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Watch WWE SummerSlam 2014

Watch WWE SummerSlam 2014

SummerSlam (2014) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE. It took place on August 17, 2014 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.[1] It was the twenty-seventh annual SummerSlam, and the sixth consecutive event held at the Staples Center. This was the first pay-per-view in which the promotional poster incorporated the new WWE logo. Eight professional wrestling matches were scheduled on the event’s main card and one match took place on the pre-show, which was streamed on the WWE Network.

This Sunday night in La, California it’s WWE SummerSlam. This is an eight match card that’s been looking for days with an enormous matchup within the primary event slot.

The primary event match between WWE Champion John Cena and Brock Lesnar is among the most anticipated matches of the season. While they were on tv simultaneously once within the last four days plus they did not even make physical contact, it has been developed well because of video packages in addition to strong promos from Paul Heyman and John Cena. There is also Brock Lesnar saying this: “I am likely to leave him inside a pile of bloodstream and urine and vomit”

All of those other card features three rematches from last month’s Battleground PPV (four should you count Rollins/Ambrose which was marketed recently) and the majority of the matches happen to be developed well. It’s disappointing the tag team champion Usos are forgotten with this PPV and thus is US Champion Sheamus, but they’ll most likely maintain action for next month’s Night of Champions because the whole idea of that demonstrate would be that the champions can look onto it.

Normally WWE announces something for that Kickoff Show well ahead of time. Not this month. They published on WWE.com that it’ll be Cesaro versus. Take advantage of Van Dam. Since WWE did not choose to really advertise it or develop an position of any sort, there is no reason for previewing it. Hopefully Cesaro wins because he’s more youthful and, however they may want to start them back having a babyface win.

Joining me for that preview is Andrew Manley of TJRWresting.com. Christian Michael could not come along this month because of work commitments, but he ought to be back for Night of Champions.

Intercontinental Title: The Miz versus. Dolph Ziggler

I believe The Miz has been doing an excellent job like a heel. He’s a lot more natural within the role. That does not mean he or she must be considered a jerk in tangible existence. It simply means it’s most likely tougher for him to portray a babyface on tv, that is common for several people. As being a heel is much more fun. Exactly the same could be stated about Ziggler, who had been better like a heel although he is doing have several the momentum back he lost previously.

It might be an unexpected if Miz lost. His “Hollywood” character is totally new and thus is his IC Title reign, so keep your gold on him for a while longer to carry on to portray him like a star. This match is great for an aggressive 12 minute opener.

Flag Match: Rusev versus. Jack Swagger

This is a really physical match. It might be better whether it wasn’t a Flag Match because generally they are pretty bad, but they have labored together enough to really make it interesting. Rusev losing is not something which happen very frequently if WWE really wants to lead him to a significant heel monster. However, losing inside a match in which a guy needs to grab a flag really will not hurt him an excessive amount of. Everyone else is going to be strong within their support for Swagger as well as like a non-American It is a awesome moment to determine Swagger obtain the win. I believe it is going to happen.

Divas Title: AJ Lee versus. Paige

The heel turn of Paige continues to be enjoyable to look at. She appears a lot more natural for the reason that role than when she would be a pandering babyfaces. Her offense looks better like a heel, her mannerisms are simply right and her promos be more effective to look at when she’s speaking about hurting poor AJ Lee. Within the situation of AJ, she’s not too interesting like a face. Like a heel she was this crazy chick involved with major angles after which she grew to become a dominant champion, but because a face she’s fallen victim to WWE’s poor authors that do not understand how to make faces interesting. Getting AJ lose to Avoi Marie of people was absurd too. Distraction or otherwise, it had been dumb.

Because this match is Paige’s second televised rematch after losing the Divas Title there is a chance she could win the gold (or silver) title back, so I am going to choose her. There’s not lots of heels for AJ to feud with. If Paige wins she could reduce the chances of numerous faces like Natalya or even the Bella Twins. Hopefully everyone else likes the match and is not chanting “CM Punk” at AJ Lee all match lengthy like some crowds do. You will see a brand new champion inside a match that will get between 7-ten minutes.

Chris Jericho versus. Bray Wyatt

The stipulation with this the first is no Luke Harper or Erick Rowan at ringside. There are plenty of good reasons to be disappointed in how Wyatt continues to be booked since WrestleMania. He must have won there, but he did not. As he beat Cena it had not been clean whatsoever. He then lost decisively. They adopted that up by getting him lose to Jericho at Battleground because the announcers known as it an upset despite the fact that Jericho’s probably the most effective performers ever and Wyatt’s only been in the primary roster for any year. How’s it an upset? Oh right, since the commentary sucks. Wyatt must have won at Battleground. He should win here. It ought to be a decisive win too. No cheap stuff. Just dominate the match, hit some signature moves in the finish and obtain a clear victory.

