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Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2019

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2019

[the_ad_placement id=”adcash”]Royal Rumble (2019) is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their Raw and SmackDown brands. It will take place on January 27, 2019, at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. It is the thirty-second event in it’s history.

Phoenix, Arizona in a massive outside stadium Chase Field. It’s just a little ballsy doing a wide open air show in The month of january however this is Arizona.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Title

Asuka (c) versus. Becky Lynch

Becky has certainly been posturing many I do not determine if that’s deliberate on her behalf part or if she’s learned to however it does make her appear just like a bigger deal. I love her emergency here, frequently searching for that Disarmer so she will get part the formality of wrestling and start to be the Man. They tease some pretty big spots until Asuka hits a swinging neckbreaker from the apron, that we don’t really get. Why would you accomplish that to yourself?

As the crowd support is perfect for Becky the flow from the match is nicely despite Asuka generally obtaining the better from the big spots. The match clearly designed to create a point Asuka is really a star too. It’s a really spirited match that feels rushed to begin with but rather shapes as an excellent backwards and forwards with Asuka groing through clean using the Cattle Mutilation. Getting to locate something totally new to trap The Person out.

It states a great deal about WWE that they’re quite ready to job out their hottest female act to obtain other women over however, if the genders were reversed they’d never perform the same factor (Austin, Cena, HHH etc). Great match though also it elevates Asuka that they won clean.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title

The Bar (c) versus. The Miz & Geebet McMahon

Miz goes with “Miz and Mac” together name however i prefer my compound team name ‘The Shiz’.

I am unable to abide Geebet McMahon. He can’t fathom what anybody gains when controling Geebet, who’s a dreadful wrestler and insists ongoing 50-50 with whomever he faces tossing individuals goddamn awful punches. A minimum of Vince looked jacked. A minimum of Triple H would be a decent wrestler. Geebet? Appears like someone’s titled uncle and wrestles like someone who’s really into MMA but hasn’t really were built with a fight. His only skill is falling stuff as well as then he’s going for a place from among the boys who could let go of an enormous bump.

Geebet looks in horrible shape here. He’s all red hard after taking one bump. A minimum of the Bar work heat on Miz so Geebet spends a shorter period within the ring but it’s a dull match. When Geebet is within there it’s a poor match because Geebet isn’t good. The main one reason for hilarity may be the Giant Swing where Geebet insists on holding one hands at his waist to make sure his shirt doesn’t come untucked and reveal his pasty midrift. Geebet even pins Cesaro having a Shooting Star Press. Visit hell, Geebet.

WWE Raw Women’s Title

Ronda Rousey (c) versus. Sasha Banks

This can be a relative dream match and something I figured they’d spend longer building to but Rousey looks like it’s spending time off after Mania to begin a household. It makes sense a comparatively rushed build and providing Rousey her last major challenge prior to the inevitable showdown with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania.

This news that Rousey will probably leave WWE has certainly switched her mixed reaction into more heel-ant heat. Which will get considerably greater after Ronda lifts Sasha’s pose. They’re going directly into the cash material after finishes and the like with Rousey doing the 3 Amigos to wreck havoc on Sasha. The weird factor is the fact that Ronda as being a jerk really helps her crowd support because nobody likes a white-colored meat babyface. Where Ronda is really proficient at wrestling is the fact that she throws herself into everything and causes it to be feel legit, as opposed to the other issue most rookies are afflicted by working too soft.

Tactically the match is actually interesting with Sasha goading Ronda into mistakes after which working the arm over. The concept being she’s planning to upset Ronda by stealing her moves however set her up for that Banks Statement. As the tactics work with me the execution is a touch rough. Sasha happens to be just a little rough and prepared and it is a part of her appeal. Ronda does nail the armbar takedown on the ground. This is actually the point where Sasha begins to seem like an hurt animal.

They are doing cause me to feel legitimately bite on possible submissions for both and Banks plays off her recent wardrobe malfunction by utilizing a part of her gear to choke Ronda. Rousey forces out though and hits Piper’s Pit having a bridge for that win. It was great. It had been raw and energetic also it performed off logic and injuries. A really mature match from Ronda. I’d like to discover their whereabouts go again a while.

I actually do love Sasha flashing the “Four” at Ronda following the match. When they weren’t looking to get the title off Ronda at Mania I saw Four Horsewomen versus. Four Horsewomen. They’ve all eight women in the organization! Ronda has beaten Charlotte now and Sasha.

