WWE Money In The Bank 2019 PPV Predictions

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The 5 tabs you have you listed as a cell of boxes. The king. Listen to this song. I read this don’t your body you’re listening to. Really got a time. Sound off to surround sitting here listening to solve monsters. What’s up everybody this is match right. 3 if. The government that was strange. World champion you looking. You are listening to soul monsters. That’s a good. This is the Solomon sounds all. Welcome to you episode 600 of these Taliban stirs sounds off this is the big 600 episode live on it you too. For Friday 5/17/2019 I am the solemn monster and I am so very grateful that all of your joining me here on a Friday that you guys are dedicating your Friday night to me really. I mean of all the things that you could be doing tonight you could be on a date you’ll be getting laid you can be at the movies. You could be doing other things but you’re with me and so I appreciate that thank you very much this is episode 600 of the solemn monster sounds I find the summer months or word of thanks to all of those who have made 600 episodes possible that’s a lot of great matches and some really awful television in the nearly 12 years I’ve been doing this show to be 12 years in November we are live on YouTube right now I’m getting very close to 50000 subs on these channels so this would be a great time to hit that some button if you have not already done so and before we really get going here I got to give a shout out to Stephen mellow then you might not know who that is Steve Miller you should know who that is Steve Miller was the man who has been responsible for many of the thumbnails that you see on this YouTube channel many of the artwork in fact the artwork that you’re looking at right now the logo the phone number the background he is the one who is responsible for it he’s a big fan of my show we’ve been working together for a while now I don’t think he’s listening live in and gets his son’s birthday tonight Happy Birthday to his son but I want to say thank you to him because he has been a huge help to me. And you can give him some support he’s got a website that’s actually very useful feature pro wrestling links.com that’s his website it’s kind of a hub of all the. He wrestling websites. Podcasts they’re all listed there you’ll see logo’s forms of ID a pro wrestling links that come and show some support. To Steve Mello. And we had a lot to cover here an episode 600 is a big show we have some sad news that we’ll start with here in a second I think you all know what that is. We also gonna talk about 80 W. on T. and T. plus double or nothing will talk about Saudi Arabia Goldberg against the undertaker we’ve got the holy grail Bret Hart. And Tom McGee. Course that match 30 years in the making nobody seen that match their did on the WWE network this week I did watch it I will talk about that here in a little bit less money in the bank this Sunday we have big paper view coming up on Sunday will run down the card and your prediction same for double or nothing which is coming up in Vegas next weekend. And of course the not so fabulous Moolah documentary review the vice lane documentary we’re gonna talk about that. As well if you are experiencing buffering issues I apologize you shouldn’t be and that pisses me off. Some of you are experiencing issues so hopefully that will not be the case for the entire show if so I will have to just change some settings here so bear with me here. That happens when you have a lot of traffic all at once to the channel course whenever you do tests for this sort of thing the Tesco great everything’s great the stream is great the strength of the stream is great. And you go live in. You’ve got lag. That sucks you know it doesn’t suck you know what else we’re doing tonight we’re gonna give away a championship belt that’s right courtesy of our friends at wrestle rumble. .com we’re giving away a replica wing the eagle championship belt retail value of $400 giving it and by the way some of you in the chat have mentioned that if you refresh the page it seems to be working for you suggest the FYI little tip there we are giving away when they go to the beach a replica for free tonight to one lucky sound off listener all you had to do was tweet using the hashtag saw the monster 600 all the names have been collected. And I I don’t even know the exact total. But and by the way if you switch to 480 P.. I’ve literally looking in the chat right now people are like clamoring to make sure they don’t have lag issues I I apologize I think it’s a traffic issue that’s not a whole lot I can do about that hopefully will resolve as the night goes on. But again either refresh the page or go to for 80 P. and that should be good for you but we are giving away a championship belt retail value 400 Bucks we’re giving it away free and that’s for those who use the hashtag set Solomos or 600 all the names have been collected I’ve chosen twelfth. Of those names at random. And that using the list randomizer randomize or rather random I should say.org I pick one name for each year that I’ve been doing this show so 12 names and later on tonight I won’t say when you’re gonna have to stick around I will be spinning the wheel. Live here on the show me to spin the wheel you can watch live as I picked the winner I could pick your name. The boy who dream. Could come true. For you. Here tonight who’s gonna walk out as the champion I don’t know we’re gonna spin the wheel later and find out I’m also gonna be taking your phone calls throughout the show the number to call you see it on the screen 989-282-7656 that’s 989282 solo see what I did there. I made sure I got the I got a solo number SO 989282 solo. You can tweet all throughout the show using the hashtag sell a monster 600 we got that training for time on Monday night during raw believe it or not. I promise you will be there will be no trending boxes popping up on your screen tonight Michael Cole. Will not be screaming in your ear. And you never know who may call and we may have some surprise callers here tonight or so I’ve been told. 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And so I say thank you. So again here we go with the first batch of you donated to the show I want to say thank you to the Portland pop star Paul Hamilton Chuck limited lance John was kinda Lopez Deadpool James Herrera the Florida Freeburg Brian to Serra out of control Cody Thomas shout out to the chat when people go crazy in this chat here. I cannot say enough good things about all these guys and these people as well kind of a big deal Corey Blake Sean S. the Boeing deal soon gravedigger Dante Thomas beast mode broad Joseph velvet revolver Robert Murray Chicago slayer Willie I cured Stephen handy man how will stick to Rome your going down you Jenny L. malicious intent Michael Cuomo kill shot keep heart Marianna Mauler Alexander matzah Brian the cleaver carpenter we’ve also got the anarchist injure Heller danger Dan Larsen Jonathan Killjoy keen vicious Vincent cobra fast blast Tom banks him banks Mike I call them Tom holy **** him suffer. Which. You’ve only been drinking a little bit Tim banks. Jimmy the mailman Milstead shout out to the middle man we’ve got really rate great university if I can expression at Glen warning he and sat out the bread banner 2 drink minimum which I’m way past so far that is the name of his you tube channel he’s got all sorts of content including wrestling to find you to.com slash Sir real 469. That’s the address surreal 469 a man with the plan into gold and thank you for the love on iTunes I very much appreciate it. Unfortunately we got a lead off the live shows hoping I would have to do this but we have to lead off with some sad news unfortunately. We have news that former WWE diva search winner Ashley Massaro. Passed away yesterday at the age of 39. Someone called the cops from her phone around 530 in the morning yesterday she was transported to a local hospital or. Local medical facility I guess you might say. In Long Island before she passed away we do not yet know the cause of death authorities have deemed non criminal Corey graves. Posted a tweet saying he didn’t know her well but he was around her recently and said that she was great to be around she’s very bright but he then talked about how the sadness and the hopelessness can be very real and it helps to talk to somebody and tell them you love them. Which sounds a whole lot to me like he suggesting she may have done something to harm herself. Other wrestlers in friends of hers opposed to similar cryptic tweets that. Sort of alluded to the fact that it may have been a suicide Michelle McCool. Velvet sky. Marty Jannetty too but I mean it’s **** Marty Jannetty probably not the best example to give. Whatever it was and we may never find out the cops have already said that because it was deemed a non criminal death they are under no obligation to report the circumstances of that death I guess in situations like this they normally don’t. And so we may never know for sure but it doesn’t make it any less sad this woman was 39 years old. 39 I’m not too far off from that. 39 years old. And she is gone. She won the second diva search went on to have a career that lasted a few years in WWE she had she was sort of a punk rocker had the tomboy look. Pose for playboy she’s pretty popular there for a while she was there to time when you had women like Trish stratus and Lita Mickie James Candice Michelle Jillian hall was somebody else who was on the roster at the time the fact she was involved in the program attrition Mickey heading into WrestleMania 22 until she suffered a broken leg being eliminated from a battle royal on raw she had to have a metal plate 8 screws surgically implanted in her life she was a manager for a while for Paul London. And Brian Kendrick she requested her release from WWE so those people figuring well she got cut. Or you know something happened she was actually her choice. You know she it was her decision to leave WWE. Grabbing my drink here. Mostrar. Dropped on the floor holy **** that would have been better glass all over the place. For all you know I’m not wearing any pants. I mean you don’t know I could be wearing pants I cannot be wearing pants. Anyway should be saying that during the story this is a sad story here. But she did it was her decision to leave WWE in 2000 HM took care of her daughter and her daughter’s name is Alexa she was sick at the time I don’t know what was wrong with her daughter and I don’t think she ever said publicly so really I guess it’s none of our business but at the time the story was that her daughter was sick and that she had to leave the company she had to focus her efforts on what you know mattered most. And she I think her daughter at the time would have been 8 years old. At that time since then she’s made very few in ring appearances she doesn’t wrestle lot at all I think she wrestled in Indy match 2 years ago but otherwise she still you know she may convention appearances she was actually scheduled to be at star cast. In Las Vegas next week. Now. Here’s where things get a little you know get a little deep. 3 years ago she signed on to that giant concussion lawsuit against W. W. E.. And in doing so she shared a story publicly for the first time. To illustrate negligence on WWE’s part. She told the story about being sexually assaulted. At a military base in Kuwait. On a trip to Debbie Debbie we center on to the Middle East this was in 2006 along with Maria Kanellis Ron Simmons. And Jimmy Hart. And by the way to the folks in the chat mentioning Shelly Martinez by name I saw that same report that you did about Shelly Martinez posted something about it being a suicide Shelly Martinez has come out since then and said that that Facebook account that posted that is a fake. That is not her. So it may well have been a suicide nobody knows. But if that’s your source of information that was a fake. So do not believe that. But anyway she told the story years ago about being at this military base in Kuwait was just for people that went with her Maria Ron Simmons and Jimmy Hart. And when she came back from that trip she met with the WWE physician at the time Dr Rios. He then reported the incident to Debbie Debbie we management who then met with Ashley. They apologized this is all according to her. They apologized. And according to her they said look. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to report this to the authorities. And so she never did. Now I went back and I found the page on W. W. we.com it is still alive if you Google search for it you can find it. I found the page on WWE.com where they announce the trip. And the headline is WWE ships for to Kuwait. And in the article which is actually really sad to read after the fact knowing now what happened to her. FTV especially if you hear the story. About what happened here in Kuwait this was the quote from the article and Debbie Debbie we that come that ran before she went over to the Middle East she said anything can happen over over in the Middle East. But my company takes care of me. And I trust them. I have full faith that I will come back exactly the way I left if not a little bit better. In the heart. That is. Really depressing to read. In hindsight. 2 months ago. She posted and by the way before even move on because I don’t think that we should necessarily get off so easily here. Of all the 50 plus people that you know kind of signed on to that concussion lawsuit I know there was a lot said about the lawyer who filed the suit and got thrown out and there were a lot of wrestlers it came off as them being very opportunistic all you know they claim that they have brain damage and they have neurological issues and who do you believe in who do not believe. Yeah I I don’t have any reason to not believe her I mean again who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong Debbie Debbie we denies this but she signed on to that lawsuit because she claimed that she suffered numerous concussions during her 3 or 4 years working for WWE including one concussion where she was knocked out cold for a good 5 minutes. And was told by W. W. E. at the time shake it off. That’s what she claims. Shake it off. As a result in the lawsuit she claimed that she suffered from depression. And other issues. And with all the rumors going around about what happened here that might be suicide she may have taken her own life she may have been I mean look at it it’s conjecture but just look at the tweets that have been posted by some of her colleagues and some of her friends. You know if you send something say something be mindful of the things you say to people the implication there is that this is a woman who suffered from depression. Now was it because of the concussion that she suffered a WWE. Who’s to say. She certainly claim that in the lawsuit. And now she’s no longer with us. 2 months ago she posted a tweet about training with the M. Y. W. C. wrestling school New York wrestling connection in Long Island where she lives. According to Peter you insider she was looking to get more involved in the indie scene she fell she never really had time to be trained properly so she was rushed on to TV so quickly which yeah kinda happens when you win a contest with the company has to pay you $250000 no there are a lot less patient they want to get a return on that investment. So she wanted to learn the right way she wanted to go back to basically you know go back to the beginning. And learn all over again. Her final tweet was posted less than 12:00 hours before she passed away she posted a photo of all fan mail she just answer 300 pieces of fan mail supposedly she’s getting ready to mail it out she took a picture of all the letters. And you know what. Showing love for the fence. It’s one hell of a final message. Ric flair was also in the news yesterday after TMZ reported he was rushed to the hospital with a medical issue of some kind. They that TMZ claim the situation was serious Rick son in law Conrad Thompson who’s organizing the roast of ric flair next weekend at star cast said that it was all a overblown Rick checked himself into the hospital for a previously scheduled medical procedure he was gonna have done before he went to Vegas. You want to make sure that he felt good for the trip and so he decided to have the procedure now instead of after the trip that’s according to Conrad. Rick’s wife Wendy issued her own statement to TMZ. That due to ongoing health issues and I’m just check check it out all of the. All you know what’s funny about this here’s the thing we’re going live okay. So for each of these stories except flare I don’t have a slide for flair for pretty much every story you’re going to hear tonight on the show Steve mellow guy mentioned earlier great guy he went out of his way to provide artwork for me and I’m sitting here going through these stories because I’m all into it right when I when I do the stories I’m just like so totally laser focus on stories I completely forgot to give me a slight so there’s the artwork for Ashley Massaro rest in peace there you see it sorry I. I miss that but anyway. Back to our roots slayer so Konrad said nothing to worry about no big deal it was previously scheduled procedure. For what it’s worth Ryan satin says that one source source that he you know believes in tells him the flare has been dealing with heart issues and the death of the trip to the E. R. was for and contrary to what Conrad said it was not a planned visit. Earlier today came the news that due to complications they’re going to have to delay his surgery so he was supposed to have surgery this morning. What kind of surgery. I don’t know. Sounds heart related but nobody said officially. Whatever the surgery is they have a delay it because it’s been complications and now he is scheduled to have surgery on Monday. This does not sound like it is in a B. I know Conrad is trying to downplay it and he would know better than anybody you know he’s the guy son in law. You know he’s related to Rick well I guess it’s not related but by law now he’s related to ric flair I’m not so I’ll defer to him but this certainly does not sound like it isn’t a big deal and you worry about a guy like flair any personal flair is old I mean let’s face it he is and the lifestyle that he’s what for most of his life all the drinking how he even has a functioning liver at this point I have no idea. Eventually it’s going to catch up with you. Even if you don’t live a hard lifestyle the way that he did if we’re talking about hard issues I just got the reading an old observer. From when Lou Thesz went into the hospital for open heart surgery this was many many years ago 2002 maybe 2003. And the observer was reporting that you know Lou Thesz is going in for open heart surgery and he was expected to recover fully you know the man was still in great shape even though he’s probably in his seventies at the time. Probably wasn’t much older than flare is right now. He’s supposed to be fine. Well 2 issues later I’m reading the long bio about the life and death. I’m Lou Thesz. So you never really know with these things specially when you’re dealing with heart problems if that’s what this is. So I’m not so sure the rose to ric flair is going to happen in Vegas next week hopefully he takes whatever time he needs. To get better. And it’s a I mean no wonder he didn’t take any bumps and that angle with Batista heading into WrestleMania and they did all that stuff off screen I mean to let the man take bumps at this point would be insane. And before I move on. There was another loss the wrestling world suffered this week. And that loss. Was the death. I’m grumpy cat. Yes there she is there on screen. That’s her Monday night raw face that you see there. I would like to bring the grub grumpy cat’s just default face kind of her arresting **** face if you will is hurt Monday night raw face I think that’s all of our Monday night raw faces. She hosted an episode of raw 5 years ago her actual name the cats actual name was tartar sauce she was only 7 years old died of complications from a urinary tract infection. Her greatest quote. I had fun once it was awful. Spoken like a true wrestling fan. I lost the cat a couple of months ago myself so I know how much it sucks and we were kind of making fun of it here but losing a pet is one of the worst feelings in the world. And especially you know I mean at some account like this world known world famous cat 7 years old far too young very sad grumpy cat gone but not forgotten. This is a more PayPal shout outs here I told you I was going to break it up one is a thank you to road warrior Reginald Smith luck is for losers lance flint. Bobby the wizard Waltrip beach boy James Alexander Keith Kober clutched already Max the acts of a lot of CJ Magic Johnson hard to beat Daniel Blankey or billing Kay Starr. Mr it Lana Mr Atlanta lively Chris Matthews the dummy dell’s dance machine Harrison’s so app. Somewhere. I Nick going slightly mad Heinrich sweet sapphire Serik it’ll soon Wilfredo pandemonium floor as the empress Danielle Terry Louise gold mine go off the air the one and only combo who wants to shout out all of his fox. And the last part of your shout out one I’m sorry I can’t make it out all I see is an emoji for eagle. I don’t know if that means you wanna **** eagle I mean Hey to each his own. It’s a little weird to me. Big Boy Trevor McCall I. And the the flatlands fighter fill up more thank you very much for your to others one more holy **** we antagonised enter the Mandarin who want to get a small shout out to Erin Carter again and remind him that he is still a **** mark. Just to I really get that point home. 80 W. let’s talk about all elite wrestling boy you know just looking at our Facebook group which is a **** dumpster fire but you know you look online it says social media Twitter Facebook and 18 W. is very it’s it’s a very divisive issue I don’t understand why in all honesty because I cannot see the downside in a new promotion sprouting up in trying to compete in some way with WWE it was awful is W. W. E. as of late I just I don’t know I mean I guess I can understand that people have a distaste or dislike for Cody in the box in them but. You know to kind of hate on 80 W. getting TV and. Yeah sprouting up but I I just I don’t get it as awful as WWE is right now. But it is official TNT is back in the wrestling business all elite wrestling will debut on TNT the former home of WCW Monday nitro later this year with a live weekly show likely to run 2:00 hours Warner media is going to provide exclusive multi platform access for fans to watch it you W. events hearing live weekly matches that’s how they describe it on TNT in prime time as well as streaming them through Warner media’s bleacher report life. And on paper view. So bleacher report live is going to serve as the exclusive digital streaming partner for a double or nothing next week. And in addition the pre show they’re calling it the buy and or or just buy in that also will stream on Warner media and 80 W. social media channels for free so they were in fact as I suspected holding off on making any kind of announcement about where and how double or nothing would be airing domestically because it is tied into their TV deal double or nothing is going to err on traditional pay per view so that includes dish in demand direct TV. For 4995. And is going and by the way all the people ****. You know at first there was a 5995 price tag that turned out to be bullshit so we know now it’s actually 49954995 I’m pretty sure is the standard price I might even be the standard non HD price of what Debbie Debbie we pay per views were before everything transitioned over to the network you got to remember something here. Yep they’ve signed and they’re already paying people they’re paying Chris Jericho and Cody and the Bucks and Almeida. In some cases paying for their health insurance if you are an executive. In the company so course they’re gonna charge 4995 for the first show what did you expect. I mean did you honestly believe it was going to be what what 20 Bucks. They got to pay these people somehow. So I don’t see what the big deal is 4995 you to stream through Turner’s bleacher report platform as I said for non U. S. viewers all you international people out there you can watch the pay per view through the fight TV app. So that is how you can watch it. Now I want to just read a few quotes here from the press release 80 W. offers fans a less scripted soapy drama and more athleticism and real sports analytics bringing a legitimacy to wrestling that has not been previously hat wrestlers will be given more freedom to explore other characters and highlight their athletic abilities introducing statistics for wrestling for the first time ever 80 W. will raise the stakes for its matches in deep and fan engagement blah blah blah so you get the point here they’re going to be introducing I have to assume rankings analytics things that I’ve argued that WWE should already be doing. Cody has also said that there will be no scripting of promos during their shows they want to do the opposite of what Debbie Debbie we does when it comes to probe also they’ve already won me over least on that. Even if they’re a look it the way I look at it is this even if you have got some people just aren’t very good at cutting a promo some people suck. At cutting promos. Even if you have guys who are not great at delivering a promo I would rather have somebody who looks and sounds like they’re delivering a genuine message. Even if they sound awkward. Even if they’re not that good. It leaves doesn’t sound like they’re reading from from like a sheet of paper. Then have somebody who delivers their words just fine. But just sounds completely forced. And completely unnatural saying it to me that’s far worse. And the lack of good promos is one of the many things that has killed WWE in recent years. Now the bad news is that we still do not know. Which name you know what name the show is going to have the the day of the week the show was going there with the time slot is going to be. You know they have NBA commitments TNT does on Tuesday nights and and so if the show were to err on Tuesdays that would it probably preempts 80 W. the wind actually used to be pre empted by the NBA you mean they could still probably. You know make that might work even with the pre emptions they did file trademarks previously for Tuesday night dynamite that name but I I would thing Wednesday would seem like a better fit a safer bet I’ve had a few view float the idea to me of them well what if they run on Monday nights maybe before rob goes on the air they kind of take some of the steam away from Debbie Debbie we get the jump on them. Have one of their 2:00 hours overlap with Monday night raw the way the nature used to and look first of all that’s not going to happen. Tony Khan gave an interview to bleacher report flat out said we’re not running on Mondays we are not running on Fridays. This map that is moving to Fridays in the fall. So there’s your answer as far as are they gonna run on Mondays or Fridays. The answer is no. And that’s the right move. Now I understand that raw was already established on Monday nights when nature debuted in 1995 they had 2 year head start. And even still nitro debuted on Mondays and before long they were neck and neck. In the ratings with WWE. In fact when they tried it they got crushed. No I cannot sit here and tell you. That 80 W.. You know it is is going to fail is gonna get crush for sure if they go head to head on Monday nights with WWE but you gotta understand something WCW had history. They were established brand for many many years with television. And a big name. But I can’t sit here and say for sure that each of you would get crushed I I don’t know maybe they wouldn’t. But to me they need a night all to themselves and some time to really build that brand it’s a they haven’t had a show yet. They’ve got to build the brand. Don’t make the same stupid mistakes. That other people have made WWE’s audience may be eroding but it’s still 2000000 people every with 2000000 schmucks. Let me. Every single week watching their television show no matter how bad it gets. I’m not convinced that 80 W. is even going to do 1000000 viewers. In their first week. I really don’t. I would think. 8500000 to 700000. Would have to be considered a success Rome wasn’t built in a day. You cannot expect to just snap your fingers. And bone. 2000000 viewers that’s not how this works. And this guy John with mall in his NFL columns for TS and he says there is no right being paid JW their TV show. The Tony Kahn’s makes very clear in this bleacher report interview they’re not paying for television time so this is not a time by it’s not an infomercial nothing nothing like that but at the same time this person claims they’re not getting a right to be instead Turner is going to pay for the production costs and I mean let’s be honest if they’re doing a live show every week. I mean that’s several $0. Being covered by the network. And supposedly there’s a great advertising split for 80 W. so there’s no rights fee but the production is covered. And they get so mad money out of it which is a deal similar to the one that the XFL just got. I’m I’m not even sure WWE is getting any ad money from NBC universal but it doesn’t matter because the rights fees for them or some **** big. Yeah that TV money is going to be what’s keeping them afloat no matter what for these next several years that and the the the sweet Saudi money which I’m gonna talk about the second. But you know WW II is an established property. 80 W. is effectively a start up that’s what they are. For also being treated like Turner is a sports property. But the bottom line is like the XFL airing its games on fox and ABC and ESPN. It’s the exposure. That’s what a W. yet from being on T. and T. and being promoted by Turner that is going to tell the story of how successful this is it if it succeeds in a few years they’ll be collecting rights fees just like WWE does maybe not as high. But they’ll be making money. And if it doesn’t succeed. Well. I hope the Khan family can absorb some big losses for awhile without giving up on the whole thing you know Bob Carter lost a lot of money for a very long time with TI NA and he held out longer than he probably should have. Because of his daughter. Is a vanity project. How much is sad Khan potentially willing to lose on this I mean I know he’s he’s a multi multi billionaire. But at what point is if this thing starts losing money does he say you know I’m not was a money anymore. For. Does either of you find the right formula to become profitable company Tony Khan seems to think that they’re gonna be profitable come next year he thinks in 2020 they can be profitable you know what I hope so. I also. And every single person listening to this right now should help for the same thing if you are a true wrestling fan you should hope that this thing succeeds. Earl Hebner he’s only have never signed on to be a referee for Ollie wrestling as has Paul Turner. Which is a name that many long time ring of honor fans probably know he will serve as the head referee he quit ROH to come work for 80 W.. Now I’m gonna run down the double or nothing car later on in the show I’ll get some predictions I’ll be taking your phone calls. In a little bit here about this set 80 W. news taking phone calls from you guys what do you think about wrestling being back on TNT. And W. W. we finally having some real competition for eyeballs for the first time since impact went live on spike. In 2010. And and of course you go back before that since nitro aired on TNT. Yeah there’s a lot of wrestling out there right now. And M. L. W. fusion is probably up there. Skews me with NXT as being the best one hour of wrestling television on TV every single week even though they don’t get enough playing. Even on this podcast. But there is not been anybody who has scored this type of of of television exposure since WCW closed its doors and god knows people of tried impact this tried Jeff Jarrett for years was trying to score big TV deal for his global force wrestling promotion never did. This is a game changing announcement. Now they have to deliver. But they’ve been handed the keys to the corvette it’s up to them whether or not they crash and burn but I want to know what you guys think what do you what do you want to see. From this new 80 W. show as a wrestling fan. What is the number one thing. That you would like to see. From 80 W. with their new television show that would get you watching again if you’re one of these people I hear from you guys every week I don’t watch raw. I don’t wanna throw. I don’t expect them. I just listen to your show. You know when I listen to other podcasts. I hear this every single week. From people. You know in there is the reality is. What is going to take to get you to watch 80 W. and get back into wrestling again. 