bodies of these people so let’s not forget that no matter how jaded we may get to no matter how jaded I Mike it that is something that when I watch this match I I don’t forget that. Fin Ballard then get suplex onto a ladder by drew McIntyre McIntyre then propelled ricochet out of the ring through a ladder bridge on the outside so he crashed and burned through the latter Randy Orton meanwhile yanked drew McIntyre off the latter part of it an RKO on the way down. Baron Corbin not sort out of the ring he tries climbing a lease stops Corbin jumps on his back get some out of the ring Ali is all alone in the ring he’s climbing the ladder. When all of a sudden Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Let’s now runs then he shoves over a bunch of letters in the aisle way he kills more cameramen in the proper work photographers or whatever the hell they were whoever it was he didn’t seem to give a ****. He shoves the latter over. Nobody else is around. He sets it up he climbs to the top he and hopes the briefcase in yes Brock Lesnar for the first time is Mister money. In the bank Finn balor and ricochet died so that Brock Lesnar could get some of that sweet Saudi money because I have no doubt that he will likely cash in since that is the rumor match. I’m guessing. Brock is going to cash in. And challenge Seth Rollins for the universal championship in Saudi Arabia on June 7 this match was insane hopper some of the bumps and some of the risks and it was pretty much all action so I actually thought this was a pretty great money in the bank match until the finish I was not a big fan of the I mean look it’s it’s cool to see Brock when you really take a step back and you look at the **** effort that these people put in and the and the abuse that they take all for Brock Lesnar run out of the in the match for what 30 seconds. Big smile on his face. Sits up there with the briefcase in hand. I can get behind that I just and I I think there’s a role for him in the company I I still think there there is value in keeping him around but I don’t know the idea of watching all these guys all these full time performers just bust their **** and kill themselves for this **** guy to come out here and just you know steal the win the way they booked it for him to do at the end I just thought was just bullshit so I was not a big fan of this finished with the match itself I thought was actually pretty great and so when I look back at this paper view. And I think to myself you know what I think of the show on the whole quality wise scale of one to 10 I said earlier you know scale of one to 10 overall I mean this really is nothing more than a 5 or 6 I think overall but this show was saved by those 2 key matches. You know in those key matches worse Seth Rollins and AJ styles which I thought was excellent and I thought the men’s money in the bank match was excellent until the finish and the women’s money in the bank match was pretty good too I wouldn’t call it excellent but you know they they certainly the effort was certainly there and there were some fun spot so I would call that a good batch and then when I think of everything else on the paper you know nothing else really stands out to me everything here’s the problem I think with a lot of these paper views they all feel like TV batches. I mean really think about some of these paper views how many times you come away from it thinking man that was that really felt like a special match. That you would not ordinarily see or that you just can’t see anywhere else we get so much television every single week part of the problems that everything just feels like a round match. Or a SmackDown match. And I thought that was the case a lot of the matches here on this paper. But those 2 matches to me save the show from being a thumbs down effort I would give this a slight thumbs up on the whole not a great paper view top to bottom but good enough it had its moments and I want to find out what you guys think who’s gonna be taking some of your phone calls here momentarily 989. 282 solo that’s 989-282-7656 I do see some of the super chats coming in my screen is going so fast I I can’t see all the names but I do see them coming in so I want to say thank you I appreciate the hell out of everybody who is thrown in super chats here in the live chat on you tube so why don’t you go to your calls again try to keep them limited the money in the bank if at all possible I want to know what you guys think you know forget you can also vote in the poll I’ll be throwing the results up a little bit later on on your screen thumbs up thumbs down at some a monster on net Twitter. Hold on a second here let’s go first we’ll take a call here from Jimmy in Virginia you are on the air. Hey are you doing there I’m doing great what do you what I can hear you perfectly fine would you think the paper view tonight. I’ll arm up all the people you will will really save that for me was that the millions of money in the bank ladder match may and honestly I’ve not been watch references to added to there and everything and I have seen it is increasing already a ladder matches and all that but seriously thing that was the very best ladder match up ever since really wrestling this year wow the best don’t mess that you’ve ever done little spots were crazy. Well yeah I mean I am a criminal spots were Corey I agree listen listen I agree there is some crazy spots in that match but I need to call the best ladder match that you’ve ever seen I mean that’s that’s some pretty high praise right there. Yeah yeah it was pretty good at math and I’m the guy who always who always tweak she was stuff like that’s right to get in contact with you last arm you essentially me back that you have got a lot of calls and stuff like that of the last hour. Yeah you know that was the problem I a fraud we went 5:00 hours in there were people who were pissed off and I went 5:00 hours but I try to fit in as many people as I could and it’s just not always going to be possible but I’m glad you you managed to get through tonight so that’s cool. They will weigh what one more thing Fargo mer I was looking at of right before you get went live when you park as looking at some of the you too pockets core rest men into whatever and they were saying something that Stephanie had a meeting with the talent right before the paper view and stayed there. There are 80 W. is competition. And it is a war pretty much like they were talking about on the park is right for you when live whatever I want to know like what are your thoughts on that. Not well that’s the first time actually hearing of that I I did not hear that before I don’t know if any other websites are reporting it I mean wrestling Inc is a pretty. That’s where the source of all I’ll take your word for it but if that happens look it’s not shocking at all we know you W. is competition and a W. does not want to position themselves that way they’re trying to play it cool you know we’re not trying to compete with anybody we’re just trying to do our own thing and that’s the right attitude to have they cannot try to be competition to W. W. E.. The can I try to do what W. W. we does that’s why every time they talk about how we’re gonna have rankings in wins and losses are going to mean something you know what that’s exactly what they need to be doing. And I can’t sit here and tell you that either of you’s gonna be some big success but what I like about it is that they’re trying things so they say that they’re going going to be trying things that W. W. we does not do. That’s what we need we don’t need another W. W. we clone the reason the TNA fail so many different times in their history is because for so many different times they try to be W. W. E. light right they were giving you the same exact thing that you see every Monday night people are sick of that that’s why viewers are fleeing they don’t want more of what W. W. weeds doing they want Debbie Debbie we to change and take more risks in trying new things so any promotion that comes up that is willing to do that I’m I’m all for and as far as this whole notion of competition of course the competition they’re competing for talent. They’re competing for the same talent pool. So if that really happens if Stephanie did have them and I don’t know why would be Stephanie is the one to have this meeting she’s the chief brand officer so that’s kind of weird but if that really did happen it’s it’s interesting first of all but okay well you’re not really telling us anything that we didn’t already know you know the moment they got on TNT the moment they got a a cushy spot on cable they instantly became competition now they have to deliver right that’s going to be the challenge. And they’re gonna have their first chance next weekend with double or nothing. Let’s go to Chicago I believe we have Glenn on the line. They’re great and how’s it going pretty good glad how you doing tonight would you think of money in the bank. I’m good first of all religions in 200 I was able to attend your show but congrats thank you very much. So after the show I’ve had some time to think about it now but my first instinct after someone off was man I can’t wait on excuse me the bank when the bell rings and bill locker room entries you get 15 man I’m my own man governments