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Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2012

The Road to WrestleMania begins at the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Rumble, and 30 men look to realize a dream by winning the Royal Rumble match and headline WrestleMania. WWE Champion CM Punk faces long odds against retaining his championship when he deals with both #1 contender Dolph Ziggler and a special guest referee with a particular axe to grind, Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis. Daniel Bryan looks to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, but he must overcome two colossal competitors, Mark Henry and Big Show in a steel cage. Plus John Cena and Kane square off in a bitter personal bout. The Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri is this year’s host for WWE Royal Rumble!

The road to Wrestlemania 28 is capable of begin with the 25th annual Royal Rumble event around the month of the month of january 29, 2011 at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Considered as one of the big four PPV’s inside the WWE, Royal Rumble can be a unique event. For almost one 4th from the century, one match has not unsuccessful to enthrall everyone else. Which year, it’ll be the 25th anniversary in the coveted Royal Rumble match. Getting an excellent-card featuring 4 exciting matches, Royal Rumble 2012 will most likely be considered a goody to check out.

Match 1: John Cena Versus Kane

Singles Match

Kane Versus John Cena

It’s been the main feud on Raw within the last day or two. Since being resurrected while using mask, Kane remains tormenting John Cena with vicious attacks. Kane bakes an engaging argument towards John Cena to embrace the hate. While John Cena remains showing warning signs of embracing hate especially throughout his complement Jack Swagger, Kane switched his attack towards Cena’s buddy Zack Ryder, concurrently. Kane even needed out Zack Ryder the other day, within the first match since returning back. This Sunday, John Cena may take a hit the identical fate. Once again, talks of John Cena turning heel at Royal Rumble have surfaced on the internet. But, the probability of this sort of happening are low. It’s lucrative for WWE to keep John Cena inside the same role that he’s portraying presently. But I’m apprehensive in regards to the aftereffect of John Cena embracing the hate in this particular match. Will John Cena embrace the hate and funnel it towards Kane? Or will Kane reign supreme once again? This match will a tantalizing finish.

Match 2: Daniel Bryan(c) Versus Big Show Versus Mark Henry

Triple Threat Steel Cage match for your World Heavyweight Championship

World Heavweight Championship match

The first time ever, a steel cage match for your World Heavyweight Championship will exist in the Royal Rumble event. Additionally, it’ll be a Triple Threat match, which stacks the probabilities directly from the champion heading to the match. In the David Versus 2 Goliath’s fight, it may be a frightening project for Bryan to get victorious in this particular match. Daniel Bryan won the earth Heavyweight Championship lately at TLC, by which he cashed his Money remaining along with you briefcase round the new Champion Big Show who’d just won a brutal Chairs match against Mark Henry. Big Show’s title reign lasted just 45 seconds as Bryan increased to get the ” ” new world ” ” Heavyweight Champion. However, his title reign hasn’t really put him over just like a champion. Over the past day or two, Daniel Bryan remains finding numerous techniques to weasel out untouched in title matches against Big Show and Mark Henry, either knowingly or unknowingly. His girlfriend AJ was knocked lower badly by Big Show in one of people matches, as well as, since that time, Bryan remains angry towards Big Show. Mark Henry, that’s been nursing an injuries, could be the other man in this particular match. While using odds stacked against him, will the earth Heavyweight Champion emerge victorious?

Match 3: CM Punk(c) Versus Dolph Ziggler

Singles Match for your WWE Championship with John Laurinaitis since the special guest referee.

WWE Championship match

CM Punk will probably be protecting his WWE championship against Dolph ‘Show Off’ Ziggler. In this particular match too, the options stacked in the Champion, since the special guest referee, John Laurinaits, has announced that he’ll screw Punk in this particular match. He may easily retreat from his announcement, preserving your inspection by WWE COO – Triple H inside a couple of days, at the rear of his mind. The bitterness between CM Punk and John Laurinaitis as been growing since Punk increased to get the WWE Champion. Punk had accused John Laurinaitis to become jealous of his success. A match between both of these men was teased several occasions nevertheless it never happened. Expect some physicality between these two men during or following a finish in the match. The challenger, Dolph Ziggler, has beaten Punk on numerous occasions lately, because of Laurinaitis, whose interference cost Punk the victory on all occasions. After an unsuccessful challenge for your World Heavyweight Championship against Edge finally year’s Rumble, Ziggler may decide to make amends now. His push to the top level needs a Championship victory which is the very best occasion with this. Will the ‘Best inside the World’ reaffirm his status or possibly there’s a ‘Show Off’? John Laurinaitis props up trump card.

Match 4: Royal Rumble match

Royal Rumble match

Finally, the main event in the night will feature 30 contenders who’ll give their utmost with an opportunity to primary event Wrestlemania. The 25th anniversary in the Royal Rumble match features a special significance since the rules are actually amended allowing all superstars round the roster with this match. However, will still be unclear when the champions will play in the rumble. With several much spoken about names prone to return and legends like Road Dogg, Jim Duggan rumored to produce a one-off appearance, this match will certainly be unpredictable. New feuds will emerge because it is every man for themselves in this particular match. The Miz will enter 2010 Rumble complement an absolute disadvantage at #1 after losing in the complement R-Truth the other day on Raw. Mick Foley and Chris Jericho might also take part in this Rumble match. Due to the unpredictability in the Royal Rumble, it’ll be harmful to calculate the champion. So, let us relax and luxuriate in that certain-of-a-kind match that never ceases to surprise us.

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