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Watch WWE Payback 2013

Watch WWE Payback 2013

For rivals John Cena and Ryback, payback will come in the form of hell – 3 Stages of Hell! Will the ravenous challenger send the Champ for an ambulance ride, or will John Cena escape hell with his WWE Championship? Plus, Dolph Ziggler is back to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the man he won it from, Alberto Del Rio. And for the first time since WrestleMania, CM Punk is in action, but Chris Jericho wants to spoil the self-proclaimed Best in the World’s Chicago homecoming. Superstars collide and seek retribution as WWE presents, for the first time ever, WWE Payback.

On Sunday June 16th, 2013 WWE will host its first Payback pay-per-view live in the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Although just before Raw there have been only three matches announced, now that we know of eight scheduled matches.

Here’ will break lower each match and provide my conjecture for that champion. WWE continues to be somewhat foreseeable since i have started writing these predictions nearly last year. It will likely be interesting to find out if the popularity continues.

Pre-Show: Sheamus versus. Damien Sandow

Of all of the pre-shows we view lately, Sheamus and Damien Sandow have really developed their match probably the most. Throughout Damien Sandow’s segments, Sheamus has interrupted and caused a scene. It is really an interesting feud for WWE because these two superstars appear to become heading in various directions. Sheamus is generally around the winning finish, while Sandow hasn’t won a match inside a lengthy time.

Sandow is a superb character who is considered the most misused superstars around the roster. I would like to see him win that one, however i could be shocked whether it really happened.

Divas Championship: Kaitlyn © versus. AJ Lee

Within the most anticipated divas matches because the times of Trish Stratus and Lita, Kaitlyn will ultimately defend the divas title against AJ Lee. The previous best buddies will be in a heated competition for a while now. With AJ winning a fight royal to get number 1 contender, I asked why WWE anxiously waited such a long time to achieve the match. Then, I found the conclusion this match is going on at WWE Payback, the right title for that divas’ feud. The end result is apparent though. AJ must have been divas champion several weeks ago. Since Dolph Ziggler has returned, the 2 can share their love using their title belts.

U . s . States Championship: Dean Ambrose © versus. Kane

Surprisingly, WWE split up Team Hell No and gave Kane the U . s . States title match at Payback. I had been looking to see Daniel Bryan in cases like this, but he’s still due for bigger things later on. In almost any situation, Kane can get an chance to win the U.S. title, and can fail. He’ll stand out at supplying an excellent complement Dean Ambrose. Kane is really a seasoned veteran who’ll help Ambrose improve. However, the end result isn’t under consideration as Ambrose isn’t prepared to lose the title so when he is doing, it will not be against Kane.

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett © versus. The Miz versus. Curtis Axel

Inside a match where Fandango was said to be involved and for me win the match, WWE had to create a change because of Fandango’s concussion. What exactly did they are doing? Exchange one youthful future star for an additional. WWE is clearly moving the Intercontinental title from Wade Barrett and onto another youthful heel. I’m curious to find out if what this means is a push for Barrett (maybe Money staying with you?) or to the underside. In either case, search for Curtis Axel to win the title that made his father famous.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Shield versus. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

Once more, I stress how strange it’s that WWE booked Bryan inside a new structural tag team instead of by himself. Bryan and Randy Orton will challenge Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for that tag team titles. Much like Ambrose and also the U . s . States title, I do not expect the Shield to get rid of their titles so soon. It will likely be interesting to determine who finally does defeat Rollins and Reigns for that gold, however it shouldn’t happen in the near future.

Probably the most intriguing thing about this match will really be whether Bryan or Orton turn heel. We view both display signs that each one could turn. Does it happen?

Chris Jericho versus. CM Punk

CM Punk can make his return at Payback to manage Chris Jericho inside a match which i initially wasn’t looking to really happen. If this match was booked, I was expecting Curtis Axel to exchange Punk and finish up fighting Jericho. With Axel now placed in to the Intercontinental title match, I believe Punk does reach his hometown of Chicago to manage Jericho.

I’m not such keen on this match when i get into detail about this here. Simultaneously, Jericho is a great transitional opponent for Punk. Brock Lesnar is the only person left to manage Punk, but WWE is probably saving his dates for bigger pay-per-views. The end result of the match is sort of foreseeable as Punk come in his hometown. That’s, unless of course Paul Heyman activates Punk.

World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler © versus. Alberto Del Rio

Dolph Ziggler also makes his go back to action after having suffered a concussion before the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Regrettably, because of his injuries, this match hasn’t been built in addition to it might have. We observed a lot of matches between Alberto Del Rio and large E Langston. Since Ziggler has returned, this ought to be the finish of Del Rio’s chase for that title.

There are lots of youthful new superstars who deserve an opportunity not to mention Daniel Bryan ought to be obtaining a push towards among the world titles sooner or later. Imagine Bryan and John Cena because the two world champions. I understand the Bella Twins want that.

WWE Championship: John Cena © versus. Ryback

Once more John Cena will defend the WWE title against Ryback, however this amount of time in a 3 stages of hell match. The very first match is a lumberjack match, that we expect Cena to win. Next is really a tables match, which Ryback will win. Ryback has proven dominance with tables as recently so this is may well move. Finally, the 2 will square off within an ambulance match. Ryback continues to be entering the ringside area from your ambulance as recently, but don’t allow that to fool you.

If WWE would provide the title to Ryback, they’d did so already. They clearly don’t see Ryback as sufficiently good to be WWE champion. I believe the only real reason he’s in cases like this is the possible lack of top heels that may go facing Cena. Ryback was extremely popular like a face, but must improve greatly like a heel. He requires a Paul Heyman or any other manager to assist him.

With no help, Cena will stay WWE Champion as it will take another big named (Daniel Bryan?) to finish Cena’s reign.

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