WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Review

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This is a solemn monsters sounds all. All my god we’re only an hour we have 2 more hours of. There are shows. That are great. I just got done watching the last few matches from the best of the super juniors the other night in new Japan to excellent matches in John Moxley against Jews Robinson. And well I spray again Shingo Takagi. Double or nothing. X. ago. A very enjoyable show that I had the privilege of being there live for Las Vegas very enjoyable show. NXT takeover I thought the NXT show was even better than double or nothing. So there is a lot of great wrestling out there you don’t have to look very hard to find. This show was not one of those shows. But the show is not for you. The show was not for you the show is not for me we are not the target audience we are not the target demographic it was for the Saudi people. It is for the people of Saudi Arabia who rarely get to see WWE live in their own country. And so to that end super showdown was fine for what it was it was okay it was a show. But it was nothing more than that. This was a highly miscible average show at best one that if you watch the last few minutes of that main events. Was more sad and depressing than anything else. Sweet Saudi money 3 is in the books until we get to sweet Saudi money for the search for more. More money that is. I will be this fall this is your super showdown review I am the solemn monster it is Friday 6/7/2019 V. Twitter call is open for everybody who would like to vote right now at solemn monsters my handle on there I will have the results the current results a little bit later all is gonna be open for about 3 days so you can both thumbs up thumbs down if you didn’t watch the show you can vote that way as well because I know Twitter is kind of a **** and it will not allow you to see the results unless you cast some kind of some kind of answer so if you can watch the show can be very frustrating so that option is in there as well I’m also gonna be taking your phone calls a little bit later all throw of the number not now I don’t want to clog up the phone lines too much but I will throw the phone number a little bit later on before we get to the main event. And that we will be taking phone calls later also just so you know super chats are open for those of you who care to donate as always with these live stream so feel free if you so choose to do so. The super chats are in fact open as always but before we move on here we have the transaction business I got to tell you about something very important and that is that this video that you are listening to and watching right now is sponsored by the rage that we are a little over a week away from father’s day if you still don’t know what to get dad or even if you already bottom some lame gift like a tie or shirts you kind of my shirts oh my god what a great son you are forget that. Get him a slim front pocket wallets from the rigid as RFID blocking technology to protect from data theft they come in titanium aluminum carbon fiber over a dozen different styles and colors with a money clip or cash strapped on the back of each one whichever you prefer or whichever dad prefers. The quality products he will love you will be able to use it every day not just once a week like a sure a tie get 10 percent off your first ridge wallet with free worldwide shipping just by going to rage.com slash Solomon’s or use the promo code solemn monster at checkout that is a ridge.com slash solemn monster and you can get yourself 10 percent off right now courtesy of the sound off indeed. Indeed the sound off always looking out for you guys. Now let’s get into the showing. Alexa bliss and d’italia were he thought I was gonna say they had a match. You guys don’t know the Saudi government very well lex of listen to tell you were flown to Saudi Arabia with the hope. That they would be able to host the first ever women’s match in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia but it was not to be the negotiations between WWE and the Saudi regime obviously did not go very well because they were not approved to wrestle on the show and so an Italian elects to they were doing yeah they were visiting children I think sick kids in the hospital and doing things that were very nice and we’re very cool wrestling was not one of them. Maybe next time. Kick off show match was added late it was the usos taking on the revival we had Jay was so yeah Dawson’s got Dawson pinned referee was tied up with I believe that’s while there was definitely believe this while there was the one of the apron I was a little discombobulated here during this match but I believe it was while they’re on the apron so the referee is distracted Dawson meanwhile few minutes later hit the spine buster minute later eating tool super kicks from the usos gets penned crowd was into it paid by number stuff here if you’ve seen you know anyhoo so revival matches before I think we’ve seen a couple of them that have been better than this but you know they all pretty much follow the same pattern so again pretty pretty paint by number stuff here on commentary they said that both teams were essentially auditioning for a shot at the raw tag team titles in the champions that Ryder and Curt Hawkins if they ever decide to put them back on TV they at least popped up in the battle royal later in the show I think that’s their first appearance on television in weeks. They kill us. The main card opened huge pyro display look like they blew their whole pyro budget for the year on this one show right out of the gate we got Seth Rollins defending the universal championship against Baron Corbett. To open the show which can only mean one thing. Brock Lesnar he wants to go home. So you put this stuff on first of rock and do his thing get back on the plane to get the hell back to Canada. Or wherever the hell it is that he’s living these days Rolland had taped up ribs from the attack by Brock on Monday night I thought these 2 had an okay match Corbin it the deep 6 for a near fall he screamed at the referee John cone’s Corbin got knocked out of the ring by an elbow from Rollins and in doing so Corbin grabbed the chair brought it into the ring referee stopped him from using it because he’s up **** idiot and we get himself disqualified rex trying to explain to him if you use this chairman after the Q. U.. So carbon decide you know what you’re right I’m gonna throw the chair outside and instead of going back to Seth Rollins what does he do he decides to yell and scream. At the referee in the corner until Jon Cohn started shouting back at him and that’ll have Rollins to school boy Corbin for the win. It looked like a just a moron. At the end of this match why would he first of all let’s let’s look at his rationally. Maybe that’s my first mistake from look at anything on the show rationally. And I guess he’s the hero in heels do dumb things sometimes but if you’re Baron Corbin you’ve been around long enough you’re challenging for the championship right that’s you so badly want to become universal champion. Why would he reached for each share. And then when he relinquishes the chair instead of going back to Rollins he decides you know what would be a good use of my time I’m going to yell at the referee. In the corner. So if the goal is to make this guy look like a he had a a lobotomy mission accomplished. So the match is over he’s lost these loser Corbin lays out Rollins with the end of days. That paves the way for Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman to come to the ring to cash in the money in the bank briefcase but on his way into the ring Hey man gets tripped up in the ropes and drops the briefcase. The distraction allows Rollins to give less there are not shot. And you know what if Brock is not wearing a cop by now then he gets what he deserves Rollins grabs a chair the same chair legs are in fact brought down to the ring with him. And pounds and pounds on this guy with this chair to the point that listeners elbow was all black and blue was all swollen when the match not even a match when the segment was over a zoomed in on the elbow was all black and blue and all messed up. And he also gave Brock a curb stomp on the briefcase. So another bait and switch on the money in the bank cash in but I I do think I was in the same camp as a lot of you I know a lot of people thought well that means for Kofi Kingston is get beat by Brock Lesnar later in the show. And you would think that that was going to be the case the way the announcers were talking about this they were like well I guess Brock is coming back to the U. S. the same way he left he’s coming back with the briefcase they sure did their