WWE Summerslam 2019 Full Preview & Predictions

Posted 2019/08/111670

The NXT takeover Toronto and SummerSlam picking contests are now open at wrestle rumble.com a single entry is just $10 for each pickup 20 Bucks gets you 3 entries 30 Bucks get you 5 entries which of course means more chances to win it’s very simple the winners of each contest are the ones with the most points you earn points by correctly picking the winners of the matches this weekend at NXT takeover Toronto and door W. W. E. SummerSlam winners are announced by the end of SmackDown live the Tuesday after SummerSlam first place in the take over Toronto pick up is an NXT championship replica belt first place in the summer slam pick em contest is $1000 cold hard cash second and third place prizes in the summers when contest or 100 Bucks each for just $10 you can walk away with a hell of a lot more than that it’s fun to play get your entries in before it’s too late had to wrestle rumble.com right now. SummerSlam is this Sunday from the Scotiabank arena in Toronto which means plenty of time for Vince McMahon to rip up the car to make a new one of our before show time I’ll be going live on YouTube after the paper view for a live stream review as I’ve been doing the last few months the show will be archived on the channel after the stream and for those who cannot join live although I hope you all could do so either way had over to YouTube.com slash the solemn monster which if you’re listening to this right now you may well be on the YouTube channel so if you are not already subscribed please hit the sub button that way when we go live or when a new video was posted you will be alerted and get a notification this is the first summer slam outside of Brooklyn in 4 years and the first in Toronto since 2004 when Randy Orton won the world heavyweight title from the shadow the kickoff show will again be 2:00 hours long contrary to some reports that said it would be scaled back to one hour it is not. Begins at 5:00 PM eastern on Sunday this is I would say 1 of the most widely bolt SummerSlam cards in history yes summer slam is traditionally a favorite event or it used to be anyway favorite event of mine is a back when the show had more of an identity add to me a lot of the shows just sort of blend together SummerSlam survivor series they don’t have the same identity that they had you know 152025 years ago. But some of my favorite events you know when I was first coming up as a wrestling fan I have very fond memories of the the the early summer slam show SummerSlam 89 and. 91 there’s just certain shows that stand out 2002 I think a lot of people would say. May well be the best summer slam car top to bottom that they’ve ever done. So yeah traditionally it is one of the favorites of mine during the year and I look at the build up to this one and I ask myself you know and my excited it’s just a very. There are some good matches in the car but it’s just a very weird feeling you know we have a show that as of right now and this could change in fact I would be stunned if they do not add at least one tag team title match after I finished recording this I’m recording this on Wednesday night but as I record we have a card with all singles matches. Not one tag team match not one that multi person match which makes me think you know Vince McMahon he must be sick. Well we know he said what he must have like a a fever or something for him not to have any tag team or multi person matches on the show which is something I know they love so much. Not a single one on this card as of tonight it’s also weird you know when you consider that there is not one tag team championship match announced yet. And again I I really think they will announce at least one but it just goes to show you I mean how inconsequential that they are that they would wait until the last minute for what is usually one of their biggest shows of the year I mean this is summer slam it’s it’s not quite WrestleMania but it’s kind of you know a little behind maybe you would think they would have the show map that we weeks in advance and it just seems like that is absolutely not the case at all this year. And it’s just you know they they have 3 sets of tag team belts they have the raw tag team titles the SmackDown tag team titles and the women’s tag team titles which changed hands on Tuesday night Alexa bliss and if you cross a won the championships from the iconix is part of a 4 way they are now the new women’s tag team champions 3 sets of tag team belts and as of the Wednesday night before SummerSlam we don’t have a single championship match announced. There’s no drew McIntyre on the show. Again unless they add something at the last minute maybe with him and Cedric Alexander him and Cedric were scheduled to have a match on Monday night they came out for it match never really got going. And drooping left office surprising to me because of how hard they’ve been pushing him at least for a while you know they had him along with Shane McMahon he he was wrestling Roman reigns for months on end. And of course Shane McMahon has a match. Even Roman reigns at this point doesn’t have a match drew McIntyre doesn’t have a match but Shane McMahon boy this is a company that has their priorities in check Elise shadow back has a match here at SummerSlam. And no Roman reigns no Roman reigns mash no nothing was announced at the end of SmackDown other than buddy Murphy being attacked and coerced into revealing that he saw Eric role in walking away from the scene of the forklift attack last week. He figured era growing in finger dangle Brian the only said rolling Rome was the only person he saw. And of course buddy Murphy on SmackDown Tuesday night was just there to get beat up he was roughed up by Roman reigns and there but a lot of people since then we like the segment said always buried wire the burying Murphy so that I’m not saying you’re wrong but to that I would say this 2 things number 1 and I’ve talked about this on my podcast I’m sure a lot of other people have as well buddy Murphy is a very talented wrestler I’ve watched him in NXT I’ve watched him on 205 lives. He looks the part no he he is a quality talent who is not yet been given an opportunity on the main roster even though he was called up to the main roster what how many months ago 3 months ago. 4 months ago. He’s made all of one appearance before this past week this past week was number 2. The one appearance he made on TV before this he asked the question during a Shane McMahon town hall who. Wow what an important role he has served on the show. And it sucks because again I he is one of those guys like I’ll leave who I looked at when they were on to all 5 live and I said if there are any cruiser weights well I think have the ability to cross over and become ill. The term big is relative but become a big star on the main roster buddy Murphy is one of those people. And he’s not yet been given the chance on Tuesday night. He was in a position to be part of the final segment on the go home show too summer slam. I’m not saying what they did with him was anything great but the fact that he was even on television. His progress because you would never even know the guy existed before this week that’s number one. Number 2 the jump on the way back machine here for a second. I’m old enough to remember a metal but I’m old enough to remember. The mega powers split back in 1989 where Randy savage turned out whole Cogan and he attacked him backstage this was after Elizabeth took that big bump in hoping carried her to the back and there was this whole confrontation in the back with Hogan and savage. When Hogan went on the war path at the end of that episode of of the main events. On NBC he went looking for savage like a man possessed he’s in the hallways. Who were 2 of the guys that he ran into with that hallway and manhandled.Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Bret Hart part of the Hart foundation at the time Shawn Michaels part of the rockers actually both teams were in the hallway but Hogan Graham Brett you should come up where is Randy he grabbed Shawn did the same thing.It’s just one of those little stupid things that I remember I look back on now. Yeah at the time they were basically nobody’s. And they went on to become 2 of the biggest stars in the company. And Hogan was rough and I love the hallway like there were a bunch of Bros. So you never know. You never know. Where some of these guys are going to end up. Hey look Murphy could still be thrown into a match on Sunday it could still be heaven Roman reigns the card is still fluid nothing is off the table. Murphy even tweeted he said that was really the earlier today or yesterday he said I came to SmackDown live from 2 OO 5 live because I know I belong in a ring I don’t care about who attacked Roman reigns but if you want to put his hands on me again I have no problem stepping in the ring with him anywhere. And smile right in his face again hashtag best kept secret and a lot of ways he’s he really is he really is the one of the best kept secrets on SmackDown so we’ll see what happens it is still possible he could be added to the cart PW insider had a report on their website earlier today saying the reason that there is not likely to be a match between Roman reigns and dental Brian the suppose it attacker although we don’t know that for sure. But they kind of cheese that at the end of smack that on Tuesday night last night. But the reason that there is not likely to be a match between Roman and Brian on Sundays because they just feel they need more time to let the story play out and they’re not wrong. They’re not wrong. Hey look thank you shoot an angle on Sunday they could do an interview with the rain maybe Roman reigns comes out he calls out Daniel Bryan he calls at Roland to come on out and and he wants to confront them face to face find out if they were involved in the forklift stuff in the car stuff on Monday night. You gotta remember they did a non wrestling segments with Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho it’s summer slam back in 2008. They were in the middle of their whole program. One of the best of that entire year if not the best maybe in the company that whole year you know some people might say undertaker edge. Of opinion. But they had a segment they don’t have a match at SummerSlam in 2008 that was the night the Jericho punch Sean’s wife in the mouth. So I’m fine with them doing you know an angle and not a match we don’t need 15 matches on the show on Sunday we have enough matches as it is and I’m sure there’s going to be another 1 or 2 added before all said and done do you really need 1516 matches on the show.And if that’s the mentality I agree I agree with WWE it’s way too soon. To do that match we didn’t we didn’t get enough of the story at the end of SmackDown on Tuesday. To necessitate a match so soon between Roman reigns and Dana bright. But I just find it strange that they would leave off some of the names that they did it just feels and a lot of cases like. Yeah they’re they’re just booking some of the stuff on the fly. I mean how many weeks where they promoting dangle Brian is going to come out and have some sort of career altering announcement. Only to seemingly drop it that’s what it seems like to me. You know I admit I wasn’t paying too close attention to the announcers on Tuesday but I didn’t hear any mention of that whole storyline if they did it was brief all the sudden Daniel Bryan is wrestling in the main event. It’s him in rowing against exam you’re in big gate. It’s like they just drop the whole story. It’s also 2 weeks in a row that Vince McMahon was said to have ripped up the script for SmackDown just a few hours before the show went on the air and he decided to re write the entire thing. And it wasn’t just the observer that reported this this was pro wrestling sheet this was 5 full.com these resources that I you know find reliable for wrestling news they’ll reported the same thing. Vince tore up the show 2:00 hours 3:00 hours before Showtime to re write the entire thing 2 weeks in a row. So we went from a plan to Kofi Kingston main event against Andrade. 2 Kofi Kingston and exit your woods against Daniel Bryan a row and accept that they change their mind again by they I mean well you know what I mean. So went again the changes that went from that to finally was Biggie ending savior against Daniel Bryan a road and I look at this and I read the stories. You know the week before supposedly they were already on their life and they were still writing the show they were still writing hour to one hour one was on the air. Yeah I said last week it’s like nitro reborn. No wonder they put Eric Bischoff on the blue the blue bread I’m not even blaming bishop because from all accounts he doesn’t have a whole lot of input so far into the creative end of it but I just find it funny that they put Bischoff on smack data we’re hearing stories like this because these are the exact same things that used to hear about WCW back in the day as dysfunctional as they became. And I hear the stories and I just wonder how much of this. Is fox willing to tolerate. If this man continues to pull this kind of nonsense in 2 months you think fox wants to hear stories on the internet. About Vince McMahon ripping up the show their show that they paid all this money for. An hour before show time 2:00 hours before show time booking on the fly. No long term planning in mind you think that’s the sort of thing that’s going to make them feel real good about themselves about this relationship. I mean W. W. is gonna get their money no matter what I don’t think fox to just pull out I mean they’ve got their deal. It’s a done deal at this point. But. I