WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Review

Posted 2019/05/18910

This is your sound off extra review for WWE royal rumble 2019 from chase field in Phoenix Arizona a show that some say might still be going on. In the time it took to finish this royal rumble pay per view the XFL already debuted and fold it. Easy 315 world titles and has been inducted into the hall of fame already. And you know it’s a shame too because I thought that overall this was a very good show. But this did not need to go 7:00 hours 7:00 hours from start to finish including the 2 hour pre show which had 3 matches on it yeah with WrestleMania you go into it with the expectation that you’re in for a long night you know it you already know it going in its WrestleMania it is what it is but there was no reason for that last night. And I heard from a bunch of you in the U. K. because we have a lot of international listeners and people who follow me on Twitter and I got a whole bunch of tweets from you guys over there I feel like an idiot complaining about the show you’re running all the way to midnight almost when the kick off for all you U. K. folks was at 10:00 PM. For one person who tapped out at 5:00 in the morning and missed practically the entire men’s royal rumble match she just couldn’t do it anymore he added he just he tried you try to stay up for it but he just couldn’t do it those are the real victims all the international people who want to watch the show live I don’t know how you guys do it I really don’t. The a Twitter Paul so far almost 5000 votes were already up over 4800 votes in the poll which is a pretty big number 74 percent of you voted thumbs up only 26 percent of you voted thumbs down and I agree with that I echo that sentiment despite the fact that I age 20 years and had 3 kids last night in that time we had to predictable royal rumble match winners but they were the right wingers they were the right choices to go over in those rumble matches and that to me is what matters the most predictable does not always mean bad some people say always so predictable look I like a little bit I I like surprises as much as anybody but predictable does not always mean bad if it’s the right decision to make predictable though it may be. You do it and in this case it made sense for Seth Rollins to win the men’s rumble and for Becky Lynch to win the women’s rumble it would have been booking malpractice not to have Becky Lynch when that women’s royal rumble match. So I thought the right people one I actually thought the women’s rumble was better this year than the men’s rumble although I don’t think either one of them were all that great I thought they were both good but I enjoy the women’s one more than the men’s I thought both women’s title matches were very good with a great universal title match between Brock Lesnar and Finn Ballard and the one black mark on the show. And I never thought I would say this but the one black mark on the show was the WWE title match between Daniel Bryan and AJ styles which maybe I’ll be kinder to that match if I go back and watch it over again but I can tell you and and again it I never thought I would say this coming out of the show that match bored me to tears. The work was solid but it nearly put me to sleep. But I can’t give a thumbs down to a show that had this much good stuff on it so let’s get right into it here the kickoff show they announced and NXT halftime heat special on the network for Superbowl Sunday that’s going to have a 6 man tag team match will be Alistair black velveteen dream and ricochet taking on some also Champa Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole it’ll also be streaming on Facebook Twitter and YouTube if you don’t have a network subscription they **** all over maroon 5 not on the kick off the leader during the paper view they ran an ad for half time heat and he just took a big dump on maroon 5 who are playing I guess they’re playing the Superbowl halftime show and so that was their way of promoting this why watch maroon 5 when you can watch half time heat which is true although I bet they wouldn’t be saying that if it was their beloved flo Rida’s performing on the halftime show. Shawn Michaels is gonna be providing guest commentary for that half time heat match so get ready for a lot of. You know used of of you know. I love you shot but it’s very difficult sometimes to listen to him when he gives interviews the lucky that a long career he’s taken a lot of chair shots to the head that’s what happens but it’s been 20 years since the one and only half time heat special that aired on U. S. say they have the empty arena match for the WWF title it was the rock defending against mankind very memorable match I’ll always remember the scene in one of the offices that they brought into and the phone rings and Iraqis kick in mankind’s as he picks up the phone and he’s taken telephone calls as he’s beating this man out very entertaining match I will say that it is the perfect sort of thing I think for them to be doing on their own network I think it makes total sense for them to go ahead and do something like this maybe they’ll even do it raw bowl style and how many of you were were around back then in 96 when they did the raw bowl. The blinds drawn I think on the mat like a football field we could have guys coming out wearing helmets. So they announce the attendance for the show here as 48193 I love the look of the show I love the dug out entrances I heard from a few people who thought it looked amateurish there looks like an Indy show and I’m like this is why we can’t have nice things right why does everything always have to look the same I like it when they go out of their comfort zone and we actually have a show that looks different do we really need is it really that necessary to have gigantic LED boards and giant screens behind every entrance is it really necessary does it really bother you that much that we had the little LED like strip screens along the the base of the dog out there because I love the look of all the fans being behind the entrance way Sir every time somebody came out you saw all these fans sitting behind them I thought it was cool I’d like to see them do more that. Unfortunately they kept the roof clothes for the show but more disappointing than that they close the pull out in right field that was tailor made for some heavy machinery skits throughout the entire show or at least an Otis cannonball. So that was very disappointing. He kicked things off with the raw tag team champions Bobby route in Chad gable this was a last minute addition they were non title of course taking on. I guess you would call them the other revival of pain Scott Dawson and results are. Of a pay this was very weird first of all as routing gable are making their entrance the camera man is walking backwards as he’s filming that many trips and falls. And so he took a bumpy took the first bump in the night but to his credit he kept on filming. So this guy was a trooper here enjoy your Abacha mania cameo. We were told that a come of that a P. is injured so they’re great idea here was to create a makeshift team made up of 0.5 of the revival and the other half of a OP. 2 men that have never team before and have no business ever teaming together. If ever you needed an example of the state of the raw tag team division I give to you exhibit Hey. Now it’s a win for the champions I guess maybe that’s what they were going for Hey we want to get these guys on this big show so they can be part of it then we’ll give the tag team champions an easy win. But although they have the stadium was still empty so they weren’t exactly playing to a big audience I don’t know what this actually accomplished other than just getting these guys on the show. There was a miscommunication towards the end between Dawson in regard that led to the neck breaker moonsault combo on Dawson for the win. We reset mentions cannot to more last year’s royal rumble winner here on the kick off show now one year later for the United States championship this is basic stuff not tomorrow is trying to undo the pad in the corner Lana jumped up on the apron she knocked more got into a shouting match with each other reset came off the ropes Nakamura ducked out of the way and reset nailed his wife. Well I mean I’m sure he nails his wife every night but not like this he doesn’t and this was not the final example of man or woman violence here in the show Lana got knocked off the apron she saying they a sprained ankle on the way down I immediately to soon as I saw that I immediately tweeted out I said boy that would be awfully nice spot for Becky Lynch to take in the a royal rumble match of line is to her to compete. And that with reset concern for his wife knocking or any other from behind with the Kinshasa to the back of the head score the pen and he has regained the United States championship B. 2 time U. S. champion that wyshynski Knockmore. So much for having Andrade C. N. almost take the title from receptor which is what I was kinda hoping they would do going into WrestleMania. We had a fatal 4 way for the cruiserweight championship buddy Murphy defending against a carrot tells our Callisto and Hideo Itami. This started very quiet and that means all action from the beginning that it took awhile but they got the people into this this turned into a pretty wild match towards the end and they they won that crowd over there very quiet early and it just built and built and these guys were just let it all hang out lots of crazy moves in near falls here in this