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Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2010

Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2010

Elimination Chamber (2010) was a PPV which took place on February 21, 2010 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. It was the first Elimination Chamber event. The concept of the event was that the two main event matches would occur in an Elimination Chamber. Each match featured six competitors: the defending champion and five challengers. Sheamus defended the WWE Championship against Triple H, Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Kofi Kingston in the Raw Elimination Chamber. In the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match, The Undertaker defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and R-Truth. On the undercard, Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Kane, The Miz defended the WWE United States Championship against Montel Vontavious Porter, and Maryse and Gail Kim competed against Team Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) in an interbrand Divas tag team match.

World Heavyweight Championship:

Elimination Chamber Match

The Undertaker (c) versus. John Morrison versus. R-Truth versus. Rey Mysterio versus. CM Punk versus. Chris Jericho

This match has all the makings from the great bout. Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk will probably be within the center and soul in the contest, providing the dying-defying moves, the devastating finishers, or painful submissions.

The Undertaker is not any slouch either, so expect piledrivers and chokeslams to depart nowhere.

So who’s prone to win? John Morrison was attacked on Smackdown now, along with his ankle supposedly destroyed with the steel publish.

This can be an position to produce Morrison with an “against all odds” type win, however accept it only can lead to Morrison being removed the match, a way.

When happens, I’d bet on Shawn Michaels to get his substitute, much like how Edge put Kofi Kingston from last year’s match.

Only now, HBK will not continuously win the title like Edge did. Rather, I’d think Shawn eliminates the Undertaker in this particular match, until you are eliminated themselves.

Who that leave us with? Chris Jericho and CM Punk (I do not see Truth or Rey as you can winners).

Punk’s Straight Edge Society is acquiring pace with every single week, and is regarded as the questionable position WWE has attempted inside their PG atmosphere. However, will still be at first it still needs building and that i pricier Punk to win this match.

Chris Jericho remains left standing proudly within the finish in the latter cases of Smackdown. The other day he beat the Undertaker, which week he ended SD! for Edge out.

He seems may be the star using the momentum entering this match. I’d my reservations about the potential for a Jericho win, any longer.

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Sheamus (c) versus. Triple H versus. Randy Orton versus. John Cena versus Kofi Kingston versus. Ted DiBiase

Do you realize Triple H has won four elimination chamber matches? If perhaps I didn’t.

This really is the less impressive Chamber match in the night, though the presence of Kofi Kingston means we have to get some good entertainment from this nonetheless.

Legacy will be in midst of imploding, with leader Randy Orton developing a practice of beating up Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes is not scheduled for just about any match at Elimination Chamber, so he could interfere to “help” Orton, while he and Ted attempted doing on Raw now, resulting in Orton losing his match against Sheamus by DQ.

Consequently all signs indicate an Orton versus. DiBiase versus. Rhodes match at Wrestlemania, and i also function avoid seeing the WWE Title following them.

Meanwhile, John Cena could win his eighth world title (seriously). However, his primary focus entering this Sunday remains blaming Batista for your attack on Bret Hart, which easily ruled the 50-year-old outdated legend from the WrestleMania match.

Consequently, apart from Batista possibly interfering inside the match (strangest, he’s scheduled for Raw the evening after) John Cena will not do doing anything news-worthy this Sunday.

That leaves us with Kofi, Sheamus, and Triple H.

Kofi has without any momentum entering this match. You can only assume Randy Orton’s tirade after Kofi all smudged an end of just one their many matches not lengthy ago remains given serious attention with the WWE executives.

For your record, I maintain that Orton’s expletive-laden anger being worse, otherwise worse, than Kofi’s error.

Triple H was a student in the middle of attention within the finish in the show now on Raw, as Sheamus sent him flying halfway within the ring.

However, WWE have proven no warning signs of losing belief in Sheamus their champion. Taking everything into consideration,For me Sheamus will win this, possibly cheating Triple H in the win, setting the duo up for just about any WrestleMania match.

Intercontinental Championship

Came McIntyre (c) versus. Kane

These two faced off just on friday, in the match where both men were counted out for brawling outdoors the ring for too extended.

Because contest, they did not give to us an indication of effective things happening, and so, I expect the traditional mid-card match from Came and Kane.

Considering you will find just four matches round the PPV, this match could easily get more hours than usual, therefore we frequently see plenty of false finishes take some drama.

Came is unquestionably winning that certain though Kane has witnessed his best days pass him by.

WWE Divas Championship

Maryse versus Gail Kim

The vacant butterfly title can be obtained, as well as the only Canadian who cannot speak French (allegedly) faces Maryse. (Edit: Smarter humans have illuminated my mistake here, and i also humbly apologize)

Will this match be anything aside from filler? Not likely. Gail Kim isn’t at her finest in recent occasions, despite the fact that Maryse is more suitable towards the typical crop of models-switched-wrestlers, she cannot possess a match at the moment.

WWE remains playing up the fact Maryse seems to respect Kim, while reminding us that Gail cannot speak French. I will not enter into how silly the positioning reaches least there’s a divas storyline. May this be described as a short match.

And that is it with this particular PPV. Two miles of chain and 16 lots of steel will trap 12 men inside its cage on Sunday, and we’ll identify the identity in the guys who will primary event WrestleMania as champions.

Tell me everything you think about the PPV, who’s prone to win, and who’s getting told to visit home with under squat.

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