know if I work for fox and I heard stories like this that would inspire a whole lot of confidence. And it seems to be reserved primarily to smack that I don’t hear the stories about Monday night raw I’ve heard in the last 2 or 3 weeks about SmackDown. Why even have writers. This man is going to just rip up rip up the scripts and righted himself why even employee writers wanted to do it yourself. Now it is the case with this guy’s just a maniac. Or are the shows that we’ve seen the last 2 weeks. Really that much better than whatever was written down on paper is Vince our our savior are the shows as they were originally conceived so god awful that he feels. Well god am I can put this on the air and he feels like he’s got a re write them to save the show is that what’s going on here because if that’s the case that’s certainly doesn’t speak very well to the people that he is writing the show for. If the boss feels the need to rip up the script 2 weeks in a row I know of I handed working to my boss of my job and he ripped up 2 weeks in a row I’d be pretty worried. Yeah Joe is another one Samoa Joe who doesn’t have a match on Sunday. I thought he was great on raw this past Monday the the the fire the passion from that guy. You know I just wish it was a contagious disease. That they could spread to the rest of the roster. But I was intrigued by what they did with him this week he was calling out Roman reigns on Monday night he confronted him in the parking lot they show you know he showed concern when that car came out of nowhere and ran into Romans car Roman was getting out of his rental.When this other vehicles slammed into his car. Enjoy all of a sudden went from I hate you Roman to get a medic. Stayed out get a medic. Because that’s how human being would react. That’s real human emotion. That’s what I liked about that segment I still think the whole thing is incredibly stupid. You’ve got somebody running around trying to murder Roman reigns. But I thought the way they played off with Joe on Monday night was actually very well done. Then on Tuesday Roman does the sit down interview. With last week’s said tweet recipient on the sound off Caleb Braxton. Enrollment turns to face the camera he looks directly into the camera and he apologizes to Samoa Joe he apologize for thinking that Joe had anything to do with the forklift attacked on SmackDown the week before and like a man he apologized. So do we get some kind of new symbolic alliance between the 2 of them and Joe goes you know baby face. I mean I’ve been down for an alliance of of Roman reigns and Samoa Joe and maybe the sos if Jim you so can get his **** together. For. Maybe I’m way off maybe Joe is involved maybe Joe is trying to murder Roman reigns but he’s not alone maybe he he acted with it lease one other part maybe he did operate the forklifts pretty let Daniel Bryan drive the car. And the 2 of them were in cahoots it creates some interesting scenarios potentially for some Joe although my fear is that Joe actually won’t be involved in any of this going forward and they don’t have any real plan for him at all which I think would be a crime. Samoa Joe needs to be featured in something big he needs to be featured he’s not to be champion or anything he needs to be featured in something big he’s too good of a performer especially on the bike if they’re gonna do the silly skits and stuff you want somebody in there who can make it believable Samoa Joe is your guy. And I kind of feel like that apology that Roman gave him my Tuesdays not the end of of Joe’s involvement in this so anyway that’s my thought to the whole Roman reigns nonsense there is no inner condom championship match scheduled at this point this is after Ali pen the champion a week ago and then of course this week Ali got paid by Dolph Ziggler on Tuesday. So I don’t know what the hell’s going on with the IC title Alistair black in Sammy’s they were supposed to have a match at SummerSlam but instead they did on SmackDown I soon because they realize they already had too many matches on this card. And FYI Alistair black one with the black mass cake actually as he should have. So now that we got the card that isn’t out of the way it is funny I’m doing a summer slam predictions video I just ran down the entire card that is not. Let us get to the car that is this is the card as it currently stands now we have drew Gulak defending the cruiserweight championship against only Larkin after Larkin 1 a 6 pack challenge on 205 live last night over are you the vari Jack Gallaher a cure it’s is out when Tony Nese and Callisto this is going to be physical this is going to be staffed and it should be 1 of the best matches of the night if they’re given enough time and I have lacked retaining his championship. Dolph Ziggler will not be facing the minutes instead he will in fact be wrestling Goldberg. And by wrestling I mean probably being speared and Jack hammered inside of 60 seconds. They tease the contract signing at the end of raw with Ziggler and ms Shawn Michaels was out there for no purpose other than just to swerve all of us into thinking that Dolph would be wrestling him after ms said that their match would be happening not at SummerSlam but on raw. X. Monday night. Dolphin looked at Sean. Right that was the next natural person to look at. And there was a buzz in the crowd and then this is the risk you run because I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who actually for a moment there got excited about seeing Shawn Michaels coming back again to wrestle Dolph Ziggler and then Sean said well. Not me. That’s one Goldbergs music Katie marched out to the ring Dolph failed and Goldberg signed the contract he told declare he’s next. It’s a shot at redemption that’s what this is all about it’s a shot at redemption for Goldberg and WWE is more than happy to have a name like Goldberg on the SummerSlam card this year. But it’s it’s a shot at redemption for Goldberg after the debacle with the undertaker in Saudi Arabia I’m sure he did not want his career to end like that he did not want to go out like that on such a state frankly embarrassing note. And I’m not sure frankly his career is ending here right either because Paul Heyman is said to be a very big fan of his Goldberg even requested if you remember that he would be the one to induct him last year into the hall of fame and in case you didn’t know Paul Heyman supposedly has a little bit of stroke he’s got a little bit of power now on Monday night raw and I’m sure that he would love to use bill Goldberg for a big match here and there so I I don’t for a second believe that this is the last match that will ever see with Goldberg but undertaker had a good showing last month in that tag match at extreme rules he got to wipe the slate slate clean make people forget about what happened in Saudi Arabia and now it’s Goldberg stir. And this