match kalista came off the top rope right into a just giant needed the face from buddy Murphy and today I was trying to set up for the GTS on Murphy he escaped and Murphy ended up hitting his finish on a Tommy in getting the pencil buddy Murphy retains the cruiserweight championship. In what I thought was actually pretty good match. Paper view open with osca defending the SmackDown women’s championship against Becky life that should have been a dead giveaway right there that this was not the last time we would see Becky here on the show we end they have a great match I thought were very good match I was a great thing that were gets thrown around too much but that a very good match I thought these 2 and in the end and by the way they both women but even Becky and in particular took some suplexes and slams you know out of the rain on to the floor that were pretty brutal thankfully I nobody was hurt. But towards the end here Oscar was able to locker in the Oscar lock and Becky had nowhere to go no I thought okay maybe soul you know pass out in the hold but up she tapped out Becky Lynch taps out right in the middle of the ring in Oscar retains or smacked that women’s championship I don’t think I would have had Becky tapped out they certainly would not have done that if you had like a a male baby Fay and we’ve seen this before when there’s a guy who gets hot they’re really pushing and and I don’t want to compare this to anyone in particular because then people will get on me and say oh you’re comparing Becky Lynch to this guy or that guy but I don’t think we would have seen a similar situation like that where the guy taps out I’m not sure why this would have been any different in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter because she went on to win the rumble that’s all that really counts but I thought I did think it was weird they just had a tap out instead of passing out in the whole now the one thing I the only thing I could think of here is they just did that finish the the finish with a person passes out in the submission hold in the choke the night before at that take over show in the match which Shane obeys learn Bianca belayer and Bianca Blair got out of the cure for the clutch the first time in Shane got the show back on her and she fought it and fought until finally she just faded and she passed out and so maybe they just didn’t want to do the same finish twice on back to back shows back to back nights with the women. Which I can understand but like I said in the end if if they had just ended back he’s not like this I would have been just beside myself because you know what the what the hell you doing with this woman if if this really is all you had in mind for its like Brian back at the royal rumble in 2014 at this great match to open the show I think with Bray Wyatt and lost to Bray Wyatt which is fine because most people myself included just assume he become it out as a surprise entry in the rumble only he never did and the boy that turn into a catastrophe that night so in the end back he did come back at its all good and you know what they may have Oscar looks strong here which they could have done if Becky had passed out also but I ask you got the woman who is likely going to the WrestleMania main events possibly to beat Ronda Rousey to tap out that could be a story they come back to down the road. At all you are asking fans out there who maybe were a little concerned about well they’re going to take the title right off for her she just wanted to you you can rest easy because not only did she retained but I thought they made her look real strong here in this match. Which Shane McMahon in them is challenging the bar for the SmackDown tag team championship early on in the match Shane was making the save for the man is he came off the top rope out to the floor at 1.with this just giants cross body on the outside and Shane was hitting all of his key spotty at the coast to coast sorrow that this was I thought that was the highlight of the match Shane goes for the coast to coast at 1.and in mid flight sorrow catches him in position for the giant swing and this was the longest swing I’ve seen since are doing a very long time and Shane and and probably Cisar also all disoriented at the end of it. But they yeah they I don’t I’ve lost count of how many revolutions he had here was probably around 20 this was this what are the kind of like this paper view this went on and on and on. But in the end it was the maze nailing Seamus with a skull crushing finality this was after the accidental brogue kick caught says sorrow. From Seamus Seamus gets laid out and with the sorrow down Shane goes up top nearly 50 year old non wrestler Shane McMahon goes up to the top rope and hits a shooting star press a perfect shooting star press and scores the win for his team shade and the man is are the new tag team champions which I thought was the right finish if this thing is going where I think it’s going I talked all about this on the podcast when I talked about the predictions yesterday of where I think this is headed going into WrestleMania they’ll be a turn it’s going to probably be singles match which Shane amaze but I thought the first thing to do because there’s still a lot of time between now and mania is you have the when the tag team titles before things start to go south so I thought it was the right finish and when the match was over they exited the ring and they celebrated at ring side with George ms at it the ms is dad. I guess Shane’s dad was too busy to be there. They took the tag belts and they put them on the ms is you know his father’s shoulder he held his arms up like he was a champion he look like the world’s oldest make a wish kid. So we have Ronda Rousey up next defending a raw women’s championship against the boss Sasha banks I was looking forward maybe more to this match than any other on the show. Is it to match we’ve never seen before it was one of the signature women’s matches for Rhonda I think when she first came into the company you think about what are some of the biggest matches they could do with Ronda Rousey now that she’s in WWE one of the first names you think of. Charlotte Oscar maybe they would do a battle of the arm bars with them and you thought of Sasha banks now Sasha banks for the better part of 2018 didn’t do a whole lot of anything she was not a featured performer heard Bailey both just were sort of on the back burner for most of the year and it’s probably. Safe to say that Sasha has been very frustrated with how she’s been used or not use in this company this was one of the biggest matches of her main roster right. And they put this great video out that you may not have seen I don’t know why this didn’t air on TV but even though the paper views over I would still say go back and watch it it’s great nearly 10 minute video showing Sasha in training for the match on her day off she’s at the performance center in the ring training with drew Gulak in only Larkin learning to submission holds they showed her going to the house of glory school in queens house of glory is the promotion run by the amazing red and she’s been there before in the past before big paper view matches sure to show up she will show up initial train with red and she’ll get in there with the students and that’s not the first time she’s done this before and so it’s just this great video packages showing how seriously she was taking this match going into it I thought that that one video was better promotion than any of this bull **** back and forth the social media banter between them that was a great piece to help promote this match they went in there having never worked in a match before a one on one and I thought they had a great match. I thought this was this was better than the Oscar Becky match I thought it was rough in some spots you could see there was like a little miscommunication here and there but overall I thought that this was a very good match one of the better matches on the show here between these 2. Sasha got around the crossface rouse he got to the ropes and Sasha put an arm bar on the arm bar queen herself Rousey fought out of it now she’s calling her finish this twisting slam that she does the name for it now is Piper’s pit obviously she is paying homage to rowdy Roddy Piper she has his name she has is killed and now she’s naming her finishing move in in memory of of hot rod. Unfortunately I don’t think the movies all that great if you’re gonna name a move after rowdy Roddy Piper I mean come on certainly you can come up with something better than this but she used her Piper’s pit finish and got the win again I I really enjoyed this match there were a lot of you know Sasha did some dives out of the ring and sometimes when she does these things I just cringe and she’s taking her life into her own hands but I just really enjoy this match I thought that they had good chemistry together maybe not quite as good as Rhonda in Charlotte. But I saw some people clapping on this match and I just couldn’t understand it my first thought when this was over was Hey what do you know another good Ronda Rousey match how about that I thought she was terrible that’s all I kept hearing I thought she was bad because she rehearses our matches in advance or used to anyway doesn’t have to wrestle. I still do get a kick out of those comments I don’t see them as often there are as many as there used to be so I think people are finally coming around to the fact that Ronda Rousey is pretty damn good for somebody with her level of experience and Sasha is no