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Stomping Grounds 2019

To state anticipation was high for that inaugural Stomping Grounds PPV is always to state that Nailz is really a future Hall of Famer. Having a quick turnaround from Super Showdown and also the build to Summerslam going to start, this offering was viewed as a placeholder, with lots of rematches from previous PPVs. However, amongst all of the chaos from the absurd wildcard rule, Raw and Smackdown earlier this week did a good job of creating excitement towards tonight’s PPV. Bayley and Alexa Bliss’ feud required an individual turn, making their competition red-hot. Dolph Ziggler grown a seed of doubt over whether Kofi Kingston could best him inside a steel cage without the assistance of his New Day stablemates. The Rollins/Corbin feud also holds intrigue, using the shadow of the Animal having a briefcase looming over proceedings and also the mystery guest referee set to become revealed. With all of this considered, Stomping Grounds guaranteed to become a solid event.

Start Show- WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat: Tony Nese versus. Came Gulak versus. Akira Tozawa

The Coach started proceedings using the much-maligned pre-show. Nothing significant or fresh happens on these shows, as (admittedly good) video packages preview the various feuds, and superstars without any put on the primary show receive the opportunity to shine because the WWE World filters with the doorways.

The cruiserweights, as frequently may be the situation, were relegated towards the pre-show, that is a shame because of the athleticism on show. The match began in a lightning pace, Tozawa showcasing his phenomenal aerial ability, getting both Nese and Gulak around the outdoors. Then he setup champion Nese because he rose to the peak turnbuckle, however the Premier Athlete countered for any near fall. Gulak then required control, suplexing Tozawa to the felled Nese. The flow from the match was hurt because the split-screen happened, hyping the matches later at night.

The champion nearly succumbs towards the Gu-Lock, Tozawa visiting his aid having a flying senton, as the 3 men caught their breath. Tozawa required the battle to Gulak, stunning him having a hurricarana for any near-fall. Tossing japan superstar towards the floor, Gulak switched his attentions to Nese, who stunned him having a running elbow adopted with a beautiful springboard moonsault, Tozawa just smashing the count over time. Tozawa and Nese traded chops, prior to the champion kicked from the Shining Wizard. The Premier Athlete then required out Gulak using the Running Nese before one-arm power slamming Tozawa in to the corner, nearly putting him away as well as the save from Gulak. Left alone with Tozawa, Gulak put compensated an finish to some breathtaking encounter having a Tortute Rack Neck Breaker to accept title.

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch versus. Lacey Evans

The Person and also the Sassy Southern Belle kicked from the primary show, the champion eliciting an enormous pop in the crowd before a match by which she’s broadly likely to dispatch of Evans

Following a heated exchange of pushing and shoving, Lynch required control, the Irish Lass Kicker searching thrilled and attempting to place the contest to sleep early. She thrown Evans across the ring towards the delight from the WWE World before a botched springboard slowed her momentum. Evans grabbed the chance and slammed Lynch in to the announce table, before methodically individuals mid-portion of the champion, inside a patient, brutal beatdown. Evans looked impressive and displayed good heel psychology as she maintained charge of the competition. Her arrogance got the greater of her as she looked to become closing in on her behalf first bit of gold, as she thrust her handkerchief in to the face of Lynch. Riled, Becky stuffed it in her own mouth and mounted her first substantial offence from the match, striking the Bex-ploder for any near fall. She missed, though, having a big leg drop in the top rope, conceding an almost-fall herself. She composed herself, however, dragging Evans from the top rope and slapping around the Disarm-her to support the title.

It was an excellent start to Stomping Grounds, Evans supplying a genuine threat to Lynch’s title reign, dominating large servings of the match. Lynch demonstrated her resilience, though, and also has put an finish to her feud with Evans, and will also be getting to her next programme on the move-to the busy summer time several weeks.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens versus. Big E and Xavier Forest

The hugely gifted Zayn and Owens happen to be nothing more than jobbers because the Underdog in the Subterranean made his return the night time after Wrestlemania, consistently getting beat and being placed into programmes other product business finding yourself in, with a creative team apparently baffled over how to handle them.

