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Watch WWE SummerSlam 2010

Watch WWE SummerSlam 2010

SummerSlam (2010) was a PPV that took place on August 15, 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for the second consecutive year. It was the 23rd annual SummerSlam event. The main event focused on the invasion of The Nexus into the WWE. Team WWE (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, R-Truth, and John Morrison) fought The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, and Darren Young) in a seven-on-seven elimination match. Other matches included Kane defending the World Heavyweight Championship from Rey Mysterio, Sheamus defending the WWE Championship from Randy Orton with stipulations to prevent interference, Big Show versus the Straight Edge Society in a 3 on 1 handicap match, and Dolph Ziggler defending the IC Title from Kofi Kingston in a singles match.

Well folks, Summerslam is closer than you think and it is here we are at some predictions. This year’s event will offer you several matches that’ll be certain to deliver some good action and expand on some growing story lines.

There are plenty of feuds creating any mind this generally is one of probably the most entertaining Summerslam occasions in a long time.

We will have Big Show undertake the 3 people from the straight edge society inside a handicap match. Big Show is not a guy you need to go foot to foot with, but could the enormous overtake the 3 superstars who wish to put him out?

John Cena is leading team WWE against Nexus this Sunday. Can the orange and blue clad warrior lead his team to victory, or will Nexus solidify their put on the roster?

Randy Orton is placed to manage certainly one of his toughest opponents in Sheamus. Will the Celtic Warrior ba capable of taking the venom from the viper, or is he going to be met with another RKO?

Kofi Kingston Versus Dolph Ziggler for that Intercontinental Title

Kofi Kingston lately lost his coveted Intercontinental Title to Dolph Ziggler with an episode of Smackdown. Following the match Kofi went insane and beat the living hell from Dolph. He frequently slammed Dolph’s mind in to the steel ring steps. This feud hadn’t really received much attention before the attack by Kingston. Both of these are actually in the center of a really personal feud. Kofi lost a title he held for some time, while Dolph acquired his first singles title in the WWE career. While Kofi could be the favorite within this match, I predict that Ziggler holds to the gold for much more time. Vickie is as simple as his side, and she or he may cost superstars matches by interfering on their own opponents account. It can come lower to Kofi losing because of some type of Guerrero cheating, after which he will likely add too much again and provide Ziggler another beatdown.

3 on 1 Handicap Match: Big Show Versus Straight Edge Society

Big Show goes into that one hurt. Following the recent attack on his arm through the SES he might be unable to employ the moves he usually uses to finish a match. His knockout punch and chokeslam will both suffer because of his hands not 100 %. CM Punk continues to be hurt for any little but, however, you haven’t were built with a week without seeing him berate the crowd, talent as well as their own team people. His heel promos are gaining critical acclaim which match is going to be his very first time during the ring since his arm injuries. I predict this you will finish with Big Show getting beat. He’s massive without a doubt, but size are only able to go to date against three man. CM Punk has shown he holds their own against big men, and Gallows and Mercury aren’t any slouches either. Serena will certainly attend ringside with this one, and her role may finish up being not only valet within this match. I really hope sooner or later the SES will get some steam because WWE hasn’t done an excellent job of creating them seem like a powerful stable.

Divas Title Match and Laycool Versus Kelly Kelly and Tiffany

I made the decision to throw both of these matches into one slide. It is not since the Divas are less important, however the WWE doesn’t really feature them how they might be features, and for that reason I’ve less to create about. So far as the Divas title match goes, I see Alicia Fox retaining against a coming back Melina. Fox isn’t the very best in ring worker but WWE officials are stated to be really at the top of her at this time. WWE might not wish to high risk the title off her so soon. I additionally predict that Laycool is going to be victorious over Kelly and Tiffany. WWE continues to be happy considering that the Laycool gimmick is working and they’ll surely wish to keep taking advantage of that.

Kane Versus Rey Mysterio for that World Heavyweight Title

This match is a we have seen before, but never with the much anger and emotion. Kane is accusing Rey to be the one which required the Undertaker, while Rey is pissed he lost his title to Kane at MITB. Kane continues to be on the rampage in the last handful of several weeks looking for the offender to his siblings attack. He’s accused everybody however the chairman themself of detaching the dead man. Rey maintains hie s innocent, but his mission to get back his title won’t be stopped. Rey only held his second world title for around per month, and that he wants his third reign to begin at Summerslam. Kane retaining the belt for 2 reasons. One, he is probably likely to feud with Undertaker as he makes his return, and getting a title within the mix is needed. Two, Kane continues to be dominating everybody recently and that i just aren’t seeing Rey slaying this giant.

Sheamus Versus Randy Orton for that WWE Title

Sheamus has already established a whirlwind career within the WWE. He acquired his first WWE title for only five several weeks with the organization, and that he acquired his second title before his twelve months mark using the organization. He was pressed towards the primary event when ECW was over. Randy Orton has already established an incredible career so far, gaining multiple World and WWE title, in addition to mid card and tag team titles on the way. Orton is really a third generation star that has become of WWE’s most widely used anti-hero figures ever. Both of these guys have faced off before, however this time the sensation differs. The buildup for this match continues to be great and both men seem to be in peak health entering this match. I would like to say Orton can come away the champion, but I must state that Sheamus will most likely retain. Getting Sheamus as champion gives WWE a much better image in Countries in europe, and thinking about how rapidly his first reign ended, they most likely want to own pale fighter more time using the belt.

Team WWE Versus Team Nexus

This match will certainly be exciting. John Cena has put together a group with a few of WWE’s best and brightest stars, plus a living legend. Nexus however are youthful hungry competitors who’ve something to demonstrate.

It has been certainly one of my personal favorite feuds in a long time. The buildup for this match continues to be epic and also the WWE has finally found something interesting to help keep people guessing.

This match may go in either case. Nexus required on seven other Raw stars lately and shut them out by not getting just one Nexus member eliminated. However Team WWE has ome of the greatest on the planet on their own side.

Jericho, Edge, Cena, Morrison, Truth, and Hart aren’t doing offers with regards to dealing with Nexus.

I predict team WWE in the future away using the win, although not without effects. Nexus will most likely attack when the match has ended and then leave a number of team WWE hurt. We will need to hold back until Sunday to determine

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