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Watch WWE Raw August 26, 2019

Watch WWE Raw August 26, 2019

Sasha Banks addressed WrestleMania rumors and brawled with Natalya

NEW ORLEANS – For four several weeks, Sasha Banks was conspicuous by her absence, her name within the roads even while she remained from sight and minded her very own business as a direct consequence of WrestleMania. And, in her own first significant switch on the mic since her return two days ago, In Charge required the chance to fix – and ensure – a couple of blind products that endured since her departure. Yes, she “put a healthy” in the Showcase from the Immortals yes, she cried around the locker room floor you will find, she required her ball and went home. The why, however, was not even close to that which was rumored.

The main reason In Charge am despondent was because she’d been “relegated” to some tag title match she didn’t worry about, protecting titles she didn’t worry about, while Becky Lynch got the primary-event spotlight against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte now Flair. To reclaim the spotlight, Sasha understood she needed a “perfect plan,” and that’s why she selected an exact moment to heinously ambush the grieving Natalya two days ago. Although Becky Lynch came can provide relief, The Boss’ mission was accomplished: She’d the WWE Universe’s attention, she’d the spotlight and she or he had all of the “glory” she deserved.

Natalya’s arrival somewhat rained on Banks’ parade, because the Queen of Harts sprinted toward the ring and started buying and selling haymakers with Sasha at ringside. The Queen of Harts’ vicious throwdown demonstrated In Charge that they isn’t as impervious as she thinks. Natalya might have acquired an advantage prior to her match against Banks later tonight, but it’s difficult to believe the battle didn’t play into Sasha’s hands even more: Now, everyone’s speaking about her for an additional pair reason.

Ricochet def. Came McIntyre (King from the Ring First-Round Match)


That seem you hear may be the busting of brackets nationwide. Came McIntyre has run out of the King from the Ring tournament, getting been handed an initial-round exit by Ricochet that, whilst not exactly an upset by itself, isn’t always not no upset, either: The Scot have been reasonably tabbed by anybody having a working set of ears and eyes like a favorite to win everything, while Ricochet’s size difference made him something of the longshot in prognosticators’ eyes, a minimum of with this match.

That McIntyre was visibly buying into their own hype didn’t always disaster him – yes, he pompously sitting around the King from the Ring throne and waved the scepter around prior to the match, but also, he completely manhandled his opponent in early goings. The bout was searching just like a textbook illustration of a Superstar speaking the talk and backing up McIntyre had a solution for everything, and also the former U . s . States Champion was made to improvise his way from the Scotsman’s various traps.

Fortunately for Ricochet, chaotic improvisation is how he lives, and all sorts of he needs is really a single opening. Our prime-flyer stopped McIntyre cold having a Recoil from the turnbuckle, departing his towering foe lower lengthy enough to setup and execute the 630 for that win. With a good matchup against Samoa Joe looming – remember, Ricochet beat him for that U.S. Title – our prime-flyer is all of a sudden searching just like a favorite themself, which Twitter handle is a step nearer to being a reality.

Baron Corbin def. The Miz (King from the Ring First-Round Match)

King Corbin. Express it. Savor the language just like a fine vintage, or spit it like swill if you like but get accustomed to the concept in either case, because Baron Corbin continues to be within the King from the Ring tournament. Not just that, but there’s a really real chance he constitutes a deep run, departing The Miz within the rearview to land themself a matchup against Cedric Alexander within the quarterfinals where Corbin supports the size advantage.

That’s likely awful news for everybody within the WWE World who is constantly on the clamor for Corbin’s humiliation, but nothing more than fuel for that Lone Wolf, that has designed a career from upsetting his legions of boo-wild birds. When it comes to Miz, his burning desire – “I need it all” – got him towards the cusp of victory but no further, as Corbin kicked from the Skull-Crushing Finale and caught Miz off a springboard using the Finish of Days. You will find, Corbin wearing the King from the Ring crown and lounging back around the throne surely rankled a couple of down, as did his sneering insults from the commoners who besmirched his name inside a digital poll. But, of course, that mattered to not him: The king can perform because he likes. Baron Corbin’s just obtaining a jump.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley def. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Mix

Is Bayley biting off greater than she will chew by protecting the SmackDown Women’s Title against Charlotte now Flair at Clash of Champions? The solution, a minimum of on Raw, is the fact that she may have an improved chance compared to naysayers think: The Huggable One pushed off another titleholder, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Mix, inside a match that rapidly switched right into a knock-lower war of attrition. Bayley broke the stalemate having a top-rope elbow drop and possibly advised the WWE World about her history as she marches toward Charlotte now: When she bets on herself, she has a tendency to win.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode won the biggest Tag Team Turmoil Match in Raw history to earn the authority to challenge Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman at Clash of Champions

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode are actually next lined up to challenge Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman for that Raw Tag Team Titles. And when that sentence isn’t strange enough – both of these happen to be a tag team for any grand total of 1 night – consider the way they got the nod to begin with: Winning the biggest Tag Team Turmoil Match in Raw background and outlasting an area that incorporated The O.C., The Revival, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins, The B-Team, Lucha House Party, The Viking Raiders and high Machinery. That’s four former tag team champions, one group of unpredictable veterans and 2 pairs of hosses. When it comes to big wins, we’ve gone past glorious and joined the world from the miraculous.

