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Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2012

Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2012

The Road to WrestleMania goes through one callous coliseum, the Elimination Chamber. Over the last decade, championships, careers & legacies have been at stake in the unpredictable environment, and this year will be no exception as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will try to survive the sadistic structure with their respective titles in tact. Elimination Chamber (2012) was a PPV that took place on February 19, 2012 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The pay-per-view was the third annual Elimination Chamber event. Apart from the two Elimination Chamber matches, John Cena fought Kane in an Ambulance match, Beth Phoenix defended the Divas Championship against Tamina, and Jack Swagger defended the US Championship against Justin Gabriel.

Once we attempt an outing in the road to Wrestlemania 28, the following stop has showed up by means of Elimination Chamber. It’s a unique event that initially only agreed to be useless match but afterwards, acquired prominence right into a pay-per-view according to it. On Feb 19, 2012, the 3rd annual Elimination Chamber event will occur in the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Four matches happen to be confirmed to occur in the event.

Match 1: Daniel Bryan (c) versus. Wade Barrett versus. Cody Rhodes versus. Big Show versus. The Truly Amazing Khali versus. Santino Marella

Elimination Chamber match for that World Heavyweight Championship

2012 Smackdown Elimination Chamber match participants

Daniel Bryan has defended his World Heavyweight Championship numerous occasions since winning it in December 2011 by cashing his Money staying with you contract on the vulnerable Big Show. He’s found several numerous methods to retain his championship throughout these matches against several opponents. But the truth is he remains the World Heavyweight Champion. Throughout his reign as Champion he’s transformed themself from as being a face to some heel. Furthermore, he’s angered a huge – The Large Show. Whether or not this will haunt him at Elimination Chamber remains seen. Big Show continues to be waiting to obtain get his on the job Bryan. He’ll get his chance at Elimination Chamber. The Intercontinental Champion – Cody Rhodes, goes into this using the ambition to do a Ultimate Warrior, when you are the Intercontinental Champion and World Heavyweight Champion simultaneously. Wade Barrett, whose Barrett Barrage fizzled in the Royal Rumble will have an important role within the results of this match. The rest of the two participants within this match – Great Khali and Santino Marella, are simply here to complete the figures because of Mark Henry and Randy Orton‘s absence due to injuries. This offers to be a thrilling contest. Expect Daniel Bryan to weasel using this complement another victory.

Match 2: Janet Phoenix (c) versus Tamina Snuka

Singles match for that WWE Divas Championship

Janet Phoenix versus Tamina

Janet Phoenix had emphatically mentioned couple of days ago that they will stay the WWE Divas Champion ‘forever’ citing the possible lack of competition within the WWE divas division because the reason. She may have been overconfident in saying so because ‘Warrior Princess’ Tamina Snuka has showed up to wrest the Divas Championship from Janet Phoenix. Tamina, the daughter of WWE Legend Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, continues to be effective since she adopted design for her legendary father. She’s been giving Janet Phoenix a run on her money in the last couple of days in singles in addition to tag-team matches. Will Tamina flourish in her quest for the Divas Championship or will Janet Phoenix reiterate her authority by effectively protecting her Divas Championship?

Match 3: John Cena versus Kane

Ambulance Match

John Cena versus Kane, Ambulance Match

Possibly, probably the most exciting match from the event. Ambulance matches are held once a week. The final Ambulance match occured in 2003 in the Survivor Series event. Kane is at that match too, by which he faced Geebet McMahon. Actually, Kane had won that match meaning he’s experience of this type of a match. Everything began between John Cena and Kane in a Raw Supershow in December 2011 when Kane came back back using the mask. Kane began to fight John Cena, attempting to pressure him to embrace the hate around him. Both men were involved with a singles match at Royal Rumble which led to a dual count-out. John Cena’s friend Zack Ryder continues to be bearing the brunt on most of Kane’s vicious attacks. Kane continues to be using Zack’s lover Eve to torment Cena. A week ago, Eve and John Cena were built with a lip-lock that was observed by Ryder, resulting in a rift backward and forward men. Each one of these stuff that are happening around Cena are forcing him are a violent unstable character unlike the John Cena which we view in the last couple of years. The issue still remains. Will Cena embrace the hate? Will John Cena turn heel?

Match 4: CM Punk (c) versus. Dolph Ziggler versus. Chris Jericho versus. The Miz versus. R-Truth versus. Kofi Kingston

Elimination Chamber match for that WWE Championship

2012 Raw Elimination Chamber match participants

This elimination chamber match for that WWE Championship features six of the very most gifted Wrestlers within the WWE at the moment. CM Punk, the reigning champion heading in to the match, continues to be courting challenge with comeback man – Chris Jericho, over using the saying – Best on the planet. Actually, Chris Jericho had accused that his 5 elimination chamber opponents are Jericho wannabe’s. Certainly one of individuals wannebe’s – Dolph Ziggler, an rising star within the WWE, has guaranteed that he’ll steal the show at Elimination Chamber. Fellow trash talker – The Miz, that has lost his affinity using the top brass from the WWE, continues to have possible to primary event Wrestlemania for that second year consecutively. His former partner – R-Truth, that has switched face lately might finally understand his imagine becoming the WWE Champion. High flying Kofi Kingston has vowed that he’ll prove that he’s no afterthought by winning this star studded contest. Will CM Punk have the ability to retain his WWE Championship? The possibilities certainly against him. With Chris Jericho earning the authority to enter this match because the last participant, it appears like he may possess the edge to win this match. I’ll put my cash on either Jericho winning it or CM Punk retaining it. In either case, it’s going to a thrilling contest available in the Elimination Chamber.

Elimination Chamber is among individuals occasions which packs a punch and delivers bang for your buck and time. This season too, Elimination Chamber promises to become a blockbuster. Don’t miss it!

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