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Watch WWE Wrestlemania 26 (2010)

Watch WWE Wrestlemania 26 (2010)

WrestleMania XXVI was the twenty-sixth annual WrestleMania PPV and was presented by Slim Jim. It took place on March 28, 2010 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The first main event was a No DQ, no count-out match that featured The Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels. The second was a singles match for the WWE Championship that saw Batista defend the championship against John Cena. The third was a singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship featured the champion, Chris Jericho, defending against Edge for the title. Featured matches on the undercard included a 10-Diva tag team match, Bret Hart versus Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match, Rey Mysterio versus CM Punk, Triple H versus Sheamus, the sixth annual Money in the Bank ladder match, a Triple Threat match between Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and Cody Rhodes, and a WWE Tag Team Championship match between Big Show and The Miz, against John Morrison and R-Truth.

Official Legacy Breakup: Randy Orton versus. Ted DiBiase versus. Cody Rhodes (Triple Threat Match)

As anybody that viewed the WWE could tell, Legacy wasn’t likely to serve you for a very lengthy time. Orton always yelling, screaming, and attacking his fellow Legacy people that isn’t an equation for cohesion. Initial rumors had DiBiase turning babyface, because of his recent movie and the frequent appearance like a person attempting to get out of the chains that Orton held him under. However, it appears that Orton could be the one turning face, but more like a tweener (like the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin). If the was 2 several weeks ago, I’d have stated that DiBiase would be a lock to win this, to improve his status within the WWE. But, now it also appears that Rhodes has an opportunity to win this, despite the fact that I believe he has got the least talent and charisma compared to other two do.

Conjecture: Cody Rhodes will appear to thrill within this match, even obtaining the Mix Rhodes on Randy Orton. But, within the finish, Ted DiBiase will still win this match, pinning Rhodes, and employ this win like a walking stone to larger things. This might also finally generate a major competition between DiBiase and Orton, like a feud could start where Orton is jealous of DiBiase to be the final champion in Legacy.

Unified Tag Team Championship: Big Show & The Miz versus. John Morrison & R-Truth

Interesting way the way the WWE continues to be trying to create a major competition between your Miz and John Morrison sounding time as Tag Team Champions in 2008-2009. Honestly, Morrison ought to be within the Money staying with you match, because the WWE should certainly attempt to elevate him towards the status that CM Punk is within at this time (with a few World Championship possibilities and today most likely probably the most heated/best heel within the WWE). When The Miz had most talent like a wrestler (I must admit that he’s great around the mic a small-form of Chris Jericho), he should not be also within this match, because he ought to be protecting his U . s . States Championship rather (yes, let us remember the Miz really includes a singles belt). For Big Show and R-Truth, complementary filler for that match.

Conjecture: The main focus will clearly perform The Miz and John Morrison, as this may be the launching point for Miz, because the WWE may come up with Morrison a reputable contender for that U.S. title. But, this match is much like the tag team partners (just filler), so search for Big Show & The Miz to support the titles. This match won’t help enhance the declining tag team division.

Money staying with you: Evan Bourne versus. Christian versus. MVP versus. Kofi Kingston versus. Kane versus. Dolph Ziggler versus. Came McIntyre versus. Jack Swagger versus. Shelton Benjamin versus. Matt Sturdy

Let us face the facts: around I really like the idea of Money staying with you, the match itself has become to the stage the superstars are simply within the match, since the WWE just did not wish to write in interesting storylines. And aside from Christian (and Kofi Kingston if he was still being feuding with Randy Orton), none of those superstars could have a compelling storyline worth a Wrestlemania singles match. Firstly, who is not likely to win: Jack Swagger, Kane, Matt Sturdy, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin. Of those five, Benjamin arrives probably the most and it has probably the most talent within the entire match, but he’ll never get his chance, while he does not possess the charisma of, say, Shaun Sturdy or Take advantage of Van Dam. The years have passed for Matt Sturdy, and that i would not be surprised if he has run out of the WWE right after this match to participate his buddies in TNA. Another three within the apparent losers don’t even need mentioning. So, that leaves another five: MVP, Christian, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Came McIntyre.