These were in desperate will need a win to achieve back some momentum, and began like men possessed, Owens immediately getting Big E and hitting Forest with a few superkicks along with a senton in the top rope for any two count. A Blue Thunder Explosive device from Zayn along with a big splash from Owens still couldn’t put Owens away. Big E pulled themself look out onto the apron to look at the destruction of Forest continue, as KO and Sami were unrelenting within their attacks. Owens mocked Big E at ringside, foreshadowing the eventual hot tag. Affirmed, Owens missed having a senton, and Forest arrived at the corner, tagging New Day’s resident powerhouse, who burst in to the complement a few belly to belly suplexes along with a big splash on Zayn for that two count. Zayn fought against back having a big boot along with a flurry of punches before his tornado DDT was countered. Forest tagged in and in some way hoisted E onto his shoulders for any big splash. Countering, inside a spectacular sequence, Big E was isolated through the heels, who then hit Forest having a Helluva Kick along with a Appear Powerbomb, the win stolen using their grasp by E making the save. To another flurry of superkicks and elbows, all men lay prone, to chants of ‘This is Awesome’. Also it was, further highlighting precisely how badly two superstars as gifted as Zayn and Owens happen to be handled by Creative these past handful of several weeks. Around the apron, Big E defied gravity by having an unbelievable spear, delivering Zayn towards the floor. During the ring, Owens hit a stunner, expertly offered by Forest, to attain a significantly-needed win for that Canadian natives.

It was a high contest, and it doesn’t matter how poorly Owens and Zayn happen to be booked in recent several weeks, had the best outcome, the heels groing through a duo who will not be injured through the loss. It had been a remarkable showing and hopefully signals an upturn in fortunes for Zayn and Owens.

U . s . States Championship: Samoa Joe versus. Ricochet

A contrast of styles along with a fight between agility and strength gave this match lots of promise, although it was unlikely Joe could be shedding his strap to Ricochet, within the title picture the very first time since making his primary roster debut.

It had been Ricochet’s aerial prowess that found the forefront in early exchanges from the match, his speed searching an excessive amount of for that Samoan Submission Machine, who searched for solace outdoors the ring. Getting composed themself, his raw power bailed him out, charging Ricochet in to the steps and, back within the ring, slammed him difficult to the pad. The 2 exchanged chops before Joe downed the challenger having a vicious elbow. A few near falls later, and also the champion was well in charge and seen his method to retaining, compounding his dominance by having an impressive powerbomb in the ropes. One step up insiguri and hurricarana, though, from Ricochet, produced separation, and permitted him a foothold within the match. It had been here he could showcase a lot of flying offence he’s symbolic of, stunning Joe having a springboard moonsault and suicide dive. Joe responded having a throwaway slam after which switched our prime-flyer thoroughly having a lethal clothesline. Joe looked to place the competition to sleep using the Coquina Clutch, but Ricochet had other ideas. He countered having a double knee-drop after which scaled the turnbuckles for that 630 Splash. He performed the finisher perfectly and hooked the lower limb to attain the pin within the surprise from the night to date.

It had been unpredicted, also it meant Joe’s US Title reign ended just a little prematurely, however it would be a real feel-good moment for men who clearly loves the company. It had been just reward for any superstar that has impressed mightily around the primary roster.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Daniel Bryan and Rowan versus. Heavy Machinery

Our prime-quality of Stomping Grounds so far ongoing with another hugely impressive match-up. Bryan, because the homecoming champion, grew to become the de facto babyface, with ‘Yes’ chants emanating in the WWE World the very first time in several weeks.

Otis and Tucker surprised Bryan and Rowan, using the battle to the champs right out the off, The Beard falling victim to some massive clothesline for any two count. Planet Earth’s tag team champions obtained control, though, when powerhouse Rowan joined the ring, showing unbelievable agility for this type of big man having a big splash along with a dropkick. The previous Wyatt Member of the family then pulled Tucker towards the corner because he and Bryan double teamed the babyface. Otis joined after what must have been the ‘hot tag’ but audible boos rang out because he manhandled Bryan, hitting an striking sit-lower powerbomb, however missing using the Vader explosive device within the corner. Bryan thought a dent and unloaded with a number of ‘Yes’ kicks towards the delight from the crowd. The kicks, though, had little impact on Otis, who brushed them off, impervious towards the boot raining lower on him. Stunned, Bryan suffers a Caterpillar after which Tucker joins the experience as both components hit him having a Tucker Slam, just for Rowan to interrupt in the fall in the eleventh hour. Rowan and Otis, the 2 powerhouses of the particular outfits then trade shots inside a fight of strength, neither man shifting. Bryan tags in and catches Otis having a knee in the top rope, detaching the big man. Tucker gets control but is depressed by Rowan at ringside and rather dives on him. Disoriented, he clambered during the ring, where he was met having a quick roll-up by Bryan, who maintains the titles.

Again, another match which was great, given the possible lack of heat within this feud. Heavy Machinery found innocent themselves well and extremely place the champs towards the test the very first time within their title run. The competition was hurt just a little through the chants for that heel Bryan, as well as an at occasions apathetic reaction to the babyface duo of Otis and Tucker, but Heavy Machinery justified their devote the title picture and can have in all probability earned another crack in the gold the following month at Extreme Rules.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Bayley versus. Alexa Bliss (w/Nikki Mix)

The concentration of this competition was switched up a couple of notches on Smackdown on Tuesday because the rhetoric backward and forward women switched bitter and private. Include the element of Nikki Mix, at ringside with Bliss, which match was one of the most long awaited bouts at the outset of the night.