6 and phone calls we got all the lines are jammed so if you are trying to call getting a busy signal I apologize keep trying we’ll we’ll take some calls here. In fact we’re gonna take. This call here from one of our loyal listeners I believe correct me if I’m wrong I think Harrison is online Hercynian there. All market I would go in not bad yeah I I’m so happy that you were able to get through you and I’ve talked a lot before this and you’ve been a big supporter of the show and I promise you that I try to get John and and here you are you are live on sound of 6 on yeah. I just want to say congrats on 600 I’ve been listening to use and the emergencies don off when you were yelling about these Alexa bliss Bailey this is your life segments were you ranting and I was seventh grade I’m I was dying laughing and I was funny and then I said in my family and we love him and keep it up and I also want to give a quick shout to my brother’s looking hunter today is the birthday out there listening right now Happy Birthday but I have 2 questions for you one what’s the story behind us on Michael getting fired in 2001 was there like any story or indication about that and then my second question is you said call and are gonna was the greatest NXT mass I would like to know what is the greatest NXT tag team match in your opinion you can tell war games if you want but yeah I just want to know thank you so much and keep up with the appointment with him and I appreciate it thank you thank you so much and I appreciate that this is far as at home and that’s a good question NXT. Tag team matches. Yeah it’s tough I don’t off the top of my head I mean I’m thinking of more. I don’t know if that’s a tough question more recent matches let you know we’re raiders against Alistair black ricochet I mean that I think that was the last take over. That was a tremendous match which is so sad now when you say the the Viking raiders I mean look god bless them I wish him the best I hope they they kick **** and they they get over and everything works out for them on the main roster but **** man I think you know from the name change and they come out most weeks the silence these guys are too good not to to find success I hope they do. I’m gonna say that by default just because I think the the matches have gotten better over time so that was an awesome match I don’t remember his first. I don’t remember his first question now I feel like I should head I don’t remember his first question. You can always email me though but not as lame as far as NXT tag team matches go war raiders Alistair black and ricochet you know what honestly I’ll mention one more I don’t I don’t know that I would call this the best but during the first Dusty Rhodes tag team classic there was a match it was I believe American alpha against right now and all for can people Baron Corbin. I remember really enjoying that match especially the finish which was basically this tell the world thing into an end of days on a chat gable and I remember thinking that was a really cool spot so there’s been some some pretty good tag team matches in in NXT but off the top of my head I mean those are the only ones that really come to mind sticky. Few other calls here. Now before we move on we will go to. Got a job you know going to trial Tyler you there. I Amir how you doing doll monster I am doing great it’s still very early in the night so we got a lot left to cover what your which question. Will quickly forget about whether this wanted to say happy 600 I would I’ve been here since 300 around like 2014 around the time when they’re buying one that the re championship around the time I kind of stopped watching raw and SmackDown so you’re so that we came in handy I’ve been watching every single Sunday so thank you. Thank you for that you’ve been up you’ve been a like a big part of my Sunday ritual I with that I appreciate that. Yeah I have to question bump this going to make the first one we were just talking 80 W. so what them having like a sports feel and it’s going to be like this number as 14 wrestling show in the states how would you go about the whole aspect to it like it’s Connie easy to say we’re going to do statistics one do this and that but how would you lay it out in a sense like is going to be like this ESPN like you have people like getting in on like okay this record done this many finisher to stop activated I just want to know how would you lay that out. Well I mean I talk a lot you know on the pot thank you for the question by the way I talk a lot on the podcast about rankings I am I am a big believer that you know when somebody’s gonna get a championship match. It should make sense. And in order to do that you have to have some kind of ranking system and I think people like numbers and that’s why people are so big into sports baseball football they love following statistics people are are numbers you know nerds. And so I think the the the key thing is to have some kind of a ranking system so that it makes sense if you have a top 10 let’s say the A. W. title. And look you can have matches on the television show where one guy beats another he leapfrogged him into the number one contender number 2 contender spot working however which way you want but you know take it seriously and and let there be a reason why somebody is getting a championship match so I think that’s to me is the most important thing as far as all the other stats wins and losses yeah wins and losses should mean something I hope the track it and I hope they they pay attention to it and it means something as far as how they’re going to do it I don’t know but they seem to be pretty pretty hung up on I’m following more of a real sports system and I’m I’m in favor of that we look at some of the people inside for a W. Joey Ryan. So you know there’s going to be and and entertainment aspect to it it’s not like it’s gonna be all sport. I think you want to have a good mix. Right now WWE doesn’t have a good mix. I don’t know what the B. W. we has have you have you a ****. But anyways I think the ranking thing is is the most important. I’m gonna go to somebody here and I and I I hope he’s on the line right now because he has been as big of a supporter of the show over these last 12 years as anybody and I believe right now we have loose cannon Lopez on the line Johnny there. And it is 180 not now I think the last time you called in you were very sick in my remembering that correctly. Yellowish here though I think those on summer slam. Or the SummerSlam prediction and 2016 that’s right. Delegate and I don’t mean to bring up some doubts though but I just want to have the next Thursday is own arts anniversary of there’s a tragic accident what is your favorite or maybe I’m sorry about that what are your top 30 what hard matches though and once again congratulations. Man I perceive that. My top in heart matches what I always think back to the match you had with bulldog the European title final on raw which was in Germany 2/19/97 as a great match. You want you know what you want to watch 1 of the greatest short matches that you will ever see go watch the match that he had with the 123 kid. At the 1994 king of the ring I don’t think they’re match went longer than 3 minutes but it was the greatest 3 or 4 minute match you will ever see. And of course I’m a big fan of the matches you have with with Brett WrestleMania 10 I believe summers 194 grade steel cage match in WWE history the championship. So that’s a pretty good sample size their own was a very he was he was a special performer and that’s a shame. That his I was in his career but it’s a shame his life got cut short the way that it was. Hi Sean are you there. Is yet I mean it all. You are you are live Hey. They’re going to help me out congradulations on 600 up of the band happy for you thank you appreciate that. Yeah man anyways you get my question I remember a long time ago when I know you too a question based I asked you your favorite take a dental dam and you said it was more combat to. Well. Talk about the more one hears more what’s your favorite Italian with Turkey. If your brother where. And I want to give a shout out to my Big Brother afternoon and his a one year old plus on mac though he listening without medical bills the ending for morning hopefully. But thank you Jason for. For all the project. Thank you man. Give me one second here I’m just I’m communicating with somebody. What yeah so mortal combat is you said mortal combat too right. Yeah that’s the one you throw your favorite yeah. Many many yeah met many a day I spent at the arcade actually used to be this this guy said giant **** this guy. Used to be at the at the arcade indeed rest his cigarette and then on the console next to the the joy stick any smoke a cigarette and he just kick everybody’s **** I mean it was embarrassing and nobody could beat this guy and I tried and I failed and after awhile I just got tired of it I said nobody can beat this guy and I don’t know whatever happened him hopefully he. You know his hand fell off for something to complete video games anymore but anyway so yeah Mortal Kombat to yeah I don’t play games a lot these days but I do fondly remember those games back then and and all the different fatalities and toasty and all that kind of stuff so I have I have no I have nothing but fond memories for for that game. Yes in here is the plan all time to the the principality that Johnny cage can do for you upper cut the opponent’s head off but I don’t know I’m sure the blogger wasn’t prepared for you can hope for cut the head off 3 times of the 3 head laying on the floor. Well you know what I think I I think we need to see that on Monday that row immunities give Vince McMahon in a back room and give him a good uppercut knocked some sense into him for some of this television that we’ve seen from him anyway thank you for that the question I wanna get a few more in here before you move on just because we have so many ethnic out if somebody from callers but again the number is the number to call I see it on screen there 989-282-7656 I know you probably get a busy signal if you were calling but as we cycle through calls here there should be lines that open up so again please do call in if we got this call here from and to sell your on the air. A knock you believe that okay Hey first happy 600 and October are you going to say about 30 to JT from and why are you on the recommended so I’ve been with you since. Was that one of the wrong about what really awful in November and I would listen to every all the podcast you’ve been like when my services. But I don’t want you you you were saying the raw that was really awful I’m like what you’re gonna have to really narrow that down for me. I don’t know it was late it was like the wal havoc though like the lowest rating compare corner was on there like 5 times each hour of work there. It would like. I don’t know we would we would wake if all the youth who would have like the worst law 20. But yeah I was here by Israeli and and everything and I was without socks found you guys really funny in like biological but anyway my question was wrong. One of star podcast what kind of device which you. Give to them yeah like so you’re like the country been doing this for 12 years and everything so. Is far even as far as like the equipment for the show like physical equipment. Lot of like like invite their like like starting a general. Yeah yeah yeah I mean I it’s funny I did a show I did a segment in the mail bag I want to see if you if you months ago now where I kind of gave because I get email questions a lot from people who want to start their own show and what do I do I don’t know where to start I don’t know what to do and I always feel weird answering that question because everybody sort of you know those are their own their own thing but I mean the best answer I can give. Is you know all you have to do is invest in a decent USB microphone you don’t have to break the bank if you’re just starting out get a decent USB Mike you can use a free audio editor like audacity I’ve used that one it’s perfectly serviceable there’s nothing wrong with it. And I would say get your get you showing you too I mean you can certainly get your show on on different hosts pod bean and lives in it other services like that. But you to be it’s going to be a lot more searchable so I think you probably find you know more more success that way. And just be consistent with it because so many people want to start a shell I wanna have a podcast Endel started. And then they’ll be like oh how come I don’t have an audience will help you know an audience because you’re not consistent you got to do it every week. And you have put on a good show. People will like what they’re hearing he can listen to you anymore. So that’s really the best advice I can give you know have a passion for it be consistent with its. Don’t do one we can then skip to. You will fail. I promise you view full fail if you were not consistent with and that’s the best advice I can give. Rob. In Dallas. Problem. One moment not much how are you. Well you know situation would go find me by the way thank you for letting the flow of that in the one time. Congratulations on the 600. It is very. I know isn’t 3 years you know WrestleMania $30. I was working and I really can get off work when you have the little Cindy downtown a drought the name of the place. Our nose in deep Ellum you don’t you don’t talk about. WrestleMania 32 I think we were at Frankie’s downtown. Yeah yeah there are I regret that because I really want to meet you and I was trying to get WrestleMania this the you know get to the center but. You know if the stars and everything lined up right next to it. But then also to me to have a baby and it’ll it’ll be an honor and a privilege. And as you know. You’re going to say what they want about fires that soon. In real life his real name right building you’ve been my friend for 21 years one of my best friends the material that he gives is what it is but that’s only is making a 0.$5000000 a year. So are you so they want say about him but. I I’m always going to scramble board on the you would do the soaring so of course. No look look look at the first why I appreciate you call I’m glad you’re able to call in because we have so many and I wasn’t sure if you’re gonna be able to get through but you mentioned that to me before that you know you’re friendly with him and I met him I don’t remember if it was WrestleMania 30 the WrestleMania 30 or maybe it was 32 but I met it was waiting in line for something it access and he came walking by and I got to talk to him for a few minutes and it was a really cool guy and I know he has a communications background in in college and it is funny because a lot of these guys get beat up on and you know you kind of lose sight of the fact sometimes that they’re they’re they’re just doing what they’re told to do and in some cases are given some really awful awful awful hokey script the content and people should on them for it and it isn’t always their fault and I’m sure he is a really cool guys called me I I don’t have anything bad to say about the guy. And everything I’ve heard about a movie pretty much bass of what you said so you know I have no problem giving a shout out to to Byron. Byron Saxton. Let me move on here and it will take more calls I promise keep calling if you are getting a busy signal as we go along and take more calls hopefully more lines will open up I do want to talk a little bit here I won’t spend too much time on this I know some of you are even planning to watch this but we are going to talk about. You see it. There you see Goldberg and the undertaker super showdown WWE is coming back to Saudi Arabia Friday June 7 for what they are now calling super showdown which was the name they use for their Australia show back in October so they’re recycling names now and at that show bill Goldberg comes back out of semi retirement to go one on one for the first time ever with the undertaker. Triple H. takes out Randy Orton in a first ever boy they they sure do love of their first time members first ever 50 man battle royal now of course W. C. W. had a 3 ring 60 man battle royal that was a total cluster ****. Yes suspect that what we will get here in this battle royal is probably in the first 30 seconds half the ring will empty out as all the lower car guys are dumped out of the ring. But you know what when they made the announcement and and look at it it shocked me as much as anybody else it caught me off guard when I saw that they were doing Goldberg in the undertaker on the show. And my first thought was poor sting. Because we know how badly sting has wanted this match. For so long against the undertaker and I’m sure that the Saudi prince would have loved to have gotten sting against the undertaker. But because of his neck condition and he never did get it repaired he never did have the surgery. Debbie Debbie we simply will not clear here. They will not clear sting to wrestle he will never he will likely never get. Wrestle in WWE. And so instead they went the Goldberg route they could Goldberg to wrestle the undertaker you know staying is just sitting at home stewing thinking that’s my match he got my **** match. That matches the gun to me. Well that’s not how it goes sometimes. And as far as what to expect from the match itself you know there was a time when this would have been a huge match at WrestleMania. That time has long since passed. It’s going to be some nostalgia when they first come out they do their entrances and and look at it and maybe even the initial scare them. Even though we’ve seen it before. Back at the royal rumble 2 years ago. But once the bell rings. I’m not so optimistic which is why I was only half joking when I suggested on Twitter that the revival is going to run out early in the match in interfere and it will end up being turned into a tag team match with Goldberg in the undertaker destroying them in drowning them in a vat of Lucy hot. But one of you suggested that it might actually be Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley and you know what I can totally see that because otherwise here’s my question if you do undertaker Goldberg one of one who wins. I mean I would think undertaker. But who wins. Who wins that match. I can absolutely see it turning into a tag team match with Goldberg undertaker side by side. As as partners hitting all of their big moves. We can you even imagine. The undertaker taking a spear. From Goldberg. Therefore it into a pile of dust and ash I’m worried for this guy’s physical well being. I mean look I don’t think it’s a great I think he’s a good shape for a guy his age don’t get me wrong you could probably kick my ****. But against Goldberg. Taking a severe. I think there’s a a much more likely outcome here of them being attacked early on. And this thing turns into a tag team match. That is how I see this playing out. See here Joseph. Noon that Smithtown New York let’s see if we get him on the line here Joseph. You’re on the sound off download print Hey Hey are you don’t have to. Thank you very much thank you. First I’d like to say rest in peace as long as there are some of the 5 minutes away from me the whole thing very hard braking my love you can know about their family. And my question for you is kind of a 2 parter but about the same subject I wanted to ask you your take on a big hearty voice and what is your take on Matt and Jeff hardy during 203. Matt seemingly working very hard on the V. one gimmick and maybe not getting pushed as hard as he should have been meanwhile Jeff hardy seemingly didn’t care he’s been pretty open that he was just not in the right mindset but yet he’s getting out world title matches against undertaker and triple H. on television. And the second part to it is extracted made comments in an interview in recent years I think maybe a year or 2 ago how Xbox another guys would have to pay to get failed drug tests run away he recalls one time been asking that if Jeff hardy failed drug tests have thrown away. Just have a thrown away immediately that they would have to spend more worse. Yeah I mean that I I heard that same story I mean that that’s the case of WW II showing preferential treatment they always such a party is a bigger star than that I think even to this day. You cannot tell me that they do not see Jeff hardy is a bigger start a bigger name than his brother. Now he got over with a broken gimmick and that’s a credit to him that he got that over is because he did. By Debbie Debbie we has always seemed Jeff as the bigger star bottom line and when you’re the biggest are you’re gonna get preferential treatment. Just the way it is. And I don’t think I I really don’t think things have changed from the way they were what was that 15 years ago. 16 years ago I really don’t think that things have changed all that much. Let’s go do John in Jacksonville you’re on the air. Going on then Solomon. Finally made it themselves yeah and I’m having fun episode 600 we got a **** load of people listening and I’m feeling pretty good what’s your question how are men is not so much a question I just want to thank you for a I don’t know how to say all you use this service with the stock as very therapeutic for song on non speaking to some people because some people listen to it and if they’re free some people you know we love it man and I get the I get to talk trash bins in my hometown has a I’m from Jacksonville mom down has the wrestling thing and I think they’re a W. really gonna they’re gonna do this thing man they’re really gonna I’m hoping self for all wrestling fans I hope so like that the evil empire I well I don’t hope it falls but I hope they can both co exist as one because. Gosh I hear you every week. Monday night rendezvous daily we pray for you I don’t know how you do it. I listen to you so. You are a man it stuff I guess. Tell you about the whole alcohol can I. I’m sure does. I asked them about through the online news on my easier at me crazy because I’m like he he listens to a for us so for everybody out there who drafted him or sometimes I wanna bass and then I’m like why did he continue the dress that against the law all those lacking the cell look. I will give you a little anecdote as to why we know there is hope. I don’t know if you saw the front firefly funding house segment I know they’ve been counted here miss. That mask is bad at I don’t know about the rest of it well I don’t know how the the how it’s going to check out what that man is bad at that statement he did this week. Gold where I think it’s going to go and I know your heart will be soon that’s pretty bad at I don’t know what they’re going to do with them I agree listen I I I I’m gonna let you go here but I agree and I’m gonna talk about the brain segment in a little bit here agree because I loved it I’ve been a big fan of firefly fun house stuff and I love love love what they did on Monday night I promise you I’m gonna talk about that but before that for a move on. We got we got out here money in the bank predictions Bret Hart and Tom again by the way we’re giving away a championship belt so you’re gonna want to stick around for that but. We have the I’m told that we are actually getting a call here. I’m getting a call during my show is this how it works from 4 to 3. Get fame I mean is that is that even possible that I’m getting a call from 4 to 3 get fame it is this so I think it is. That’s right this is Raymond D. Mr courts SO 3 great. Look going on today ma’am the country’s matic part the thought we said we got famous be here and my night is made here on sound of 600. That’s right man I I wouldn’t I wouldn’t Mister Palmer for a world in a call and wish you a happy. You know I’m feeling good I’m still in pain or something Abby Lee his usual you know sort of all the listeners and viewers that you have out there who has wide enough to support you all day non peak in my head in the chat Japan how excited everybody is well it’s on a very special night for you and yeah I’m excited for you ma’am it is and you know what I got to say you know I know you’ve been you’ve been a fan of the show for a while now and some people may not know that you and I I didn’t interview with you not too long ago so I’ve had you on the podcast before so they should not be right you know a a big surprise to people but I want to talk to you here for for a couple minutes here before I move on everything else because your name was in the news not you know relatively recently there’s been a lot of talk about lucha underground and whether or not right be another season and I suspect the answer to that question is no and there’ve been a lot of people who have been you know trying to get out of their contract in trying to move on and go signs yeah just have the freedom to just move on with their careers because things are in limbo right now and your name came up and I know there’s been talk of lawsuits and stuff and so I wanted to get you on the show and give you a live forum just for you to kind of explain to people from from the horse’s mouth from from the source what’s been going on what your status is and you know kind of set the story straight so tell us what’s been going on with you and and lucha underground. Right absolutely well point blank I acts for my release from the company because there is no optimism for there being a season 5 I mean we had the hat writer come out as you guys probably all know if they will have the like the company is dead and you know it you know and and and I’m sitting at home and I’m looking at this and I’m like wow well I mean if there is no optimism for their writer than I mean there’s really no future and and and the company and then not only that you you know not only that there has been no communication from management talent in terms of just like when you know. Anything’s going down you know like there there’s been no communication as far as like what the future holds or what they plan on doing or or you know just any plans that they have in my nothing so. Like I said our bags for my released recently and the last I heard that it has been approved that’s the last of that I’ve heard I haven’t gotten anything officially in writing yet but I’m being told that it has been approved so now I’m just pretty much looking forward to my next chapter in my career and you know I like I’m a man obviously I’m a professional wrestler but I’m also also a manager I can compensate I can announce I can pretty much do anything you know what I mean I’m not a 1 dimensional asset to the professional wrestling business and right now when there is a a surgeon wrestling with 80 W. you know going to sing a T. M. obviously and and and you know everyone’s making a move everyone’s pretty much making a power play I feel like right now could you be a better time for me to be a free agent and I feel like I’ll be 1 of the hottest free agent on the market 11 that’s going to come into operation which you guys are gonna see sometime soon within the next couple weeks maybe. In the next couple days who knows at this point but it will happen soon that I will have a lot to offer to our promotions or company where they’re at whether that be a WWE a GnRH are you a W. even impact wrestling I would be a a pretty hot commodity to them because of the become a what I can do what I can do in terms of my talents in terms of wrestling managing all things that just brought up and I’m I’m pretty excited man I’m pretty excited for the future and we’ll see you know who where does everyone want to be famous speech. My question is would you want to return the next. Well let me ask you this I mean we into his we’ve heard so many stories about the horror stories even about how tough it’s been too yeah can I get absolutely underground contract and it’s almost like people being being held hostage I mean your your experience in dealing with whoever it was that you were dealing with I mean it has it been I I presume because of the lawsuit stuff and everything things were and so smooth then you felt you had to go down the road that you did is it a case where it really is less to do with the writers and the producers and and it has more to do I guess with sort of the the company that is running things are overseeing things and it’s not a reflection on the writers and the people who actually kind of kept that show a lot. Absolutely is not a reflection on a writer’s look the whatever is more of a reflection on MGM and pretty much Dorian rolled on who also is the the head honcho over down in trouble later we have a lot to do with the sale over who gets released in Denver so for me in my terms since I was one of the guys who stepped up along with I guess you could say Jack Robinson capsules and headlines along with myself it was a little bit more easier for me when I approached them because of the release of the 4 individuals who who did put a lot since then at first before me so it was a little bit more easier wasn’t as a you know strenuous and heart in terms of like a solid no if that makes sense and then not only that I do feel also like it was a. A case by case scenario depending on the individual depend on their talent. It is pretty much what determined for them what. They were willing to do in terms of really holding back valid hostage first very or now and also like I wasn’t one of the. Talents on a show that we are you know willing to strive to hold hostage if that makes sense because you know once again Dorian about how the very influential spray in the matter and. You know let’s be honest I’m not a triple a guy you know I never have been you know I never was invited to any of the double meaning is that they died one that we’ve had multiple whichever grandparent come out since the show’s inception and you know I never been high on