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Watch WWE Night of Champions 2013

Watch WWE Night of Champions 2013

Following his win over John Cena at SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan lost the WWE Championship to Randy Orton after special guest referee and COO Triple H hit Bryan with a Pedigree. Can Daniel Bryan overcome the modern day corporate Champion Randy Orton to regain the WWE Championship? Plus, Alberto Del Rio defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. PPV himself, Rob Van Dam! Can the former WWE and ECW Champion add the World Heavyweight Championship to his impressive list of accolades? Also, things go from bad to worse for Paul Heyman as he has to step into the ring with former best friend CM Punk! After his crushing defeat to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam the straight edge superstar finally gets the chance to get his hands on Heyman, however he has to get past Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel first in a two on one handicap match. All the action this year comes from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

WWE’s Nights Champions new pay-per-view may be the only event where every championship is certain to be defended, despite the fact that to become fair we have observed that happen for the most part occasions lately, that is good. With Triple H’s regime in control and Money in the Bank champion Damien Sandow always looming, what’s available for that champions? Listed here are my predictions for that 2013 WWE Nights Champions PPV. Return for Nights Champions 2013 results and review coverage here.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus. Daniel Bryan

It was inevitable after what went down at SummerSlam. I believe at this time, you must have Randy Orton support the title, only inside a way in which makes both men look great and Daniel Bryan look better. Orton can’t be an entirely weak jobber, nor can Bryan lose clean. Let me discover their whereabouts incorporate some type of a stop where Bryan wins the title but Triple H retroactively calls the match a disqualification victory for Bryan rather or something like that. Both of these continues their feud into Battleground and perhaps despite that. This will probably be a downer pay-per-view in which the heels win everything and the like. Big Show could turn heel or screw Bryan. It ought to be a great match prior to the ending, though. Both of these have proven previously they work nicely together.

WWE Nights Champions 2013 Alberto Del Rio versus RVD Spoilers Betting Odds

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) versus. Take advantage of Van Dam

I’m not sure why they are pairing RVD track of Ricardo Rodriguez, but it is awkward as hell. Knowing me, you will know both of these are a couple of of my least favorite performers around the roster. I’ve huge reservations relating to this match and I am not excited for this whatsoever. I am wondering why they made the decision to create both Christian and RVD seem like they’d have rematches against their SummerSlam opponents, however switched them up. Appears like they did not plan in advance and considered to themselves “eh, fuck it, so what?” This is weird since it is got very little related to the Triple H / Orton storyline, therefore it just appears like care less. It’s filler…much like all Del Rio’s title reigns. They ought to have stored it on Ziggler.

Nights Champions CM Punk versus Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel Odds

Handicap Elimination Match: Curtis Axel (c) versus. CM Punk

How can this be not for that Intercontinental Championship? They are making Nights Champions a pointless concept. There is no reason this should not be for that title and the thought of causeing this to be a handicap elimination complement the gimmick of Punk getting his on the job Heyman does not compensate for the concept that the entire gimmick from the pay-per-view is the fact that each title is defended. Yes, I understand, they are going this path to not have access to Axel drop the title, however they must have had the experience to behave different instead of place a champion inside a non-title match on the card built around the idea of “all champions defend their titles”.

Divas Championship [Fatal 4-Way]: AJ Lee (c) versus. Natalya versus. Naomi versus. Brie Bella

Is sensible as a way to get the entire Divas concentrate the title picture. See, WWE? This is the way you incorporate a non-title concept using the title. AJ Lee should retain here and proceed to a feud with Natalya, who ought to be booked to become Nearly to win, but AJ squeaks the victory. Outdoors of this, there’s a strong possibility that Natalya simply wins the title plus they feud afterwards. If she does, I’d expect Natalya to create Brie Bella tap out much more than AJ Lee.

WWE Nights Champions 2013 U . s . States Championship Online

U . s . States Championship: Dean Ambrose versus. Dolph Ziggler

At the best, Ziggler only will lose this match. At worst, Ziggler is going to be designed to seem like a fool as punishment for whatever he’s completed to piss WWE off again. There is no chance that he’s winning the title from Ambrose here. Simply no chance. He’s much better than it, too. Ambrose is maintaining your title some time longer. This ought to be a great match, however.

Prime Time Players Tag Team Championship Darren Youthful Nights Champions 2013 PPV

Pre-Show Kickoff Tag Team Turmoil Elimination Match: Prime Time Players versus. Real Americans versus. Usos versus. 3MB versus. A lot of Funk

The winning group of this match will get a tag team title shot from the Shield afterwards during the night of Champions. All signs indicate the best Time Players winning this. I really like the concept behind it, as not just if it is a great, fun, entertaining match generally, however it enables these to get individuals tag titles around the card without a build – as WWE clearly is simply overlooking individuals (and also the IC and US title…and WHC) in support of the Triple H storyline and Total Divas. Elimination order? A lot of Funk, 3MB, Usos, Real Americans.

Tag Team Championship: The Shield (c) versus. (Prime Time Players)

What you know already Mark Henry and large Show would have this shot, because they developed into it for SummerSlam and for whatever reason did not get it done then, but they are not carrying this out here either. The Shield will retain against whoever they face and also the match is going to be most likely nothing even more than a buffer

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