is gonna be his very first summer slam appearance since the elimination chamber match in 2003 which you should have one. He should have won the world heavyweight championship that night he did not he wanted the month after but not before triple H. pop them in the head with a sledge hammer like an idiot. Not them out and that would have been a hell of a finish that had Goldberg follow through because he had a lot of momentum in that match. And may that would have been a huge moment had he won the championship that night but it was not to be I’ll say this much I will buy a **** boat and renamed the show the solemn monster sales off if Dolph Ziggler wins this match there is no chance of Dolph Ziggler winning this match Goldberg wins and he does so easily. We have Bailey defending the smack that women’s championship against amber moon. It’s nice to see amber in the championship picture but they have done a god awful job of making her feel like a viable challenger it back they’ve gone out of their way I think to make her not feel special it’s almost like let’s see what we can do we’ve already an asset this woman is going to get a championship match let’s get everybody in a room and try to figure out all the different ways that we can get people somehow less interested in seeing this woman challenge for the women’s championship. It’s almost to the point where it feels like she doesn’t deserve to be in the match. Right 3 weeks ago she did pen Charlotte. She penned Charlotte flair. In a matter of seconds with a fluke roll up. Strictly because Bailey because the distraction. Oh wow hello who went. 5 hurricane rolling up the rock impending him on raw back in what what year was that 2003 what did that mean it’s a moment that people still remember but it didn’t mean **** for the guy’s career. So that was 3 weeks ago 2 weeks ago number 8 the pen. In a tag team match with Bailey against Alexa bliss and if you cross well the people in that match you had to be the one to eat the pet. Fast forward to this week just last night she wrestled Maddie from Monday night raw because the stupid wildcard rule she wrestled Italian for all of what 2 minutes. Before that he locked her in the sharpshooter on the outside have her screaming in agony refusing to let go Bailey had a run down to save her. The challenger for the raw women’s championship made the challenger for the SmackDown women’s championship. I feel less than. You should never do that. I expect Bailey to retain here I’m picking Bailey to keeper championship but I I would not mind seeing amber snap when this match is over after all of this effort all the **** that’s going down these last few weeks. She loses but she snaps and she goes he’ll. They tried the same thing with Becky Lynch last year at SummerSlam and it ended up turning her into the biggest babyface in the entire company I’m not saying the same things going to happen here but Hey. What I said before you never know. Ricochet. Challenges AJ styles for the United States championship I have been enjoying seeing AJ as he’ll again he and the band back together Anderson and gallows now they have the raw tag team titles AJ has the U. S. title they’ve got all the gold. All the girl that doesn’t mean much but they’ve got all the gold.Which of course AJ took the championship from ricochet last month at extreme rules that what what I do I would I would keep the belt on AJ I think because he just wanted to. And the the whole see if they just got back together they have all the championships.And they haven’t had them you know for very long I would keep it on them a little bit longer but what do I think is going to happen one of my predicting is going to happen I think this which the ball back to ricochet. I think taking the championship are free to say in the first place was designed just to give him a big moment at SummerSlam and to get the belt right back on him and that’s what I think is gonna happen here. So I’m picking ricochet and look the reality is this this AJ styles and need the U. S. title now he does AJ styles that need the U. S. championships I am just disappointed that they did not make this and look they’re going to have a great match I’m sure no matter what but I’m disappointed they didn’t add the ladder match stipulation. Because there was some classic ladder matches in SummerSlam history and I think these 2 could have added another one to that list. But this should be up there with you lack and lore K. as maybe the best match of the night. We have been valor taking on Bray Wyatt’s in why its first match as of the fifteenth. Finally got our first look at the 15 to in action I don’t even think he’s had any house show matches I don’t even know when the last time bright white had a match. Lets his been working out secretly at the performance center. So the reason I bring that up is because I’m still not sure if he’s going to wear the mask when he wrestles you know if they’re trying to keep the 2 personalities separate if he’s wrestling as the fiend then it would make sense that he keeps the mascot but I look at him wearing that mask and I know Kane used to have a mass they have like a little slick and I’m sure it wasn’t the most comfortable thing but he wrestled in it he was breathing just fine but I look at him wearing this mask and I’m like that’s gonna be a **** if you’re gonna have to wrestle in that thing to breathe that things I I’m not 100 percent convinced he’s actually going to keep the mask on you know when he read I’m not even sure how well he can see out of that thing. So does is a case where he takes the mask off but maybe underneath he’s got some you know make up on my clown make up or something. Yeah that’s my question. But there’s been no mention in the build up here of the demon there’s no indication that he’s going to be happy you know wearing the demon paint is valor on Sunday demon or no demon. Actually with Valerie no he’s gonna be take a couple of months off based on the reports that came out a few weeks ago. The only acceptable outcome here is Bray Wyatt straight up destroying this man and putting them down with the mandible claw the first use the cloth few weeks ago rubber you know Mick Foley I wasn’t sure at that point if that was just the Mick Foley thing you know he’s using Foley’s on move on him wanted done but then we saw him use it again on Monday night to use it on Kurt angle so that I guess the mandible claw now is going to be his move going forward that now joined sister Abigail as one of his signature moves and you know what to get that move over you need to win with it and that’s what I expect to happen here I think he’s gonna win and I think he’s going to win with the mandible claw. And I am looking at this match is a very important match this is one of the most important matches on the card on Sunday I am looking at this match as a total reset for bright white