part to make you think that he might come back in cash in on Kofi duty well. Stay tuned you’ll find out. As far as the match look the match Corbin I thought it was okay you know I read on core been part of his tongue in cheek and part of it’s just I don’t see anything interesting about this guy there is absolutely nothing appealing to me there’s nothing interesting to me there’s nothing exciting to me about Baron Corbin. I would be perfectly content to see the move on to a new challenger for Seth Rollins I suspect and Corbett a promo later in the show so it’s all been a guarantee that we’re gonna get a rematch of the paper view next weekend by the way there is another paper view called stomping grounds coming up. And so I suspect that we will get a rematch between them next weekend which is why they did the finish here they didn’t want to be Corbin claim they didn’t want to have Rollins given the stomping padam 123 they had to have some kind of a weird finish. I just think this finish makes Corbin look so stupid. We had demon fin valor.Against Andrade C. at almost for the intercontinental title knows only the Vega. Crown was whisper quiet. For most of this on Friday have balance which is kind of weird because you would think that you know especially with the demon get up valor would be pretty pretty popular not saying he wasn’t popular but you would never know based on the crowd reaction here to this match and try to hit ballad with the hammer like DDT finish of valor kicked out then I kind of chuckled at this part you could hear Andrade look up at the heavens and just go not my finish. I either side but not my finisher that’s my finish like he didn’t know what to do he was he was so upset like I hit my finish he kicked out I don’t know what to do. Ballard the shot gun drop kick in the corner went up top with the double stop and run I met him up top Valerie the DDT off the top and then the coup de gras to retain the intercontinental title yeah I thought mechanically this was a very good match but after being so excited for the cash and stuff with Brock earlier it’s just too bad the crowd did show that same kind of enthusiasm for this you would hope you know certainly that when they do dust off the demon gimmick which they don’t do very often that it would feel like more of a bigger deal this really didn’t feel like a big deal at all it kind of felt like a waste of the demon give it but I guess they did it because again they very rarely go to that part of the world it was sort of a a treat I guess for the audience but. Sure to make more. Roman reigns against the best in the world. Just ask bill tell you Shane McMahon we got a chance of CM punk speaking of best in the world we catch ends of CM punk during Shane’s intro and again a little bit during the match CM punk chance in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The man has to wrestle the match at least not with that will not without a mask anyway. In 5 years. That’s pretty impressive. Global appeal this man has.Even with drew McIntyre in his corner watching Shane McMahon hang with somebody at the level of a Roman reigns. Yeah the same Roman reigns whose headline what for. 5 how many wrestle mania this has this guy headlined already it is beyond laughable to me the feud with ms was one thing but to see him in there with Roman reigns as though he’s his equal rates caution with a Superman punch a 1.not shut off the top rope. And he only got a near fall Shane picked out. And I know the Roman doesn’t typically win matches with the Superman punch but still. I find the whole thing completely ridiculous. Jamie this fear for your fall are Roman when first spear Shane counter with a kick. Rains punch Shane who bumped into the referee when roaming came off the road for what he thought. Was going to be a spear he instead 8 a claymore kick from drew McIntyre who was in chains corner outside the ring. And Shane McMahon Hinz Roman reigns. This after 2 straight paper view wins over the ms you can add a win over Roman reigns to his resume now as well just give him all the titles. Why not. He’s got the trophy. He beat ms at every turn now he’s beaten Roman. Just give him all the championships. Potato McIntyre I guess going into his match with with Roman at stomping grounds personally I could not care any less about any of this. We have to lose your house party 3 on one against Lars some of it. This was not good. Only one member of leisure house party 11 the ring at any given moment Lou to house party got some offense Sullivan was swatting each of them away. This should have been a showcase for Solomon to just dominate each of these guys because they’re trying to portray him as a monster. Although spinning nursery rhymes on TV is not going to do much to help him I’ll talk more about that when I get to episode 603 this weekend. But someone went up to the top rope. Lynsay Dourado grand mentally shoved him back down to the mat they all start ganging up on him they’ll be down a large for the DQ yes this match ended in a disqualification. And then here’s the kicker look at house party right the beat down Lars they don’t believe they’re walking down the aisle way Lars gets up he’s not charging after them but he gets up and starts kind of stalking them down the aisle way lays out all 3 members of the loser house party. Any leaves. So they felt they had to do a DQ finish I guess in some way to protect the lucha house party. Only to have large someone lay them out anyway. This was a very weird match and this was no good. We have triple H. against Randy Orton 2004 all over again or 2009 I guess take your pick. Here’s the funny thing about this and some you may disagree with me on this maybe some of you will call in explain to me why I’m wrong here. I thought up to this point. This was the best match on the entire show. Which is not saying much. But I’m willing to say that even though the first half I thought was ungodly boring the second half was better. Grabs into it kind of felt like a big time match live near falls at the end.They don’t the one major or not I would have on this match wait too long. No way this match had to go 25 minutes absolutely no reason for this to go that long. Chevrolet’s road to the ring on a motorcycle first half was very slow and boring as I mention finally started to pick up in the second half Horton heat is snapped power slam for near fall triple H. a spinebuster crossface on or Norton finally reach the ropes triple H. tried for a pedigree but Orton countered with RKO for your fall. Warden tease the punch kick as a Michael Cole said going back to his younger days 5 of the punk kick but your police caught his foot game a pedigree for to count outside the ring triple H. K. were in the same back suplex slammed the door and have given triple H. earlier in the match when he dropped them across the desk only this time triple H. did that’s Randy Orton not once not twice not 3 times. For suplexes for back suplexes you dropped Randy Orton across the announced this and you know the table never broke. I don’t know if they were trying to break the table or not they may not have been trying to break the table but you drop a 250 pound man on the table you figure at some point after 4 times it might break. Never did. He threw Orton back in the ring and took his time getting back and that ended up being the death of him because he had that walking right into an RKO the second RKO of the match and this time working got the pin. And so at least the semi you sort of kind of full time guy won the match again I thought it got better towards the end best match on the show up to this point I’ve never really been a big fan of the triple H. Randy Orton matches just in general I thought the WrestleMania 25 match was just. Terrible. I mean again mechanically maybe it was fine but as a WrestleMania main event it sucked. And a lot of their other matches I’m sure there have been some good matches buried in there. I I do remember the one match I I find a bit extreme rules somebody can correct me if I’m wrong where Orton went for the RKO and Tripoli shove them off any show Gordan out over the top rope or hit the floor and broke his collarbone I don’t remember if that was extreme rules or that was a different paper view they’ve had some good matches I just have never really been. A big fan of of the 2 of them in the ring together I just don’t think that they have great chemistry the way the Tripoli for example had great chemistry with Mick Foley in the rock Shawn Michaels undertaker other types of opponents I I never felt that he really had that same kind of chemistry with that Randy Orton. But anyway again I mentioned at the beginning of the review I just gotten done in the last day or so watching the end of the best of the