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Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2010

Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2010

Hell in a Cell (2010) was a PPV that took place on October 3, 2010 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. It was the second annual Hell in a Cell event. Like the 2009 event, the event featured the Hell in a Cell match. The main event featured Kane defending the World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. Randy Orton also had to defend his title, the WWE Championship, in a Hell in a Cell against Sheamus. In a special stipulation match, Wade Barrett fought John Cena with the caveat that Cena would join the Nexus if he lost and The Nexus would disband if Barrett lost. Daniel Bryan defended the US Championship in a triple threat submissions count anywhere match against The Miz and John Morrison.

This past year, Hell in a Cell grew to become a pay-per-view and wasn’t exactly banging on all cylinders. This season around, it does not seem like it’ll have the ability to take out all of the stops either. That being stated, naturally, almost always there is the chance that they prove me wrong, so we’ll see.

WWE Championship [Hell in a Cell Match]: Randy Orton (c) versus. Sheamus

I believe it is a victorious one to state that Randy Orton will support the title against Sheamus. Now, that does not exclude the chance that the Miz will money in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat Randy Orton following the Hell in a Cell match. I do not always believe that may happen, but I’ll let you know what…with Miz losing the united states title, the HIAC as being a brutal match that leads to picking off a champion, and Orton certainly not ongoing a Sheamus feud following this ppv, the Miz could definitely be his next feud which would start the entire factor in an instant. In either case, Randy Orton walks using this complement the title.

World Heavyweight Championship [Hell in a Cell Match]: Kane (c) versus. The Undertaker

This feud requires a big advance using the reappearance of Paul Bearer cheap Kane/Taker initially began in the first Hell in a Cell, strangely enough 13 years back almost towards the day. I believe I am not by yourself within expecting the Undertaker to win the title here. I would not be amazed whatsoever to determine them possess a third match, with Kane pulling his rematch clause to face Taker at Bragging Legal rights, possibly inside a casket match. In either case, this ought to be an excellent match and Taker may come out on the top. The only factor this feud is missing is perfect for Kane to place back on his mask…however i don’t believe they will be doing that.

John Cena versus. Wade Barrett [Stipulation: If Cena wins, Nexus disbands. If Barrett wins, Cena joins Nexus]

I do not really expect John Cena to get rid of to Wade Barrett because of the stipulation involved and just how apparently, Nexus is not permitted to interfere. If Wade’s loss wasn’t met using the finish of Nexus (or maybe this were previously within the Nexus’s history) then I’d think Cena has an opportunity of losing, however it has been lengthy enough the Nexus could finish and be happy with it all. I simply hope that Justin Gabriel does not explore the shuffle when i think he provides extensive potential. Slater, Tarver, and Otunga (whom I had been quite keen on but has shown themself not able to enhance) all can go so far as I am concerned, but Gabriel and Barrett have to stay. That being stated, the following pay-per-view is Bragging Legal rights and right afterward is Survivor Series. Both of them are built around tag team units. For that reason, there’s an opportunity that Cena does lose, but simply keeps screwing the Nexus from stuff from inside-out. Hopefully is not the situation, though, as we have already had multiple “for good, the Nexus has ended with” stuff, so we certainly have no need for 2 more several weeks from it with tag matches. Which reminds me, wasn’t there said to be some kind of greater plan? Yeah they dropped that aspect after they recognized they was clueless that how to proceed. Thumbs up, Creative.

U . s . States Championship [Submissions Count Anywhere]: Daniel Bryan (c) versus. The Miz versus. John Morrison

I am a little wondering why they put Morrison into this feud, but I am presuming the stipulation is made exclusively around him doing a bit of crazy stunt backstage. They have been showing the parkour stuff lately, and so i guess we’ll see something similar to Morrison jump off something and miss, putting themself from the match, or Miz trying to behave and failing. It’s too soon for Bryan to get rid of the title and that i don’t believe Morrison is going to be turning heel, so I am presuming this just winds up with Bryan retaining and getting to feud with another person entirely.

Unified Divas Championship: Michelle McCool (c) versus. Natalya

Lay-Awesome is not likely to lose the title(s) yet…especially to Natalya, who has not been developed whatsoever. I have no idea why they weren’t giving Natalya any real chance within the divas division since her original debut, however with her history, they will be ongoing to shaft her (and never in the same manner Tyson Kidd does, should you catch my drift).

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