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Watch WWE Survivor Series 2010

Watch WWE Survivor Series 2010

Survivor Series (2010) was a PPV that took place on November 21, 2010 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. It was the 24th annual Survivor Series event. The main event was a Pinfall and submissions only match for the WWE Championship between defending champion Randy Orton and Wade Barrett with John Cena as the special guest referee. A second main event was a singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Kane and Edge. An annual 5-on-5 Survivor Series elimination match between Team Mysterio (Mysterio, Kofi, Chris Masters, Big Show, and MVP) and Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, Swagger, and Cody Rhodes).

Survivor Series, all of the the “big four” ppvs of the season…usually where we obtain our first inclinations in regards to what the WWE is planning the approaching WrestleMania. They have done a dreadful job promoting this ppv, as they have literally focused only around the WWE title match. Clearly that will deserve probably the most attention, however they did not put any thought in to the World Heavyweight Championship match, nobody likes you the divas, or more before the go-home episode of Raw, they did not have other matches outdoors of individuals 3 official. Expect a poor buyrate in the future out of this, which they’ll without doubt blame around the pay-per-view entity itself, as opposed to just their poor card and advertising. Nevertheless, this is exactly what we are searching at…

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus. Wade Barrett (w/ Special Guest Referee John Cena)

Supposedly, Barrett would win the title at Bragging Rights plus they altered their brains in the last second. Does which means that they do not want him because the champion or will it just mean they desired to wait an additional month? I am expecting the second, as long as they discover the Undertaker might be unable to return for WrestleMania. When they do actually want Cena versus Taker, then they have to change their plans, otherwise we may be searching at Cena/Miz or Cena/Barrett, or even Cena/Orton/Barrett/Miz. Firstly, Barrett needs to win the title here, and there is a good possibility he is doing.

World Heavyweight Championship: Kane (c) versus. Edge

This relies exclusively on whether they can determine Undertaker’s recuperation time. If Taker is questionable to return before WrestleMania, i then think we’ll see Edge go ahead and take title from Kane otherwise here, then the following month at TLC. If Taker is going to be back earlier than later, they’ll most likely keep your belt on Kane. Unfortunately that Kane’s title reign grew to become kind of determined by the Undertaker position and he’s clearly lost like a champion without that position. This latest one with Edge is lackluster if you are being kind about this, and that i doubt they’ve got Kane enter WrestleMania because the champion, especially not if he’s facing anybody but Taker. Edge will be a lot simpler to construct a global title picture around than Kane at this time, so it might be smarter to allow them to cut their losses, have Kane drop the title to Edge here, after which lose his rematch at TLC. When the Royal Rumble appears, Kane could be tossed for the reason that group while someone will get the “Royal Rumble Substitute” match as I love to refer to it as (ie, the idea because for the most part Royal Rumble occasions, somebody that is a lesser big star can challenge for that title, because that is not the primary draw, so that you can give someone primary event experience and never sacrifice money along the way). Undertaker could possibly get vengeance on Kane with no title, however the title does not appear so that you can withstand Kane like a champion without Taker because the challenger.

Divas Championship: Lay-Awesome (c) versus. Natalya

You shouldn’t be too shocked if a lot of divas get involved with this in some way. However ,, it does not appear happens here, since i highly, highly doubt the match is going to be something that we have not already seen.

Natalya is not winning the title here. That they like Layla and McCool an excessive amount of to accept titles from them at this time….Particularly allow it to Natalya. Though Natalya is possibly the very best in-ring diva, she’s not important enough clearly towards the WWE is the one to accept title from Lay-Awesome.

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Mysterio [Rey Mysterio, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Big Show, & Chris Masters] versus. Team Del Rio [Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Came McIntyre, Jack Swagger, & Tyler Reks]

Ok, so that they decide in the last second that they may push a conventional elimination match, plus they choose to throw Chris Masters and Tyler Reks inside??? Man, they’re fucking this ppv up. Consider Masters getting eliminated very rapidly and also the match as being a letdown if you are expecting anything great.

It does not matter. They most likely will not determine who they would like to win until ten minutes prior to the match anyway. However for argument’s sake, I’ll say Mysterio wins.

John Morrison versus. Sheamus

I’m not sure why they did not get this to another elimination tag match. They’ve enough people they are able to toss in there. Best to see Morrison getting something to complete, but since she got top of the hands every time within this feud, I believe its pretty apparent they’ll provide the win to Sheamus here so he does not look weak, meaning Morrison once more goes nowhere.

Tag Team Championship: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (c) versus. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

In the last second, they realize they do not have sufficient star turn on the credit card, so that they put THIS match on the website? I understand they enjoy to make use of matches such as this as bathroom breaks, however in comparison, would not it be smarter to use a match people might worry about rather? This match will not result in anymore buyrates. Yet you’ve still got some rather popular stars which have absolutely nothing to do. Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan would be the two midcard champs and nowhere to appear. R-Truth, Ted DiBiase, and for the worst situation The Miz don’t have any part within this ppv either. I simply do not get it. Plus, does anybody Think that Santino and Kozlov is ever going to beat both of these and win the titles? C’mon.

Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) versus. Kaval

So Kaval has sold his ppv-championship match against Ziggler for Survivor Series after beating him on Smackdown a couple of days in advance. No build really for this either. This, coupled with Kaval not booked to be on the roll, nor did he even beat Ziggler soundly, means Kaval probably will not be winning the title here. It ought to be a great, competitive match, though, and can steal the show.

U . s . States Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) versus. Ted DiBiase

Massive buildup with this match, shall we be held right? The equivalent effort because the Kaval/Ziggler match (translation: none). Method to improve your buyrates, WWE. Granted, its good they are putting this on here, but wouldn’t it have wiped out these to have sufficient experience to organize this out in advance? When it comes to match, I’m not sure. It appears rushed when they give DiBiase the title, and should they have Barrett win, the Nexus as tag champs, Kane because the world champion, and Ziggler because the IC champion, together with Lay-Awesome, all heels as champs is redundant. Well, I guess Bryan wins here and also the feud continues (or, I suppose you can say, STARTS).

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