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Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013

After a shocking ambush, WWE Champion John Cena finds himself, for the first time, staring into the merciless eyes of Ryback. With his health in question, can Cena avoid succumbing to a 10-count at the hands of one of WWE’s most dominant Superstars? Triple H and “The Beast” Brock Lesnar bring their rage inside the cage for a deeply personal tiebreaker that can only serve to intensify their bitter rivalry. Plus, The Shield, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, and the rest of the WWE Superstars step up to throw down in the one night where the only rules are Extreme Rules! All the action this year comes from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

This is the very first pay-per-view even because this year’s record-breaking WrestleMania, where we observed John Cena defeat The Rock to capture the WWE Championship although The Undertaker extended his legendary streak to 21- after completing CM Punk.

With more than per month of action-packed Raw’s and Smackdown’s we finally possess a decent platform to operate off, because the event happening this Sunday has some brilliant matches displayed for that fans to savor.

But who’ll prevail? Of course, the WWE is unpredictable many things can happen.

Will John Cena have the ability to retain the monster that’s Ryback and retain his WWE Championship? Will The SHIELD all go out with championship belts around their waists? And may Triple H finally put an finish towards the beat that’s Brock Lesnar?

Let’s have a look:

YouTube Pre-Show: Cody Rhodes versus The Miz

Possibly probably the most odd match happening around the night, on the other hand there’s grounds we don’t need to pay money to look at this match as it will likely be open to you survive YouTube prior to the actual event begins. The Miz taken the U . s . States Championship after defeating England’s Wade Barrett, simply to lose it to him the following night, and also, since he then is not as relevant because he and the fans might have wished.

Exactly the same could be stated about Cody Rhodes, as he is by using Damien Sandow included in Team Rhodes Scholars, he looks much better because he has got the charismatic Sandow to lean of for further support.

In the minute, I’d state that the face area run for that Miz isn’t working in addition to WWE creative authors might have wished although I doubt the WWE want a heel to win the outlet match making the fans particularly the children upset.

Singles Match: Chris Jericho versus Fandango

The recognition has soared over the top for Fandango, many doubted his dancing gimmick within the build-as much as his debut, but he’s were able to make an impression on a lot of fans. So much in fact, that his theme song even arrived at #11 within the United kingdom charts, simply to settle at #44. Nonetheless Fandango is extremely charismatic so that as a superstar generally many realize that he is able to really accomplish any gimmick, and to date it’s searching good.

His feud with Chris Jericho has witnessed dance-offs or even a match in the grandest stage of all of them where Fandango introduced themself around the world following this massive debut victory. With the much momentum heading into Extreme Rules with Chris Jericho’s knack of letting the more youthful talent break with the ranks, I do not check this out going every other way. You might also need to think about it that Chris might also try taking some additional time off and away to tour together with his band Fozzy, plus with Vince McMahon extremely high on Fandango, a loss of revenue just doesn’t appear as an choice for him.

Extreme Rules Match: The Large Show versus Randy Orton

The Large Show can’t be reliable, as Randy Orton and Sheamus discovered at WrestleMania once the Big Show knocked both of them out following the SHIELD got their big victory. Randy Orton and Sheamus did get some kind of revenge around the Big Show once they defeated him in 2 handicap matches, however Sheamus’ attention was diverted to a different monster.

There’s no hiding the truth that Randy Orton is frustrated about not because of the eco-friendly light to show heel, his preferred option. To tell the truth, nearly every single fan prefers him like a heel while he is just so good. I expect Randy Orton to win this match mainly since it would improve Orton’s stature like a face, and gradually but surely just as he is the greatest face he is able to be expect a heel turn. But at Extreme Rules, I’m going to have an Orton win after an RKO.

Strap Match: Mark Henry versus Sheamus

Mark Henry selected up a mammoth victory over Ryback at WrestleMania, and subsequently night he unsuccessfully challenged John Cena for that WWE Championship. Since that night, Ryback has firmly established themself because the #w contender to Cena’s WWE Championship, while Sheamus was the main one feeling the wrath from the World’s Most powerful Man.

Both guys have gone backwards and forwards during the period of the past few days, where we view a tug-of-war as well as an arm wrestle, both occasions Sheamus hit cheap shots adopted with a Brogue Kick onto Henry. But many lately we had Mark Henry whip Sheamus’ back having a belt which looked as though it did cause some harm. Their match at Extreme Rules has become a strap match, but Mark Henry can get the victory via pin-fall, because the WWE will appear to construct him support because the ultimate monster, and challenging John Cena for that strap lower the road.