slouch herself. So like I said there is definitely some awkwardness at some points during the match but it got better as it went on by the end they were working pretty damn well together and I wouldn’t even mind seeing them have a rematch at some point down the road. It was just nice to see Sasha in a meaningful match for a change not the 6 man tag against the riot squad or not the same matches over and over again it’s not a jacks we got enough for her on the show when the match was over Sasha went to go leave Rhonda they did meet up in the Isle way and run to put her hand out they shook hands and then Sasha put the of 4 horsemen sign up Randy didn’t like that very much they planted another little seed for what will be coming down the road if it were up to me I’d save it you know assuming that Rhonda doesn’t take a break after WrestleMania an extended break I think you can wait and build it up for survivor series at the end of the year yeah SummerSlam more survivor series but I think at some point down the road later this year that 8 woman tag is going to be a big match that they can promote. And we have the 30 woman royal rumble match. They did the right thing they took the long way to get there the very very very long way to get there they could shave the good 10 to 12 minutes off this match just to tighten things up and cut some of the crap out of it a lot of the early stuff I thought was pretty dull it did get better I did get more interesting the longer it went on one thing that they did that I liked and I could say this about the both the men’s and the women’s but I noticed it in the women’s is that they didn’t rely on bringing back old names last year was the first ever women’s royal rumble they wanted a load that thing up and so they had Trish stratus and they had lied to and they had Molly Holly and they had I think Beth Phoenix if I’m not mistaken they may maybe she wasn’t in there but they brought back names from the past. 2 to include in that match they really didn’t do much of that you know if any of that at all here in this match instead of relying on old names bringing them back for nostalgia instead what they did was they reserve a lot of spots in this match for NXT people. For the future 4 people on the rights people maybe that we haven’t even seen much up yet. For example Ziona leak who the hell would have predicted desire leave would be in the women’s royal rumble match she made an appearance in the Mae young classic which I remember when I reviewed that I remember thinking Zion Lee and I think Karen Q. maybe was the other one I was pretty impressed by them so it was cool to see her in there but I certainly didn’t expect that is I. Elie Tahari St E. R. shariah Candace were ray had Casey cabin sorrow in there they have rear Ripley in there which I figured we were gonna get either rear Ripley or Tony storm and we got ria they were all in this match and each one of them had a chance to shine a Casey is very athletic she’s insanely athletic and so she was doing some of the spots we saw her doing the Mae young classic and she was wowing the crowd and she did the one thing where she kind of was holding on to the ring post outside and scales the ring posed to me she can do some pretty impressive stuff she’s tiny as all hell she’s a very tiny person but she’s very athletic and very impressive to watch in there so all of them had a chance to shine I like that I like that they did that here in this match laci Evans was out at number one and an Italian was number 2 so those are the 2 people who open the match some other highlights here Nikki cross Mickey cross got a nice pop coming out at number 8 not bad for somebody who’s barely even been on the main roster Naomi Naomi was given the Kofi Kingston spot here in this royal rumble match she was eliminated but not really then she was walking along the barricade almost lost her balance a few times but she was very slowly walking along the barricade trying not to fall fall into the lava I guess on the ground and she did this big leap from the barricade to the ring steps and so she does this leap right because she eliminated Mandy rose this is one of those little side stories that they were telling here in this rumble many had come out earlier nail becomes out first thing she does make. A beeline for Mandy given that they’d been feuding on television amenities been trying to break up her marriage which I think is a pretty good reason to go after. It’s a she eliminates many rose and now she’s doing the whole thing where she’s walking along the barricaded she jumps from the barricade to the steps without touching the floor right so she’s not eliminated very impressive and she gets a nice cheer for it is seriously jobs are the steps there is Mandy rose wasn’t left yet and she just yanks Naomi’s feet out from underneath her at a live it Sir that was fantastic Mandy is great all that effort for nothing I love it. Charlotte enter the women’s rumble at number 13 and I believe it was here that we got this insanely stupid comment from Corey graves Hey you guys know I have a soft spot for the 1992 royal rumble match Corey graves in that seeing Charlotte come out. Mention the fact that her father ric flair had entered a royal rumble match the royal rumble back in 92 that he entered that match all the way from the number one spot and he went on to win the entire thing and I just sat there thinking to myself really because that must be a different royal rumble match I must of missed enter the number one you say. Course the answer to number 3. But either Corey had a forget for a moment there or wouldn’t shock me if he was told to say that. But they were just like to say it was number one to make it more impressive. Not that they care about history and that kind of stuff yes Rick flair did enter number 3 the funny story about that and I just talked about this on the podcast yesterday when I was talking about the night 92 rumble in the in his book Bobby Heenan mentions or claims anyway that it was his idea for flair to go the distance in that royal rumble that year he pitched the idea of him going the distance all the way from number one to the very end and instead what happened was Vince had him come out a number 3 in Bobby’s view so that Vince could take credit for being his own idea. I’ve had Bobby if he’s telling the truth here had he got his wife later what a vendor that rumble at number one but they know he entered the number 3 so yeah somebody should like Corey graves now Zilina Vega Zilina Vega came out doing the the Vega entrance from Street Fighter had the mask gun in the the little Wolverine claw. And she mixed it up briefly in this thing with Candice will write cancel right was one of those NXT names that was in this royal rumble match of course they had a little feud going there for a while when Johnny Gargano was feuding with Andrade C. and almost in fact I think at 1.they had a mixed tag team match and so they went out of a little bit but most of her time in this rumble was not spin in the ring it was spent underneath the ring she went under the rings Alina dead and kept peeking and poking her head out every now and then laughing and they do it all built to the spot where she poked her head out one more time. And then right next to her who pokes his head out but Hornswoggle. And she sees this and she’s terrified of course she runs out from underneath the ring and Hornswoggle runs out and chases her into the ring in this all leads to Selena being dumped out of the ring and warn swaddled taste or all the way to the back and somebody I think Renee young maybe I’m commentaries called it a nightmare scenario or may maybe was grades and it really is imagine this little leprechaun guy under the ring with you and you can’t shake of these just following you wherever you go that’s pretty scary I actually like that I I really like that spot a lot I thought that was funded didn’t yell overstates welcome they came out from underneath the ring she got dumped out towards what the left and that was it. We originally came out at number 24 and she immediately started mixing it up with everybody and it was cool to see her in there she’s gonna be a big star down the road it at some point she still very young she can stay in NXT U. K. or I would even transition her obviously at some point this year I would just transition her over to NXT proper have run the main NXT roster and let her you know maybe work her way up to the championship there at some point there’s no need to rush her on to the main roster anytime soon but she will definitely be a big player at some point down the road as well Bianca Blair they’ve got some pretty good. Female names in the pipeline I think in the next couple of years and they’re gonna be able to call up from NXT. Now I have drawn number 25 in a royal rumble pool and the Facebook group we do our annual sound off royal rumble pool in our private Facebook group this was years 6 and we set a new record we had over 2500 people AT pulls it was crazy so I do number 25. And I was feeling pretty good about that number I draw and whatever whatever number right we’re Brady Orton came out at in 2017 that was my number I won that year might pull obviously I took myself out of the the final pullout was gonna send myself a teacher but I do number 25 and out comes Deana Paraiso. That was my number and no I did not put my hair up in square up I did curse my television. But I still had one more chance left one more chance lever number 25 in the men’s rumble later in the show Alexa bliss was out at number 26 you