because what Stockham no talk very soon you could have broke with the comment you know and during the match I think they should have had some segment that said look we’ll find a replacement that way gave the reason to have someone come and not just you know Hey here’s someone coming in and crashing the party for no reason because he wants to. Yeah yeah I mean as far as it as far as Brock Lesnar goes in and again thank you for the for the call appreciate it yeah they I think you will find out tomorrow night because I suspect prop will be on raw I’m we’ll get some more clarity about when he might be cashing in but the rumor has been that it’s going to be Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins in Saudi Arabia for the universal championship and so if that’s the case since remember what they told us when we became the authority a number of months ago what a joke that turned out to be they did say it was that they were getting rid of their the automatic rematch clause. So in theory there would be no reason for Brock Lesnar to be getting a rematch for the championship unless he somehow became either the number one contender he doesn’t wrestle enough to become the number one contender. Or. He catches in his briefcase so I think that’s really your plan is simple the only reason why we saw what we saw tonight. It’s going to CJ. Hello thank you for taking my call thank you may 0 rate I can hear you loud and clear CJ is one of the the long time supporters of the sound off so I’m glad you’re able to get on the air with your question. Thank you for comment on what you said before the first call. That you’d say a lot of the weeds matches are just like what we get out we brought our SmackDown I think you’re right I was given that the other day says minus the commercials. Yeah well you know what well here’s the thing we get commercials here tonight if you watch the pre show anyway even during the day are by the. No no no no that’s wrong yeah no you’re right you’re getting the call but you’re right yeah now I’m on the pre show on the pre show we have commercials and during the paper view we have commercials not the middle of the matches that’s true but now I mean that’s just how I feel about it you know you watch a lot of these paper views and that’s just the way it comes across you know these matches don’t really feel any different commercials inside then what you would see on a typical Monday night or typical Tuesday night and and your paper views honestly should never feel they should never feel unimportant in that way I think that’s a that’s a big problem it’s going to Kyle your online. Hi there Hey. So move we’re moving along here so what’s your what’s your thoughts your question on the pay per view tonight. Our world I wanted to bring it back to the women’s money in a bank first of All I Want and not the biggest fan of daily that said I was rooting for her to win not. All. Because I do see a lot and so with that character actually being honest men and Bonnie yes thinking about the old for a squeaky clean daily with the money in the bank contract you know something that we didn’t the rules yeah it can be argued it somewhat of an underhanded means so quick hi when I bought it a lot of character development to come about and you know which she captioned she honestly so when she color shot like something RB DDS are seeing it now yes. So the quick shop last year he made only they did last year I thought was a little bit underwhelming sure did make her feel really relevant for the night but overall I kind of felt like it was short term booking as opposed to something that could have been. I think K. yeah I think you got disconnected back but he made his point and that’s a great point that you made in that they did the same thing with Bailey that they did with Alexa last year that’s honestly something I hadn’t connected that to put 2 and 2 together so I think that’s a great point but I think it was important for Bailey to get a big win like that tonight because she’s done a whole lot of nothing I mean aside from winning the SmackDown not the smack them but the women’s tag team titles with Sasha which I know meant a lot to them and that was a really big deal to them she has not done much of anything during her run on the main roster Bailey has been completely just. On the back burner completely since she’s been called down from NXT and so for her to win the money in the banking Cassian tonight again the crowd reacted Graham not during her problem but in celebration and everything the crowd was behind her and it was a great moment for her but the key is going to be in the follow up you know the she lose the championship on TV this week you gotta think Charlotte getting the belt back in the not too distant future maybe not this week. But the question now becomes how long can she hold on to the championship in can she go on a run where she can successfully defend as Kofi has done so far you know against a lot of of different people that really to me is going to be the biggest question of all it’s going to Jordan in the seat toward your on the air. Also some more it’s going on. Are you don’t want to talk about well I just want to come in or you know Rollins’s styles are either I don’t know if it was good because I set my expectations so low without the Michael Moore stuff like that but I was really blown away by the match. I had a question about the movies line from production because I was we were the ones that have been returned and it’s in there so I heard the sound of last week about how 9920 years ago they had their house rated show so I went back washed ashore network in production number was so dark and grimy it looked it looked like it could be chaotic like anything to happen do you think part of the movies pop today is that the deposit looks to Polish like is to is to good looking almost gorgeous for you to think of any Condit’s or chaotic situations happen. Yeah I think that’s a great point and actually I think of all people and I’m not always as big as famine Eric Bischoff tweeted something similar not in a couple weeks ago I think that WMU ease product looks too polished for his liking I do think there is something to be said for having a kind of a grittier Grady is probably better than grimy look to some of the shows a lot of people myself included we’re hoping that that’s what they had in mind for ECW and they’ll re launch the CW back in 06 is that they would really try to make it look and feel like the old ECW and they didn’t and I’m not gonna say that’s the reason why you should have you fail the didn’t work out but you would hope that that you know in a situation like that they would try to make it feel and look a little bit different WWE has the best production in the world of any wrestling company anywhere in the world they have V. and new Japan’s is not bad at all but they have the best production the best equipment the best people well not always some of these camera shots and camera angles are are actually some of the worst in wrestling but in terms of their production values overall they’re the best I agree I think they’re a little too polished sometimes for their own good. And I think I I don’t know what you do do you yeah do you degrade the visual quality of your shows I’m not sure if you have a different show maybe that looks great here than Ron SmackDown does again I don’t I don’t know the answer to that but the short answer I think is yes I think it is often times are a little too flashy for their own good. And before we get to the next caller I just want to give a shout out I know I missed the whole there’s a whole bunch of super chats here that I haven’t had a chance to go through a shout out to junk here in in in the boys from the armchair bookers podcast for the super chat on it you too bye very much appreciate that right now we have Garrett’s I believe I believe Garrett is online Garrett. There could be back sponsored by the heavy. So I didn’t really watch my new bank I elected to watch the the final episode of game of thrones which looking back on now it looks like they both had disappointing endings so no spoilers as far as what yeah no spoilers on say you basically like. Yeah basically that so as far as like what I found out like Becky Lynch lost like the like the SmackDown about so soon but when you think she does the raw about you think shall hold it for like a year she got a truck to someone like laci Evans within like SummerSlam time.. Yeah I don’t think she’s gonna hold it for a year I I think to lose it and she’ll get back you know supposedly they’re already thinking of opponents for her for WrestleMania next year. Is gonna be the laci well I mean I guess you would be the most obvious option obviously after tonight the future’s going to continue they have high hopes for laci and of course they do because she fits the mold of exactly the kind of person they would want to push she’s a tall athletic blonde. Who’s very how shall I put this she should her a her features are very pronounced but she’s a tall blonde. And whether you’re tall blinder shortline Charlotte Alexa many others we’ve seen over the years it seems like Vince McMahon a Debbie Debbie we have a type that they like and not taking away anything from laci she actually is a pretty