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Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

Hell in a Cell (2014) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE. It took place on October 26, 2014 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. It was the sixth annual Hell in a Cell event.

WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. It is a unique show since the most coveted prize in the industry – the WWE Title – isn’t at risk since the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is going to be absent in the event. In the place we’ll get two Hell in a Cell matches featuring the repetitive John Cena versus. Randy Orton match and so the much anticipated match as former Shield member Seth Rollins will require on his buddy Dean Ambrose.

All of those other card might find the 4 other titles defended in mostly rematches of matches we have seen before while Big Show is placed to protect America once more because he battles Rusev. It’s as if this sounds like another Night of Champions show except the primary champion is not around the card.

An issue with WWE programming is they really aren’t doing something that exciting to attract individuals to the weekly tv shows. However, when the right matches make the most time then it may be a great throughout wrestling show. Quite simply, give Ziggler versus. Cesaro twenty minutes together with Rollins versus. Ambrose so we might be speaking about two match of the season contenders. Will individuals unexpected things happen? Hopefully so.

Tag Team Titles: Goldust & Stardust versus. The Usos

They’ve lost a few of the momentum they’d within this feud. It is a shame that WWE has been doing an undesirable job of creating up other teams simply because they wound up booking this option within the same matches too frequently. There have been a lot of singles matches or six man tags within the last month. Fans will not get looking forward to PPV matches when they interact on television constantly. They ought to get 12-fifteen minutes and also have an entertaining match, however it will not be that fresh should you watch WWE TV regularly.

If this sounds like the outlet match it might be the ideal choice. I can tell the IC or US Title matches opening the show too. Goldust & Stardust are heels, however they barely do heel things. I believe that’s by design. Expect when they finish up going babyface soon as WWE revives the Ryback/Axel team as top contenders. Most Likely The Ascension could begin the primary roster to oppose them. I believe Goldust & Stardust will retain although if there’s a title switch it can’t be that surprising.

Divas Title: AJ Lee versus. Paige

I love the feud, however the story is not connecting. Additionally, it does not help that there are been a title change throughout their latter PPV matches in addition to four title alterations in six several weeks. Why must we love them about champions that lose the title each month? Lengthy term, Paige is the foremost choice because the champion because she’s a heel while AJ is really a boring face that actually does nothing interesting anymore. The position with Alicia Fox is not anything diverse from when AJ had Tamina together with her for around annually. Can’t creative consider something totally new? Apparently not.

Regarding that “Total Divas cast people can not be Divas Champion” rule, let us remember it had become Cameron that stated that. She’s even the lady that attempted to pin Naomi’s back in a match. She’s and not the brightest bulb available. There has been other reports about this, but we know plans can alter. With this stated, Paige is on Total Divas episodes that start airing in The month of january. For that reason, people think she will not win.

I am unsure the way the “win on television, lose on PPV” theory applies here. AJ lost to Fox on Raw, then beat her on Smackdown. Both matches ended using the dreaded DIVA MATCH ROLLUP finish which i hate a lot. I am using a Paige win. Heels be more effective champions and AJ bores me an excessive amount of. Are we able to have that Paige versus. Natalya feud now? Thanks.

US Title: Sheamus versus. The Miz

The United States Champion Sheamus just been a typical champion. Installed the gold on him to try and allow it to be appear important since he’s an old top guy, however the booking is not sufficiently good to get people to care. Additionally they moved Miz from IC Title feud to all of us Title feud as though a man that simply lost another title needs a shot in the other midcard title. It appears such as the only reason he’s obtaining the shot happens because everyone loves the Damien Mizdow act, that is fine beside me. I really like it too.

Because the announcers are pushing the concept that the truly amazing Sandow (or Mizdow) is stealing the spotlight in the Miz, it is going to result in Sandow being a face soon. The easiest way for your to occur is with an angry Miz attack him soon. That is what the position is all about. Putting another title on Miz does not mean anything. Sheamus don’t need the united states Title anytime, but it is easier to ensure that it stays on him for the time being and also have him face Rusev as his next feud. I’d also support a Sheamus heel submit early 2015. He’s stale at this time.

Nikki Bella versus. Brie Bella

(Stipulation from WWE.com: “The loser must act as the winner’s personal Bella assistant! And when the loser doesn’t fulfill her responsibilities as personal assistant, she’ll have to stop WWE!”)

This feud is a good example of overbooking. They’ve spent a significant amount of time attempting to tell the storyline. Individuals segments with Nikki speaking towards the camera in a monotone voice were brutal. That Jerry Springer was awful. The “If only you died within the womb” line made people laugh since it am bad. When they were built with a match recently it could have been very good since the crowd was still being in it. It has been two several weeks because the SummerSlam turn by Nikki plus they lost all of the momentum they’d. I have really been astounded by each of them within the ring within the this past year, therefore the match might be decent. It is simply that I’m not sure when the crowd will care or simply chant “boring” since the feud has fallen flat.

The stipulation suggests victory for Nikki, but she looked really strong on Smackdown so I am unsure if that is the way in which they are going. I’ll still select the heel Nikki to win simply because they fit the storyline better after which they’ve got another match lower the street where Brie will get her revenge.

