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WrestleMania 35 is in the books. The longest certainly one of the longest I I don’t see how it can’t be the longest WWE. show in company history. And I see a lot of people tweeting we see things in the Facebook group another posts in other places should wrestle mania be expanded to 2 days is that the solution to this long bloated show to just separate it into 2 days Hey new Japan might be doing that next year they’re gonna be running back to back days at the Tokyo Dome although I don’t think both days wrestle kingdom dates but they’re running the same building back to back nights are WWE do something with WrestleMania. Is that what needs to be done. **** no that’s not what needs to be done. Because you had over 30 years of WrestleMania just fine on one night. So enough with the talk of a 2 day WrestleMania is it time for a 2 day WrestleMania we need a 2 day WrestleMania the first 30 years we sure as **** don’t need one now. When your lead announcer loses his voice as the show goes on you know that your show is too **** long. This is your sound up extra review. So many a 35. MetLife stadium in the shadow of New York City. The show that gave us the 3 big baby face victories a lot of people were hoping for which surprised me surprise a lot of people that they gave us all 3 on one show. Them credit for that I didn’t think they would do it. But by the end. Being there live I could not wait for the show to be over. All the whole I think it was a good show I would not call it a great WrestleMania. Most of these 2 majors felt like rom matches. And having 2 or 3 excellent a really good matches to me does not make this overall this fantastical WrestleMania that I I see a lot of people calling it a look I absolutely loved the Daniel Bryan Kofi Kingston match was my favorite match of the night it was the right outcome it was an emotional outcome. I loved it I thought it was great and there was nothing not even the women in the main event who could come close to matching the drama and the emotion of that WWE. championship match after the coffee match it was never able to rise back up to that same level they came alive at the very end when Becky won the belt and they were very happy about that but it never quite got back to that same level after Kofi won the championship. We’ll do the Twitter poll results so far you can still vote polls open for another couple of days here at Wrestling.to we’ve already got more votes than any other pole I’ve ever put up ever. Over 6500 votes the pretty good sample size 79 percent of you voted thumbs up 21 percent of you voted thumbs down. And I’m not surprised by that. Thumbs up thumbs down I don’t think it was a thumbs down show. But I would be curious to know what the break down of the break out is of people who thought it was a good show and people who thought it was an excellent show then I think those numbers would be very interesting let me let me say this now and get this out of the way because this did ruin a good part of the show for me and I’m I’m trying to be objective here as I go along I I really don’t think my overall opinion would be 2 different had this not happened and that is these working lights that they started just blasting in front of everybody inside the stadium starting with Randy Orton AJ styles match up to that point in the show me it was still kind of daylight outside I assume it has to do as the sun goes down they have to kick in some extra lights whatever the reasoning is for it the first match of the main card all the stuff on the pre show was fine starting with the ordinance styles match they started showing too and that is my section but a lot of sections all around the stadium on either side. These bright lights that just shown right into our eyeballs and so you heard I’m sure you heard if you’re watching on the network or even if you were in the stadium you heard a lot of chance fan chance during that match. Even heard them saying turn off the lights they were starting musical sense trying to tell WWE Hey turn off the lights or at least turn them down. You know this this wasn’t just a few people this is for a large sections being affected by this and I can’t tell you how many messages I saw on social media or messages I got from people not only about last night agreeing with what I was saying but also people who said oh yeah that happened in the last year where that happen to be 2 years ago in Orlando or happen to be at the royal rumble and happen to me at summer slam this is this is apparently a chronic problem that WWE have where they put these lights on I’m sure they have their own reasoning for it.But it’s clearly affecting people’s enjoyment of the show him the ability to watch the **** show and they don’t do anything about it they still after all these years have not come up with the solution they have not figured out a way to correct the issue and it’s no different than anybody who buys a ticket and ends up getting seated in front of a giant column and you have this obstructed view.Your obstructing people’s views by blasting looking you know bright lights in their eyes. Randy Orton have gone Instagram after the show was over an apology and this is Randy Orton Randy Orton is that the kind of guy that you would expect to get an apology from for anything Randy Orton went on Instagram when the match was over he posted a picture that somebody had sent them of what it looked like. So you know people are exaggerating and he said for the live crowd that saw this during my match a WrestleMania met life I would like to apologize on behalf of WWE for **** up and shining a bright light in your eyes for 95 percent of our match you missed a really great **** match that come from Randy Orton and you know what kudos to him. For aplogizing on behalf of the company but that’s not Randy Orton’s responsibility Randy Orton has nothing to apologize for he was in the ring doing his job having his match with AJ styles Randy Orton wasn’t working the **** lights Randy Orton wasn’t in the production truck. So he is in no position to have to apologize for anything. This is completely and totally on WWE. and they need to get their **** together and make sure that doesn’t happen again. They don’t seem to care. Because this isn’t the first time. So if anybody is listening to this get your **** together because that’s no way to treat people who pay money M. does matter if you’re up in the you paid 100 Bucks for your seats or 400 Bucks your seats it shouldn’t matter where you’re sitting. You shouldn’t have a bright light by the way got worse as the show went on shining in your **** face. So let’s start with the kick off show showing we had Tony niece and buddy Murphy opening the kick off for the cruiserweight title. A good match Murphy’s law niece got his foot on the ropes Murphy kicked out of a 450 in the end he said the running niece as he calls it in the corner wins the championship the first of 3 title wins for native new Yorkers on this kick off show alone so for 1 night they did away with this notion that always losing your hometown or home state or or whatever nieces from well I mean none of these people are from New Jersey but nieces from Long Island Carmella is from Staten Island and Zack Ryder he’s another long Islander and Curt Hawkins is from queens so it was a good night for all of them here on the show we have the women’s battle royal Carmellala got the surprise when I certainly was not expecting that I’m not quite sure what the point of that was Oscar for Oscar she’s not had a good 2 weeks she loses respect that women’s championship in the lead up to WrestleMania and here she looked dominant for stretch in this battle royal but then she got dumped out by Sarah Logan of all people. Ember Moon she was back from her