triple a great are still I do I don’t feel like I’ve had in the you know like string what’s that back in terms of being or potentially you know Beverly what’s it going to happen. Well that’s awesome and hopefully like you said you know there’s a lot going on right now a lot of exciting a wrestling 80 W. obviously and and it looks even MLW and other promotions and I all I for one want to see famous be pop up somewhere else in and not be stuck on the back burner here so I I wish I wish you nothing Hey first of all my my first piece of advice is don’t forget all the little people as you move on to the next phase. This phase of your career and in in all seriousness you know hopefully you you land in a place where people can really kind of get to know you and and be exposed to you because I think you’re entertaining as all hell. Man what thank you for that a let you go man I know you got a comment carters once again like I said congrats on 600 I want to send a special shout out to one of my coworkers village underground miss malicious axles today is her birthday so I want to say Happy Birthday to her and yeah man you know I just got back from Australia 2 weeks ago and had a great score what one of your favorites this country now what about on that order so I you know I know there’s one of your favorites off you know I have a kind of rubbing your face that you know right on the coast of Australia have applied for one of your favorite fox I’m pretty sure you will love to do right well yeah thanks for calling me by the way that’s number one and number 2. The least you could do is put a good word in for me. Of course I’ve been abroad course not that you have a great rest of your cell happy 6 under and holler at you for a moment thank you man I appreciate it. I was awesome I’m glad we were able to get famous beyond but we have another V. I yeah I was gonna move on to the next segment but now I’m being told that we have somebody on the line it’s almost like he’s trying to invade my show. This is like a an invasion and I don’t know if I believe it I won’t believe it until actually hears a voice that is actually on the line but I’m being told the is so color if you can hear me right now is this so I think it is. Hi Kevin castle old **** is Kevin castle. Kevin yeah I was a little worried because he’s been trying to get in for a while now and we have so many freaking people calling in and I said just keep trying just just just keep trying to get you and I promise you in so yes I’m I’m very happy that we have Kevin castle from duty Casey here for the first time on the sound off yeah first time thanks from me on Jason graduations on 600 episodes of the great accomplishment especially in this field. Thank you thank you and and looking means only there aren’t too many people I feel like who have been sort of doing this sort of thing as long as as you and your your cohorts over there who I’m I’m told hates my guts I mean that that seems to be the. Every day I believe did you guys meet each other at the lucky 13. We were in we’re a lucky 13 and this is only what last month I think it was WrestleMania weekend and I don’t know I mean you think if this guy hated my guts so much you would kick my **** we actually had a very cordial conversation so who who knew now you said nice he said nice things about you I think that’s. Our system would you call it to work it’s a work. Well let me let me ask you this so you know and I appreciate you calling in and and I’m sure people are are very I think people either fall on the side of being very happy and excited that you’re calling in or they’re probably you know closing their streaming going to bed right now because they they have her in her own very strong it seems like a very strong opinions of of of both of our shows respect yours and I’m I’m not sure if that’s I see I consider that to be a good thing because as long as you can inspire people to feel that that passionately about something you must be doing something right. Yeah I think I’m more the good cop on the show I mean that’s from that that’s been established but I got a lot of hate because I back Roman reigns over the years so that that hurt me and what some of the fan base but I’m not so much anymore but I was kind of not Hiram but I’ve always thought that no one really defended the guy so I kind of took a a side of of defending him more than bashing them because it was just such a precedent set on every podcast the just go after rains relentlessly so I took the other way and I kind of did it to be a Dick to be honest with you. You know there was some good quality like you know when people would say there was just no redeeming qualities why this guy in wrestling I just thought it was a little bit too much so I took his side I I got the heat and the scorn of some people but not so much anymore that’s kind of like old news but it I’ll be the only thing I’m not really I don’t see too many you know we call I don’t I don’t try to get to vault along the show not anymore I’m I just turned 50 would be 51 in 2 weeks is no secret so I’ve calmed down a little bit over the years and I mean. Yeah and and and I don’t know that how many people know that you certainly don’t look a day over a 26 would be would be my guess is that at the moment and I called on like a vampire I’m actually on a break right now working with guitar player Chris empower telly tonight here in queens big the top plan of your big I know you’re into some some metal right rockets big guitar virtual virtual sometime a guy he’s playing the club tonight goes on about midnight so I got a little bit of time I wanted to call in and get to talk to you and yeah I mean you know I’m in the club business for about 27 years so the odds once I should look about 90 to be honest this is but I feel about 75 is that makes it any better yeah well Hey you you survived this long so that’s that’s a good thing and I know your night owl because of what you do for a living so I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to call in or not so again it’s very it’s very cool that you were able to to make it through here tonight now I mean before we we we kind of get and move on with things I want to get your sense of all the things going on this week and some stuff I’ve talked about already and I have a lot more that I haven’t talked about any thoughts on any of the big sort of wrestling stories of the week. Which ones in particular you want me to touch point well I mean I know we have money in the bank coming up this Sunday but there’s been other new I mean obviously we I I talked about actually you know a little bit earlier and that’s that’s. Of course so I I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that or again sure yeah I know yeah no I definitely do we and not quite honestly probably you know not to be hypocritical to me in detail probably a little bit hard on her over the years couple stories we took a task on over the years and I said that my my Twitter I never will the only other one of us won’t come off as like a critical all my god I mean we feel bad with such a we were enemies nor friends with the girl wouldn’t really know what we know I know people who know or be in a New York concert guy I know a lot of people nor because she’s big heavy metal fan was so I know she had recorded a bunch of shows and in front of some promoters that I know around long island area. In New York I’m in a round about way no a lot of people especially if into them the heavy metal and hard rock community much like the wrestling community known around about where you come in already body and only heard good things about her and stuff all those couple things are gonna test over the years with things that you said that we were kind of like you know call around but nothing personal or anything like that I was a long time ago but yet 30 miles saying forget all that stuff 39 years old is way too young to leave this planet and I don’t know I haven’t seen the latest maybe you can let me if something came out about how she passed away I don’t have any of that information as I’m speaking to you but I feel terrible I know she has an 18 year old daughter that I know and she’s pretty well love than the love by a lot of people in the industry I’ve never really a bad thing said about how she you know she was near that long but no for 3 years she made a pretty good impact that 3 year run she hadn’t already. Yeah you know it if people don’t really talk about her because she wasn’t exactly yes it wasn’t known as a great worker or a great wrestler but yeah you gotta remember me she won the contest she got a $250000 contract they brought her in not unlike what they did with Mason you know a tough enough and they brought him in she had a certain look she was very popular for a while now and she got a playboy cover and I always say I actually give credit to people like her and and Candice Michelle because it first Candice Michelle yeah I you know I didn’t think much of her but she actually made an effort over time to improve and she got better and I know actually had a big step actually had that injury where she broke her leg and had a like a metal rod put in and then I think the screws got loose and she had to go back and have surgery so she had a rough kind of a rough go at it but for the time she was there and it really was only about a 3 or 4 year period it wasn’t that long she was she was popular you know she was she was over and when her daughter got sick she said that I’m going to you know leave wrestling and tend to what I think is more important which I think you know frankly is is a respectable respectable thing. Now it is and and like I said I mean you you you you separate you know we all have our fun and games and all a lot of our shows tongue and cheek will take little digs of people committed to Casey all wrestling simple guys were affiliated with have a phone and everything but of course we value human life and you know he’s a real life people have nothing but respect for the people we might not like the characters I said the same thing about you know Roman reigns to annoy are you know you gotta you kind of admire a lot of ways you know lifestyle is not easy what the other 3 are wrong or 30 year run you know its it’s pursuing your dreams in making that happen and it’s something to respect and the same thing she might have won a contest and some people might be rubbed the wrong way by that not consider her in the category of the Mickey James and the real wrestlers in now but she did the best she could she wasn’t that bad and she made an impact she has our fan base spell out of people on Twitter mourning a loss I mean the wrestling fans you know it’s very tribal you know when someone passes away in the in the community or something I I believe it is like real tears that people shot I believe it’s real feelings I don’t I don’t I’m not one of cynical people says all you and our bodies supporting you know you can joke around about stuff like that when someone passes away all bets are off and I think that you got to respect the human being that a family that just like us all the just the there in that profession but there are real people and it’s a real loss for a lot of people I feel very bad for the family and then people lost I mean 39 years old my god you know a whole lifetime ahead of you and that’s a real shame yeah that’s absolutely and I believe that we actually have tried to get him on with you we have another special VIP guest here on the show and if you can hear me right now feeling I do do do I think that tell me exactly who it is who’s on the line right now. All none other than John numbers in the wrestling so power you don’t we got another member of the community here were we’re all one big happy family here tonight. Yeah. Congratulations on 600 you that’s awesome thank you I appreciate that I’m glad you’re able to make it through I mean I as I listen to people who are calling and I’m like sending DM’s to people apologizing because we have like a a private line that I set up for certain callers and I guess I forgot that before you actually put the pin number in there’s actually a show number that you have to put in right there part numbers like this doesn’t work I’m like that I’m like. Hello. Is having a problem right now well you know what do you miss it because I just the end and so I hope you got my message of these listening I’ll say yeah I told him to I I get new for me okay. It doesn’t help much that I’m in Vermont right now. And a party preparing for a wedding tomorrow so a little bit on the project so I’m not. Well we will certainly. Yeah we we we we certainly need to know that. While you’re at it might it might bear some influence on the things that I’ll say over the next couple minutes but I don’t want to give a little bit for warning. I can’t blame alcohol I’m I’m a drink and so now now you got you got nothing you’re gonna hold that you’re you’re held accountable for every single syllable my friend I think so yeah I know he’s about work right now so I’m fine. So what what what will reduce your question about the the loss of initially was our. Yeah I mean that’s the that’s the **** ugly situation on Jesus Christ I mean I obviously everybody’s talking now about the whole thing that’s going on with ready of course to where it’s yeah now she’s on Twitter and she’s saying and you know her deal and a lot of people are going out the girl but I think that what a lot of people don’t want to bring up. The reason why she’s so upset with this girl is that she was around Matt hardy were all of Matt hardy you know not so favorable times were happening if you catch my drift right. So I mean if you really stop and think about it. If some guy or some woman was the house you know the mother or the father of your children right and they were kind of playing a role in their life that was not so great at a time that was pretty **** low they might not be too big of a fan of them either now I’m I’m not saying that you should sit there and obviously wish that on anybody you should know plot anybody’s that’s that’s **** truck stop this morbid that sec but I’m not gonna sit here and train surprise you now. Yeah yeah it I guess it kind of came out of nowhere because there was no sense that there were any issues and I know she was on the on the schedule for this star cast event coming up next week and and yeah again 39 like Kevin said you know a minute ago it’s **** young man I mean you know you don’t think that that something like this is is going to happen but I was kind of getting it is when I was talking about the story before and if she signed on to that can question lawsuit and look I’m sure you had people who signed on who were just being opportunistic and the lawyer convinced him Hey you know sign now you can get a big payday but the fact is there are some people it’s not a lot of people who signed on to that suit who I’m sure suffered a lot of concussions and do have a lot of lingering issues and and we don’t have a car we don’t have a cause of death for her but it Sir sure sounds like a suicide and that she may have had issues with depression and one of the things that she played about with signing on to that lawsuit was that her entire mood changes she had depression issues with depression stemming from concussions that she’s in WWE. Yeah I mean I I guess you could say that down but I mean as a more more than likely a lot of people that I’ve had you know very long battles with depression. I don’t know man maybe maybe I I’m I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m Chris the wind I’m not gonna sit here and claim that I’m a doctor and all. Then they had a couple times and now there you are. You’re gonna be calm and and I can’t discredit that either way as well you know who knows maybe this check out a couple concussions and beforehand she was singing 5 girls long complain at the front I don’t **** know you know I I I can’t describe that one way or the other but what we’ll be doing for you guys I don’t know if you saw because everybody comes screenshots on her Twitter on may 15 you know just a couple days ago how she was doing a mailing and showed a bulk mailing that you sent out to our fans and talking about looking forward to them getting their mail in their futures in their autographs so I was on the final thing that she was doing or what was I mean that this come out of the blue it’s just weird to me are now but it wasn’t cryptic tweet wasn’t cryptic it was just like I love my fans can’t wait for you guys to get the stuff it was anything critical I called this is the last mailing you know nothing like that nothing dramatic so I I’m a you know you always try to read into the post so if you see something cryptic you you dissect it but it wasn’t anything like that it was a normal. Fans post and I’m going to post over the mail the stuff out nothing cryptic. Yeah but you know what though if you look at a lot of people throughout the years that I’ve had these episodes are should I say the people that have followed through on depressive episodes usually resulted in you know through a side or whatever you know it’s it’s very rarely preempted with say a call for attention it’s very rarely somebody’s that methodology Henry you know I miss you and you know all I’m so sad about the both of us it’s just you know it’s very best my when they’re happy and then the next day they’re gone you know except if you know the von Erich’s they were Venema trying to be funny here but they were very cryptic and Kevin to talk about on the documentary that his brothers even calls father into the something role these guys and every one of them and I’m doing something like that so that was I guess I guess it really depends on the person but in social media you see a lot of people maybe cry wolf and maybe some people are affected by that because I have not gonna do anything I think really sometimes your family does even though we kept going till actually happens but Jason are they saying that like I said I’m a little you know a back you know not up to date on some news today because I’ve just been busy work but are they saying that it looks like a suicide now wasn’t an overdose or anything like that now well I mean with the cops are saying is that it was a non criminal death and in situations where a non criminal death they don’t announce a cause of death so the chances of them officially announcing what the cause of death for the it sounds like they probably won’t and it’s going to have to be probably a situation where it just leaks out but there were people on Twitter you know friends of hers like Michelle McCool and some other wrestlers who were posting things like you know it if you send somebody is in trouble you know do something to help them and be mindful of the things you say to people it’s just even Corey graves made a comment that would lead you to believe that she may have been suffering from depression so I yeah I think I think it’s fair for people to speculate just based on these tweets that that are being posted there was something that supposedly Shelly Martinez posted all the. Flat out saying it was a suicide but she since come out and said I didn’t post that that’s that’s B. S.. Not at all no not the not the going to fast you know what I I know that was a fake account through but she’s also another example of somebody who has a problem yeah yeah let me yeah let me I I’m being told I can’t believe this this is true but I’m being told that we have it I mean we’re gonna try to put him through here and see if this works I don’t there’s gonna working out but until we have another guest on the line and guess the V. I. P. color you are on the air. Hey Jason it’s stripper what’s up man how are we got. Yeah we got both brothers here on the line. Right knowledge brothers. I know she probably when he bought one item and you really don’t know they were brothers though you know. Actually the only number that is the land von Erich of our blood yes yes does that make me friends because I’m very upset about that means you could you could be up the gentleman Chris Adams because you’re such a product as I see. Well I’m glad I was able to finally get you through again I feel like an **** because I told that certain people you know I gave them the information had to call in and I didn’t realize I guess that before you put your pin in you’ve got to put a a show number in and so they were trying and failing and I’ve been scurrying trying to send messages I’m glad you’re able to make it through. It was like a it’s like a work conference call only we’re talking about it. Yeah yeah I I can think of more I well you should probably change the subject them because this is kind of morbid I guess to be yeah actually yeah well I have you guys ought to keep it for a little bit longer because the next thing I was going to talk about I don’t know if all of you have the chance to watch it yet but this whole Bret Hart Tombigbee thing you know they had the the special on the network that aired after raw yeah your last Monday night and I I’ve been waiting for a long time to see this because it’s been hyped up and hyped up and hiked up a new I said look it’s there’s no way it’s going to live up to the hype but as a Bret Hart fan I was just watching to see if it backed up what I already knew which is that right. And it did yeah so I want to get your thoughts you know some of you can’t what you think of the the documentary in the match itself. I like that I mean I remember Tom McGee me in draper would go to the we saw him a couple of times I think an opening matches even dark matches at the garden back in the eighties I know you had like 2 little runs here I think 1 in 86 and 188 or 89 so I’ve known about him I was such a little aficionado of even guys coming from Canada at that point that I knew all about him but I you know I watch the match and Brett is 1 of my favorites too and I was 1 of your favorite of all time Jason he’s 1 of my favorites though so yeah Brekken can make anybody look good but it wasn’t a bad match I was actually expecting it to be like a cluster **** and I I was. Although the match went well bred definitely carried it but Tom wasn’t bad he does little flips and all that stuff and present but I could never see him as a whole Colgan R. ultimate warrior or the or the next big thing I didn’t see that also I don’t know what Vince was smoking back then you know I saw him as actually a glorified enhancement all we’re good physique so I didn’t I never saw him as a top guy or anything like that or even going to a territory in being dominated I I I wasn’t impressed even as a teenager watching the news you know good enough but he wasn’t gonna go anywhere so I I think I was real delusion on the finance part until I hear McMahon actually say that that he thought he was the next Hulk Hogan I kind of don’t believe it in a way but I’m also and I know what happened we covered we all covered being good all podcasters what happened a Tom last year those kids beat them down almost killing another so you were pretty good boy he looks so different from what you remember well you know well well I thought I saw that story and for people who don’t know yeah I guess there were some kids outside who were defacing out of his car or just other people’s property was his neighbor’s car his neighbor okay his neighbor’s car and he came outside to confront them and they beat the **** out of him and I think they’ve the fractured his his eye socket almost current curb stomp them like American history X. I mean no joke date that she is very sometimes and stamped into the floor I mean really vicious beating he is absolutely lucky to be alive and but I was glad to see him looking well it didn’t matter to me didn’t look like used a lot of people don’t 30 years ago I’m sees off the gasoline kinda deflating looks like on a normal person but you seem like a nice enough guy and and it was a very enjoyable watching those very short thing but it was one of my favorite things I’ve seen on WB network in last couple years. Yeah I I mean to me yeah they interviewed a whole bunch of people for they had you know Sean Waltman in actually interview Tom McGee that mega man got a call by his nickname mega man Tom again on 1000000 as. Nickname well he is a dead ringer for Kenny I make a we’ll call him make a man and they had him they had Davey boy Smith junior who are you I didn’t know this before I watched this but he has probably one of the best Bret Hart impersonations that I have ever seen. And they had Sam Roberts who I guess was the resident tape trader so the interview him on the show and get out again they had a documentary it built up to the match itself they did show the match and look when the match was over the way I felt about it was it wasn’t it wasn’t great but it it here’s the thing I love about it the story that I took away from this when it was over is that Vince McMahon thought he had found his next world champion in Tom McGee and what he didn’t realize is that he did find his next world champion but it was Bret Hart and not time again yeah that’s right and that I think was the the story coming out of it Joe what you think. Well I mean I’m not one of those people that lives and dies by **** and run out of matches so I’ll be honest all right there I mean like are are completely obviously understand the love for the guy I understand that he’s one of those people that can take out your proverbial chicken should make it on the chicken salad obviously. But you know I was able to get to watch the match back then I kind of get it I get why there’s a lot of war around it but I also understand now having watched wrestling for **** quarter of a century that every single match. Is subject to the people that are watching it and the last that they have access to it the more amazing and spectacular an unbelievable what it. You know what I mean like that or if you want to go back even to late nineties if you didn’t have access to the C. W. if you didn’t have that type of footage grand jury lane and rob Van Dam was the greatest thing that you’ve ever seen in your time. Remember that. Yeah got worse yeah if you couldn’t get a hold of all my god you guys haven’t seen that it’s the most amazing thing and that is that if you don’t and you can’t see it and someone to create a story around it but it’s going to be unbelievable the greatest. And that’s not saying Adam that’s not saying that’s good but that’s just saying that when you build something up that you spend that much time doing it then almost inevitably you’re going to be disappointed can help there is one quarter of 1000000000 people right now that are griping about **** game of thrones and that’s only because they sat around and they felt it up in their heads for a decade so if you’re sitting there going all brand heart Kerr McGee he put on this match that got you know he was going to be the greatest wrestler the cover for. Because Bret Hart made him look good and then you see it you go yes okay. What was really going to happen are you going to see it go holy moly I can’t **** believe they’ve been building up for you since 1990 what 7 probably thank you for the first time you heard about us so now I mean it’s it’s it is what it is I still think it’s hilarious that Bret Hart had data collection and he was like a hoarding yet so other people couldn’t see yet it’s like a weird goofy **** like that he’s just so protective of this wrestling match and he’s all upset about it but now I mean what else can you really say it’s called the that’s a nice 1 eventually something is uncovered which by the way I’m covered they need somebody stole it from how can press hard surface. No I mean parents that you know it’s fun it’s cool it needs to see a piece of wrestling folklore from the past actually be revealed and you know there was no way that people are going to be disappointed hello it’s pretty cool. John any thoughts. Yeah I you know it I did think it was that big of a deal I was kind of the I don’t know that it could have lived up to the hype you know what I mean I feel like we were we were kind of all set up to be disappointed if any but the thing I took away from it which I think a lot of people away from which I think you touched on is you know just how how important Brett kind of really was I mean like you know we I I we go find brought a lot now it breath I’m a huge breath and you’re my brother so Brett Lee Hart foundation how many people can say like we actually thought Bret as a job or can’t remember like in the garden and dark he was a job now we did and I think I think he actually lost the Johnny Rodz. Yeah like you would lose the people like Jesse Jones and and Johnny rod you know what I mean so it’s like you know so to see the transformation of Brett when they made the tag team that the team became great you know it was really the advent of bread being the star but also I you know I never got the hype on this thing anyway I remember hearing about it reading about it and I remember Tom McGee I’m of the mega man thing because of the **** video games when they you know I don’t know I got the need for the video game but they’re just like us a lot of Much Ado About Nothing that’s all you know it came and went and the WWE had to play spoiler so they didn’t play the Starkey I thank. Yeah well it was all hype. Yeah. Stick around for awhile I want you because you’re just for a little while longer before because I want to move on to a couple different topics here but before I do I just wanna give you some more PayPal shout outs because people are gonna be very angry at me if I don’t so let me let me let me get through these first I want to say thank you these are people who have built Hey you know the bill the rent is not gonna be paid on its own my friend so we have to do it somehow so thank you to the San Jose strangler Ruben Garcia interfere and I will be annoyed Brandon Lloyd which I just laughed at when he sent me the name of mass mayhem Michael came in jaguar jazz death Kelsey the chosen son Lee right Cassidy Rambo Ryan gone see the king is romance James Hollins better than raw Robert shell shack I think a nail through the big toe is better than raw no mercy Nikkor check the Brooklyn bombers Janelle and I say a Walker deathblow David Floyd James Hollywood Henderson Matthew money bags Morocco Bakersfield brawler Kevin vilano and last but not least here and we’ll do more later but the marksman Justin Goodman and I am he sent me an email I want to share what he said but I’m sorry to hear about what happened and the fact that you would even donate as much as you did is very kind of you to do so I I thank you Justin is starting his own YouTube show soon call changing the attitude where he fantasy books past angles that failed. And it starts up soon on the marksmen podcasts YouTube channel so what he should have a trailer up there for it right now you can head over there and check it out so what I was gonna get into next it again I’ll just keep you guys around just for a little bit here is I’m going to talk about money in the bank before I get to that I wanted to just talk really quickly about this Lars Sullivan stuff. Because you know obviously that’s that’s been in the news and actually before I even get to that I was gonna mention that Titus o’neil PNDC funny I made events this past week you know you see 3 calls itself of the top one percent currently he’s