super juniors from new Japan and I just I really I just watched that before I watch the show. And so there really was nothing on the show that was going to be able to hold a candle to to what I saw on that show and I was so blessed to matches I can imagine how great some of the other matches most of it. That’s my fault that’s not WWE’s fault that’s my fault my stupid fault for watching a new defense so before watching the Saudi Arabia show is going to be very difficult for anything on the show frankly to live up to any kind of reasonable expectation. Brunch Roman. Against Bobby Lashley this was just a horse fight I wrote that that’s the only 2 words I wrote down here at the beginning it Hoss fight to big dudes beat the piss out of each other Stroman had is working she’s on here in this match she did a roll through at 1.he was coming up the road to the role. Like he was a loser door.Lastly got run out for a powerslam which is very impressive got a near fall I strongly did his ring around the ring a few times is running charge. The shoulder tackle the shoulder tackled Lashley a couple of times lastly gave strumming a suplex on the metal ramp he was up on the top rope when Braun launched it down onto the mat. And he hit I believe it was 2 right and my notes I thought that was to power slams I was at least one I thought it was too powerslam before he got the pen Stroman was dripping sweat he was dripping sweat when this was over the announcers constantly. Mentioned in the heart of the fact throughout the night that it was hot as hell outside in the beginning of the night on the pre show they mention it was at least 100 degrees outside which I can believe this is for consulting Arabia so you would expect it’s going to be very hot outside. And so when a young is all dressed up she’s not shown any skin except your face holes wearing a suit graves is wearing a suit they probably lost 30 pounds each just calling the show sitting there sweating our **** off. And Stroman you could tell I mean this guy was just pouring sweat I’m surprised Shane McMahon didn’t flow to the back in a river of his own sweat after his match earlier in the night. You know what Leslie and instrument I thought this was fine. I thought this was fine these guys worked their **** off you know there was nothing on the line there was no title there was no stipulation nothing on the line at all and Strom and look Stroman has cooled off significantly since he won that greatest royal rumble match in the ugly green belt last year. In that Saudi Arabia but these to work their **** off and I thought they had a good big man nothing more nothing less. We had coffee cakes that defending the W. W. E. championship against Dolph Ziggler. I thought the match was okay you know I’ve seen these 2 have a gazillion matches in their time in this company and I’ve seen them have matches a hell of a lot better than the one they had here so it’s kind of hard for me to sit here and get excited about what I saw from them here tonight healthy with an sos to Ziggler to trust fall off the top rope which Ziggler barely caught him on insides it would block the trouble in paradise attempts Dolph got to roll up the Kofi kicked out when he kicked out dolls momentum took him into the ropes exit here was on the April referee I guess didn’t see any of this exam your kept dolphin the head. And that not go backwards right into a trouble in paradise kit from Kofi Kingston whose scores the pen and retains his W. W. E. championship he did it. He cheated to win. What a horrible example this man has set for the youth. Of. America and Saudi Arabia the entire world. Terrible. I was surprised not to see Brock Lesnar I was convinced that we were getting a Brock Lesnar Cassian I guess you really did just go on early in the show so that he can get on a plane to get the hell back to America there you go that’s about the most Brock Lesnar thing I can think of unless the intent and putting them on first was to just convince people that he was going to come out even though he really wasn’t but I don’t doubt for a second that you know Brock was more than happy. To get on the plane and head home I would be very surprised to find out the Brock Lesnar stuck around. And watch the rest of the show. I’m sure he’s probably already back home as we speak. Or at least very close. After the match is over backstage Byron Saxton was interviewing Dolph Ziggler Ziggler was going on about how well I I don’t performed Kofi Kingston I out classed Kofi Kingston and I quote. He referred to Kofi Kingston as the greatest W. W. E. champion in history. Well he is a comedian. Right he does comedy shows hi that’s pretty funny that’s very funny I could not believe that when I heard him say that. Even challenge Kobe was steel cage match at the next pay per view next weekend for the championships of the you got we’re gonna get another rematch somewhat yeah I thought that this whole automatic rematch thing was out the window they found a way around the automatic rematch close you know what that is just have the challenger challenge the champion the babyface champion is usually your baby fish champion doesn’t doc any challengers right the baby’s champion doesn’t go on I don’t accept your challenge. Every babyface champion wrestling every babyface champion and WWE I accept all comers of course I accept your challenge so that’s their way around. Just have the he’ll come out and challenge them to a match and they’ll accept. And we’ll get the same **** rematches that we always get. 50 men over the top rope battle royal the largest battle royal in WWE history I don’t have the roster in front of me of all 50 guy who cares it was mostly lower card as you would expect lower card talent mixed in with people like some would show the U. S. champion and the man is who got their own entrances to sorrow got his own entrance Titus playing off last year the tightest slide this year he didn’t fly tying his got his own entrance you know didn’t get his own insurance tions K. Nakahara. It was very sad I know he’s not been on TV is not been a featured part of the show I get that but still to watch tions game not a more only 23 years after he came in with so much fanfare he debuted next to me and have a great match would Sammy’s saying that he came to the main roster he was wrestling John Cena and Randy Orton and then he was in the feud with gender Mahal any lost a whole bunch of times the general all it just felt like he was never the same he did turn he only did feud with AJ and after that but guess nothing and to watch him walk down the aisle to some generic music surrounded by a bunch of Jess low card guys NXT guys it was pathetic. It was pathetic but like I said ms got its own entrance mo Jo got his own entrance to Zara Titus and Elias all got their own entrances now of course this will come as a surprise I’m sure to nobody listening to this if I gave you one guess as to who the very first man out of the 50 men in this battle royale who do you think was the very first person to be eliminated from this battle royal if you guessed you see 3 Ding Ding Ding you win a prize E. C. 3 dumped out of the ceremony this guy looks like he has just given up on life. Just give this guy his release let him go somewhere else free easy 3 that is to be a new hash tag. Get that go on in the chat free you see 3 it is sad. It is very sad to watch. We have a standoff at 1.in the battle royal between a pretty heavy machinery. Now I’m now I’m running here a pretty. Heavy machinery and the Viking wore raider experience. Some of these teams we have not seen on television in quite sometime. We really have not seen the I mean I don’t know what the war raiders have been it looked like they were trying to push them they were trying to get them over a little bit and then nothing off TV 2 weeks 3 weeks. Nowhere to be found you and even though they were on the roster anymore. Eurotech team champions have been on TV for what feels like a month. Until tonight. So we got a little stand off between these 3 teams. And the Viking raiders war expert whatever the **** their name is both eliminated by Titus o’neil. Sing car yes we eliminated not the more.Who Michael Collins system calling sheen. Every opportunity he gets shot in tions eliminated. ****. Infuriates me to no end in theory it’s me. Came down to Ali ricochet Samoa Joe since sorrow and mon sore mon stories of Saudi Arabian descent he has made a few appearances on NXT and so he was in the he was in the final 5 final 6 whatever it was here Ali and ricochet they suplex Joe out of the race so he’s gone to sorrow that not solely in ricochet off the apron they’re done mon store it wasn’t quite may even in the entertainer of the royal rumble in 2002 but bond soared dumps the sorrow out