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Watch WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs 2014

Watch WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs 2014

WWE TLC is the one night of the year when the WWE Universe is guaranteed to see a match involving WWE’s three most popular weapons of destruction: tables, ladders and chairs.

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (and Stairs) from Cleveland. You will find nine matches on the program including one around the Kickoff Show, therefore it is a loaded selection meaning they have more matches announced than normal.

After I see this selection I’m underwhelmed. We have become accustomed to no WWE Champion Brock Lesnar on the program although he’s likely to wrestle at January’s Royal Rumble, therefore the streak of PPVs without any WWE Title match ends with this particular one at three.

What this show informs use is that WWE’s roster is really weak around the heel side whether they have two past their prime guys like Big Show and Kane wrestling on the PPV when both should most likely consider retiring. Mark Henry’s another guy within the over 40 club this is a heel, but he isn’t an element of the crowd. What went down to WWE’s capability to book heels right? That’s certainly one of their greatest problems at this time.

Incidentally, WWE really altered this PPV name to Tables, Ladders & Chairs…And Stairs. I am not likely to refer to it as that since it is stupid. For a long time they’ve been known as the steel steps, but stairs rhymes with chairs so somebody thought it might be cute to include it. It isn’t. It’s dumb. Does not really matter anyway.

Kickoff Show: The Brand New Day versus. Gold & Stardust

It’s smart for WWE to place this “new” group The Brand New Day against an experienced team like Goldust & Stardust. Victory by TND over a recognised team can give them some momentum. They may be they that can take the tag titles from Miz and Mizdow within the forseeable future. What’s sad about TND is they are playing towards the crowd an excessive amount of. It’s as if they’re pleading for approval. Fans cheer winners. Book them strong in matches such as this and also the fans will support them. It appears as though they’re tired just using their intro due to just how much they’re told to experience towards the crowd.

For Goldust and Stardust, the time is ticking on Goldust’s career since he’s in the mid-40s. It can’t shock me when they keep losing every week resulting in Stardust activating his brother, returning to being heel Cody Rhodes that thinks he’s much better than everyone after which possibly getting a Goldust retirement match at WrestleMania. Why don’t you? It might be awesome to determine.

Tag Team Titles: The Miz & Damien Mizdow versus. The Usos

This can be a comedy match. Miz and Mizdow are comedy wrestlers. The fans don’t mind concerning the actual match. They would like to chant for Mizdow, boo Miz as a jerk to him after which react favorably whenever Mizdow does something. It is a fun act and it is most likely likely to result in a payoff in the Royal Rumble with Mizdow eliminating Miz be it purposely or perhaps an accident. For now, they’ll most likely keep the gold.

I am wishing that Naomi’s participation within the story can result in Maryse returning for Miz, but that is really simply because I miss Maryse. I believe the champs retain with Mizdow obtaining the pin after Naomi arrives to aid husband Jimmy Uso, however winds up costing him the match because Jimmy wants her in which to stay the rear. WWE sure loves booking couples to possess disagreements.

Steel Stairs Match: Erick Rowan versus. Big Show

I am not really a fan from the stipulation. It had been as though WWE felt the necessity to perform a stipulation because the majority of the other matches get one. We now have to sit down via a match where both of these big guys are likely to fight over who will get to make use of the “steel” stairs like a weapon. Almost all that interesting in my experience.

Since Big Show just switched heel he should most likely win simply to provide him some momentum although I truly don’t care in either case. It’s awesome that management is looking to get Rowan over, however the “big guy that’s smarter than he looks” position continues to be done before. It’ll become older fast. Hopefully this really is stored under 10 mins.

Divas Title: Nikki Bella versus. AJ Lee

Within the last handful of several weeks it’s appeared as if AJ really does not wish to be there. Gee, I question why? It can be because her husband hates the organization she works best for. Yes that’s most likely it. Not hate people who answer their very own questions? You actually do. I am sorry. I suppose I am off course, but that is only as this feud has bored the hell from me and Brie Bella’s heel use join her sister is among the worst I have seen.

I’ll pick Nikki to retain although I’d rather see Paige holding the Divas Title while feuding with my personal favorite Natalya because a minimum of that will have my interest.

U . s . States Title: Rusev versus. Jack Swagger

It is the easiest conjecture from the night. Rusev won’t drop the united states Title to Jack Swagger. It is a shame that they have already exhaust guys for Rusev to conquer, so that they returned to Swagger. A minimum of their matches don’t suck. They are fully aware one another very well that they’ll possess a competitive ten minute complement everyone else believing that maybe Rusev will tap out, however he’ll try to get free from it and provide Swagger the Accolade resulting in the Rusev win. We have seen it a lot of occasions before. Around the plus side, Lana is going to be there. That’s always an advantage.