autumn he’s in the bottom one percent now and falling lower by the week but speaking of of tide is he a he posted a tweet about Lars who was fine this week haven’t talked about this yet he was fine for $100000 by WWE for racist and homophobic remarks he made many years ago on a bodybuilding message board forum. And it suddenly became a big story again I guess because somebody dredge it up on reddit I mean I talked about this I well I they look I talked about this in November and I said well is there a new element to the story and I’m looking at everything and I’m like no it’s pretty much what I talked about in November so I wasn’t even talk about it you know since WW we took action I thought they had to enlarge putting apology out of his own so it’s not like you well I didn’t make those come. He made those comments and they they find of 100 grand they’re going to send them to sensitivity training among other things and I just wanted to say you know I saw the tweet that Titus put out and I I have a lot of respect for Titus as a human being I know it’s kind of a hard line as a wrestler the whole slide in Saudi Arabia last and all that but I mean you know as as a father and as a just a representative of that company I don’t think you’re gonna find a classier person then Titus o’neil I I really I just that’s how I feel and this is what you have to say about Lars use that I applaud you for seeking me out and others on the WWE roster to not only sincerely apologize but to also seek guidance as to how to move forward in being a better human being than you were 9 years ago nobody is perfect thank you Vince McMahon which whatever for taking action yeah I guess just don’t hug him were also get suspended but I I I look I thought it was a classy statement by Titus Lars is going to have a rough go at it anyway having to share a locker room with people who in some cases he had terrible things to say about them all those years ago but Debbie Debbie we you know if they were going to take action. They should have done a long time ago now it just looks like they’re being reactionary which I don’t think is a very attractive position for them to be and then as far as Lars goes. If he is making a genuine attempt to show that he’s changed her grown or whatever word you want to use any of his colleagues believe him if he said one on ones with them and they believe him and they can work with him then you know what that’s the best possible outcome that he could hope for. Yeah what do you think well. It all comes down to who they like. When you stop and you look at that what it really comes down to there’s somebody there didn’t whether it be in the company or somebody online really **** hated this guy you can they want for their comes down to your near my guess is you had enough of a paper trail the people chase it down and they stayed on this guy because I mean literally I talked about this last night on the show where what was it earlier this week Johnny Gargano had some tweaks where he was just basically like transgendered people gross and you’ll never hear about it ever again why are you. All guy he’s a larger he’s of like by the internet he lied to by the company nobody wants to you know have any problems with them so you’ll never hear about it ever again but because large Solomon is a big movie dude who people seal is not good he’s not going off in the rain he’s not a girl friend technician when he needs to be punished not just because you. Which he did he did say he was right for the thing I’m not denying that happened but it also comes back to in a very sad pathetic wary because it’s not a good ring technician so because it’s not a good and Rinker performer he should also bear the brunt of these comments that he made where as opposed to like I said there was Roderick strong you’d never talking here about it again. Really what it comes down to earth with their own the blanket of any likable and are you guys that I re buddy socks the ball then you know no one no one would care but because like I said he’s a big movie dude who is not that great in the ring any comes off as a big dopey white guy it’s easy to. And so like I said somebody in a company has a **** **** for going after the guy somebody on the internet as a **** for going after the guy and that’s all it takes but when I go to a play upon what Joe said that’s true what like you said just when we all reported on it in November your show date AASHO did stupid and what a was was people didn’t get the results that they wanted to the results wanted war take this guy to task he hasn’t been punished bring it up get up and they got him but they still are probably happy with the results before 8 as of wise $0 which quite honestly don’t think losses senior ideas and made that kind of money it’s me on and also and I know it can be taken out installments I get how this works I mean you know if you’re thinking about it it’ll probably be like that the gloves that you know cut a paycheck here are taking money out of a check there some endorsement get 50 percent of 100 percent so people are nuts if they think he’s going to work on aids now select next 6 months but as far as but the Dutch soul thing with Joe numbers and I listen to the show you and dreadful as those good show by the way guys and a what was said is true he’s not a popular guy he’s not the only you know he he doesn’t fit the precedent of like the all that mold of you know the guy that you want to root for kind of a sympathetic figure is what I’m saying he doesn’t fit that mold. So Johnny Gargano does and I think it is a a popularity contest and I’m surprised that people are so shocked my brother you know that but the blessed set it and people to come to task over it and what he was basically saying John you can speak for yourself of course but what is basically saying was it’s a popularity contest Alexis seems to be able to do whatever she wants now she hasn’t said anything as heinous as you know Solomon said what he said was ridiculous I mean and it sounded really ignorant that’s the best way to describe it people saying but he was in his early twenties he should be full grown man a betrayal by then I work in the music industry and I could tell you these people or 50 years old that are not full grown adults and say stupid things all the time you know they’ll be nobody in my industry if they got taken to task every time they said something stupid and that includes people of all ethnicities but I want one but lost souls in yeah he’s not a sympathetic figure he’s new to the to the scene is getting a big push it rubs people the wrong way they did what they have to do that taking action is publicly traded company so I think it’s a little over the top I don’t know I guess it depends on who you ask you know if he’s good for wrestling then good for him and he. Bob this is been a colossal waste of time is pushed goes nowhere he turns out to be more of a a gene Snitsky type no offense this is the but he turned out to be more hype but nothing really ever comes of it and whatever but Debbie I think felt they had to they had to do something and what what could they do guys $0 fine sensitivity training is there anything else I could do that I’d not be fine he should have been fired I’m glad he was. Yeah before at a John alleged time in real quick but after after that I am going to take more calls I know I’ve had some people waiting for 50 minutes I promise to get you in here in a second. It’s not real quick what’s that what’s your take on this. Well I but yeah I did I brought this up because the job we talked about it last week and I feel the same way I I don’t I don’t think I’ve been punished you know I think there should have been some recommends here because it was such a stupid **** thanks but the reality is the guy’s ugly as **** U. K. Hary back any and nobody really is that down. I mean if he was if he was attractive and popular person and they and they read and they found that you know something you know that this wasn’t like the blessed I for the funds what are people talk their mind this is a pretty blonde girl and you know it 9 years ago in a fitness magazine because you don’t know any better but now conducts itself differently I don’t think we would have been so rushed to judgment I thank god a lot of it is you know personal I think he had somebody go without the got a like Joe he said and I think of the whole thing it’s unfortunate but that’s this is the world we live in I mean if you’re if you’re if you’re popular people like yeah they’ll give you a pass on certain things and if they don’t they’re gonna want to see it die and you know we do early in the game to see whether or not he’s he’s worth the investment but yeah you know I’m not big on large not anti war that you think the whole thing was kind of a knee jerk reaction and we’ll see how this plays out back notice nobody. Like there wasn’t a lot of people in the back picking up around which I thought was strange yeah sorry I don’t know one either yeah well you see he is still relatively new let me bring in Sean from the Staten Island I know you’ve been waiting for a long time you’re on the air. There is a problem of the Group 1 of really congratulate you on the phone without the phone thank you huge fan haven’t been you’ve been up as much lately but you’ve got me through some rough times that little book thank you for that. And yeah my question is who do you think you have a I don’t know how to word this but could you think have more intense more potential as a world champion lacking fire or invalidate the an almond or different got a the shop learn more. Good question I I mean I I like both guys but I’m a bigger fan of on Friday I I I just think he’s got a lot of potential I mean I’ve watched his matches going back to NXT and it is he just fun to watch and right now I with McIntyre yeah I don’t know if it’s just the connection to lastly in Corbin that just bores me to tears are I I don’t know what it is but I it you give me those 2 choices even the money in the bank which I’ll talk about later but you give me those 2 choices and I’m going with Andrade you know every time and I don’t think I’m alone in that opinion either unless maybe I am not yeah yeah okay. I knew that I needed that reassurance just to make sure I wasn’t alone in that opinion when we bring in we’ll do a couple more calls and then we’ll we’ll move on here Luiz in Brooklyn New York you’re on the air. Okay so lost there are usually 3 congratulations on your 600 episodes thank you I’ve been trying to reach you since the 500 percent but I’m here now. So mmhm you wanna thank you for my downturns as well during 2014 I discover you through TV track you know I always the high school drop out and everything backbone wrestling again and then that right now almost graduating to my associates degree. So my question. This is. If you were to have these 2 fine gentlemen I get to work with them and sort of like a little body cultural whatever you can say the 2 choices or who you work with Kevin Dunn or Vince Russo. Like guys. That that’s a question you call me with him Kevin Kevin Dunn. Or as far as I was rambling rabbit or Vince Russo. Yeah that that that’s like saying do I want to be shot or stabbed it’s not really a good option either way. I just look at your leisure suit which was about cornet like I I’ve heard him tell stories about what it was like to work with Russo and I would not wish that upon anybody and but then again you to court it is a little bit biased I guess. In his hatred towards him I would want to work with either one of them I’ve heard horror stories about well so there were up to me I keep doing my show and I my my own business I don’t have to I don’t have to worry about either one of those guys. I don’t know what what what they want me. If you’re going to hell in that somebody that has loves wrestling event you’re now but what would love to be able to be able to. Interviewed not the way they cut that when you’re given the choice of working with your guys that I’ve had it you know pretty notable positions in wrestling companies your answer is no thanks. Okay and I don’t even have a need to work with either of these lucky guy yeah. Honestly might pick Russo and I and and the pains me to say that but at least with the roof so I feel like he’s just **** crazy enough maybe you could actually get some sort of a level of something out of them but Kevin Dunn really thinks his **** doesn’t stink and that’s way harder to get through that just like weird day flying cuckoo’s nest I think. If given the choice between somebody that’s kind of just **** in the head and somebody that really thinks they’re unbelievable you know they look like a **** Rackspace Gould I think I would have. Little because. The opening act. The battle well I mentioned well. If you really stop and think about it and I don’t want to go way too often. Kevin Dunn is kinda like the Harvey winds of pro wrestling in a sense of where you have this guy that look like he did brought nothing to the table 0 talent and he’s just like he’s spent his entire career trying to **** these girls that were like had. Thanks hi I’m just totally entitled to that if you look to yourself you **** lunatic you absolutely Coleman buyer bullshit like is there there’s that makes 0 sense why on earth yeah yeah yeah yeah these women are attracted to you I just found out Kevin calve opens as co David’s Rackspace school he’s been in the chat room the whole time Kevin Dunn. Yeah I know he’s been eavesdropping I mean that that this is confirmation I know that for a while now. There are so many takes the name roughly school and does something wasn’t necessary I mean I’m not gonna be like 23 but I think that’s pretty good way to describe it I mean really he just he works why do you look for his somehow you were able to take the frightening stereo type of a character from sopranos giver cetyl alcohol syndrome and have like. Like some sort of. At my house something along with this. I should just take a dark turn here I got to bring in a caller was ring and that you can’t Kevin. Kevin from Missouri we get a second cabin on the line Kevin you’re on the air. Hey what the brothers first off I want to shout out to wrestling soup that’s how I found out about you saw a monster. Why. Either the. The enemy of my enemy. Is my friend thank you for knocking out the hurricane. **** those guys can’t hand I’m from the thank you thank you your walk you’re welcome for that 1 and some monsters so I got formation at 5:00 every every Monday so I wake up at 345 every Monday so thank you for. Waking me up for that though I I thank you for that. So I know it’s kind of a we’re done the same thing in common one talk about that so where do you think Stamkos would or any use or anything if you were still involved right now. So if you still okay so if he was still allow like having government if it was still in WWE where would it be I mean that’s so how long has it been it’s been what 56 years 5 years since you left. No. No 67 years old 2014. So 5 years she’s been 5 years since you left WWE yellow as as popular as he was it’s hard to maintain that popularity for for that long I I think he would have been out of the company anyway at this point whether the injury is your own or justice contracts up and now there’s other promotions sprouting up and he’s going to you know see see what kind of money he can get I I think at this point he wouldn’t even be in WWE anyway I don’t know that he’d be happy there so I mean that that’s that’s the best the best answer I can give as far as where I think he’ll end up I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him in wrestling and I think you can kind of figure where he may end up with you guys. I don’t know I just like you said I mean I got a head on it yeah the look you want to do when I wouldn’t be able to do yeah but do you not agree that enough time has gone by and to wrestling fans maybe not mainstream the to wrestling fans his name is still big enough that if he was to come back it would be a big deal to whatever whatever company that that brings it back you have to admit that at least in the short term absolutely absolutely yeah he could totally will then yeah I don’t I thought of this before I I think he’s he’s that he’s there I mean really the only thing left that can move the needle unless we start figuring out a way to bring people back from the dead it’s just him like there’s no one. If there’s really nobody I mean unless unless the mobile Disney has the ultimate warrior savage floating around that we don’t know about you know some you know more than. I mean he is he is he is where it begins at hand back I walk about 80 W. show or even to Japan dare I even. Impact. The background of my house right now not that we think you go there I think you could make a huge difference. Maybe if I ate W. even like 6 months W. W. does offer them the world to come back I mean what the hell knows I mean nobody I saw him recently where we were in Chicago doing that appearance and he are you both okay you look older you’re very great but he also looked very fan so I know he was you know trying to fight and your C. whatever he he went down and wait quite a bit so I I mean he would look a lot different quite frankly and he’s got a big guy he’s you know he’s he’s an average looking parts but you know by no means the average yeah so. Choose all over his body I don’t if I call an average necessarily but I can I get your. Well. His physical build very basic I yes I will say that yeah yeah. I want everybody to my brother not a whole lot. This is the printer like CM punk right where everybody goes all man what would happen is on came back and all I could think about right now is wrestling’s pension to get somebody and go oh my god this is unbelievable and then wipe their **** with them I mean really stop and look is Roman reigns just came back from leukemia I mean this guy just came back from a life threatening illness then in 2 months. Yeah already over it and then. When you were saying CM punk issues around there you see the stock it through probably injuries would have taken him out honest to god and are and you know I know there’s a Daniel Bryan stick but people are so **** sick go that’s really the truth of the matter we can sit there and always you know Paul gonna sit in the middle of the ring again Jewish slow mold we’ve seen this before people are so quick to get somebody watch their schtick then write the moss there are I don’t even know I mean what you said if he if he showed up on GMA if you showed up on a what it did get for them for sure dean Ambrose gonna show opening W. absolutely I mean I I wouldn’t know to look at that dude’s gonna show even a company you’re going to take a big fat **** paycheck and what is he going to do for me. About 3 weeks a buzz on the internet the people that we’re going to watch the show anyway I mean that’s just the reality of it now in CM punk with the come back in to go to 80 W. we’re create some sort of pop yeah sure would people be interested in it of course is going to get people to spend $60 on a pay per view when they know that you’re down over the next day for free. I don’t know. Dad that’s that’s really the same as the regular drummer thing and all the all the people were dead and I don’t know if any of the golden goose can lay more eggs so as a restaurant going to really come from a different perspective they want to create and find people that are going to make them money and frankly I’m not gonna sit here to come like I got the answers for it because I **** don’t but. I’d love to think that sampling would come back and make somebody a lot of money whoever it may be I don’t give a **** if it’s Cody Rhodes Vince McMahon but I don’t care if it’s out of pocket Hamburglar but I don’t know learn more let me catch up there because we have somebody calling in whose actually gonna go live on his own show literally in 5 minutes I want to try to fit him in here now and we’ll see if we can get him out we got we got a full house here but guess your. Order was almost there did I can’t believe I got on it with our the fappening. 4 minutes to spare I think you go live on your own. Yeah yeah I will I was like you know what though all hold office say I but if not I would like to read later and you can still call later if you want to I’ll be up till 5:00 AM it will be wrestling so so well you know I might take you up on that we got we got that we got Joe Cronin here on the the sound up for the first time. I was Joe I appreciate a subject a day that would have guys I just want to say how happy 600 in shows all the group shows that a call tonight some of the people I don’t think this year’s. Gonna be vying for a a he he’s trying to get on my show now they did their job well that’s true I hope hopefully that’s only temporary but he’s he’s sort of in between us right now. No you’re startled look at you’ll get somewhere you so entertaining but yeah real quick all all all Dr topic for a second and I’ll get out of here let’s get everybody else. So what I hear things body W. the first thing is you know your your thoughts about this whole you know how people feel you know Cody Rhodes SJW and and things like that you think that’s going to help the company or hurt them and I give the example Cody Rhodes saying. You know the attitude here is dead and it was a horrible Connie never like that hi. In the end nowadays wrestling is different shock factor is out the window he said you know they would be involved in that type of stuff and then it all a leak or rather at all in you know they have like a **** is coming down to the ring and everything and I just thought well that’s kind of shocking right there you know maybe he’s just taking jabs and he doesn’t mean it do you think any of that sort of that talk in that 30 German inclusiveness is gonna push anybody away from a product. Personally I mean good luck I I I think they’ll be they’ll be some people who kind of follow follow closely and know what he’s all about have opinions on him and maybe they won’t watch but I think they’re gonna be on TNT so they’re going to have this is big on with a hope anyway that they’ll have a big audience I don’t think it’s going to affect the price of one way or the other I think whatever whatever segment of the wrestling audience that doesn’t like him for whatever their reasons are it’s not enough I don’t think to make a difference they’re either going to flop or they’re gonna have a pretty decent size audience I don’t think it matters what they think of Kodi or the box obviously. Here is is part to this and I’ll get out of here with a W. this is what I’ve been saying this for a while is growing new wrestling fans man it it boggles my mind you remember when you know when I was in eighth grade. You know the NWO in the WCW all that stuff started and I can remember trying to get my sixth and seventh grader friends to watch wrestling and number saying you know Hey Shawn Michaels this so that you see Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and these people would say to me like what you’re talking about and I didn’t say little wrestling and then eventually I would say well you know like hold Hogan and they would say oh yeah you know we heard about but you know they really didn’t watch wrestling all those same K. about 2 years later you know they were running around with end of you will won’t axe shirts and and all these all these other type of things also under way into wrestling these guys that were never in the wrestling and 80 W. I feel like you’re going to have to create new wrestling fans because WWE doesn’t work creating new wrestling fans anymore and sometimes they cross promote with and then they and other places like that a lot of times you know I feel like wrestling fans drift away to MMA as opposed to MMA fans coming to wrestling that doesn’t really happen so you know who’s gonna be see you somebody had to create a new fare they’re leaving everywhere even though there’s a small surge leaving the view that the spreading around 3 independence and going K. W. and things like that but who’s going to create the new fans that’s my question. Yeah I mean it’s a it’s a great question I I don’t even know that I know the answer to that question you know the I I yeah. Me personally I hope I I would hope that whatever you think of code in the box and all them even if you hate their guts and you don’t like them we don’t think they’re genuine the fact is they got a TV deal that nobody else can get however they however they want about getting it whoever they are partnering with whatever you think about them they did something nobody else in the last 19 **** years has been able to do and I am so sick to death of what I am seeing every Monday and Tuesday I’m at my wit’s end that I have to watch the show every week because it’s just so bad even though they have the best roster I think talent wise that they’ve ever had they have so many people there stop that yeah hello Walmart there I hate that do these people if they were good they would they would run the door down they would not doors down they would demand they would I don’t think this is this is the roster that helped it because you know what in the rain they may be counted sports entertainment like it’s far as some athleticism but you know nobody is is talented enough to have the charisma of as anybody from the past in the company who who now you know what I here’s what I think I think that in some cases we just don’t get to see it just because of the way the system is set up now there are people in NXT whether it’s Matt riddle or someone who I think have have a lot of charisma and if you can let them do their own thing Steve Austin on day one was what was it a **** ring master it took him awhile ring that is the remastered them awhile to get going until they took the handcuffs off any changes name and they let him you know the little loose now how many people do you think they have under contract right now we’re in NXT who if they let them loose might just go on maybe that stone cold but they might be able to go on and catch fire become a big star so I do think the town they it’s just it’s an indictment on how they use it which is not well. And as it takes the point you could take the coolest guy you know the coolest back working you know all this guy can just crush it man he goes out to bars you need girl he does awesome and instead of letting him be himself you say Hey I’ve got this book of knock knock jokes just open do that. It’s not going to be back in a rush. That’s what happened like did you use on Twitter right now and people like all my god Biggie is so funny look how clever he is or who says oh my god what kind of funny these guys are and it’s like well I mean you hire these people because they have personalities you hire them because you think they’re cool people and other people will like them and then you get your hands on them and say okay we’ll see that guy well yeah. Yes and just to wrap up because I know just got to go but just to just to wrap up here I think you had a great point so they’ll hire these people right because they got a big buzz around them because they’re they’re really charismatic also we want them so we’re going to send them to a contract okay so they get them let’s say okay now we have them you got to conform to our system so all the things that you did to get over in the first place and that people really love you for it yeah we really don’t want you to do that anymore what have you just kind of be like you know the dial that back by about 50 percent and that’s why you don’t get start like you used to get 20 years ago you want your answer there’s your answer so you know what I do you think the talent is there but they don’t really have a chance in some cases to shine. Hello Joe Ali they tried to start that you make up but he was 6 months ago it was Michael said and you know I was like Hey I’m kind of excited kid this is funny what mo Jo is doing looking into a mirror acting crazy names a little color he does not I hate it because it won’t go anywhere and I was like well I mean yeah but I mean they give that segment ever went nowhere because everybody that has an idea for something it gets interfere with by make man and I mean that’s why road dogs so frustrated because he actually does something that’s worth a damn you have to take a backseat though almost anything that comes up with at any time in any it’s worthless to write these things now come out to the writers are all sad and upset about everything every saying about them but it’s not that we know who it really is and saw a monster congratulations man on 600 I will listen to this entire thing later and it’s been it’s been good man I don’t get to listen to too many people a lot of people call tonight and in the chat but I’ve seen are still people that I listen to all the time so I’m happy to be here thank you very much thank you may I appreciating deliberation and I’ll try to call in later if I can. Sure till Christmas you’re drunk because I’m gonna be. I got away I got a ways to go before I get there thank you brother. Well we got we got we got we got a podcaster medley here tonight this is a quite the conference call. Anybody who’s ever going to. But the it’s a processor of food that most people don’t want to eat yeah. Exactly and for not so golden corral. This is the apple the apple bees the projects here tonight. But it was funny like it but people are talking about there where it’s like oh you know they’re gonna stick Mosel valley and make them into this you know evil characters like most over always a big goofy nice guy the field saying it’s like you can’t turn a hole into a housewife that’s what gets you know if you meet a trick and she’s at the bar thank you drink in and your lover for be an actor all she’s a party girl this is like a fox and then you’re like you know what I’m gonna take this girl home for a **** neighbor non arguable good luck for that you know with you later if you’re most like mo Jo rally for being a big goofy party guy and he runs around the places that you have any flexible don’t freeze pane autumn and try to make of a tortured soul it’s stupid. Yeah it’s not gonna work they they try to turn just manage the prince of darkness it’s not gonna work. Doc man. Man. They’re all right. **** Monday night. Well I’m an old but I’m an old person. Probably with dust fan using our rad yeah yeah. Yeah here’s the thing I always of the knock on the meat is was that he literally look like a human version of documents. How would cost a lot of struggle. They should put the cut the bottom because like all right yeah. The doctor actually well I will let me say this because I think so much **** to get to here but I want to I want to keep you guys around for for one more segment at least I’m sure some of you have to get the hell out here but I wanted to talk about Brady why it real quick and I didn’t know if you guys might have some thoughts on this so I’ll keep you around for this but I’ve been digging the bright white stuff a lot I don’t know about you but you know I I’d soured on him in that so much time had gone by they did nothing with him he would lose and lose and lose and lose it was a joke at one time many years ago I thought him in Rome and they were going to be the ones positioned as the 2 you know top stars in the company and I was half right.

