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Watch WWE Capitol Punishment 2011

Watch WWE Capitol Punishment 2011

Capitol Punishment was a PPV which took place on June 19, 2011 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. In 2012, this pay-per-view was replaced by the returning WWE No Way Out, and in 2013 with WWE Payback. 4 title defenses rtook place, all in singles matches. This included John Cena defending against R-Truth for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton defending against Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship, Wade Barrett defending against Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship, and Kofi Kingston defending against Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship. Other matches included Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne, Mysterio vs CM Punk, Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio, and Alex Riley vs The Miz.

WWE has become eliminate the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view and replaced it using what appears to become only a temporary name of Capitol Punishment. Thinking about how this really is in Washington, D.C., and just how I doubt they’ve got this concurrent ppv there each year to any extent further, I doubt i will be visiting a 2012 form of Capitol Punishment.

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) versus. R-Truth

R-Truth continues to be more interesting previously couple of days than he was all of the previous years combined within my eyes. That being stated, I still don’t believe he’s great within the ring, and also, since Cena is not exactly HBK, I am not necessarily searching toward the in-ring action between both of these, but it is different things, so that they may surprise me. R-Truth does not possess a shot at winning the title.

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus. Christian

I believe this Christian heel turn is amazingly short-sighted on WWE’s part and I am not keen on it. I have wanted Christian to show heel for any lengthy time now, however i think this is actually the worst time to get it done when you have low ratings with no faces around the brand. Seriously, the three people fighting to find the best face underneath Randy Orton are Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and Crime Cara. You believe if Orton is out with an injuries you can depend on this option to market ppv primary occasions? I love all 3 of these, but no, they are not ready yet. Mark Henry’s heel turn continues to be on rough terms forever and today Christian has effectively wiped out it. I do not begin to see the reason for it apart from to pressure individuals Christian fans that preferred him as champion over Orton to need to accept Orton because the champion. Indication, I love Orton better and think he works far better because the champion however i still believed that Christian must have stored the title up to Within the Limit. Anyway, this feud gets old for me personally and also the heel turn helps it just a little, but along the way, ruins all of those other brand for that near future and i believe it has a lot of negative effects.

Alex Riley versus. The Miz

I am still reluctant concerning the Alex Riley face turn when i think he’s an all natural heel, but I am prepared to try it out. At the minimum, they are beginning him served by some momentum, getting him feud using the Miz. This match may be the sleeper match from the night. I expect the Miz to be released on the top, since Riley stands to achieve something even when he does not always win the match. The feud continues following this and Riley could possibly get victory afterwards.

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (c) versus. Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson as IC champion appears enjoy it might focus on paper however i have my doubts. Still, I love Zeke, and i believe Barrett deserves a bit more at the moment in the career compared to midcard. I am wishing Zeke wins here but underneath the condition they have an agenda for him to feud with someone outdoors from the Corre making it well worth the while.

Alberto Del Rio versus. Big Show

I am uninterested within this feud. It doesn’t have ft to face on which both of these will not work nicely together within the ring.

CM Punk versus. Rey Mysterio

I am less thinking about this compared to Alberto/Show match. It was clearly rushed and it is only filler.

U . s . States Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) versus. Dolph Ziggler

Now This can be a match I actually do need to see. I love both Kofi and Dolph and i believe they work nicely together. This can function as the match from the night when they provide the correct time. Kofi is not really doing much using the US title therefore it wouldn’t hurt for Ziggler to win it, though I am unsure they’d possess a plan moving for your, either, unless of course Ziggler eventually feuds with Alex Riley regarding this (that we would like to see), so I am wishing for Ziggler to be released on the top here.

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