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Watch WWE WrestleMania 29

Watch WWE WrestleMania 29

At the Show of Shows, John Cena has a chance to rewrite history when he challenges The Rock for the WWE Championship. A brash, remorseless CM Punk seeks the ultimate claim to immortality by attempting to do what no one has done before him – defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania, ending his double decade-long Streak. Brock Lesnar and Triple H collide in a No Holds Barred showdown where The Game’s illustrious career is on the line. This is the place where legends are made. This is WrestleMania.

This is actually the marketed card for tomorrow night’s WrestleMania XXIX PPV, happening at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, Nj. I’ll be attending the show live even though the build-up entering WrestleMania left a great deal to be preferred, I’m still searching toward the show. With this to be the situation, listed here are my predictions for that show and who I believe will win and just what I believe might or might not happen on the program. The bottom line is, I’m guessing along like all of those other audience.

The Rock (c) versus. John Cena for that WWE Championship

Last year at the moment, we understood these two will be the primary event of WrestleMania. As the build-as much as last year’s match was pretty lousy (mainly because it was Cena & Rock were attempting to show another track of various inside jabs in the other), the match itself at WrestleMania XXVIII delivered (that we thought was vital) and went a little beyond my expectations once they wound up wrestling for more than half an hour. They told an excellent story with Cena dominating a great majority of that match and left the doorway open for any rematch. Here i am, annually later, and also the build-to the Rock/Cena rematch continues to be considerably much better than anything the 2 did this past year. I had been somewhat indifferent concerning the rematch but I must admit that I’m really searching toward this match greater than I had been this past year. They’ve told a pleasant story here with Rock feeling better after beating Cena this past year while Cena continues to be portrayed as intense, as well as obsessive about his loss this past year (enough where Cena accepted he beat themself). Since WrestleMania XXVIII, I’ve always felt that Cena would get his regain and that i still believe that way now. In the last couple of days, WWE has grown the seeds of the Cena heel turn even though it’s been lengthy past due, I’ll still accept is as true after i view it.

The Undertaker versus. CM Punk

-Unlike the build for Rock/Cena II, The hype entering this match is a disaster. We’ll don’t know exactly what the original arrange for the program was prior to the dying of Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer however i guarantee anything might have much better than taking advantage of Bearer’s dying. Not just may be the Bearer drama beneath Undertaker (and also the Streak), it is also beneath CM Punk standards for me. I believe they’ve erased a few of the good they did with Punk following his lengthy WWE Championship reign by getting his character go ahead and take chicken-shit heel approach instead of being portrayed like a legit threat to finish the streak. They’ve virtually telegraphed this like a “tune into see ‘Taker get his revenge” deal and also the Streak doesn’t seem like it’s in risk whatsoever. As I still think they are able to possess a good match (which can be the only real factor that may salvage this storyline), I’m wishing this a 1-year and done deal when i don’t have any interest whatsoever inside a rematch. They’ve given no indication that this may be the finish from the road for ‘Taker (and that i doubt that he’s heading out following this nonsense) so barring some form of significant injuries, I expect that ‘Taker will return for WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans. Ok last one, The Streak isn’t ending on the countout or DQ there.

Triple H versus. Brock Lesnar inside a No Holds Barred Match (If HHH loses, he or she must retire)

-Unlike The Undertaker/Punk match, I do not think they’ve telegraphed this match around they’ve. Clearly, the retirement stipulation is a tip off and away to some however i don’t think they’ve always given a lot of a sign that Hunter can get his regain from SummerSlam. If only they’d have experienced HHH’s character concentrate on the retirement stip a bit more also it almost seems like an afterthought for an extent. That being stated, this is actually the only other match (besides Rock/Cena II) WWE has truly bothered to hype. Using the late inclusion of Shawn Michaels finding yourself in HHH’s corner, I’m curious to determine what sort of role he winds up playing. As I wouldn’t be too shocked by an HHH victory (apart from the very fact he’s HHH), I do not think there’s a great deal to be acquired having a Hunter victory. Triple H isn’t a complete-timer any longer with Lesnar apparently still within the fold for an additional few years, I believe Lesnar gains more here and he must look strong in order to keep his “bad-ass” image intact and appear strong for his next opponent (whoever which may be) lower the street. With Triple H transitioning in to the business aspect, this match allows Hunter an out (a minimum of so far as future apperances on television are worried) in order to fulfill individuals obligations and in addition it gives WWE an chance to allow Hunter venture out on the top (as they say) and retire at WrestleMania, similar to his buddy Shawn Michaels did a couple of years back. Still, even regardless of the retirement stipulation, I do not think Triple H ever truly disappears. I additionally suspect this match (because of the stage) will improve compared to match both of these had at SummerSlam.

Alberto Del Rio (c) versus. Jack Swagger for that World Heavyweight Championship

-This feud hasn’t really done much for me personally. While they’ve done something lately by getting Swagger remove Ricardo Rodriguez, this feud just hasn’t really become going nor guy really appears to become recovering from right now. This feud doesn’t feel worthy by even World Heavyweight Championship standards, not to mention WrestleMania worthy. I’ll be interested to determine where both this and also the WWE Tag Team Championship match are put around the card since i think this appears like time for you to have Dolph Ziggler finally money in the cash staying with you briefcase and let Del Rio and Swagger feud with no title. In addition this is a great way to obtain the title off Del Rio whilst not using it Swagger.

