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Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2019

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2019

Extreme Rules 2019 is an upcoming professional wrestling pay-per-view and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their Raw and SmackDown brands. It will take place on July 14, 2019 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It will be the eleventh event under the Extreme Rules chronology.

The heavens of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live prepare to throw caution towards the wind with WWE’s latest installment of the annual midyear slugfest. Ironically, the show hails from the birthplace of hardcore and also the House that Heyman Built…Philadelphia, PA!!

Extreme Rules featured a couple of potential match-of-the-year candidates, multiple titles at risk, and also the return of the legend and guaranteed future Hall of Famer. In addition the show’s primary event is really a mixed tag team match by which (in ABBA singing voice) “the winners go aaallllll !!!” Please forgive the cheesy ‘70s pop music reference and let’s reach it….

No Holds Barred: Roman Reigns & The Undertaker versus. Geebet McMahon & Came McIntyre

Reigns and McIntyre, unsurprisingly, transported the majority of the load for his or her teams through the match. But all hell broke loose in no time once the no count out and DQ stipulations happened. Steel chairs were introduced, along with the interference of the guitar-wielding Elias. Roman was momentarily eliminated through the Drifter who laid him by helping cover their a six-string shot. That permitted the heels to gang on the Deadman, and Geebet O’Mac delivered his patented flying elbow drop with the outdoors commentary table.

Following the self-announced “Best within the World” nailed Taker having a Coast to Coast filled with rubbish bin, The Large Dog mounted a large-time comeback. Superman punches brought to Undertaker recovering enough to put them out with chokeslams, and Geebet was soon alone within the ring together with his opponents. McIntyre attempted in order to save his boss if you take the Deadman on the grocery shopping to Claymore & Flanigan, but got intercepted having a spear from Reigns. Rather, Geebet will get come to Tombstone City, and that’s all she authored.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Undertaker

Raw Tag Team Titles: The Revival (c) versus. The Usos

Both great teams doing their usual factor throughout a lot of the contest. In a single particularly significant place, Dawson and Wilder started that old school tandem finisher from the superplex and flying body press combination. Wrestling nerds like myself immediately recognized it as being that old finisher of Power & Glory (also known as Hercules and Paul Roma). Don’t judge me.

The finish from the match featured Jimmy and Jey hitting their stereo superkicks and top rope splashes, only to achieve the pin damaged up. Right after, the Usos were stop through the champs from delivering their synchronised dives towards the outdoors. The Revival got top of the hands immediately hitting their devastatingly awesome Shatter Machine to support the belts.

Winners but still champions: The Revival

Aleister Black versus. Cesaro

Both of these no-nonsense European grapplers might have been a final-minute accessory for the selection, but that didn’t prevent them from putting all of those other card on notice by having an excellent, hard-hitting contest. Early strikes and chain wrestling led to the Swiss Cyborg mocking his opponent’s meditative sitdown. The large spots soon came fast and furious, however. Black hit an attractive moonsault towards the outdoors, but fell victim to some Cesaro springboard uppercut upon reentering the ring.

A couple of great reversals incorporated Cesaro catching Aleister’s flying meteora, making it a brutal pop-up uppercut. The Nederlander Destroyer responded having a nasty knee strike to prevent Cesaro from the midair attack. Black labored on his opponent’s legs with stiff kicks, in addition to a scissor takedown right into a kneebar/leglock submission. The Swiss Superman reversed the hold right into a sharpshooter, but seemed to be unsuccessful to get a tapout. The match’s conclusion would be a standing strikefest of kicks versus. uppercuts with lots of dodges and blocks, almost MMA style. However it was the medieval Dutchman who arrived a vicious Black Mass to secure the victory. Match from the night to date!

Champion: Aleister Black

2-on-1 Handicap Match for that Smackdown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) versus. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Mix

A lot of the match had the Hugger attempting to overcome the chances, mostly with no success. One awesome place featured Little Miss Bliss trapping Bayley within the ring apron sleeve to become easily pummeled. An homage towards the veteran Dave “Fit” Finley, who presently works backstage like a road agent and match booker for that women’s division For your information. But returning to business, the champion was continuously double teamed through the Goddess and her newest BFF.