There’ll most likely be considered a rematch at Night of Champions since Jericho is booked for your show and it might be 1-one in their series following this match. That certain will most likely possess a stipulation. That one is really a regular match that Wyatt will win. It is the greatest lock from the night.

Lumberjack Match: Dean Ambrose versus. Seth Rollins

The Lumberjack stipulation was disappointing when I just read about this. They are doing the work to enable them to tell the storyline that Rollins can’t try to escape. It guarantees that Ambrose could possibly get his on the job him. Obviously, if he wanted to make sure that he could kick his ass he then might have selected a Steel Cage match rather. I recieve the sensation they did not wish to accomplish that simply because they desired to keep things easy and not allow them to “steal the show” as they say.

This really is another match which will have in all probability a rematch soon. Since Ambrose will film the WWE film “Lockdown” in the finish from the month, he might be out for around six days approximately. If that is the situation he may go right here after which get hurt by Rollins on Raw, which may result in that other match. However, I am using a Rollins win because of the help of a Lumberjack or anything else that results in a cheap finish.

Stephanie McMahon versus. Brie Bella

This feud is not just like Stephanie McMahon most likely thinks it’s. The feud has additionally received more television time than any feud at SummerSlam, but it’s been enjoyable at occasions. Stephanie’s done a fantastic job like a heel boss. However, she’s been overexposed. That position they did on Raw where they stated that Daniel Bryan were built with a mistress after which had nobody say she would be a liar am disappointing. It had not been advisable. They did the arrest position again, that is usual for WWE overdoing things. When Stephanie got arrested it had been entertaining. When Brie got arrested it had been only a bad wresting position.

The match must have a warm crowd for almost all it. I’m not sure if Brie’s getting huge reactions when she’s within the ring because we have not seen her inside a match in lots of several weeks. It isn’t like Stephanie is definitely an experienced wrestler either, so there might be some things where it is flat. The finish result will be either a heel turn by Nikki on her behalf sister or possibly somebody arrives to assist Stephanie win. If Stephanie wins clean that might be an error. My hope would be that the story ends here with Brie getting her revenge on evil Stephanie and it is victory for Brie.

Roman Reigns versus. Randy Orton

Since Reigns is just starting out of the “Superman push” that will see him win almost every match he’s in it might be a significant surprise to determine Orton win here. Reigns did not win at Money in the Bank or Battleground, so that’s one more reason to anticipate a victory. They may have another match in the next PPV. Triple H will most likely go back to the ring for any match against Reigns too because Hunter likes dealing with the babyfaces increasing, that is fine.

They ought to circumvent 10-fifteen minutes and they have been cooperating at house shows for several weeks now so that they must have developed good chemistry right now. When they perform a DQ finish this means they’ve got a rematch at Night of Champions. It might be better whether it would be a clean win for Reigns plus they could still perform a rematch by doing angles on tv.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena versus. Brock Lesnar

If Lesnar does not win the WWE Title on Sunday I’d be very surprised. Cena’s had a career record of four-6 at SummerSlam because it is now time of the season when he’s usually putting quickly. Since Lesnar beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30, which is among the most shocking wins in wrestling history, it seems sensible he would beat Cena at SummerSlam too.

They’ll most likely get 20-25 minutes. When they get it done will most likely be considered a classic match because once they wrestled at Extreme Rules 2012 it had been probably the most unique major matches inside a lengthy time. What managed to get work is they wrestled a really physical style. I expect such like this time around too except Lesnar will most likely be much better than he ended up being. Also, using the WWE Title at risk on the big stage I believe both guys will be prepared for it. Expect should there be a “No Holds Barred” kind of stipulation added either. Lesnar’s better in matches like this.

Regarding Lesnar’s schedule publish SummerSlam and just what WWE might use a champion that just wrestles four several weeks each year, let us observe how it plays out. Paul Heyman’s been doing interviews speaking about how exactly the WWE Championship ought to be defended less frequently to really make it appear more esteemed, so that’s most likely what will happen. The times of protecting it at each PPV may be over although Lesnar is booked for Night of Champions too. Let us see what goes on. It’s okay not to know all things in advance.

My expectations with this match are extremely high. It is going to be among the best matches of the season. The hype for this is gigantic? Would they meet it? I really hope so.

Final Ideas

It’s really quite simple. When the primary event is excellent like I believe then SummerSlam is going to be among the best PPVs of the season since the undercard is powerful enough. There is not another match that sticks out as without a doubt the 2nd greatest of the night, however, if the booking is sensible and also the right matches aren’t cut short then individuals people having to pay $9.99 for WWE Network will be pleased with our purchase. I do not expect an exciting-time great PPV, but It is going to be among the best of the year.

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