Daniel Bryan & Kane (c’s) versus. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston for that WWE Tag Team Titles

-There are a handful of stuff that intrigue me relating to this match: 1) where this winds up on the credit card and a pair of) Big E Langston finally making his in-ring debut. Up to now, you’ve seen Langston do mostly run-ins so that as best I will tell, he hasn’t labored any house show matches so there’s really not a way to be aware what he’s as with the ring. For Kane & Daniel Bryan, these were previously among the hottest things going but they’ve lost lots of that lately. They still take out a couple of gems every now and then but regrettably, the act has likely run its course and that i feel it’s here we are at the duo to maneuver on. Theoretically, this could most likely function as the time to accept belts off Kane & Bryan however with Ziggler getting a MITB contract (and according to what I’ve predicted above), I believe they’ll keep your straps on Kane & Bryan for a while longer. For Daniel Bryan, here’s wishing this match lasts more than 18 seconds )

Ryback versus. Mark Henry

-Typically, I am inclined to dread most big-man versus. big-man matches and therefore, I do not expect a 5-star classic (nor should other people). When there was ever a match about this year’s WrestleMania to become a clunker, this is one. It has the potential for being Batista versus. Umaga at WrestleMania XXIV bad. Basically were WWE, I wouldn’t permit this to match run too lengthy because I can tell the NY/NJ crowd activating both guys when the match winds up being terrible. That being stated, Ryback has type of return to those somewhat since his initial primary event push last fall and it has lost five straight PPV’s. He was protected in many of individuals losses but when WWE promises to proceed with him like a potential primary event act, I believe this is the starting point to be able to build him back again. However, I believe they require to find away out to help keep Mark Henry searching strong so perhaps I saw a predicament where Henry explains Ryback following the match, allowing Henry to keep his heat and most likely set-up a rematch at Extreme Rules.

Chris Jericho versus. Fandango

-When Chris Jericho came back in The month of january and when you requested me in those days who his opponent could be at WrestleMania, chances are I wouldn’t have stated Fandago. Ideally, I’d have thought Jericho will be a bit greater around the pecking order (not always primary event but possibly somewhere within the upper mid-card) but alas, here i am. I can’t really gauge an expectation level with this match and so i wouldn’t be amazed when the match completely bombs or maybe it winds up as being a minor surprise around the card. That stated, WWE management appears to become at the top of Fandango right now and he’s been getting fairly decent heat, particularly when he beat lower Jericho on RAW a few days ago. WWE includes a unusual chance to potentially develop a new star around the grand stage of WrestleMania (something they haven’t done in an exceedingly lengthy time) and Chris Jericho has been doing a good job of putting quickly since he’s came back. Thus, victory for Fandango more than a household name for example Jericho – not to mention at WrestleMania- will be a pretty problem, particularly if the Fandango character seems to become popular within the next six several weeks approximately from now. As well as if Fandango doesn’t pan out for whatever reason (or maybe this match winds up as being a flop), well, I doubt WWE management will blame Jericho.

Randy Orton, Sheamus & Big Show versus. The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins)

-In writing, this can be the greatest match around the undercard of WrestleMania. The Shield happen to be a thought since debuting at Survivor Series in November and they’ve looked excellent within the ring within the number of matches you’ve seen them in. The Shield haven’t been defeated up to now even though WrestleMania would appear such as the time to allow them to suffer their first loss, I disagree. WWE has been doing a really solid job of protecting the Shield at different occasions and i believe they’d erase a number of when they’d them lose here. I saw a predicament where the babyface team includes a breakdown inside a communications (a la Big Show “accidentally” striking the KO punch on Orton/Sheamus), allowing The Shield to obtain the victory. Another wild card scenario here’s Randy Orton, that has been rumored to become turning heel for some time now. Throughout the build for this match, Orton was portrayed because the voice of reason and even though I do not think Orton turns here, I saw something happening within this match that eventually results in Orton’s heel turn. Whether that can take place before or at Extreme Rules is yet another question. Another alternative scenario I saw here’s Big Show activating certainly one of his partners, since he’s still technically a heel, and begins a feud and among them entering the following month.

Wade Barrett (c) versus. The Miz for that WWE Intercontinental Championship (YouTube pre-show match)

-I possibly could enter into this match a bit if WWE really thought about the Intercontinental Championship. However, Wade Barrett loses essentially almost every other match and Miz’s babyface run hasn’t exactly labored out. Maybe both of these will surprise us with an above average match however i do not have a lot of expectations with this match beyond that. I am not sure what another IC title run is going to do for Miz at this time but WWE has been doing practically nothing with Barrett to create me believe they ought to keep your title on him either. That being stated, I believe we obtain a title change here.

Namoi, Cameron, Tensai & Brodus Clay versus. Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow & The Bella Twins within an Eight-person Mixed Tag Team match

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