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Watch WWE Money in the Bank 2011

Watch WWE Money in the Bank 2011

Money in the Bank (2011) was a PPV presented by Skittles, which took place on July 17, 2011 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. It was the second annual Money in the Bank PPV. The main event featured john Cena defending the WWE Championship against CM Punk with the stipulation that if Punk won, Cena would be fired. This was due to CM Punk’s contract being up the next night, and he was threatening to win the title and leave the company with it. On the undercard, Christian faced Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship with the stipulation that the title could change hands in the event of a disqualification. Also featured were the Raw and SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder matches.

Money helps make the world go ’round as well as in the WWE, it can provide you with a title shot if you select. Thankfully, WWE has made the decision to follow the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, my personal favorite from the newer gimmicky ones, so we might be set for some surprises this season.

Of course, I’ll be updating these predictions regularly whenever something totally new happens, official or spoiler related. In my eventual review and also the results, click the link.

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) versus. CM Punk

Since they have got this “Cena is fired if he loses” stipulation going, I doubt CM Punk will leave using the title. Plus, they have to address why they’d Del Rio win the #1 contender’s match and that he is not involved. I am expecting either Punk to possess re-signed with the organization and also to stay following the ppv or that he’s departing and they’re going to simply have him leave having a loss.

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus. Christian

If by a few chance Christian wins the title here, that we think is extremely, unusual (like 20% probability) then someone will most likely money in and beat him right afterward. I am fully expecting Orton to support the title rather as well as for this feud to finish. Now, someone could profit from Orton, however i aren’t seeing that always happening either..

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio versus. Alex Riley versus. Evan Bourne versus. Jack Swagger versus. Kofi Kingston versus. The Miz versus. Rey Mysterio versus. R-Truth

I question why Dolph Ziggler is not involved with this. Granted, that will allow it to be 9 names, however they might have had him in Del Rio’s place with Del Rio tagging track of Mark Henry to manage Kane and large Show. Those of course makes me believe that Del Rio will win the Money in the Bank….or these were too stupid to understand they might have done that. If Del Rio does not win, i then do not know who’ll rather..

Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan versus. Crime Cara versus. Kane versus. Wade Barrett versus. Sheamus versus. Cody Rhodes versus. Heath Slater versus. Justin Gabriel

While I am not surprised that almost all the competition is who they really are, I’m surprised that Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel were put into the match over Ezekiel Jackson and Ted DiBiase.

Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (c) versus. Brie Bella

Bathroom break complement Kelly retaining the title. ‘Nuff stated

Big Show versus. Mark Henry

I do not mind the thought of both of these feuding, but Hopefully whether it continues following this ppv, they add some thing into it apart from just them attacking each other.

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