elbow injury so she had some ring time carry saying who I’m sure will be up on the main roster in time for next year’s pirate ship WrestleMania she was in the match from NXT as was Candace Lowry there were the 2 NXT entrance when Logan dumped out Oscar she appeared to be the winner until Carmella out re emerged from the outside she kicked Logan out of the ring for the win they recycle the same finish from last year’s women’s battle royal when Naomi tossed out Bailey. Because they are devoid apparently of any original ideas look battle royal finishes royal rumble finishes they are recycled all the time. Which is fine if they’re done years apart. Not back to back years in the same match on the same show. Lacy Evans did not appear in the women’s battle I thought for sure she was coming in a winning the whole thing she wasn’t even in the mass she didn’t even do her little you know saunter out to the ring and then her about face and back to the dressing room note but she did make an appearance later in the show to do that. Maybe maybe this woman will literally do nothing but that for the entirety of your career and then when they put her in the hall of fame this you can have like the CEO of of Fitbit in doctor I don’t know what this but the point of her walking she likes walking that’s all I know about this woman she dresses up fancier than anybody I know who goes for their morning run and she disappears. And you would think okay to wrestle mania this been going on long enough surely they’re gonna have her do something get physical the in the battle royal maybe even when the battle royal not that I would have wanted to see that but no. No just another walk out waving leave. We have a revival defending the rock tech team titles of which supposedly a new title belt design for the tag belts has been completed we could even see it as early as tonight on raw but from what I understand they are done I don’t know what they look like I don’t know if they’re a throwback to the old school tag team belts that would be nice and I don’t know if it’s for both sets of Beltre just the raw tag team belts but there are new belts coming they defended against Jack Ryder and Curt Hawkins we had – Deccan Wilder he was super over with the audience here and met life I hope that man gets a **** raise after what he did at the hall of fame the other night which I’m gonna talk about later don’t you worry I I am a revival fan for life after that Dawson gave Hawkins a brain buster on the floor he rolled inside Hawkins at that point is just playing dead I could I could see from where I was sitting I could see the survivor series 95 finished coming from a mile away and sure enough Hawkins was playing possum the whole time in when Dawson reaches down he gets cradled. Ed Hawkins and Ryder pick up the women they win the tag team titles and thus Curt Hawkins legendary losing streak has come to an end at 269 matches. And credit to him he’s told this story before there was a time when Curt Hawkins you know was talking to Vince McMahon and Vince book them I think to win a random TV match and Hawkins did something that you never hear anybody doing he did the opposite of what you would expect he argued all the reasons why he should lose normElias omebody would not like the fact that they’re losing they would try to argue Hey I should win he did the exact opposite because he’s smart he was smart enough to realize what this is my whole gimmick I’ve got something here I’ve got a losing streak it’s better than nothing. You’re you’re just gonna have me when a match on TV with no plan or anything and then then what do I have that I have nothing I have Dick. He was smart enough to realize that he convinced Vince it wasn’t the right time this felt like the right time. This felt like the right time WrestleMania kind of in his backyard MetLife stadium he and his best friend they win the tag team titles I mean it just seems to be the most appropriate place which is why pick them in the predictions that I did the other day and sure enough turned out to be a nice little moment for the 2 of them. Then we had the Andre the giant memorial battle royal Michael che in Colin Jost of SNL bailed early they were not seen again until the end of the match you know watching easy March 3 down to the ring surrounded by the likes of Titus o’neil and Jinder Mahal in the ascension in no way Jose was quite the said site when I did my predictions I talked about you like Drake from impact. Who is a lot like you see 3 if you compare their kind of the trajectory of their career and being in WWE. although on Drake’s case it was just in developmental but being in WWE and then leaving and going to impact and and finding success and being champion in making a name for yourself all the things that he see 3 did he he created this new character and you know his his body everything about him was different so that when they hired him back you would think well this guy’s got the makings now of of potentially being starlet see how far he can go we know we could talk and we see what they’ve done with the C. 3 since he’s been promoted to the main roster and in my predictions I sent word of warning to Eli Drake has there been some rumors that maybe WWE has an interest in bringing him back and I said if they do run. Mike Bray Wyatt would say run run for the hills. And I mention this because impact just the other day I read fired you like Drake. So he may need that job after all maybe not maybe don’t take my th vice after all although you never know there might be some leads interestingly like Drake but the yes he is now unemployed and is in need of in need of work and so he’ll end up I guess wherever he ends up gallows and Anderson they were dead man walking here in this battle royal there is good is gone I’m sure in September when their contracts are up they couldn’t even get the **** names right in the WrestleMania program they had a picture of gallows and they had Anderson’s name underneath it was like what it what it joke so anyway they’re they’re done the Hardys were in there very much over in front of this audience they tried to eliminate Braun Strom it towards the end the best part of this battle royal by the way was before it even started everybody was in the ring everybody had marched down to the ring the Hardys made their entrance they’re all the ring we’re waiting for the bell to ring to signify the start of the match and I don’t know if they went to commercial on the network I don’t know if they were showing the video package of brown in the S. N. L. geeks I don’t know what was going on here but we were listening to the hardy Boyz theme song on a loop for about 7 minutes. That was the best part of the match I was there when the Jeff hardy hand motions I’m doing it now you can’t see me but I’m doing them anyway as the authorities are trying to dump Braun out of the ring the SNL guy sneak back inside they try to eliminate Braun they fail. Stroman eliminates Matt and Jeff and so it all comes down to brown Stroman and Shea and jokes this is what they’ve been building now for weeks and weeks and weeks. Eliminates Michael che in the safest possible way. Colin Joe’s grabs a microphone. And he says look. I brought my spare piece with me and I think brown that you should you should talk to him so this guy playing his therapist goes up to brought of course Braun destroys him lays waste to him he picks up Michael or a Colin shows rather and very conveniently tosses him into the waiting pile of wrestlers on the outside and brunch Roman wins the battle royal this was done this was done and I’m still wondering frankly with the point of any of this was when you consider that not a single time is what I had people tell me because I I won’t sit through SNL every single week. Apparently not a single time in the