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Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Hell Inside a Cell was just four matches lengthy entering today. The, roughly 1 hour 30 minutes before showtime, five extra matches were added. Which means that over half the credit card will contain place holders. Let’s observe how the show fares.

Becky Lynch (C) def. Sasha Banks – RAW Women’s Championship (HIAC Match)

I have to admit that i’m surprised at caused by this match. All things in my soul was saying that the new change from the guard within the women’s division was here. Everything to be setup for any win through the Boss, however the Man persists.

I do not what you think, however i loved this match for various reasons. First, it began by helping cover their some clever imagery. Should you not recall the first women’s Hell Inside a Cell match from 3 years ago, it began by helping cover their Charlotte now attacking Sasha prior to the match began. Here, Sasha turns the table and attempts to perform the same against Becky.

However, what really puts this match outrageous may be the creativeness. Sometimes, Hell Inside a Cell matches get downgraded to being just hardcore matches having a cell trapping them. Which was what lots of people stated about Shaun Sturdy and Randy Orton’s match this past year. This match had the correct balance of creativeness when using the structure itself.

It had been also superbly brutal at occasions, with Sasha working over Becky’s arm around the door from the cage, or using products to produce set pieces to the side of the cell. Everything was clicking over the match, plus they stored everyone else engaged for around 25 minutes. I do not know where Sasha ranges from here, or perhaps where Becky’s reign will require her. However, this was a absolute banger in my opinion. Superbly done and well performed. ****1/2

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan def. Luke Harper and Rowan – Tornado Tag Team Match

Well, I suppose which makes me for just two within my predictions. I had been surprised that among the four announced matches from the night came directly following the other. A Hell Inside a Cell match, especially brutal ones, are tough functions to follow along with. Which means this needed to be an extended sprint, and I’m pleased to state that this match accomplished might more.

This match had the correct pacing and the whole match. Harper and Rowan were very formidable like a duo and labored together to pay for their bases. I believe we take Harper as a given an excessive amount of. The number of big men are you aware of this can superbly perform Dragon Suplex and suicide dives.

The spots to the outdoors were pretty rad too, and individuals will always be great for an audience pop too. I wasn’t convinced the to can replicate the power from the first match, however i provide them with all of the credit on the planet for passing on a go. About as great a follow-up match could possibly get. ***3/4

Randy Orton def. Ali

Whenever you follow-up matches using the concentration of the very first two with Orton’s slow, systematic offense, you’re usually requesting trouble. Fortunately, I do not think that one was bad. Yeah, it had been type of slow and dull at occasions, however it really selected up pretty much for the finish.

This match also featured among the best reversals for an RKO you’ll most likely see. There is not really much to increase that apart from that it had been okay like a place holder but nothing special until we arrived at the finishing sequence. **1/2

The Kabuki Players def. Alexa Bliss (C) and Nikki Mix (C) – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Um, heel Asuka and Kairi? About damn time. Why every match doesn’t finish with Asuka going full Tajiri is beyond me, but I’m keen on the move. It was another match which was announced in the last second, but it had been great for time given.

The women’s tag team titles haven’t meant much since its beginning, mainly since it is barely featured on tv. Asuka and Kairi especially happen to be grossly misused and barely visible on tv this season. Maybe this match will signal a altering from the guard and also have them featured any longer.

Anyways, the match was pretty solid featuring some heel psychology through the Kabukis. It’s pretty odd seeing Alexa like a face and Kairi like a heel, but here i am. The title change was the best move, also it arrived a fairly solid effort overall. **3/4

The Viking Raiders and Braun Strowman def. The OC by DQ

Whatever. All of this match did was to develop Braun for his confrontation with Rage tomorrow, but none of them of the was interesting. I’m so fed up with The OC and also the Raiders fighting one another, and I’m fed up with Styles being put in these throwaway matches.

On the top famous that, they couldn’t even perform a finish. What purpose will a DQ serve here? I suppose this did what it really required to do, however i didn’t enjoy it. *

Chad Gable def. Baron Corbin

It seems that they are attempting to replicate the intensity their first couple of matches introduced. As I don’t think Gable and Corbin arrived at it there that point, I actually do commend your time and effort. However, I will say this at this time.

WWE is beating this “Chad Gable is extremely short” factor in to the ground. Each time WWE catches onto something popular, they simply beat it in to the ground until it’s no longer fun. Remember when Titus fell underneath the ring in the Finest Royal Rumble this past year, therefore we stored seeing them attempting to repeat that moment for days on finish?

The worst part is the fact that it isn’t even funny. It’s just an observation. Chad Gable is shorter than your average male, we obtain it. Stop reminding us with horrible puns.

Anyways, the match wasn’t just like their past ones, however it was pretty okay with that said. I am not exactly keen on the 50/50 booking though. You’ve Corbin seem like a great artist the very first time since he’s been in the primary roster through the King from the Ring Tournament. Since that time, he’s been ducking from matches and becoming emasculated by Becky Lynch.

WWE must perform a far better job of maintaining momentum on stars they develop. Otherwise, why provide them with accolades to begin if you are just likely to ask them to look weak immediately after? **

Charlotte now Flair def. Bayley (C) – Smackdown Women’s Championship

Personally, I have seen Bayley and Charlotte now done a lot better than their performance here. However, thinking about that Bayley and Charlotte’s match at Clash of Champions lasted a couple of minutes, it is really an instant upgrade.

This effects were pretty easy to understand. Using the draft, you need to commence with your aces with you, and Charlotte now Flair like a 10 time Women’s Champion makes sense to represent the Smackdown brand.

The type work by Bayley was very good here, as she progressively got frustrated that her formerly underhanded tactics didn’t work, and just how everything came falling lower on her behalf for the finish.