And then Brady just sort of went nowhere and he got injured and then he was gone for awhile so now they’ve been doing these firefly fun have segments and I didn’t quite know what to make of it at first but then I got into it and then they have to segment on Monday night and I heard that those things are going to take a darker turn in any you know boy boy did they ever first of all I’m very happy to see that rambling rabbit Kevin Dunn is still alive so that’s that’s not and I also thought it was cool you know when I read that time Sabina Thompson beanie he he for those that are no he’s a make up in heart. Master. He was responsible and his team was responsible for a lot of the facts that you know you saw the movie Creepshow which is an old favorite of mine I’m dating myself now but yeah the the especially in the daughter that don yeah yeah that’s right yeah yeah yeah your regional dawn of the dead maniac ritual maniac yeah you the OJ yeah and so his team was responsible for Brady’s new mass which does and I agree that the people of Slipknot lot of people have mentioned that. Maybe that’s a nod to what is new entrance music might be we’ll see but the director of all the fun house segments this guy Jason Barker he worked with Tom Savini for about 6 years he is the one who created all the puppets that we’ve seen on the shows mercy the buzzard and Abby the way it should and Ramblin rabbits and sabini in his team they they made that mask for Eric rowing when he came back and not recently but before that. So these guys have a lot of experience making creepy looking ****. And as much as I’ve enjoyed it and I thought it was great and I said this when I was Wade Keller the other night I said none of it matters it all comes down to how they book this guy because. When he is in the arena and he’s not in this pre produced setting and he’s alive it what he’s wearing and what they do with all that stuff matters and if he comes back and they just treat him like a joke which is what they were pretty much doing with him before. Then this is all for nothing. Because here’s a guy would come out and say he was all dark and very creepy and they would lose. So if he comes back and he loses and he just like everybody else none of this matters. But I’m going to give it a shot now do you feel that you have faith in them to kind of do the right thing and and see this thing through then they realize what they have in this guy or is he just gonna end up back in the same position he was. And what about what’s yours and not even just that I’m I mean let let’s be honest like when it comes down to Bray Wyatt I mean he’s basically like you he’s like a big Cheyenne nice house that looks beautiful from the outside but then you get inside and there’s there’s nothing in there it’s **** cardboard like that’s that’s very wired to a tee right one of the guys that can come close and will get crazy man aren’t you scared to me but then he gets in the ring is the same as that should of everybody else you have the same boring the land **** match as any guy that you could go pick up from **** W. W. we NXT right now and put him on TV there’s really not much to applaud you are back there and what’s the shift I mean what else. That said it’s not even necessarily just how the bottom but I mean I’m I’m **** backing you I’m begging somebody can name of Bray Wyatt match where you sit there and go that was unique that was clever he did something that everyone else on this **** roster can’t do and I walked away from it going that was a unique performer gotten really I couldn’t see do anybody else can do it other than like I said he’s a fat guy with dreads that can do a background like what no use to me a second. Right now I’d be now he just looks like a kind of insure it what well let me tell you you get some of that hot young **** and you got a change of that **** diet do you get it I’m sorry you know. You’re going to put up with that big old belly banging against that 30. I’m glad we’re glad class action I gotta get going so I’ll just give you my my thoughts quickly are very wise definitely account I mean he’s got the probably he’s he’s he’s got a down tac these days they just damage this character so much I don’t think he’s he’s got a call but I mean I disagree with Joey on that I think he’s got talent you know he’s a Windham blackout Mogens grandsons falls Michael condo on the best technical Russell’s an under rated Russell’s of all time I think he comes from a good lineage I thinking he’s he did all he wanted this is not some ex football player at no where else to go so we got into wrestling he loves wrestling he’s lived wrestling breed wrestling so I think it’s just a damages character but this what he’s doing now is the best thing about Monday night raw now that’s saying a lot not really the show was horrible but his segments of the best in your right Jason when he gets in the ring all that stuff is not going to matter anymore because of the job him out of his press chin doesn’t cut it live in the ring in those arenas and there’s the dead silence that 97 percent of the roster gets sitting on their hands in difference is the worst thing you can get when you’re Russell we talk about this we all got of agree with that and differences the worst reaction you can get as a wrestler bloom board made you know say get out of here you suck but if you say nothing and you just like next that’s the worst I don’t think that’s going to happen I think everyone’s anticipating this I don’t know the thing about what Bray Wyatt in a way is to do you guys have say all they’re going to present him as the normal guy in this is going to be his alter ego like offend valor where he turns into this slip knot joke or you know about horror character when he’s pushed almost like the incredible hulk the more center this is this is this back on a gimmick does he come to the ring as normal guy and then goes into this mode or is this going to be what he represents is this evil character I don’t know I guess what to see the new fun house that’s going on this Monday but I still don’t it is he both characters he said he’s able to. You know kind of keep this character at bay so this is like the evil side of them is gonna be a face slash he’ll agraria guy so I don’t really know what I think just to be determine what’s going to happen but I’m excited about it because I’m a Braves fan I like the whole cult leader gimmick that he was doing I was a big fan of Kevin solvents cult leader gimmick back in the day that was brilliant very under rated in the aisles wrestling history right definitely talk from that you watch all Florida stuff and watching Kevin solve and morph into madness it was the same kind of thing my granddaughter back is this nice guy weren’t sweaters we started coming out his hair was halfway done whose when stuff on the side of his face and started becoming the sake to even though he says he wasn’t satanic he starts becoming insane so I think they’re doing it the right way with Bray but I’m curious to see is this safe and Ballard situation comes out as one character then becomes this evil sinister character when pushed. Faces the hill don’t know so I think it’s yet to be determined I’m excited about it I I think it’s something at least interesting that’s going on lord knows there’s nothing else. Yeah no I think that’s what I think that’s well said so all we can do is wait and see what happens I think we’re all you know we have a right to be cynical I think about what they’re going to do with this guy but it seems like there’s a genuine you know buzz around him in it’s it’s you know it it’s just it sucks that your first instinct is to think are going to **** it up you know Vince Vince yes. And talk it out and it goes to what I was talking to Joe when he was on before when he was saying I disagree I don’t think the roster is that talented and and I I disagree I think that I’m not gonna say everybody is gonna get over it become a big star but have there been and are there right now even in NXT people who have the potential to go on to become something big yes there are how many of them will probably not many of them. And that’s what the that’s an awful feeling because just think in the last 510 years how many people even if it’s just 2 or 3 could have gone on to become a big big star and didn’t because people just don’t have a **** clue what they’re doing. Where would you don’t you think ray is one of those people that should have been a bigger star absolutely no and everybody who knows him as I’m so happy for him he’s such a creative guy he’s taken the reins on this these are his ideas he’s been very hands on and the director said the same thing and I believe it I’m sure he’s a very creative guy he’s been sitting on his **** at home and he’s probably been thinking of all these ideas how can I come back how can I make a big splash and yes and that’s why I think it’s cool because he’s got people talking about him after people wrote him off I think is being a lost cause but you got to follow up on that and that’s where Vince gets his claws into you and that’s where people lose faith. Yeah well if they don’t turn into a scary clown because this has been done to death that’s what that would mean Joe talk about that and not let let’s got the best thing with guys ever been and is Jo Jo’s **** I mean Saddam how does well on that note. I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna let you guys go because I got I have a contest to get to we’re gonna get away belts and unfortunately you guys without actually you guys are not eligible since you are technically are them your your part of the community here so I can’t I can’t give it to you guys unfortunately but we are that that would look like that but look at the form of not because it is. Angel and we don’t have that there will be no preference but listen I I am so happy I got you guys on I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get you through but I’m and these other people by the way if you are listening and I notice a few other people who I kind of give a heads up to who are listening in FY I before you put the pen in the show number is 113 OO just a heads up on that but I’m I’m happy I got you guys on thank you for for calling in and being part of this celebrations very cool and **** I think we ought to try to do this more often. Yeah it was fun worry much for having well you got another 600 episodes I mean how many years. I promise I’ll be I’ll be walking the earth. Yeah. Well the oldest one well the next. Well we’ll have to have a say on so we’ll get we’ll get Kevin castle on the show. The other big 10 will be like a wrestler now like. Thanks Jason congratulations again all right Sir because of what you guys let everybody thank you guys a statement thank you thank you. Thank you everybody have a good night you too. Well that was fun. That was fun I say I really I I I kind of put the word out and I wasn’t sure who’d be able to make it and who wouldn’t and I’m hopeful we’ll maybe we’ll get a couple more people like that on although I want to get to your calls too and I promise I’m gonna try to get to as many of them as as I can you see the number on your screen right now that is the main number 989282 solo 989-282-7656 now I’m I’m completely out of order here I had notes I had an outline I had a run down. As why do my show solo every week you know it’s very simple I get the stick to what I have in front of me and now it’s just been completely blown to **** and so I know we have some international people listening I’m trying to be sensitive to that people who use the hashtag on Twitter solemn monster 600 to be part of the wing beagle belt giveaway we have people in the U. K. it’s probably I have a note from a 4:00 in the morning where they are right now so I’m gonna skip ahead I’m gonna wait until later but we’re going to do the giveaway now because why wait we have a championship belt to give away this is exciting. And I have to give all the credit to our good friends at wrestle rumble.com because this is an idea that they came up with. And Matt who’s a great guy and kind of runs the show their wrestle rumble he came to me and said Hey why don’t we have a give away and he knew that the wind eagle is my favorite championship and as a matter of fact you can’t see it right now. But I have it on my wall it is one of my prized possessions I have wanted that ever since I was a little kid and I vowed that one day I would have it and I’ve been very fortunate that I have some of the best listeners in the world and shout out to Matt Matt Harrigan who if he’s not listening now I’m sure he will be on the download he actually got me a couple years ago the winged eagle title as a gift. And I took that championship and I paid to have it re leather because I said if I have it I may as well do it right and I have it hanging here now you guys if you want to yeah you could take it and have a real letter yourself you do whatever you want you could smash it like the hardcore title although that would break my heart. If you I did that we see the slide if your watching on the live stream you see the graphic on your screen that is what is up for grabs here it is the wing beagle championship belt. Switch show we are going to give away here momentarily so just to kind of give you a sense of how this is going to work for me just move my notes around here since we’re skipping ahead. So here’s what we’re gonna do before I went on the air live tonight Matt sent me the list hundreds of people use the hashtag I don’t even know the exact number but it was many hundreds of people. I took that list and I plugged it into the list randomizer on random.O. R. G. it’s the same list I use when we do our royal rumble pulls we do the random drawings it’s all on the up and up and so I punched the list in there and I hit the randomized button 12 times 12 being the number of years I’ve been doing this show. I took those 12 names which I’m gonna read off to you here in just a second. And I plugged all of these names into what I would call the wheel fun. Which of your watching on the live stream there this you see the the wheel is in front of you on the screen. I’m going to spin the wheel live here on the show in just a moment. And the 12 names that you see there on that we’ll who were chosen to advance here too I guess you call the final jeopardy. Our Marv. Zack gentry Gerald the entertaining Italian Steven how will stick. Tom Warren. Candy. Someone want to spirits what now candy. Kevin Bellotto. Antoine Daniels junior. Gabby Roy Pierce. And one Ocampo. Those are the people those the 12 names that I chose at random. To insert. On to the wheel. Which is what you see in front of you. Right now. And it’s very simple I’m going to spin the wheel. And I’m gonna spend spend spend spend spend. And whoever lands on is going to be the grand prize winner so whatever name pops up that is the person who wins the wing beagle championship replica and wrestle rumble is going to get that belt out to you tomorrow so whoever the winner is trying to get in touch with me I will get your information over to him and he will get that title out to you tomorrow. So without any further ado. It’s giveaway actually you know before I even get to that I got it I got a show I really do have to. Show some love. Even more life to wrestle rumble. And you should be able to well I’m hoping anyway that you should be able to see it on your screen right now I’m just showing some of the the artwork the ads for wrestle rumble because they have contests like this all the time they have giveaways they have pickem contests for all the paper views you’re really missing out if you’re not participating you gotta go to wrestle rumble.com and then sign up for some of the stuff because it’s really cool the stuff that they’re doing again you’re seeing some of it right now on your on your screen in front of you. But again it’s it’s a very cool thing that they do good people they’ve been big friends and fans of the show and so without any further ado I’m gonna shut up here. And we’re gonna spin the wheel. So I don’t have a drum roll sound effects you can do your own here we go. I guess when the **** out of this. However it lands on is going to be the winner and the official winning the eagle. And the winner is. Mar. Mr area still. On Twitter. Mark is the winner of the wing the eagle championship belt congradulations my friend at Mister yes on Twitter is his handle Marv you are the well I guess you’re the WWE champion you win the championship belt congradulations and thank you to everybody who participated in this I know a lot of people were very excited and probably very angry pissed off right now that they didn’t win but Hey that’s how it goes we only have one championship what does not like Debbie Debbie we were everybody gets a title. You’ve got one championship. And the Marv is the winner so get congratulations to Marv and please if you could just get in touch with me send me your information hit me up on Twitter sent me an email and or get a wrestle rumble maybe he’ll get in touch with you directly he’s got your I. Twitter handle but we will get that championship belt out to you tomorrow and again thank you to everybody who participated in the contest it was. We’ll find a competition lot of people wanted their hands of the championship belt if I tell you you would not even believe so again thank everybody who participated we got a lot more to cover here on the show we are we are far from done we have to talk about it with your right now actually we’re gonna talk about money in the bank money in the bank pay per view is coming up live this Sunday I believe the paper view from not mistaken is in is it hard for. I think it’s hard for Hartford Connecticut I believe. Is that where the paper view. Is taking place this Sunday. And hold on a second here I I I am getting so many messages here at once which is a good thing I’m glad I’m getting that as you know what before I even get the money in the bank this is perfect timing we have another special guest on the line and maybe I’ll I’ll keep him on here is a run through this money in the bank card so what we bring on our next guest. Who I know has been waiting patiently trying to get through all night long you know him he is a big name. In the a you tube community and color I’ll I won’t spoil the color you’re on the air. Are now I think it’s just going to go crazy in a very negative way hi after that myself but I’d love to go over money in the bank with you that’s why I call them well I was going on yes that’s right okay JD from New York here on the 5 guess I know he’s been a fan of the show for a long time as I am with him and and JD yeah ever call a comic and about how the glory bro that’s right I was gonna say you know JT has a very tight as as to make sort of the connection and and it was last summer it’s almost a year I can’t believe it’s been that long but last summer I I came into the house of glory and I got to meet a lot of the members of the team there they got a great crew of people and I started my own voyage starting to do some color commentary for some of the map or some though JD who who does the play by play for them and does a great job at it he’ll be on TV one day but hopefully not with and Irish mad men in his ear but I I was able to provide some color commentary for some of the shows in fact I think house of glory has their next show coming up if I’m not mistaken on June 8 is that correct. June 8 right after the Saudi show that Saturday at the end once you’re ready that’s right so encourage every anybody who’s never seen a house of Laurie show there’s been a lot of names who’ve gone on to pretty good things in the wrestling world and they’ve got a great specially is as as like an independent promotion does it on the TV or anything like that although they are now some of their big events you know have aired on on fight TV. But you will not find a. Okay. With my TV and I don’t mean to cut you off but yes I mean private party and be just fine to 80 W. that’s how great is that that’s right private party young guys approach 2223 years old. Yes absolutely yeah so you’ll get to see them soon on 80 W. television I I’ve been able to see them live in their very impressive so what I’ll do here and I’ll keep JDM with me if you don’t mind here for for a while all our why were run through the money in the bank card paper view is coming up this Sunday and we will let me see here hold on a second what I’m what I’m gonna start with forget the women that you see on the screen I’ll get to them in a little bit we start with the pre show. From defending the WWE championship at WrestleMania one month. 2 wrestling in a tag team match on the kickoff show the next we have the SmackDown tag team champions Daniel Bryan. And role in taking on the usos in will and correct me if I’m wrong I believe it is a non title match as it is currently listed the preview makes no mention of it being for the tag team titles and it shouldn’t be because the usos are not on SmackDown anymore there on Monday night raw although apparently the the wild card rule. Extends the paper views as well so we we should get a really good match out of this but this wild card nonsense has just got to go I saw they’ve canceled another SmackDown how show this Monday that was scheduled back in for wool Massachusetts because they needs all hands on deck they need SmackDown people it raw for this dumb shake up. You know Brian a row in there the champions they should not be taking the L. here in this match even though it is probably not title I’m taking them to win within this is from the revival looking for revenge for that see hot garbage and so that way the users can focus back on that feud on their own brand what do you think. I am not so I I don’t actually that idea to the one that you just patch I have a better question why already taking divisions America is what I want now what are your thoughts on that please please tell me I’ve been putting this on my own self the divisions on rocks back and need to be merged I just wish they’d and all this nonsense yeah well I mean I wish they would merge the rosters altogether because there’s no let me let’s be honest for being serious about this there really is no brand split anymore you know guys appear on whatever brand they just feel like putting them on you’ve got smacked down guys coming over raw or vice versa and challenging for the other brands belts there’s no there’s no rules so if that’s the case then why not just merge the rosters you can still you know try to get some of those lower current guys on the shows you can store almost structure it is though in a way it kind of is separate brands but it’s it’s not but they just they have not given up on this idea we have the brand split there is no brand split you know in the end I agree with you 100 percent. The tag team division is is just it’s not strong enough I don’t think they have separate tag team divisions and so you should have champions that flow from one brand to the other. I I agree and and to go back to what you said on last week’s sound off I love your analogy you either love her or you don’t you have a goal all women all over you just end it all I I don’t understand why W. we is just playing with our emotions like that and honestly I’m all about I look Daniel Bryan more than anybody I look down at heel I understand why they gave him and we’re only taking title because one of the thinking that they’re going to be much better off for because of the working Iran is done but at the same time what does that do for every author the staff was taking that in a tag team with you differently in the division when you give those guys the titles like that what we gotta do. Yeah yeah yeah no I I agree it’s it’s a whole cluster **** right now the tech team divisions on either so I’m looking at all the respective them I mean you’ve got to Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins as the tag team champions on raw at a time when they have teams that are clearly better than them they were position as jokes for the majority of their career were supposed to take them seriously now they’ve given us no reason to. And so the the the raw tag team titles are are not worth the the letter that they that they’re put on. And I just think the whole thing is is just a total disaster so I think we’re in agreement on that we’ve got Tony Nese defending his cruiserweight championship against are you the vari a no needs just won the championship a WrestleMania. I see no reason for him to drop the belt this soon I think he retains. No reason also think about the phonies. We have the women I see now that now that the graphic on your screen is gonna make a lot of sense we’ve got the women’s money in the bank ladder match with Bailey amber moon data brought d’italia Denver by the way I know is JT’s favorite wrestler d’italia. Carmel Mandy rose is a favorite of mine and Nicki cross replacing the injured I guess Alexa bliss she’s not medically cleared to compete report what yeah well reportedly due to concussion issues although that’s not official and you know what if it is concussion related that doesn’t bode well for her future I don’t think in the rain and we she keeps getting hurt like this or. Yeah even if she can get can cost again but there you know worried about her past concussions. You know I mean it’s not that I can I ask you something legitimately I mean. What is she done actually taken a bomb since he’s been back and be with W. W. we put her in the ring knowing that she’s that she’s still going through concussion symptoms I don’t think so. I mean I just this issue seems very bizarre to me. Yeah I mean the whole thing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me she came back for about 2 weeks she wrestled but in one match on TV and I don’t know that I’ve seen her wrestle since so I don’t know what’s going on with her but it can’t be good and you know well I guess we’ll see we’ll see soon enough if they clear and letter back in the ring but. You know her future may well be as a host and a and a manager and not in the rain but Nikki if you cross was the most obvious choice you know she was both somebody’s out of no where she was bosom buddies with Alexa bliss on raw last Monday she took a Lexus place in a fatal 4 way with the other money in the bank participants and she won so we really should be her and I think honestly I think Nick he wins the the brief that Nikki cross that is not Nikki Bella wrote wrong that he he no we’re not talking about that Nikki not that one and I think I think a SmackDown stars winning the men’s briefcase and so to even things out I think you need a rock guy. A guide but you need a roster to win the women’s briefcase so why not if you cross you know they haven’t done anything with her yet people like her yeah I don’t really see any reason why should be here. Yeah my first instinct was to go with amber moon but I just don’t see WWE getting behind her I just don’t know why I love her I’m actually going with manta roast when the briefcase. Yeah many many was my original pick I think 2 weeks ago. And as things have played out with her and Sonya. I I don’t know I just feel like someone is gonna get involved either intentionally or quote by accident and kind of cost her a possible when. Should be my number to pick but I I was thinking about this this morning and I switched and I’m going to cross now so we’ll see well we we got 2 different picture we’ll see who’s right at 2 women who will not be in the money in the bank match our carry saying then osca they’ve been dubbed the kabuki warriors a name that that people immediately said on before page one on Twitter. And trying to calm everybody down and said listen it was their idea they came up with the name them is actually the original name they came up with was the kabuki girls and they had to settle for warriors instead me personally I don’t give a **** what the name is it doesn’t bother me like the Viking experience did and I also don’t see what’s offensive about it you wonder what offends me the outside what offends me. What offends me is the fact that they force these 2 into a random mass tag team because they had no idea what to do with them. And because they were both Japanese and that’s the only reason that their tag team partners right that is literally the only reason that they were put together what bothers me. Is that also has a submission win. Over the raw and SmackDown women’s champion only a few months ago. And yet she does not seem concerned about challenging for either one of those titles you want to go after the women’s tag team titles why. Why would Oscar. He singles wrestler her entire run on the main roster her entire run. In NXT. And with a win over Becky Lynch suddenly care about challenging for the tag team titles. Because **** you that’s why. That’s what offends me and your address and I I I I got I got to tell you. You are using I have I have someone that I know who has reached out to me in regards to this name and. I got a thought a page whatever system until she me was false what whatever she said as a complete hoax it’s a lie August. What whatever whatever name that they came up with was was come up with by people who are not hiring and and also that they didn’t they didn’t have anything to do with this name and it’s. Goon sitting around a boardroom to figure you know what will be worries wanna. Not that the well either either goons or OR one singular goon India border and I think we know who that is. Yeah whatever I mean again but that what bothers me more the point is that what bothers me more. Is horrible story telling. And I and I might be willing to overlook that. If I knew that you know they’re just going to wait a few months and then they’re gonna give us the match but I have no faith of the fate that that’s even a thought in Vince McMahon’s head to go to Becky Lynch in osca. As a program. I mean if I ever got a glimpse of what was going on inside of Vince McMahon’s head it would be like something out of the movie the ring you know like you never hear from me again I don’t want to know what’s going on in this guy’s head and I I just I can’t figure it out for the life of me and you know but they they have no match on the show this weekend so I guess why even why even bother talking about them we’ve got Roman reigns your favorite the your second in wrestler against alliance yeah absolutely if if if you find this fee every look different strokes for different folks but if you find this used to be fun. You’re probably also the kind of person that finds paper cuts fun is my guess I mean look weak we all know that this is just part of the journey to a Roman reigns Shane McMahon match and the faster we get this over with the better Roman wins. Which is rumored by the way for Saudi Arabia and I know where my bathroom break is coming in I can you believe that this is actually the biggest story line on the left. Well well I mean you got a big man you gotta make men involved so I wouldn’t be. Unbelievable I’m going west on. Course but I mean this is this is given more time in Asia and South to be honest with you they they they did this was more a little more focused on on the grounds of a smack on the staff and and AJ from the W. W. E. universe championship. Sat as everybody who is listening lot you know for midnight we’ve got almost 1300 people of the chat which is pretty cool so thank everybody who is second with us here tonight as we move along money in the bank I am going to talk about the double or nothing after this and also going to talk about the movie vice documentary will take more phone calls to the still a lot more yet to come but we’ve got Becky Lynch defending her raw women’s championship against the sappy sappy I can’t even speak against the sassy. The Senate has a like does he read the thing. The sassy southern bore Lacy Evans that’s what I’m calling her this is Becky is for a contract I’m I’m proud you provide thank you thank you her first of 2 title defences on the show back he got put through a table on Monday by laci and Charlotte or Charlotte in Charlotte to during their double contract signing you look it’s way too early for laci and apparently the Becky 2 belts merch is selling pretty well so are you I think they’re gonna want to keep this going for a little while longer that and they did this thing on TV. Which I hate when they do this where the announcers telegraph things way too much they don’t how can Becky out last 2 challenges in one night there’s no way she’s walking out of there with both and then she does. So I think Becky in laci at the Becky retains. I think Becky retains the raw base championship and I brought this up on Monday when I come across anybody else covered this in the community. He came out publicly with their relationship I think it’s more so now and in the inevitability that Becky retains because everybody we’ve been pretty consistent on keeping cobbles together and I think now that they came out with the relationship I think back you retain more likely to lose the SmackDown part of the Charlotte so she stays on raw even though the woman it’s kind of it’s awesome what it’s not raw closer to Raleigh just based on that fact. We’ve got Shane McMahon battling the ms inside of a steel cage chain wanna WrestleMania. If the ms loses the shame twice in a row he may as well call it a day engines dear reality shows for the rest of his life you know ms needs to win he he I think he gets the win Shane want to wrestle may I mean look at Shane he won a WrestleMania he got the winning hit against one of the cells in a handicap match against them in Roman on Tuesday. I am I wrong I mean he’s not winning here right. Yeah ms one in 100 percent. Thank god help us all if the instrument man those one. We’ve got some Joe defending the United States championship against Rey Mysterio rate a great match with sorrow on raw last week probably the only highlight of that well second with the a firefly funhouse. Joe continues to call that race on Dominic who I believe has signed or so I’ve heard anyway he signed a Debbie Debbie we deal. He did train last year under lance storm which is not a bad person learn from so it looks like yeah this is headed toward some physicality that sooner or later possibly on Sunday I say very likely on Sunday I think Joe wins and I think he ends up laying out Dominic and eventually I think it is going to lead to a match between the 2 of them. I honestly think that you’re always going to lose the title on Sunday just because of how they made him look weak in the weeks leading up to this not only just about every champion on WWE television so every day he’s given me no reason to believe what job was gonna retain the title. 