last 234 weeks. Has WrestleMania or the battle royal. Then promoted were mentioned on Saturday Night Live. Braun didn’t make a cameo like there was a time when making an appearance on SNL especially if your wrestler was a big deal you know in the lead up to the first WrestleMania they have whole Kogan Mister T. I think they hosted SNL there was a time back in 2000 when the rock and triple H. and big show in mankind in the lead up to WrestleMania 2000 they were on SNL so I don’t know if it’s still as much of a big deal okay kind of is and you would think okay well this is stupid. Or maybe you didn’t find any of this funny especially when they had Colin shows talking about losing those reels is fake but you know what maybe it’s part of some cross promotional thing and they’re gonna have wrestlers on SNL and that’s kind of a big deal nope. Nope. No parents no cameo no mention no nothing all this was this wasn’t a cross promotion this was a promotion for SNL. That’s all this was it this was the end result. Alexa bliss she was out to introduce WrestleMania she then ends as a host of course you then introduced Hulk Hogan. Making his first WrestleMania appearance since I believe 31 which would have been when the NWO came out to help staying a lot a lot of good they did in his a match with triple H.. So Hogan poked fun of himself he called met life the Silverdome then he corrected himself and called it the met life center. The joke was funny 5 years ago when stone cold mocked him for now she’s lame in the middle of all of this in Hogan’s music is playing and he elects a blister doing the Hogan poses Paul Heyman he’s had enough he storms down to the ring while real American is still playing which needs to be his new entrants from now on Paul Heyman doing his penguin waddle down to the ring with a very stern serious look on his face as Rick derringer is blaring throughout the building need to see more of this.Saving gets in the ring and says look at Brock Lesnar isn’t going on last he’s going on first so he can get back to Las Vegas where he’s appreciate it and that was obviously a a U. F. C. cracker UFC mentioned had nothing to do with that 80 W. I know some people thought that so for the first time ever WrestleMania opened with a universal championship match Brock Lesnar defending against the not slayer Seth Rollins they gave us the blueprint basically for that quick explosive match that Goldberg had with Brock at WrestleMania 33 which I thought was great just 2 big balls going at it 456 minutes whatever that match was that was great. That was the performance the perfect Brock Lesnar modern day Brock Lesnar match they kind of followed that here the match is a lot shorter this was a 2.5 minute match for what up to this point has been position as the top title in the company this is the biggest championship in this company they open WrestleMania with that and it was over in 2.5 minutes. Now Rollins after a ref bump you got me first while he was being thrown around tossed over the announced as his back was all read in just welts everywhere got F. 5 then the floor German suplexes he was getting his **** handed to and the only reason that Seth Rollins got the upper hand in ultimately one was on a ref bump he was able to give Brock a low blow but the one he gave him on TV last week. And it it just makes Rollins looks silly that he could only be Brock Lesnar you know by leaving his his **** in tatters but you know what it was fast paced the crab was up for it most importantly they got the belt off of Brock Lesnar they got the belt off the part time prince and now may be having a champion around for change will actually give them a new toy to play with on Mondays in committee could help make the show a little more interesting maybe maybe just a little bit. But I Brock have the right I’m sure he love this Brock had the right idea he was probably back home tucked tucked in bed under the covers before the show even reach the midway point. As you know he didn’t stick around for this. So up to this point we were 3 for 3 entitled changes on the show AJ styles against Randy Orton this is where our issues in the stadium began with those **** laser beams in our faces so I had to go back this morning and watch the match back on TV because I didn’t see any of it I’m completely missed this entire match live I went back earlier I watched it I thought it was fine I was actually disappointed I was left expecting more you know what a similar feeling to what I had coming out of the AJ not the more a match at WrestleMania last year it wasn’t a bad match but I expected more and when it was over I was kinda left a little disappointed. No I don’t I hopefully this isn’t some kind of pattern developing with the AJ styles matches because his match with Shane McMahon was maybe the best match on the WrestleMania car 2 years ago and he had a really good match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 32 which was his first WrestleMania match but I think the match this year I think with Orton it was a good taste I think of what the 2 of them could do but I don’t think it was their best and I remember saying the same exact thing about AJ and I come or when their match was over last year and they went on to have better matches then the match they had a wrestle mania I suspect will get the same thing with AJ Norton will get at least 1 if not multiple more paper view matches that probably and and maybe they’ll have stipulations and it will probably be end up being a lot better than what we got here AJ hit the 450 Orton kicked out or hit the RKO AJ kicked out of order went for a super RKO up top styles escaped later on hit the phenomenal for arm and you got to clean pet on Randy Orton it just never felt like it really got going and I also by the way think this mattress hurt to some degree by the chance that you heard from the crowd because everybody was trying to get WWE.’s attention because the lights and it took away from the match and that’s why I’m I’m also so angry about the light thing and I I keep mentioning it. In the future there’s no reason that matches like this should suffer from fanned chance who had every right chanting by the way because of some dumb technical screw up on WWE’s part that’s not fair to the wrestlers in the ring. But if the fans can see ****. What do you expect. So I ended up watching the rest of the show live on the screen above the right that’s all I watch the entire rest of the show there was a giant screen above the ring the light wasn’t too bad if you look up and so that’s why I watch the rest of the show we have the sells the bar not a receptive and Alistair black and ricochet fatal 4 way for the SmackDown tag team titles I also miss this match live I had to go back and watch it this morning I think the sorrow may still be swinging ricochet he went around so many times so many revolutions on the giant swing I lost count they have this giant tower of doom spot where ricocheted was able to roll through on his way down stereo super kicks by the USOC to Seamus double Simone splash for the pin who sells retain the tag team titles I thought this was very good. We have the missing Shane McMahon falls count anywhere I thought that the out going into the show I praise this matching that of all the matches on the card this was one of the top 2 maybe 3 matches that I thought were the best built best promoted matches going into WrestleMania this year I thought this match was largely boring. Shane was gonna give me is his flying elbow off the top rope down through the announce table ms is father Mister ms stepped in to protect his son Shane climb down the motion gathering all men and George mis ad and proceeds to March up the ring steps into the ring this guy’s fighting stance is something to behold there was this was quite