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Watch WWE Night of Champions 2014

Watch WWE Night of Champions 2014

Night of Champions (2014) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE. It took place on September 21, 2014 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.[1] It was the eighth annual Night of Champions event. The theme of the pay-per-view was that every championship would be defended on that night. This was the first pay-per-view to feature the latest version of championship belts, which were introduced the night after SummerSlam, such as the new WWE logo on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (while the Big Gold Belt was retired), whereas the other championship belts have minor modifications.

This Sunday night may be the WWE Night of Champions PPV, that is happening five days after WWE’s impressive SummerSlam PPV from August. Because of the five week gap between your shows, the selection for that show continues to be announced for many days ahead of time.

It is a show built around one major match: Brock Lesnar protecting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena. All five WWE titles will also be at risk together with three matches that do not involve titles. An eight match card is really a standard number for any WWE PPV nowadays.

Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler versus. The Miz

The feud continues to be fun somewhat, but they have been trying way too hard to really make it silly too. It might be nice when the title was treated more seriously which Miz did promos about how exactly he thought about being the champion rather of speaking about his “moneymaker” (also known as his face) constantly. The good thing relating to this is the fact that Ziggler is really inside a significant position again, that is great thinking about how awful he was booked for the majority of the this past year.

Since Ziggler just won the title from Miz at SummerSlam it might be stupid to maneuver it to Miz five days later. I was expecting Damien Sandow in Miz’ corner and R-Truth in Ziggler’s corner, so locate a finish with everyone getting involved. Within the finish, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag to win after 10 mins. Miz will most likely obtain a push to an advaced status following the match too. He’s done a great job like a heel.

U . s . States Title: Sheamus versus. Cesaro

This can be a match we have seen numerous occasions this season. They have to enjoy cooperating simply because they work an identical style. It’s as though they are inside a competition to determine who are able to toss the hardest searching forearm shots. Cesaro’s been booked terribly for many several weeks now. Despite the fact that he lost lots of matches the final couple of several weeks, he’s back capable of win a title. When they get fifteen minutes it might seriously function as the match from the night, but it is most likely going 8-ten minutes.

Why return to a match they previously did at Payback in June? Simply because they understand that Sheamus is not doing anything as US Champion. The title is not helping him and that he is not enhancing the title. You’re ready to possess a new champion that may hopefully look much better than most guys holding this title have looked. Cesaro wins in certain cheap way be it the tights or doing the attention poke with no ref seeing, that is a finish he’s done lately.

Divas Title: Paige versus. Nikki Bella versus. AJ Lee

This really is another title match in which the former champion gets the rematch with the exception of this situation it’s not only AJ Lee challenging Paige, there is however Nikki Bella getting involved too. The apparent and many likely finish is going to be Brie coming lower to ringside, distracting Nikki which will result in the finish with Paige retaining. Will still be at the start of the Bella twins feud, therefore the next logical step requires the face Brie really doing something apart from crying for something new.

If Paige pins Nikki it allows WWE to carry on the Paige versus. AJ feud since AJ wasn’t pinned. Despite the fact that I like Paige and AJ, their feud is becoming really boring. Enough using the skipping already. Move ahead.

Mark Henry versus. Rusev

They are simply attempting to make mtss is a big feud huh? I am unsure whether it’s there, however they reached primary event Raw and Smackdown now. Both in instances, Henry got the benefit. Obviously which brings that old “look strong on television, lose on PPV” theory into play although I bring it up less frequently because WWE continues to be going against it recently to throw me off.

It ought to be an actual match. Take a look at them. They two big dudes that will throw bombs and it will be fun to look at. Henry really has not wrestled much this season, though, for it to be interesting to find out if he’s able to possess a decent match. It isn’t like Henry is a superb in-ring artist although he had solid matches throughout his 2011 push. Within the finish, Rusev should win this match within eight minutes to carry on his streak like a guy that has not been pinned or designed to submit.