060 seconds of WrestleMania I’m going to break the stereo and then John and I are still going to get into something after that with ray is in the United Nations. We’ve got that feeling is defending the fact that women should be chip against Charlotte flair you know I don’t have a lot to say about this I think I think that he pulls it out because I think they want to keep the 2 bell stuff going on a little bit longer. I’m going to start with I’m going with Becky actually getting a beatdown post match with laci and being too weak to go into the match Charlotte I’m going with Charlotte yeah and being the SmackDown level mission. Well I hope you’re wrong with Kathy I Obama. Yeah believe me yeah we’ve got the the men’s money in the bank ladder match with Randy Orton fin Ballard drew McIntyre I’m Friday see at all miss me stop Ali ricochet Baron Corbin and now Sammy’s named replacing Braun Stroman after beating him in a falls count anywhere match on Monday saying I think would be a great choice but I think the SmackDown star wins it I think that man is on Friday and I think we have Zeleno walking around for the next few months with the briefcase in hand for him I I I think hello winning the contract doesn’t always mean that person is your next world champion but many times it does and I think all this would make for a fine champion some picking him. You’re almost almost was my first Hey and I want to believe that he deserves it and I I actually believe it does. But I’m going to go completely dark horse here I’m going with you saw folly to win the money back right. Okay. What I’m going would not only in and and and and the reason why cases because. We will realize the survivors years in Chicago and. The Chicago native and I want a moment in my hometown but that would be if he cashed in at survivor series in his hometown and I truly believe that we stop Ali no matter what people say about the whole Bryant Kofi Kingston storyline and hit replacing Mustafa Ali I I I actually believe was awful posted. The Saudi shell has a double WJHL into the WWE championship and I feel like this is the P. W. E.’s way of giving back to him after being injured going into Monday night when the briefcase and then asking in Chicago I think it’s a great store. While not Mustafa winning winning the the money in the bank but you know what Renee thinks about that. I just I don’t think it here but I just played the a sound effect. So anyway yeah yeah I don’t think you can hear shack in your city either I’m just hoping to play people in the chat room tell me the plate please because I I actually have. Yeah I don’t I don’t think we’re gonna hear anything but I I have it loaded up in multiple slides in case I need it I can play the oh my god anytime I wanted here so we’ve got that Kevin Owens challenging Kofi Kingston. For the W. W. E. championship I have waffled on this a little bit but I do think that they’re going to give Kofi a little more time I don’t think the program is over necessarily between the 2 of them but I think thinking some retains the championship here. I agree with you I think often retained and then Kevin Owens June at the super show down and you’re going to you’re not I can’t even I don’t even know where it was going on. Gonna be to double check. And you know if they intend that we saw him insane no one ‘s insane back together working together on SmackDown Tuesday yeah what if they insist on having when’s insane working together again. I would say Lee and I don’t think this is going to happen I I think this is kind of pie in the sky but. Elise come full circle on their story arc from NXT and what they could do if they wanted to on Sunday they could have Zane win the money in the bank briefcase and cashed in on winds of phones let’s say wins the championship and take the title on Sunday from Kevin Owens but again I I don’t think that they will they will do that I think Kofi hold in a little while longer and look say what you want to say about Kofi Kingston not everybody is a fan of him being the champion they gave him 2 successful title defenses back to back on TV 2 weeks ago against Daniel Bryan and then the next night again Sammy saying that AJ styles they’ve tried to keep him strong you know there are men who have won the title before like Rey Mysterio after he won the the big gold belt the first time who they just jobs out on television. Before they took the title off him so I I will give them credit lease for trying to keep Kofi strong since it’s so hard to give them credit for anything these days I will I will at least try to give them credit for that and in the main event we have several in defending the universal championship against AJ styles. It you know it’s hard to help how this goes down I I honestly don’t know I think it’s it’s hard for me to imagine they just do a clean finish and go off the air although it is possible. I think it’s equally possible that Lashley and or McIntyre indoor Corbin get involved which would be the worst possible option which means it’s the one they’ll probably go with. About all those guys are book together in various combinations through July if you look at these how show lineups ready you see AJ and McIntyre Corbin challenging Rollins in July for the championship spoiler sorry. So. This is the the very first singles match in a Debbie Debbie we rang. Between Rollins and AJ they wrestled once I think in their career which is in an Indy show over a decade ago I think we’re going to get a great match but I think in the end Rollins retains the championship. I’m actually I had 2 different ways I was thinking about this one I don’t know how you feel about their minus the actuation when he and stuff and how he’s going to play a role in either show I feel like Monday I wrote doesn’t have a lead sheet steel could challenge Seth Rollins and I was thinking maybe turning AJ he’ll bring that they moved Allison Anders in over a month that raw now all of a sudden they you know the one that they’re in there thank any TV deal maybe 8 reform some of the Koran for political on Monday night raw which I don’t think they’re going to do because I’m sure Galvin Anderson are on their way out already. But I feel like they don’t have a rigid here on Monday night Ross I was kind of going around the idea of AJ turning your on Sunday but I don’t think W. W. E. is is going to do that I’m going to fall through that. Very out of a bold prediction I say we see Brock Lesnar show up on Sunday and screw the match up and then we get Rollins and let their act supershow down for the WWE universal championship in a rematch on W. W. E. by rules what about the rematch is based on the experience. Possible although your your banking on the idea that Brock is gonna actually working I’m gonna work on Sunday which I am yes I am not so sure about that but. I’m going to pull out of the box prediction yeah well look I mean we do know he’s advertise with the Saudi show he’s going to need an opponent so in a way it would make sense you know for him to do something on Sunday that leads into whatever match she’s gonna have and what match could be I mean Goldberg is occupied right with the undertaker god help us all they’re they’re they’re they’re doing that match and who else unless he’s challenging for the title what would you do with Brock I mean just put him in a random match against lebron Stroman I mean who wants to see that. Or Bobby Lashley I mean subproblem there’s only one that makes sense on the conflict yeah well knowing them they did put Brock in there against Ali or something and that would not end well for him so. But that’s the yeah that is the money in the bank run down keep you around if you don’t mind here for for one more segment here and yes please and now we don’t have the kind of wrap up but I wanted to talk now you know. Look I said I was going to talk about this guy anymore but he just makes it so hard it’s just I can’t resist so this is a sad tweet this week that’s that’s where it belongs to Biggie. But actually in reality it doesn’t really belong to Biggie even though he posted the tweet it belongs to superstar Billy Graham. Superstar Billy Graham posted another Facebook blog and Biggie decided to tweet out a screenshot of it because he is mentioned in superstars block. And again I know I said I was going to talk about this guy again but every time he finds a way to say something even dumber than before. And I just can’t help myself to get the path it’s like it’s like catnip for me or or you know Deanna ball for Billy Graham if this was a 40 years ago. So big he by the way he has been laid up at home injured he’s been tweeting he has expressed his sexual attraction to Becky Lynch as mother he has tweeted photos to random fans of his nipples. People have been openly discussing the possibility of him becoming Becky Lynch a stepfather. This man has to be stopped he’s out of control. But that is that is Biggie on Twitter which leads us to Billy Graham Billy Graham. Posted a blog titled new day is breaking up so apparently he’s the new Meltzer now. New date is breaking up you see the blog I have it if you’re watching the live stream. You see the blog there on your screen. Okay. Now. He says. Yeah you know the thing about Billy Graham first he dispenses medical advice to Kofi Kingston. Now he’s booking for WWE. No wonder the product has gone to ****. They got Billy Graham booking for them. So new day is breaking up he says it appears that way to me. According to big he’s latest statement he has told the wrestling world that he has had a meniscus surgery and he will be out until 2021 or 2022. 2020 that have you heard of a minute I’m in surgery keeping you out for 3 years okay so anyway he says 2021 or 2022 now mind you Biggie clearly was saying that in Jesse was on busted open radio he was clowning around this week. Clearly it was a joke to everybody said Billy Graham who goes on to say I went to the Mayo Clinic website and I read that the most serious of meniscus surgeries require only 3 to 6 months to have a full and complete recovery. So he is aware he says that he meant lighter that’s what that’s what he meant he meant to say liar. But he called him a letter okay that that is what he that is what he called them so everybody was wondering about Biggie now you know. Biggie is aware what the **** that is. I don’t know but he called Malek anyway. He’s aware about the time needed to recover from this type of injury and apparently just does not want to wrestle anymore and he goes on to say I won’t miss his **** apparently he’s infatuated with Biggie’s **** okay well you know teach there everyone everyone got the thing that they’re into. He goes on. This is about the the old photo he included with his post which you do not see on your screen. He says nice photo a friend of mine found of me in monsoon in my first W. W. W. F. title defense in MSG a simple bear hug and believe me it was a long reach around the near 400 pound monsoon plus it may have been old school but one sure did not get a concussion from it unlike Kingston’s MMA style kicked to the side of your head that you cannot pull. So he really doesn’t like the new day and you can I’ll leave it up to your imagination why that is but he clearly has a beef with the new day and we know that. And then comes the really sad part. He says my go fund me link is directly below if you wish to donate just before I started this post I checked my go fund me amount in the last donation was 11:00 hours ago from a nice man named Tom gill few so at $25 buy now that it’s been a good 13 hours starting at 6:00 AM Phoenix time all day long without one donation that tells me the majority of my Facebook friends do not give a **** about me. Around 5000 view I started my go fund me on January 17 of last year year point 5 ago I am **** done with begging you people for nickels and dimes I’m going to start the process of blocking all of you he’s gonna start benching people here that are going to start the process of blocking all of you who have not given a damn die I am weary as hell over being slapped in the face by you non givers who just want to take and not even get 5 or 10 back I have over 10000 fans waiting to get on my Facebook I can give 5000 of them a chance to give by adding them. To my Facebook so it appears that Billy Graham has instituted a a tax on joining his Facebook page. Yeah bye bye joining you are required to donate or you risk being blocked. At least we know what he really thinks of his fans and anybody surprised by this should be in he bashed W. W. we for years until he started drawing a paycheck from them then all of a sudden he found religion and he started singing their praises until they dropped his legends deal. They started bashing them again. Whichever way the wind blows with this guy look I’m sorry he’s having health issues. I I don’t you know I don’t wish email. But when you show your true colors the way he did here you’re not going to get sympathy from a whole lot of people Chris Jericho Hey god bless and Chris Jericho donated 1500 Bucks to this guys go find me the same Chris Jericho the Billy Graham once said would bleed to death on his own blood. Whatever the **** that means. And that he would burn in hell. So Jericho is a a bigger man than than I am in this instance when what what you’re a. Your take your your opinion on superstar Billy Graham. Yes and I don’t I don’t really have an opinion on superstar Billy Graham at all I mean like you said I don’t even know like I I know why it. Because it it’s humorous and other than that I don’t find any relevance here what this man just said what you write that everybody tonight I just I don’t give a **** I really don’t see the relevance like you like you 31 address from of all time you know he’s going to cry all time but. What what what is his work out. He’s written some very good self I don’t give a **** what he says. But I mean this is that not said though I mean the fact that he he really is I mean if you go back and watch as old workings promos in rain he wasn’t anything to to really you know shake a stick at but his promos Jesse Ventura copied him whole Cogan copied him I’m probably a lot of other people did too they model themselves after this guy he’s got his place in history he was a big name for a while. And it’s just embarrassing I don’t know it’s just embarrassing I I actually cringe when when I hear that he has posted a new blog it is in poor health and then who knows what the future holds for him. And so I hate look I I hate to speak ill of the guy but you know again he he just shows his true colors with these with these blog posts and some of the. The hateful things he says until he starts drawing a paycheck and it’s just funny to me how his his entire mindset seems to change whenever that happens. I agree I mean it’s several whatever whatever happened with the whole cold the situation when he was going to rest many when it WB title and holes that really thing that he was talking with no company to take steroids yeah I completely blocked him out of anything I didn’t read anything about him I mean it was just so stupid it’s like I can’t I can’t even bear to read something like that in your report on it because it’s just it’s just irrelevant garbage. Yeah and I I probably wouldn’t send anything either beat but yeah Biggie posted that tweet I thought it was a joke at first and then I actually went my son now he actually. He actually posted that and it’s amazing to me because when you look at the comments under that blood pose you would think there would be a lot of people what fans of his on his page saying Bailey you know that’s not a nice thing to say we’ve supported you but it’s like one significant after another Billy’s right I’m donating right now like you you you should heads like do not realize that this guy just insulted you and buried you on his own page and you’re gonna rush off now and and donate money do is go find me he just buried you but it’s this I don’t know it’s like a hive mentality where where you know you see it all the time with these Alexeev listen Sasha banks fan pages or what they call them Stan the fact is that it I want to ask about this maybe I’m just completely out to lunch on this people I know are you a stand for this person that person what the **** does that even mean. I actually look it up not too long ago and it’s equal to being a superfan you know you know I mean Sasha and Alexis gauges the robberies pages I know you’ve got it all of I’m a it’s it’s just so bad and you know the law but what what is so great on on Twitter brought it is really is it is well it is and you know it’s even better than the mute button because then they get to talk to themselves and they don’t realize that they’re talking to themselves but like I see these these pages and it’s like they have the header the avatar and it’s just you look at some of the post give an example the the news broke right about Becky and and Seth that their day. And. I go I think it was on Becky’s page and I’m looking at some of the tweets and it’s like one person after another you stay away from him you don’t corrupt to you leave us alone I’m like holy **** like they make it sells for people like this so I guess I I like I look at them and I’m like I guess that’s a stand I don’t know I think it’s standard think of **** Eminem I didn’t know what the hell it meant I’m glad you at least try to shed some light on it I I just don’t know how that word came about like I I would wonder about the origins of that word but I see it all the time now and I just feel like I I’m out of the loop on this. I get it from the I. Connick’s fans brawl a it’s a it’s a really really care because I was very very all all about them wanting to take the title that WrestleMania and I’m like I was I was clearly in defense of such an alien I thought that was a terrible decision and I know I don’t eat down you thought that was the wrong decision as well because Sasha Bailey like I said I believe you said that those those titles were tailor made for those who have built this season entering some notoriety the vision then they give it to the iconic you have lost several times on TV and have commentary without the winning those titles like no wonder why stockade sitting home not wanting to come back to work and I say this and you know I I I don’t really think highly of state release in the ring I think she’s gotten progressively worse since the days in NXT and people don’t really seem to understand where I’m coming from with that hater and you know I’m all these other drivers are words that I will mention here but I feel if you and I really feel it every single week. Yeah I don’t know how you put up with it and it would drive me up a wall but yeah the sim pretty is a pretty scary people out there that. Well I don’t actually before before we wrap up here I I have to see you posted a tweet the other day our old friend James the Debbie Debbie guy so he got back in touch with you and had had some had some words for you because I got an email from him this is a number of months ago and I read it on my show and people thought it was hilarious I I was ready to take a restraining order out this guy just sounded completely unhinged and then I so wait a minute you got an email from him too so it seems like he he just makes the rounds here and send emails to people that I haven’t heard from him since then and I say you’ve got an email from him so clearly he’s he’s still around. All right yeah yeah he’s still around I I did a little little thing on you to be other Jerry and I talked about Alexa being removed from money in the bank and I get my reasons why very open with everybody you know how I am and everybody knows how I am very blunt with everybody and then I talked about Roman being nominated for a MTV movie in order the same goes for backing and for all and Rhonda and I I made light of the entire situation you know real life superhero I’m like yes Joseph and a lot and the whole routine the situation but you know I did what I usually do talking about the Roman reigns character so he proceeded to email me his thoughts and it was a complete you know run on sentence with apps absolutely no no **** you know vocabulary back look and it was it was just terrible there it was awful so you currently out on the sun and it was I’m gonna read on the pocket this weekend but it’s just laughable I want to give him the time of day but it’s just so funny that I I have to. Yeah yeah if he’s listening well. You can go **** yourself anyway once a. Did I say that not anyway let’s wrap up here I’m glad you’re able to call in again there were some people who I wanted to to try to get on the show and people were getting busy signal which I guess is a good thing I mean there’s been a lot of people trying to get through and and I guess that’s a good problem to have but I’m glad you’re able to to make it on and and anything else you want to say and everybody yeah yeah before you before you get out I’m gonna I’m gonna have. Closing you called me back but I love you bro and you know you’re being influenced everybody. And I wasn’t happy you know you you are one of the guys that I go to every single week to just one delegation and what we’re watching. An honest opinion and I look forward to having you at the house or show on June 8 and I hope that you come on out because it will be Josh is free and it will go back to doing what we have well that well that’s always a good thing to know that. On June it. Yeah I’m a come on out we got to wait for yeah and it will be it’ll be back to the regular way well I I look forward to and I I encourage everybody to check a JD from NY 206 on you to check out all of its content it’s great stuff and he’s got his off the script that goes up every weekend I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say about all of this stuff and more coming up this weekend so definitely check image 80 thank you. Thank you so much for all of the above formula. Well it’s been this is been anything full show here so far we’ve had a lot of very special guest sign in I am I am gonna get some more of your calls but a lot of you’ve actually said no more calls get some more content so you’re gonna get me for the for the foreseeable future here because I got more PayPal shout outs and then I got some more stuff to talk about will talk about double or nothing real quick I’ll run through that card and then I got some stuff to say about the yeah not so fabulous Moolah. And then we can not wrap things up here at the end but I want to say I haven’t forgotten about you guys want to say thank you to the Baltimore big shot Ryan Smith Tyler the boss Williams Scott the stump Woodford Oscar the movement Fernandez Zach house of pain Holker who bust his **** every year helping out with the royal rumble pool in our Facebook for. Michon Ozzy Osborne final boss Brian deadly the California kid at the car junior Jose the house later to Rubio Sean grand slam green the con man Michael Connelly critical condition Kevin Smith we’ve got doctor happy Greg her candle true grit Tim dog in and Edwin pretty boy highlands when those in the. Folks that contributed via pay pal I I did see I was a little distracted before I don’t know I think wrestling super actually was one of them but there were some people who donated some pretty big amounts in the super chat on a you tube so whoever that was thank you very much I was not expecting that I appreciate that that’s pretty cool of you to do that so again thank you. And let’s move on here because there is more stuff to get to 80 W. we’re not done with them yet they’ve got their double or nothing show that airs live from the MGM grand garden arena in Las Vegas next Saturday may 25. And at the TV upfronts on Wednesday the young Bucks were teasing some surprises for the show you never know they said who might show up. And of course you’re my first goes to a CM punk. Who actually I think that that is doing commentary and some animation of somewhere so he’s probably out your name here your your mind goes to a John Moxley who I do think there’s a very good chance we’ll show I hear me who lives in Vegas so would be hard for him to show up I would be surprised honestly if we don’t get a big name who shows up on that show I would think they want to make a big splash and I could get on TV until probably October you want to get people buzzing about your show the best way to do that is a put a great show on but be have a big name crash the party and I think Moxley is way more likely than than punk is. But we’ll see who knows maybe the big name is Tom McGee. Somebody is going to debut and Ollie wrestling and and do a back flip. Up but I’ve got my ticket I will be at the show in Vegas I’m actually looking forward to going to Vegas any excuse me to go to Vegas is is fine with me. So I will be there I think it to go away for WrestleMania this year since it was local so I’m looking forward to this. And I’ll be watching that I’m gonna be watching the for more than just the matches. Excuse me I’m gonna be watching for the arena set up. Production values all of those things that go into you know making that show what it is they gonna come off is majorly for the show. And with the names of the money that they have behind it there’s no reason that they should not come off as majorly. So I’m not just watching to see who the 5 star match **** it’s not just about the matches. So that everything else. How does it come off as a come a bush league. Is a come of Mickey Mouse. It better not. It’s going to make a good first impression. It’s got to be major league let’s run through the card here. We’ve got the casino royale battle royal worthy of battle royale I guess maybe call airing on their buy in pre show with the winner earning a future shot at the 80 W. world champion whoever that may be. And the way that this is going to work if they’re gonna have waves of 5 wrestlers that enter every 3 minutes followed by the lucky number 21 entrance you get to come in at the very end they will have 21 competitors including should be having am J. F. Billy Gunn sunny days Brian Pillman junior jungle boy glacier yes glacier. Joe region Ella and many more. I can’t do predictions on some of these matches because I just don’t know everybody who’s in that but anyway that’s that’s the opener on the pre show. We’ve got to come on and you’ve got soccer sake teaming up with Amy Sikora against the car she the and Rico and Ryo ms you not me. In the Japanese women 6 men 6 person tag team match Jack Evans and I’m Haley co. It’s the best friends Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor were Chuckie T.. S. C. U. takes on cinema and Linda men and T. hawk we’ve got Kylie rate nyla Rosen Dr brickmaker. The better half of that Adam Cole. And she was at the upfronts she was the I think the only woman other than brandy who they sent to the up front for a Turner on Wednesday so clearly they are positioning her in a pretty prominent role in the company I’ve actually I will pick her to win that match I think Britt Baker wins that match we’ve got hang that Adam page taking on park the former Nevil I’m picking pop to weigh in I haven’t seen talking forever I know he’s been doing in these in these been winning championships but I haven’t seen this **** guy in so long and I miss him I missed this guy actually saw it I was in a Duane Reade the other day I don’t even know what it was in there for and I have a and I’ll with toys so I it is like a fungal pops and all this other bullshit and I go down the aisle and they’ve got some WWE figures and by the way what the hell did they Jack up the prices of these figures never like 15 or $16 a figure what that what the hell’s that about. But I’m going down the aisle and they have Tyler breeze and they’ve got novel and I just looked at him like makes me so sad Mike that’s right I forgot about him I miss noble so I’m actually excited to see him back in a in a mainstream promotion I’m picking him to win. We’ve got the triple a tag team champions the young Bucks nica met Jackson taking on Pentagon junior and ray Phoenix and picking the lucha rose to win. We’ve got Cody taking up his brother Dustin Rhodes. People been asking you know what you think about Cody’s promo that went up 2 weeks ago on you too I thought was great. Different. You know. I’m so used to this. Just a natural force rehearsed. Bullshit that we see on WWE television it was refreshing. You know I could have done without him harping on the attitude era and all that stuff but. Overall I thought it was a little is great. And I think Cody’s winning. I don’t know if this video turn into a longer program but I think he’s going to win I think you should one. And then in the main event or what should be anyway the main event we’ve got Chris Jericho taking on Kenny omega in a rematch from wrestle kingdom 12 last year in new Japan to match that omegle one. And I do think that for that reason and and other reasons I think Chris Jericho’s winning this match. Chris Jericho is challenging Okada on June 9 at the minion for the new Japan the IWGP. Heavyweight championship. Jericho again he lost to a maybe the first time I’m almost positive he’s going to lose 2 Okada. Chris Jericho is gonna be position is one of the biggest stars in 80 W. he’s got a win. Make it can absorb I mean like any of these guys to lose its not that big of a deal. But I do think Jericho needs of more. And I think it could lead to a another match maybe some kind of gimmick match. On the next show between them so I’m picking Chris Jericho to win that match so that’s a run down as it stands now of the double or nothing card. And I am very much looking forward to it but again it’s about more than just the matches it’s about the presentation so I’m anxious to see how the arena and everything is set up and pyro and I’m not watching on TV like you guys are so you know you can speak better to the camera angles in the lighting and and all that stuff but all of that is going to go into making this product looking feel major league and to me that’s as important as anything. Because the minute people tune in the in the sea that shitty lighting or this doesn’t work and that doesn’t work they’re gonna just. Right you off we’re gonna give up on you right away because that’s all people had for the last you know 19 years or whatever it’s been since the B. C. W. that. A lot of things that come off is maybe not the in ring product but they just come off as bush league ring of honor for years has had issues relating. Why. Throw by $0 entity how do you not get that have you not get that right. So that’s the sort of thing they have to get right. Some of the vice land documentary on the fabulous Moolah looking forward to this one. It is the final one this was the season finale I’m almost positive the to bring the show back for season 2 I don’t see how they they can’t some pretty good numbers. And they’ve already filmed most of the seventh episode on Dino Bravo which if they do season 2 will have that episode on him. I mean there’s so many other topics they could explore from the Jimmy Snuka murder stuff. In hearts in Ben wine you know even stuff that isn’t quite as morbid. Lot of good things that that they could cover and hopefully will be season 2. But with mobile the the whole issue with her is here’s a woman. Who for years was. Put up on a pedestal as sort of one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time if you ever watch double a match you know she wasn’t that great as he he’ll I guess you know doing healers things he she served her purpose. But she went out of her way to make sure that nobody was going to knock her off her perch and what she did in the process what she did more to harm women’s wrestling that help. She did more to hold back women’s wrestling than probably any other single person. In the business. Who who have the power. To to do something like that. And she exploited her students. Financially. Possibly sexually. We just talked about here in the documentary. Yeah they had people I thought they did a good job of finding people on both sides of the fence they found people who liked Melissa and stock up for her and said it’s not right the people are saying all these horrible things about her Debbie Debbie we took her name off that battle royal last year it’s not right. So they have their Mula defenders on here including. Her own daughter. Mary. Selena majors who wrestled is Bambi. Lay lady kai thank you ate all defended mola. And said we never saw any evidence that anybody was pimped out. We never saw any evidence that. People were were drugs we don’t know where this is coming from it’s the fabric store it’s not fair to move is what they would say. And look at it as far as the daughter is concerned I get that it’s moles daughter she’s gonna want to defend her own mother but there is a newspaper clipping. And this was not mentioned in the documentary but it is readily accessible online if you search for. There was a newspaper clipping for many many decades ago. And with its with the photo moves daughter who is 15 years old. At the time. Caption is daughter of slave girl Mula merry Carol 15 year old wrestler and daughter slave girl will let you shown it everyday dress and in her wrestling outfit. Police of Somerville Massachusetts are seeking her mother. On a warrant. Charging the blacks of the girl merry claim she was forced to grapple even though she was ill. She was said at the time to have had an appendectomy she had surgery. And mullah. Didn’t seem to give a ****. And forced her back into the ring. After which supposedly she wasn’t even pay. Under. Now this is something that the daughter denied angrily when she reached out to Sean Ross Sapp of 5 full.com last year when all of this stuff first bubble up. So that’s her position on that but again the newspaper clipping in the whole thing about the warrant the police being involved that’s readily accessible I mean is that fantasy. This you want us to believe that it’s just not just made up. Maybe she wants everybody to think that she made up story I don’t know who contacted the police. Seems pretty pretty concrete though that something happened. And eventually lady kai. Lay lady cut. Who is a molar defender in this documentary. And she wasn’t in the documentary a lot. But at least as far as the allegations of pimping and what not she was a mole a defender but she wasn’t always a fan of bull maybe she still isn’t and the story that’s all this in the pockets before. The jumping bombing angels in the glamour girls they had a few going for a while they had a match at the royal rumble the first ever royal rumble on USA network in 88 glamour girls lost the tag team the women’s then women’s tech team championships to the jumping bombing fills in the jumping bombing tools for that time were awesome. You’ve never seen them if you’ve never heard of them do yourself a favor look of some of the matches online they were ahead of their time very talented. They don’t get the houses they don’t get enough they don’t get any recognition from WWE these days. So that was the program they feuded for a while they had the match and again the glamour girls lost. The tag team championships. To. The jumping by mental’s. As the story goes and this is lately because I herself. The move the fender. Telling the story in a in an old shoe to might even in our video shoot. They don’t know Molo was not happy she was very upset because these women were starting to get more popular and branch out on their own and she could leech off of them anymore. Financially. So the jumping bombing angels. Go to 80 go off on a tour in Japan with the glamour girls Bullen knew about this. She called the girls in Japan she call the lady Kalyanji I think was Judy Martin boozer tag team partner. And she told them she said Hey the the office once the jumpy by Mangels to drop the bills back to you guys before you come back to the U. S.. Well nobody can get a I guess they try nobody can get a hold of of WWF management. To confirm this. So I mean they heard from below. It must be true. They went through with it they did the time change. Because they don’t want to get anyone he. So they won the belts back when they got back to the states. The glamour girls got many he super heat because they put themselves over in this match in Japan. And it was moved. Who basically sabotage them. And they they tried to explain what happened it’d force it didn’t work. Didn’t matter. In a move that had an in with the McMahon’s going back decades we’re gonna believe. Eventually they killed off the the belts altogether they were supposed to have a WrestleMania match WrestleMania for. And because of the bull ****. That molar pulled not only did the match get pulled. The old tag team division in the tag team titles went bye bye. So. You hear stories like this over the years and it starts the paint the picture that isn’t very good. Of the fabulous civil. You had when director in this