Bayley soon retaliated against her opponents, putting Bliss within an Indian deathlock variation and locking Nikki inside a crossface submission concurrently! The challengers easily required back control, and Alexa attempted to complete from the champion with Twisted Bliss. Knees up counter by Bayley left it between just her and also the rabid Scotswoman, who then fell victim for an offensive knee strike and top rope elbow for that pinfall. Plenty o’ hugs for everybody tonight as Bayley celebrates her huge win!

Champion but still champion: Bayley

Last Man Standing Match: Braun Strowman versus. Bobby Lashley

As you’d expect, both of these bohemoths stored the match in a lumbering pace because they fought against through the arena for the majority of the match. While going to the concession stand, Braun really suplexed Lashley into among the soda vending machines before shedding him straight on the ground! Nasty landing. Making their long ago with the crowd, the Dominator retaliated huge having a pickup running gore on Strowman with the barricade back to ringside.

Like King Kong and Godzilla before them, the 2 monsters soon rampaged on the worldwide scale because they battled with the row of worldwide broadcast booths. And also the match’s finish might easily have created a remark of “Oh my God” in twelve-plus different languages. A running powerslam from Braun off a platform put both gladiators right into a pile of blocked-off debris. The Monster Among Men meets his name by breaking lower a wall, answering the ref’s 10 count, and to be the last man standing.

Champion: Braun Strowman

Triple Threat Match for that Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c) versus. New Day versus. Heavy Machinery

It’s a fight of pancakes versus. steaks versus. soy patties within this one, as all six men lay into one another early and frequently. Otis and Tucker, the most recent kids on the market, required control in the finish to unload the heavy…well, ya know. A caterpillar from Otis required out Bryan, just for Rowan to help make the save. Xavier was barely capable of making the save themself after Big E got squashed through the Compactor. However, the requisite Tower of Disaster place eliminated everybody involved momentarily.

Rowan obliterated Forest around the outdoors, which permitted D-Bry to land a high rope headbutt on E adopted through the Lebell Lock. The Planet’s Champion transitioned into multiple submission to pressure the tapout, but Big E held on. Then he showcased his crazy strength and caught Bryan in midair from the moonsault attempt. Xavier was there and able to assist in the proverbial Night time Hour to obtain the win. The Unicorn Posse are 6-time champs!!!!!!

Winners and new champions: The Brand New Day

U . s . States Championship: Ricochet (c) versus. AJ Styles

The possibility match from the night began served by the Club attacking Ricochet throughout his in-ring entrance theatrics. Regardless of the early advantage for Styles, the match being as both men went move-for-move and stored a quick pace. The Main One & Only hit his patented running shooting star press from the apron, and then required out Gallows and Anderson having a beautiful Foxbury Flop-ant plancha towards the outdoors.

For the finish. a tough enziguri through the champion was trumped with a.J.’s trademark Pele kick. The Outstanding Forearm was prevented by Ricochet, who then nearly got the win having a Codebreaker and breathtaking springboard shooting star combo. Styles saved themself having a feet around the rope, and shortly after crotched Ric on top turnbuckle. A brutal-searching reverse Styles Clash from the second rope was the coup de elegance, along with a.J. wins the title. Excellent match, however i might have loved it to possess received another a few minutes approximately. However, I certainly smell a Summerslam rematch brewing, so sign me up!

Champion and new champion: A.J. Styles

Kevin Owens versus. Dolph Ziggler

Last-minute impromptu match was over before it ever even began. A slap over the face from Ziggs immediately led to a KO stunner for that fast and simple pin. Publish match, Owens continues another pipebomb-esque rant about in ring talent being underutilized, and just how Geebet McMahon is destroying the merchandise and requires disappear (to place it nicely). The Philly crowd raucously voiced their approval as Kevin Kayfabe dropped the mic and exited the ring.