Intercontinental Title 2/3 Falls: Dolph Ziggler versus. Cesaro

They have had numerous matches which were excellent including earlier this Friday on Smackdown where Ziggler retained the IC Title. It appears weird they might have another match when Ziggler just beat him, but I am not complaining. They are two very best in-ring performers in WWE. A Couple out 3 Falls stipulation results in an extended match even though they could still just get 12 minutes and then leave us wanting more. Hopefully they catch up with to twenty minutes because Cesaro and Ziggler have amazing chemistry. They perform a congrats of blending in the strength of Cesaro using the speed of Ziggler. If you have wrestlers of the caliber, allow them to show the things they can definitely do.

When it comes to result, hopefully Ziggler maintains. I am tired of the monthly title reigns. What must happen is he ought to keep the title, defend it fairly frequently on tv like a fighting champion and keep it not less than six several weeks. At that time, WWE need to raise him one stage further again. 30 days title changes avoid anything for anyone. Set up a champion. Build around him. Ziggler will get the very first fall rapidly, Cesaro returns for any fall a couple of minutes later and also the final fall sequence lasts fifteen minutes. Ziggler wins after 22 minutes, two falls to 1.

Big Show versus. Rusev

It is a match with a decent story built-in. The issue together is the matches together just aren’t excellent. Exactly the same factor happened when Rusev wrestled Mark Henry. He will be a lot better against smaller sized guys even though they are attempting to feed him the large guys in order to beat these to look better.

A heel turn by Henry will happen at some point. It could happen on Sunday or on tv right after. This match ought to be an aggressive fight that Rusev wins by looking into making Big Show submit. It is also not really a match that should stay longer than 10 mins. Maybe Big Show will cry about letting America lower while JBL will rant about how exactly Show is really a disgrace to his country. Whether it does run too lengthy then half the match is going to be rest holds and also the crowd will go to sleep.

Hell in a Cell: Dean Ambrose versus. Seth Rollins

The eventually get to this showdown continues to be great. The mannequin stuff on Raw wasn’t exceptional, however if you simply remember the attacks by Ambrose within the summer time and so the cinderblock place, they have really done a fantastic job in setting that one up. That Rollins heel turn was six several weeks ago and they have only had two major singles matches. The main one on Raw after SummerSlam was amazing, so I am looking forward to that one.

Ambrose should win and most likely will win. Rollins has got the briefcase in the hands, so he will stay over and powerful for that reason. This match might finish the feud temporarily although both of these are extremely good with vibrant futures that they’ll have a large number of televised matches within the next decade. Provide them with twenty minutes please. They deserve it. It can be considered a Match of the season contender so we might be speaking concerning the Feud of the season too.

I absolutely accept anybody that thinks this match is going on last. I do not think it’ll, though. We all know just how much WWE loves Cena versus. Orton, so they’ll most likely have that place despite the fact that Ambrose versus. Rollins may be the a lot more interesting match.

Hell in a Cell: John Cena versus. Randy Orton

(Champion will get future WWE Title match against Brock Lesnar.)

It isn’t an error that WWE does this match. However , they did an undesirable job in building this up. Cena’s facing Orton while he was “another guy” as Orton known as him, that was WWE’s method of protecting Cena by saying he wasn’t a loser while in fact he was. He lost to Ambrose, so he will get Orton. Which was the offer. Now we obtain this complement no more than per week of hype because in WWE’s eyes, they’ve 12 many years of history. The issue using the 12 many years of history is the fact that their last singles match on PPV was ten several weeks ago in the Royal Rumble and also the crowd totally hated it.

Orton’s been performing in a through the roof level and also the crowd is responding well to him, so he may get cheered for a lot of the match. As always, everyone else is going to be mixed for Cena. What they desire to complete is make certain it isn’t like all other Cena/Orton match. Use weapons. Consider an innovative method to break open a cage. Simply do something to really make it feel different.

Cena’s likely to win. They’ll most likely get twenty minutes or even more. It can’t even surprise me if the match had interference although the cell should really keep people away. The main reason I only say this is because Orton’s going face. The storyline departing the PPV is going to be that Rollins and Orton lost. It will likely be a poor night for that Authority. Maybe they stay together until Survivor Series, however this whole factor is clearly resulting in Orton versus. Rollins sooner or later. An Orton loss to Cena along with a Rollins loss to Ambrose sets that up nicely. Orton is jealous that Hunter selected Rollins after him which Orton has already established to wash up Rollins’ messes for several weeks. The storyline is sensible.

The win does mean Cena would get another title shot against Brock Lesnar. He really should not need to win a match to obtain another title shot since he won the final one at Night of Champions by disqualification. Orton versus. Lesnar could be pretty awesome really although that’s something they are able to do later on since Orton is a face. The rumor is Lesnar/Cena occur in three several weeks in the Royal Rumble. Survivor Series could have been better, but at this time Lesnar is not scheduled for your.

I’ll attempt to watch the match without remembering the rest of the Cena/Orton matches I have discussed it within my existence. I simply hope they come up with it different a minimum of a bit.

Final Ideas

It is a much better than average show when it comes to in-ring competition. There are several potentially great matches on the website, in order I stated on view when they get the correct quantity of your time they may be special. When it comes to major angles or occasions, there most likely will not be something that big. However, if you wish to see a good wrestling show for that matches i then think Hell in a Cell will provide in that way.

I will be posting my overview of Hell in a Cell on Monday morning or by like 12pmET. I will be watching the National football league game as well as the baseball World Series game 5, so I’ll begin to see the PPV either late Sunday night or early Monday AM. You will see a complete recap of all things that happened using the results and analysis of all things on the program.

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