good athlete and she showed some promise in NXT. I just think she was called up way too quickly so this you lose it’s a Lacy I think laci would be a likely option but I do think you I don’t think she holds it for a year I mean and here’s the thing I wouldn’t have a hold for a year. Because there is something to be said for the chasing of stone cold never had that many long title reigns in fact he lost the championships and a lot of cases you losses championships pretty quickly everyone that. Because the real draw was the chase whether he was chasing rock undertaker the loss of the cane a one it back the next night I think there’s something to be said for people wanting to see the baby face kind of climb back and win the championship back so maybe it wouldn’t be laci who I would have a drop it to I don’t have the roster in front of me right now I was in sambhar moon and and Becky could be for a good few that some point but you know amber is on smack that but then again they never stop them with his wildcard bullshit from having people cross brand so I guess you could do that if you wanted to. Good do I Tyler in Wilmington Delaware. Hey is our monster Styler back yesterday good to have you back at you I’m surprised you made it through we got the the lines are completely jammed you’ve got the lady luck yeah I know I would look. Was lucky enough to get second place but it’s okay I waited. What’s the the paper. You know I thought it was the I thought it was a good paper view but the main event is going to ruin the whole thing for me honestly I really only tuned in flight 3 matches all of the women’s money back that the universal championship and the men going to make that everything else is kind of their you know what I mean end of those matches which was the one that you like the most. The mold I would say probably was universal championship match that match I’ve dealt with like really great we got a really good finish out of it the woman’s money big mac after like it was good but they had a few spots in there that was not my thing and then the men playing the big mac lord I find it so funny how does he have the gall to tell us that they’re going to make all these changes they’re going to give us this they’re going to give us that you know you’re the authority now and then they had then then they go and they give us the same person every single time in that same top spot they have Ali they have workers J. they have drew McIntyre they have so much talent in that one that’s not even that the whole Walker. But for some reason we keep circling back to Brock what I just don’t understand it if you reach me and then they wonder why the looking people so. Well I mean that was my that was my issue with the matches that everybody knows Brock is part time he pops up a handful of times each year you’ve got so many guys in this mess I mean literally killing themselves actually breaking their backs I felt for battle I feel for valor specially because he took some bumps that really scary but him and him in Ali in particular I mean everybody you know get gets banged up in these matches but then in particular really got beat up and then again to have this guy run it at the end in the last 30 seconds and and get the win for what will probably just end up being a Chevy to match in Saudi Arabia to me is just a it just feels like a slap in the face and made for that yeah and it made for very like you said a very in my opinion disappointing ending. You know what it is it’s them slapping you in the face and they’re doing repeatedly because they know you’re going to do nothing about it they know that you’re going to turn right back in the next show to watch it to see if something else is going to change and guess what it never does so I’m at the guy either you are on the corner I’m not going to be like oh I’m quitting watching you know but this is why you to be here you know we have to have another option to watch all of the options I want to Japan all the time but we have another company coming around the corner that could potentially give them a rival to do better but at this point it’s like do you even trust them. With this product anymore after they keep on give you this I don’t know I’m asking you like even if 80 W. starts doing numbers like 3000000 product you’re from I’m not say like right away do you trust in WW II. With the rest of that product going forward. No I mean they haven’t really done much to win over my trust but you know from experience Vince McMahon seems to be at his best when his back is up against the wall and I I keep harping on this holy W. thing I don’t know why people would want to see it fail I just don’t I just for the life of me I just cannot understand even if you’re not a fan of of Cody in the box and all of them if you have no plans at all to even watch any of their shows that’s perfectly fine you don’t have to watch the shows but you should at least feel like man I want the company to to do well I want the company to succeed at what their numbers to be high enough where they really make an impact and light a fire. Under Vince McMahon’s ****. Because until somebody comes along and does that and maybe it’s not EW. Maybe they’re not the the great hope that everybody thinks they’re going to be. But until somebody comes along and does that nothing is going to change. No Vince McMahon does not want to be embarrassed he does not want to be shown up. Money wise creative white whatever the case may be the last thing he wants is for somebody else to come along and do what he does and do a better. And get mainstream buzz around them if they can somehow you know manage that with with TNT that’s the last thing he won his wanna get embarrassed like that. It is going to be shown up because the him he’s got the greatest show on earth. Nobody can do what he does that’s what he thinks. So I’m hoping somebody comes along like an A. W. N. can start to to find some real success. And it really causes him to re evaluate what he’s doing with this product then maybe then maybe. Maybe so the 3 hour Ross but maybe at that point things can get a little bit better that that that’s my hope anyway let’s go to dealing in that Stanford Connecticut you are on the air live. Solitary doing got some 600 by the way thank you very much appreciate that what you think the paper you tonight. I thought it was criticized the ending I actually thought overall to get my questions about the ages south across much with you going on way too long in this company this is like a one and done and this is the one time like I wouldn’t mind going up market what’s that going against rocky think they’re gonna come back to this relatively soon. It doesn’t feel like that to me honestly and it really it really felt like a one and done for now I was shocked they went to this match now I thought you know Eiji just which friends. And we’ve not seen this match before. And so it’ll maybe SummerSlam I thought they would build to it and then the first pay per view coming at a WrestleMania I think all right into it and they give us a clean finish no I’m not one to sit here and argue and complain about a clean finish and I thought it was a great match tonight. But it did feel like well AJ had his match. He lost and that’s it and now they move on to and where AJ goes you can kind of get a sense of you look at the it’s kind of spoilers I guess but if you look at the live event advertising yeah you see that for example in July I think possibly even at the extreme rules pay per view in July they’re advertising a championship match of Seth Rollins I hate to say it. I guess Baron Corbin. And it looks like AJ may get into a feud with drew McIntyre now AJ Americans are may go out there and they may let up you know they may go out there and have some great matches. But I can’t really say either one of those programs is a really exciting to me so my sense is that gonna get away from it and eventually they may come back to it. And maybe when they come back to an agent may be on the winning end of it yeah it it definitely felt to me for now anyway like a a one and done it’s going to Adrian in North Carolina. We’re going on a date. So no matter what you think of the the pay per view tonight thumbs up thumbs down. How about that new era is that young upstart rock let yeah yeah this is I think he’s got a great career ahead of him. Right your grape future but in all seriousness though I tried to find some positive about what’s been going on with the main roster and I’m normally able to find it’s getting really really hard to do that now. Well it’s been that way for awhile I don’t know that it’s all that different I mean it’s it’s kind of been this way for for some time I think. I mean you’re you’re right but now it’s just my it’s like I can’t even make it anymore say that even though this happened we’ve got this in there I can’t do that anymore is that a point that I don’t even like watch the main roster that much anymore let them at the money out. And as of now I haven’t the beyond yeah yeah I mean you’re not writing thank you for the call you’re not wrong of me to hear that from people all the time I can’t tell you how many people say to me even when I did the 600 show the other night I got everybody congratulating me and saying and saying all these