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Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2014

When playing by the rules gets you nowhere, it’s time to get extreme! Don’t miss WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan when he defends his title against Kane in an Extreme Rules Match, John Cena battles Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage and Evolution reunites to challenge The Shield in a Six Man Tag Match at WWE Extreme Rules, Sunday, May 4th at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship [Extreme Rules Match]: Daniel Bryan (c) versus. Kane

Kane is given to Daniel Bryan to have an easy victory, half because everybody knows he’d retain and half since it opens the way in which for Evolution versus The Shield. What is a shame is this fact is yet another no-DQ complement the stupid “Extreme Rules match” name. If you have adopted this website for some time, you need to know right now just how much I personally don’t like might wish they’d stop getting 100 different names for the similar “no disqualification” stipulation. Ugh. That match continues to be okay theoretically for any stipulation, however the title is simply a pain. Could it be probably the most sensational and exciting match possible? Not a chance. But it is very flexible, that is good, and it is certainly more thrilling than the usual Last Man Standing match or something like that. Also, it can make absolute sense in damn near every way possible. It’s precisely the move which i would do basically were on WWE’s creative team. Hopefully, both of these may have a good match from it too.

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Steel Cage Match Cena versus Wyatt

[Steel Cage Match] John Cena versus. Bray Wyatt

A steel cage match is sensible, although it is not precisely the most enjoyable match these two might have between one another. Something in which the weapons are really involved might have brought to some better outcome, and Hopefully they do not think back and find out this switched out is the same quality or worse than their WrestleMania encounter. Clearly, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are likely to finish up playing a component within the match regardless of this cage. It always happens. Here’s wishing Wyatt wins and does not seem like a chump along the way.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Pay-Per-View Divas Title Match

Divas Championship: Paige (c) versus. Tamina Snuka

Tamina won a #1 contender’s match to obtain a shot in the title, however that victory will finish up being pointless through the finish of maximum Rules. There is no way Paige drops the title here, because it would kill her credibility right from the bat. Paige could get her ass handed to her by Tamina, or this might finish up as being a more even match than I am expecting. Through the finish from it, though, Paige will go out using the title, be it from her Paige Turner, Scorpion Mix Lock, or simply an easy roll-up.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 PPV Alexander Rusev Handicap Match Xavier Forest R-Truth

Handicap Match: Alexander Rusev versus. R-Truth & Xavier Forest

This can do nothing at all for Rusev and hurt Xavier Forest, that has done nothing to date generally. I do not really get why WWE is bothering to get this done match, because it means another thing that’s more deserving won’t finish up having the ability to fit around the card.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Not So Good News Barrett defeats Big E pay-per-view

Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) versus. Not So Good News Barrett

I am betting my chips on Not So Good News Barrett winning the Intercontinental Championship #1 contender’s tournament. While there is a chance that could visit Cesaro, I believe there’s incomplete business with him and Jack Swagger (see below) that we’ll see rather. Be it Barrett or Cesaro, though, Big E is most likely likely to lose. Certainly, he’s much more of an opportunity of shedding it to Cesaro than Barrett, but against Barrett, Big E isn’t who I am likely to assume is going to be victorious.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 PPV Pre-Show Match Hornswoggle versus El Torito

[Pre-Show] WeeLC Match: El Torito versus. Hornswoggle


Take advantage of Van Dam versus. Cesaro versus. Jack Swagger Extreme Rules 2014 Results

Cesaro versus. Take advantage of Vam Dam versus. Jack Swagger

I believe I’d have held off around the RVD inclusion and done a singles match between Swagger and Cesaro-which is not because I am and not the greatest RVD fan. That’s just something I’d did to assist pad things out and provide Swagger and Cesaro a much better finish for their feud. Getting RVD involved dilutes it an excessive amount of in my tastes. While RVD will come out on the top here, Cesaro is certainly the favourite. Poor Jack Swagger has simply no chance whatsoever in winning. He’s using the fall some way and RVD continuously feud with Cesaro probably afterward, while Swagger will undoubtedly be pressed aside and forgotten (and hopefully obtain a new tag team partner).

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