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Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2010

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2010

Extreme Rules (2010) was a PPV presented by KFC, which took place on April 25, 2010 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. It was the second event promoted under the Extreme Rules name. There were eight matches scheduled on the event’s card, all of which featured an ‘extreme’ stipulation, with no regular singles matches on the card. The main event was a Last Man Standing match between WWE Champion John Cena and Batista. The World Heavyweight Championship was defended by Jack Swagger against Randy Orton in an Extreme Rules match. Edge fought Jericho in a Steel Cage, Sheamus challenged Triple H to a street fight, CM Punk fought Rey Mysterio in a Hair Match, and a Gauntlet match took place for a shot at a Tag Team Title match.

This short article explains my predictions about how the show will pan out. I give my estimation on which the end result of every match ought to be, in no particular order, and explain why Personally i think this way.

WWE Women’s Championship match: Michelle McCool versus Janet Phoenix (Extreme Makeover match)

I’m not sure what the heck this match is going to be like. What is the “extreme makeover?” I honestly do not get why they did not simply make this an “I Quit” match, because everyone knows that Janet and Michelle could go all the way if booked for your kind of match. I expect this match to be really short (maybe five to six minutes), however i anticipate seeing Janet win here. Regardless of how stupidly the match goes, because Janet continues to be loyal for quite a while now and she or he deserves to obtain the strap back, she ought to be booked to win. Plus, it might only solidify her face turn much more.

Strap match: Shad Gaspard versus JTG

Both of these must have never been separated to begin with, however i guess WWE didn’t have intentions of allowing them to win tag team gold, so splitting them up was all they might consider. I honestly don’t care who wins, however i believe that WWE would clearly push the larger guy. When wrestling, talent is not the primary issue, in order to see Shad easily demolishing JTG and obtaining a decisive victory while searching quite strong within the finish.

CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio: If Punk loses, his mind will get shaved

I have to admit the storytelling, wrestling, promos, and crowd result of this feud have stored me excited since the first day. Punk has ascended to new heights together with his ”Straight Edged Savior” gimmick and that he is becoming among the best damn heels in pro wrestling today. However, Personally i think this feud is a bit one-sided because the start. Punk continues to be booked to appear very weak against Rey within the ring which really burns me up. Punk should win regardless of what although I doubt he’ll win cleanly, he still deserves to talk about Rey effortlessly in the end the jobbing he’s done in the last couple of days.

Triple H versus Sheamus: Street Fight match

Lots of you will possibly not accept me, however i really find this feud very entertaining. The promos happen to be nothing, but on point between both men. All of them have experienced an opportunity to look dominant within the other because the feud began. I do not care the amount of a Triple H is, if they would like to make Sheamus seem like a reputable threat, they need to result in the feud look balanced. Getting Sheamus lose two times consecutively will make him look very weak and would certainly kill any belief I ever endured in him like a permanent primary-event player later on.

World Heavyweight Championship match: Jack Swagger versus Randy Orton (Extreme Rules match)

To begin with, I believe this feud is not developed perfectly. I simply feel it had become come up with to help push Randy’s face turn, while giving Jack just a little chafe Randy to create him seem like a powerful and credible champion. Two matches, a couple of attacks in some places, but no promo time directly backward and forward and that’s my primary trouble with this feud (if you’re able to refer to it as that). I understand that WWE is attempting to push Orton like a face, but getting him go ahead and take title from Swagger so prematurely neither is sensible nor does Jack any favors, either. And So I would anticipate seeing Swagger winning his title regardless of what, even when there’s interference.

Edge versus Chris Jericho: Steel Cage match

Now this can be a feud that’s been great. There’s been lots of mic time between both men and they’ve placed on only stellar matches between one another. I honestly believe that WWE must have permit this to feud be in line with the World Title though. Much like Wrestlemania and Smackdown!, I anticipate seeing only the very best between both of these. Edge has yet to win a match which has intending to it, and so i see Edge obtaining the win come this Sunday.

WWE Championship match: John Cena versus Batista (last man standing match)

I’m able to honestly state that the only method Cena and Batista may have a good match happens when you will find rules as well as in this situation, there isn’t any rules. Their match at Wrestlemania was phenomenal, however i aren’t seeing them which makes it two consecutively, that’s simply not something I believe John and Batista can perform. I actually do, however, anticipate seeing ”SUPERMAN” prevail once more and review Batista since i aren’t seeing WWE using the title business top cash cow so rapidly.

I do not believe that the 2010 Extreme Rules will improve than previous ones, however with guys like Edge, Randy, Y2J and Punk in matches, it may certainly compare.

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