wonderful things and some people have been listening to my show since the beginning you know 2007 that’s a long time and they’ll say dude I’m at a point now where I just listen to you or listen to other podcasts at least another YouTube shows I find you guys more entertaining than I do WWE what I put it on TV and I mean look I love hearing that I I think it’s cool and I appreciate that but it’s also kind of sad. That people tend to now a lot of cases find their enjoyment more from shows like this and sort of commiserating with other people what we’re doing tonight we’re taking calls amber hearing from you guys. And we’re all part of the same circle and people have just given up in some cases they’re not even watching the shows anymore. So I hope when a new promotion sprouts up they always give them a shot and people haven’t totally given up on wrestling just because. Of WWE. It’s still a great wrestling out there. You know him M. L. W. I don’t cover them nearly enough they may be one of the it may be the best wrestling show consistently on TV every week I hear that from multiple people. New Japan. Ring of honor doesn’t have a whole lot of buzz around them right now but they’ve got some great talents in that company but it’s true you know as W. W. we goes. So goes the rest of of the wrestling business what what’s the old expression rising. Rising I forgot the expression as a rising tides raise all ships or something like that it’s true when it comes to W. W. E.. A really is I wish they were. Putting out a more exciting product is that it would get more people excited to to watch wrestling. Skip to Austin in Minnesota. Hi man quick question might might question being is if they wouldn’t have gone the blackrock labs around that route with the met him morning money in the bank ladder match what would’ve been a better way for them to pull this match with missing him and stuff Rollins that the Saudi Arabia kill. In your opinion. If they did not do that the money in the bank thing that they did tonight. Correct. Well I mean if that’s the look invest their destination and the easiest and quickest way was to do what they did tonight to put the briefcase on yeah because it doesn’t make any sense to just give him a championship match unless he’s gonna wrestle on TV you want to know what I would do if it were up to me but the guys in back of the company since 2012. Now I thought and and maybe they’ll still do this. They would switch Brock over to SmackDown. And on the very first fox show in October. They would do it one of the things they would promote going into that for show. Is the fact that new SmackDown roster member Brock Lesnar is gonna wrestle on SmackDown for the first time in however I mean **** I mean the last time Brock wrestled on SmackDown was probably what 2004. It would be a really big deal. Because he has not had a TV match since you came back to the company in 2012. So I think that would be the smart thing to do but if they’re not going to do that. Put it on TV. Put him on TV let him have a match. That he wins. It’s a number one contender’s match of some kind whether it’s a singles match they love doing their multi men matches you know you can build a big triple threat fatal 4 way or whatever kind of match you want to build with the top stars on the raw brand. And have brought to win. And you would hope that him actually wrestling on TV if they promoted can maybe pop a big number and it leaves that it would make sense. For him to actually get a championship match it would mean something because when the hell does this guy wrestle on TV he doesn’t. So when he does the hope is that people would want to tune in Eddie in New York you’re on the air. Hello monster was going on that route is this is this is the Eddie who tries to get me drunk at every meetup I have here in Brooklyn. Yes ma’am yes this is who’s missing you from the last one you weren’t there. And I couldn’t make it yeah. Hello. And I wish I could have done it but I don’t fortunately. But I’m here now though how can I help you are you are here now this so what do what do you think of the pay per view you you sound a little I don’t put your connection or why use that kind of robotic here but go ahead and ask your question. Let me get I thank me the paper view with okay and black. Up top so daily I’m not gonna lie. Great to bed because they don’t have dirty for so long I mean they really. Rock and roll and man and then to just see her just women. It was cool. Yeah no I I I felt I agree and I I actually felt really happy for her I said this earlier because she’s had to eat a lot of **** since you’ve come to the main roster and I think in some cases she gets on fairly you know kind of what he gets booed sometimes on TV I totally get it because the booking of hers been horrendous and people have not been given any reason to give a **** about this woman. So it’s hard to argue any what what other reaction with the fans possibly give her but I feel bad for her it’s not any fault of her own. Tell the she ever do. So she can only yes you can only do what they what they kind of tell her to do and tonight was a cool moment for and if it ends on Monday or Tuesday or whatever then it ends but you know at least for one night she got a nice pop in a nice reaction and and I was happy for J. in Virginia you’re on the air. AJ so much going on there. So now what’s going out of the talking money in the bank that we had a lot of it differing opinions on the show so what do you think of it. Are you know typical mixed bag like I think it was a case of where the main event you know fantastic match but the end result is kind of **** up for me you know. Well if you had to go back and sit like single out one match from the the show tonight that you felt delivered and that when it was over you fell all right I mean that was it was a great match which one would it be. Style Rollins yeah I would agree. Well yeah I just wonder 6 of the quick about Becky lines include similar to you there not that they’ve ruined her but they kind of have I mean if you look at where she was in October November December and then she goes on to win the biggest match sensually in WW women’s history and then not even a month point 5 later she drops one of the titles. Yeah you know that that surprised me because everything I’ve heard is about how all this Becky 2 belts thing is really getting over in her merchandise is selling and all the stuff and then you have first paper view since WrestleMania. And they take one of the championships offer her so I found that but you know for a fact that if it was Roman reigns or somebody like that who was selling a lot of merch. And selling a lot of T. shirts. They would make a single change for John Cena won the turning heel of those years. We sell so many T. shirts. They don’t have any balls. So they never turned they can close supposedly in 2012 Johnson even had new music made up a new gear he thought he was turning heel and then they got cold feet they didn’t do it. So this is a company that really doesn’t have the balls. But Becky Lynch well I guess can have hurled the championships for more than a month so I don’t know that it’s I can’t sit here and tell you that they **** her up because she still gets a great response when she’s out there she gets loud chants of Becky and Becky too but well now I guess it’ll be Becky one belt but. You know she still get reactions from the live credits not being reflected in the ratings but wasn’t being reflected in the ratings before WrestleMania either. There just is no one person who’s a great draw and I think she lost her foil and Rhonda Rousey there’s nobody on this roster right now who can match what she had in a in a in opponents in a in a rival. With Rhonda. And you’re really starting to see that now you’re feeling it now without Ronda Rousey around as I said before in the upon cats like Batman the joker. They need each other you can’t kill each other off. Because. We still do you got to have Batman and the joker that’s kind of a random bay and and Becky were to each other now one of them is gonna get Becky against laci. Yeah excuse me if that’s not exactly a you know on equal footing with the F. you’d be that we have before with vacuum with Rhonda. It’s good to Michael in Houston Texas. Hey man thanks for having me on thanks for calling. Your own problem anytime anytime what’s your question. My question first I want to personally myself on the show I thought it was it’ll make finally in court the negative and that ending kind of sour me a little bit. And like my question is what could they honestly deal with Brock as Mr money in the bank because I don’t see him as someone who would really eat the briefcase the rumor I heard and that he’s going to cash in and like they’re gonna have a match at the upcoming showdown between him and that brawl and left at least what I heard. Well I mean you and I heard it here because I just said that like 5 minutes ago so yeah I mean that that’s that’s the. That is the the report the rumor is that the championship match in Saudi Arabia is gonna be Seth against Brock I don’t foresee them switching the title there I think it would be ridiculous for them to take the championship of Rollins and just put it back on Brock Lesnar. So I would say that you