Women’s Royal Rumble

1 is Lacey Evans. You are able to tell they’ve every aim of pushing her because she will get a promo. Shame she can’t perform a puppy nip up. Or hit her greatest move when anybody is watching. #2 is Natalya. A stable hands to assist things keep on track. #3 is Mandy Rose. #4 is Liv Morgan. Jesus, it’s blonde inside. Oh wait, Liv has pink hair now! And will get dumped inside a couple of seconds. “The Riott Squad continues to have a 66% possibility of winning” – Corey Graves breaks lower the chances. #5 is Mickie James. She’s another seasoned hands to make certain the match stays around the rails. That stated she constitutes a mess from the stuff with Mandy.

6 is Ember Moon. She will get the greatest pop to date. #7 is Billie Kay. “I’m not going in” she screeches because she’s awaiting Peyton Royce. It was once within the rules you had to go in prior to the next entrant will get here but it isn’t any longer, I suppose. #8 is Nikki Mix. She’s extremely over along with a difference maker but she’s so small. #9 is Peyton Royce. #10 is Tamina. She’s the very first powerhouse and there’s lots of wrestlers within the ring. The resultant obvious-out does not occur and just Mickie is ejected. Poor choice.

11 is Xia Li. I’m happy for Xia. She will get to obvious a lot of people by helping cover their kicks and it is pretty obvious she’s a much better wrestler than half the talent already here. Although around the eco-friendly side right now. #12 is Sarah Logan. The IIconics dump Nikki which will get lots of heat. Additionally, it shows what WWE really consider Nikki: weird character, not championship material. #13 is Charlotte now Flair. The figures go lower just a little together with her entry having a couple of extras disappearing (IIconics, Xia, Tamina). #14 is Kairi Sane. Charlotte now is certainly the focus of the match. As with Ric in 1992 everybody targets Charlotte now. Logan eats the Insane Elbow and will get lobbed out.

15 is Maria Kanellis. I figured she got released? Her screaming “pay focus on me” is telling. Charlotte now versus. Lacey appears to become a story WWE wish to accomplish because of their similar size and strengths. #16 is Naomi and Mandy continues to be inside! Not for lengthy! Naomi applies to her Kofi Kingston comeback and jumps towards the ring steps so Mandy pulls her off there for that ultimate heel elimination! The officials break that up and for that reason miss Lacey Evans getting kicked out by Charlotte now (although it is not the position as she’s out anyway? Weird).

17 is Candice LeRae. I’m thrilled for Candice starting to be on PPV. #18 is Alicia Fox. I really like Alicia but she’s an entire loon along with a inadequate wrestler. She does nail some good dropkicks here though. The stupid stuff with Maria where they fight more than a hat is uncalled for. #19 is Kacy Catanzaro. #20 is Zelina Vega. She’s another titch. There is a throwback with Zelina versus. Candice from NXT. The response shows the majority of people watch NXT. Or at the minimum Takeover.

21 is Ruby Riott and she’s became a member of by her Riott Squad siblings. The Riotts eliminate a couple of but Zelina hides underneath the ring. #22 is Dana Brooke. Meanwhile Ruby is dominating because of her outdoors help. It’s strategically smart. #23 is Io Shirai. She’s also smart and removes the Riott Squad first. I appreciate when wrestlers give consideration backstage towards the theme from the match. #24 is Rhea Ripley. WWE are extremely at the top of her. Kacy pulls a ‘my ft didn’t hit the floor’ hands stand walk to the ring after which crawls in the ring publish! Like Naomi she suffers for this. #25 is Sonya Deville.

Zelina will get freaked from underneath the ring because Swoggle is under there and Rhea tosses her out. #26 is Alexa Bliss. She’s back following a four month show hurt and seems like a large star still. Although her insufficient firepower is fairly apparent when she’s squaring served by a few of these other wrestlers. #27 is Bayley. She will get eliminate Ruby, who’d gone cold following the Riott Squad got wiped out and Rhea, who faded following a strong start. The big names are here. #28 is Lana who I possibly could have sworn was eliminated because of her ankle injuries. The very fact everyone else are chanting “Becky” is palpable to how wise they’re for this story. Or the way they think it’s happening.

29 is Nia Jax. That is not common as she stops off and away to stomp Lana. Natalya continues to be available, smashing the durability record. So naturally Nia throws her out. #30 is Carmella, because the champion from the Mixed Match Challenge. Some pretty big players left in the finish here, when compared with a few of the nostalgia stuff from this past year. With Lana still lower Becky Lynch appears and states “I’m moving in, who’s likely to stop me”. Fit Finlay gives her the OK and also the reaction is immense. That is hearing your crowd as she would go to get revenge on Nia. Compare that towards the Daniel Bryan absence in 2015.