Overall, another decent effort, but I have seen better. You’d think a tenth title set for Charlotte now might have more drama. **1/4

The Fiend def. Seth Rollins (C) by DQ – Universal Championship (HIAC Match)

What the heck was this?

I almost feel sick to my stomach getting to type that. A DQ victory. Inside a fucking Hell Inside a Cell match. I’m able to understand situations enabling you to perform a No Contest, like they did this past year with Brock Lesnar attacking everybody (despite the fact that I hated that finish too).

However, you literally demand the bell and provide The Fiend a freaking disqualification victory? INSIDE FREAKING HELL Inside A CELL?!

We begin right from the start. I appreciate the things they were trying related to the dim lighting and also the ominous red spotlighting. However, not just could it have been hard that i can see personally at occasions, but I believe someone relaxing in the nosebleeds in the event might have trouble seeing some things too.

It had been also type of painful to check out as I needed to dim my eyes sometimes. Advisable theoretically, but missing in execution.

Now, the particular match. Good heavens, where will i even begin? You’d believe that it was an easy formula for WWE to follow along with. They were given it directly on the cash at Summerslam.

Have Bray look ominous, get him to dominate with destructive offense, have Finn obtain a desperation flurry, after which possess the match finish. You might have just done a marginally elongated form of that match here.

Rather, not just were The Fiend and Seth evenly matched, but Seth began to really dominate Bray. After Seth hit what made an appearance to appear like roughly 25 finishers, Bray stored kicking out. So then, I figured to myself that they’re just getting Bray look unbeatable to run up to the conclusion.

But Not a chance! Exactly what do they are doing? They’ve Seth continuously pummel Bray to some pulp as though he’s attempting to physically beat a demon from someone. After which, it will get a whole lot worse. I observed what needed to be the saddest scene in a freaking Hell Inside a Cell match ever. We really saw a referee….TELL SETH To Prevent ATTACKING BRAY as though he’s some type of counselor.

Let me explain something to everyone. This can be a freaking Hell Inside a Cell match. It’s literally named following the dwelling host to Satan themself. It is supposed to cause discomfort, agony, suffering and mental turmoil. Feuds are made the decision, rivalries finish and legacies are born. Yet you’ve got a referee tell Rollins that he’s being too violent.

Randy Orton place a freaking screwdriver through Shaun Hardy’s earlobe this past year with bits of his leg dangling from his side due to the violence that required place, so we didn’t hear a thing. But let Seth place some weapons on the top of Bray and grab a screwdriver, and that’s a bridge too much? Complete bullshit. There’s not one other method to describe this.

It was concerning the easiest match to reserve. Simply have Bray look dominant, and also have him win with little difficulty. That’s it. Now, even though you desired to perform a no contest, you do not get it done because Seth has been too violent. You ought to be stopping the match because Bray was too dominant. Rather, we’d referees and also the stretcher out for Bray, if this must have been the other way round.

What’s a whole lot worse is afterwards, Bray just appears enjoy it was nothing, and everything ends with how RAW is finished yesteryear three days, with Bray choking Seth out. Why couldn’t have this been completed in the ring?

All this had WCW booking and Vince Russo written throughout it. You are taking something that needs to be easy and perform the opposite. I’d my concerns that something similar to this could happened, however i predicted The Fiend would win.

Never imagined your day will come where WWE would start providing DQ victories inside a Hell Inside a Cell match. Hell, the Sasha/Becky match at Clash of Champions led to DQ also it naturally brought to some match in which you couldn’t win with a DQ for Pete’s sake.

Now, should you desired to keep Seth as champion while protecting The Fiend, what about not booking the match? Rather, you book her right into a corner by debating the best way to book a match between Seth and also the Fiend that does not possess the Fiend searching weak and Seth departing as champion.

The only real outcome that could have been worse than this garbage could have been if Seth won flat-out. Considering that the match was going for the finish, using the Fiend getting no offense in, it sure was shaping up this way. Rather, we obtain this BS small-storyline about Seth questioning his morals and surviving.

Theoretically, you are able to say stop worrying and they can continue to place the title on Bray. And in the end, Bray did finish the PPV using the upper hands, to ensure that counts for something? Yes, however the dynamic is destroyed. I was all looking to visit a mauling by Bray.

Rather, it had been him who got mauled and just what makes him special has been greatly reduced consequently. If you are not likely to have Bray win the title inside a HIAC match, how’s it going going to get it done? A street fight? A steel cage match?

The loud AEW chants that rang over the arena is the twelve signs you need to know this was a abject failure. Anybody you never know me I really like Seth like a artist, but WWE was way from the mark here. The match was garbage and also the finish was complete shit.

I do not understand how WWE will get off doing a few of these stupid booking decisions, however they really needs to be embarrassed with on their own that one. We ought to have known much better than to believe WWE ith useless like Bray’s. That one will get the entire negative monty. -*****


You realize, for any PPV that just had four official matches announced by two hrs before showtime, it was searching enjoy it would be considered a secret jewel. The outlet match was terrific, and also the tag match that adopted was congratulations.

However, after we reached the impromptu matches announced in the last second, the show completely nosedived into oblivion culminating within the worst finishes you’ll ever see on the WWE PPV.

The show peaked after its first couple of matches, even though there have been some individually good moments following the first couple of matches for example Ali’s RKO counter and Asuka going full Tajiri, it’s just not worth spending two hrs on. Out on another get me began with that finish.

Watch the very first two matches on the program, then shut the television off. Thumbs way lower for Hell Inside a Cell 2019. A disqualification finish in the Hell Inside a Cell match

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