I’ve enjoyed the firefly fun how skits although you can tell you watch some of the newer ones and you can tell that these were shot you know backstage added WWE show these are not the original one they don’t look as slick it is nice is the original ones that were filled but I I enjoy the firefly fun house stuff with the puppets and everything I love the hell out of that mass I’ve talked about that before I love his new look I think his matches also need to be different he can’t be doing the exact same things in his matches that he was doing before so he’s got to change that up yeah they dropped the ball big time with bright white and I trace it all the way back to WrestleMania 30 I maintain that it goes all the way back 5 years so that lost to John Cena at WrestleMania 30 that loss never should have happened. And then after that it was up and down up and down and he was also played by some injuries so wasn’t just that we give you a booking although I think that was the biggest thing that sabotaged him he had some health problems he got hurt he was out in this time. So hopefully he can stay healthy but this to me is a fresh start for Bray Wyatt they could have a big star on their hands with this character if they protect it. And if they know what they’re doing that’s a big yes. So I think Ballard gets a little bit of offense and it’s not a total squash but this should be a pretty dominant first win for the feet. I went Ballard comes back in 2 months or 3 months if they want a rematch these guys at survivor series you could do the demon against the fiend. And the fiend should win again. Because that’s how you keep the guy strong. It’s very simple formula you keep winning. Winning chores all ills saving in sports you can have the shittiest team with the Mets. Look at the New York Mets the New York Mets have been a laughing stock for the majority of the season. Under 500 they would lose and lose in the way they would lose they would lose in spectacular fashion all of a sudden the last few weeks they’re the hottest team in baseball they actually have a shot potentially. To make the playoffs. Who would have thunk it. Who knew. All it took was for them to start winning games. All gray why it has to do is the one thing he could not do before the one thing they could never get right with this guy he starts winning. And then sky’s the limit as far as this character goes I still look at this character long term and maybe not even long term I mean the fans may turn him baby face a lot sooner I see the future of this character is a baby face and not a heel but I’ll talk more about the scene when I get to Kofi Kingston a little bit later on. Becky Lynch defends the raw women’s championship against Natalya in a submission match we know they’re in Canada which is the only reason why d’italia is even in this match in the first place there’s just nothing about her being in a championship match that excites me I said the same thing about me yeah medium is challenging chain to basically for the NXT women’s championship it take over on Saturday night and I don’t have anything against me you him I don’t hate me ATM or anything like that but medium challenging Shane a base layer. Doesn’t do much for me same thing can be said here from d’italia and Becky Lynch and the idea of her being the one to take the championship away from Becky I think that would be a huge mistake. Unless here’s the caviar. Unless and this would be a nice little swerve I think that I don’t think anybody else has been talking about predicting. Ronda Rousey what if Ronda Rousey who we were position to think was best friends with Maddie right there we’re going to do the split supposedly at 1.Jim the anvil Neidhart passed away the timing of it just didn’t make sense and so because of that they never had Natty turn our run so in story line as far as we know the 2 of them were still bosom buddies they’re still the best of friends now Rhonda hasn’t been seen since WrestleMania she had an injury I think a wrist injury she had a surgery for and supposedly she wanted to start a family. I haven’t heard any indication that that’s happened.But what if all of that is just sort of a cover she had the surgery and maybe she’s planning on coming back a lot sooner than people think. And what if Rhonda is secretly ready to come back. And she makes a surprise appearance here in this match to help her friend win the championship from Becky Lynch as revenge for what happened at WrestleMania. Knox route 90 puts her in the sharpshooter referee stopped the match. Because she’s unconscious so Becky never taps but she’s passed out referee stopped the match Natty wins the championship. That keeps the Bacchae Rhonda feud alive so that we can still get that singles match between them at some point. And so I I think of that and it’s just an idea I was thinking of earlier that to me is the only acceptable rationale. For putting the championship on Italian. And then having Becky have to chase to get it back because look there is something to be said for having the top babyface chase Austin did it all the time. The attitude era. He would win the title he would lose the tile stone cold in there very many lengthy title runs. Some people forget that. So I’m not saying there isn’t a certain logic to having Becky be the one to chase because after awhile people can get kind of tired of seeing you hold the championship for so long but I don’t think that is the right person to do it unless there is some kind of tie in with Rhonda and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think that’s going to happen that’s me fantasy booking this thing if I’m being practical if I’m being more pragmatic here I think that he retains Becky is my pick to retain she does so with the disarm or on Monday they had Becky team up with Charlotte to take on Maddie and Trish stratus tryst I don’t believe Tricia protect then I’d ended when Abby refusing to break the sharpshooter of Becky Becky was selling a knee injury yeah by the way I’m watching that I’m saying to myself you know nice Z. Bret Hart use this move all the time right I I’ve seen plenty of sharpshooters I’ve been in the sharpshooter before I put the sharpshooter on people I abuse my poor brother with it when we were growing up. I look at that move and I say to myself you know what to make more sense to sell a back injury with the sharpshooter indoctrinate I mean I understand the knees are all wrapped up and everything but like the few times that I found myself on the receiving end of a sharpshooter it was my lower back.As the S. O. B. was pulling back on the whole too much. I mean it reeks hell on your back just would seem to make more sense to me to sell the back then the navy. It’s not like it’s Indian Deathlok but that’s neither here nor there so I expect Becky to be selling the new year for sympathy you know how much is she