Chairs Match: Ryback versus. Kane

You are aware how Ryback ought to be booked? In three minute squash matches where he wins easily. Rather, installed him in boring matches in which the crowd loses interest because he’s a substandard in-ring artist. Kane is nearly 50 and bores the hell from me. I respect him for which he’s done, but you’re ready to move ahead. Either put him in a tag team or stop putting him in PPV feuds. Ryback should win. I really hope it’s under seven minutes because otherwise it will likely be terrible.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Luke Harper versus. Dolph Ziggler

This ought to be a great match between two guys I love. I believe Ziggler has lost a few of the momentum he’d three days ago at Survivor Series because rather to be in a bigger feud, he’s still feuding for the similar Intercontinental Title that he’s usually battling for.

Harper’s push makes me happy because he’s a distinctive talent which has the abilities of the smaller sized man. He’s fast and agile with believable offensive moves. Fans are purchasing into him because the IC Champion, and that’s why he should still keep the title.

Ziggler lost the IC Title so he is able to progress, so there is no reason behind him to have it again. The issue with upgrading is WWE has been doing this type of crappy job of creating up heels that there are really nobody for Ziggler to feud with apart from Rollins or Wyatt, each of whom may be busy moving forward.

I am choosing Harper retaining. I simply don’t believe you would be wise to remove it Ziggler for any month, then restore it on him after which we are left wondering if the guy is ever going to be elevated. Regardless of who wins, I simply hope they get 15-twenty minutes if they are doing it will likely be among the best matches on the program, the conventional Ziggler.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match: Dean Ambrose versus. Bray Wyatt

This may be the very best match from the night since the stipulation promises that it’ll be considered a violent match, a minimum of by PG WWE standards. I am not really a fan of TLC matches without something for that guys to climb because then there is no use for any ladder. A minimum of when there is something to climb, it seems sensible that the guy would jump off one of these to place a man via a table. In a match without almost anything to yank lower, what’s the purpose of the ladder really? That’s only a minor gripe.

I’ve loved their promos even though this feud is not just like Rollins versus. Ambrose was. That Rollins/Ambrose competition was special which the first is just okay. With this stated, it is the feud which has the very best develop this show and odds are good that they are getting twenty minutes with this match, that is great.

I have been torn when it comes to picking the champion, however if you simply consider the origins from the feud it began two several weeks ago at Hell in a Cell. Ambrose is deserving of his revenge to win the feud. However , WWE is missing around the heel side, so a Wyatt win would actually help. The following PPV is Royal Rumble, though, so Ambrose winning most likely wouldn’t hurt Wyatt since they are both apt to be thrown into that Rumble match.

I am choosing an Ambrose win although it is from the lock. Make certain you watch that one because it ought to be great.

Tables Match: John Cena versus. Seth Rollins

(If Cena loses, he then is not the #1 contender towards the WWE Title.)

Cena’s likely to win. Anything apart from that will be a legitimate surprise in my experience just due to the stipulation that’s in position. It is simply like Survivor Series recently once they place in a terrible stipulation that destroyed caused by the match. WWE really wants to put in a stipulation to help make the match more desirable towards the viewer, however they suck at investing in good stipulations which make sense. It is extremely frustrating like a viewer.

I do not accept people saying they ought to have experienced Rollins put his Money in the Bank briefcase at risk. I am glad they did not. It isn’t a title. It should not need to be defended. I understand WWE has been doing that previously, however that does not mean it is a smart move. Seth Rollins is definitely an awesome artist that will get better each time he’s available and I am searching toward him making money the briefcase whenever he is doing.

Table matches do nothing at all for me personally. I believe placing a guy via a table isn’t that appealing for any match like a finish. They do not seem like an issue when we have seen a lot of wrestlers subjected to tables several occasions each month. It is simply less visually appealing as WWE thinks it’s.

I believe what is going to happen is Cena’s likely to be dominant for a lot of it, then Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble are likely to interfere a great deal to help Rollins. Cena could even place them through tables to neutralize them. Something may happen to really make it seem like Rollins is going to win the match when Randy Orton makes his return after being gone for more than per month and goes after Rollins. The announcers could listen to it as a surprise that Orton is exist for Cena although he’s really there to obtain after Rollins. Cena puts Rollins with the table and wins.

This ought to be good due to the time given, but it is very hard to possess a great Tables match once the wrestlers are extremely limited using what they are able to do.

Cena wins and keeps his number 1 contender status to manage Lesnar at Royal Rumble. The build starts the following night on Raw.

Final Ideas

The 3 best matches will most likely be Ambrose/Wyatt, Harper/Ziggler and Cena/Rollins as lengthy because they get fifteen minutes or even more. In the event that happens then this is a great show. Another matches just do not have just as much potential when it comes to really stealing the show. My problem is there just will not be sufficient buzz concerning the show. Maybe Orton returns. That’s really it so far as something big happening.

I will be posting my overview of TLC by 12pmET on Monday. I will be watching the National football league game, so I’ll begin to see the PPV either late Sunday night or early Monday AM. You will see a complete recap of all things that happened using the results and analysis of all things on the program.

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