of the ring it comes down to months sore and alliance. And he throws out months or he lands on the apron allies comes over months or gets his head underneath allies and he backdrops him to the floor to win the battle royal the building erupted for their hometown boy as I said months or he debuted on WWE television last year at the greatest royal rumble they did that segment with the for Saudi recruits Sir prospects but if you want to call them they have the device are you brothers out there trying to get he they have the Iranian flag it was all controversy and then are you the very had issue an apology on social media was all bullshit so he was in that segment one year ago in April of last year here he is now winning the battle royal he was born in Riyadh although he moved to California with his family when he was 12 years old so he’s been in our country for most of his life but he was born and raised in Saudi Arabia he’s had a few matches on NXT television you look very impressive I thought in those matches this was a huge moment for him as I said the people who were people crying in the audience people were going nuts I really didn’t have any issue with them giving him a win here. I mean I don’t have a dog in the hunt why don’t you know who cares 50 man battle royal what is a means nothing on the line it has no impact whatsoever on rankings championships or anything there in Saudi Arabia so fine. Fine even better if they actually follow up on this and they do something and they push this guy because he’s got talent I don’t trust that they’ll do that. But if they want to use this is sort of a springboard for him and get him more featured on NXT television that’s great but I just remember some of the other foreign stars they brought in it when they made such a big deal you know 20 years ago about tiger Ali saying and they had a contract signing and it was like such a big deal and they did check with him. So do I have any faith in the lecture we do something with this guy to capitalize on this momentum not not at all maybe they will. They should they should take advantage of it. I mean brunch Roman when the greatest royal rumble last year one of the main it meant nothing look at the Andre battle royal WrestleMania every year it means nothing. It’s a it’s a slap in the face of Andre the giant that it’s even named after him. So it will be kind of refreshing to see the follow up of this in some meaningful way he got a great problem months or did I thought in the ring when this was over he spoke from the heart about how much this meant to him coming from Saudi Arabia he spoke you know in in Arabic and everybody was cheering for this guy and it was a really big deal and we’ll see like I said if they do anything with him he is very talented they could use this moment if they really wanted to to make a new start but that’s up to them. That’s up to Vince McMahon that’s up to triple H.. I’d say triple H. because that means they’ll keep him in NXT probably better off that he stays in NXT for the time being. Before we get to the main event as I mentioned I was going to let you guys know what the phone number is there it is you see on your screen 989282 solo 989-282-7656. Is the phone number to call if you would like to chime in. And let me know what you thought were be taking your calls here in a little bit let’s try to stick to the show if we can we’ll keep it too was super showdown yea or nay would you think of the show again 989282 solo is the the phone number to call here I’m just checking to chat here I so we got some super chat to want to say thank you to anybody who I may have missed. I see at kids 316 thank you for the $20 super chat very much appreciated she protests are open if you are so inclined. And let’s so let’s move on here let’s move on to the main events it was time for the first time ever. And my god I hope it’s the last. Bill Goldberg against the undertaker. Now before I get to this disaster. A little bit of a funny aside. Matt riddle. Tweeted a screen shot a few days ago showing that Goldberg had blocked him on Twitter. I don’t know when but it looks like this happened awhile ago. But he tweeted that Goldberg this week to tell him Hey I can’t wait to watch you wrestle in Saudi Arabia and you put a bunch of laughing you mow Jeez at the end of his suite I didn’t know that go over get blocked him I didn’t know there was any animosity between these 2 so I kind of looked into what this was all about I didn’t really get what what any of this had you know what the reference point was for any of this so I looked it up.And I discovered the interview that Matt riddle had given to Brian Fritz of the Sporting News 2 years ago this is before Matt riddle even signed with W. W. E.. And then once I read the interview it became pretty obvious why Goldberg blocked. Rental once I was done reading this interview real did not pull any punches in what he thinks of bill Goldberg as a wrestler now I’m not going to review all of his comments but I’m going to read you a bunch of comments here on what Matt riddle thinks of bill Goldberg why Goldberg blocked him on Twitter doesn’t want rental 2 years ago have to say about Goldberg to the Sporting News. The bill Goldberg can’t wrestle he knows it the fact that the guy is very bold in claims he does MMA training and I know that’s bullshit I saw him throwing me on reset his first night back on Ronnie almost broke his hip when he fell on his back and they haven’t spearmint jackhammer room quickly. His work in the ring people always goal which Goldberg you can have a one minute match. Yeah it’s a one minute match because you can’t work more than one minute. If you work more than one minute it could be Bottcher mania even with one minute it’s almost boxer mania. Let’s be honest if we can get more than one minute Adam Goldberg it’s going to suck. He’s never been my Cup of tea I don’t like how he acts like a shoot style guy I hated it when he did commentary for strike force in MMA because he’s not a legit credible character he’s an old man who is a Jack hammer and a spear he can’t even do a camara. If bill wants to go to the gym there doesn’t even have to be cameras if he wants to roll and train and see what it’s like to be in the ring with a real stallion he can any day any time. And he went on to say bill Goldberg did football then parlayed that into doing speared a jackhammer and then W. C. W. let him go 250 you know any got over let me be whole Kobe there one minute claim for the title and see how my stock rice doesn’t matter who you put in that situation it just so happens. They take the guy that could wrestle for over a minute or 2 and he’s responsible for ruining Bret Hart’s career and others I can go on there’s multiple reasons why I don’t like Goldberg and foremost it’s because he doesn’t deserve it. Wow. Matt riddle no fan of bill Goldberg that keep that in mind I mention that for a reason keep that in mind because I’m gonna come back to riddle in a few minutes. Sources match. Let me just say. I thought the entrances were the best part of this match. Goldberg he was bleeding from the head again he did this the first time he came back and he made a few appearances on raw and they would not then the door and you heard a bang because he popped his head he head butted the door and what happened that one time on TV when he was promoting his master Brock Lesnar he busted himself open and he had a streak of blood going down as head on TV because the guy is so intense he is so wound up he doesn’t know where to put all that energy and that’s what the old Goldberg would do 20 years ago he would have but the door. So we did it again here as soon as he walked out he was bleeding. It wasn’t like a streak of blood going that is separate you can see where he had been at the door clearly. And busted himself open any may well looking custom self if his performance in this match is any indication although I don’t want to make any excuses for the guy. But he may well of can custom self. Far as undertaker’s concern I thought this is one of the best undertaker entrances that I’ve ever seen I won’t say the best but with the music and all the stuff they were doing on stage very spooky I thought it was very well done. So as far as entrances is good our concern Hey 8 plus for both these guys but then the bell rang. And the match began. Goldberg did the throat slit gesture to spears I thought that was it. I thought it was one and done they had me convinced to spears I thought that was the end of the match undertaker kicked out that this by the way this is coming from somebody who predicted that there was no way undertaker was gonna lose this match but they convinced me in that moment that they might just end the match that in there course they didn’t. So