going to get the you know everyone saying oh Canada Canada oh Canada I wonder about that crowd reaction everyone thinking that Daddy is going to be some kind of she’s going to get like a hold in pop when she comes out back he’s gonna be booted out of the building I would think that he is probably gonna be mostly cheered but I don’t think Becky Lynch is going to walk out there and get you know H. B. K. in Montreal heat or anything like that so I’m kind of curious to see what kind of reaction crowd why she gets but I I do think that Canada or not Becky is going to retain the championship. Speaking of Canadian heroes Kevin Ellen’s battles Shane McMahon. In a match where if always loses he must leave W. W. E.. I once tried to get Shane on SmackDown this week to agree that he too would leave W. W. we if he lost. But Shane is no dummy and he refused Shane then that regaled us with all the different ways in which he could and Kevin’s career on Sunday in fall submission count out disqualification. Ally S. attacked from behind ins farm often he threw Shane over the announced this and he was going to go after him one alliance recovered there up on the announced that skin always gives of a stunner on top of the announced S. shockingly the table did not break. So then shame trip so ins in his takes a back Bob flat on the table shame over turns the table like he’s a ride back during the nexus invasion. So you’ve got ones on the ground he’s kind of buried underneath this table and Shane puts a chair. And you know by his his head any drop kicks the chair in Kevin no one ‘s face.Because he’s the best in the world. So that was the last image that we had on Tuesday night Shane McMahon smacking Kevin Owens in the head he was slapping a pretty good to use paintbrush in. And I’m going to vomit. If Shane McMahon wins another match over 80 taught what kind of top baby face they’re sort of the they’re definitely building ins into a top baby face on SmackDown. But I will vomit if this man wins another paper view match always has the way it always is my pick to win I’m predicting on a Kevin Owens victory but he’s got a win. You know if Shane wins I’m sure it ends up being a you know like always and ring of honor when he was doing the whole language in court that you know he’s trespassing you’re you’re you’re supposed to you’re not supposed to be here any shows up anyway. If I feel like we’ve been there done that you know like we we’ve already seen this with Kevin Owens though us we’ve already seen this. There is no need to see Shane McMahon score yet another victory.Over his baby face upon it look at all the good that did for the miss. This man is taking the starter he’s going to lose that is my prediction and hopefully shame will take a little bit of a break and give us some room to breathe and Kevin wants to move on to bigger and better things of the SmackDown brand so Kevin Owens is my pick to win and that leads us to another Canadian was a lot of connects here of the show Trish stratus returned for one more match again Charlotte flair. We’ve already got Goldberg coming back on the show you have the V. returning legend the returning hall of Famer this 2 returning all favors of the show. One is Trish stratus here this match the other is build over. And in the Goldberg match there is absolutely no doubt as to what the outcome is going to be as I said I will turn the show into the Sala monster sales off if Godzilla wins that match so the outcome there is not a doubt. Here to have Trish beach Charlotte even though it is in Canada would be a mistake. Charlotte should win Charlotte will win that is my prediction although it should be more competitive that I’m sure Goldberg and dolls is going to be I don’t you know like that match because a minute I’ll be shocked hopefully these 2 women have time to go out there and it’s 2 very big names you know Charlotte is being position is you know the woman is going to go on to become the greatest of all time and in fact sometimes they already call her the greatest of all time. And at 1.Trish was kind of looked at as as that in the women’s division in WWE yeah she was never the best women’s wrestler in the world. But she improved a lot and she went on to become one of the best in WWE.So this you know is a big. Traction that you would hope they give enough time to I think people would be disappointed if this match went 3 minutes. So unlike the Goldberg match hopefully this one gets some link to it. But Trish had the perfect sendoff she got to go out in 2006 I think it was in Toronto in this very city in her hometown. Winning the women’s championship in her final match.She got the fairy tale send off that very few people get. It’s always well you’re retiring or you’re leaving the territory you’ve got to do the job you’ve got to do the honors you’ve got to be the one looking up at the lights. She got to win the championship. In her final match. So she already had her big send off. First does not have to win this match she does not need this. Trish slap turn in the face on SmackDown Charlotte that is and that’s how they left things in the build up to this match Charlotte from going after her for being a mom and she drives a minivan bushy let’s get talking about that many fat. I’d love to know what brand. Said jeep grand Cherokee in or what kind of cars is woman driving Charlotte is she stalking her in the parking lot she keeps talking about this mini van. But you know like her or not Charlotte is your big female star of this current generation of women in WWE that’s how she’s position one of them yeah obviously heard Becky I’d like to say Sasha banks and throw her on there she ever decides to come back to work. But unlike the Goldberg match where a guy like Dolph at this stage is not he’s not going anywhere that building around somebody like Dolph Ziggler. You know so you can beat him it’s fine. I wouldn’t do that here. Now could you pop the crowd would like a fluke roll up and have Trish win but then immediately get beat down. And then have somebody like Sasha. Run out to a big pop to make the save yeah you could do that. It’s an idea. But I think Charlotte what’s. Because they have their narrative.She is going to be the greatest female performer of all time she’s going to be the greatest women’s wrestler. In this company they will say. That ever lived. They already have the narrative sat it may be true but the narrative it is pre ordained. I would think they would want to give her a win over Trish stratus to help Pat her resume and that’s what I think happens here. Then we get to the 2 main events I see some debate on line about which match is going to go on last me there’s no debate you look at how they’re they’ve been treating these angles and storylines on TV it’s going to be the universal championship match that goes on the last that is the true main event. In terms of how it’s