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Watch WWE Vengeance 2011

Watch WWE Vengeance 2011

John Cena and Alberto Del Rio battle for the WWE Championship in a brutal Last Man Standing match that will test their will, determination, and resolve. Plus, will the World’s Largest Athlete finally avenge the career threatening injury he suffered at the hands of The World’s Strongest Man? Find out when the Big Show challenges Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Title. And mortal foes unite as CM Punk and Triple H try to put their differences aside to take on their common enemies, The Miz and R Truth, in an explosive tag team match. The Superstars of Raw and SmackDown look to settle scores, from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, this is WWE VENGEANCE!

WWE made the decision to eliminate their Bragging Rights pay-per-view and change it with Vengeance, a rehashed old name that required them about 10 attempts to select, once they attempted to it a lot of others. Personally, the Vengeance name is not my personal favorite for any pay-per-view, because it sounds just a little bland. Sure, they might do worse, however they may also fare better. Breaking Point would be a good name, for example. Anyway, this appears to become your ordinary average ppv much like Within the Limit, where there is no real gimmicks attached, that is a good factor, once we require a breather between your gimmicky Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series, so while it may be bland, additionally, it does not sour us alternatively two.

WWE Championship [Last Man Standing]: Alberto Del Rio (c) versus. John Cena

Honestly, I am not very into this match. I do not think they work nicely together, I believe Cena in another title match continues to be tedious to have an very lengthy time, I believe Del Rio’s star has fallen vastly compared to what it was once, which feud is really an afterthought it does not actually have a good story behind it to really make it interesting. I will be more happy when it is over…unless of course they’re going to something worse. Using the Last Man Standing concept cheap they always book Cena as never tapping out or shedding from the fight, I am expecting 1 of 2 outcomes – Cena pointlessly wins, or someone arrives to screw Cena and begin a brand new feud with him (most likely the whole Laurinaitis faction).

World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) versus. Big Show

I am surprised they did not simply do another Orton/Henry match. Since Big Show is not someone increasing, it might shock me if he won the title here. They are doing very well with this particular Mark Henry push…much better than I figured they’d be handling it. I believed he’d be developed only for Orton to topple, plus they surprised me with him winning the title. They surprised me with him holding it this lengthy. Now, I am expecting him to decrease it at Survivor Series in the earliest, not even before the Royal Rumble.

Triple H & CM Punk versus. The Miz & R-Truth

Frankly, I personally don’t like the concept behind this match. I am 100% against it. I believe they are not just placing a damper on my small hopeful WWE title match for WrestleMania (CM Punk versus Miz) but they are ruining what is 1 / 2 of the Survivor Series elimination teams. Thinking about how Vengeance is really a pointless pay-per-view to begin with, I do not understand why they are carrying this out.

Randy Orton versus. Cody Rhodes

Becasue it is only a spoiler announcement at this time, the facts aren’t obvious. I am wishing it’s for that Intercontinental title and Cody wins..

Tag Team Championship: Air Boom versus. Zwaggler

Zwaggler’s the very best amalgamation of the name I’m able to consider for Ziggler/Swagger. If you’re able to consider something better, go ahead and, suggest it. Let me discover their whereabouts dethrone the tag champs.

Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix versus. Eve Torres

This ought to be a match where they simply feed Eve to Janet to create her look strong, because this whole domination position they have been doing together with her and Natalya has essentially contained them getting their asses kicked for whatever reason.

U . s . States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) versus. Zack Ryder

I am very surprised they are getting Ziggler compete two times around the card. What this means is 1 of 2 things will happen, i believe. If the match continues first, Ziggler will support the title here and lose the tag title match. However, when the tag title match comes first and Ziggler and Swagger win the tag titles, i then are able to see Air Boom causing some kind of a distraction also it ending with Zack Ryder obtaining the U . s . States title.

Sheamus versus. Christian

Plenty of heels appear is the victors within this ppv conjecture publish, so I am likely to think that Sheamus accumulates victory here which this can be the outlet match from the night.

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