Champion: Kevin Owens

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) versus. Samoa Joe

The champion is once more the underdog towards the Samoan Submission Machine because he attempts to keep his magical primary event ride going. The bigger Joe takes control in early stages with hard strikes and power moves in early stages. Kofi’s comeback attempts are rapidly stopped through the challenger, who viciously employs and enjoys bending his opponents braches and joints. Particularly cringe-inducing was Joe stomping on Kofi’s fingers after trapping them between your steel steps. Ouch.

The malicious Joe spends the following couple of minutes toying with Kofi and gradually putting on him lower. The center from the champion wouldn’t die, as Kofi retaliates using his quickness and resiliency, along with a well-timed SOS for any near fall. Joe soon trapped his opponent inside a standing Coquina Clutch but tend to not bring him lower towards the pad. A Kofi reversal brought to some surprise Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere, and also the Cinderella story continues!

Champion but still champion: Kofi Kingston

Mixed Tag Team Match for that Universal and Raw Women’s Titles (Champion Take All): Seth Rollins (c) & Becky Lynch (c) versus. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans

It’s worth mentioning the coolest couple in WWE used matching black and yellow X-Men movie-inspired gear towards the ring. Another reason behind us wrestling fanboys to worship in their ft. But anyway…

Steel chairs and kendo sticks happened in early stages with Corbin lounging some stiff shots into Rollins. After countering by tossing Baron right into a chair wedged within the corner, Seth helps make the tag to Becky. The Person revealed on Lacey with a few brutal spots relating to the chairs: a Bexploder suplex onto a stack of these, in addition to a second rope legdrop with one on her behalf face (the second which busted open Lacey’s lip).

The champs double teamed Corbin having a VanDaminator type place with him crotched on top rope. However the Sassy Southern Belle nearly got the win herself having a beautiful springboard reverse moonsault. The challengers then required turns whacking the Architect on the floor with kendo sticks, after which grown both champions with vicious chokeslams.

The violence ongoing with #Brollins suplexing the heels to the steel aisle ramp. Then they channeled their inner Dudley by breaking out some tables, and unleashing diving moves for them around the outdoors (Becky having a legdrop Seth having a frogsplash). The boys returned towards the ring, where Corbin switched a curbstomp attempt right into a powerbomb/Deep Six combo.

Becky saved her man from getting pinned, but received an Finish of Days in reaction, which came massive heat from both crowd along with the commentary team. An incensed Rollins goes ballistic around the former Lone Wolf with multiple chair shots, but his bloodlust wasn’t yet satisfied. After three successive Curb Stomps, Seth finally made the coverage to retain both his and Becky’s titles. Wild primary event, far better than expected.

Winners but still champions: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

Before he may even check up on his lady laying around the outdoors, the familiarly haunting music from the Animal Incarnate hit the loudspeakers. Brock Lesnar, with Paul Heyman and the speakerbox briefcase with you, billed the ring to fight the worn-out and wounded Rollins. Soon after nasty-searching throws and suplexs, Heyman did the inevitable and cashed in…

Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) versus. Brock Lesnar

Pretty elementary at this time as you F-5 later, the red-strap belt turns into a part-time title all over again. Ugh.

Champion and new champion: Brock Lesnar

Extreme Rules would be a fairly decent show, using the primary event surprising me first and foremost with a few great spots and moments. The recognition of Rollins and Lynch can’t ever be denied. Black/Cesaro was an incredible little contest, as was Ricochet/Styles, however i selfishly wanted each to visit longer. The U.S. title feud will likely still Summerslam, which I know we’re all greater than okay with.

The direction of Kevin Owens really interests me, as I’m curious how lengthy the E will continuously explain their flaws by themselves programming. The brand new champions being topped offered some surprises, however the return from the barely-there Animal stated all over again that cash staying with you must have been won by McIntyre. Hopefully now, a minimum of, the Scottish Psychopath stop being Shane’s lackey and lastly ascend to being among the company’s top heels. Their very own form of Fight Night in Philly was much better than expected

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2019


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