the visual here he puts those fist up though he’s ready that he’s he’s not moving so they’re showing him up on the Titan tron he’s got his fists up he is probably scared stiff think about this guy’s not a performer he’s standing in the middle of the ring people are screaming 8070 5000 people have many people are in the building he’s probably set himself right now so this poor guy standing there Shane starts beating him up and the Miz sees this from the outside he darts into the ring like a man possessed and tackles Shane down is like Randy savage attacking ric flair with flair’s started kissing miss Elizabeth at WrestleMania 8 only only not this that was much better but it also involves Randy savage. So to be fair well if you have something that involves Randy savage it’s automatically going to be better. So they brought into the crowd I don’t think they got back into the ring at all after this that was it for them in the ring they brought into the crowd they brought over by the international announcers and was climbing on their tables. It was really hard for me to see what was going on. They look like they fought up on to some kind of scaffolding that they had there for the camera similar to what triple H. and the undertaker did in their match at WrestleMania 17 you remember that. I do miss that was a damn good match that WWE likes to pretend never happen but is maybe one of the best matches they had been anyway so they brought up onto a similar type of of of scaffolding ms in the big spot the big finish the big close gave Shane a suplex off of that platform it probably was a good 10 or 12 foot drop I’m guessing down through the cardboard down below. Which even my brother he was watching at home on the network and after the spot he texted me any justice is watching it because that was softer than my dad Michael what do you what what you want to suplex among concrete what do you expect. It you know part of it also is the way the film these things I don’t know if there was an easier way for them to film this where it’s not as obvious that you’re being suplex down to just a couple of giant boxes maybe they can find it a different way to shoot this one of the things that always puzzles me is when they do these big elaborate spots. Where the guy crashes through something a crash pad or something they just look so ridiculously phony they’ll show it to you on the replay. It’s like can you not shoot this from a different angle that doesn’t make it so obvious. Said they crashed through the the cardboard or whatever it was but the way they landed Shane ended up on top of ms he got the pain Shane McMahon steals a win which means I guess that this feud is going to continue onward this as I said before one of the best built matches going into this paper view I did not think this was that good. It just it lacked the intensity of a real fight between these 2 when you consider how personal it’s gotten this just did not have the intensity and even the brawling and stuff it just wasn’t that good. Just wasn’t. Speaking of not good we have the Boston hug connection the divas of doom the Samoan sleeping pill and the I. comics for the women’s tag team titles some of Bailey’s balloons malfunction during her entrance and didn’t blow up which was very sad. Bret the hitman Hart made a brief appearance here he came out after Natty in bath to meet them on stage in kind of send them on their way he can go down to the ring with them and it was great to see Bret Hart here they had brought the hall of Famers out earlier in the show it was good to see him I know I think he had a brief hospital stay after the hall of fame the other 90 was having some hip issues as a result of the assault that I have not had a chance to talk about yet but I’ll talk about it now real quick took place in the hall of fame the other night I was at Madison Square Garden for the new Japan and ring of honor G. one show and I’m checking my phone I’m getting messages from people saying did you see what happened to Bret Hart is like oh my god what happened I thought maybe he collapsed the it’s some kind of a health episode I can imagine what happened and then I saw what happened and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And it made me so angry. I mean it would make me angry no matter who was in the ring but I’m I’m the biggest Bret Hart fan you’ll find and so when I heard about what happened and then I saw the video from all different angles it just piss me the hell off and there were a lot of different thoughts going through my head the first one being I actually didn’t think that that new hall of fame set up they had was all that bad actually kind of like the way that it looked now I I doubt we’ll ever get to see it again. But. In all of that I’ve been saying for years on this podcast long before anybody was physically attacked like they were on Friday night. But I’ve been saying or or Saturday night rather but I’ve been saying for years. The hall of fame does not belong in an arena in front of a large crowd of 10 to 15000 people. And I know why they do it it’s another event to sell tickets to and they’ll make $1000000 or $2000000 in ticket to whatever they get and some merch and whatever they’re gonna make and that’s why they do it. That is pure and simple the only reason they do it the only reason the whole thing was even brought back and resurrect it after years of there being no hall of fame anymore in 2004 they brought it back they put it out on DVD because the first hall of fame back was not I don’t believe was in a big arena setting up that started I think in in the following year when Hogan when it. From the moment they brought back the hall of fame it was purely a marketing and promotional vehicle they didn’t bring it back out of the goodness of their hearts because all would be such a nice thing to do what a nice thing it would be for us to be able to give a platform to honor these people and we’ll give them a plaque or ring or whatever it may be in the get to come up in front of their peers and make speeches. The only part of back to make money off of it which is why everything I’m saying that I was gonna fall on deaf ears this will never happen but I just I believe now more so than ever the whole thing does not belong in an arena setting get it out of the **** arenas people don’t know how to behave they don’t know how to conduct themselves and of all the events they have the fans are free to chant do what they want the hall of fame should be the one night if it means something to these people were getting dressed up and they got the bow ties on and they’re going out there and they’re making speeches into them at least it means something they deserve better than this even when Brett after he got a tattoo got tackled by this guy by this this Bob Marley wanna be looking rat face mother **** who tackled him down to the floor thank god everybody jumped on this guy Travis brown was in the rain all the wrestlers why you would attack of a wrestler when the ring is surrounded by wrestlers is beyond me. But this guy got his **** tackled to the ground some guys got some good shots in on him – while they got a good sucker punch in on the guy maybe not the brightest move but you know what I’m sure he doesn’t regret a thing I know I wouldn’t if I were him. But the guy tackled bread hard to the ground took many down with them now he was standing right next to Brett during a speech she went down to she could have gotten hurt. But bright to his credit he got right back up and he continued on with his speech he told stories about King Kong Bundy and other people it was one of the better speeches of the night from what I’ve seen I’ve seen the full show you that and so credit to Brett for just being a total champ a total pro going right back into it not skipping