Conjecture: I honestly, honestly want if this is the push that MVP needed. He’s the charisma and also the mic skills to complement, say, Edge, if Edge would win. And MVP like a heel is simply awesome, since he am proficient at it. Despite the fact that Kofi Kingston has already established that mighty feud with Randy Orton, he’s dropped a lot since that time he will not win this match. Dolph Ziggler can be a surprise, however i aren’t seeing him winning. Vince McMahon and Triple H could get their way and also have Came McIntyre win, however i doubt that they’ll result in the same mistake here they created using Sheamus. Plus, McIntyre may be the Intercontinental Champion, so he’s more feuds with this belt. Thus, MVP is my dark pick, but I’ll opt for Christian. This may be the beginning of that Edge-Christian feud that lots of people need to see (with Chris Jericho possibly and in this mixture), and you never know: maybe Christian might finish Wrestlemania because the ” new world ” Heavyweight Champion…

Montreal Screwjob Payback: Bret Hart versus. Mr. McMahon (No Holds Barred)

As a lot of people have stated, this match will most likely look very ugly, as both Bret Hart and Vince McMahon will not do much wrestling, just lots of beating on each other. It’s nice to determine the WWE did opt for Hart and McMahon against each other, rather of getting them behind the corners of Batista and John Cena within the WWE Championship match. I truly do hope that no two quit during the center of the match, however it might happen, with neither of the in almost any true contour around wrestle or fight.

Conjecture: The final two days cause me to feel think that Vince McMahon may have anyone to help him beat off Bret Hart throughout the match. To be honest, I would not be amazed if Stone Cold Steve Austin demonstrated up while Hart and McMahon are backstage, and Austin hits the Stunner on Hart. Or, when the Rock (with individuals rumors about him returning in certain capacity) surprises Hart using the Very Cheap. Then, Vince McMahon pins Hart for that victory. But, the Hitman can get his ultimate revenge, by locking within the Sharpshooter, as McMahon attempts to celebrate an excessive amount of.

Grudge Match: Triple H versus. Sheamus

You can tell this match would happen after Triple H was the one that ended Sheamus’s reign as WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber. I really like the way the WWE has generated up this match, because it did not appear initially the WWE would put both of these together at Wrestlemania. Honestly, I figured this could have been the DX-breakup-grudge match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels, however, the WWE made the decision against that. Anyway, not necessarily a bad method for the spoiled teacher and also the upstart student (having a WWE Championship on his resume already) to go into a match.

Conjecture: Although Triple H is rumored to become going for a break after Wrestlemania, I do not use whatever chance whatsoever the WWE can make Triple H lose this match, despite the fact that I believe that Sheamus should win this. So, Triple H will win inside a brutal power match, but Sheamus might cause an enormous kayfabe injuries to Triple H to describe The Game’s preferred break.

Streak versus. Career: The Undertaker versus. Shawn Michaels

I must agree: The Undertaker versus. Shawn Michaels was the very best match of Wrestlemania 25 and perhaps the very best match throughout pro wrestling in the current era. Thus, after i heard this was happening, I cringed too the memory of last year’s match could be spoiled. Fortunately, the additional stipulation against Michaels has me intrigued even more. Both superstars are rumored to become taking lengthy breaks after Wrestlemania, with Michaels meaning in a longer break (possibly even permanent). Since I know a lot of the backstory already prior to the match, I believe this match will not meet the thrills of this past year. It might not even be the greatest match from the night, since both superstars are looked ragged and hurt.

Conjecture: Shawn Michaels continues to be meaning of the retirement after Wrestlemania 26, and so i aren’t seeing the WWE ending The Undertaker’s streak now or ever (only Michaels wants to finish the streak, and when he is not permitted to, nobody will). Thus, The Undertaker will win this match, and will also begin a 3-month journey for that official announcement of Michaels’s retirement. Not 3 several weeks, but considerably longer than Ric Flair’s official retirement within the WWE.