are correct in that assumption I think that’s where he’s going to cash in and we may find out are running or not he made you the in advance cash in where he announces in farted vans when he intends to catching his breath I don’t put it this way I don’t see Brock after a championship match with Seth running down to the ring in going to the right Hey I want to cash in money in the bank basically doing with Seth did to him at the WrestleMania 31 I don’t see brought doing that so I think we may get an announcement tomorrow night about that. It’s gonna branded in Orlando Florida. Hi Thomas how are you doing today I’m great how are you. I’m doing good I didn’t get to what you can do but I did see the highlight wasn’t really to find on it and. Since I saw the ending my question is do you think that. As of now the money in the bank matches the jokes and fake I think 2 years ago they made elsewhere get the briefcase for Carmel and now Brock announced its pops in and gets the belt so did the joke now compared to a door rumble and all the other special matches. I mean I I don’t know if I’d call it a joke I mean they they kind of go to the same finish so many times that after a while it doesn’t really have the same I don’t know it’s just the cash ins now they all sort of blend together to me you know when I think back to some of the great all time Cassin’s I think of that age you know that first time I think of you CM punk had some in obviously Dolph Ziggler in some of the cash is like that now they all just sort of I don’t know they sort of blind you know why Randy Orton’s another 1 the 1 they did at SummerSlam 2013 when they did the whole big swerve at the end there I thought that was actually pretty genius of them now I don’t know none of them really feel a really special so I guess I guess you’d be right. To to say that it’s good to Daniel take a few more here Daniel in Toronto International listener. Solomon’s really don’t I’m doing great we are live and I just watch the the paper view and I’ve got my drink here in front of me so I’m doing splendid how about you. I’m doing great systems of every year those few minutes goes X. pretty good I got your stand either be a bit of a like a mixed response to it especially with the ending for the men’s money in the bank match my question is would you be more excited for going forward Bailey in Charlotte or lazy and Becky. Bayley and Charlotte Lacy or mmhm. I was I mean of those choices I get I I’d probably say Bailey in Charlotte you know I mean there’s obviously history there with them the whole horse woman thing in. It leaves the it I I don’t know anything what we see right now is not exciting to me. Some automatically gonna say Bailey in Charlotte. Because I just cannot get into the whole Lacy Evans thing right now so that there’s your answer Antoine in North Carolina you’re on the air. The sub Solomon it’s going on which is the the pay per view tonight. Hello answers. Hello yes first I enjoyed the women’s match then after that kind of publisher with Hannah born then that when. Amy won a title. 9 judge show the rest. Okay. All right you got any specific question every for let you go. Well the last you beat the big ships were worse and have brought cash in on go see. And when the daring tiling the wild Kerr this up. Yeah that’s interesting I haven’t really had really thought about that boy that would cut you want to talk about an uproar I mean for all the people who are upset just that Brock one thinking that he’s going to cash in and and challenge Seth and there’s a lot of people very upset about that. The idea that he would cash in on Kofi who has one that’s against already he actually wrestle coffee in Japan on a TV special many years ago and he just destroyed him be demolished him and the idea of the price the idea the Brock would would would do the same again just takeovers championship away from him the uproar. I can only imagine I can only imagine the the anger that people would have I certainly hope that doesn’t happen although you know what that would be one way to get him on SmackDown so that what I just got done talking about. They want to have him wrestling that first met them show on fox you got to get him on the brand somehow you can get another brand anyway you want to. But that way I guess that would be one way to do it. He won the championship I I hate this wildcard bullshit with people from raw challenging for SmackDown titles or people from SmackDown challenging for raw titles you’re either on one brand to the other. You can’t have it both ways. If you’re gonna have a brand split have a **** brains split. I mean I wrong in thinking this am I overthinking this I mean I don’t know I’m all I’m asking for. It’s a little bit of common sense. Is there anybody in this world is there anybody in this company. Has any **** common sense. Why are rob people challenging for SmackDown championships. Why because this old **** came on television when we can said wild card rule how I’m a genius pal. And people are supposed to follow along to be into this none of it makes any sense. So he came up with the before walked out there to go on TV if he doesn’t pay attention to his own product why the **** should we. Jack. The Jack Jack is calling from Cincinnati you’re on the air. I a dating back to Jake by the way Jose well you can blame though for that is that your name is Jack. You got any. Go with anybody sees that well it is as I can for him out of the box you know like I can dispatch ants. Of course. What’s your question I love the show was pretty decent overall I really like the woman the money in the bank ladder match Michaels hoping to my one question I had though was why do you think they keep going back to brought personally I just kind of goes back up when you talk about on your show a lot. I think there’s just not that many characters in WWE right now at all are you maybe have a license from the more outlandish characters but the end of the day you see all these gifts from the attitude era about this character not in ring performance and you always see that anymore I think that’s why they have such an over reliance on rock that you know yeah he’s a big guy but at destructive nature character and really no one out of that and maybe 2 or 3 guys that like I why is the most people on the part of that kind of character going. Yeah I agree I think that that’s part of it but you want to know the answer to the question I think it has to do with what they’re paying him. They’re paying this guy **** load of money I don’t know what the exact number is but you know it’s in the millions of dollars. And so they got to get a return on their investment so what do they do they keep going back to. There’s your answer that’s what I think is good more than anything else such as the he’s a character he has an aura about it he does that’s true that’s all true. But he’s being paid a lot of money you’re not gonna pay Brock Lesnar millions of dollars to sit at home and shoot deer and hunt moose. And fox able. Although that is a great it’s a great way to be paid to live life but they want to get a return on their investment so they keep bringing back in there putting him in championship matches because they’re paying him so much money and a good paying even more money when his contract comes up because the last thing they want is him going to 80 W.. Because you know a W. would want to **** him up in a heart beat and he would entertain the offer because he didn’t give a **** about WWE. He’s loyal to WWE really. He’s loyal to one thing I think you know what that is. So that’s why the future of so much. Press in Pensacola Florida actually I think we just lost Chris on a second here we go Chris in I believe Pensacola is the hometown of Roman reigns you’re on the air. Yeah downtown around range to a song as your personal one say congrats on 600 so they’ve been watching the show for a long period of time thank you so but not quite but my question is for you to try to ask you on the second episode when I did a super cab and my question is would you ever decide to face great care for the wrestling trivia championship that he’s been advertising for a while now being that would be about it and we’ve nobody’s ever got an answer for me is that like. Yeah I’ve got a few people email me about this Greg what’s in Greg cherry I believe his name is Greg cherry fellow apparently some kind of tribute champion or something and I people want me to challenge him for the championship look I I I am certainly open to any challenge at all times if I could fit in somehow I don’t know what’s involved here I don’t know if it’s a complicated thing if it’s a whole lot of big deal. But if anybody is a challenging me I’m certainly not one to turn down a challenge and so I will leave it at that we’ll see we’ll see what happens Caleb in Louisiana you’re on the air. What’s up all monster was going on what you think the paper he tonight. There were a couple of good matches but overall it was a little disappointed special with the ending. What was the beside the ending if I mean if there was one match that you really. Felt let down by was the main events was a different match. It was the main event. Okay so you you you were not were you it means you at least think it was a good match until the