a beat. But here’s a guy who’s a stroke survivor. Has had major heading concussion issues before he’s a cancer survivor. And this this idiots. This this this animal this freak jumps in the ring and of all people tackled Bret Hart to the ground. Now I see there’s some information that came out about how to begin to get I’m not even going to talk about the guy his name his background his social media I don’t give a **** and I wish other people wouldn’t mention his name or shows picture on their websites you know like I was talking to Essie scoops and you’ll notice on their website not one mention that one picture of the guy or anything that was by design and kudos to them for that unfortunately not every website did that but. Why give this guy anymore attention by putting a name to the face. But what a piece of human waste this guy is and of all people like I said I stroke survivor in a cancer survivor and you’re gonna charge into the ring and tackle this guy to the ground what did you think was going to happen. I so wish they would have dragged disaster the back locked him in a room with the biggest guys on the roster that you could possibly find and I said this on Twitter let the security guards who apparently may have been on a smoke break anyway let them go take a smoke break or let them go on their lunch break and disappear for 5 minutes. That’s the way it should be in situations like this I used to say that all the time when guys would storm the reigning WCW Scott hall once every stomped on this guy’s head blood. He stomped on his head with the other foot. That’s what these people deserve. Now the company may end up having some legal issues because of it. So like I said maybe this is the smartest move in the world I see good. The guy got off easy he’s being charge I saw 2 counts I think of assault and one count of reckless endangerment good. That’s the bare minimum of what he should be charged with. Thank god Brett’s okay what this guy got into the room with a knife. What if he had somehow snuck a knife or something. Somehow slipped into the building and got in the ring and shanked red heart right in the middle of the ring you know much worse this could have been. But that the fact that that was even able to happen that never should have been allowed to happen in the first place and obviously the new set up had something to do with that which is why I don’t think we’ll ever see it again. But. If they were in the right frame of mind going to do the right thing they would take the **** out of the arenas believe me there’s plenty of other ways they can find to make money do some other event you want to make money off another event you don’t make enough money as it is find find something else to do the hall of fame should be the one night that you take it into a smaller venue and you really keep it is something special amongst the wrestlers and the legends if you’re gonna do it that’s what it should be about because clearly the fans do not know how to conduct themselves even when Brecht got himself together and started doing his speech again there were some Nimrod’s in the crowd whistling in cat calling and and and chanting. Get it out of the arena is already they have no business doing these events in the arenas in front of a large crowds and I wish they would take it out of there and thank god bread is okay it was great to see him here WrestleMania so I know people are asking me about that I figured now would be a good time to talk about it so I’m sorry for going off topic here but anyway those are my thoughts on the on the brake hard situation the match itself though unfortunately this women’s tag team title match was bad it was pretty bad there was just something very off about it I didn’t like it’s I didn’t think it was all that good at all right now the stacked Sasha and Bailey on top of one another at 1.for a double sharpshooter spot to me that came outta nowhere with the super kick to break it up Beth Phoenix at the super glam slam off the ropes I don’t think I’ve ever seen or do this before from the middle rope and then bit will Bailey conduct climbed up onto the top rope but she hit Bailey with her glam slam off the ropes Royce sneaks in rows back outside the rain Billy case feels the pain to win the titles for the I. comics and the crowd did pop big for this are a lot of Australian fans international fans were going nuts even in my section with the iconix one and so they have their fans that met life that you heard them because I went back and watch the TV version there’s a big pop there at the finish I thought the match itself though was no good.
Then we have Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston the WWE. championship very suspicious the first thing I noticed was that B. hemp belt was on a podium at ring side I don’t remember that being the case before and it kind of looks like there might’ve been something underneath so all of a sudden then this before I saw the the tee shirts that there’d been tee shirts that WWE shop is already promoting with Kofi Kingston is WWE. champion which I’m glad I didn’t see that before the match but that that to me was a tip off that we might be getting a title change here. They went on to have the best match on the entire show this was I thought it just a great match great fun great drama great emotion it was the mat one of the matches I was most looking forward to going into the show and more than any other I feel like this is the one that really came through and delivered Brian was was torturing Kofi through different parts of the match you try to tap him out with the lebel locked there was 1.he had walked in the hold and and a lot of people thought that he was going to tap out and thankfully that did not happen Kofi was able to break free looked like he was even holding upper coping up at 1.whatever you want to whatever you want to call it and the people who are rising and rising and rising there was every kick out every near fall return he would reach the ropes that was building and building a building just perfectly and the crowd was totally pro Kofi and he was able to fight back and cats Brian after a row and was taken out by new day on the floor to kind of even the odds a little bit here Brian got taken out with the trouble in paradise kick. And he did not kick out.And the referee counted 3 and the place went crazy and just like that Kofi Kingston is the new WWE. champion there are people celebrating there were some people crying it was it was great. It was a great moment and this is what WrestleMania is all about WrestleMania should be about moments like this it should be about payoffs like this I know not all the time the good guy can win but it just felt like any other outcome in this situation was going to be the wrong decision to make and I was hoping and praying that would do the right thing and not **** up the show by having Brian when we’re having due date turn uncle fee which they may eventually do I mean hell they may do it this week I don’t think they will but. There was no other appropriate outcome than the one we got here they did the right thing and it was awesome I have nothing negative at all to say about this it was great when the match is over you can see the emotion on and save your space they brought Kofi’s kids into the ring and they were tossing tee shirts out into the crowd it was just that you know the pyro was going off this was excellent this was great. Samoa Joe Rey Mysterio the United States championship ray injured his right ankle in a match the Baron Corbin last week on raw and he had posted on Instagram earlier in the week that he was playing his ankle would be okay in time for WrestleMania. It was not. They let him go out there yet a few moves in a 619 but he ended up getting locked in the choke he passed