got a huge reaction when her music kid this was our first time in the ring since September she had been dealing with the fallout from a concussion. Lana was out at number 28. Now this was stupid the way they did this I thought is one of those things where I’m happy that the right person won the rumble but the way they went about doing it was a bit suspect so a lot of hurt her ankle right I’m of she rolled it sprained it whatever on the pre show no I figure what they would do is they would just make an announcement that Lana was injured she was not gonna be able to compete and participate in the rubble leave it very ambiguous about what would happen with her spot and then Becky would Come out her music would head as a big surprise and she would come out instead they left Lana come out with her ankle all wrapped up she could barely move. She could barely walk she could barely stand on her leg no logically what sense does that make why would WWE doctors allow this why would they allow her to even walk out there was insanely stupid I thought so she is in the aisle way she just can’t walk anymore now this referees around here and there you know try to find out you okay. And so while all of this is going on more people are coming out for the rumble. Night Jax came out she beat up Lana on her way to the ring stomped on her ankle Carmella came out at number 30 which we knew she won the mix match challenge and so she earned the right to be number 30. All the sudden as the officials are tending to line in the aisle way Becky Lynch just casually strolls out and she walks up to fit Finlay who’s out there and she’s just trying to plead her case to fit or fit rather and say look Lana can go let me go in let me take a spot and be in the rumble now the people reacted great to this they saw this and they’re cheering and they’re you know they’re chanting Becky’s name and I’m watching this going boy I didn’t realize that fit Finlay had game booking power here in this company this a great comeback story remember he got fired a few years ago because he was the agent in charge on but I don’t it was Madison Square Garden or not but there was a live event where I think the media is interrupted the national anthem or something and they had people from the U. S. army there in attendance who were offended because everybody gets offended about everything these days and so they were offended import fit Finlay was caught in the crossfire because he approve that that’s why they fired him so eventually they re hired him and apparently now he is gain booking powers in the company because he led Becky let’s go ahead and take Lana spot in the royal rumble and everybody cheered went crazy and so the final 4 of this women’s rumble it came down to Bailey Becky not yet and Charlotte which is a pretty solid final for Charlotte eliminated Becky so now we’re down to Charlotte Becky and I. And I’m not a huge night Jax fan but you knew that night was going to be in there at the end she had to be you know she had to be originally when I was first talking about Becky winning the rumble I was kind of pitching the idea of becoming down just her and I and having her be of the want to dump night out of the ring when the whole thing so now I I kind of had to be there anyway now he’s out on the apron Becky had been not eliminated but she’d been dumped out of the ring and so as not idea is getting up and standing up on the apron Becky reaches up yanks are down on to the floor for the elimination and so it comes down to Charlotte and Becky Lynch and I thought that this was very smart for them to do this because I and and they did this in both rumbles by the way this year yes sometimes people complain about well it’s so predictable because you know who’s going to win but then you look at the final 2 or 3 and these other 2 have no chance of why they do this well they did the opposite this year in both the women’s on the men’s rumbles it came down to probably the 2 most likely winners of the match so could have gone either way it could have been Charlotte they could have pulled the 94 rumble and did the split decision you really didn’t know for sure. I mean I pretty much figured it was gonna be Becky but you didn’t know for sure they were still doubt about how this was going to go down. And so Becky is getting back into the ring and not yeah it comes over and knocks her off the ring steps in. Lynch’s is down and holding her knee she selling in the injury. And she can’t even put weight on the knee she can’t stand up it looks like they’re going to just call the match often wore the match to Charlotte Becky of course is no no no and she climbs into the ring she can barely stand I I thought that all of this was unnecessary I know they were trying to do here they really wanted her to just you know the the fighting underdog here and when that’s fine but I just thought this is one of those things where they just took the really long way of getting there would have been very simple to just have her come out in line is spot as a total surprise it just haven’t come down to her and I ever heard Charlotte and they go out it tooth and nail and then she just dumps right wins they went with this injury angle and dragged it out and dragged out and drag it out. And in the end it was Becky Lynch not pulling down the top rope when Charlotte made a charge at her she basically propelled her up over the top rope onto the apron nailed with a really out of the clothes line or a fast but she just clobbered Charlotte and Charlotte fell down on the apron and then very slowly just rolled down onto the floor. And so Becky Lynch wins the women’s royal rumble match 72 minutes this match went 72 met that’s got to be one of the longest rumble matches that they’ve ever done. Men’s or women’s I I don’t know I would love to know off hand what the record is I want to say the record is probably 75 or 77 minutes it might be the 2002 I remember that 2002 rumble that triple H. one was was very long so I don’t know that holds the record or if there’s been a longer one since then but this is gonna be up there is one of the longest rumbles they’ve ever done and it was way too long I thought it was a good rumble it have the right one they got it right like I said it kind of took the long way of getting there I compared to like your car GPS right if you use your GPS sometimes you want to send you the long way like no no I want to take the expressway it’s like no no no take the streets at the end of the day you’re getting to the same destination so it doesn’t matter but they did take the long way in getting there and so now I can’t wait for Becky Lynch to go ahead and choose osca to try to get back or smacked that women’s championship a WrestleMania and that way Vince can laugh at all of us. By this point it was almost 10:00 PM eastern so now we have 2 championship matches laughed and another royal rumble match so we already know the show was running way long. And I mention this because I am some people are going to be like our rights we get the point the show was long well I mention this because up next was Daniel Bryan and AJ styles for the WWE championship and I have to mention that again because the length of this show had a direct impact on this match no I said what I was doing the preview in the predictions for this paper view I said here’s 2 guys you can always rely upon it would be impossible for these 2 to go in there and have anything but an excellent match. Well about that. Pains me to say it I do enjoy their work together I’ve yet to see up until this point a bad match between the 2 of them. The work itself was solid the match bored me to tears. Bored me to tears and yes it suffered from a lack of crowd reaction I’m not just saying because of the crowd reaction was a bad match the crowd reaction did not help because nobody cared about this coming up that rumble when 72 minute rumble Becky Lynch people wanted to see dying to see this woman when they got their pay off I’m kind of surprised I didn’t end the show with this to be honest they did it in the middle of the show. So these 2 guys were affected in fact in a dead spot here on the show. You put this in another position maybe they maybe they have a better match maybe the people are more into it the more excited about it but they did not care at all and the match suffered because of it but I it was just hard to keep an interest in this match you know AJ had Brian’s leg I went for an insecurity docked and the referee got bumped so there’s a ref bump here in this match. No this is what made the match even worse. The show is already going long people are tired people are not reacting these guys are in their their their work and they’re killing each other but nobody’s reacting to any of this and it was a long match match win over 20 minutes. So that’s all bad enough then you get to the finish. They do the ref bump AJ hits a styles clash. So you’ve got the visual pay right they did this with the Bianca blaring Shayna basically the night before she had the visual paid on Shayna. Here AJ had the visual Pencey in new he was getting screwed over somehow all of a sudden you talk about random this was about as random as Papa Shanto coming out of the end of WrestleMania 8 out walks Erick Rowan. Who’s been out for months with an injury how many times he’s been out with injury I’ve lost count they must see something in this guy because he’s been around for a while and they keep trying with him so they obviously see something in this guy. He walks out he’s wearing like a flannel shirt over a T. shirt. And. He