undertaker does his zombie set up to a big pot. He tries for chokeslammed Goldberg counters into any bar or something resembling in the bar Goldberg which undertaker into the ropes Goldberg goes to spare him again. And undertaker dodges and sends Goldberg into the corner and he split his head open the hard way I don’t see where there was any opportunity for him to blade so I don’t think it was a blade job I think he hit the metal part maybe not the post but they’re sort of that metal part between the turn buckle in the post he may have struck that it was sudden and it was obvious he was bleeding like a stuck pig. He really did a number on himself referee put the gloves on he had blood in his eyes look like he was having trouble seeing it was it was bad. You know I mean he was covered in blood doing his best Dustin Rhodes impersonation from double or nothing.Undertaker his old school off the ropes and then hit a decent enough chokeslam. Undertaker then went for a tombstone and he had a little bit of trouble getting Goldberg up but he got a. But he had trouble kind of positioning him Goldberg I don’t know if Colbert he was probably just added that honestly I mean the guys busted open you probably can custom self in the locker room this guy’s all **** up. So he had a little bit of trouble getting him positioned properly he delivered a tombstone. Now go back and watch the replay or watch look at any of the still images that are floating around on Twitter he dropped Goldberg right on top of his head. I thought he broke the guys naked I thought it was going to break the guy’s neck it looked like he kind of shifted position and save them but he still drop them right on his head I mean there was no daylight between the typical Berg’s head and the mac. So that looks like it sucked Goldberg kicked out. They double close like each other. Undertaker hit snake eyes in the corner. When he came off the ropes though Goldberg caught him with a spear and I thought all right you noticed here’s the thing up to this point yes it is sad to see these guys get on an H. and not be able to do the things that they used to be able to do or have the same kind of explosive this although I think Goldberg’s there’s there’s still an explosive is there with him but it is as sad as it is to see these guys grow old and not be able to do all the things that used to be able to do and muscle people up for their big moves. If I’m being perfectly honest I thought up to this point. You’re fairly decent. They were they were doing their best especially through Goldberg’s injury I didn’t think it was completely horrible up to this point. And I am not trying to make excuses for them. Because Goldberg was sweating buckets before he even got to the right. But the announcers did mention it was 1000 degrees outside I’m sure that didn’t help. But at this point the match was okay enough and then it just completely fell apart. It’s like it’s like buying a used car that’s decent enough like back in the day it used to be like the really cool car now it’s kind of old and outdated but yet you go you find out where it is you buy the car out right you put the key in the ignition and as soon as you go to start the car and drive off the engine falls out. That’s exactly what happened here this match completely fell apart and it turned into one of the saddest things that you will ever see. Goldberg went for the Jack hammer yeah I’m watching this guy set up for the Jack hammer and I’m saying out loud.This is a bad idea don’t do it this is a bad idea undertakers a big dude Goldberg is tired he’s out of breath he sweaty he’s probably can cost he’s bloody there is no **** way that he is going to get the undertaker up. For a full Jack hammer. So I knew that going in this is a bad idea but he went for it anyway because that was the plan. I can do it. No we can’t. He tried for the Jack Kammer couldn’t get undertaker up all the way or or hold him up any drops the undertaker right on his **** head gave undertaker a brain buster it’s kind of like what happened when undertaker missed the where the camera man didn’t catch him on that died WrestleMania 25. Thank god undertaker talked his head at the last second or else that would have been disastrous but he landed right on the back of his head and neck same thing happened here. So Goldberg give this guy a brain buster. Then once undertaker recovers isn’t that isn’t bad enough. They obviously had some kind of a spot plan we’re Goldberg would pick up the undertaker for a tombstone he fall backwards and the undertaker would reverse into a tombstone of his own and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the finish. Undertaker reverses into a tombstone position drops Goldberg on his head for a second time and gets the pay and that would have been a cool in a finish and that at least one if the match would have ended that way it would have been like look this match wasn’t great but these guys gave it their all it really wasn’t a terrible match and I think people’s opinions of the match would have been very different but that’s not how it went. Goldberg went to give undertaker a tombstone when undertaker went to go do the reversal spot Goldberg just fell down he collapsed he didn’t have the energy and undertaker fell down as well. And everything just fell apart I am sure I haven’t seen any news I don’t have any inside sources I just watched the show like you did and I am sure. That the undertaker decided to call an audible at this point and just give Goldberg a chokeslam it ended and he gave Goldberg the worst chokeslam of all time I think this chokeslam may have been worse than the one that he gave hope okay in that match at judgment day in 2002 the one that Hogan just would not go up for I have to go back and watch the Hogan with only one might be a little worse I it’s been awhile since I’ve seen. But that’s that this was just awful what made it even worse. He pinned Goldberg with it. That’s how we won the match with this awful looking chokeslam. And to be fair I mean the math probably should have ended 5 minutes at least 5 minutes before did. But. Holy ****. Now. Undertaker is not one to show emotion. But when they zoomed in on his face when this match was over that he won the match. Keep that in mind undertaker won the match. When they zoomed in on his face he looked as pissed off and as discussed it. As I have ever seen him. He could not even hide how disgusted he was with that finish. I’m happy and you can see why. That clearly was not the finish that they had in mind. Now this was a match that I thought. Started out well enough and turned into a total disaster. Let us hope that that is the last time we will ever see those 2 in the ring together for their own sake. I mean when I first heard that this match was being made. I get the fact oh my god undertaker Goldberg that’s a dream match I mean there’s a lot of name value there it’s a match we’ve never seen before. I get it it’s a big attraction even 2019 only gonna take organs Gober what a big contract I can’t. I get it but when I first heard they made this match my first thought was if I made a list of every W. W. we contracted performer legend you know going back 5 years anybody who’s under contract now anybody who’s wrestled for them. But I made a list of the best opponents for the undertaker I’m pretty sure Goldberg if he’s not last would be near the very bottom of that list and I get that undertaker against you know dental bright.Does not have the marquee value that undertaker against Goldberg gas. But when I think of safe opponents when I think of good opponents smaller guys maybe who can be a bump around to make undertaker look like a monster again like you used to be I don’t think the bill Goldberg I think Goldberg was the worst possible opponents the undertaker could have had. And I hope that this as I said is the last time we will ever see them in the ring together for the sake of their legacies this is not how I want to remember Goldberg in the undertaker. I thought Goldberg acquitted himself very well the last time we saw him against Brock Lesnar WrestleMania they had what I thought was a great match. And if that was the last we ever saw Goldberg that would have been a hell of a way for him to go out defending the championship at WrestleMania in just a quick 5 or 6 minutes all action knock down drag out match with Brock Lesnar. Not this. But as long as W. W. E. is serving up those sweet Sally paydays. My fear is that we’re only going to get more of this. And it may be an attraction for the Saudi fence you never get to see the big names come to their country I get that but at some point they need to realize that these guys are just embarrassing themselves. And you could say Goldberg may have been can cost