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Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014

Royal Rumble (2014) is the twenty-seventh annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by WWE. It will take place on January 26, 2014 at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It will be the first WWE pay-per-view in the 2014 line-up. The main event is scheduled to be Randy Orton defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena with winner by pinfall or submission only. The secondary main event will be the Royal Rumble itself, in which 30 wrestlers compete in a battle royal for a chance at the title at WrestleMania. Also on the card is Brock Lesnar vs Big Show.

This Sunday night it’s the 27th annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view event happening in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

There are just four matches announced additionally towards the actual Rumble match, which often goes around an hour long. Since certainly one of individuals matches will occur around the Kickoff show, which means only three matches around the actual PPV. Searching in the Rumble card from this past year, it might be much like the things they did then too. Because the three singles matches all seem like they might go greater than fifteen minutes then in line with the timing from the matches, plus all of the video packages and hype for WWE Network, it’s likely this is actually the full card.

The rumor is when they think like there’s time for an additional pair match then it will likely be AJ Lee protecting the Divas Title against Naomi. In the event that happens I’d expect AJ to support the Divas Title. She shouldn’t lose it within an unadvertised match. That might be silly.

(Note: All graphics come from WWE.com. The banner is thanks to my pal Steve Melo.)

WWE Tag Team Titles: Cody Rhodes & Goldust versus. The Brand New Age Outlaws (Kickoff Match)

There has been rumors from the Goldust/Cody split resulting in a WrestleMania match (with Goldust likely because the heel) since they began teaming up. They’ve done a fantastic job together, though, so it’s difficult to determine if that’s still the program or maybe it had been. The Goldust/Cody rumor was something which Goldust continues to be speaking about on Twitter for a few years. Whether WWE really will it or otherwise, we have no idea yet.

The challengers with this match really are a team that’s only wrestled a few occasions this season, yet they’re obtaining a tag team title shot. The storyline is the fact that given that they bailed as CM Punk’s partners inside a tag match, their old buddy HHH gave them a non-title match on Smackdown, that they won (following a Vickie Guerrero promo). They’ve done a great job within the matches they’ve had. While they’re clearly not just like these were fifteen years ago, they’re still two charismatic guys with higher chemistry.

I believe you will see a tag team title change soon. A heel team will win them, however i don’t think it will likely be only at that show. Drop these to the actual Americans on Raw and they can drop these to the Usos at WrestleMania. That might be the easiest method to get it done. This really is really a tough match to calculate since the Outlaws winning is sensible from the story perspective although I do not think they’re the best team to win the tag titles. It goes 12 minutes, the champs may screw up a few occasions and tease an error, but ultimately I expect them to find away out to win. Are both within the Rumble match too, so perhaps they are able to tease some tension there.

Daniel Bryan versus. Bray Wyatt

The apparent option for this match is Daniel Bryan and that’s who I’m choosing simply because there isn’t any reason behind him to get rid of to Wyatt. He lost the fir on 3 handicap match they’d, he then became a member of the audience and that he got a bit of vengeance as he unleashed a panic attack on Wyatt a few days ago on Raw. The factor is, this might just take part in the storyline they’re attempting to tell without ending it here. There’s the Elimination Chamber PPV that may see both guys included in the 6 man match within the chamber or they might have another singles match.

I additionally expect a very hot crowd with this match because Bryan’s extremely popular so when he came back to his old self on Raw it made the fans love him that rather more.

Bryan’s my pick to win although it’s not even close to a lock and i believe a Wyatt win makes lots of sense too. It’s only a shame that these two guys aren’t marketed for that Rumble match, especially Bryan.

Big Show versus. Brock Lesnar

When Lesnar signed with WWE 2 yrs ago it appeared likely they would return to this match due to their past. From the moment when Show beat Lesnar for that WWE Title in 2002 towards the time once they did the superplex place where they broke the ring in 2003, they always had good chemistry. Sometimes two bigger guys wrestle and it is not entertaining, but Lesnar versus. Show is generally pretty solid.

Things I think may happen is Show will hit Lesnar with everything else he is able to (such as the KO Punch) just for Lesnar to help keep kicking out. The purpose of this match would be to make Lesnar seem like a complete animal which takes punishment and overcome it to find away out to win. The ultimate visual will probably be a Lesnar F5 on Show, that is always an incredible sight. We haven’t seen it in an exceedingly lengthy time, and so i expect an enormous reaction if this happens.

Big Show is simply a guy for Lesnar to conquer on his method to bigger opponents at Elimination Chamber (presuming Lesnar is wrestling there) and also at WrestleMania 30 (possibly Undertaker). Lesnar winning this match may be the greatest lock about this show.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton versus. John Cena

I believe the develop with this match that WWE is attempting to label “the greatest championship rematch in history” continues to be inadequate. Since their TLC match for that WWE WHC, that was won by Randy Orton, they haven’t interacted that much. The only real significant factor that happened in nearly six days is the fact that Orton decked Cena’s father having a cheap shot punch towards the mind. How did to follow that up? By getting John Cena wait THREE FREAKIN’ Hrs on Raw 1 week later to avenge the discomfort that his father endured as a result of Orton. So we’re designed to think that Cena required three hrs to get at your building where he was working at? It’s so silly.

