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Watch WWE SummerSlam 2019

Watch WWE SummerSlam 2019

SummerSlam is the thirty-second professional wrestling pay-per-view under the SummerSlam banner and is a WWE Network event produced by WWE for their Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live brands. The event took place on August 11, 2019, at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the second event held in this particular venue (the other time being the 2004 event).


Overall, Summerslam 2019 a great show. Primary show had decent begin with the RAW Women’s Championship, then slowed lower, but progressively improved. Bill and that i were discussing throughout the show the way the matches are great, but lacked the “big fight feel.” A number of these matches felt like RAW or SmackDown! primary occasions.

Pre-Show featured greater than a couple matches, Came Gulak retaining the Cruiserweight Championship inside a great match against Oney Lorcan. Excellent match. Apollo Crews and Buddy Murphy will get interrupted when Erick Rowan is available in and beats up Murphy.

Edge interrupts Elias and spears him! Big pop in the crowd.

Inside a surprise, we’ve got a Women’s Tag Team Championship defense, as Alexa Bliss & Nikki Mix retain within the IIconics. Thank Primus.

The primary a part of Summerslam 2019 began with Becky Lynch retaining the RAW Women’s Championship against Natalya. Great match. Natalya and Lynch did something the majority of the men’s matches couldn’t, tell a tale. Natalya had something to demonstrate, and Lynch, playing the heelish-face assailant. Lots of close submissions, obviously the normal utilization of each other’s submission, however it all ended when Becky locked Natalya in the heart of the ring using the Dis-Arm-Her. There is really awesome place, Nattie locking Lynch within the Sharpshooter round the top turnbuckle.

Goldberg defeats Dolph Ziggler

This slows lower the show to some near-screeching halt. Goldberg takes two superkicks, will get up, drills Ziggles having a spear and it is over.

Hold on! Ziggler taunts Goldberg publish-match. So Ziggy eats another spear.

Uh oh, just whenever you think it is over, Ziggles once more calls Goldberg back. You know what, Goldberg spears him another time. Thankfully, which was the finish of the painful-to-watch segment.

AJ Styles maintains the U . s . States Championship against Ricochet

Just like a roller-coaster, the show picks support with this particular high flying place-fest. Again, great match, however the chants of “this is awesome” were a little overdramatic. Look, AJ and Ricochet can placed on an excellent match, however this might have been primary event of RAW. Because of interference in the Club, AJ maintains.

Bayley maintains the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ember Moon

Aaaaand Summerslam 2019 slows back lower again. Not belittling each one, both of them are very gifted. The match was decent, some slow points which looked a lot more like regrouping communication than slowing the match lower. Unsure if something was forgotten throughout the match, just appeared as if both were visibly careful. Maybe they require more matches together to iron out.

Didn’t remember to say, great backstage segment using the Street Profits and Ric Flair, which sees Montez Ford drop an elbow towards the floor. Beautiful.

Kevin Owens defeats Geebet McMahon

I honestly wasn’t sure what direction this position was moving in. If Geebet won, Owens could perform a run-in in the crowd bit each week until he will get re-hired. I wished to become wrong, and glad I had been. Geebet had a lot of high-profile PPV wins recently, so I’m glad to determine him taken lower a notch. Elias playing around for interference demonstrated useless, and Owens, sporting a “Fight Toronto Fight” shirt hits the Stunner carrying out a low-blow for that win. Yay.

Good match, however, didn’t seem like an excellent one.

Charlotte now Flair defeated Trish Stratus

It was certainly one of individuals matches where I believe everyone else experienced it simply due to the HOF and hometown factor. I believe the live crowd attempts to make much more of it than. You realize, when you’re a part of something, and you need to believe it’s better than to create yourself feel special? This match would be a slow place-fest, allowing Trish hitting some big moves and try taking some solid boot bumps. It had been a great match, entertaining, but didn’t deserve the “This is awesome” chants. Trish did well for herself, and Charlotte now got the convincing win.

Randy Orton versus. Kofi Kingston for that WWE Championship would go to a dual Count-Out

Very good match, good pace. It was nearer to the large fight feel, because Kofi were built with a major challenger in Randy Orton. The finish from the match informs us that one isn’t over. Orton taunts before Kofi’s family, which leads to the count out. Kofi loses his mind and takes Orton to town having a kendo stick. Kofi showing more aggression tonight.

A couple of things to notice: Can WWE still call Orton the “Apex Predator” or can Electricity Comics call Lex Luthor the Apex Predator? Will it be trademarked?

Next, there have been lots of dueling crowd chants of “Kofi’s stupid” versus. “Randy sucks.”

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeated Finn Balor.

Corey Graves helps make the point many of us are considering prior to the match starts, why don’t you “The Demon” visit face Wyatt?

The doorway is a few frightening stuff. The Fiend is transporting a lantern that is a mask of Bray Wyatt’s face, eyes sown shut, the sunshine appearing out of the mouth area. He wrestled using the mask on, a twisted form of his old theme music. Short match, but to the stage. Wyatt is really a frightening dude. Crowd chants “Holy sh*t” before it starts, after the lights return on, everyone else chants “That was awesome” as Finn Balor struggles to return to his ft. This wasn’t a squash at all, it was showing the brand new Bray Wyatt isn’t any laughing matter. He’s now while using Mandible Claw like a finisher too.

Seth Rollins defeated Brock Lesnar to get back the WWE Universal Championship

Michael Cole should have another personality whenever Brock turns up. He will get so excited and loses his mind within moments. “One needs to question what’s studying the mind from the animal?!”

It’s most likely “Herp-a-derp, gonna get my money.”

Again, the crowd’s chants of “This is awesome” are totally unwarranted. Rollins hit a curb stomp and 2 superkicks in early stages. Hello folks, will we not remember only a couple of several weeks ago? Rollins isn’t some lightweight Brock makes mincemeat from. He’s a legit contender. This isn’t a 2-minute match. Why there’s a lot surprise Rollins hits his moves, I do not understand. Yes, Brock is really a “beast” however this does mean we watch him lumber around and perform the same suplex again and again. It isn’t novelty any longer. Yes, Brock will toss Seth around just like a cruiserweight, but it isn’t impressive any longer, it’s routine.

Now, when Rollins did a frog splash from the ring publish, crashing Brock via a table, that earned the “Holy sh*t” chant.

Within the finish, repeated superkicks and curb stomps was an excessive amount of for that Animal, and also the Animal Slayer burned lower Suplex City once more to get WWE Universal Champion


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