Bliss required control in early stages, slamming Bayley face first in to the turnbuckle and beating her lower with lefts and legal rights. A stinging slap to by Bliss, though, appeared to fireplace in the Hugger, who unloaded with punches around the Goddess after which arrived an elbow. She adopted having a running knee, rocking Bliss, who folded towards the outdoors, pulling a trailing Bayley’s shoulder in to the ringpost to achieve top of the hands. During the ring, Bayley kicked out at two before Bliss ongoing to operate around the right arm from the champion. As Mix seen, the 2 former Ms Profit banks countered each other’s offence before Bayley acquired top of the hands having a belly to back suplex along with a sunset switch in to the turnbuckle. Around the outdoors, Bliss pulled Mix before a diving Bayley, before transporting around the beatdown within the ring. Establishing Twisted Bliss, Mix joined the ring and inexplicably attempted to tug Bayley away. The Hugger pounced having a Bayley to belly to place away Bliss and support the title.

Thinking about how heated the exchanges got backward and forward within the run up to this match, it never really got from first gear, by using it searching such as this feud continues to have a couple of chapters to inform. Mix placed herself within the match, and it appears as though she’ll play a leading role within the narrative within the coming days.

Roman Reigns versus. Came McIntyre (w/Geebet McMahon)

Getting embarrassed McIntyre and McMahon backstage on Raw earlier this Monday night, the Scottish Psychopath wasted very little time using the battle to the large Dog, ambushing him around the ramp prior to the bell even rang.

Reigns fought against from the attack and, when the match was formally began, was relentless in the attack from the big Scot, clotheslining him within the ropes and creating a huge dive to the outdoors, similar to the Undertaker in the pomp. Searching covering-shocked, a watching McMahon retreated as Reigns ongoing his rampage. The previous Shield member chased the Boss’ boy across the arena until he encountered a large from McIntyre, who thrown Reigns in to the steel steps. During the ring, McIntyre hit a belly to belly for any two count, as McMahon yelled encouragement in the side, raking Reigns’ throat around the ropes because the referee was distracted. Reigns’ fightback was thwarted by having an elbow from McIntyre, who attempted to create good on his promise to maim the large Dog with a number of clubbing blows towards the face. Reigns countered a suplex and among their own to purchase themself a while, but McMahon got involved again, as Reigns walked right into a spinebuster along with a monster clothesline for any two count. McIntyre prolonged the decimation of Reigns with a few submission holds, as McMahon optimistically known as for that bell. Reigns looked to show the tide having a Samoan Drop because the ref began counting the 2 weary superstars. Reigns acquired top of the hands, hitting McMahon with a few Superman Punches, taking his eyes off McIntyre, who slammed him face first in to the announce table after which superplexed the large Dog from the top ropes, who in some way kicked out at two. Establishing the Claymore Kick, McIntyre was thwarted by Reigns, but required control again having a Glasgow Hug. The Scottish Psychopath resorted to visiting the top rope, but was met with a crashing Superman Punch. He adopted having a huge spear and looked set to place McIntyre away, until McMahon placed themself again, dragging the referee from the ring as his hands involved to slap the pad for 3, after which unloaded on Reigns within the corner. The customary big McMahon bump adopted, having a Coast to Coast, but Reigns in some way kicked out at two when McIntyre closed in around the win. With ‘Roman’ chants ringing out, the large Dog more over than he’s been since his Shield days, Reigns laid a Superman Punch on McIntyre and McMahon before finishing the Scot having a spear.

It checked out one stage as though the large Dog would leave Stomping Grounds frustrated after constant thorn in the side Geebet McMahon was going cost him putting his competition with McIntyre to sleep. His customary fighting from behind and searching unbeatable gimmick found the forefront, though, much towards the delight from the WWE World, who appear to become behind him completely. It’s good to determine. He’s had his (very vocal) detractors, but love him or hate him, he’s the kind of babyface Vince and WWE can trust to hold the organization on his shoulders publish-John Cena. He’s acquired traction and really should be searching to maneuver in to the title picture again within the coming several weeks. Equally, exactly the same could be stated for McIntyre, who’s still portrayed like a monster no matter his unfavourable win-loss record. The program for him ought to be the re-building of momentum and the name within the conversation with regards to claiming gold, in order to finally fulfil the mammoth potential he’s proven since re-signing with the organization.

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match: Kofi Kingston versus. Dolph Ziggler

This programme looked to possess began like a placeholder until Kofi found his next competition to consider in to the busy summer time several weeks. However a not even close to clean finish through the champion at Super Showdown along with a defiant Ziggler, who destroyed Xavier Forest on Monday night and asked the effectiveness of the brand new Day’s individual components, has asked if the Showoff may really attain the unthinkable and steal the gold. A steel cage apparently performed into Ziggler’s hands, eliminating the statistical benefit of all of those other New Day staying at ringside, but when Kingston’s title reign has signified anything, it’s that he’s a gutsy, determined champion who won’t let his fairytale finish with no fight.