ends up going after AJ styles. And taken down AJ. Brian covers AJ referee comes over counts the 3. That’s how the match ends after all that. It ends with Erick Rowan interfering in attacking AJ styles and handing Daniel Bryan the way. When the match is over Brian has a role in hold up AJ and Brian gives him the running the lays him out and the 2 of them walk out together now having said all that about the match and how I didn’t enjoy it and I was very disappointed the most disappointing thing in the entire show was this match. Having said all of that I like the idea of Brian having a heavy in his corner it’s the idea that if you remember I talked about lar Sullivan. I want to do are sold in this spot this when they first started running vignettes form they were keeping it vague about where he was going to go. I said you know what I really think the best place for Solomon is smack down and not Monday night raw because money that Rogers feels like the land of the giants Brock Lesnar drew McIntyre Bobby Lashley Braun Strom in. Lars is a big guy but he’s not like he’s not overly tall so the idea that you’re going to let’s say have large cell of it and side by side or in the same room with those guys they’re gonna you know he’s gonna look small by comparison I think you want him to be in a position to stand out as being a monster and not sort of dwarfed by all these other ones and I thought smacked they’ll be the better place for and I said well it could be interesting if the TLC he debuts as Brian’s heavy and helped him win the match over AJ. And they didn’t do it instead they have these plans it might still have these plans for large to have a WrestleMania match with John Cena only now he’s having issues and that might not happen I look at this and I say I I stick with that idea I think it would have made a lot more sense instead of putting in right a WrestleMania match John Cena that may not even happen now. To have him as the heavy for Brian that’s a hell of a spot for him to debut at right being the bodyguard basically for the WWE champion on SmackDown. Now we’ll see where they go it is this is this may well just be the first piece of the puzzle here because people were asking me what about Luke Harper what does this mean for the future of Lou Carper. Far as I know I don’t believe Luke Harper has been medically cleared yet because one row and went down with his injury Harper head injury of his own that he just went and said I’m going to take care of it I don’t know that he’s been cleared to come back yet so it’s possible that now road is ready in Harper’s not. And they felt like we have to do something with row and let’s just plug him in with Daniel Bryan it’s possible that that’s what they’re doing here it’s also possible that Harper when he is ready. Could join them. Brian may end up getting his own little wife family. And if that’s the case makes me think you got gallows and Anderson on SmackDown who aren’t really doing a whole hell of a lot right now and they have had the lines in the past with AJ styles of they want to keep this thing going with Brian and AJ. There you go. There’s a there’s a 6 man tag you could do with the elimination chamber right there. I don’t know that it’ll it’ll carry over WrestleMania I’m. I’m kind of over the whole AJ Brian thing I would rather they just move on to something else but if they want to milk this for another month. Let AJ link back up with better sending gallows get his own crew and do a 6 man tag elimination chamber not unlike the one they did elimination chamber 5 years ago I think it was. Between the whites and the shield. I don’t know that this one would be as good but why not. I think it’s an idea worth exploring. So I’m keeping an open mind about this as far as going rowing because it may just be the first piece of of a larger puzzle here. But yeah I I saw this and I said man I really wish they would have gone with Lars in this situation but I love the idea of Brian having a heavy in his corner it works he’s he’ll. And it’s just kind of just makes sense for me to have the small he’ll just to piss people off have somebody much bigger than him basically doing his dirty work and backing him up. Yeah because Brian’s got a big mouth he’s been going around all week talking about the royal rumble burger and people eating themselves to death and all this other all this other stuff and he’s been very entertaining but you know he’s got that personality where you just want to punch him in the mouth now he’s got somebody to back them up he can talk **** and basically just kind of pull ever growing in front of them say Hey you got to deal with him now so I like that the match itself big disappointment. Brock Lesnar on the other hand if in Ballard had the opposite kind of match here on the show for the universal championship this was not a long match but I thought this was an excellent match which should come as no surprise this is Brock Lesnar demo. He just works very well with guys that are smaller than him. He did it with CM punk he did it with Daniel Bryan he did it with AJ styles and he did it again here with Finn Ballard there’s a pattern in case you didn’t notice here there is a pattern that has developed a Brock Lesnar working with the smaller guys and to his credit for all the crap that people talk and everybody in myself talks about Brock Lesnar sometimes he sells his **** off for these guys and they try to do it in a believable way some people just are going to give it a chance I can’t take this seriously friends too small but they try at least to like in this case during this match. Ballard shoved Brock into the side the edge of the announce table so the point. Of the of the edge of the desk went right into Brock’s abdomen I don’t remember if any of the announcers mentioned the fact that he had had diverticulitis in the past I might just throw that in there too but he got rammed abdomen first right into the side of the table a couple of different times and so he was selling it like he was really hurt they at least try to work things like that in there it’s not like Valerie’s standing with him you know and just put his fists up and beaten up Brock Lesnar here but that was how Brock was sort of taken off his game here in this match there was a spot where Brock went for an F. 5. So again just to go to the point about Brock selling he suplex in Ballarat he goes for a German suplex you can’t do it hold his mid section is too used to hurt so instead he goes to get ballerina 5 and all the way down Ballard turns it into a DDT. It’s a near fall. That was a good near fall but what came next was a great near fall. So Brock ends up outside the ring. And Ballard does it died out over the top lands right on top of Brock immediately gets back into the ring it’s the ropes again it’s a second dive connects with Brock. Say one more time one more time he says okay gets back into the ring hits a third flip dive out over the top rope and connects and nails Brock Lesnar Michael Cole I thought actually did a hell of a job your own commentary Renee young immediately ruined it by saying that was going to win the championship we’re gonna have a new champion which automatically met we are not going to have a new champion and so that sucked. And I you know look I I blame Renee we all know who probably fed that lying to her it’s not all her fault but boy did that just ruin the moment I **** hate when they do that. But before that call was going nuts he was hyping this up you get brought back in the ring value to shock and drop kick in the corner heads up top hits the double foot stomp off the top. Gets a great near fall even better than the the DDT off the I. 5 great near fall the people bought into Brock immediately turns it into a camara lock we haven’t seen him bus that move out a while let alone win with it but he puts ballerina come more and at that point there was no way for him to go he fought any font any font until finally had no choice. To tap out and so he gave up and Brock Lesnar wins Brock Lesnar it retains the universal championship. And it just felt to me like this saying over between these 2 and the finished by the way I have no problem with I thought the finish was fine even the almighty triple H. himself right at SummerSlam one year once tapped out to the camara lock. I the way they left this it just felt to me like there is a lot of unresolved stuff between these 2 I frankly don’t see how they don’t promote a beast verses demon match between these either at WrestleMania or on some other show maybe fast lane if they want to blow it off before WrestleMania if they want to stick with their plan of Seth Rollins against Brock Lesnar which is fine I think that would be a fine match they might want to blow off the the Ballard thing before then I I think would be completely stupid to have him put the paint on non **** Faslane me come on that’s the sort of thing that should be saved for a royal rumble WrestleMania. That’s his gimmick you should save it for a big show. And if they are going to go down that road I think WrestleMania would be the place to do it. But Brock was all pests that be Ballard when the match was over he gave me 3 more German suplexes game an F. 5 I mean he left this guy lane. He beat the piss out of him when this match was over. And that just made me think even more that we’re gonna get a rematch between these 2 at some point and that that has to be you know demon Valerie gets Brock and I could see that as the championship match WrestleMania I’ll talk more about this later in the review when I