Straightedge or otherwise?: CM Punk versus. Rey Mysterio

To begin with, I’m so glad that CM Punk is how he’s at at this time. He is incorporated in the top echelon of WWE superstars to utilize, and to be honest, only Chris Jericho can match Punk in heat at this time (Batista as being a close third). Some backstory, I additionally live a straightedge lifestyle, and so i appreciate everything CM Punk is attempting to complete (whether fake, real, or simply a part of his persona). As a result, I understand that Punk can make this match right into a great one, since he’s teamed with Rey Mysterio, who also offers a lot sports ability. Initially, many thought that this is a Hair versus. Mask match, however i am so glad it did not come lower to that particular, because the WWE would not allow Mysterio to become unmasked and Punk to become shaved (the Straightedge Society with Punk with hair works a lot easier to the WWE’s advantage compared to Punk without hair).

Conjecture: Regrettably, I’ve heard rumors too that Rey Mysterio uses a break after Wrestlemania, so search for CM Punk to win this match, with interference in the Straightedge Society. This helps to help strengthen SES and allows Mysterio to possess a couple of several weeks off, to assist the WWE use Mysterio’s “disappearance” as fuel for his repackaging as part of SES (using the mask believe it or not).

WWE Championship: Batista versus. John Cena

I might maintain the minority, however i am so searching toward this match. I needed to determine this like a Wrestlemania primary event since 2005, when Batista and John Cena both grew to become big simultaneously. Have dwindle appealing since that time, but they’re still perhaps the very best superstars from the publish-Attitude era (as Batista pointed out before observe that I stated superstars, not wrestlers). Anyway, I’m really glad that Batista does very well like a heel, since i wanted the WWE to provide him a lengthy title reign, and also the WWE wasn’t going to achieve that with him like a face. For Cena, I am glad that he’s within this feud, since finally, finally, his Superman act is not and will not work. Cena to be the weak babyface is way better now than to be the Superman babyface that he’s been doing during the last three years. Also, hopefully, this match is a wakeup demand the WWE to repackage Cena in to the rapping star again, since many fans (over the age of 12 years of age) would like to see Batista destroy Cena.

Conjecture: Around I believe the WWE is fine with having good results for that heavyweight championship matches, Batista will win this match cleanly, after 2-3 Batista Bombs, and retain his title. Also, let us remember that John Cena is sort of hurt and could need surgery, and so i aren’t seeing the WWE giving Cena the belt just for 1-2 several weeks. Also, the WWE can use this to help “injure” Cena, give Cena the break he needs as they is dealing with surgery, and boost Batista to new heights like a heel. Also, and also to my pleasure, the WWE can use this to help build the competition between Batista and Cena to new heights maybe for Wrestlemania 27.

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho versus. Edge

This is actually the match that everybody continues to be searching toward since Edge was out because of injuries. Chris Jericho insults his former tag team partner, Edge wins the Royal Rumble, and Jericho wins the championship at Elimination Chamber. So here i am, and I must say, this will likely function as the match from the night, since both Edge and Jericho are wonderful, resilient performers, and have the charisma to complement. Like I stated before, Batista/Cena may be the match for me personally, but Jericho/Edge could be the more watchable match when it comes to pure wrestling. I really believe that the champion of the match is much more foreseeable than the others believe. The Royal Rumble champion has in the past won the primary event at Wrestlemania, but less recently.

Predictions: Search for Edge to win this match against Chris Jericho and be the ” new world ” heavyweight champion. The match is going to be exciting, however the champion is going to be too foreseeable most likely because the match continues. Again, the WWE likes for happy endings at Wrestlemania and Edge winning like a face would certainly apply. Also, it might reinforce the chances from the Royal Rumble champion winning at Wrestlemania.

Hopefully all of you enjoyed my comprehensive Wrestlemania predictions and my first Bleacher Report article ever. As an additional benefit, observe that Raw winds up without any world champion to date and i also pointed out within the article the Jericho/Edge match might become too foreseeable. And also, since Wrestlemania 26 is searching like that could be the greatest Wrestlemania ever, I would not be amazed that a few minutes after Edge wins the match and it is celebrating, Jericho brutally attacks Edge, locking within the true Walls of Jericho/Lion Tamer that we have seen a lot lately. After which, within the shocker from the night, Christian cashes in the Money staying with you chance, wins the belt to create a global title to Raw, and proclaims themself because the true Ultimate Opportunist and also the latest heel around the roster. Again, probably this will not happen, but it would be nice for Wrestlemania not to always finish on the happy ending, but on one that’s bittersweet, since Christian comes with a lot of “peeps” on his side.


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