that it was 100 degrees outside all of that is true but they are embarrassing themselves. This one it’s probably gonna be 100 degrees the next time they go to Saudi Arabia. At some point you have to stop making excuses.Nobody wants to see that nobody wants to see these to embarrass themselves like they did on the show. The effort was there. But in the end. It was just sad. Nobody wants to see these guys go out like that. This is why a match like staying against the undertaker sting still those interviews to this day. If I came back what’s the match I want this only one match I want I want to wrestle the undertaker. Still he says this. This is why a match like staying and the undertaker is better left to our imagination. Because of stinking get medically cleared you know that we would be getting that match on one of the shows we might have gotten in on this one. And there is no way. They could possibly live up to expectations. And before we get to your phone calls. I will end with some parting words from Matt riddle. I mention that regularly I said I was gonna come back to him. I will end with some parting words from Matt riddle from his own Twitter account who was watching this match with great interest. And who had this to say when the match was over. Gold Goldberg you lived up to the hype yet again absolutely the worst wrestler. And that’s not an opinion. Well there it is and I look I didn’t give me a lot of people who don’t like Matt riddle anything he’s being very arrogant and I’m not saying he is. I just find the whole thing amusing. Because up until this week I really honest to god I did not have any idea that there was such a there was such a bad blood in between the 2 and also to be fair you cannot put all of that on Goldberg it is very unfair to blame everything that happened in this match uncle Bert it cuts both ways. But like I say it is I find it very amusing the the level of of hatred. That this man has for Goldberg. But it is on both guys it’s not just on Goldberg done Goldberg and it’s on the undertaker.And at some point you’ve got to know when it’s time to fold up the tents and just walk away. Let’s check that’s wonderful so far.There it is those are the results so far votes are still coming in. Now this is as it actually. As you can see a couple of hours ago so the vote total probably looks a little bit different by now but 2300 votes as of a couple of hours ago 10 percent thumbs up. 35 percent thumbs down 55 percent did not watch no big surprise there shows in the middle of the day on a work day on Friday that coupled with the fact that a lot of people said flat out you know they were not going to watch this Saudi Arabia show I think people made that is very clear that everybody was going to be watching this and so really is no no great surprise. Let’s let’s take some your phone call shall we have 1 here from you guys the number you see it on your screen 989282 solo right now let’s go to see who’s going to go to first let’s go to Jenny in Virginia. Hey how’s it going isn’t. I’m exhausted it’s been a long day how are you Jimmy. I’m doing okay a minute I’m going to talk about pretty much to a dealer my thoughts on the last master made of their taker and go over I feel like first of all go over look good for late but I kind of felt like he had a lot to do with the match also acting Goldberg just missed so many spot. And. And they now see what Sager when Kurt pretty much extensive retire him this year take a stand that and staying also stated he acts sicker put a match and pretty much did you say never anthems of women’s was enough that’s why he likes to work with younger talent to make him look good. That’s pretty much it. Yes I and again it makes sense I said before it’s not as sexy as undertaker against Goldberger undertaker against thing but you know there’s plenty of people on the WWE roster. You know smaller guys younger guys who would make if undertaker insists on doing singles matches on these big shows. Plenty of people like a Daniel Bryan or like me take your pick I want to say I’ll leave me he’s not. It’s not at that level the guys are more than capable in the ring. Who can step in there look people said what about doing the undertaker against the demon. What about the dead men in the demon a WrestleMania next year undertaker against fin ballot I don’t have any interest in seeing that match I don’t have any interest in seeing undertaker wrestle anymore that’s me. His entrance will always be cool I thought his entrance tonight and the show was one of the best he’s ever done when the bell rings it all goes downhill from there.But if you have to pick opponents that would be better off for him yes somebody like a fin battler somebody like a Daniel Bryan they will be able to carry the load and make you have to take a look good to bump around for. They can they can deceive people into thinking the undertaker is better than he really is. A guy like Goldberger staying at this stage is not going to be able to do that.And then in the end nobody looks good so I don’t see how it benefits any by me the benefits Vince McMahon right I guess it’s more money in his pocket. Jake up in New Jersey. Our monster. So none. Hey what’s up man I want to call in and add my $0.2 it is very cheap show which is very ironic because the W. W. we got paid $1000000000000 for these events but that’s the bank had all the glitz and glamour and pyro in blood but in my opinion it was just us no stress like there was no care in the world and Hey I get this all was basically over produtos over high in your house live bands but is this. It came off like just nothing none of the matches late there was not there’s nothing behind it and with like the the battle royal either I didn’t run the whole man soul or what I didn’t even know he was in the marriage to like last 5 minutes and listen. Byron Saxton called it the most procedures battle royal and W. W. E. history and I get a he’s going his job and he’s basically told me that and this is their soul like the Saudis isn’t there so for them and hate the WWE they did a great job with entertaining the crowd because I did enjoy hot when mom swear one the kids were job being and everybody was clapping everybody was crying it was so much emotion in the air that was awesome it’s just it made the actual roster moves so bad because this man the smallest man in the rain wants to hold things when you have the quote on quote man in the ring to start off this. Do you guys battle royal but the skin use little man wins but I gather you know you’re you got home court advantage your home he’s the guy who was there to represent his country might get to give it to him that’s the cool thing Blazers everyone this is basically a job of press and then made a jobless look worse than a job I don’t know what that is worse than a jobber I want to also talk about the undertaker match before I go. Listen Goldberg I’ve never I’m I’m one of the biggest fans of Goldberg and friends more than more than his actual in ring right. Whatever but like he has back that insurance almost you got lost in the back or like when they plan to wait for the crowd and they sold by the crowd instead of him coming out that was a long time Goldberg Sir to ever come out of like is the entrance to the back and it’s like I are you sure you have bad match too I I feel like he he expected the 1 because he’s Goldberg and listen I agree with you man after this I don’t want to be on a day to wrestle anymore and I in my opinion you sort of plastic he sort of called it a day when he left the gloves and the board in the ring that you bring the last time we ever saw the undertaker because I just feel like at this point because I grew up watching the undertaker I’m 24 years old and I grew up with like the whole John Cena era when it was his time back in like 2000 675 and dont think it was a big part of that era to. It was an honor to watch that guard Nazareth. But now I just it just seems like Vance is just using him for that that big name that big macs feel like you know and it’s just like yeah call me when you are looking for a ring yeah now look I mean I was I was at that WrestleMania and I thought that that would have been the perfect time to just call it quits he had a terrible match with Roman reigns but there are people in the audience who were crying when he was pulling the jacket off and he was taking the gloves off and he looked around and they zoomed in on any kind of took this big kind of exhale like okay I’m finally done and he kissed his his wife at ring side he walked in the middle of the ramp any vanished into a plume of smoke in the lights went out and I always thought if you know when people would ask me what would be the greatest way for the undertaker to go out and never be seen