talk about the men’s rumble but I love this I thought this was great actually went back again before I started recording just to re watch it because it was such a short match and I liked it even more the second there were a couple things I actually picked up on that I missed the first time probably because I was the typing notes or whatever but I really enjoyed this match I thought this was a much better match that we would have gotten had they actually gone with Lesnar and brunch from it I don’t think that point can even be debated I don’t care if you’re one of these people he’s too small you cannot convince me that that match would have been better than this match this was great. And finally it was time for the 30 men over the top rope men’s royal rumble match. By this point the show all I could think of was this Titanic meme that you see online with the old woman it’s been 84 years that’s what it felt like. It open with ally S. in concerts which is exactly what we needed 11:00 at night. And he’s about to sing a song with all of a sudden we hear Jeff Jarrett’s music not his attitude era don’t piss me off music but the old school double J. Jeff Jarrett music he comes out with the light of double Jay hat in his old gear he does the strut and so we get some banter between the 2 of them he should have tried to sell them some of the global force gold but he didn’t do that and they were about to sing together with allies took the guitar broken over Jarrett’s back dump them out of the ring you know it was fine I I thought it was a nice little cameo they really had no big surprises in the rumble match other than with their own talent like what they did with Nadia and stuff like that there was no big surprise name the biggest surprise name I guess unless you count the NXT people that were in it. With Jeff Jarrett so if you were waiting for and hoping for a big surprise in the royal rumble this year you were probably love very disappointed. So we had the last year’s winner knocking more he was out of number 3 we have Kurt angle in the royal rumble out at number 4 this is a complete waste no I get Kurt is older he slower he’s not Kurt angle he once was but if you’re gonna have Kurt angle in the royal rumble I’m not sure why you would have about it number 4 and have him very quickly eliminated by not the more Kurt Kurt hit a few quick angle slams and such but he didn’t do a whole lot of nothing here in this match I was just completely bewildered by this that they can come up with something more for him to do in this match. Biggie was out their number 5 Johnny Gargano was the first of the NXT names the many NXT names we saw he was in their number 6 so it’s cool that he and his wife both were able to make their royal rumble they be used on this show. So the night after he wins the north American championship Gargano as in there he was in there for a while I didn’t note the match time for him but he felt like he he had a good amount of time spent in that ring general hall was out at number 7 immediately eliminated by Johnny Gargano was if I did like our ghetto enough there’s even more reason to like the guy Samoa Joe was out at number 8 in what was his very first royal rumble appearance of your member last year they were teasing that he was going to go after John Cena. In the royal rumble and I think it was about a week before the show he suffered a complete freak foot injury was like a heel injury was in a match I think on TV with Titus o’neil planted his foot wrong in I don’t remember exactly what the injury was but it was just a complete freak thing and he missed WrestleMania I think he might have been back the night after but he had to miss WrestleMania. So which is this guy just had no it was like if he had didn’t have bad luck you have no luck at all so hopefully he’ll actually make it on to the WrestleMania card this year if he does I think it will be his first but this was his first rumble Curt Hawkins is that a number 9 and almost immediately he ended up underneath the ring and I thought to myself boy nice to see them try some innovative spots that we haven’t seen before here on the same show. Seth Rollins was out at number 10 so if you had number 10 in the rubble pull congradulations. Titus o’neil was out at number 11 he slowed down when he got down to the ring so to make sure that we didn’t have a repeat of what we saw at the greatest royal rumble last year in Saudi Arabia. And got a huge pop for he should just turn around a walk to the back that should be there for him you got a huge ovation you should have been like I’m gonna end on a high note I’ll see people later but now he he also went underneath the ring he chased Curt Hawkins out from underneath the ring and I think Hawkins ended up eliminating him Kofi Kingston was out at number 12. And Mustafa Ali was out at number 13 I had high hopes for him going the distance not winning but going the distance here in this match which he did dean Ambrose out of number 14 boy does he just feel like the most unimportant person in the world right now what the hell has happened to dean Ambrose I had high hopes for this guy’s he’ll turn I couldn’t wait for them to pull the trigger on he’ll turn and this is the one of the most disappointing stories I think in the entire company in the last few months is that this he’ll turn has gone over like a wet fart I do look forward though to them doing nothing with dean Ambrose for awhile and then when his contract comes due all of a sudden we’ll see dean Ambrose get this big push. That seems to be the pattern recently with some of their talents they don’t do anything with them until there’s talk that they either want their release or their contract might be coming up and all of a sudden they get more television time where they get a nice little push for themselves I can’t imagine why that is. It is funny though overnight I know how many of you saw the tweet that Chris Jericho put out like 3:00 in the morning and he put a tweet out any tag WWE ring of honor and impact and he said I love watching you push all of your randoms but just know that we are interested in maybe 6 to 8 of your talents total we don’t need you and then he tags all the elite wrestling. So it is it is funny look people have been denying that you know all the lead that there’s no all the lead a fact what you talking about the ever run a show yet which is true. There are people who I think are getting a little ahead of themselves because all the elite wrestling has not run a single show yet they don’t even have a full roster but if you don’t think that there is some sort of all the lead affect going on here in terms of Debbie Debbie we for example suddenly you know pushing certain people on television or featuring people we haven’t seen in in ages you’re out of your mind if we do see AJ by the way teaming up with Anderson and gallows soon on SmackDown TV to take on Brian Rowe winter B. Harper if he comes back don’t think that that doesn’t have anything to do with it either although their contracts are up until the fall but yeah there there is an all the lead effect going on here this is funny that Jericho picked up on the same thing. No way Jose is number 15 I imagine he is not one of those 68 people that Jericho said all the league is interested in he came out doing the whole conga line got in and was immediately dumped out and come get his way all the way to the back. Drew McIntyre was out at number 16 I know he was a favorite of some people. And he had a pretty dominant performance I think he had a pretty good they’re showing for himself and this match I never really realistically thought he had a shot. Xavier was was out of number 17 now let me just say that I am the new day to me is a great success story and Debbie Debbie way if you think back to when the group was first put together people didn’t give it a chance and here we are now they’ve been together what 45 years maybe now at this point they’ve made that company and themselves I’m sure a lot of money they’ve sold a lot of merch and so they’re great success story in WWE. But at some point everybody starts to wear out their welcome. And I kind of get that feeling with new day when a custody when it comes to the rumble stuff now it’s become an annual thing the Kofi Kingston house Kofi Kingston going to get eliminated but not really what’s the same spot gonna be for Kofi Kingston this year to the point where I almost don’t even think it matters anymore right it was kind of cute the first couple years in as as is the case with WWE they tend to run things into the ground. And that was kind of the point that I reach this year with the Kofi save spot because now they’re getting very convoluted with it it just seems it’s so forced it’s just not as enjoyable it really is just not as injured and didn’t really get a huge reaction like it has in the past. So the tried something similar where exam you’re caught him not not the wheelbarrow but he kind of caught Kofi in Kobe was like sitting on eggs savior an exhibit was slowly you know walking to the ring to make sure he didn’t drop him in as soon as they got into the ring they were immediately eliminate I think by drew I think through close on both of them out of the ring. Done the bridge or wait the X. T. U. K. champion or a dog is WWE U. K. chip he wrestles on NXT U. K. he was out next the number 18. Cool he posted a tweet after the show saying you know he remembers performing in some kind of a field or something in front of 2 people and that here he was performing in front of almost 50000 people last night.