out and so in 60 seconds just like that it was all over and Samoa Joe in his very first WrestleMania appearance gets a dominant victory and that I like that now could they have substituted ray with Kevin Owens or even John Cena you know have joke throw down a an open challenge or something get a Joe seem to match your that mean they could have done that but as long as the show was running by this point I really don’t have a problem with them cutting this and some of the other matches short. Like I said first WrestleMania appearance ever for Joe he was he was the one who was hurt I believe the first 2 time maybe after the first time he wasn’t hurt but last year he was and so here it is first match you get the dominant win how many times have I talked on this podcast about Samoa Joe coming out and talking the talk best talker maybe in the entire company but he never backs it up and he was in grave jeopardy of falling into that Bray Wyatt pattern of boys got talked a big game any talks a lot of **** but when push comes to shove he can’t deliver. That was the reputation that Joe was kind of getting and more wins like this will help kind of bury that hopefully once and for all and so I really don’t have an issue what they did here.
With Roman reigns against drew McIntyre this is a match the crowd did not care about at all and part of it was we were still suffering from Kofi hang over from a great championship match. People started a wave in the upper deck if you heard a commotion during the match that’s what it was it was a wave some people were in participating they would they would try to started again they just they didn’t care. True got the full bagpipe treatment during his entrance he dominated the match for a while rain said a Samoan drop on the floor put him back inside Superman punch who are spear 123 that was it and then the Roman got a little emotional when the match was over and why not he wasn’t even supposed to be on the show. This guy was was fighting for his life a few months ago. Thought he would be probably for a lot longer than he did. Now here he is winning a match at WrestleMania. But the match itself was just the complete embodiment. Of a raw TV match that’s really all this was. Alliance then came out for a concert he came out sing to us they have video up on the screen of multiple alliances there playing various instruments like clones of alliance in the same video. And then a videotape played a video play video tape but so they have dated I am a video played of Babe Ruth playing for the Yankees calling his legendary shot. In the 1932 World Series.And out came the doctor of thuganomics John Cena to his old music he was wearing Babe Ruth sold number 3 Yankees Jersey John Cena a kid from Boston comes out to a video of Babe Ruth playing for the Yankees wearing a Yankees Jersey that makes sense although it isn’t the first time he’s done that he actually did wear Yankees Jersey and I have I think once on TV before back when he was doing the original gimmick he would wear all different kinds of team jerseys and I think you were Yankees colors once. But in any event he did a stick this was very weird I I I mean I enjoy the old character I really liked it like when he was feuding with the rock a few years ago he came out on raw that one night doctor thug in exceed toward the rock to freaking shreds on the microphone I enjoyed the hell out of that this was just I’d like did I guess but this was just weird it’s just I don’t know it just felt very. Weird very force that if that makes sense he poked fun at his own movies and said that his movies suck he called ally is a piece of **** to ensure a graphic of a should sue dog with a license face on it he told a lie is your face looks like my nuts only you have a harrier bush. Any given the 5 knuckle shuffle and the F. you. I I like it when Cena goes old school but you mean the dead this is my biggest issue with this when this was over okay for a as excited as everybody was to see old school thuganomics John Cena and hear the music and all that stuff when this was over I sat there and I thought to myself you mean to tell me your grand plan for John Cena at WrestleMania your big plan that prevented him from being used as part of the Kurt angle story line that prevented him from potentially wrestling Kurt angle at WrestleMania in angles farewell match was him dressing up as a character he played 15 years ago. To beat up Elias .. The same alliance that he beat up last year at WrestleMania. Really. That was your great plan we got Baron Corbin because of this. I I think this was hardly worth it. But Hey he said Harry bush tried to kill us all a monster don’t be such a Killjoy how can you not love this segment he said hairy bush come on man all right well enjoy your hairy bush. They and you are out of your **** minds if you think that this was a better idea than doing something with angle and see.Triple H. and Batista no holds barred they went 25 minutes with this 6:00 hours into the show they went 25 minutes this was so slow and this was so boring. I look I hope it was worth it for Batista to get is one last big match I I did enjoy triple H. using a pair of pliers to yank out Dave’s nose ring which explains why he’s been wearing one since you came back that’s a little seed that was planted there I assume from the opening angle this is just too slow and too on interesting for me to really get excited about I mean they tried 3 different times they tried to break the announce tables on the outside before it finally collapsed triple H. kicked out of the spear he kicked out of the spine buster you kicked out of the Batista bomb Batista then kicked out of a pedigree. Look at these indie spot monkeys kicking out a finisher of right. You know people are gonna say that about the new Japan guys the ring of honor guys like from the image to show the other night but their silent when these guys do the exact same thing. Guess what it’s not an indie thing anymore it’s not just anything that’s not a new Penn thing it’s not an ROH thing it’s a pro wrestling thing. Go watch that first Shawn Michaels undertaker WrestleMania match my favorite WrestleMania match of all time what do you think they did for half the match they kicked out of finishing moves. They kicked out of super kicks in chunks lands in tombstones last rides. When you do it right with the right people it can work here I just didn’t care ric flair showed up we had to triple H. a sledge hammer which used on the T. stay actually jumped off of the ring steps which were already in the ring and so there was this cool visual of triple H. kind of sort of flying through the air for the sledgehammer shot he finished up big Dave with a second pedigree won the match I didn’t really think this was all that great I really didn’t and you know what now that I think about it this was the exact same match the exact same kind of match that triple H. had with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29 in this very same building and I didn’t like that much either. And Batista officially retired after this match was over on social media he posted a message he officially retired from pro wrestling I he said thank you for letting me entertain you I love this business whether you cheered me or boot me I am grateful for being a small part of your life I am officially retired from sports entertainment and I’m grateful for every second of my amazing journey so very nice classy message there from Dave Batista who will be missed I even though I wasn’t a big fan of this match and and it turned out this whole few really was. Very underwhelming I was very excited when I heard he was coming back and he was kind of almost like portraying this Hollywood Batista character on TV I thought there was a lot of potential there and they they never