been position but we have the W. W. E. championship first being defended Kofi Kingston puts his title on the line against the viper Randy Orton Randy Orton has been away on vacation with his wife he’s been posting on Twitter he has been posting on Instagram he’s a very lucky man in fact there was a video he posted just a few days ago that went viral I think ESPN tweeted out of work not a beach and he stands up and his wife comes from out of nowhere and she flies through the air and hits this picture perfect RKO into I guess the ocean. On her husband. And I’m I watch that I say I think Randy Orton’s wife should be Kofi Kingston with RKO like that to become the new chip. But Orton is not been around he’s been in the entire build up to this match aside from that the first week when Kofi hand picked Orton adds his challenger Kofi Kingston hand picked Randy Orton the bees challenger at SummerSlam and that night Orton came out they had a face to face in the ring ever since then Orton’s been gun. He’s been on vacation. We’ve had a series of video packages I thought the Randy Orton video package 2 weeks ago was excellent. They had a similar one this week they interviewed Kofi cope you talked about the match you talked about 10 years ago their feud from 2009 and how he felt he was held down and that was his chance to break out Randy Orton took that chance he took that opportunity away from him he stole years away from his career. And I appreciate them doing something that they ordinarily do not do which is there is a story line consistency here that is very unlike WWE they tend to ignore history where they distort it the twisted to suit their narrative here. The story they’ve been telling is by all accounts exactly the way it played out 10 years ago. He was a star on the ascent who knows where he would have ended up but he was on the ascent I was in Madison Square Garden that night in New York and he won the New York City crowd over when he did the boom drop out Randy Orton in the crowd and you really had this feeling like this could be a breakout moment for this guy. He was jumping up on Orton’s car and spray paint or pouring paint a spray painting the pouring paint on it it really felt like they were positioning him for something bigger and better and it didn’t happen and they have that one match on TV where healthy may have bought something at least Orton’s point of view and Orton flipped out because of stupid and.only knows what he was saying about a backstage that I’m sure it was all wound up and it really did kill whatever push Kofi was getting in momentum we had a really kill them that. So they’ve incorporated that now into the story line. And I appreciate that I appreciate the call back to 2009. But because of that because the story. Which is very much a real story. Is that in many ways Randy Orton kill Kofi Kingston’s pushing derailed his moment of all those years ago. And fundamentally changed his career I mean look healthy ended up in a great spot new day has been the best thing to happen to those guys in their career they made a lot of money Kofi mania he won the world heavyweight championship so hope he doesn’t have any reason to look back and have all these regrets he ended up in a great spot but if the story they’re telling you say here’s this guy this this stuck up veteran who held this guy down and for a time basically stalled his career ruined his career. Coffee has to win. It’s the Booker T. thing at WrestleMania 19 all over again which triple H.. Like you don’t win world championships people like you are here to entertain me like coffee in the new day. There are parallels here. I felt the same way about that match WrestleMania 19 okay this is the story they’re going to tell. Triple H. is a raging racist **** okay as long as Booker T. gets his comeuppance in the end and and good triumphs over evil I can get behind that story. Except one pedigree later the story was over. Sucks to be Booker take. In this case coffee he’s got to get the win he’s got to get his revenge she’s got to get that win back over Randy Orton. For what happened all those many years ago that’s the story for them to bring up all that old stuff and for him to fall short and lose. And have Randy Orton basically screw up again. Would be devastating. So I think became says keeping the championship I don’t think they’re quite done with him yet I think he retains the title but here’s what I think I think he retains the championship at SummerSlam I could be wrong this is the one match I kind of why I I waffled on a little bit. Because I could see Randy Orton winning the title and I kind of went back and forth but I think hope he’s going to keep it but. I think only long enough to drop it October 4 on that first fox show when SmackDown moved to fox. I could see them holding off wanting to do a big championship match on that show make a big splash in their debut. And doing a title change on that show. Question is okay let’s say they do that well who does he lose to. He’s not gonna list ready or at SummerSlam then who is going to drop the championship to our fox. Gonna be Orton then. Yeah that’s going to be I mean look at all the guys is already beat. Kevin Owens Daniel Bryan Dolph Ziggler Samoa Joe Samoa Joe would be a great choice to consider but it’s already been beaten. So I keep coming back to this one day I look at these rosters in who knows how the rosters going to shake out if they’re still gonna be doing the wildcard rule of the time they are they are still. But I look at the names who did they put the championship on. One of the feet.Why not bright why it. Want to get the guy over. You may have people out there saying arcs he just came back he’s too new to New. Has been around for 5 years. People know who he is. Characters mean tweets. But it’s not like we haven’t seen this guy wrestle before. You want to get this guy over is a monster. You want to get he done this guy because people still like Kofi. Haven’t because if you win the championship that’s one way to get the guy over. Just a thought. And then we have Seth Rollins. I was gonna say defending but he is in fact challenging for the universal championship against the champion Brock Lesnar I watch that segment on Monday night. Seth Rollins the week before we saw that vicious attack Brock Lesnar beat the **** out of him and beat him down with a chair an F. 5 them on top of the chair he was bleeding from the mouth and he pulled out of the ambulance and gave an F. 5 on the Gurney normally that’s the sort of attack that would keep someone off TV for a few weeks Seth Rollins of course was back on TV the following week because these people have no patience. So Seth Rollins comes out on Monday night he’s limping to the rain he means looking like he’s got a stick shoved up his ****. It comes down to the ring and nothing to it. It played out exactly the way you