Ember manages 53 minutes before Alexa dumps her. That leaves six and they’re all former women’s champions. You may earn arguments its them winning. Not strong ones but arguments. Bayley and Carmella get together to pitch Alexa out. Carmella will get booted out by Charlotte now.

FINAL FOUR: Charlotte now Flair, Bayley, Nia Jax & Becky Lynch. So why do these dummies not get together on Jax? Bayley will get dumped when Charlotte now big boots Nia and everybody within the ring now hates one another. Charlotte now yelling at Nia to “stay from it” almost seems like Flair thinks she will throw Nia out anytime. She’s settled into her Queen job nicely. Becky will get revenge by knocking Nia out. Where’s yer facebreaker now, eh? Oh, she removes Becky’s leg on her behalf way to avoid it.

Becky’s refusal to stop and are available following the ref’s for attempting to declare Charlotte now the champion is unreal fire. “You’ve taken enough from me, you aren’t taking this”. Charlotte now would go to perform the big boot around the ropes, that is how she’s eliminated a lot of people and Becky ducks and wins. It required some time to obtain there however this was the best outcome and Lynch will the primary event of WrestleMania.

It could have meant more if she’s not only appear a title shot reduction in the outlet match but it’s in addition to that. She wanted the primary event of WrestleMania and today she’s first got it. It just could have been improved by her calling her shot at Ronda Rousey right present however that can occur tomorrow.

Short version: they did a great deal right but crucially the match didn’t flow in addition to this past year and i believe everybody was awaiting the way they would shoehorn Becky Lynch in to the match.

WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan (c) versus. AJ Styles

The Brand New Daniel Bryan is a thought. He’s been a great promo however the NEW Daniel Bryan is cutting angry, impassioned promos. They’re rooted in reality too, which is the reason why them really killer. He’s switched his hate of mankind right into a hate of specific people of mankind and, to be honest, Styles deserves his anger. The same is true Vince McMahon.

The problem this match faces is attempting just to walk a line between Bryan’s character work and also the incredible possibility of an upright up match. Bryan would like to sacrifice match quality for storyline and that i respect that. Basically was watching this live I most likely couldn’t cope with how systematic the match is three hrs right into a PPV, five hrs should you count the pre-show. They perform a couple of sequences that demonstrate what they’re really able to therefore it makes all of those other match that rather more disappointing.

Comms describe the match as “grinding”. Whether it were two wrestlers less beloved through the crowd they wouldn’t pull it off. The factor is when they are conditioning fans to expecting slower paced, meticulous character/story/selling driven matches? Or perhaps is that point gone? Particularly when Bryan applies to the LeBell Lock and all sorts of his part of the body work brought into it. Even AJ’s bloody nose. There’s a little masterpiece about this. The kick towards the arm to prevent the outstanding Forearm is art.

Then…Eric Rowan? You obtain a collective “huh” from the crowd? Like what on the planet may be the connection? He’s among the worst wrestlers around the entire roster. He is not by any means worthy of a primary event connection. They perform a naff ref bump and Rowan explains AJ for Bryan to obtain the cheap pin. So, in conclusion 1. Sluggish match. 2. Masterful build. 3. Bad finish.

WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar (c) versus. Finn Balor

The concept here’s that Lesnar has beaten everybody so why wouldn’t you provide a shot for an underdog like Balor? He can’t inflict worse than Braun or Reigns or Cena.

Balor brings another skills to anything any one of individuals guys has. His sudden bursts of offence, that are suitably high-impact, keep Brock unawares early doorways but all Lesnar must do is grab Balor and throw him and it is a game title changer. Brock hitting his groin around the announce table has me chuckling. “Football within the groin, football within the groin!”

They listen to it as Balor exposing Lesnar’s Achilles heel, the midsection that troubled him with diverticulitis. It’s a great solid storyline with Brock hurting themself tossing Finn around. It requires Lesnar’s A-game from him and does Lesnar possess a Plan B? Anybody wishing to conquer Lesnar ought to be watching and taking notes.

They almost have me using the Coup de Elegance but Lesnar counters the pin in to the kimura for that submission. There wasn’t any method for the smaller sized Balor to flee. The truly amazing factor relating to this match is that they found a method to tell the storyline without making use of something impractical. Basing the match on Lesnar’s real existence issues and Finn’s cold logic almost won him a famous victory. I truly enjoyed reading this.

Men’s Royal Rumble

JBL and Jerry Lawler elegance us using their presence here. #1 is Elias, so he is able to sing an audio lesson. I possibly could seriously do without him gassing for a long time once the show has already been six hrs lengthy. #2 is Shaun Jarrett. You what mate?