That was a cool feeling for him I’m sure I’m dry they see an almost was out at number 19 he was the NXT champion when he entered the royal rumble last year he went 30 minutes in that match and I don’t think he went quite 30 minutes this time but yet another good showing here he was he was right down to the wire I think he had to be 1 of the final 45 here in this match Apollo crews was out at number 20 number 21 speaking of an X. T. was the former NXT champion Alastair black. Who fell to Tomaso champ of the night before at that take over show I wouldn’t be shocked if they called black up to the main roster very soon on a on a permanent basis. But that he eliminated dean Ambrose with the black mass kick knocked right off the apron Shelton Benjamin who I forgot was even employed. Was number 22 he’s not the famous story where Vince McMahon forgot that he thought he still employed Shelton Benjamin it was some kind of a talent meeting in the back one of the wrestlers tells us remember Curt Hawkins Dawkins I think on a podcast once told the story they were some kind of all talent meeting in the back in Vince was talking to give a speech asking for questions and I don’t remember who it was it was not it was obviously another black wrestler I guess I don’t know exactly who it was but they kind of raise their hand to ask a question and maybe it was Tarver maybe was Michael Tarver but Vince listen to the question. And then made some kind of color. It’s a damn good question Shelton even though Shelton Benjamin was no longer employed by the company I always think back to that story so anyway here comes a Shelton Benjamin out at number 22. Mustafa Ali around this time eliminated Samoa Joe which I thought was great he eliminated some Joe he got revenge Joe’s been torturing him on television the last few weeks so not only did Ali spend a lot of time in this match you got a big elimination as well I wouldn’t quite put this on the same level as may even eliminating the undertaker but this was sort of his maven moment here in this rumble. Baron Corbin was out at number 23 a dark cloud was hovering over the stadium at this point. Jeff hardy was out at number 24 we had barren **** Corbin eliminating Alistair black of all the people to eliminate Alistair black in this match it had to be barren **** corporate. Drew McIntyre eliminated Pete done with Rey Mysterio out at number 25 and there goes my there goes my chances I thought at that point for winning my royal rumble pool. So much for that Bobby Lashley was out at number 26 he was immediately eliminated by Seth Rollins and this was kind of weird because when he when he was first eliminated I thought he heard his hand I thought he suffered some kind of like he broke his wrist I don’t know just the way it kind of went down he immediately grabbed his hand I thought oh **** something happened but he’s fine he and what they did here they did this whole Igor he snapped he just lost it at the end he pulled Rollins out of the ring and he was you’ll slam and he slammed with the English announced asking just completely laid him out he laid waste to Seth Rollins and their Rollins was taking a nap out there for a while brunch Roman was added number 27 he was the replacement for the injured John Cena and story line Cena suffered an ankle injury at the hands of drew McIntyre. Dolph Ziggler was out at number 28. This after giving an interview to Chris van fleets on his YouTube channel. And saying to him that he would not be in Phoenix for the royal rumble and that he would in fact was on a little bit of a hiatus from WWE as he went on tour with his comedy stuff and did other things and sure enough number 28 outcomes Dolph Ziggler. It happened so never believe I guess the point of all this is never believe anything a wrestler has to say especially if it’s a few days before the royal rumble. That’s why a lot of people thought been Ballard was gonna come out the demon paint even though he told ESPN he wasn’t. We are conditioned to automatically assume that if we are told one thing of wrestling fans the opposite must be true just like Renee young earlier fin dollar he’s going to win the championship no it’s not. So that’s just what how we’ve been conditioned were like abuse victims here we have we have no trust. Randy Orton came out a number 29 and R. truth who won the mix match challenge was out at number 30 he started rapping just like he are wrapped Jack swagger to the cage for his first MMA fight the night before. And R. truth was attacked by not yet Jack so that we all knew that our troops getting in the ring was probably not gonna happen somebody was going to take a spotter steals spot tack in the back. And it was not I object to think about this. When all of us were thinking of different ideas and coming up with all these different ideas about how can they get out of our troops being number 30 of the royal rumble who could take his spot what creative idea could they possibly come up with I don’t think that anybody would have thought that it would be naive Jack’s attacking him and stealing his spot points for innovation I guess but boy did that suck. Boy was that there was something else. That was something I didn’t want to see night Jax in the first rubble other than just to get eliminated by Becky. The last thing we needed was to see not a jacks in multiple royal rumble matches she’s the last person who deserve to be in multiple royal rumble matches. So she gets in there and she eliminates Mustafa Ali. Now I’m gonna put aside my might my anger over that and say that I going into this rumble said that I was hoping I we would get the Iron Man spot. In this rumble and he ended up with the second longest time in the ring this year second only to the winner Seth Rollins who was in there for 43 minutes Ali was in there for an even 30 minutes the same time that almost had in the rubble last year I was very happy to see that between that and the elimination of Samoa Joe I thought was stop Ali was protected and was just you know in a position to be made to look really good in the rumble this year and he deserves it he’s he’s a helluva talent I am very happy to see him getting up first being on the main roster number one and number 2 getting any kind of a push like this I can only hope that he’s in some kind of a feature match at WrestleMania maybe for the United States championship you know maybe by putting the bell back on not the more maybe they’ll do something with nothing more in the stuff Ali instead of what I had hoped which was that you know see and all this would take the title for re 7 they could do a champion like a deer mask versus title match between almost and rapists to blow up their little feud at WrestleMania I’d be okay would not come more into stuff Ali for the U. S. title. So why that I thought was actually one of the high points of the match yes he was dumped out by now yeah Jax no not yet nearly eliminator Rey Mysterio she got him up on her shoulders there wasn’t there was a moment here after she either was after she eliminated Ali. Where Randy Orton was get ready he was right behind here he was in prime position for an RKO now you turned around and caught him and they locked eyes in there was a stare down and the fans bought into this I will say well I think it was incredibly stupid to put niet Jackson this matching she of all people was the last person I wanted to see how the vomit when I saw her walk out here for this match the fans will bite into this because they want to see Randy Orton layer out. And he went for the RKO she shut them off. So I figure I will then either of course they’re not going to do that because they have this policy now they don’t do man on woman violence blatant man on woman violence in WWE they haven’t done that for a number of years I mean a lot of got knocked off the apron by your husband earlier on the kickoff show but that’s different. But 1 of the reasons why I thought it was stupid her even being in this match in the first place is because they no longer typically allow the man to do anything against the women even in retaliation so I just thought it was idiotic so she gets right up on her shoulders and goes to eliminate him turns around and Dolph Ziggler gives our super kick right to the face and I’m like huh what was interesting and they follow that up by Rey Mysterio hitting her with the 619. Into an R. K. O.. By Randy Orton. Randy Orton lays her out with the RKO and this gets a huge pop got a huge pot for me too I will say that of all the ways to have used her given that they did put her in this match I did enjoy the fact that she was able to get her comeuppance to me she came in she’s beating people up she’s throwing people out look you’re in the men’s royal