really went far enough with it. Maybe they only had him I’m sure for for a limited amount of time but I eat I have enjoyed Batista’s career by and large he got over at a time when he really wasn’t expected to everything was sort of being built around Randy Orton and that Batista character when he was the henchmen he was the muscle of evolution just naturally organicElias tarted to catch fire and get over on his own and that was a great story line with a great build to what was a great WrestleMania match that did big business I mean that WrestleMania that you’re 21 I think it’s something like 1.2000000 buys and they didn’t have some big celebrity on that show I think that was the RK bono show maybe nobody knows the **** bono is me they didn’t have it stone cold on Piper’s pit but that show was really largely carried by their own talents and by the main events and it paid off and they did big business together in Batista went on to become a big star and even when he had that brief feel term before he kind of retired the first time or left the first time I was enjoying the character you know WWE. champion kind of Hollywood he’ll Batista where in the vast in talking about John Cena kissing babies and fat women and all that like I that parties the character was so enjoyable to such a joy to watch and it’s too bad it lasted all of 2 or 3 months kinda like Hollywood rock. So you know he he will look back I think on a career that he can certainly be proud of he’s a hall of Famer through through just a matter of when they want to induct them. With Kurt angle’s farewell match against Baron Corbin. Kurt looked as good as he has looked in any of these farewell matches that he is had he had multiple German suplexes he had an angle slam at 1.had Corbin locked in the ankle are trying to tap him out but Corbin was able to escape. And we even saw the old school Kurt angle moonsault and I did kind of I cringed as he was climbing up to the top rope but he had it even now he could barely move but Kurt angle still has one of the best moonsault in all of wrestling unfortunately it did not connect. The end of days any pain Kurt angle here at WrestleMania. And Kurt angle got on the microphone when the match was over any thank the fans he said for 20 years I’ve had the time of my life.And for one last time for old time’s sake I want you to chant those words at me to my music and they played his music and people chanted you sock in admiration of Kurt angle. There was a fan at ring side holding up a sign that said it you never sucked rose like you you never soccer and you never reElias ucked something like that which I thought was great I thought that was a great shot at that that was a great sign. Because you never of course he never sucked Kurt angle was the opposite Kurt angle I said this before a one of the greatest I think you can make the case of all time in wrestling this guy had it all. And I was happy for him that he had a chance to in front of his family his kids have one last match and have that little that little send up here and I’ll say this much about Baron Corbin not that I’m his biggest fan but after this they better have some damn good plans for him. To follow up on this.Because if they don’t. And this turns out to be a situation where Baron Corbin just becomes another name in the machine and doesn’t really pan out and doesn’t really go anywhere what a waste. What a waste for a final Kurt angle match I still say Kerr does right even if Corbin goes on to become a big star I still say Kerr deserve better than this you deserve better for his final match but he got a nice moment there at the end then that really is the best thing I could say about this. We had demon fin valor. When Bobby Lashley for the intercontinental title there was 0 chance the demon was losing here I think we can all agree lastly had a suicide spear through the ropes to the floor on ballerinas company guy in half that was his big move of the match but in the end Bobby Lashley got power bomb which is pretty impressive by Finn Valerie ballot at the double foot stomp off the top to win back the intercontinental championship. They said the demon one the the intercontinental title I don’t think we’ll be showing up as the demon tonight’s or every week so fin ballot gets back the IC title and we Alexa bliss come out to announce their fake attendance record of I think was 82000 and change that’s that’s the number they gave. And then as if it wasn’t late enough we had our truth in Carmella come out for 87 second dance break. They were just trolling us at this point this late into the show with this nonsense they were just trolling us. Finally at long last winner take all for the raw and SmackDown women’s titles Ronda Rousey Charlotte flair and Becky Lynch Joan Jett and the Blackhearts saying rounded to the ring first is there new thing that we’re the champion not all the time but it seems like more often than not the champion always enters first know when this a trend began but it seems to be happening more often surround is out first to her her theme song in Charlotte had this pre recorded helicopter entrance outside of the stadium as an homage to her father’s entrance at the great American bash back in the eighties much the same way. And actually I think he may have had more than one helicopter entrance back then so Rhonda got Joan Jett Charlotte got a chopper and Becky Lynch got a smoke machine. That seems fair. I went on to have what was I I pretty sure clocked in over 20 middle of or 20 minutes. And this late in the show they did a good does good jobs they were gonna do of of kind of keeping the crowds attention I was looking around it wasn’t like there were large chunks of people who are already left I mean some people probably did but everybody was still there everybody was waiting for this match I thought overall it was good I don’t think it rose to the level of great I I certainly have seen Ronda in Charlotte I’ve seen Charlotte and Becky. Have much better matches with each other I mean if those matches were excellent this was not excellent this was good I wouldn’t say it was anything more than that. Finish came when Rhonda and Becky who finally we got to see them go one on one Charlotte had been knocked out to the floor so for at least a couple of minutes we got Becky around a one on one the way the match was originally intended to be and. Rhonda got Becky up on our shoulders for her Piper’s pit fish her little twisting slam finish. And when she went to go give her the twist. Becky took her backwards for backslide and Pinder. And the finish came out of nowhere for out for those of us here in the and you probably saw some of the facial reactions even to the people in the crowd it looked like they were stolen and the reason for that was nobody saw that coming when it happened as the fish I think there were probably a lot of people who either expected a submission like one of them would get an armbar or that Charlotte would be the one to eat the pen and there’s already some reports the finish was botched and it was supposed to be Charlotte tapping the Bacchae which I don’t know that that’s true at all I think Beltre said that’s that’s bullshit. So be weary of any reports you read about a botched finish because I’m not sure that’s the case if anything was botched it may have had to do with rounded shoulders run the shoulders we’re not down for the entirety of the 3 count even watching it back on TV this morning that much is obvious and I thought they look I thought they did a good job of creating confusion if that was the intent maybe it wasn’t a maybe it wasn’t the the plan at all but be created this drama and uncertainty at the end that made you think like wait a minute there’s some controversy now coming out of this what’s going to happen tomorrow