J-E-DOUBLE F. J-A-DOUBLE R-E-DOUBLE T. Ain’t he great? No. Definitely not now. He’s 51 and essentially upon the market. He can’t even sing! Someone start the timer! Get another person here. Hearing Lawler recycling his jokes from twenty years ago is fairly irritating. I did not like them to begin with. Jarrett will get El Kabong and it is tossed out. This is actually the finest royal rumble.

3 is Shinsuke Nakamura. My word the this past year hasn’t been kind to him. He was around the edge 12 several weeks ago after which s*** your bed at Mania with AJ. #4 is Kurt Position. I actually do like nostalgia records even when Kurt continues to be wrestling once in a while in the last year. He nearly kills Elias by having an overhead suplex here though and really should most likely consider not doing that again. #5 is very large E. His first order of economic is showing Kurt Position how you can throw a suplex. Nakamura will get eliminate Position as revenge for brand new Japan for his operate in that company.

6 is Johnny Gargano! Perhaps the very best wrestler WWE presently have. #7 is Jinder Mahal. Gargano kicks him straight out. #8 is Samoa Joe making his Rumble debut. #9 is Curt Hawkins. -256 arriving. He decides for that Zelina Vega/Hornswoggle/Jerry Lawler hide underneath the ring approach. #10 is Seth Rollins. There are several heavy hitters inside early doorways.

11 is Titus O’Neil. He will get an enormous pop because of not falling over. Many people possess a low bar for achievement. Hawkins eliminates him. 1-256? Then Joe throws him out. 1-257. Joe, Rollins, Nakamura and Gargano. Exactly what a foursome that’s. #12 is Kofi Kingston. #13 is Mustafa Ali. He dropkicks Nakamura, last year’s champion, out. “A lengthy be seduced by the united states champion” – Corey Graves. I’ll say. Quite the downer for him.

14 is Dean Ambrose. Kofi’s magic escape this season involves him walking across the apron upside lower towards the ring steps. Sad to determine Ambrose treat Gargano like trash. #15 isn’t any Way Jose. Joe clotheslines him straight out as the conga lines are still happening. #16 is Came McIntyre. Came kills the conga line. Claymores over-all!

17 is Xavier Forest. He saves Kofi who hadn’t hit with ft and Forest walks him into the ring. Then Came eliminates both of them. Good. #18 is Pete Dunne! Pete within the Rumble. It’d to occur eventually but seeing him in there’s pretty surreal. I remember when i were built with a talk to him about Acocks Eco-friendly. I had been quite drunk. #19 is Andrade. #20 is Apollo Crews and also the crowd goes mild. Lovely guy, incredible athlete, no personality.

The match feels quite sluggish at this time. Nobody does anything or concentrating on anybody. #21 is Aleister Black. I usually stated he was ideal to WWE and they’ve done a fantastic job of focusing why is him good. Black Mass puts Dean out! Holy s***, which was awesome! #22 is Shelton Benjamin. Ali chucks Joe out!!!. That’s an excellent capper on their own storyline that’s been managing a couple of days. Until he will get murdered again on Smackdown.

23 is Baron Corbin. #24 is Shaun Sturdy. Black again looks terrific, popping his finger in after Pete breaks it and Corbin dumps him. Corbin? What? Claymore will get eliminate Pete. #25 is Rey Mysterio. #26 is Bobby Lashley. He is lost immediately and Lashley decides to get his misfortune on Seth Rollins and tables him. #27 is Braun Strowman. The objective of Seth dying now obvious as Strowman can obvious everybody out and then leave Rollins unaffected. His rampage is restricted to Corbin, Shelton and Sturdy as it turned out.

28 is Dolph Ziggler and that he dumps McIntyre to obtain revenge for his or her break-up. It had been a rubbish tag team. #29 is Randy Orton. #30 is R-Truth. Nia Jax lays him out! NIA JAX is #30? Are you currently kidding me? She’s the 4th ever lady to compete within the men’s royal rumble. Everyone else is hot for your Nia versus. Orton feud. Book it for Mania, Vince! Ziggler will get an enormous pop for nailing her having a superkick. Oh man, shall we be saying this really is okay now? Exactly what a weird turn of occasions. My only major problem is that Nia is really a heel and will get lots of passion for this.

FINAL FOUR: Andrade, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins. With Braun and Seth lower outdoors the ring it briefly appears like Andrade versus. Ziggler is going to be for the marbles. Imagine getting drunk only at that show and thinking that’s the ultimate two? Or just being Jerry Lawler. Same factor. Braun will get triple teamed but chucks Andrade out after which both others pull the miracle escape. Dolph dies. They are doing the Benoit/Big Show finish however with a twist. Braun recovering simply to get Curb Stomped out.

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