WWE Tag Team Titles – Tornado Tag: Team Hell No! [Daniel Bryan and Kane] versus The SHIELD [Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns]

The SHIELD may be probably the most exciting factor which has became of the WWE recently, their group is unorthodox as unlike previous stables, The SHIELD doesn’t have leader, they all are equals and fighting for just one cause, they’re a shield against all injustice within the WWE, and today it appears as though they’re finally obtaining the push they deserve.

Since their introduction within the 2012 Survivor Series, The SHIELD is becoming probably the most formidable teams in the recent past. They’ve steamrolled past the kind of John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus Ryback so we cannot your investment Rock their shot in the tag team titles couldn’t came sooner. The truth that they’re technically unbeaten within the ring can give them a small advantage in fans eyes, including myself I believe Team Hell No’s reign as Tag Team Champions can come for an finish as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will get together to make certain all of us start to have confidence in The SHIELD.

WWE U . s . States Championship: Kofi Kingston versus Dean Ambrose

With Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns dealing with Team Hell No, that leaves only Dean Ambrose and just what an opportunity he needs to make his mark within the WWE. There is no secrete that Dean Ambrose is easily the most charismatic from the trio, and certainly the very best around the microphone, so rightfully he ought to be the one that applies to the U . s . States Champion.

Similar to the SHIELD, Ambrose is unbeaten included in the stable and when again I do not think that he’ll be losing this match, Kofi taken the U . s . States Champion off Antonio Cesaro however his reign as champion is going to be short-resided. When I have pointed out, the time of the SHIELD has started and it’ll continue by Dean Ambrose using the U . s . States Championship.

#1 Contender’s I Quit Match: Alberto Del Rio versus Jack Swagger

Around the night after WrestleMania Dolph Ziggler shocked the planet by making money his money staying with you briefcase and pinning Alberto Del Rio to become topped the ” new world ” Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger ongoing to hamper Del Rio’s challenges for any rematch and Booker T opted to really make it a triple threat match at Extreme Rules, where Alberto Del Rio selected the ladder match like a stipulation.

Regrettably for all of us fans, there won’t be any Dolph Ziggler around the corner, he received a concussion after Jack Swagger had hit him having a ladder, and also the doctor’s haven’t removed him to compete, particularly in a ladder match. Rather we will need to get by with another match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, a WrestleMania 29 rematch however this amount of time in an I Quit match. This match could really go in either case with respect to the direction the authors want to get in, if Del Rio wins then it will likely be the normal heel versus face feud, but when Swagger wins they will both remain heels however the fans really love Ziggler heel or face and also the history these two have may also come up. Though Jack Swagger’s arrest before WrestleMania, I doubt they’ll allow him to challenge Ziggler for that Championship.

Steel Cage Match: Brock Lesnar versus Triple H

SummerSlam 2012 saw Brock Lesnar defeat Triple H and lots of asked if the Game would go back to compete, he did return and got Brock Lesnar in to the ring at WrestleMania 29 just for Lesnar and the manager Paul Heyman to control the stipulations and set Triple H’s career at risk within their no holds barred match.

Triple H won that match and thought he was free of Brock Lesnar it’s never that simple with Lesnar. Using the score levelled at 1-1 Paul Heyman issued the last challenge to Triple H, at Extreme Rules he or she must undertake Brock Lesnar, in the steel cage. Triple H recognized and in the last couple of days on Monday Night Raw we view altercations between Paul Heyman and Triple H, in addition to Heyman and Lesnar visiting his office and trashing all things in it. Earlier this week we finally reached see Brock Lesnar show up on Raw, because he and Triple H battled it with Triple H obtaining the upper hands. With Lesnar restricted to numerous appearances, I doubt he may wish to lose two matches consecutively, and he’ll be handed this win.

WWE Championship – Last Man Standing Match: John Cena versus Ryback

This past year wasn’t the following of years for John Cena, his personal existence was in media and that he wasn’t as great within the ring, beginning having a confidence-killing loss towards the Rock at WrestleMania 28, falling victim to a lot of attacks in the SHIELD and never managing to money in his Money staying with you briefcase against CM Punk, the very first person ever to fail he finally got his redemption after he won the Royal Rumble in The month of january, and beat The Rock within their rematch annually once they battled it the very first time.

John Cena faces among the greatest tests of his existence because he will require on Ryback, who look unstoppable. Ryback attacked John Cena after he defeated Mark Henry the night time after WrestleMania and that he made his intentions obvious, he wants the WWE Championship. With Ryback finally getting his wish he and Cena traded blows for several days but it’ll come lower for this Sunday, where just one man is going to be left standing. It can, is really a difficult option to make, I do not think they’d want John Cena to appear so unconvincing by losing his WWE Championship so rapidly, and that i don’t think they need Ryback to get rid of to John Cena either. I’m saying this is a strange finish, which will finish as a draw leading to John Cena retaining his WWE Championship

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