Tag Team Titles: The Usos versus. Stardust & Goldust

This really is a different one where logic needs to come up. It appeared such as the Usos might lose to Harper & Rowan a couple of several weeks when they’d a PPV match they won, they did a different one which was 2/3 Falls plus they won this too. Why are they going to retain? Most likely so that they could drop the titles to Goldust & Stardust, who switched heel about last month after an assault on Jey Uso’s knee.

When the Usos retain it’s most likely likely to be since the Ascension is going to be known as to the primary roster soon so when that occurs they could be pressed immediately so much in fact they win the Tag Titles within the very close to future. While that’s a possibility, the thought of Goldust & Stardust winning the gold makes lots of sense. I am choosing these questions match that will get 10-13 minutes.

Chris Jericho versus. Randy Orton

This is actually the most apparent match around the card. Jericho’s not really a guy that wins much any longer even if WWE attempts to say such things as he’s within the best form of his existence. He may be who is fit, but let us not get crazy here. They’ve this passion for stating that constantly despite the fact that everyone watching in your own home knows it is a lie. Is that this a PPV preview or perhaps a rant from the announcers? It may be both.

To the match, Orton winning is really a lock. He lost to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, now he’ll review a reasonably large name in Jericho to ensure that WWE can tell “the Viper has returned” frequently in all of his segments. We’re able to even visit a punt by Orton to transmit Jericho packing since he will promote his book and do his commitments together with his band Fozzy too. Orton wins clean inside a match which will most likely get about fifteen minutes.

Roman Reigns versus. Seth Rollins

I am with each and every other wrestling fan available that questions why WWE would do that match six days earlier at Raw once they had already announced it for Night of Champions. Their match on Raw felt flat since it was late inside a bad show. Hopefully it is a better reaction on Sunday because they are hard workers that understand what they are doing available.

What will likely happen for that finish is going to be Reigns may be like he’ll possess the win ready much like he did on Monday, however Kane can have as much as attack him for that DQ finish. At that time it’ll be either Reigns remains laying as the announcers question if anyone can stop Rollins and Kane or Dean Ambrose returns in order to save his former Shield buddy in the attack.

Since I Have don’t believe WWE wants Reigns losing, I am choosing Reigns winning by DQ which Ambrose turns up to help make the save. This way likely to anticipation entering Raw with fans getting excited to determine Ambrose back.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar versus. John Cena

It will likely be another clean win for Brock Lesnar. Whether it’s other things I will be surprise. Things I expect is really a match more comparable to their fight at Extreme Rules 2012 although at this time no stipulation continues to be announced. That may change around the Kickoff Show or prior to the match once they decide give a stipulation. They ought to have added a stipulation into it prior to the match to really make it not the same as SummerSlam.

Should there be a shady finish then possibly that’s their method of not making Cena super strong like usual. However, Lesnar winning in dominant fashion may be the smart move. It’s okay for Cena to not win. The person wins nearly feud he’s, therefore if he transpires with lose to some guy that’s a strong WWE Champion it isn’t an issue. Cena is going to be okay. Using the title off Lesnar five days after he won it might be very foolish. We do not need another Cena title reign. Move ahead.

This can most likely be considered a 20-25 minute match that would be ideal to look at if you like physical brawls within the primary event. You shouldn’t be shocked if Cena compares to winning a couple of occasions. It will likely be certainly one of individuals “anyone can win” kind of finishes with many different excitement developed for that finish. I am searching toward it.

Final Ideas

It is a very solid card with a few potentially good matches all the way through. What’s going to be interesting is to find out if WWE gives among the midcard matches an opportunity to “steal the show” allowing them go twenty minutes. Like we had at Summerslam, it had been a motion picture where virtually every match was round the 10 minute mark for the most part besides the latter matches. It may be like this again here, that is fine, however it would not be an awful idea to allow Sheamus/Cesaro or Ziggler/Miz have more time. The primary event will most likely be the greatest match and like I stated, I’d be amazed if Lesnar did not leave with no gold.

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