finish or just the whole thing you thought was just overall a disappointment. I thought the whole thing was really good there were a lot of really good spot McIntyre was just disappointed everybody can one of all and I was really enjoying enjoying the the show he was went on everybody else especially they were all killed themselves for it and then yeah we all know what happened yeah well of course. Yeah but my of my question is actually not about the main event it was the it’s about the pre show I don’t know if you touched on this I I tuned in a little late to the show so I don’t I don’t know if you had already spoken about it but the the preshow mastering the loose those and rona Daniel Bryan I could have sworn it was for the tag team titles worry or am I just am I just am I just missing something no they never announce that it was a title match and I’ve said this when I when I did the predictions on 600 I was a little I’m sure myself but if you look on the website at no point did they make mention of a B. and even on TV they never made mention of it being a championship match so I I just assumed that when they don’t go out of their way to say that the championships will be on the line you just sort of assume that it’s non title and that probably should have been a tip off of you so as we’re gonna win although I was hoping silly me you know I was up in the champions would win even even though it was a non title match but jokes on me I guess. Sky Skyler the good Skyler Skyler in Idaho you’re on the air. Yeah. You saw a monster. It’s going on and what you think of the up and by the way before we we get into your question here a shout out to all the people who are donating super chats including John itself Senna in the US supercharges give 2 Bucks I appreciate that but go ahead with your question. As for the show I thought it was okay honestly I’m kind of just burning out on the product there’s there’s too much of it at this point. My question you and everybody else my friends a lot of people here from using the exact same thing. Yeah so my question is instead of. Brock coming out winery why not have Bray Wyatt come out I don’t know if you would be attacking I’ll leave because I don’t I don’t know what the superstar she kept saying like who’s on what brand or what brand why it’s even on but his last promo kind of hinted that he was really ready for a fee. Yeah and you know and I thought about that and somebody pointed out to me in there absolutely right you know Brady and job was as a bright had a kid braided have a kid his wife had a few of the married. Having children even married and for married or not but anyway brain Joe Joe had a child this weekend a baby boy I believe name Nash with A. K. A. a silent Kay at the beginning. And no I don’t believe it was named after Kevin Nash a lot of people have asked him about that. So they just had a child I thought you know what that’s a great point it would be awfully quick for him to have to get ready and and come to the paper view and and you know if there’s gonna what if he’s gonna be in this match the only outcome was that he had a way. But I’m not so sure very wide in this new character needs to win a briefcase. You know and I’m not sure I’m not sure that that would be the right thing to do with him it would be a great moment for him to go off the air with a big win on pay per view but this character we haven’t seen him on TV and in the ring but this character just watching that less vignette scares the **** out of me so they can sort of maintain that or about him and keep him special his briefcase. But I think the likelihood of him having been on the show tonight was slim just because he and Joe Joe had their their child this weekend was gonna Zach in Kentucky will take a few more calls. I saw a monster this is Zack and I’m a huge fan of yours benefit here since 20 fifth thing thank you and I appreciate that a lot. My question is about Bagley and I’m so happy she won the championship I was Poppin mild but my question is do you think she benefit of big time and possibly basically took her ball and went home yeah without question and I think I even said that during the review this felt to me at least in part like a message being sent to Sasha banks like look this could have been you and it’s that we’re giving it to your friend absolutely 100 percent. I without question this was a message being sent tonight to Sasha banks and I don’t know what her status is going to be I don’t know her staying out I don’t know the benefits here because you have to think that until she comes back to work if she’s thinking well I just sit at home. And you know wait out the remainder of my contract which supposedly her contract is not over until next year. But if she’s sitting at home she’s not working. See they’ll pull the same stuff we heard that they’re pulling with – Wilder and Luke Harper. And they’ll just tack on months until she comes back. So to me this is a never ending situation here she’s going to have to come to some kind of resolution with this company which is probably gonna be her coming back to work they’re not gonna let her go. But if she wants out she can’t just sit at home because then they’ll just tack months on to our country she’s in a real pickle. Right now she’s got a really figure out what it is that she wants. And just kinda swallow her pride in and come back because that’s the only way this is going to be able to get out of this contract is to come back to work. And just you know I don’t think it a maker each **** I’m not the giver big push. You know I mean if they’ve got a year left with her year point 5 whatever it is I think it would be dumb to make her eat ****. But at the same time you’ve got to set some kind of example. Otherwise people just gonna be like well Sasha set out for a month or month point 5 she came back and got a big push. Well **** I’m gonna do the same thing. You know maybe the finer. When Austin walked out of the company. He said the Vince McMahon had a meeting with Vince and they came to an agreement and they made up and then said you know I got to find you I can’t just let this slide you walked out of the company. Who’s gonna find $650000. I think Austin was able to negotiate that down to 250. But they’re probably gonna have to do something along those lines I I don’t see how they can just bring her back in you know sort of put her right back into the thick of things is what kind of examples that set. We’ve got a caller from Illinois on the line what’s your name and what’s your question. Hey Tom out there in the one and only night find you talk. Nice to have you on my friend is a big supporter of the show I appreciate that. Yeah so my question is do you think Ben had the balls to. Hold on the rock let up cash in and tell the first episode of SmackDown on box for him to you know to pop like a big grading. Hi he could you know that’s an interesting that’s an interesting point but I mean again if he’s getting a check each imagine Saudi Arabia I I assume that would be the cash it so I’m not sure how that would work you can have brought hold on to the briefcase until October because the guy barely ever **** shows up anyway. You know I mean he might I mean maybe 11 match at SummerSlam maybe you won’t. Maybe he stays of TV for now for 5 months and they bring them back in he announces in advance that is going to cash in on that big first fox show that would be a huge hook. For that first live show absolutely that actually would not be a terrible idea I prefer they do that over Saudi or I mean **** Saudi Arabia’s pay per view not the people over there I mean they’re going to get a good show you get an undertaker Goldberg I don’t cry for the fans in Saudi Arabia you know you’re gonna get a big attraction but as far as you know kind of wasting Brock’s cash in on that show the fact that you you don’t have to waste it on a on a. On a show in in June. What’s the harm in having him hold it for a few months. I like that idea. We have another I think we have another Brock Lesnar question this one from Adrian in North Carolina. Finally back currently got disconnected. Your your your your back as he before I get to your question I want to say and I know I’m missing some people and I will eventually see all of the super chats and I appreciate all of you who are donating tonight but shout out to Jake Winans who are donated via super chat tonight as well as James Collins who is very disappointed that both briefcases get cash did in very quick well obviously he’s not very happy that Bailey cashed in her briefcase and I but in any event thank you for the super check what’s your question. My question is given where. Where things are. And given that this. The show is pretty much a done deal. Where do we go from here and if we do go somewhere it is really going to be worth it. Are you talking about wood rocker just in general. General Kerr as. Thank you lost water felt I’m not sure if you lose the other one. Brock of course we have the money in the bank. Kobe is their next challengers I mean like given now all writing is in and just basically have either been. Is it is it really worth paying attention to the journey to see were how all this and that equal out. Well that’s a good question you have people who follow along with