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Watch WWE Night of Champions 2012

Watch WWE Night of Champions 2012

In a match marked by confusion and controversy, CM Punk puts his 300-day reign as WWE Champion on the line against the one man who embodies the respect he’s been vying for – John Cena. Plus, Sheamus’ dominance as World Heavyweight Champion is in jeopardy as he faces Alberto Del Rio without the use of his signature Brogue Kick. And allies in anger, Kane and Daniel Bryan, challenge WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Six champions will rise or be conquered at WWE Night of Champions!

Well, SummerSlam has ended and we’re around the steps for success to Night of Champions. Despite the fact that Night of Champions usually turns out to be a rather unspectacular PPV, I like the notion that every championship should be defended around the pay-per-view, which forces WWE to provide us a Divas match, a tag team match, along with a US title match, things we rarely get. But, I additionally don’t like the idea of Night of Champions because every championship ought to be defended at each pay-per-view, not merely one. Well, an adequate amount of my conflicting feelings concerning the pay-per-view concept, let’s enter into my card predictions.

Jinder Mahal versus. Ryback

Both of these happen to be building some a feud in the last couple of days, which incorporated Mahal dealing with two local jobbers. If the match doesn’t happen on Raw or Smackdown (which will be a dumb idea), I wouldn’t be amazed to determine this match happening unannounced at Night of Champions, or perhaps around the pre-show.

Daniel Bryan versus. Kane

Believe me, I do not want this match to occur again, but since Kane was pissed and angry after Bryan folded him up for any victory at SummerSlam, it appears as though this feud isn’t over yet.

Cody Rhodes versus. Crime Cara

This match was initially designed to occur at SummerSlam, but because of time limitations, it had been ended the credit card. So, naturally I’d think that this semi-feud will finish at Night of Champions. Perhaps a mask versus. hair match?

Damien Sandow versus. Brodus Clay

Another match which was designed to happen at SummerSlam, Damien Sandow versus. Brodus Clay appears like it continuously Night of Champions, maybe around the pre-show. This match provides extensive potential (this is not on match quality obviously) for character developments, whether it’s Brodus Clay or Damien Sandow (hopefully Damien Sandow) who arrives on the top.

Layla versus. Kaitlyn

I understand, I understand. Two faces going against one another? Highly unlikely. But Kaitlyn has some momentum on her behalf side, and Eve isn’t likely to be competing for some time, so I’m gonna create a half-hearted conjecture and state that Kaitlyn will face Layla at Night of Champions. Perhaps a Kaitlyn heel turn? She was designed to take part in the Divas of Disaster.

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth & The Primetime Players

I had been very disappointed that PTP didn’t win the tag titles on Sunday. I’m much more disappointed that we’ll most likely need to check this out match again.

Antonio Cesaro versus. Santino Marella

Santino Marella FINALLY lost his U . s . States Championship at SummerSlam towards the rising Antonio Cesaro. Now we simply have endure the rematch clause at Night of Champions.

The Miz versus. Rey Mysterio

This really is most likely my most outlandish conjecture, but there’s nobody within the WWE I’m able to consider that may challenge the Miz for that IC title, so I’m just gonna say that he’ll in some way face Rey again. Like I stated, it is really an outlandish conjecture.

Sheamus versus. Alberto Del Rio versus. Randy Orton

The ending to Sheamus versus. Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam was pretty stupid. Sheamus switched heel for 10-seconds hitting Alberto Del Rio having a shoe, and push his legs from the rope after he pinned him. I do not know why this finish happened, but it’s pretty apparent we will have Sheamus and Del Rio face off again, but WWE doesn’t prefer to keep Orton from the title picture, and so i think they’ll toss in the Viper in to the mix and turn it into a Triple Threat Match.

CM Punk versus. John Cena

That one is fairly apparent. John Cena have Big Show an AA, CM Punk stole the win. It kicks Big Show from the title picture, leaving Cena and Punk to manage off at Night of Champions. To begin with, this match must have happened at SummerSlam. Cena and Punk work magic with one another, and large Show takes that magic and wipes his ass by using it. So, it will likely be nice to determine both of these face off at Night of Champions.

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