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Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Elimination Chamber was an upcoming professional wrestling PPV event produced by WWE. The fifth annual Elimination Chamber event took place on February 23, 2014, at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The main event was the Elimination Chamber match, in which Randy Orton defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena, Sheamus, Antonio Cesaro, Christian, and Daniel Bryan. The secondary main event was a 6-Man Tag team match between The Shield and the Wyatt Family. This match was considered the highlight of the PPV and received glowing reviews from several media sites. Also on the card was Alberto Del Rio vs Batista, AJ Lee defending the Divas Belt against Cameron, Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young, The New Age Outlaws defending the Tag Team Championships against The Usos, and Big E defending the Intercontinental Belt against Jack Swagger.

This Sunday night Feb 23 it’s the fifth annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event happening in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What’s interesting about Elimination Chamber is the fact that WWE Network is debuting the following day within the U . s . States (all of those other world needs to wait) along with the debut of WWE Network comes the finish from the traditional PPV format. For those who have WWE Network then you definitely get all the PPVs.

The great factor about Elimination Chamber is the fact that WWE is really advertising seven matches prior to the show. That’s encouraging because sometimes they merely advertise 4 or 5 matches and merely add them on the program with no build. A minimum of this is a well-built event.

(Note: All graphics come from WWE.com. The banner is thanks to my pal Steve Melo.)

Cody Rhodes & Goldust versus. Ryback & Curtis Axel (Kickoff Match)

It’s a tossed together match that’s being placed on the Kickoff show. It isn’t like there’s anything wrong using the match, however it just appears pretty random. Recently in the Royal Rumble, Cody and Goldust lost the tag titles around the pre-show. The Rybaxel team is barely featured on television nowadays. Because of that, it’s difficult to know where that one goes. Will it even matter? Not necessarily. If Cody and Goldust are likely to feud then it seems sensible to allow them to lose. I believe they’re likely to postpone with that story, insert them in a multi-team tag title match at WrestleMania and perform the split early in the year or summer time. I’ll take Cody and Goldust for that win inside a match which should get 7-ten minutes approximately.

Titus O’Neil versus. Darren Youthful

It seems like a Smackdown only feud since they’ve barely had whenever on Raw since Titus went heel. I do not expect everyone else to become that thinking about the match because it’s been poorly built. They’re missing something. Search for O’Neil to obtain the win. Management appears to love him for his personality, energetic promos not to mention he’s a larger guy to ensure that always works well for WWE. Splitting up they might not have been the best move, but it’s done now and that i expect O’Neil to obtain a decent push like a heel.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E versus. Jack Swagger

This ought to be a good matchup that will get 7-ten minutes and it is a decisive win for giant E (no more Langston). I’m still likely to accidentally call him up Langston a great deal from habit. Can be a couple of days until I recall to avoid it. Swagger’s been performing perfectly, but unlikely to win the title here. It appears as an apparent conjecture in my experience that Big E can get the win. What’s going to be interesting is that if Swagger winds up splitting from Cesaro. When they do, Cesaro’s likely the face area for the reason that scenario, but Zeb Colter’s a heel manager. They’ve teased him being angry at Swagger a great deal recently, so I am not sure the way it all fits. With this match, give Big E the win. Unsure where he goes following this. Hopefully they are able to get him a IC Title feud entering WrestleMania.

Tag Team Titles: The Brand New Age Outlaws versus. The Usos

There isn’t any reason behind the Outlaws to get rid of the tag team titles following a title win which was under per month lengthy. It’s foolish to place the titles around the Usos here once they is deserving of that big moment at WrestleMania. That is why I’m thinking a DQ ending helps make the most sense here. Because the Outlaws aren’t the type of team that wrestles lengthy matches (they’re old), it’ll most likely get about 10 mins approximately. Save the title change for WrestleMania. Include other teams to really make it an elimination tag. That might be the best place for that tag title change.

Batista versus. Alberto Del Rio

It hasn’t been built well whatsoever. Batista didn’t even appear while watching fans a week ago on Raw. Did they believe he may get booed again? If that’s the case, turn the man heel. I loved their segment a few days when Batista put him with the table using the Powerbomb. The issue is that’s really all they’ve done previously month. Del Rio’s been a non-factor while he’s spoken trash and Batista hasn’t had sufficient time while watching crowd since he came back.

The conjecture appears pretty easy. Batista should win. Last year’s Rumble champion John Cena really lost at Elimination Chamber (inside a six man tag), however that would be a different situation than that one. I expect a dominant win by Batista inside a match which goes about ten minutes and ends having a Batista Explosive device. Greatest lock from the show, really.

