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Watch WWE Fastlane 2015

Watch WWE Fastlane 2015

WWE Fastlane was a PPV held 22 February 2015.

WWE’s Fastlane pay-per-view will occur on Feb 22, 2015 in the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

WWE Fast Lane 2015 Rusev versus John Cena

[WWE U . s . States Championship]: Rusev versus. John Cena

Ooooh man….this may be bad. I’m not sure what WWE is planning here, but I can tell a lot of ways in which this can lead to disaster. Rusev needs to beat Cena and lose to a person worth a damn at WrestleMania who isn’t John Cena. I do not visit a reason behind The Rock to manage him, either, so before you decide to jump to that particular, would you want to determine all this build for Rusev you need to be wasted around the Rock? As this is for that title, it’s another reason I can not imagine Cena would come forth with a pinfall or submission victory. Still, I do not think WWE has got the right mentality with regards to people being too large for any title. If Cena would win the U . s . States Championship, that wouldn’t all of a sudden make Cena seem like a jobber-it might only boost the need for the title which help whoever would defeat him for this lower the road.

Nikki Bella defeats Paige at Fast Lane 2015 Divas Title Match

[WWE Divas Championship]: Nikki Bella (c) versus. Paige

Paige is the perfect path to go than Natalya at this time, but Paige is probably leaving because the loser within this match. I simply cannot imagine Paige holding the title entering WrestleMania and getting any possible match be preferable than Brie Bella versus Nikki Bella.

WWE Fast Lane 2015 Daniel Bryan versus Roman Reigns title match

[WWE World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match]: Roman Reigns versus. Daniel Bryan

I am reluctant to believe this will all exercise within the finish for WrestleMania. Turning Reigns heel is really a mistake and including Bryan within this feud is simply forcing that to gradually happen. There is no way he will get cheered within the championship match if Bryan is involved and anybody who defeats Lesnar winds up not receiving because a rub when compared with when they beat him one-on-one, fair and square.

Roman Reigns wins, retaining his status because the #1 contender, unless of course WWE has caved in and will also be doing some kind of messed up draw ending and including Bryan within the WrestleMania match.

WWE Fast Lane 2015 PPV Not So Good News Barrett versus Dean Ambrose

[WWE Intercontinental Championship]: Not So Good News Barrett (c) versus. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose is appropriate in a perfect Intercontinental Championship level at this time, however it is not his time for you to win. Regrettably, after losing every match for any lengthy, lengthy time, I can not imagine him using the title here. I additionally don’t believe we’ll visit a rematch between both of these at WrestleMania, because it wouldn’t make much sense to do this much stuff at Fastlane which will happen the following month at this event. WWE can not be that stupid, would they?.

WWE Fastlane 2015 PPV Tag Team Titles Brass Ring Club versus Usos

[WWE Tag Team Championship]: The Usos (c) versus. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

At this time, I’m not sure if WWE would like to push The Ascension towards the tag titles at WrestleMania or maybe they’ll to put it simply them facing a nostalgic tag team such as the Dudley Boyz. If Konnor and Viktor win the titles at WrestleMania, then I can tell Kidd and Cesaro failing to do this only at that event. When The Ascension will wrestle another match, then this is often another thing entirely. Some way, both of these teams are feuding, so it seems sensible for WWE to possess a tag team match at Fastlane together using the title at risk..

Cody Rhodes versus. Dustin Rhodes

Thinking about how John Cena and Rusev will most likely possess a rematch at WrestleMania and there is a chance Barrett and Ambrose will in addition to this match, this pay-per-view could contain only terrible non-endings to stall. It will work better in my experience for Goldust’s last match to become at WrestleMania instead of Fastlane, particularly because the build for this has not quite hit its stride yet. Personally, I believe getting any match at Fastlane which will also happen at WrestleMania is really a mistake regardless of what everything is. I simply hope WWE does not screw some misconception, and Hopefully both of these possess a Backlot Brawl at WrestleMania.

[Six Man Tag Team Match]: Seth Rollins, Kane and large Show versus. Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan

Well, it was among the matches I figured happens at WrestleMania, now I am unsure what’s happening there. I still think we may see Randy Orton go back to interfere and price Rollins the match, however that you have a possibility Sheamus could return and do this to Daniel Bryan, I am beginning to consider Orton’s return might come at Raw rather. The Authority could easily win here, simply to give a boost to Rollins. Or, Big Show can fully switch on Kane and price his team the match. It does not really matter, so I am just choosing the babyfaces.

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