again right until he goes into the hall of fame and I thought well he should just vanish in a plume of smoke and I thought that’s that’s great that’s a great way for him to go out and they came back the very next year any beach on scene in the 2 minute match and he just keeps coming back and keeps coming back and here’s the thing you can blame Vince McMahon all you want to nobody is forcing the undertaker to come back and wrestle. Undertaker does not you know he he does not say well Vince wants me to keep coming back so I guess I have no choice no the guy has a choice yes it is going to visit an exam done. And what’s been going to do he can’t do anything about it. It’s the undertaker who can’t resist the spotlight and I get it it’s hard it’s hard to give that up it’s hard to give up the money. I can only imagine what his paycheck must look like for the show. But you can’t put that all in Vince McMahon these guys have to know when to step away. They have to know when enough is enough this is the same undertaker who in 2002 didn’t interview with Michael Landsberg before WrestleMania 18 it was talking about Holden and guys who got older who overstay their welcome I don’t want to be that guy I don’t wanna be the guy who overstayed his welcome and stays too long it embarrasses himself and here we are it’s been almost 20 years since he gave that interview and we see matches like this. It’s sad. It’s very sad. Jordan in DC you’re on the air. Some some more it’s going on in. Are you a question about the ms about a royal arm the way he got on the maybe was so uneventful and then a look at how we got swept his few was saying and and I know you talked about how you want it seems our baby face because you member how was the last time but I was such use Liz Bandar’s less here want to back if you have a problem much you have a vehicle that I thought he could make it do you think of any way to salvage expense for because I feel like you who has made a mess that is back and seem to be a baby face as far as the miss is concerned. Yeah. Yeah I mean looking mean the ms still seems pretty popular to me I don’t see him as a top babyface and he comes out he gets a pretty good reaction it’s surprising to me I really didn’t think people would take to him as a baby face the way they have. When you say salvage look losing twice to Shane McMahon paper view matches. That will help. That’s not gonna help you out too much. And it was a building to anything apparently not because right now shame and medicine full feud with full feud mode with Roman reigns it looks like they’ve abandon the whole thing with him in the miss. The ms may never get as went back. The missiles to pay per view matches in a row. Shane McMahon. So is it really any surprise that he may feel like he’s lost the little bit of momentum. You watch WWE is very obvious who the main characters are that they are pushing and if your last name is make men well you’re pretty good shape. If another caller you’re from DC Garrett you’re on the air. It’s all month around the on going pretty good how are you. I you know because I didn’t watch the show I had a great day actually you remember the smart one. Yeah I just got a question about all we had like 3 Saudi money show so far I want you to write these shows the greatest oil rumble a crown jewel and the show super shelled out which one was the better show and which one was you know. Show in general. That’s tough I don’t really remember too much about what the greatest royal rumble card even was and it was that I I guess that was the show that had the Brock Lesnar Roman reigns cage match. And we had the battle royal that brown Stroman one. And then beyond that I off the top of my head don’t even remember any of the other matches that’s how much of an impression it made on me what I think there may have been a match with AJ and was Joe right is Bryan wouldn’t go over. To Saudi Arabia and so I think it was Joe. And then they beat Joe and again I don’t remember much about it ranking them it mean it would be like if you’ve suffered terrible illnesses in your life and you have to rank the illnesses from the least worst of the worst worst that’s kind of what this would be like you know the shows I can’t even say all of the shows were like horrible dreck they were just they were they were pointless meaningless trivial average shows and so they kind of all blend together crown jewel was very bad if I had to put one of the bottom I probably put crown jewel at the very end this may one be in the middle and the greatest royal rumble would be the best of the worst I guess that sounds like it makes sense to me. Take a few more calls here before we wrap up markets in Brooklyn fellow Brooklynite you’re on the air. Very very strong no hi holding off on that that garbage your view hold up okay how are you doing I seem you watch the show would you think. It’s just it’s just unbelievable to think that no 6 days ago you know this and I see point on like a great show no bar down cold no 5 star Machen you see this is just shell no. And Goldberg gain undertaker match. Of the worst match of the year right so far. You know is this. I don’t know I don’t know this this is so bad that. Hi. I’m not there so that the point I’m not been sold. Going to be a dirty fan right now. I did that the that the buckle home you said it like you know you don’t see staying out there I will be shocked at all we see staying in the arctic are free for all your next one well I’m not the shot. My feet no no no no no don’t don’t put any ideas in their head come on now. The story parts water you’re going to get it right you know you might be holding combat roles. Good W. warrants you for someone who can come back we sold all over tomorrow hello scaring older wow well I mean look don’t don’t don’t forget thank you mark is but don’t forget the Saudi prince allegedly wanted the ultimate warrior and yokozuna. To be on that first Saudi show and that’s why we had that one sumo guy who we saw that one time he might even in the battle royal we never saw him again I don’t remember the guy’s name and I’m like why is this guy on the show because. The Saudi prince one of your clothes and I would be very curious to know did they explain to him that you know because it was dead and we will find other sumo or did they not say a word and say oh yeah sure we’ll get yokozuna and they put him in there with a different name hoping that the prince would not realize that it was in fact a different person. I would love to know the answer to that question I’m not so interested that I care to find out and ask around but I’m mildly interested to know the answer to that question. So yeah I’d look I put nothing past them one of the legends are left at some point you run out of names we’ve seen staying he’s not medically cleared throw him out Goldberg I don’t need to see him again undertaker I don’t need to see him again. Who else is left. At some point you run out of legends of CM punk. You seem to be pretty popular in Jeddah tonight he’s not coming back not the WWE anyway. No Bret Hart can’t wrestle Shawn Michaels he did the one match I honestly don’t think we’re gonna see him back in the ring I think he got his fill after that match a crown jewel I think he’s truly done. Stone cold he’s been smart enough to resist and say no for all these years how how long has it been since you retired now 2003 to 2 2019 do the math he’s not coming back. The rock they couldn’t get him back if they wanted to the guy so busy. With big show be considered a legend now that you can plug into a big match like that came got for **** bit. At some points you run out of what I got an idea here’s an idea get superstar Billy Graham he needs the money. If anybody can use a big sweet Saudi payday it’s superstar Billy Graham we’ll him down to the right. Get him in there I’m sure he take the pay day in a second. Go to Chelsea in Missouri. I’m actually excited to be in here god we have a voice on the show I’m so excited. Well being of a female I need your body so because the females are not represented I personally think that for every body show there should be a goal one increase for you what do you think about that and my gut feeling is telling me that Shane McMahon is going to be the W. W. E. champion by France for some reason they want to push Shane McMahon and I don’t know why and another thing I really think undertaker triple H. and Shawn Michaels should have ended at WrestleMania in a day how the hell Maxell what are your thoughts on that thank you thank you for for calling in so I’ll take the the first question first so every time they do a Saudi paper view should they do an evolution type show and have like an all women show I I wouldn’t have any issue with that it feels to me like