these as you said the journey with that back in coffee and then it just seems like you know sometimes it feels like things that really matter or they’re coming up with these things on the fly and it is hard to follow and and kind of stay into these stories where they’re gonna go I honestly I don’t know I have no idea I even said to to answer that question I have to get in the mind of Vince McMahon and I think that’s a very scary place to be I don’t want to be in the mind of Vince McMahon I imagine the **** that is floating around this man’s my manager if you were a a psychiatrist. And you were to get some couch time. With Vince McMahon and say listen I want you to open up about all the experiences that you have throughout your life as a child and can you imagine. The the the stuff that would pour out of this man’s head I think that poor psychiatrist we need a psychiatrist by the time that was over. So what this guy is thinking I I don’t know that he is I think he’s thinking on the fly week to week there are there’s no long term planning right now so I I couldn’t even answer that question. It’s good to area code 757 you are on the air. Lou Lou 757. Yeah this all along last I checked that was yep that’s me. Okay I’m are gonna courses around about the the money in the bank on first of all want to know what I did the old school were all single where. And also want to know what I’d do there will be stop use and. Different sets every month for pay per view or leaves you the science says every year for the same pay per view like each month did you know every year whatever younger yeah instead of saying well all set for everything down for you the custom set is what many I mean that’s ridiculous. Yeah well I mean that you will so you’re talking about raw and as far as the Ross said they they paid a lot of money for it it’s an HD set they can adapt it you know the the screen to look however they wanted to look and again that’s a huge investment for them and they don’t want to change it I think the the look of raw has pretty much been the same since 1997. Now the screen is fancier they’ve got their LED lights in HD and and all that stuff the basic look. Of Monday night raw has not changed. In over 20 years. And so you wonder why people are just you know they watch the show and it’s like man this service has of a sameness to that doesn’t really change our the paper please go. I think it’s just the cost issue what do you think this that doing pyro. Because a lot of money and it’s not that they don’t have the money for it especially now I got plenty of money. But to them it’s it’s a big cost and it’s not worth it. So they cut back on pyro in all the sets have absolutely no creativity I remember the old the the size of the backlash pay per views of royal rumble when they were in Madison Square Garden they had the the mock little alley where people would come down that short I. away in these to actually put a lot of creativity in a lot of thought into those things. And it’s a shame that they really don’t do that anyway I do think it’s something that’s really missing from the product that I would actually very much agree with you on that now we have a caller on the line from a market resume town of the Silsbee Texas Joseph you’re on the air. Hey this old one this is me. We’re going on then Hey good luck with the thunder thank you I appreciate that. Yeah Hey yeah I was something of I wish I could’ve been there but you know work how it ge. Wipes. Yeah yeah. William 1000000 of likes about the money to spend the money back. Yeah the only thing I took away from that I liked was that you know because he still the champ and you know I was so nervous when I thought it was I thought I thought oh yeah Kobe losing his. Because you know how they use my bottom also like Vince blame and nodded ratings and stuff on SmackDown you know he never got a plane brought. Yeah of course I mean you know brought roses baby Raza flagship show and he’s always going to have I’m sure he’s always gonna have preferential treated for it so that’s not really much of a of a surprise so I I would agree with you on that any anything else here before because we’re gonna be wrapped up soon anything else before we move along. Yeah now one question so you know parking around kind of made it and you know no you can’t change it but I had a question now. Everybody hates brick by a band called in specially me I can’t stand them but you know you’ve been on my mind body lastly and I actually won last week of money in the bank so what do you think that some of the heat that grand cordon gives rubbing off on body lastly now. Yeah and I I don’t I not only think is rubbing off on Bobby Lashley I think is rubbing off on for McIntyre and that to me is the the saddest thing of all. And part of it is just the of the booking and what they’ve done with him I was really bullish I I guess would be the right word on McIntyre when he first came back to the main roster because in NXT. A good run he was a baby face and was pretty pretty over not the most over guy down there and they came to the main roster and he he was a heel and after a while the link them up with Baron Corbin and and Bobby Lashley who also was linked up with Corbin and **** is the common tie here seems to be Corbin corpus poison. He he has there is something about Corbin that makes him easily hate a ball and I do think that. Maybe one day they’ll find a way. To. Monetize that door or exploit that in a better way but Baron Corbin is not an exciting personality on the show Baron Corbin is not bringing in new viewers of anything I think he’s repelling viewers away so anybody you link come up with is going to suffer by default. So yeah I I think lastly is separate from that. I think McIntyre has suffered from that. And that’s a real shame. Shout out to everybody who still in the chat we’ve had some more super chat to want to say thank you. To the red emissary of darkness that’s quite the name there red emissary of darkness. And also to Joshua Hughes your contribution he says rest in peace Ashley Massaro very sad story I talked about that on episode 600 of the podcast still be video going up on the channel about it as well tomorrow the conversation I had with Kevin castle from the downtown incoming castle show in fact. About Ashley Massaro just a terrible situation what happened her and the stuff that she claimed happen to her years ago in Kuwait when she was on a middle eastern tour for WWE and it’s just the whole situation is just. Awful and the president will take 2 more calls here wrap things up and then all of flash the results of the Twitter Paul you still vote on Twitter at Sala monster thumbs up thumbs down on the money in the bank pay per view tonight right now let’s go to a fellow New Yorker we have Ryan on the line you are on the air. Hey some of those going on you know just want to put you over real quick thank you for making work days go by pretty good you in the photos of rustling soothed definitely make sure the work days go by while on the M. and today’s ending you know what the money in the bank Jesus Christ that ship was brutal you know normally you know you have some people that are excited for you W. some people already sitting on the product without anything even airing but if you’re wrestling Centru flea and it’s hard to W. W. we’ve got a hold of the bus way you W. because you know W. W. E. seems to just like focus on a couple of things for you know like a few months and this is tiring at this point and yeah that’s pretty much it yeah I agree with you I mean it’s you know we have that much television every week it’s going to it’s going to tire you out I just hope they haven’t tired everybody out to to not give a chance other promotions unless you’re watching impact if you’re watching impact and your it I feel sorry for an impact fan. You know unless you’re watching on twitch I guess you didn’t have this issue the other day I’m sure you’ve all heard about this there was a and in fact may have been the other night I think it was was it rich swine. Against that Michael elegant I believe was the main events. And so the main event begins and is about 2425 minutes left in the show they cut to commercial this is on the pursuit channel. They go to commercial the middle the main event. And they never came back. They literally showed commercials for the remaining 24 minutes of the show and apparently it was the same 2 or 3 commercials over and over again. That was it that was the main event think of the commercial and they never came back and impact was forced to put out a statement apologizing for what happened I think I kind of feel sorry for them because there’s no way it was their fault that totally had to be a pursuit **** up on their part. But it’s just another you know long line in the LOL TNA stories and I joke to somebody on Twitter I said you know if they did that on arrive right now and then I don’t know that I would mind so much if they just took a break and never came back I actually think it would improve the quality of the show on Monday that if they did that. Let’s take one more call here we will go to the the state of Maryland and we will get right from Rockville Maryland you’re on the show. Doll monster how you doing there I am doing quite well here on this