The booking with this match will probably be interesting too. It’s unlikely that Cena will leave as WWE Champion because Orton was put over Cena at TLC also it would hurt Orton an excessive amount of to decrease it so right after he won it. Even WWE’s booking team is sensible enough to understand that. Right? Presuming they’re smart enough, my real question is so how exactly does John Cena lose this match? He rarely loses clean. What went down at TLC would be a very creative finish, but it isn’t like they may be as creative inside a regular complement no stipulations.

What’s also interesting is the fact that with Elimination Chamber coming on Feb 23rd, it’s likely the primary event will have a WWE Title match. The champion will probably defend the WWE WHC against five other guys. The odds are high these two will engage in that. Knowing that, I can tell Orton retaining the title here using some type of cheap tactic or possibly the aid of someone else that people don’t expect.

My conjecture is Orton maintains after twenty minutes although I do not think it will likely be that clean, so it might be a DQ or Countout win by Orton. Possibly they finish up brawling outdoors the ring for that double countout? Might happen. In my opinion Cena will be receiving another title shot sooner or later, therefore if you’re tired of this competition then bad. It’s likely likely to continue.

The 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match

(Official entrants for auction on WWE.com: Batista, CM Punk (#1 Entrant), Alberto Del Rio, Big E Langston, The Miz, R-Truth, Xavier Forest, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Rey Mysterio, Fandango, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Damien Sandow, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and 10 others)

Batista will win this match. The 45 years old that hasn’t experienced WWE for pretty much 4 years, that won this match nine years back will win this match though it should be Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. Why could it be Batista? Because that’s what WWE does. They push the larger guys using the bigger muscles using the history like a primary eventer within the guys which have been doing their finest to hold the organization for that 4 years as the other guy vanished. It’s probably the most frustrating factor about as being a WWE fan. It’s the incorrect guy in the wrong time. That’s what this really is.

In WWE’s defense, they are able to indicate this week’s Raw and say “we got our very best ratings in 10 several weeks.” That’s their method of being proven right. They spent 30 days airing promos for Batista, telling the fans he was returning at Raw and also the fans tuned set for it to provide them great ratings. Their thinking is the fact that a man like Bryan didn’t do this great when it comes to PPV buys or ratings when Cena was out and that he was pressed heavily, so they’re not likely to push him as “the man” at this time. Another method to consider it’s that since WWE knows they’re going to have a larger audience during this period of the year (no National football league competition plus WrestleMania season) they must be more prepared to push a man like Bryan to the peak because more and more people will be watching each week.

By at this time, Daniel Bryan isn’t even booked for that Royal Rumble match. He hasn’t pointed out it on tv. He hasn’t been pointed out like a participant. It could have been nice if he is at the match in an effort to give fans hope he would win. By not really advertising him you’re making them seem like a loser by excluding him inside a match such as this.

When it comes to surprises, I believe we’ll see Sheamus back. He’ll be a heel eventually simply because the roster is presently packed with faces. Christian should return here also. Evan Bourne is stated to finally eat well, so he’s possible. It might be awesome when there was the return of Mike Roberts while he continues to be tweeting about thinking of doing it for a lot of several weeks now. If he is able to get it done then allow him to. Also Kane’s unlisted within the match, however i expect him to become in the room since he’s always booked strong inside a match such as this. There can be other surprises too although I truly doubt they’ll be big names.

The great factor relating to this match is the fact that CM Punk may be the first entrant. It’s expected that his WrestleMania 30 opponent is going to be Triple H, so expect him to become eliminated in some type of screwjob fashion. Because of the insufficient star power within the match I additionally expect Punk to really make it close to the very finish, that could mean final 4 or 5. He’s certainly a properly conditioned athlete and will also be fine if he needs to go forty-five minutes approximately.

There must be some tension with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins too. As I don’t expect a complete breakup from the Shield yet, it’s likely likely to be teased through the match. Expect the right results together early, only then do we often see Ambrose attempt to eliminate Reigns, fail at this after which Reigns would finish up dumping him out. A match like this is actually the perfect place to plant the seeds for your trio failing.

Within the finish, I believe the ultimate two will finish up being Batista and Alberto Del Rio with Batista winning the match. It isn’t what I wish to happen. It’s things i think WWE is going to do.

Hopefully it’s a properly booked complement some memorable spots because entering it the entire factor feels really foreseeable. I recognize that 2 yrs ago most had Chris Jericho pegged because the champion if this became Sheamus. Each of them wound up getting major title shots at WrestleMania and Jericho’s was the larger one. The champion didn’t really matter, made it happen? Situations are different now. The champion will get the WWE WHC match. It will likely be Batista.

Final Ideas

It is a good show with strong matches within the undercard and also the Rumble match can be great like usual. My concern would be that the the Rumble lacks the unpredictability component that helps it previously. This past year we understood Cena was winning. This season it appears pretty apparent that Batista is winning. Lots of WWE booking continues to be pretty foreseeable the final couple of several weeks, that is a bit disappointing. Ultimately what matters would be that the show is entertaining and i believe the singles matches on the program will be excellent, to ensure that will certainly help.

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