would have expected it to Brock Lesnar is in the ring and Brock Lesnar beat the piss out of this guy.It in F. 5 hit more than one F. 5 left them laying. Like an idiot. Seth Rollins is a moron. That’s the lesson I got out of it and I don’t want to hear well he’s the baby face so he’s just being braids is it a prerequisite that all the baby faces in W. W. we have to be **** morons. Is that sort of is that like in the contract is that in the fine print. This guy was practically main done television the week before. Somehow gets medically cleared in storyline. Is limping down so that he could barely move clutching his ribs limping down to the ring by himself. Any gets beaten down again. Because he’s an idiot he’s not Braves. He’s a full. I don’t cheer for fools I can get behind a full. Seth Rollins you know he cuts this promo. I think it was supposed to be this impassioned promo all I took away from that segment of Monday night was help. Why it. Brown was when he was being beaten down there was no heat for that segment at all people were not blowing Brock they were indifferent towards the entire thing. That’s not good when people are in different they’re supposed to be building sympathy for this guy at least on Monday night. It failed it did not work. Now when they’re in Canada on Sunday who the hell knows. Brock Lesnar could get a hero’s welcome Brock Lesnar I don’t be still is but it at some point maybe still is he was living in Canada. Proc less there is a an honorary Canadian. I’m sure that’s the fact that’s not lost on the people of Toronto for all we know he can come out there and get a reaction like he’s Trish stratus. So it may be another bad night for all we know for Seth Rollins but I watched this segment on Monday no he whatsoever. Rollins gets on the Mike he’s cutting this problem always trying to get sympathy you know. Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do and he says you know he guaranteed victory on Sunday and Debbie Debbie we when you have a baby face who guarantees victory more often than not. They way so I’m sticking with what my original prediction was anyway which is that Seth Rollins is going to win back the universal championship I think Brock Lesnar is dropping the belt and I think they’re going to put the championship back on sat so that being said I have to say this about sex Seth Rollins for me. Talented guy I don’t hate the guy very talented but Seth Rollins has grown completely on all likeable to me on television that’s not even factoring in the interviews that he studied worries had some questionable statements that he’s made he said some things that made sense but he said other things that just make you shake your head and wonder why they put this guy out there. Meanwhile Roman reigns goes out there in the way yeah he gives interviews and stuff and. You know he doesn’t come off as embarrassingly is Seth Rollins has come off in some of these interviews I’m not even thinking about that I’m just watching this guy on TV. There is nothing like a bull about this guy at all N. programming him for how many matches the him and Baron Corbin have didn’t do him any favors Chappie his run as universal champion brief as it was was a dud it was a flop. So I’m not sure that his next run. If you won the championship on Sunday is going to be much different but there’s just something about this guy that has just turned him. You know into 88 personality that is just. Hell of a lot more unlikeable than he was just a few months ago. But he guaranteed victory over Brock. And I have a feeling that he’s going to walk away with the championship belt what that should be it should be a warning to Brock Lesnar to wear cop. Because if you remember WrestleMania the only reason that Seth Rollins won the championship was because he gave Brock Lesnar a low blow. He got hit in the deck. Brock Lesnar just never seems to learn his lesson. You didn’t learn it with the undertaker. Any probably hasn’t learned it with Seth Rollins AJ styles never learned it how many months of the work but not the more. He never learned that either. But these guys don’t even know what a Cup is. So I think Steph is gonna retain but I got to be out and I can’t even believe I’m saying this right now I was as sick as many of your with the whole Brock Lesnar run and I had about reached you know the end of my the end of my rope with that. But I sit here and I look at this card I look at this match and if you ask me what outcome do you want. What outcome do you want to see on Sunday at SummerSlam. Even though I think he’s going to win. The outcome that I want to. It’s for Seth Rollins to loose. I would love for Brock Lesnar to go out there and beat the **** out of him. John Cena style from 5 years ago. Suplex him thrown around rabbit share. Beat the **** out of the sky and then pay them 123. And I hate that I feel that way. But if I have to get behind somebody in this match I’m getting behind Brock I would love to be wrong in my prediction for this match then it just becomes an issue of if you’re not gonna put the championship on south who do you put it on. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet because it you got to get the belt up rock at some point but it’s far SummerSlam goes yeah hi. I just can’t find myself I cannot find it within me to get excited about Seth Rollins winning back the universal championship because his last run his most recent run was completely uneventful and completely uninspiring and there is absolutely nothing likeable about this guy in his character at all. Maybe that’s one of the biggest problems with Debbie Debbie we right now. How many characters how many wrestlers do you look at and truly feel. Like you can get behind then you’ll like them you want to see them when they they get excited when they’re on television you you might have somebody like that. I don’t know who that is anymore. That’s been lost I don’t know that that person exists maybe the fiend but we haven’t even seen a wrestling match yet. I’m excited for that character but I can’t say that I have anybody like that that I can point you right now in WWE television that’s a problem. But I’d love to be able to latch on to that one person at least 2 I can say is the guy I can get behind this is a guy who when they’re on television I I set up in my chair and I pay attention to what they’re saying I pay attention to their matches. I don’t know on the main roster right now that that person exists. Follow along with me all the action this weekend on Twitter at Sala monster NXT takeover Toronto on Saturday night episode 612 of the sound off will drop as usual Sunday afternoon all the usual platforms and I will see you back here late Sunday night once the SummerSlam pay per view goes off the air for a live review here on it you too bye until then take care guys


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