documentary princess Victoria in the family of sweet Georgia brown. Who claim that their mother was just completely taken advantage of and sexually assault at all these just raped and drugged in all of these horrible things. And clearly they are in the camp of not being able offense. And then we have a clip I don’t know where this clip is from but then click on the documentary of Moolah talk giving an interview somewhere. And. You know talking about the fact that yeah it’s true I I would take you know 25 percent. Of what the women in my stable would make that’s 25 percent off of what mullah told them they were being paid who the hell knows if she was even telling the truth about that. Plus the rent money. That she was collecting from all the women who lives at her complex and trained on the property. The she was sitting pretty. You know and they and they have. Move up on camera making these comments she says I’m sitting here 2004 hours a day making you connections with the promoters all you gotta do. Is sit your lazy **** in the car and go to wrestle and collect your your your paycheck in your money and send me 25 percent. And I thought that was fair. So there it is right or wrong words that’s a movie set I don’t again I don’t know what interview that is where they got that from and it’s a very small part of the documentary but. In her own words that was the financial arrangement I guess that she had with these women that princess Victoria who didn’t wrestle very long she broke her neck in a tag team match in 1984 she was laid up in the hospital in a neck brace. Worst thing she ever experienced she said she broke a fricking neck. So she’s laid up in the hospital. And she tells the story in the documentary. Mullah comes in checks route checks are out of the hospital. Has your back at the complex taking bumps right after and she said every time I talk about I would cry it was so painful. This went on for a good 2 months. And then comes the allegations of the that the pending. Figure out to this guy. Without telling her that she should know you should have sex with this guy should actually say that but we’ll basically said Hey you know the nicer you are this guy. The bigger your heyday is going to be. You could really use the payday right now because you’re out her you have a broken that. So then Victoria goes off with this guy makes it very clear that we have separate hotel. This guy comes into the room. Tries to. Get all over her she refuses this guy’s advances. She gets back to the house she says mobile with fire engine red pissed when she got back to the camp she took back all the outfits that Miller had bought for her and kicked her out on the street with 20 Bucks in your pocket and that was the end of Victoria’s career she never wrestled again. And when she left she said that mullah told the other women that she was in prison for dealing cocaine that’s why she left. Because as she said move can tell them that she broke her neck. And she wasn’t really of any use to her anymore because then they were kind of figure out what the score was. They get into the Moolah spider lady story that the first for a job in a WWE. The interview what when director and here’s here’s the thing that really just was like really Wendi Richter claims to this day including in this documentary she had no idea. It was a little under the mask. Because instead of the usual person playing spider lady they put a bullet in the effort they put mole under the mask as if this woman wouldn’t be able to tell how many **** times that she works with the fabulous Moolah. She wouldn’t be able to tell that was below under the masking in this constant. Even Victoria said everybody in the building that night do who was underneath that mass. Now I don’t know what Wendy Richter would have to gain by lying about it because she insists she had no idea. I didn’t know was we was below. How was I watch that match and I knew it was a little. She’s in the ring with her. She doesn’t know that it’s more bullshit I think she’s embarrassed. Maybe she’s embarrassed. She’s embarrassed to admit that maybe she can pick up on it right I don’t I don’t know. It was just completely confounding to me that she still insists now I was I had no idea. How stupid can you be. So I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t we suspect that it was well under that mask go back and watch the matches are you to some possible. Impossible. Then comes the weird ending of the documentary. They go back to this princess Victoria who just seems completely better and I guess it yeah it’s I guess it’s understandable why she would be. But here’s what was so weird about this so they don’t hurt after all the stuff the she said about middle of the broken neck and she checked me out of the hospital she worked with the bonus you pick me up she’s worked him but she basically pepper out to this guy in which he didn’t put out for and will always testing kicked her out okay keep that in mind. She says. If I choose to not like her because of what she did to me that’s fine but you can’t take away her history just because she was an **** whoever started these rumors. You’re not just calling Mula a pimp you’re calling me a prostitute. And that hurts. That’s what she said and if you weren’t on that property you don’t know what happened you need to shut up. She says this after telling a story about Mula basically pimping her out to a guy and then getting so angry with her that she can’t throughout the whole thing was so **** bizarre and that’s only in the documentary is like if you know if you were in there you don’t know keep your mouth shut and then they fade out. I’m like this woman like you should have explicar senility disorder or something I I didn’t quite understand the the the finish to this documentary but when the rector I thought even though I don’t buy for second that she didn’t know was model and that’s fine like a custom and she basically summed it up well by saying we’ll when you really look at what she did and how selfish she was. She basically killed women’s wrestling for a good 3 or 4 decades she said women’s wrestling back for a good 3 or 4 decades. And you know you can talk about how she was such a big star and she should get credit for that she was of course was a big star there are some really bad people who became really big stars and you have to acknowledge they were big star you know what though that doesn’t mean that you should you should step they’re **** name on a battle royal in 2018 or 2019. Stupid for them to do that in the first place they knew these stories were out there. So they got what they deserved with the backglass social media backlash last year and I said this before and I will continue to say of all the people that you could honor. By this you know slapping their name on a battle royal like that I can think of a whole bunch of different names. But I keep coming back to Sherri Martel you don’t hear a bad word about her. And everybody that she was with she had she was there to help them and enhance the accuracy savage Shawn Michaels Harlem heat. That battle royal should be called the sensational invitational. And I will keep saying it until they do it. Under somebody who deserves to be honored. Not somebody like this. No that note. We can that get back to some of your calls because I know there’s still people. Waiting in queue. And I do want to get some more people on the show here the number to call is on the screen right now if you are a looking at the screen you see the number 989282 SO ello 992827656 again if youve tried I know so many people try calling it tonight. And a lot of people are just not been able to get through in fact I’m looking. I’m looking at the console right now we’ve had. Close to 5000 people get busy signals tonight which is just insane. And. I should have guns Hey you know what’s a good problem to have I’m glad I have this many people try to call in. Let’s see here we’ve got some people on the line for almost an hour so let’s go to James in Massachusetts you are on the sound off. Hey what’s going on and get the call again I was also a 501 of the congratulate you for the sex episode thank you I I’m I’m sorry you had to wait so long but I’m glad you made it on. Roger and I was having a blast you can me here and GT from New York and Catherine capital and and showing numbers yeah well you know yeah I’m hoping like I know some people are going to be upset about that because we want to hear you I don’t wanna hear these other people but again to me it’s a special occasion how many times we get all these guys together like this a once I thought it would be a cool thing and so you know what I I was happy to do it and hopefully more people enjoyed it and not. Did you honestly I enjoy the summer so I was going to recommend an idea that maybe you should you like a round table kind of thing like not every not every week as you probably kill yourself what like. Like after summer 12 manias Robert hears I I’ve listened to the hell out of that would just hear you guys just ship the lady there of our plan was wrong. But that being said my question is thinking of our speaking of candles my question was what are your top 5 favorite tag teams of today’s current landscape in wrestling and we pray and hope to god that. Well that a 10 and that will be made in the future is coming down the best so because the mobile talk ourselves. To say the least. Yeah but yeah that that’s my question what to know what your favorite hurricanes are top 5 currently looking up behind specific order could be from the Indies WWE anything. Will no particular order I mean favorite to one of my favorite tag teams is you know the lives of rose I’ve had the chance to I mean first of all they’ve been all over the place right so they’ve been in and out W. they’ve been an impact now they’re going to be an 80 W. I’ve seen them live even if I was talking to J. D. about house of Laurie you know they’ve been on the last couple house of glory shows although not necessarily an intact the matches so I I love the hell out of both those guys my first exposure to them with her lucha underground. And I’ve followed their career ever since and any chance I get to watch my do and so that would be definitely a team on my list. Can think of other teams I’m trying to think of Debbie Debbie way what WWE I mean look the usos I think people take them for granted just because they’ve been around for so long and we’ve seen them with the new day over and over in the bar and it’s you know a lot of the same matches and you can easily forget the fact that these guys are you know they’re the one of the best teams in the world. You know now imagining they didn’t re sign which they did but if they didn’t and they became free agents and they went somewhere else they’d be working with Lucia rose and the young Bucks and all of our record yeah and it would it would almost be like a second lease on life for them so I would definitely have them on my list even though again it kind of feels like they’re not really doing a whole hell of a lot right now especially with this nonsense with the. Revival our. Yep yeah but last year but there this is why I don’t watch for awful car many more well I don’t blame you for like what. Yeah that was trash I saw the clip from like. Is this really what we’ve come down to is just childlike insults and humor and business will come down to the grave. Yeah. It feels that way doesn’t it really it really unfortunately. It feels that way but I mean those those really are the 2 teams that stick out for me we mention private party a little while ago their team on these sense I would definitely watch out for them going forward you’ll see them soon in ATW they’re they’re they’re very young but there are a lot of fun to watch I’ve seen them in house of glory so watch out for them as far as other family and friends have another team in mind and and I just the name popped out of my head of of who it was. But I like I think that they run out our problem Marvel water came up yeah I mean look I like the revival but I again this is the problem right they’ve been just so thoroughly beaten down that I can’t really find it in me to get excited about them so and unfortunately this is just our month regarding 80 W. yeah well you know what I got AT W. and she would be on March the better well unfortunately I’m bill and we can let you go here’s a thank you for for calling in but your point though they’re under contract until the middle of next year they even extended – Wilder’s contract. So this is the way it’s going to be for them for the foreseeable future I don’t see anything changing Anderson and gallows there on right now if they wanted to they could put them together with AJ styles why would they. Why would they they didn’t send their contracts. They said no. Because they’re smart. They’re not stupid. You think they’re going to sign up for another 5 years that’s what these deals are these are 5 year deals why in god’s name. Would anybody. Unless they were that hard up for money. Why would anybody put their name on a 5 year contract unless it was just again blow away money. With WWE. I noticed that it would WWE with anybody. Because I didn’t get a chance to talk about this but there there is some other stuff going on right now with impact wrestling and the whole killer crossing I heard about that story we’re killer cross it signed a contract with impact a multi year deal. And now he’s trying to get out of it yes for his release because he’s not making enough money. There’s no guaranteed money there’s no downside guarantee you get paid for in the time you work he’s not working that much and the money supposedly that is being paid it’s less than what the average contract for NXT stars which is rumored to be $45000 he is not even making that. And it it’s to the point where he and other people are supposedly losing money. Because they’re making so little of it and then you factor in the road expenses I mean a guy like killer cross he’s a talented guy he should be a big star in a W. W. E.. Or an 80 W.. And he asked for his release and they said no no he signed the contract so I can’t even say that will impact is the bad guy here. The guy sign the contract. So he made his bed. And. Again I mean I sympathize with him if he’s losing money it’s kind of like I guess the whole Luke Harper thing right I’d like to see them give the car for his release if they don’t have plans for of the differences that impact has been using him. Now if in fact was not doing anything with killer cross and they were just kind of sitting on the sidelines I’d say **** let the guy go let him make a living for himself. But they seem to be using why would you do that why would you put your name on a multi year deal with impact. Why would you do that. And and he made is that he’s got a lame it now. They’re refusing to give him his release about this this guy you supposedly can’t even make enough money. To to pay his bills. He’s not making enough to cover R&D expenses and things of that nature now he could take independent bookings and try to make his money that way. But that’s the kind of operation they apparently are running over their impact. So why would anybody put their name on a multi year contract at this point with anybody let alone an impact I I just ate spot on my mind why he would do something like that that just seems like a really dumb decision. Take some more calls here will go to Scott I believe Scott and Spring Hill Florida Scott you’re on the air. Any solo monster just one other thing congratulations on your 600 episode and here’s the 6 under par and also on the. Bit of a. A small yet not so personal now. Thank you for giving me permission to the user name and the solo monster moniker on a story that I haven’t written yet. But. I’ll try to make this quick as I can. After Sunday on the following Monday what do you think the internet gonna be **** about more. Money in the bank or the final episode of game of thrones. Game of thrones. I mean the easy so yeah easily I got I got a let’s go with it came a front for sure I mean well the first of all game of thrones is gonna have far more viewers than money in the bank well and if you just look at the backlash apparently this last game of thrones and I do not watch game of thrones my brother watches it. I do not watch it I’m sure I should maybe one day I will but I don’t watch it so I don’t get all the hype around it but people I know apparently were really pissed off after this last episode in some people online as starting petitions to reshoot. This is a recent the entire season and here I think the stupid wrestling petitions are are ridiculous. So it just seems to me there’s a lot of really you know the people who are bent out of shape about the whole game of thrones nonsense and believe me I’m sure after this last episode airs. You will have far more people complaining about that than anything wrestling related I can I can promise you that. Go do right there yes in Alabama in wait a while you’re on the sound off. Hey so a month to just want to say congratulations on 600 episodes I’m a big fan of yours been listening to you for a few years now I really enjoy the show practically. Better is better then Monday night raw I can definitely say that well that’s not exactly high praise. Yeah but well Monday night raw it it really put me to sleep I’ve been off the last 2 Mondays and I just was out of that work because the **** they got on TV now is just like what the ****. You know. Yeah no I mean I could get any argument out of me I I agree with you on that. I do want to say a couple things first for as far as the bright white stuff that you were talking about earlier with the other guys. I’m not totally convinced yet but I did what I did like what they did Monday. And I’m really looking forward to see how they move it going forward. Other than that you know I’m just I’m just really curious of a. You know how they book Bray Wyatt and I agree with you like if they bring him back and he just starts losing like really all this is just a waste of time you know. Yeah I and I I said as much Sir earlier when I was talking about the segment thank you for the call appreciate it. It’s the end of the day the segments are awesome they’re some of the best television that every day of the week is producing a very long time but none of it matters if he goes out there and he loses. Where he goes out there and he’s just another guy. Got this guy in a headlock you got Michael Colin cometary or raw rolls on you know when I actually didn’t mention this earlier in this really piss me the hell off when that segment was over on Monday. And they went back to the announcers. And now Renee in Corey they were kind of you know showing that they were stunned shocked whatever in Michael Cole just goes. Well moving on. And that right there in a nutshell is one of the things I absolutely **** hate about that product. Well moving on that that’s his answer and they did and they just moved on to the next segment like nothing ever happened. I absolutely hate when they do that they just completely kill the moment dad they’ve they’ve shown some of these firefly funhouse segment and they do the Kevin Dunn thing where they live to the arena and they show you the people they show you the crowd watching the segment why do I give a ****. Why am I looking at the back of people’s heads I want to see what’s going on in the segment. I want to see someone’s **** bald spot. Then they go back to the segment. 60 seconds goes by. They do the same ****. Now they’re on the other side of the arena and sometimes this is even great this is even better you’ll see somebody on their cell phones texting somebody completely disinterested in what’s going on. But it just takes you out of the moment and would segments like that you don’t put away from segments like that but they have to show we have lots of fans in the audience look at all the fans that we have who were watching what we have up on the screen nobody gives a ****. You’re showing people standing in a crowd. **** off. Nobody cares. Kevin Dunn cares now. **** Kevin Dunn. Hate when they do that drives me absolutely nuts. Come down notes that said to go to our next call let’s take one year from Wendell in Phoenix Arizona there. Hello Jason. Going on my own. I love it is getting late I’ve been on the air for hours about you. No kidding man on west because of the lyre earlier here news and news for you I’m glad that I could get in. I’m glad you made it a much a question. Our yeah man so with 80 W. coming up the question I have is who you think will be their top starting when I think of the biggest they have beginning in Jericho and Cody Cody put the belt on himself nobody up for give in Jericho is way too up there in age and I feel like it’s too soon to put their world title on omega so who who’s that guy. So who’s the tough guy in 80 W. I mean I I I mean it’s it’s. It’s kind of your Jericho really at least additionally I mean it’s it’s if not both of them it’s one of those too and if somebody like a Moxley comes and I think he’s certainly in the running for being one of the bigger names on their roster it’s gonna take awhile though you know they have some of these guys that people aren’t as familiar with even like a an atom page I could see hang man page one day being that guy now today is not that day he is you know not in a position right now to be the number one guy but can I see him being that person one day absolutely you know I could see him. Being in that role and it may just it may just end up frankly where it’s someone that we’re not even thinking of you know somebody like an M. J. F. is very young Brian Pillman junior. Who I thought I I thought he was exclusive to M. O. W. then I saw him listed in the battle royal so. I don’t know how much JW will be using him but I’ve watched prime filming junior sometimes and I see potential greatness in him. So I’m I’m kind of excited and interested to see long term who that kind of expert person ends up being. But out of the gate it sits Gerakan omega that’s whether in the main event yeah that’s stupid. Want to bring in some of these laps fans you got to do it. You got you got open up with big names on top like Jericho made with you like it or not I think it’s a smart move on their part. We’ve got to John. In or light well let’s see if this works it might not work there we go jun in Orlando you are on the south. I’ll just say good morning I doing today yes good morning this is where I am right now 1:00 in the morning yeah same here at I was thinking gradually here and it’s the kind of effort that really awesome. I was gonna give a quick shout to I J. hunter for or it’s W. I know yesterday his father passed away and I want to say but he does with them and to the rest of the it’s W. family hopefully everything turns out okay. So. I know that I know that you’re alive the V. I. P. guy I see for awhile we can say that Brock let then we’re going to interfere the Seth Rollins and that 80000 batch and to serve the triple threat match with the week’s Saudi money 3 the hunt for more blood money. But well you are you can call the blood in the bank. They get out at work so. I would say screw it yeah you did top 10 on the best WrestleMania ending so I’m not gonna let you do all like a full list but how about the top 3 wars WrestleMania endings how about that. Top 3 worst WrestleMania endings. It’s hard when I have to put these things in rank order on the spot like when I do those lists it takes awhile for me to put those things together but. Let’s see here where is WrestleMania endings. You know what I really hated I really did I really hated that WrestleMania 27 ending with Cena and Miz rock. So all the 27 that’s going to be pretty high up there on the list I would say. I would think that WrestleMania 34 was not an overly I mean I guess if you hate Roman reigns you probably enjoy that ending. But that was not an overly I was in the building that night that was not an overly satisfying ending. People should a WrestleMania 9 you know what though. It will however old I was at the time I was a lot younger than him and now excuse me I was a lot younger than I am now I remember going nuts I marked out for it at the time so I I kinda get why they did it now of course looking back on it it’s completely ridiculous and I I don’t like it as much. You’ll probably get that one pretty high up on people’s lists I would say or L. T. you know beating them better WrestleMania 11. But 27 if it’s not number one on my list it’s. It’s pretty close I’ve made my hatred. For them in advance. And at the end of that show pretty pretty clear I think on the podcast before. Let’s go to take and I promise you I’m taking as many as I can here before we wrap up. I’m trying to get somebody on here this is not working here we go. James in Georgia you’re on the sound up. Hello monster I’m tired been fading and fading but I’m hanging in there. All models or we should have this internet the phone and last time we talked about the 30 some of us went out the wish me all get involved with them doing good about our fees and everything so that’s great. I don’t give a minute bye bye. We are you W. otherwise common knows something good for the fall US open look for to the size you know football and all that and but my question is what is one of the worst is marriages medicine latch is that you wish you did see and Ireland our talk about duck Malcolm sorry my favorite show back and it was done we’re sorry. Yeah well I remember all those shows and all the commercials for them to all those old USA show they have a weird science I think used to come out was not nice guide happy hour with the the zapper. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I had a young man are you Sir Paul not now that you know it’s right in the middle of 7 the Kita and and all those yeah although shows once in here so the worst. Match that I ever saw were wish that I never saw is actually a rob match and its infamous for very good reason. And it was Jackie Gayda. And. French is a fractured Jackie Gayda. I remember I think it was. Jackie Gayda. And. Branch there was pressure I think you know I’m sorry I am completely off here. It was Trish. And JBL as it was against Harvard Chris. And Jackie Gayda and that is that just an awful. Famously awful match that. You do not want to see is an embarrassment to wrestling watching Jackie Gayda who I guess improved a tiny bit but really didn’t have any business being in there at the time that she was in there she was very experienced. Yeah I was talking about Ashley Massaro earlier and she is another example of somebody who was just thrown into the fire way too quickly you know long before she really was ready. To be on television to be in the position that she was in and that Jackie Gayda sort of suffered from the same the same fate in a lot of ways. So you know you can. Had a marker and all that but it you know in some ways I kind of feel sorry that she’s gone down she’s got that in infamy as part of this. As part of this match so that’s the one that really jumped into my head I know in TNA they have that awful that she was. Oh my goodness it was at Sharm el and who is who is the Jenna Morasca Jenna Morasca in Sharm el may well be the worst wrestling match of all time. And so that’s a match that I would not advise you to go back and see unless you are just morbidly curious and I’m sure you can find it. Online somewhere. Let’s go to another Floridian Kennedy in Orlando Florida. There was some some monster how’s it going. You can be and even online for awhile so thank you for hanging in there with us. Yes Sir I would not in all of those right it’s the market 16 hour day happy 600 to you I’ve been watching the soul since 2012 you help me get through a lot of are a lot of come alive. I love her father said. Those questions that I would like to ask you sure I’ll make a make a real quick the first question is why it is that we don’t need any more I mean we was talking about Ashley and you know the deaths of rustlers what do the molars some people like you don’t like I use vysera one example because you know he’s the guy that was in W. W. for years it’s not like he was there for a couple coffee they never talked about that guy and you talk about our page Morales who held that title I mean like why did we treat the people that weight and my second question is. It’s not a top 3 can you name I heard some of your favorite titles but could you name top 3 of yeah like you absolute most hated championships it doesn’t matter what promotion of this to the ugliest biology of our that’s forcing. Let’s see here’s thank you for the call the ugliest ugly as belts universal vital goal the tomato title for a reason. So yeah I put that on the list and then I would say. I was never a fan of the spinner belt either so yeah I just personally was never a big fan of that and as far as why they don’t acknowledge certain wrestler that’s that’s a good question I don’t know you know Pedro Morales was hardly ever a knowledge and I guess maybe to them they just didn’t have a reason to he was kind of divorced from the wrestling business he still did some convention appearances. But it’s yeah and for whatever reason. Other than the odd Debbie Debbie.com feature here and there you never really heard about him he was a pretty big deal you know first ever triple crowned champion. In the WWE was Pedro. So why they do the things they do it same thing with the hall of fame was some people go into other people don’t sweat it takes so long what is Vince wait until a lot of these people are dead like he’ll probably do with demolition I don’t know. And as a fan it is just absolutely maddening. Let’s go to Jane so James in queens hear the sound of all you’re damn right it is James echoing Solomon ma’am. Is to destroy. This is the beach boys I don’t know what the hell is this year I don’t. I believe that is that yeah it’s funny I I was looking and I see it I see 12 and I’m like what is get 12 from the lake 12 years. What is just give you like $11.37 or something just to completely throw me off. All no no you usually misinterpret well it is because I usually a Levin last time to show you that I really supports your more than $10 let’s hear the next man up when I first got my nickname. This time well the dollar is not gonna be the. Ma’am. Well I appreciate like I’ve. Of course of course so can I talk about a few things you sure go ahead. And by the way how the hell you up this late I miss like most of the show I’m not gonna get on the trail was. Okay we’ll go. So number one as most people have I want to say happy 600 I also want to say that I don’t know if you know this but there’s nobody on this planet what’s this. And your business as you are I say it you said the checks in the mail but I’ll say it again your the man you always supported me and I will always support you and thank you thank you that’s very nice of you to say that. And I I did to him of course a couple minutes ago and I’m like wow everybody 80 W. 80 W. and I said how how can I tie this into what I wanna say well it turns out the beach boy wrestled his final match Hey. It’s going to premiere on you too tomorrow night. Yeah what it was and yes Saturday Sunday night 7:00 PM. Model verses black dragon and what’s the hawk if you look in the background there is a brand new signees 80 W. watching my final match that inside sending one well I probably entices 3 people I’m one of them so it not. Soul and body is all the rage now so I wanted to make sure to you know have some hope I want people to watch my final matches not at the beach the arrangement in an intimate setting it really meant a lot to me from yarns of beach to wrestle for 20 years so I was good stuff so move on over to the black dragon if you can find it’ll be up at 7:00 PM on the bravado 333 YouTube channel now can I ask you a question sure we got we got a few people I love to go after you use it I have ask your question. What about people my name is mostly show and I will download that so and you know something I’m going to do a little better broad yeah I know of course by when you feel that I I worked very long shift so I can listen to all 5 are showing so my question is. Not who will say. Not when will they but who do you think should retire the big red machine Kane he has one last lesson I’m at least the service. Well. Well it’s probably realistically is probably a more than one match maybe they’ll say that but as far as I mean who starts out of my one of many well yeah you know what though I think. As far as who I think it should be somebody it’s weird Kurt angle I was very upset that into John Cena it just felt like in that situation yes it is Johnson is not a new guys that a young guy but it should have been John Cena in this case I think they would be better off finding another big guy a young guy but a big guy who can beat Kane and almost like the passing of the torch right because we don’t have a lot of big guys like him anymore at least not in in every way so yeah you know who that guy is. It’s hard to say I definitely don’t want to be Baron Corbin but I mean who’s enemies. Ground wanted. My god no no no no. You know what the you know the sad thing is there is a guy sitting at home who’s under contract to once out they will that amount and I think that if they really kind of put their effort behind him he’s not 7 feet tall but he’s a big guy maybe with the right gimmick you know an outfit change or something but I think Luke Harper I really I mean again I know it’s not gonna happen because we don’t know why but I think somebody like him. And and I admit Luke Harper is that a young guy you know Luke Harper is 39 years old so maybe he’s not example but his name just popped in my head. I think you want another big guy who can put came down. Almost like you know put them out of his misery and can sort of take the mantle as the next you know kind of machine to run wild in the company and maybe it’s not Harper maybe I’m you know maybe I’m just being foolish you know by naming him. But I’m not at all but I do think it should be a core either a newer guy or a younger guy but if the guy who can almost like take over for him in a way and maybe they just don’t have that person and even the next to you like I’m running to the roster in my head right now real quick. And there isn’t any one particular name really that jumps out of me I mean they don’t. This large celebration that’s a whole controversial topic right there you can you can consider him a big guy I guess although I’m thinking even bigger than that so I don’t know I I don’t I don’t know who that name should be but I know the kind of person if if that makes sense. Right now it’s like you want to add as you were talking I don’t have an answer for myself and I’m like well maybe the new bright white characters can do it but you know Alamos that’s a good point no I mean it but that requires them to not **** it up and to yeah which is asking a lot but yeah you know what if they do it lists the listen if they play their cards right because from what I’ve seen I’m excited they got my attention and if they were to play this right like they do with Kane when he first debuted in the milk that man for months before he finally did not be and is the view is huge you came out of rip the door off the hinges he beat up one of the the top stars the company and his look that mask everything about it was just **** cool. You know what I want to remember where I was sitting when I saw that I was watching it all on paper view with my brother and if they can capture a little bit of that magic you know what praise is not huge but he’s a he’s kind of a big guy himself yeah I think he somebody like like the bright white absolutely. Yeah not so with all manner before you you you throw me out and I say one last