Ziggler began the more powerful, hitting Kingston having a beautiful dropkick and seeking to complete the competition early by climbing the unforgiving steel. Kofi pulled him in but was tossed in to the cage as Ziggler started again control. He adopted having a neckbreaker after which displayed his amateur background, putting on Kingston lower having a headlock. Ziggler unloaded on Kingston within the corner, that was countered by an elbow along with a dropkick. Kingston’s brief comeback was stopped because the Showoff again thrown Kingston in to the cage, compounding the champ’s embarrassment with a number of slaps. This riled Kofi, who responded by tossing Ziggler into every wall from the steel structure and scored a 2-fall. His attempts at climbing within the cage were anxiously avoided by Ziggler, and also the two involved in some backwards and forwards on top rope. The Brand New Day member put Ziggler to the ring and dived on him from the top cage, while using top rope like a springboard. The 2 started again atop the imposing cage, both balancing precariously before concurrently shedding to the ring, where Kofi performed the SOS for any very close to two count, the move searching much more spectacular around the slow motion replay. Ziggler began around the leg of Kingston, attempting to win the championship by submission. Kingston pulled themself away, and Dolph met him having a superkick, which nearly unintentionally sent Kofi put the doorway and also to victory. The challenger pulled Kingston in, returning to the lower limb, after which catching the champion having a ZigZag for that two count. A untidy exchange then saw Kingston counter a superkick, and anxiously stop Ziggler from dragging themself towards the door. As Dolph raked your eyes, Kingston retreated as Ziggler looked to achieve the ground. Because the Showoff had the world floor and victory in the sights, Kingston propelled themself with the middle rope and also over Ziggler to achieve the ground and support the title.

It was a properly-built match -showcasing the concentration of Ziggler and also the spirit of Kingston- by having an inventive finish, however it felt just a little anti-weather if, not surprisingly, this will be the finish of the feud. Though steel cage matches can occasionally over-depend around the structure, the stipulation wasn’t really utilised fully thinking about the talent involved. All being stated, it had been the best result, and Kofi marches on, while Ziggler will most most likely slip back to obscurity for the time being.

Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins versus. Baron Corbin (who picks special guest referee)

The intrigue of the match centred around whether Brock Lesnar would pick this chance to money in his Money staying with you briefcase, and also over who Corbin would elect is the special guest referee, Rollins a week ago getting any potential suitors towards the black and white-colored stripes having a steel chair.

Will it be Brock Lesnar? Will it be Paul Heyman? Wouldn’t it be also Earl Hebner? Not a chance. The guest referee, selected by Corbin, was Lacey Evans, Rollins’ girlfriend Becky Lynch’s arch-enemy. The WWE World signalled their apparent displeasure for this turn of occasions with huge boos. Corbin looked to achieve top of the hands prior to the bell had rung, going for a chair to the rear of Rollins after which punished the Animal Slayer for part one from the match. Any offence mounted by Rollins was countered by Evans’ slow counting because the odds were starting to look stacked from the champion. Rollins smashed Corbin via a table but, inside a masterful bit of heel one-upmanship, Evans slow counted the Lone Wolf after which declared the match a ‘no count out’ bout. Corbin chokeslammed the champion because he looked to complete Rollins before a set crowd. Rollins fought against back having a kick along with a splash but Evans, relishing her role having a brilliant performance, feigned injuring her shoulder before she could count to 3. She then disregarded a obvious disqualification as Corbin required a steel chair to some crestfallen Rollins. Evans then declared the match a ‘No DQ’ match as chants of ‘Becky’ resonated round the arena. Rollins in some way fought against back having a Falcon Arrow onto a seat, but Evans again declined to complete her job, prompting a frustrated Rollins to confront the ref, who began to slap him and catch him having a low blow. Corbin’s Finish of Days looked to possess finished Rollins until Becky Lynch made the save, completely destroying Evans ringside. A substitute official was discovered who three-counted Rollins’ Stomp because the real-existence couple celebrated within the ring.

Everyone else demonstrated their displeasure for a lot of the match, however it was masterful storytelling by Evans because the crooked referee and also the underrated Corbin because the cheating heel. And also the pop when Lynch made the save introduced goosebumps for which was among the feel-good moments of the season. It had been an authentic development with a creative team who rarely book moments such as this anymore. It appears as though this may also generate a mixed-tag match at Extreme Rules with some kind of stipulation.

Overall, for any PPV with little significant build-up along with a stupid name, Stomping Grounds was a general success, with plenty of high-quality bouts along with a truly satisfying conclusion


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