ever since run around he went away a WrestleMania the women’s division has has clearly not been the same they’ve not been emphasized there’s not a whole lot going on to really get invested in story wise it’s almost like they reverted back to the way things were pretty Rousey. So they’d have to come up with a way to get me interested again one to see and all women sell. Yeah the first one had a lot of it was the first time and so that was sort of the selling point for and I actually thought the evolution show last year was one of the better shows of the year I thought they had a hell of a show. So they can come up with the right combination of matches. I wouldn’t mind seeing it. It’s fine with me get some NXT women on that show maybe like you know Bianca Blair shade a base layer. Your serai mixed in with some of the main roster women I think that would be fine as far as your point about the the end of an era mad that just sort of an irony to that right the hell in a cell match at WrestleMania 28. Was call the end of an era match I’d still love to know what exactly that ended. That was in 2012 that was the very first WrestleMania ever attended live. What era ended at WrestleMania 28 I would love to know because each of those men ended up wrestling Shawn Michaels came back and wrestle undertaker continue to wrestle triple H. continue to wrestle. What era exactly ended at WrestleMania 28. But I agree that that sort of iconic shot of the 3 of them sort of embracing and hugging in the aisle looking out into the crowd I think that would have been a hell of a way for them to to kind of hang it up. Take a few more here will go to I hope I have the name right is it movie in Toronto is that the the correct name. Yep that’s me now now is that your. Is that your neighbors at a description of how you feel after this pay per view. I’ll be that’s how I feel about this entire Saudi deal with you I see embedded in it name though but Hey yeah. Well what you think. All right 3 I I didn’t watch the pay per view I follow through on page on Instagram and that’s how I got myself updated I just do not feel like watching the shows. Well I mean quality is just you don’t you’re not the only one I’ve heard that from. Honestly I think it goes deeper than that is just like I feel like the reviews putting too much focus on the Saudi shows it’s affecting everything out that they’re doing I thank the gonna put more they’re focused on you show than an engine that is gonna eventually forget about us I mean yeah and my question I think it was gonna be was nearly see the deal last the entire 10 years. You know I I don’t I and I’ve said that before on the podcast I would be very surprised if this deal goes the full 10 years I just feel like there’s it’s there’s such volatility when it comes to Saudi Arabia there was another story I start earlier about them looking to execute like another teenager to some awful **** going on and 10 years is a long time so now the one year into it they’ve got 9 more years something is going to happen at some point. And W. W. we can kind of turn a blind eye to it and say you know well you know we have a contract and we’re trying to bring change to Saudi Arabia oh yeah they’re bringing change in Saudi Arabia they brought Alexis listen to tell you the full of them halfway around the world. To Saudi Arabia to do a match that they were not allowed to do so they turn right back around and sent them home. That’s change. Debbie Debbie we would say will change takes time it’s only been a year. I don’t doubt that at some point we’re gonna get a women’s match I’m one of the Saudi Arabia shows. But that would be their argument.Were bringing change to this country. We’re gonna change the world. Something is going to happen something awful I hate to say.Is going to happen somewhere in the world regarding Saudi Arabia’s some kind of international incident something like the K. show give something will happen. And I do believe that this agreement will be will be cut short when that’s going to happen though I can’t say I I think it’s going to be awhile I think it’ll be at least a couple years yet. There’s a lot of money on the table. But I do think it will happen. Let’s go to 216 you’re on the air. Almost there already ma’am I’m good how are you. I’m good morning Randall I’m calling from Cleveland Ohio I listen to your show all the time. And thank you. So I just literally got done watching the paper view I I was at work the entire day so I don’t get to watch the whole entire good reviews so you’ll probably turn for joy for me. Literally I just watched the main event because I skipped the entire pit reviews because I wanted to see what was going to happen and definitely in that match like in the beginning like I could tell like they were trying to go for like an astrologer life like the mystique that was Goldberg back like in the nineties like you know now and all thru and W. C. W. but it definitely look like like you said up until one hit I think when he hit his head on the polls was definitely where it all just came crashing down because that that Jack and I was just nasty especially when he landed would take on a Saturday you could tell. But my question is is that we can use you know Saudi Arabia show you know like in my in your own opinion. Ain’t that they’ll try to get like for the little nostalgic height matches that you were talking about before who do you think I’ll try to call out the gate with the next one. I don’t know I honestly I don’t know I think undertakers probably not done so I think we’ll see him back at some point whether it’s a tag match your singles match. As far as like another really big name I shudder to think somebody like Hogan Hogan has no business being in the ring Hogan still float around there though you know he’s still training and I’m sure Vince went to Hogan and said Hey look the Saudi prince wants you to wrestle will give you a check for $0 or 0.$5000000 not that he needs the money after the Gawker lawsuit. But do I think he would do it yeah I think you would probably do it I don’t want to see it. Flare flare can do it in the flame was near death a few weeks ago so again I struggle to think who that would be I I honestly I don’t know. I don’t know like I said I was saying before I don’t know if my microphone was working when I said this but. If anybody can use the Saudi payday for his go fund me it’s superstar Billy Graham send him down to the right. I’m sure he’d be more than willing to to take the paycheck and and do whatever they ask them to do.Thank you again for everybody who has tuned in here for the live stream again I apologize before when I switch slides to the angry undertaker photo my microphone in the phone chat the phone calls rather we’re not enabled and that will try to get a handle on the box in the chat yes I see them I can’t really keep up with them obviously as I live but we will try to get a handle on them for any future live stream so I apologize for that but thank you again for everybody who tuned in here for this super showdown super Sally showdown live stream here on you to the show will be archived of course after a little bit later on tonight for those of you who will want to go back and listen to the full review check out the poll results I did flash earlier the Twitter poll results and that’ll be up a little bit later as well and I will be back at some point this weekend I’m not sure when it should go up normal time Sunday morning although I’m gonna have to record a little bit earlier because I’m flying to Chicago later on Sunday but episode 603 coming up this weekend a lot to talk about with new Japan Moxley wrestling and new Japan. Runs back down from this past week and I haven’t mentioned anything about this yet I guess I’ll break some news here we are starting a top 10 countdown of the greatest summer slam matches of all time and it starts this weekend with number 10 going all the way to August August 11 December eleventh slim 2019 that’ll be the day that we reveal match number 1 so that countdown kicks up this weekend as well until then be well stay safe have yourself a great weekend and I will see you back here soon for episode 603 until then take your guys. Was soll monsters sounds off easy 3 loss to Tyler breeze I tweeted that sounds like something you would put on the tombstone of your career they never should have called him up in the first place if they had no plans for I haven’t seen a career fair this fastens jussie Smollett.The solemn author sounds off available wherever you hear podcast including iTunes radio Spotify and more. Visit YouTube.com slash the solemn monster for sound off actors and more and follow the solemn monster on Twitter. Monster so.


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