thing sure. Okay the reason that I had my last match is because I have to get serious because my wife is pregnant okay wow congratulations. Thank you I just wanted to dedicate this to her Jessica my wife thank you very much thank you for being a great mother already and we will look for your son August 3 a little beach boy. Correct. Just just about some around that it roll like the beach balls you’ll be okay. Thank you so much all right take it easy thank you for calling in and of course every night you too. So that was the the beach boy James Alexander who for those who don’t know James is was is a a ring announcer. And he had been working for John he writes doing the ring announcing for his shows and I started going to the Johnny ride shows the world of unpredictable wrestling because a friend of mine started his wrestling career. So I went. And I didn’t know the James is a fan of the show which I think he might have been before then maybe I don’t know the time line on that maybe he was already a fan of the show but he conspired with my friend unbeknownst to me I’m sitting in the crowd and the son of a **** that’s on the microphone and introduces me and calls me into the ring. And I was completely woefully unprepared for this said I go into the ring I climb into the ring the 250 people in this building which to me it may as well been 25000. I’m standing in the way they put a microphone in my hand there like here you go. What the **** you want to do with this woman is the cause of my **** one of my supposed to do with this thing I don’t know what to say so I I probably just start making these ridiculously lame comments I’m so happy to be here W. W. it’s a great promotion and support to tell I don’t even remember what I said I think it might be on video somewhere but this crowd started to give me the watching. You know how I feel about the what chance. They started to walk me. So I went here pretty quickly after that I got the hell out of that ring so that was my first experience with the beach boy. Appropriate here that he would that call into episode 600 we do have another special guest here that I’d like to get on before we wrap things up and he’s another one of what I would consider to be our V. I. P. guests is gonna show of his own I believe we have on the line right now from the RCW our show Mr Lee centers. Jay then how to how you been man of I’ve had my ups and downs tonight here but I think for the most part things have gone well I think things seem to be working people can you hear me so that’s good right. Yes yes yeah and you sounded good man you sound real good happy 600 man happy 600 I gotta tell your listeners especially those best reconciled when you too let me tell you something man what Jason has been doing all of these years. It really really needs to be recognized especially just one YouTube alone I’m sure Jason can attest to that why’d you rewind it back to like 2011 there were not that many wrestling shows when you too. You had love very very small I mean my hands full right chaser yeah absolutely I mean in yeah and I policy I apologize about the way I think there is somebody of the displayed by accidents anyway. Yeah I mean it wasn’t it wasn’t podcast back then it was audio shows they’re like oh you have an audio journal I’m like yeah I have an audio should does it was when WCW started to do it in the. What was it that he said have you live as I would have their audio show so that’s what it was back then. Yeah yeah and the way that is just blowing up now it’s just ridiculous but lie. Thank you just gotta know Jason is 1 of those through and through there’s always the saying a month of veteran podcasters whenever we see new shows out there okay let’s see where you are you’re from now if you can make it through a year that’s great let’s see where you are 3 years from now if you can make it past 3 years okay then then we’re talking you seem like you’re going to be a impact player so it’s really nice to see that aside from just all your plan for 01 Jason but also when you to continue to be a strong dominating force and it’s really good brother I tell you what. Thank you that I mean that that means a lot you’re you’re good dude and again glad you’re able to make it through because I know you’ve been trying I think for a little while here so for you to be a part of the show tonight is a very cool thing. Lawson Lawson and I’m just I’m just kicking back interacting with everybody in the chat and I I tell you man I know you’re doing the WrestleMania Shokan formal was a life very go and wrestle mania man like the computer saying at this actually better than WrestleMania. And you’ve got there right you know it’s funny let’s see how long have we got. We. We got you know what though I’m about 2 minutes away from matching my total for the first live show that a few years ago so I will be I will be too far ahead of that so that’s not too bad. Really smart **** in the chat who are saying that kiss my ****. The people in the chat I love everybody in the chat except for those 2 people but I love everybody. Right on right on in. Well thank you met any anything else before I let you go I’ll take a few more calls here after you anything else. Not a man get get to the rest of the call those wanted call and wish you’re happy 600 men and you know just let Matt creatures everything that you continue to do and it really really means a lot is very rare I listen to a few other podcasts way you know my list is so short you’re definitely on that list don Toni I got a show my boy this wrestling some some love because I know he’s in the chat room I listen very short but like as far as location and you guys session you right up there just keep doing your thing brother flock to haters of what I think. Thank you man I appreciate that. Hi brother enjoy rest of the night in peace out guys. As a lead these centers from the R. C.. W. R. show we have another men want people from Florida calling tonight will be a Florida next year probably for WrestleMania. So let’s take this call here from Steve it in away hold on a second I don’t think it’s now this is different caller this is California which is about as far away from Florida as you could possibly get we’ve got no well from. California you are on the sound off. Hey it’s all monster how’s it going. Good that it’s getting late what were heading for the home stretch here. Often often walking just one no I just wanna let you know expand I’ve been listening to your show for a couple years now I discover your show through TV tracks on YouTube and I’ve been following you ever stand and congradulations on the 0 that is amazing man you continue to do great work I’m proud of you. Thank you I appreciate that I feel like watching raw every week I’m doing the lord’s work. Our man Hey you’re saying you’re saying for watching all those with the Monday night raw. I appreciate that anything anything else are before we we move on. Yes so I have a question for you and ever it involves about one of my favorite wrestlers so Chris Jericho is one of my favorite rappers of all time I know he is signed with 80 W. he signed a 3 year contract now personally. I feel that when Jericho is ready to call it quits in pro wrestling because I know he’s close to getting 50 and you know there’s just so much you can do when you get to that age I personally feel that Jericho **** and his professional wrestling career in the WWE which is the company that you really grew into a big star so with that said in Jericho work to complete one last run into W. eat before officially retiring who do you think Jericho’s last upon it should be it could be anyone who is currently signed to W. week doesn’t matter if they’re from Ron SmackDown NXT as long as they’re currently signed who do you think would be the perfect last opponent for Chris Jericho if you were to have one last run into that with every week before calling it quits and retiring from pro wrestling. Final opponent for Chris Jericho in W. W. E. I like I like the idea of a Jericho Matt riddle match up. Now get all the people who say how may you got you got a thing for Matt riddle why always talking about Matt riddle. He’s really good. And I think it would make for fun match. Now if I wanted to pick somebody maybe who. Was more comedic. The way the Jericho is. He comes to the NXT roster deceives anybody who really sort of jumps out of me. But I you know I could see somebody like a like a Johnny Gargano or someone like that Jericho’s work very well with some like smaller guys him and ray had a great program obviously him and Shawn Michaels. Looking at the main roster right now. Try to look on the SmackDown side. I was gonna say SmackDown’s I don’t even know who’s on run smack them anymore is that they’re they’re all the same. This whole wild card that nonsense. Yeah probably like a mat ruler or Johnny Gargano or somebody like that I think would be fun yeah look even if it wasn’t Jericho’s last few just as as a few you know if you ever goes back think about like this jerk a lot there for 3 years. So in 3 years if he comes back to WWE those guys are gonna in theory. Be on the main roster and be even bigger stars and they are now. Course that’s asking a lot considering who’s gonna get their grubby paws on them if they make their way up to the main roster but. You got to have faith. I don’t know why. But you got to have faith. And now we are going to go to Orlando Stephen you’re on the air. Even even from a. Virginia and met you at the Orlando meet up see here I thought you were from Orlando and I didn’t realize you were from the I like yeah we got Stephen from Orlando he’s like well that’s news to me. Yeah I came down Virginia one year to the union and Orlando learns that called in on the other. I’m glad I was able to get on it. Yeah yeah I have a question I want to ask. I want to know what’s wrestler would you want a dark where the ring. Episode on or not that degree documentary on I’m thinking maybe dynamite kid or a Brian dumb and what a great topics. Yeah I think Brian tell me would be a good topic I think the ones I mentioned earlier I think Snuka and the whole murder controversy around him Dino Bravo which is if there is a season 2 we will get to see that and I think that would be fascinating Adrian Adonis is another one that I know they want to work on him in a couple of other wrestlers died in a van accident their van either swerved either hidden looser swerved to avoid hitting a moose is have that all went down up in Canada so I mean there’s a lot of of pretty interesting stories and and deaths and things of that nature so any of the ones I just mentioned is so what I would like to see. We have. Texas we have a call well driving his truck in Texas is that says that the case. Yeah that will be well I’m glad that you’re I fell into the show might my father was a a truck driver and so he spent many a night on the road for much of his life. Well you’ve got me through the night out there that you and I are. My favorite of web crawler might they hear you JD have an. Our I’m going to let you guys were a couple years with them very understanding right but you have not been so my heart goes out you’ve got a guy with balls. I can’t watch it anymore. Your home will give you log all you got the Christmas gift because all these refer that that’s great that’s just awful. Yeah it’s pretty bad it’s pretty bad that’s why so many people it well that’s why so many people are so excited about 80 W. they like save us. I’m an old guy up in what’s your resting since all programs open the words I’m pretty walked in for a while but it is just. So. We’re gonna but you guys yeah my course on the goal of under your ago. Every day the hurt you for this I’m a Roman reigns guy I can’t help it no but do you think. Right. I think if they book him better. He would you think he would succeed better if they book them better I mean it’s not what you think of all a lot of it is this fall for using a lot of it is just the way that they know what you think the guys how they left before you to keep the truck. No in in thank you for calling a and I I think I love the socks I think he is very good he’s got the look that they like it all that and he’s. He’s. I think you’re stuck in a situation where. You know when he came back he had a lot of good will. Say what you want to buy the whole cancer thing and everything in that they you know bring them back to soon he came back and he got applause most everywhere he went. And then I think we’ve now reached a point not that we’re not back to the way things were where he’s getting booed out of buildings the way he was last year whatever good will I feel like he had is gone because they just haven’t back doing the same stuff he was doing before. And it’s not interesting. And I don’t get the sense that the people are clamoring for anything any of the stuff they have been doing now. And so it’s I think even maybe less a case of them blowing him and just it’s almost like indifference. So they had a real opportunity I think when they brought him back to be selective in what they did with him and maybe not even have them on TV every week. And do the exact opposite of what they fell victim to before which is. If people felt like he was being shoved down their throat so let’s dial back a little bit. You know maybe he’ll feel more special people you don’t want to see him more and now he just feels like another guy he’s facing a lias. This is an alliance in a mid card measure money in the bank on Sunday. All right well these these not in the main event I guess which is good. But is anybody really overly excited but what they have been doing right now. I I don’t I don’t get that impression. And I think we’re gonna end with this I see that we have a very special caller calling in this is this is quite the Fanelli. That we have been a very appropriate finality he kind of missed out on all the action earlier but we have. Well I won’t spoil it who do we have on the line here. I’m going Jason it’s intermissions I was wrong that you know you got the voice the moment that you started speaking it would be impossible for people not to know who was that those dulcet tones of of of missionary. Hey you’ve got some dulcet tones yourself my friend yeah I’m surprised I still do after 5:00 hours. Yeah your your formal late night usually I wouldn’t call. Midnight here want to them central yeah it’s actually what 140 on the eastern coast yes. Formal long show my goodness but congratulations on your 600 math I definitely want to call and say that I know I know I missed the boys earlier I saw that you got swamped with the cavs John NGO yes yes someone I I I feel like I it needs some I need some medication after that I I my heart couldn’t handle I don’t know how I survived this I don’t know all the voices going at once I don’t know how you do it I don’t know how you doing them now and if you’re in the chaos what now. You get used to doing a solo show for so long and all all I have to worry about is hearing the sound of my own free invoice and now I’m juggling for 5 people once it it’s like well this is this is not what I use. Yeah well I I I enjoyed both style but I love listening to show I love listening for years but I want to actually kind of flip the switch and some of the questions because. Knows what the questions were who are your favorites of this you know who’s the worst of this one let me ask you a different question more of a crisis to a crisis question for most of us wrestling fans especially people that have been around for years watching wrestling for years. In your opinion. What is wrestling Mister. I don’t I don’t think you can narrow it down to one thing I think now you say wrestling yeah you talking WWE. Now overall I think overall wrestling as a whole even though there are some nice bright spots on the horizon for a lot of wrestling fans there’s this commonality between the casuals between Die Hard doing old school fans were comes with depression. It doesn’t matter which promotion you watch your or if you’re a Die Hard to be to be weak or if you’re watching M. L. W. R. G. C. W. R. or even hoping that 8 W. becomes everything that it says it wants to be it feels like there’s almost like a depression like like a sadness amongst wrestling fans like there’s a disconnect and I’m kind of wondering I’ve been wondering about it for awhile what is it that wrestling fans what is it that wrestling is missing. If I had a narrow it down to one thing it feels like to me wrestling is missing the cool factor that he used to have I mean there is a period of time where. It’s just cool to watch it was the cool thing you know I I can remember being around people who didn’t even like wrestling in there like I used to watch that crap. And then you know the end of you stuff and all that all of a sudden they were asking me questions about it to see what happened last night Mike I thought you didn’t watch like well you know I I watched sometimes I’m like flipping around like your full of **** when you watch every week. But it says and I think competition has a lot to do with that which is why some people are excited you know it’s it’s still early but to see what happens with. You W. not that they’re gonna run on Mondays which is if anybody knew can gain traction and TNT is a big network and I’m sure they’ll maybe have some of those guys on TNT shows and who knows maybe they’ll maybe they’ll get semi mainstream but it’s missing that cool factor used to be cool to put that TV show on every week and when it was over it’s a comment you know I wish there was another hour now it’s like holy **** can we please cut 2:00 hours out of the show it’s like it’s it’s just too much. So if I had a narrow down the one thing. It’s a cool factor she’s not there anymore yeah. Granted it bad that’s **** to top right there thanks that’s why do then it really isn’t a lot of fun there was a lot of fun back in the day when it was water cooler talk talking about what happened a B. C. W. nitro talk about what happened on Monday night raw was water cooler talk you couldn’t wait to get to work or school or whatever just shoot the **** with your friends about it you’re totally right absolutely that’s the way you. It’s just there was something about it where you wanted to. Just it was never enough you know if it was a 2 hour show you wanted to be 3:00 hours and back then I would have been begging for a network like we have now you can go on there and watch wrestling anytime you want like **** sign me up. And and now it’s just the put the shows on Mondays you put the shows on Tuesdays and I could I could close my eyes and just call everything that’s gonna happen everything that’s going to be said before it even happens. And are you already do that well I didn’t say I don’t know well when I close my eyes my eyes don’t open back up so I try to keep an open roster I’ll sleep through all the shows but you could just close your eyes and and just you can pick every single thing every word of their mouth was gonna come out somebody’s gonna come out now they’re gonna cut to commercial it’s weird like I I’ve gotten to a point where I can tell when they’re gonna cut to a commercial before cold starts talking before he starts talking about you know raw rolls on whatever bullshit they they have coming out of his mouth I just I know because they don’t the part and you know it yeah you know just input on the mounting team to a very systematic I think that’s part of the issue what about a time when we have guys like Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler or even going back further with Bobby Heenan you know and gorilla monsoon things were not systematic everything a little bit more natural it relied on the charisma of the actual announcers in color commentators in order to tell a story on the show in order to keep the fans involved but now it’s it’s almost like the announcer’s job is to sell us on the next event to sell us on the the the next match to sell us it’s. It feels more like the home shopping network then it dies you know actual commentary on the matches are actual interesting things that these guys are supposed to be keeping us will didn’t for its own now you’re right I mean there’s a there’s the cool factor is breaking down all aspects gosh you’re totally right when you were saying you know if it was the days of the Monday night war we would kill for 3:00 hours matter fact I’m sure a lot of people don’t even realize this but once upon a time before we had 3:00 hours there was a lot of fans that 1:03 hours yeah and then we got it it’s just like war. That was a mistake. The moment they didn’t I said it was a mistake in 2012 I mean the the had these raw SmackDown super shows you get 3:00 hours every now and then and it’s like I whatever it’s a special thing and then when it was like our we’re moving permanently to 3:00 hours you know and I’m sure a lot of podcasters and people said this at the time but I said this is going to be a huge mistake they’re going to slowly it’s like death by 1000 cuts it’s not gonna happen all at once but if this if they stick with this and this is a permanent move they’re gonna burn their audience out I would love to go back and see where the audience was on average in 2012 obviously it’s lower now than how much lower whatever maybe they were averaging 3.5000000 3000000 and where it is now yeah you know I mean you can just saying you’ve burned out your audience they just they don’t want to watch anymore and the question is. Did you bring them out for good or did you just burn them out on your product and they’ll come back for something else like an old elite or something else that might sprout up that that to me is going to be the big question I’m very curious when they hit TNT the people have these lose all of their 0 viewers on the first week in 1000000.5 viewers I’m not so sure about that. Box with fox and the WB videocassette you kind of surprised that did not pull math 3:00 hours. I think they probably will just a matter of time. I think well yeah well you know I love you really just I mean I I I I was doing okay and now I’m just completely depressed so I have to thank you for that. What it what a way to end. When I do have a point. But I want to thank you again 600 up so they look fantastic milestone I’m looking for your 14 hour show at 700 I’ll be around calling in it how about 4 in the morning so look forward to that one at the US 700 mark dago will get yeah and I promise we’ll we’ll have to get you through a lot earlier on that one that we did tonight. Oh no no no it’s not even you know I I was actually doing stuff my kids graduating tomorrow so I’ve kind of been running around doing this things. And he’s he’s finally our high school going to the big world. Well the film runs elements or it’s a mean cruel world out there son that. Yeah you know. But I will at dark you again soon will definitely get something together in all over the summer absolutely all of us but I thank you again for having me call and and too much love looking forward to another 0 looking for 4 to another 600 thank you may I place it that it’s a it’s always a pleasure to have you on and you know we got to hang out a little bit we got to meet of WrestleMania weekend which for school so thank you. 100 number 2 that I know what I feel like most people don’t they just sort of happened and I don’t know I mean of all people probably don’t. I will you know when you came to the actual. The actual mid night the the the gathering I don’t know the gathering of the the Juggalo there would go to college for the night or Saturday night I was **** amazing good we had you up there we had done only up there of me John Joe. Fantastic the crowd was really lively enjoy the the. The pole dancers in the front room well great absolutely Sierra one of almost kicked me in the face as I was walking by there’s a lot of fun. I’m sure it is thank you for having tickets the blue well whatever it’s just some all right anyway on that note. When we wrap up here but yeah thank you for for getting in here and you’re always welcome. I meant the greedy much well have a good night. That was at the missionary Thomas from wrestling sue that means we got both wrestlers who posts here on the show tonight. And before I actually you know what I got it he’s probably not expecting this but I’m going to put him on the air anyway. Because he has been assisting me he has been helping me all night long screening calls he’s very shy he doesn’t like to talk to people he doesn’t like to meet people I don’t think he ever really leave his house he’s kind of a hermit but we’re going to get him out of his shell here. And that is no the mark is on the right. I’m always prepared. I knew you would be. So if you think I mean we’ve got let’s see here Helen we’ve done so far we have done you’re right you’re violating your you’re violating your own rule about. Wrestling shows being too **** long all I know that’s on the biggest hypocrite in the world after tonight. Earlier next you know what the difference is though I tell you what the differences. The difference between me and them is that I actually give the people what they want. Look at look at the motley crew of gas that we were able to bring it on the show and I know the podcast can say that they had all those people on their show that I had on my show tonight so you know what I think it was a good night are started very much so yes this and that wasn’t even everybody we were hoping to get a couple of other people too but we got look we got a scoop from a famous be talking about his contract situation with ranch underground we got him early and of course we get Kevin castle and and John draper and Joey numbers in J. D. and and Lee Sanders and are in NJ and Joe Cronin then of course mission that have you I guess you’re kind of the finale here this is a a lot of hype to live up to. This is a tough act to follow but I mean congradulations on 600 is that it’s crazy man you know you and I did something like this. Man it just feels like eons ago I would like an 0809 we did at these groups live on webmaster Michael website at.com and you know he was this is another 1 he was supposed to cut some of a **** he was supposed to call in tonight I guess he was been out you know what now do you he would not know him and Brian the blade were we’re both kind of waiting in the wings but you had all the great podcast was on and I knew that that was we were going to be able to break break up the segment so they were kind of waiting and. The the right ran out of the unfortunately so I know I have been ready to go if we had a a break in the action but they sell their wishes ball this is a big box on their wishes. Are we we are we’re really proud of you and and it’s been great I mean. I’m very close to becoming a fan that is just listening to you Hey you W. I’m gonna give a shot to. I really I’m really excited I’ve never you know if you talk to me even even 2 years ago and certainly more than that. I never really would would I’m a loyal W. W. week I ask my team Jersey that my team colors I used to want to buy I wish they would you know back in the day and I’m now but I wish that they would have sold more WWE logo merchandise I would probably wear the colors. Now not so much you know she’s just daily in aiding it’s it’s too much but I’m listening to you and I’m becoming one of those people that listens. You’re listening to you agonized through it so that I don’t have to it’s become it’s get I’m getting super close I’m getting super close you now come dark side and I will take care. My son. And you know just just to build up what you’re saying wrestling being cool and I and I think that you know I think that’s a great point and I think it also has to do with the age group that that’s watching wrestling speaking for myself of course I’m older now. Where is the 18 to 34 year old I don’t think we have college. College age people watching this anymore that you know I think that’s you know that was cool when we were in college and high school I mean imagine if you were a college kid why the hell would any college kids right exact themselves to the show that what you may as well go to the library and read a book I mean how many college kids are going to go on and on and then be like a college kid on a Friday night going to go out and party now I understand I’m gonna read a book at the library I mean that’s kind of like what rough feels like these days Hey you know what who in their right mind at that age of all the things you could be doing would be watching Monday Night run subjecting yourself to this stuff it just I cannot fathom that those people even in that I know they do but not as many as there used to be and can you blame. Not. Now and and I’ve said this on and off before you know with the commentary and then the up a good point was made up about that 2 were killed like you know they’re just selling the next thing I’ll tell you something else when you go and watch every time you watch old wrestling whether it be from the nineties or the the the you know the. A lot of the attitude era. You would have the lead play by play guy just be up hold any field action and really dig into the heel I think that if the person over the keyboard that sinister terrible heel a lot of times now they have this this thought that all let’s just hang back and were so shocked we won’t say anything and then the prize that they do say things it’s almost kind of middle of the road it’s not it’s a non committal you know J. R. is a great example. But it doesn’t just have to be J. R. it was it was Michael Cole of the time it’s just you know just how about. In all my god you know I don’t think those are gone I think it’s just all wow well switching gears you said that you know recently you know well. We love the years and I think yeah hang on a second Keith he’s on the air. Are you doing good man I just I saw again I need to wait a long time so before we. I want to get you. Not all graduates again 600 thank you. For watching raw will be inclined thank you very much. You guys are work for that alone unless I agree but I did watch coming a match with Bret Hart. In my mind I I saw you see 3 with the weight on and that’s what what I I I I watch GMA okay he’s beaten out of reach not to discredit brought Harper my okay that is. I can see what brings with. Wanting him but you know the matter itself was not great. My question to you though is. From what I understand though is now Seth Rollins is dating back Lynch. Apparently. So do you think after the whole shake that thing when they’re going from one person go going you know they’re doing so over here or here or here or there is a change in the aspect of WWE with now dating people. At that point. It can if they want to keep yeah these these couples together I think that could be an issue I mean we have you know Charlotte and Friday and. Re 7 Lana it is like that we have you is like it’s like one big dating service yeah think about it’s like one big dating pool your your your around these people all the time you have no time for any other kind of social life it feels like so you date from within it’s like they’re in bread and other dating from within their family that’s what it kind of feels like I mean it’s kind of a weird way to look at it I guess. But does it become an issue when they’re on separate brands and they feel like we got to keep them on the same brand yeah I guess but. It’s not like we have. A lot of couples I don’t really I don’t think it’s impacting that believe me they’ve got far bigger problems than worrying about what we gotta keep couples together on the same roster. So I I’m not too overly concerned about that and Becky Lynch in several instead or what best of luck we have. The men the men dating 2019. I don’t know what else to say about it no no I you have any thoughts on this. The man is there yeah you know. The man is dating the man yeah. You know the thing is when you when you’re in a situation where you’re all over the place up and down the road I mean luckily they weren’t as far as I know dating anybody else so they’re not cheating on anybody or they didn’t you know turn turn on her heel on other people we know that that’s happened before. You know as someone who oversees people I I always think you know what happens if they break up could that be a situation that could affect negatively how you place people what a what if it doesn’t work out so that the that has a missing me right now yeah I got it and things are. I I guess I’ll begin with their dolls there’s nothing you can do about it they’re adults they’re gonna. Right and they can diddle whoever they want so as a licensed to them. You you wanna data podcasters Bellomont that’s right you can do that that’s right and it’s Katrina is out there listening right now you can you can have a private line for you so you can you can call me and we’ll we’ll talk after the show was over Hey Hey listen I did my private line is always so so that’s all I’m gonna say I’m willing sure yeah absolutely I wanted. But now thank you for a. In with me here you have been a trooper hanging in here for almost 5:00 hours I appreciate all the help that you have provided here tonight. I think this was a record length of Solomon $30 all yet that we have this is the longest episode in the 12 years of the solemn monster sounds off so everybody is still in the chat everybody’s listening live you are part of history here tonight. That’s great well congratulations on monster we we appreciate you very much and I’ll let you do your thing and wrap things up all right back into the screening room with you thank you for sticking with me those of you who are still here those of you who are still. With us in the chat room and we have it this number of people so here with us. This is a out a long show but I thought that we want to get as many people as possible guests callers and I think I think this was a fun one I call this one a success we gonna do this more often. I’m gonna be in Vegas starting Thursday and flying out there 4 star casting double or nothing and try to get some interviews and just get some art are I don’t know when I’ll be able to do episode 601 so right now I don’t know I don’t know that they’ll be a podcast next weekend chances are if there is a podcast it will be in the form of a double or nothing review and other miscellaneous things that goes up on Memorial Day. So just be aware that since I’m not gonna be here and I won’t have my set up with me there is a chance that there may not be a show in its normal spot next weekend and again just say I want to say thank you to everybody who tuned in to the show tonight I want to say thank you to everybody who tunes into the sound off every week spreading the word sharing links retweeting stuff that I post buying T. shirts using the audible link paper all that stuff. I I can’t put into words how much that means to me especially the people who have been with me since day one. 2007 as he scoops from then to now. It’s very cool to have that kind of support so on that note be well stay safe. Thank you for 600 great episodes here is 2 600 more. And I will see you back here early Monday this Monday I will have my money in the bank review as always the paper view reviews go up very early the following morning. This one will be no different and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at Sala monster use. Monsters sounds off Harlem heat 2000 techno team 2000 hello de 2000 WrestleMania 2000 anything as a rule of thumb with 2000 in the name you know it sucks. This sounds off available wherever you hear podcast including. I heart radio Spotify and more. Visit YouTube.com slash the solemn monster for sound off actors and more and follow the solemn monster on Twitter. You’re still here. Why. Going home. Go.


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