rumble match once you’re in the rain all bets are off I thought it would have been stupid it for them to have people **** footing around not wanting to put a hand on her. You’re in the royal rumble match this is what you would expect to get a get your **** kicked. And I was waiting because you knew it was going to come you just knew that it was going to come and it did not take very long that I don’t know that I’ve heard this guy’s name before I know of him I don’t know him I wouldn’t know him from a hole in the wall if I saw him on the street but there were people retweeting a tweet from this guy Lou dibella Lou dibella is a famous boxing promoter he tweeted Hey at WWE okay your sports entertainment but with the legion of kids watching and wait too much domestic violence having a woman enter a man’s royal rumble and get pummeled by the men is bad messaging out of line and was a really bad idea shaking my head. Now he and I can agree that it was stupid to even put her in the match in the first place but the whole thing with her you know get hit with all the finishing moves I had no problem with that you can hear a lot of people probably complaining about this and I I just hope it’s not one of these things were W. W. we have to put some kind of a statement out were TMZ makes a big deal about it give me a **** break you know what I mean like it was not a big deal I had no problem with them doing what they did there at the end to get her out of there I had no problem with that what what what they want what would you want is just gonna eliminator self. I mean they put themselves in that position by even having in the match in the first place but you’re gonna have people who are going to raise a stink about what they did here I don’t have a problem with that at all I don’t have a problem with it and it’s just one of those things where you know you’re gonna have the usual suspects complaining about it and it’s just you know get over yourself. So it came down to a final 4 by the way we have almost how can I forget almost eliminator Randy Orton which is a pretty pretty big deal so warden had his moment giving her the RKO but shortly there after it was almost dumping Orton out of the ring and so for him that was a big moment came down to a final form of Dolph Ziggler. I’m dry see at all miss Seth Rollins and Braun Stroman someone drive a is there at the end pretty good. Rollins instrument where the final 2 which she knew it would be a new that Ziggler wasn’t going to be in the final 2 so on Friday was dumped and then Ziggler was dumped it came down to Rollins instrument and like the women’s rebel right I like the fact they at least kept it somewhat interesting there at the end because it was entirely possible that they could have had brunch from and when it would have been a **** rendus mistake. He wasn’t even what he wasn’t even is over as Rollins was in this match but it would be a terrible mistake I think for brunch from and to win this match. But it was possible right away they left things open with him and and Brock they clearly want to do that match again at some point. Actually that’s not what happened here that ended up on the apron. I thought they were gonna do the Ben wa finish from for thankfully they didn’t but they ended up on the apron he got Stroman after posting him he got in kicking him in the head you got him on his knees game a curb stomp on the apron and Braun fell to the floor and so Seth Rollins is the winner of the 2019 at royal rumble match which I think clocked in at just under an hour I want to see about 57 or 58 minutes which is about the length of time you would hope and expect a royal rumble match to be again I think the womens went way too long I think the womens you could shave 10 to 12 minutes off of it and it would have really helped a lot here on this paper view other went off the air was almost midnight no big pyro celebration because they just don’t do pyro anymore this company made $1000000000 TV deal and they can’t afford pyro but maybe because the the roof was close maybe I don’t know. But there was no WrestleMania side instead they put it on the jumbo tron somebody pointed to the jumbotron and that’s how they went off the air I thought that it was overall a good rumble but the women’s rumble was a little bit better. If I had to compare the 2 of them and now you know Seth Rollins gets to choose which champion he goes after WrestleMania. And the obvious choice would be Brock Lesnar it seems like they’ve been dropping hints and planting seeds and he’s been making little comments and digs a product now for a number of months and I think Rolland to be a fine choice to go and beat the beast at WrestleMania but I was thinking about this I pose this question to all of you because I want to get your feedback how you feel about this and look I know that Ballard came into the show was the challenger not the champion so he is not entitled to anything because he lost by submission fair and square on the show but how would you feel if WWE throws a bit of a curve ball and instead Seth Rollins challenge Daniel Bryan. The WWE title WrestleMania and they did a rematch for the universal title between Ballard Lester with valor as the demon in the demon paint and they promoted as the demon against the beast how would you feel of those with the 2 championship matches WrestleMania would you be okay with that or would you not like to see that because me personally. I’m fine with either way Rollins unless there is fine and I actually would be okay if they wanted to do demon dollar against Brocken give us Rollins and Brian which I think would be a first time ever match I would be okay with either one of those scenarios so long as we don’t get Brock and sh Roman for the championship I am so over that I am so done with that I do not want to see that a WrestleMania no matter what that’s one match I do not want to see. But this other scenario that I was kind of thinking I was a what if they go this way it’s kind of interesting but let me put the question to all of you and I have a feeling the opinion is going to be very divided on this I put the question on Twitter and I would say the vast majority of the people were very positive to the idea but yeah you’re going to have people who don’t want to see the match again who think Ballard to small enough no more. So let me know what you guys think will know very quickly in fact tonight on raw we may not have to wait very long to find out who Rollins chooses for WrestleMania but the other thing also if you do it that way if you have Rollins choose Brian instead of Brock because we already know Becky is gonna choose Rhonda I mean I don’t think there’s any doubt about that if you do if you do it the other way at least then you don’t have both rumble winners both challenging for raw titles kinda leaving SmackDown out in the cold although after the way Ross web smacked at the survivor series I think we all know how this company really thinks what they what they really think of SmackDown anyway so I’m not sure they really care but that way you would avoid having to are you know rock champions picked by yeah both rumble winners. Anyway that’s near a royal rumble wrap up for 2019 overall a very long show but I thought a pretty good show overall there was there was plenty of good stuff to like. And for those of you who have been following along with my count down I’ve been doing this countdown of last 10 weeks my top 10 list of the greatest championship matches in royal rumble history I wrapped it up yesterday on the podcast and the number one match is going to be going up on you tube this Wednesday I’ll be putting the click here on the channel so I won’t give anything away if if you don’t listen to the full show I won’t spoil it for you but all of those clips can be found in a play list right here on the YouTube channel so if you click on the playlist tab you will find a playlist that has all of them ranked every rumble segment up to this point and the number one match will be going up this Wednesday so that way you can refer back to them in the play was very easily whenever you would like to sell I definitely give that a look thank you for your support as always I will be back with more content here on the YouTube channel of course next month is the elimination chamber we’re gonna cry new women’s tag team champion so when that show comes by will have a full review on you tube as we always do follow me on Twitter at Solomon’s review want to vote in the poll the police the lock the royal rumble poll until next time be well stay safe have yourselves a fantastic week and I’ll see you back here again for more sound off very soon take care guys


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