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Watch WWE SummerSlam 2012

Watch WWE SummerSlam 2012

The Perfect Storm engulfs Los Angeles on the historic 25th Anniversary of SummerSlam. The wrecking ball force of Brock Lesnar meets the blind rage of a vengeful Triple H as two larger-than life gladiators collide for the first-time ever! Plus, CM Punk seeks validation for his status atop the WWE in a Triple Threat title defense against the Big Show and long-time rival John Cena. And after being injured at the hands of Alberto Del Rio, a determined Sheamus puts his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the ruthless “Man of Destiny”. A violent whirling of storm clouds approaches the Staples Center for WWE SummerSlam!

WWE SummerSlam 2012 PPV – Triple H versus Brock Lesnar. CM Punk defends the WWE Championship against John Cena and large Show. Sheamus defends the planet Heavyweight Championship. Chris Jericho versus Dolph Ziggler. Will the Money in the Bank be sold? What matches will be included to the credit card? How can the brand new Gm AJ be considered a factor? Listed here are my predictions for that pay-per-view. Check for SummerSlam 2012 results and review here.

WWE SummerSlam 2012 Pay-Per-View Brock Lesnar versus Triple H HHH Video

Triple H versus. Brock Lesnar

Not happy to check this out match. I do not worry about the feud, I do not think the match quality is going to be good, and I am expecting the entire reason for it to merely finish up just as being a stroke of HHH’s ego. If Lesnar comes using this searching good and wins the match, then that can help, but when he just jobs to Triple H i then aren’t seeing how they may build him look out onto anything credible for WrestleMania thinking about the limited quantity of appearances he’s left.

WWE Championship [Triple Threat Match]: CM Punk (c) versus. John Cena versus. Big Show

Which means this was inevitable. CM Punk will behave as a tweener, John Cena would be the babyface, and large Show would be the heel. John Cena appears like he’s going to win after giving a mindset Adjustment to Big Show, but CM Punk kicks him within the mind after which pins Big Show to support the title. Cena then includes a rightful claim that they can a match of their own against Punk during the night of Champions. Not keen on this.


World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) versus. Alberto Del Rio

I’d be shocked if Alberto Del Rio stays solo within this match. I am expecting Rey Mysterio to engage in some capacity. In either case, Sheamus maintains. I can not discover their whereabouts passing on to Del Rio. He’s got nothing opting for him right now. He does not have anything moving for his character. When they gave him the title it might seem like they made it happen without warning. Sheamus will most likely you need to be shedding it to Dolph Ziggler sooner or later – possibly even at SummerSlam if they would like to make a move big (but most likely not). I am not getting high wants this match whatsoever when it comes to quality and I can tell it to be the opener from the pay-per-view.


Daniel Bryan versus Kane

It was clearly tossed along with nothing in your mind in advance for either of these. I’ve little interest in this match because it will not have lasting repercussions or anything like that. Case a way to get the pair of them around the card. Hopefully they do not waste considerable time onto it plus they then add more matches to compensate for it.

Chris Jericho versus Dolph Ziggler

This can be a feud I have wanted for any really lengthy time. I’ve high hopes this will steal the show and be the greatest match from the night. Hell, it’s potential to become a match of the season candidate, the way in which both of these work. If Jericho is really likely to leave following this pay-per-view, that’ll be unfortunate because it will cut the feud short, but maybe they normally use that as a way to provide us all things in this match. I really hope it’s accustomed to put Ziggler over.

Tag Team Championship: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth versus. Prime Time Players

Titus O’Neil and Darren Youthful are not adequate enough by themselves. They needed AW and also, since he’s been fired, it hinders them a lot. I truly can’t stand the tag group of Kofi and Truth. It’s never made sense in my experience. They have got nothing in keeping apart from being black men. With that rationality, we will just tag team Kane and Cody Rhodes since they are both white-colored? They have didn’t have a tag team name like Air Boom (stupid name, but a minimum of they matched ring gear and shit) also it is not sensible for Kofi to do the small Jimmy gimmick with Truth. Let me say If only the best Time Players would go ahead and take titles from their store, but without AW, they’d suck even worse otherwise worse. We want newer and more effective tag teams rather.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) versus. Rey Mysterio

Why is not Christian getting this title match rather? That’s stupid. Miz must support the title. What’s Rey Mysterio going related to it, get hurt?

U . s . States Championship [YouTube Pre-Show]: Santino Marella (c) versus. Antonio Cesaro

I am not really a fan of Cesaro getting this title shot. He has not were built with a feud with anybody, he is not precisely the most over guy using the crowd to bypass that, and that i do not understand why some most people are floundering as they will get a go rather (like Jack Swagger). I am expecting Santino to win here, though. It might be interesting if he dropped the title around the pre-show, however i don’t believe which will happen. I still do wish Santino would drop it, though, particularly to Damien Sandow.

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