The Wyatt Family versus. The Shield

Like the majority of wrestling fans, this can be a match I’m looking forward to. It’s been a lengthy time since WWE developed two stables simultaneously which were not just over, but able to use good matches consistently too. What’s been great concerning the build is they haven’t done tag matches opposite one another or singles matches or anything like this. There is that brawling segment to finish Raw, however it was just about ten seconds and labored meaning it left us viewers attempting to see more.

What’s going to likely happen is they’ll most likely get 15-twenty minutes for this because apart from the primary event there isn’t any other match around the card that’s likely to go that lengthy. When they have that enough time this may be among the finest six man matches the Shield has already established. It is also likely likely to be certainly one of their last six man matches because the split is inevitable now.

Because of the split from the Shield happening at any time, the smart pick may be the Wyatt Family. Rumors happen to be available for days that Bray Wyatt is facing John Cena at WrestleMania. Given that they had Wyatt cost Cena in the Royal Rumble, it sure appears likely this is where they’re going. It’s simple booking to wish to develop Bray for your match and also have him obtain the pin here. Within the situation from the Shield, a loss of revenue can lead to their split. Maybe Reigns accidentally hits the Spear on Ambrose plus they finish up fighting following the match. It might generate a triple threat at WrestleMania probably. There is a chance that Reigns could get the win here simply because they’re likely to push him hard this season, however the Wyatt win will work better in my experience.

Love this particular one. It may be the only real time we have seen this match. It’s likely to be fun to look at.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton versus. Cena versus. Daniel Bryan versus. Sheamus versus. Christian versus. Cesaro

You realize I will put “Winner: Randy Orton” if you were studying my Raw Deal column regularly because that’s been the conjecture because the match was announced. Will I like this decision? No, not necessarily. It sucks if they will proceed using the Batista versus. Randy Orton complement the concept that Batista is a few beloved babyface that fans wish to cheer for whether they have booed the man frequently. Pay attention to your fans, WWE!

What WWE must do is have some type of disputed finish that enables Daniel Bryan to be included to the WrestleMania 30 primary event. He deserves it and also the fans need it. The present story with Bryan is the fact that he’s fighting a constant fight against Kane, who’s essentially doing the dirty work of Triple H. This is actually the position these were doing with CM Punk as he left (remember Kane required him from the Rumble match) and merely replaced him with Bryan. For that reason, it appears like they’re going in direction of Bryan versus. Triple H at WrestleMania. I do not hate that match. I simply think the WWE Title match will get booed at WrestleMania and it is not something WWE must do.

John Cena will probably get obtained by the Wyatt Family. Since it’s a Chamber match, it’s difficult to do it directly although keep in mind that the doorways open when somebody is eliminated, so that’s the outlet to get it done. Cena could be within the final three, the Wyatt Family can attack, beat the hell from him, somebody can pin Cena and he’s from the match. He then procedes to get revenge against Bray at WrestleMania.

It will likely be interesting to determine how Cesaro is booked. He’s looked great within the buildup towards the match and that i wouldn’t be amazed if he was among the first two guys inside simply because they have a tendency to place the better workers at the start of the match. Fans are beginning to cheer him a great deal simply because they can easily see how great he’s. That Cesaro Swing is another babyface place at this time too. I do not see him reaching the ultimate 2 or 3, but he should have ample chances to shine.

Sheamus and Christian aren’t likely to factor in to the finish probably. Sheamus is a great worker which has a lot of familiar moves that fans respond to. He deserves to stay in a match such as this. Christian’s looked excellent since getting back from injuries. I’m glad he’s within this match too. He’ll be the first pinned, though.

The ultimate three will probably be Bryan, Cena and Orton. This is where I’d possess the Wyatt Family interfere. I do not like the thought of Bryan losing clean to Orton, however they may have Kane pummelled Bryan more prior to the match therefore the idea is he was not able to beat all of the outdoors forces to obtain the win.

When it comes to match quality, it ought to be among the best Elimination Chamber matches ever. Bryan’s the very best worker in the organization while Cesaro is most likely within the top 5. Include Cena, Orton, Christian and Sheamus, all whom are extremely able to getting great matches and you’ve got an excellent mixture of talent inside. It ought to be an incredible match that will get 30-40 minutes and hopefully provides some memorable moments on the way.

My hope is the fact that Daniel Bryan wins. You can still perform the triple threat at WrestleMania 30 with Orton getting his rematch and Batista getting his title shot. Around I’d love that, I do not think it’s going to take place. I’m picking Orton.

Final Ideas

The caliber of the show depends upon just how the 2 big matches are (Elimination Chamber and Shield/Wyatt Family). I do not expect the matches obtain much time in order to really stick out. Not one of them seem to be that bad, but they’re also likely to be shorter matches too. When the primary event along with the six man tag are fantastic then your show is going to be too. Individuals matches will make it.

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