But, nobody can tell it was not earned: The Viking Raiders’ early make an impression on The B-Team was nullified with a double-disqualification from the O.C., departing Ziggler & Roode with the advantage of a clear slate. They provided good with that chance, running the table from the Lucha House Party (superkick to the rear of Gran Metalik’s mind), The Revival (Glorious DDT to Scott Dawson) and Ryder & Hawkins (superkick to Ryder) to create it lower towards the wire against Heavy Machinery.

They performed that matchup perfectly, too, isolating Tucker having a two-on-one assault made to keep Otis from stepping into the match. When Heavy Machinery switched the tables and hang in the Compactor, Ziggler struck, Zig-Zagging Otis on the top of Tucker to create him up for any Glorious DDT. As unlikely a victory as always, and because of the chemistry proven tonight, may possibly not function as the last. In the end, Ziggler & Roode aren’t to date from Rollins & Strowman, who have been introduced together by happenstance themselves. This will probably be interesting.

Sasha Banks def. Natalya

Concerning the best factor that may be stated for Natalya in her own complement Sasha Banks is the fact that she declined to visit lower with no fight in order to watch for her hurt arm to heal before she attempted her hands from the Boss with regard to her very own pride and also the pride of her family. The choice cost her greatly, but a minimum of she could leave Raw secure in the truth that she didn’t let Banks’ insults stand.

Regrettably, that’s also most likely the worst factor that may be stated for that match too. It had been shateringly apparent the clipped-wing The Queen of Harts was facing a constant fight from the healthy Banks, especially following the Boss frequently slammed her arm in to the ring publish. Natalya certainly managed to get interesting from the “snake” who insulted her, but her hurt arm left her not able to use the Sharpshooter, and also the Boss capitalized, locking staying with you Statement and taking advantage of that very same arm like a leverage point against Natalya’s throat.

The coming back former champion didn’t hesitate to include insult to injuries following the match, trapping Natalya in another Bank Statement only for kicks. Michael Cole was baffled for words because he attempted to find out why a star as accomplished as Banks would “stoop” to savaging Natalya in this manner when she’d already claimed the victory. The issue could answer itself: Clearly, with regards to Sasha Banks, the submission was nice, but statement was the purpose. So that as lengthy as individuals are speaking, she wins.

Cedric Alexander def. Cesaro

In the initial match like a Raw Superstar four several weeks ago, Cedric Alexander fought against the great combat Cesaro and emerged short. The tables switched within their latest matchup, also it was The Swiss Cyborg who found themself using the L … though not before he gave Alexander a parting gift that could well haunt the previous WWE Cruiserweight Champion lower the stretch from the tournament.

Alexander was searching to help keep his ocean legs prior to the King from the Ring quarterfinals, and Cesaro was trying to get back his following a first-round ouster as a result of Samoa Joe. But lengthy-term effects also happened, because of Cesaro’s callous attack on Alexander’s knee and ankle. Alexander powered with the discomfort, catching The Swiss Cyborg having a Lumbar Take a look at of nowhere, however the knowledge of this strategy might be up for question: Baron Corbin presently has a large fat target he won’t hesitate to take advantage of throughout the quarterfinals in a few days. Clearly, however, heart goes a lengthy way, and unless of course that provides out, Alexander’s had a fighting chance.

U . s . States Champion AJ Styles def. Raw Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman via Disqualification


Otherwise for any truly chaotic number of occasions, Braun Strowman might have a U . s . States Championship to choose his Raw Tag Team Title at the moment. Regrettably, disaster struck throughout the Monster Among Men’s title rematch against AJ Styles, and also the Phenomenal One staggered by helping cover their Old Glory due to a disqualification win – though Strowman ensured the walk to the locker room will be a painful one indeed.

Things had progressed much as you may expect – Styles targeted Braun’s base having a Calf Crusher the large man shook them back – until Braun crashed headlong into referee Chad Patton, delivering him tumbling towards the outdoors. Styles required advantage having a thumb towards the eye along with a low blow, with all of those other O.C. running interference and putting a pair of boots to Strowman. Braun shook that off, too, beating back Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson singlehandedly – no Seth Rollins, not a problem – before whaling on the 3 using the chair. Regrettably, Patton found right at this exact moment, getting heard although not seen enough to disqualify Strowman and save Styles’ title. It was not enough in order to save his hide Strowman obliterated The O.C. using the chair along with a final Running Powerslam to AJ, getting to stay for any moral victory rather of the literal one, and something title rather of two … a minimum of for any couple of days.

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