night maybe round is gonna stick around it is going to be a rematch Rhonda apparently broke her hand she had according to military severely broken hand I’m not sure if it was already hurt and she heard it more in this matter if it got broken in this match where it may have happened I don’t know again I was I wasn’t way up and I mean I was in the stadium looking up on the screen where you know half of it was obstructed by bright lights so it’s possible I just didn’t see maybe you guys can chime in maybe there was a a particular spot where it happened but apparently she wrestled least part of the match with a pretty badly broken hand I don’t know that may have played a role in them doing the finish when they did it definitely came across very sudden and very awkward and there really was no great big spot in the match you even I don’t even think Charlotte hit her trademark actually got I I was in the city she had moonsault I think she did I think she had a moonsault at 1.if I’m not mistaken but got caught may be in a a triangle or something but I don’t I just felt like this was met maybe to go on a few more minutes and there was one big maybe final spot missing from it he was very abrupt. And the people definitely did not see it coming but the match itself the work itself I thought I thought was good and and people were into it they weren’t doing waves like they were during the Roman reigns match but that’s finish which is very much unexpected when it happened and we’ll see where the story goes from here again Becky is gonna be a rock tonight as soon as I get this review up I’m actually out here because I I’m going to route tonight at Barclays I’m not going to SmackDown I’m I’m I’m done after tonight I was even second guessing tonight but I’m going with a bunch of people so I’ll be at Barclays for rock tonight we’ll see what they do what the next step is in this story who Becky’s first opponent is going to be we do have the shake up coming so the shake up may just shake everything up you may not even matter what ends up happening tonight but with this magic just felt like there might have been a little chunk there at the end that got chopped out.Absolutely poured buckets after the show was over boy did they Dodge a bullet with the weather it was cold it definitely got colder as the night went on but it didn’t rain. He was supposed to be rain originally around midnight which would have dumped. Just a tremendous amount of rain on the main event it was like the main event ended and not long after that would be within the hour the heavens opened up and it was just pouring buckets of rain it would be a total wash out I had this they have this weather pattern come in a little bit earlier than it did but there was a lot of controversy coming out of the show because. One of the only ways for people to get back home to where they were going was to take the train was to take New Jersey transit well they didn’t expect they didn’t plan. For the show to go as late as it did. And now New Jersey transit is pointing the finger of blame at WWE. they’re saying it’s WWEeds fault we didn’t get alerted until very late in the game that they were planning to end the show at 1230 in the morning. And by federal law or federal regulations we have to send crews home at a certain time and so a lot of the crews that would’ve been working in operating trains after the show was over they sent them home so instead of having trains coming in every 10 minutes there people standing out there in the pouring rain up shit’s creek that make a deal. A lot of really pissed off people the governor is all pissed off now it was a press conference and he was asked about this and he said look I’m not happy about this we have to work harder to make sure this doesn’t happen again yeah it’s it’s funny how NJ transit has just completely from WWE. under the bus here and you know what I I actuElias ide with them on this if they didn’t alert the transit officials until very late that the show was going to go so late then their hands are tied that’s up to WWE let them know to map out in time out the shows and let them know Hey look this show is not gonna end until this hour and we need to make sure that people can get home and that people can get out of the stadium I’m tell you something between this and the like bullshit this was not a good night for WWE when it comes to the way they treated their fans who came to the stadium last night absolutely disgusting. What they did here. And another reason why the shows do not have to be this **** long it’s not just though it’s it’s so tiring this it is tiring but it affects so many other things and so many other aspects of it and between that and the light stuff not a good look for WWE last night just not at all we had 8 out of 10 titles in this company changed hands last night it had some good matches it had some memorable moments chief among them Kofi Kingston’s big when some people might say old school John Cena I think everybody could probably find something like that big moment that they liked on the show and the Kobe thing was the best thing on the show by a wide margin Kofi Mbeki both got their big wins as they should have but what we were left with was a bloated show that on the whole I thought was good but not as great as I’m seeing other people calling it I think other people are severely over rating the show. And had I watched it on the network and not actually been there live I really don’t think my opinion would be drastically different. So chime in below in the comments section let me know if I’m right or wrong let me know what you thought of the show where you were at the show or if you’ve been to other shows another WrestleMania isn’t it had issues like the light stuff and all that chime in on that too because I was not the only person who is really pissed off about that last night and it just affects your enjoyment of the show and now you’ve got people watching at home and they’re wondering why is the crowd not into this match wise the crowd starting a chant they’re starting this starting that and then you come to find out it wasn’t because they just felt like doing it was because they can see what the hell was going on. Anyway chime in below give this video a thumbs up if you would be so kind both the Twitter Paul still open at Solomon’s you can let me know thumbs up thumbs down on WrestleMania I still haven’t even had a chance to talk about my thoughts on NXT takeover on the G. which I thought was probably the best take over show that they have ever done and if I had to compare all of the shows are all different it’s it’s not completely fair to do that but I think to the surprise of very few of you NXT was by far the best show the entire weekend it is just so it’s it’s just the length of the show and the way they have it structured in the matches that were on the show everything was just pitch perfect so I thought the world of that show in the world of that main event which I thought was the best NXT main event of all time the G. one show I thought was good I wasn’t as sold on that show but look there’s a lot of good wrestling this weekend some great wrestling this weekend a lot to be happy about but look I I call it like I see it my opinion is different on this WrestleMania show than yours then so be it but I was there live in this is what I thought of it and if you don’t like it tough **** I don’t know what to tell you I’ll be back soon with more on the YouTube channel please sub to the channel if you’re not already sub I keep it locked in here I don’t know what’s going up or when but they’ll be more content going up soon until then be well stay safe enjoy Ron smacked on this week and I’ll see you back here real soon for more content take care guys.


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