I guess Monday morning it is now. Our yes how time flies by a window you never that lead to stop the ball but I know they’re going to say this overall about kind of a mixed bag not really not really mad about the ending to that point but I had a couple of quick questions which is I would say they are we’ve had probably the feel good moment of it so are you a fan more though of quick turn are you a fan of more long drawn out. And rather your paper casting and like that this is the third time in 4 years we had a question on the same scale within about passing around 2015 and last year a lot and Mike laughed and then if there was aliens borrow or are you more of a fan of like when they could kind of tell the time over time and then you get a moment I don’t know well I mean it it really depends on the story I mean if if there’s a great angle or great story that I’m I guess I’m all for it but generally speaking I I tend to like it when they don’t just below the gimmick in 1 night you know you can milk it whether it’s a week if it’s a month if it’s 6 months it’s a great it’s a great device to be able to use and I don’t think you need to blow it all in 1 night so generally speaking I’m not really a big fan of it. And I got I just had one more little quick question but I don’t want to get your thoughts on the whole situation with arc and added 8 America’s been paying attention to that or kind of gigantic dumpster fire. Yeah I’ve been following that story as well and. You know it’s tough because my first thought was it to work and I know I didn’t hear what he had to say all of what he had to say but I know Meltzer who’s very well connected apparently with the 80 W. side. I talked about the situation on his radio show and said that it’s not a work there was a situation where pock would not lose to Adam page now I don’t know the POP was supposed to lose and I would not have had him lose you know this match a double or nothing I would have had pop win. But apparently the situation was that it was less a matter of he’s gonna lose to Adam page and more they really want to take wins and losses seriously and it’s important to get out of the gate with it and establish that wins and losses on like in other promotions. Are going to mean something. In a W. and so pock wins that would in theory put him in line for a shot at the A. W. championship. And he would not lose in that situation he takes being the I think he’s the dragon gate Chappie takes the very seriously I don’t think he’s lost on any of the independent shows or anywhere he’s wrestled since you won the championship. So maybe he would have wanted double or nothing but then they have to make him a number one contender because they want people to take these wins and losses seriously and that would have created a whole host of problems so they decided to do the match overseas they’re going to release it apparently I guess on you too bye yes this week so people will get them that’s the promise but they’re not going to get it in Vegas next weekend and instead there will be a suitable replacement now we don’t know who that person is going to be I think Meltzer said that if they get the person they want. It’s going everyone’s going to just forget about pocket it’s going to be a big deal and if it falls through and they don’t get the person then people are going to be very upset and to me there’s only 2 names that makes sense in that situation one of which of course is John Moxley. Who I would have expected anyway to be on that show and even just like a brief cameo or something. Or this is only one other name. You know there’s really only one other name that would make sense and it’s going to inspire a lot of hatred from some people. And it’s going to inspire I think a lot of excitement from other people and that CM punk. The CM punk supposedly is doing commentary on some MMA show that same night logistically I have no idea if he can make let alone for a match with the guy has a wrestle the wrestling match. In years. So I’m not even sure how likely that is I think my actually is a hell of a lot more likely than punk is. I don’t know who who else could they drop in that position where people would go. Wow. Okay you know what that was released that was a that was a good replacement. That was a better match than we would have gotten with talking with Adam page. I don’t know maybe they strike a quick deal with new Japan new Japan they can get like you Bouchier Okada on the show that might do it. But otherwise I don’t know who else you put in there if not the obvious 2 names. Maybe it is a work maybe part will be there but it’s sure doesn’t seem like it. And I just can’t I cannot understand if it’s not a work. How do you not resolve this year a week away. From your first show. You knew he was the dragon gate champion months ago when he was at that press conference. Was this just not discussed in advance I can’t even put all the blame on park. You know 80 W. if if this is if this is true and this is really what’s going on here. This is negligence on the part of a W.. To not get the ship put to bed long before your first pay per view. So I’m still I’m still skeptical I’m not totally convinced it is in a work. But if it does sound like there may be some issues here and there’s really no excuse. There is absolutely no excuse for this not to be resolved long before you have your first pay per view it just comes off as completely Mickey Mouse. And completely bush league the last thing that 80 W. needs to come across as before they have their big show. Let us go to the results thus far. Of the Twitter poll which you can’t continue to vote in the poll be up another probably 23 days at Solomon stir on Twitter thumbs up thumbs down I want to know what you guys thought of the paper view tonight so far. Here are the results. 46 percent of you. Voted the thumbs up. 54 percent of you thumbs down. So that’s a pretty me shrink this a little bit so you can. See how many votes we’ve had well. They got 25 over 2500 votes so far will be a lot more than that as the night goes on but that’s a pretty good sample size so far you know almost 2600 of you of voted and it’s almost you know it’s a pretty it’s a pretty even number more thumbs down then thumbs up but it’s not overwhelmingly thumbs down so I think you guys are pretty much in line with what I thought of the show I would not have given it a thumbs down I would give it a slight very slight thumbs up. But that’s not too far off I don’t think from. From what I you you know thought the show was tonight. So anyway I want to thank everybody who has joined in tonight’s this was not something I had really planned in advance I was not planning to go live but I realize you know I’ve got the number everything is still active from the live stream of episode 600 the other night so why the hell not let’s do a little experiment first time I’ve done a lot of paper view review will go live on YouTube maybe will do more of these I I don’t know that I would plan to do this every single month I will say this though I’m gonna be in Vegas for all of the a W. stuff this upcoming weekend try to maybe get some interviews and just enjoy the weekend and I will be back I’m flying back to New York late Sunday they will not be a sound off in it in its normal Sunday spot that would be episode 601. Miley tentative plan we’ll see if this works out this way. My tentative plan is to go live early on Monday so Memorial Day you’re all gonna be home from work you’re not going to your barbecues until later in the day they don’t don’t bullshit me you’ll be around and so maybe around 9 or 10:00 in the morning eastern time so are you a U. K. people you don’t give a **** about Memorial Day that’s about 3 or 4:00 where you’re going to be we’ll see if we maybe we’ll go live on YouTube and I’ll do a double or nothing review and maybe take more your phone calls. On a special episode of the sound up 601 on Memorial Day so that’s my tentative plan as of now and then of course it would push out to the feed and iTunes and Spotify in stature and all those places as normal so anyway that is the current plan I am operating under again thank you to the rage for their support I definitely click that link ridge.com slash Solomon to get 10 percent off a wallet from them thank you to everybody who donated it super chats in the live chat tonight I noting gets everybody’s name but I I did see all of them and so I appreciate the hell out of all you for it thank you very much until next time be well stay safe stay tuned here if you haven’t sub to the channel yet we are well on our way to 50 K. so please do sub to the channel and I will see you back here next time for more sound off until then. Take everybody. Was soll monsters sounds off you see 3 lost to Tyler breeze I tweeted that sounds like something you would put on the tombstone of your career they never should have called him up in the first place if they had no plans for I haven’t seen a career fair this fastens jussie Smollett. The Solomon Islands off the billable where ever you hear podcast including iTunes I heart radio Spotify and more. Visit YouTube.com slash the solemn monster for sound off actors and more and follow the solemn monster on Twitter. Monsters.


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