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Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2013

Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2013

Hell in a Cell (2013) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by WWE and sponsored by WWE 2K14. It took place on October 27, 2013 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. It was the fifth annual Hell in a Cell event. The main feud heading into Hell in a Cell was between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton over the vacant WWE Championship. A second main event featured John Cena returning from injury much earlier than anticipated to face Alberto Del Rio for his World Heavyweight Championship. The third primary feud pits CM Punk against Paul Heyman and his wrestler clients, with CM Punk winning a match and forcing Paul Heyman to join Ryback in a handicap Hell in a Cell match against Punk.

WWE fans happen to be unhappy using the results of history couple of pay-per-view occasions, but the organization hopes which will change this Sunday at Hell inside a Cell 2013. The WWE Championship should finally be made the decision between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, while John Cena returns early from injuries to try and bring relevancy around the world Heavyweight title. Just like I actually do each month, I’ll break lower each match and provide my predictions for the wedding.

(Pre-Show) Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel © versus. Big E Langston

Two more youthful stars in WWE will square off for that midcard title throughout the preshow when Curtis Axel defends against Big E Langston. I’m very intrigued through the Langston face turn, however i am reluctant to consider that he’ll win the title this rapidly.

I believe Axel’s time as Intercontinental Champion may come for an finish soon. I additionally like the thought from the Langston overtaking the midcard. Axel continues to be boring despite Paul Heyman. He constitutes a good henchman, but he’s not going to go farther than where he’s at this time. I expect Axel to win this match, but to carry on the feud with Langston.

Los Matadores versus. The Actual Americans

It was a feud that many fans were likely to happen sooner or later. It might have experienced more develop TV, however i can almost guarantee we will have it again the following night on Raw. It’s also great to determine Los Matadores inside a complement someone apart from 3MB.I am talking about, seriously, the number of occasions must we have seen exactly the same match?

In almost any situation, around I love the actual Americnas like a tag team, you cannot have Los Matadores lose this in early stages within their new gimmick’s career.

Divas Championship: AJ Lee © versus. Brie Bella

Brie Bella is in some way getting another title shot against AJ Lee at Hell inside a Cell. With Nikki Bella coming back from injuries lately, I’d have preferred WWE to possess altered some misconception. Regardless, AJ shouldn’t lose the title either to Bella. I’m still awaiting AJ to feud with Natalya, however i know WWE likes to promote the Bellas so I’m not surprised using the choice. I additionally love adding Tamina Snuka as AJ’s bodyguard. Perfect role for Tamina. It can make me question if Tamina and AJ’s relationship will eventually become like Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Cody Rhodes and Goldust © versus. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns versus. The Usos

I do not think anybody could have been surprised when the Rhodes siblings squared off from the Shield’s Rollins and Reigns with no Usos. This will make me believe that either the Usos are winning or using the pin. Using the Rhodes siblings and Shield in a greater level around the card compared to Usos, I’ll opt for the second.

The Usos will prove to add much more excitement for this match because they frequently do and that i expect this match is the most impressive. Getting The Shield win here by pinning the Usos, it’ll permit the Rhodes siblings to obtain yet another chance in the titles and continue the feud.

CM Punk versus. Ryback and Paul Heyman (Handicap Hell inside a Cell match)

Is other people really tired of the Punk-Heyman feud? While Punk and Heyman are generally great around the mic, their feud is meaningless. It’s pulled on lengthy enough and that i don’t see how it’s benefiting anybody. Punk continues to be irrelevant since he lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania. I do not care who wins, as lengthy because it ends the feud.

On the side note, I actually do like how Punk and Ryback squared off this past year at Hell inside a Cell, expect this time around Heyman is within Ryback’s corner. Apart from that, no matter.

If Ryback and Heyman win, will Punk stop pursuing Heyman? Most likely not. If Punk wins, will Heyman quit pursuing Punk? Possibly. And So I goes with this outcome.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio © versus. John Cena

I saw a meme lately on Facebook that read “that awkward moment when you wish John Cena to win.” That’s just how Personally i think. The only real superstar I’m able to consider which i should shed more pounds than Cena is Del Rio. The thought of Cena really does lots of good.

It will get the belt off Alboring Del Rio. It keeps Cena from the WWE title and brings prestige and important around the world Heavyweight title which i don’t think we view since Edge was champion. Actually, if Cena becomes World Heavyweight Champion, I’m wishing it will likely be for any bigger plan.

If Cena wins the planet title, could we have seen a unification of these two big titles lower the street? I really hope so. Since the company split ended, there’s been no reason towards the big gold belt and it is importance only has decreased.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but let’s hope Cena wins.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton versus. Daniel Bryan (Hell inside a Cell complement special guest referee Shawn Michaels)

Here’s another feud which i think should finish here. The only real factor worse than continuous pay-per-views without any endings, is an endless feud. It’s here we are at the WWE title not only to actually cover Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Fortunately, Survivor Series may be the newest event therefore the championship might not be also defended the following month.

Now now you ask , who will get the belt. With Shawn Michaels as referee, does he help his protégé Bryan? Or does he switch on Bryan? Or does he refer to it as lower the center?

I can tell a predicament where Triple H starts to feud with HBK for allowing Bryan to win the title. However, Michaels has always stated he’s done wrestling and that i really believe him.

Getting Michaels help Bryan is simply too apparent. I believe HBK calls it lower the center and Bryan wins fair and square. Triple H could be mad at HBK and blame him though it wasn’t his fault.

Searching at many of these matches, the WWE title and CM Punk matches are the type I’m least confident about. It’s difficult to say when Bryan is going to be champion, however with Raw and Smackdown searching exactly the same every week, it is always good to determine the Authority looking to get the belt from Bryan instead of keeping him from winning it. When I stated about Punk, WWE must move ahead from his feud with Heyman and make a move different.

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